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LM Wind Power Expanding Gaspe Wind Blade Plant (Ind. Report)
GE Renewable Energy, LM Wind Power
Date: 2021-07-23
GE Renewable Energy reports is partnering with the governments of Canada and Quebec for the expansion of its LM Wind Power wind turbine blade facility in Gaspe, Quebec, Canada.

The plant, which was previously expanded in 2017, has manufactured more than 10,000 blades, equivalent to approximately 6,000 MW. since it began production in 2005.

According to the Canadian Renewable Energy Association , Canada has more than 13,500 MW of installed wind capacity, enough to supply approximately three million homes. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, 21 July, 2021) Contact: GE Renewable Energy (Canada, Heather Chalmers, Pres., CEO,; LM Wind Power,

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Greenalia Planning 670-MWp Texas Solar+Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-07-23
Coruna, Spain-headquartered renewable energy developer Grennalia reports company plans to invest $450 million to develop 670MWp of solar photovoltaic, with 170MW battery storage capacity, all in ready-to-build phase, in Texas, with construction over the next year.

The company is active in offshore and onshore wind, solar, energy storage and biomass and in plans to pursue other U.S. renewable acquisitions and projects. and opportunities.

Currently, Greenalia has a 3 GW portfolio of onshore wind, offshore wind, solar photovoltaic and biomass. (Source: Greenalia, Website PR, 22 July, 2021) Contact: GReenalia, Manuel Garcia, CEO, +34 900 81 50 81,,

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AEP, Opdenergy Ink US Solar PPA (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-07-23
Madrid-headquartered independent offshore wind and solar energy developer Opdenergy reports the closing of a new 15-year Renewable Energy Purchase Agreement (REPA) in the United States with AEP Energy, a subsidiary of Columbus, Ohio-headquartered American Electric Power (AEP).

Under the agreement, Opdenergy will develop a solar PV plant with an installed capacity of 63 MWdc in Clarke County , Virginia, and AEP Energy will purchase 100 pct of the project's power production. The project expects to reach RtB in 2023 and grid connection in the first half of 2024. (Source: Opdenergy, Website PR, 22 July, 2021) Contact: Opdenergy, Luis Cid, CEO, +34 914 559 996,;; AEP Energy, Ben Buckworth,, www

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Cubico Nails Greek Onshore Wind Farm Acquisitions (M&A, Int'l.)
Date: 2021-07-21
London-headquartered Cubico Sustainable Investments Holdings Ltd. (Cubico) is reporting completion of its acquisition of Aoliki Panachaikou, the owner of two operational onshore wind farms totaling 48.5 MW in Greece, from Enora. Enora and its sister company Enteka Services will continue to manage the sites, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.

Cubico now owns almost 100MW of operational assets in Greece and recently announced the commencement of a 12MW extension to one its sites. The company, which is jointly owned by Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and PSP Investments, is actively looking to grow its portfolio in Greece through solar PV and onshore wind opportunities.. (Source: Cubico, PR, ReNews, 21 July, 2021) Contact: Cubico , David Swindin , +44 20 3805 3900,; Enora/Enteka,

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Siemens Gamesa Claims Major Indian Wind Turbine Order (Int'l.)
Siemens Gamesa,ReNew Power
Date: 2021-07-21
Madrid-based wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa reports receipt of a major order for 180 units of its new SG3.4-145 wind turbines from ReNew Power for two projects in Karnataka State, India. Ninety-three units for the Tondehal project in the Koppal district, and 87 units for the 301 MW Hombal project in the Gadag district, for delivery in 2022.

Siemens Gamesa and ReNew power first partnered in 2012 for a 22 MW wind farm in the state of Maharashtra.Since that time Siemens Gamesa has developed wind farms for ReNew power across five wind-rich states in the country which are powered by turbines ranging from the company's legacy 850 kW turbine to its latest SG 3.4-145 turbine. Today, with over 1 GW of commissioned capacity of wind projects, Siemens Gamesa serves over 30 pct of ReNew's wind portfolio. (Source: Siemens Gamesa, PR, reve, 20 July, 2021) Contact: Siemens Gamesa, Navin Dewaji, India CEO, Madhu Kumar,, +91 443 924 244,; ReNew Power Limited, Ms. Vaishali Nigam Sinha, Chief Sustainability Officer, +91 124 489 6670/80,,

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LaGuardia Terminal B Lands LEED v4 Gold Certification (Ind. Report)
US Green Building Council
Date: 2021-07-21
In the Empire State, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is reporting LaGuardia Airport’s new Terminal B was awarded LEED v4 Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The certification makes it the first airline terminal in the world to achieve recognition for its sustainability efforts under the more stringent requirements.

To achieve its LEED v4 Gold certification, the airport recycled nearly 100 pct of debris from the Terminal B Garage demolition for the new construction. Additionally, the terminal is designed to achieve more than 43 pct water savings and an 18 pct cut in energy costs. The building achieved energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions by using reduced window glazing area, installing light-colored aluminum membrane roof to reflect solar heat and reduce summer cooling loads, lower lighting power density, deploying daylight controls to adjust artificial lighting levels in response to sunlight, and utilizing solar water heaters.

La Guardia was opened in Queens, New York, on the site of an amusement park in 1939 as the New York Municipal Airport. Playing on the amusement park theme, the airport charged a then curious public 10 cents to park and watch airplanes takeoff and land -- yielding over $900,000 in the airport's second year. The airport is presently raked as the 25th busiest, and one of the worst, airports in the world and has 4 terminals -- A-D. (Source: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, PR, Transportation Today, 21 July, 2021) Contact: US Green Building Council, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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Energy Storage Notable Quote
Energy Storage
Date: 2021-07-16
"Energy storage technology holds great promise in the fight against climate change. Strengthening current technology and advancing next-generation energy storage will allow us to integrate more renewables, such as wind and solar, which in turn will help to reduce emissions." -- U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R,Maine) July, 2021

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DOE Addresses Homes, Bldgs. Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
DOE Better Building Initiative
Date: 2021-07-14
In Washington, the Secretary of Energy has announced sweeping actions to power more American homes and buildings with cleaner, smarter, and more affordable energy services that sharply reduce the buildings sector's energy consumption and contributions to the climate crisis.

Residential and commercial buildings account for more than one-third of the climate-altering carbon pollution America releases each year, use about 40 pct of the nation's energy and waste more than $100 billion annually due to energy inefficiency, according to the DOE. To address energy waste and inefficiency the DOE Better Building Initiative "whole-building" solution calls for the following:

  • Investing in Buildings' Workforce of the Future -- New investments of up to $30 million for the American workforce will expand DOE's support for organizations -- including unions, trade associations, and educational institutions -- that train and support career pathways for a diverse, qualified, and well-paid workforce that enables high-performance buildings.

  • Advancing Efficiency in Heating and Cooling Systems -- A new national initiative focused on clean and efficient heating and cooling systems in buildings called the Initiative for Better Energy, Emissions, and Equity (E3) will advance the research, development, and deployment of clean heating and cooling systems like heat pumps, advanced water heaters, low-to-no global warming potential refrigerants, and smarter HVAC diagnostic tools.

  • Driving Adoption of Smart Building Technologies -- A National Roadmap for Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings will chart a path to triple the energy efficiency and demand flexibility of U.S. buildings within the decade -- worth $100 to $200 billion in energy cost savings -- by implementing 14 practical recommendations that accelerate the ability of buildings to both reduce and change the timing of energy use through smart building operations sensitive to broader grid dynamics.

  • Collaborating with Industry to Decarbonize Buildings -- The Better Buildings Low Carbon Pilot, a project of the Better Buildings Initiative, will work with commercial, industrial, and multifamily organizations to set commitments and share pathways to low and no carbon emission buildings.

  • Opening Up Windows for Collaboration -- The Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS) will accelerate the national availability and adoption of advanced and highly efficient windows and window attachments that improve comfort and reduce building energy use.

    Started in 2011, the Better Buildings Initiative has partnered with leaders in the public and private sectors to make the nation's homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants more energy efficient by accelerating investment upgrades and products and sharing successful best practices. Better Buildings partners represent more than 30 of the country's Fortune 100 companies, 12 of the top 25 U.S. employers, 12 pct of the U.S. manufacturing energy footprint, and 13 pct of total commercial building space, as well as 17 federal agencies, 8 national laboratories, and more than 80 states and local governments. (Source: US DOE Building Technologies Office, PR, June, 2021) Contact: US DOE Building Technologies Office, 202-586-9127,,

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  • Glasgow Firm to Install UK's Tallest Onshore Wind Turbines (Int'l.)

    Date: 2021-07-14
    Glasgow-headquartered RJ MacLeod reports it has won a contract for the extension of a South Lanarkshire wind farm that will incorporate the UK's first 200-metre-tall onshore turbines. The company will supply the supporting components and auxiliary systems to 15 additional turbines being installed at Kype Muir by Durban, UK-based Banks Renewables Ltd. The extension is expected to come online by the end of 2022.

    Banks Renewables Ltd. currently operates 10 wind facilities in the UK. (Source: Banks Renewables, PR, 12 July, 2021) Contact: Banks Renewables, Gordon Thomson, +44 0 191 378 6100,

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    LevelTen, World Kinect Help Source Renewable Energy, Reach Carbon Targets (Ind. Report)
    LevelTen, World Kinect
    Date: 2021-07-14
    Seattle-headquartered LevelTen Energy and energy management specialist World Kinect Energy Services are reporting a partnership that enables World Kinect to source PPAs for its clients through the LevelTen Energy Marketplace, the world's largest PPA marketplace.

    World Kinect can select the best PPAs for its clients from over 1,300 projects spanning 21 countries in North America and Europe. World Kinect can also request custom PPA proposals from over 470 project developers using LevelTen's RFP Automation Tool. In addition, the firm and its clients can leverage LevelTen's comprehensive suite of CFO-Ready™ analytics to select a PPA that best matches their energy usage, budget, timeline, location, risk tolerance, and more.

    World Kinect Energy Services also helps customers worldwide manage their exposure to climate and energy-related risk and develop and implement carbon reduction and renewable energy strategies, including commercial hydro, wind, and solar services. (Source: LevelTen Energy, PR, July, 2021) Contact: LevelTen Energy, (206) 531-0439,,; World Kinect Energy Services, www.

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    Qair Joins Brazilian Offshore Wind, Hydrogen Project (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-07-12
    Qair Brasil, a subsidiary of French company Qair Internacional, is reporting a MoU with Brazil's Ceara State to cooperate on and invest in development of the $6.9 billion, 1,216-GW Dragao do Mar offshore wind park and a 2,240-MW electrolysis plant capable of producing 296,000 tpy of green hydrogen. (Source: Qair Brasil, Website PR, July, 2021) Contact: Qair , +33 (0)4 11 95 11 11,,

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    Vestas to Supply Turbines for He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm (Int'l.)
    Vestas, EnBW
    Date: 2021-07-12
    Danish wind turbine giant Vestas reports has been named "pre-selected tenderer" to supply its V236-15.0MW offshore wind turbines for Stuttgart, Germany-headquartered power producer EnBW's 900 MW He Dreiht offshore wind project roughly 85km from the island of Borkum in the German North Sea.

    The turbines are expected to be installed in Q2, 2025 for commissioning before the year end when the facility will operate without subsidies. EnBW and Vestas will finalize the contractual agreements over the coming months and expect to ink a final agreement efore the year end. (Source: EnBW, PR, 12 July, 2021) Contact: EnBW Generation, Dr Georg Stamatelopoulos, CEO, Stefanie Klumpp, +49721 63-00,,; Vestas,+45 97 30 00 00,,

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    Nova Scotia Seeks Renewable Energy Production Boost (Ind. Report)
    Nova Scotia
    Date: 2021-07-12
    In Atlantic Canada, the government of Nova Scotia reports it will be issuing a request for proposals (RfP) to find ways to supply another 10 pct -- 350 MW -- of the province's electricity from renewable energy, including wind and solar. The government wants 80 pct of the province's energy generation to come from renewable sources by 2030.

    If achieved, the additional renewable energy generation would reduce the province's greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1 million tpy, according to a news release. (Source: CBC News, 10 July, 2021)

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    B&W, NREL Ink Renewable Energy Storage Agreement (Ind. Report)
    Babcock & Wilcox
    Date: 2021-07-12
    Akron, Ohio-headquartered Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) and the U.S. DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are reporting an Intellectual Property Option Agreement that gives B&W field-limited exclusive rights to negotiate a licensing agreement that would allow B&W to market an advanced, particle-based thermal energy storage technology currently in development.

    B&W is part of NREL's "Duration Addition to electricitY Storage" (DAYS) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) team, which is developing an innovative electric particle heater, pressurized fluidized-bed heat exchanger, a long-term thermal energy storage system that stores energy up to 100 hours, and other technologies to allow power producers to store solar or wind energy to generate grid-scale power..

    "B&W's fluidized-bed heat exchanger will be able to generate up to 135 MW of power for up to 100 hours from stored clean thermal energy with zero CO2 emissions. By facilitating long-term storage of zero-carbon, renewable energy, this technology enables power producers to deliver power to the grid 24-hours a day, including during periods of peak demand, or when solar or wind are not optimal conditions," according to the B&W release.

    B&W and NREL are also in discussions to develop a prototype heat exchanger that can be scaled-up for a pilot demonstration as part of NREL's Economic Long-Duration Electricity Storage Using Low-Cost Thermal Energy Storage and a High-Efficiency Power Cycle (ENDURING) project. (Source: Babcock & Wilcox, PR, 12 July, 2021) Contact: Babcock & Wilcox, Ken Young, CEO,; NREL, (303) 275-4051,

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    Leeward Closes Financing for Aragonne Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
    Leeward Renewable Energy
    Date: 2021-07-09
    Dallas-headquartered Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC reports it has closed on $262 million construction financing and secured tax equity commitments for the repowering of Leeward’s 90 MW Aragonne Wind project (Aragonne Repower) and the construction of the new 145 MW Aragonne Mesa Wind project. Construction of the Aragonne Repower and Aragonne Mesa projects in Guadalupe County, New Mexico, are underway and expected to be completed by this December.

    Under a previously announced 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Arizona Public Service Company (APS), the GE wind turbine equipped projects will provide a combined 200 MW of wind power to APS.

    Leeward Renewable Energy owns and operates a portfolio of 21 renewable energy facilities across nine states totaling approximately 2,000 MW of generating capacity. Leeward is actively developing new wind, solar, and energy storage projects in energy markets across the U.S., with 17 GW under development spanning over 100 projects. Leeward is a portfolio company of OMERS Infrastructure, an investment arm of OMERS, one of Canada's largest defined benefit pension plans. (Source: Leeward Renewable Energy, Website PR, July, 2021) Contact: Leeward Renewable Energy, 214.515.1100,

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    Nordex Group Q2 Firm Orders Total 1,534MW (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-07-07
    Hamburg-based wind energy giant Nordex Group is reporting receipt of a total 1,534.1 MW in firm orders in Q2, 2021.

    From April to June 2021, customers ordered a total of 297 wind turbines for projects in nine countries. Europe accounted for about 54 pct of the order intake, and Latin America about 46 pct. The strongest individual markets in Europe were Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, with regard to Latin America two high-volume orders came from Brazil.

    With 170 turbines and a total output of 969 MW, more than 63 pct of the firm new orders are accounted for by the latest N163/5.X turbine model of the Delta4000 series alone. For major projects in Brazil and Finland with a total of 958 MW. (Source: Nordex, PR, 6 July, 2021)Contact: Nordex Group, Jose Luis Blanco, CEO, +49 (0)40 / 300 30 X 1116,

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    China's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Now Online (Int'l. Report)
    China Offshore Wind
    Date: 2021-07-07
    The China Morning Post is reporting the 29 June completion of China's largest offshore wind farm in the Yellow Sea off the coast of Rudong county in the eastern province of Jiangsu.

    The wind farm is expected to generate "a massive amount of renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.46 million tonnes (1.6 million tons), helping the nation achieve its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2060", according to the release. (Source: South China Morning Post, 6 July, 2021)

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    GE Tapped for Indian 55 Onshore Wind Turbines Order (Ind. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy,Solar Energy Corporation of India
    Date: 2021-07-07
    GE Renewable Energy reports its has been selected by Continuum Green Energy to supply, install and commission 55 sets of its 2.7-132 onshore wind turbines for the 148.5-MW Morjar, Bhuj wind farm in the state of Gujarat.

    When fully operational, the project is expected to generate sufficient power for roughly 125,000 households in India. The project has a 25-year PPA with Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, Contact: Continuum Green Energy, Arvind Bansal, CEO,; GE Renewable Energy,; Solar Energy Corporation of India,

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    Old King Cole's UK Dethroning Advanced to Oct. 2024 (Int'l.)
    U.K. Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
    Date: 2021-07-07
    In London, the U.K. Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) reports it has advanced the deadline to phase out coal from the UK's energy system by one year to 1 October 2024. From that date forward the UK will no longer use coal to generate electricity, a year earlier than planned.

    The move is in accord with government commitments to transition away from fossil fuels and decarbonise the power sector in order to eliminate contributions to climate change by 2050. The UK is similarly calling on all nations to accelerate the phase out of coal power.

    The UK has made huge progress in reducing the use of coal across the power sector, with coal accounting for only 1.8 pct of the UK's electricity mix in 2020, compared with 40 pct almost a decade ago. In 2020, the UK went 5,000 hours without coal-fired electricity and earlier this year broke a new wind power record, with just over a third of the country's energy coming from wind. The rise in the use of renewables has helped drive down the cost of green energy, with coal power now being more expensive in most countries. (Source: U.K. Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Website PR, 30 June, 2021) Contact: U.K. Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ,

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    Maine PUC Selects Solar, Wind Energy Projects (Ind. Report)
    Maine Public Utilities Commission ,Central Maine Power
    Date: 2021-07-02
    In Augusta, the Maine Public Utilities Commission is reporting the selection of bids for six new solar projects and an existing wind farm project as part of its mandated shift toward clean energy.

    The solar projects will contribute 100 pct of their output to supply Central Maine Power (CMP) and Bangor-based Versant Power customers and the existing wind project will contribute 50 pct of its output under long-term PPAs.

    For the wind project, the PUC selected Helix Maine Wind Development LLC in Franklin County, and solar projects from Glenvale LLC, Walden Renewables, Swift Current and C2 Energy Capital LLC.

    In 2019, Maine mandated amount of renewable energy in its energy mix to 80 pct by 2030 and 100 pct by 2050, in keeping with the state's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

    Download the full list of winning projects HERE. (Source: Maine Public Utilities Commission, Website PR, 29 June, 2021) Contact: Maine Public Utilities Commission, (207) 287-3831, (207) 287-1039 -- fax,; Central Maine Power,; Versant Power,

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    Energiekontor Commissions Hanstedt-Wriedel Wind Farm (Int'l. Report)
    Energiekontor AG
    Date: 2021-07-02
    Bremen, Germany headquartered wind and solar energy developer Energiekontor AG is reporting the commissioning and grid connection of its Hanstedt-Wriedel wind farm the district of Uelzen, Lower Saxony.

    The wind farm incorporates of six General Electric GE 5.3 - 158 turbines totaling 31.8 MW and is expected to generate sufficient power for 30,000 average German households.

    Since its founding, Energiekontor AG has invested more than €1.8 billion in 128 wind farms and 12 solar parks with more than 1 gigawatt total output. The company has offices in The company also has offices in England (Leeds), Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow), Portugal (Lisbon), USA (Houston/Texas and Rapid City/South Dakota) and France (Toulouse, Rouen). (Source: Energiekontor AG, PR, Yahoo Finance, 30 June, 2021) Contact: Energiekontor, Peter Azabo, CEO, Peter Alex, IR, +49 421 3304-126,,

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    SanteeCooper Announces New Solar Power Contracts (Ind. Report)
    SanteCooper,Silicon Ranch
    Date: 2021-07-02
    South Carolina's largest utility, SanteeCooper reports it has contracted for its share of 425 MW of new utility-scale solar power that will be added to the utility system in 2023, through several projects to be built across a wide swath of South Carolina. Central Electric Power Cooperative, SanteeCooper's largest customer, has finalized contracts with the same developers for the remaining share.

    SanteeCooper has executed purchase power agreements (PPAs) for approximately 27.5 pct of the output of projects to be developed by Silicon Ranch, Birdseye Renewable Energy, Ecoplexus, and Johnson Development Associates, as follows:

  • Nashville-based Silicon Ranch, one of the nation's largest independent solar power producers, will build, own, and operate two projects totaling 200 MW in Georgetown County. The Lambert I and Lambert II projects are expected to be operational in Q4, 2023.

  • Birdseye Renewable Energy a subsidiary of Dominion Energy, Inc., is developing a 75-MW solar farm in Aiken County which is expected to be operational in Q4, 2023.

  • Ecoplexus will build a 75-MW solar project in Williamsburg County. The project is named Hemingway and is expected to be operational in Q2,2023. Ecoplexus is a U.S. headquartered international, solar, wind and energy storage developer, owner, and operator with operations in seven countries and over 70 renewable energy facilities worldwide and closed financing transactions in excess of $1 billion.

  • Spartanburg, South Carolina-based Johnson Development Associates (JDA) will develop a 75-MW solar farm near Summerville, in Dorchester County which is expected to be operational in Q4, 2023.

    Although SanteeCooper and Central Electric Power Cooperative have contracted separately for their respective load share of each project, SanteeCooper will manage the projects as part of its combined power system.

    This group of solar projects represents the first of three phases SanteeCooper is planning as it transforms its generating portfolio to a leaner, greener mix. Other phases, of another approximately 500 MW each, are scheduled for later in the 2020s and early 2030s, according to the release. (Source: SanteeCooper, PR, 30 June, 2021) Contact: SanteeCooper, Mark Bonsall, CEO,; Johnson Development Associates,; Birdseye Renewable Energy,; Central Electric Power Cooperative,; Ecoplexus,

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  • Eurus Completes S.Korean Samsu Wind Project (Int'l. Report))
    Eurus Energy
    Date: 2021-07-02
    Tokyo-headquartered Eurus Energy Group is reporting Samsu Wind Power in Gangwon-do, South Korea has begun commercial operations. Eurus constructed the five, 4.5-MW turbine project with Daehan Green Energy Co., Ltd. and Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd.,

    Eurus Energy Group operates three other wind farms in South Korea, and with the Samsu Wind Power's commercial operation, totals 177MW capapcity. Combined with solar power generation, the total sum of Eurus Energy Group's capacity in South Korea now stands at 181MW.

    South Korea is aiming to generate 20 pct of its electricity with renewable energy by 2030. (Source: Eurus Energy Group, Website PR, 1 July, 2021) Contact: Eurus Energy Holdings, +81-3-5404-5300 / FAX: +81-3-5404-5301,,

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    Nordex Claims 70-Turbine Brazilian Order (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-07-02
    Hamburg, Germany-headquartered wind turbine manufacturer Nordex SE is reporting receipt of an order for 70 units of its N163/5.X Delta4000 turbines totaling 399 MW for a wind farm located in Brazil's north-east state of Piaui. The contract includes a 5 year service agreement. Turbine delivery and installation work is slated to get underway early in 2023.

    Nordex has installed more than 33 GW of wind energy capacity in over 40 markets and in 2020 generated revenues of €4.6 billion. The company operates factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States, India and Mexico and is focused on onshore turbines in the 4 to 5.X MW class. (Source: Nordex, PR, Website, 25 June, 2021) Contact: Nordex,

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    Boralex, Vestas Ink French Turbine Fleet Serv. Agreement (Int'l)
    Boralex, Vestas
    Date: 2021-07-02
    Montreal-based Boralex Inc. and Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas are reporting a 15-year service contract under which Boralex-owned wind farms equipped with Vestas turbines will be serviced by Vestas France. Boralex's onshore wind power in France incorporates approximately 300 MW in operation.

    Boralex is France's largest independent onshore wind power producer. The company also has facilities in the United States and development projects in the United Kingdom. "Over the past five years, our installed capacity has more than doubled to 2.5 GW. We are developing a portfolio of wind, solar and storage projects of more than 2.7 GW, guided by our values and our corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach," according to the release. (Source: Boralex, PR, 30 June, 2021) Contact: Boralex, Patrick Lemaire, Pres., CEO, (514) 985-1353,; Vestas,+45 97 30 00 00,,

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    W3 Energy to Manage Fu-Gen Wind Farms in Sweden (Int'l. Report)
    W3 Energy
    Date: 2021-06-30
    Stockholm-headquartered W3 Energy reports the inking of a contract with Swiss renewable energy power producer Fu-Gen for the full scope asset management of Fu-Gen's Fjallboheden wind farm and the financial asset management of the Tormoserod wind farm, both of which are under contraction in Sweden and expected to come online in Q1, 2023.

    Fu-Gen invests in greenfield and operating wind and solar projects wih a focus on investments where costs are at grid parity. The company has in-house management and operations teams that bring local knowledge to its projects, according to the company website. (Source: W3 Energy, Website PR, 29 June, 2021) Contact: W3 Energy, Par Dunder, CEO, +46 (0) 70-375 00 43,,; Fu-Gen AG, Yaron Feingers, CEO, +41 44.586.1947,,

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    Entergy Arkansas Seeks 300 MW of Solar/Wind Power (Ind. Report)
    Entergy Arkansas
    Date: 2021-06-28
    Little Rock-based electric power producer Entergy Arkansas reports it will issue a RfP for up to 300 MW of solar and wind capacity, to be added to its electricity generating portfolio by 2026. Entergy Arkansas currently has about 73 MW of hydroelectricity capacity among its green sources, and 581 MWs of solar generation.

    The additional renewable energy resources Entergy Arkansas is seeking will likely be a combination of build-own-transfer agreements, self-build alternatives and PPAs ranging from 10 to 20 years. Only solar photovoltaic and wind turbine resources will be eligible for the proposal and must include a minimum electricity generation capacity of 50 MW. (Source: Entergy Arkansas, PR, 24 June, 2021) Contact: Entergy Arkansas, 800-368-3749,

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    Vattenfall Building Wind Components Warehouse in Denmark (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-06-28
    In Sweden, Stockholm-based wind energy giant Vattenfall reports it plans to construct a large wind turbine parts and components -- gearboxes, generators, transformers, shafts, blades and others -- warehouse at the Danish Port of Esbjerg. The 2,100 sqm indoor warehouse and an 8,200 sqm outdoor storage facility will serve wind farms in Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the UK when completed and stocked in 2022.

    Vattenfall presently operates more than 1,300 on- and offshore wind turbines in Northern Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, all of which are monitored from Vattenfall's central control room in Esbjerg. (Source: Vattenfall, Website PR, June, 2021) Contact: Vattenfall, Magnus Kryssare, +46 (0)76-769 56 07,,

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    NeXtWind Buys German Wind Farms for Repowering (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-06-25
    European green independent power producer NeXtWind is reporting investments totaling €42 million ($50 million) in three north German wind farms totaling 70MW. The projects across Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt comprise 34 turbines with an average age of 14 years.

    NeXtWind plans to rejuvenate the sites with new, more efficient technology, almost tripling the annual output to roughly 300 gigawatt-hours a year from just above 100GWh. The company is now working with its local partners to bring its first projects to fruition, with lifetime extension and repowering work across all three sites due for completion between 2024 and 2026.

    According to the company website, Nextwind has experience with technology development, prototyping, type certification, series manufacture, and field fleet support of a wide range of wind turbine technologies. Nextwind projects have included geared and direct drive, on-shore and off-shore, distributed and integrated drive-trains. (Source: NeXtWind, PR, renews, June, 2021) Contact: NeXtWind, Lars Meyer, CIO,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind Repower,  Wind,  

    Greenbacker Acquires 57.5 MW Calif. Wind Farm Project (M&A)
    Greenbacker Renewable Energy
    Date: 2021-06-25
    New York, New York-based Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company LLC (GREC), an owner and operator of sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency projects, reports its purchase -- through a subsidiary company -- of the Altamont Winds Project from funds managed by Castlelake, L.P.. The 57.5MW Altamont Winds Project in Alameda County is Greenbacker's second wind asset in California and raises company's total nationwide wind energy capacity to just over 300 MW.

    The Altamont Winds Project, which is in final stages of commissioning, has a long-term PPA with East Bay Community Energy, a community choice aggregator (CCA). CCA allow residents, businesses, and municipalities to procure power from an alternative supplier, while still using the transmission and distribution services of their local electric utility provider.

    With this acquisition, Greenbacker will own approximately 1.18 GW of generating capacity (including assets that are to be constructed), comprising 855.4 MW of utility-scale and distributed solar facilities, 300.1 MW of wind facilities, 16.0 MW of battery storage, and 12.0 MW of biomass facilities. (Source: Greenbacker Renewable Energy, Website PR, June, 2021) Contact: Greenbacker Renewable Energy, Charles Wheeler, CEO,(646) 720-9463, generalenquires@greenbackerreneable,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Greenbacker Renewable Energy,  Wind,  

    GE, TNO Researching Wind Blade Tip Improvements (Ind. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy, LM Wind Power
    Date: 2021-06-25
    A consortium of GE Renewable Energy, LM Wind Power and TNO, are collaborating on the TIADE project to develop technologies and design methods for more efficient operation of next-generation wind turbine rotors, wind farms with large rotor wakes, and demonstrate them in the field.

    Innovations developed in the TIADE project will be tested on the full-scale 130 m diameter turbine recently installed in Wieringermeer, Netherlands. The turbine is powered by two-piece blades which allows the outer 12 m of the blades to be replaced by several innovative tips such as spoilers, serrations, vortex generators, "turbulators" and blade tip improvements. These innovations, which will be validated using advanced measurement techniques, can be applied to newly manufactured wind turbines in the factory or retrofitted to existing offshore wind farms. With both options available, implementation of the technologies in offshore wind farms can be done from 2023. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, 23 June, 2021) Contact: TNO Wind Energy, Peter Eecen, R&D Manager; LM Wind Power,; GE Renewable Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GE Renewable Energy,  LM Wind Power ,  Wind Blade,  

    BayWa, Rengen Power Wind Partnership Announced (Int'l.)
    BayWa r.e., Rengen Power
    Date: 2021-06-25
    BayWa r.e. reports it is partnering with Irish renewable energy acquisitions, development and management company Rengen Power, headquartered in Ennis, Co. Clare, to develop and deliver 350 MW of wind capacity over the next three years.

    BayWa r.e. has been active in the Irish market since 2019 and operates more than 2.3 GW of combined wind and solar projects in the UK and Ireland. (Source: BayWa r.e., Website PR, 21 June, 2021) Contact: Rengen Power, +353 1 535 7666, +353 65 689 7979,,; BayWa r.e. Declan Cullinane, Country Manager Ireland,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BayWa r.e,  Wind,  Ireland Wind,  Rengen Power,  

    ACCIONA'S First US Solar Farm Construction Underway (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-06-25
    ACCIONA reports construction is underway on the $260 million, 317MWp Fort Bend Solar Farm outside Houston, Texas -- the company's first photovoltaic plant in the United States.

    When operational in 2022, the facility will avoid more than 400,000 metric tpy of CO2 emissions -- equivalent to removing more than 95,000 vehicles from the road or equal to the carbon sequestered by almost 450,000 trees annually.

    ACCIONA also owns and operates three wind farms, totaling more than 400MW of capacity, in Texas. Nationwide, the company operates over 1GWW of wind energy well as the 64MW Nevada Solar One concentrated solar power (CSP) facility and plans to add more than 1.2GW MW of solar photovoltaic energy in the U.S. by the end of 2023. (Source: ACCIONA, Website PR, 24 June, 2021) Contact: ACCIONA, Joaquin Castillo, CEO-US,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ACCIONA,  Solar,  

    Md. DHCD Bonds Support Energy Efficient Housing (Ind. Report)
    Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
    Date: 2021-06-25
    The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is reporting the issuance of approximately $13.6 million in Sustainability Bonds to support energy efficient affordable housing in Frederick County.

    The Sustainability Bonds designation combines green and energy efficiency elements alongside social factors including the low and moderate income population served by the department.

    The Hamilton Station in Frederick -- the inaugural project -- will be financed with the proceeds of the Sustainability Bonds and will feature construction of 80 affordable units in 5, three-story "green" buildings featuring Energy Star Certification; National Green Building Standards: Bronze Certification; Energy Star windows, appliances, and light fixtures; EPA WaterSense faucets and fixtures; and high efficiency 15-SEER mechanical systems.. (Source: Maryland DHCD, PR, 24 June, 2021) Contact: Maryland DHCD, Sara Luell, Director of Public Information, (301) 429-7400,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency Delivers Savings (Ind. Report)
    City of St. Joseph
    Date: 2021-06-23
    In the Show Me State, the City of St. Joseph (pop. 72,400) reports its ongoing, two-year energy savings program and agreement with Schneider Electric saved the city almost $270,000 in energy costs in first year of program which completed HVAC, new windows and other energy efficiency related work to 17 city-owned facilities. The city also received an energy rebate check of more than $78,000.

    The next phase of the program involves energy efficiency upgrades to the city's waste water treatment plant. (Source: City of St. Joseph, KQ2, 21 June, 2021) Contact: City of St. Joseph, 816-271-4730,; Schneider Electric, Vicki True, 774-613-1158,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Schneider Electric,  Energy Efficiency,  

    J-POWER Joins Green Hydrogen Consortium AquaVentus (Int'l.)
    J-POWER, AquaVentus
    Date: 2021-06-23
    Tokyo-based Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-Power) reports it has joined the German green hydrogen initiative AquaVentus. AquaVentus was established by 26 leading international companies, organizations and research institutions in December 2020 and presently has 60 members. Several projects are currently planned under the AquaVentus initiative and they are targeting to generate green hydrogen from the electricity generated by 10GW offshore wind power station by 2035. J-POWER believes that its participation in the Consortium will provide the company with valuable expertise in production, transportation and usage of green hydrogen.

    AquaVentus aims to produce green hydrogen at sea, with the vision of achieving 10 gigawatts of production capacity for green hydrogen from offshore wind energy and transporting it to land by 2035.

    AquaVentus project initiatives portfolio includes various sub-projects along the value chain including: development of offshore wind turbines with integrated hydrogen production (AquaPrimus); a large-scale offshore hydrogen park (AquaSector); a central supply pipeline (AquaDuctus); infrastructure for harbors (AquaPortus); hydrogen-based maritime applications and research platform. (Source: Electric Power Development Co., Ltd (J-Power) PR, 22 June, 2021) Contact: J-Power, +03-3546-2211, +03-3546-9532 -- fax,; Aqua Ventus,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News J-POWER,  Green Hydrogen,  AquaVentus,  

    South Dakota Wind Turbine Blade Maker Calls it Quits (Ind. Report)
    Molded Fiber Glass
    Date: 2021-06-23
    Aberdeen, South Dakota-based wind turbine blade manufacturer Molded Fiber Glass Co.(MFG) has announced it will permanently end operations at its 14-year old facility in less than two months due to the usual: changing market conditions, foreign competition and proposed revisions to tax policies affecting the wind energy industry in the United States. The plant will remain in operation for the next two months to complete existing orders. (Source: Molded Fiber Glass Co, PR, Patriot Post, 22 June, 2021) Contact: Molded Fiber Glass Co., 605-725-9463,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Molded Fiber Glass news,  Wind news,  Wind Turbine Blade news,  

    DP Energy, Iberdrola Partnering on Offshore Wind (Int'l.)
    DP Energy, Iberdrola
    Date: 2021-06-21
    Buttevant, Ireland-based renewable energy developer DP Energy reports its core projects are currently centered on a joint venture with Madrid-headquartered renewable energy giant Iberdrola on three offshore wind projects -- Inis Ealga in Cork and Clarus in Clare and Shelmalere off the east Irish coast. All three pipeline projects will utilise floating wind technology.

    Iberdrola has acquired a 3-GW pipeline of offshore wind and a majority stake in DP Energy's offshore business. Ireland's climate action plan aims for 70 pct renewable energy by 2030 . (Source: DP Energy, PR, Business Post, June, 2021) Contact: DP Energy, +353 (0) 22 23955, Fax -- +353 (0) 22 23027,; Iberdrola, +34 91 784 32 32,, www.iberdrola.ea

    More Low-Carbon Energy News DP Energy,  Iberdrola,  Wind,  Offshore Wind ,  

    Vestas Wins 348 MW Brazilian Wind Turbine Order (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-06-21
    Danish wind energy giant Vestas is reporting receipt of a Brazilian project order for 81 units of its V150-4.2 MW turbines delivered in 4.3 MW Power Optimised Mode as well as a 5-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement.

    Deliveries and commissioning are planned for 2023. Customer and project names are undisclosed at the customer's request.

    With this order Vestas has surpassed 5.3 GW in firm orders of V150-4.2 MW wind turbines in Brazil. (Source: Vestas, PR, Website, June, 2021) Contact: Vestas, Latin Am.Jonathan Bendix Colombo, +45 97 30 00 00,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vestas,  Wind,  Brazil Wind,  

    1.2GW South Korean Offshore Wind Project Planned (Int'l. Report)
    Ocean Winds
    Date: 2021-06-18
    In Seoul, the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is reporting the Spanish renewable energy firm Ocean Winds -- a joint venture of EDP Renewables (EDPR) and Engie -- plans to invest $100 million in the construction of a 1.2GW offshore wind farm in Incheon, which borders the capital city Seoul.

    Construction and other details have not been released. (Source: Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Website PR, June, 2021) Contact: Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy,; Ocean Wind,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Offshore Wind,  Ocean Winds,  EDP Renewables,  Engie,  

    Mitsubishi Investing in 600MW Laotian Wind Project (Int'l.)
    Mitsubishi Corporation
    Date: 2021-06-18
    Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) reports it will invest in Impact Energy Asia Development Limited (IEAD), the developer of a 600MW capacity onshore wind farm project in Laos. MC will invest through an intermediate holding company together with a group company of Impact Electrons Siam Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

    The onshore wind farm -- the first in Laos -- will be located in Sekong and Attapeu Provinces and will the largest in South East Asia. The project is being developed as part of a MoU on power interchange signed between the Vietnamese and Lao governments in October 2016. If electricity exports from this project are realized, it is expected to be the first cross-border electricity interchange from wind power generation in South East Asia as planned by Lao government. (Source: Mitsubishi, PR, Eurasia Review, 17 June, 2021) Contact: Impact Energy Asia Development Limited,; Mitsubishi Corp.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Mitsubishi Corporation,  Wind,  Laos Wind,  

    GE, Continuum Ink Indian Turbine Supply Deal (Int'l. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy
    Date: 2021-06-18
    GE Renewable Energy reports it has contracted with Mumbai-based Continuum Green Energy India Pvt Ltd to supply, install and commission 55 of its 2.7-132 onshore wind turbines for Continuum's 148.5 MW Morjar, Bhuj wind farm in Gujarat, India. The deal includes a long-term service agreement.

    When fully online, the project is expected to generate sufficient energy for roughly 125,000 Indian homes. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, PR,16 June, 2021) Contact: Continuum Green Energy, Arvind Bansal, CEO, +91-22-2570 1567,,; GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind International, Gilan Sabatier, Commercial Leader,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GE Renewable Energ,  Wind Turbine ,  India Wind,  

    Soltec Touts New SFOne Solar Tracker (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-06-18
    Global solar tracker specialist Soltec is touting its SFOne, a new solar tracker with a double row 1P configuration. SFOne includes "Dy-Wind" technology design for wind-resistant tracking structures, and the optimization of the "Diffuse Booster" system for low-light conditions. Additionally, SFOne's low height profile provides greater ease and speed of installation.

    Soltec has manufacturing facilities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the United States. (Source: Soltec, Website, PR, 17 June, 2021) Contact: Soltec, Raul Morales, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Soltec,  Solar Tracker,  

    Consortium Seeks Norwegian Offshore Wind Power Permits (Int'l.)
    BP, Statkraft, Aker Offshore Wind
    Date: 2021-06-16
    Further to our Feb 1st coverage, British oil major BP reports it will join Norway's Statkraft and Aker Offshore Wind in an equal one-third partnership to bid for permits to build offshore wind power projects in the Soerlige Nordsjoe II licensing area in the North Sea, one of the two areas opened in Norway. (Source: BP, Statkraft, Aker Offshore, 14 June, 2021) Contact: Statkraft, Lars Magnus Gunther, +47 912 41 636,,; Aker Offshore Wind,; BP,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BP,  Statkraft,  Aker Offshore Wind,  

    GE, LafargeHolcim to Investigate Wind Blade Recycling (Ind. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy, LafargeHolcim
    Date: 2021-06-16
    Wind turbine manufacturer General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy and the world's largest cement manufacturer LafargeHolcim, are reporting a memorandum of understanding (MOU) under which they will investigate new ways of recycling wind blades, including use as a construction material to build new wind farms.

    Under the MoU, LafargeHolcim plans to explore how wind turbine blades can be turned into sustainable construction materials. This research builds on the company's work under its Geocycle brand, to recover energy from GE's decommissioned turbine blades after they have been removed from the turbine and shredded.

    GE previously announced it would partner with LafargeHolcim and COBOD International to develop wind turbines that use 3D-printed concrete bases. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, PR, CNBC, 11 June, 2021) Contact: GE Renewable Energy, Jerome Pecresse, CEO,; LafargeHolcim Global Innovation Center,; COBOD International,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GE Renewable Energy,  LafargeHolcim,  Wind Blade,  

    RWE AG Wins 17MW German Wind Farm Bid (Int'l. Report)
    RWE AG
    Date: 2021-06-16
    Essen, Germany-headquartered RWE AG on Tuesday said that it has won a bid in the German auction for onshore wind energy for a 17-megawatt wind farm in the region of Lower Saxony.

    The Sandbostel-Bevern farm, which is expected to begin construction in 2022, is expected to generate sufficient green electricity for the equivalent of 15,500 households. (Source: RWE AG, PR, Market Watch, 15 June, 2021) Contact: RWE AG

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RWE,  Wind,  

    Prime Capital Nordic Wind Fund Tops €342Mn (Int'l.)
    Prime Capital
    Date: 2021-06-16
    Australian mortgage lender Prime Capital reports its Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund (PGEIF) focused on late development stage Nordic wind energy assets has reached total commitments of €342 million.

    The fund is the first infrastructure equity fund that received a Second Party Opinion from Sustainalytics, a provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research, ratings and analysis. Prime Capital "identifies and secures attractive opportunities at an early stage, optimizing all technical and commercial aspects of the projects, including financing and power purchase agreements," according to the company.

    According to Sustainalytics, the fund aligns with its principles for green and responsible investments and "creates significant positive impact" with respect to the EU's climate change mitigation target. (Source: Prime Capital, PR, 15 June, 2021) Contact:Prime Capital, Mathias Bimberg, 1300 766 075,,, www.

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  

    Neste Aims for Carbon Neutrality by 2035 (Int'l. Report)
    Neste Oyi
    Date: 2021-06-16
    In Helsinki, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel producer Neste Oyi reports it is committed to using 100 pct renewable electricity in its global production operations and to become carbon neutral by 2035.

    To that end, Neste has committed to approximately 40 pct of the electricity used at its Porvoo refinery will be renewable wind power in 2025 and will increase the share of renewable electricity with Guarantees of Origin, based on existing renewable electricity generation capacity. Guarantees of Origin will help increase the share of renewable electricity to 100 pct of Neste's electricity needs by 2023.

    Neste aims to reduce the indirect greenhouse gas emissions of electricity purchases at its Porvoo refinery by approximately 50,000 tpy of CO2 equivalent. With all the wind power agreements combined, Neste will reduce indirect GHG emissions of its electricity purchases at its various Finnish production sites by approximately 120,000 tpy CO2 equivalent -- roughly the annual carbon footprint of more than 19,000 average EU citizens. (Source: Neste Oyi, PR, June, 2021) Contact: Neste Oy, Carl Nyberg, Exec. VP, +358 50 458 5076,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Neste Oyi,  Renewable Energy,  Carbon Neutral,  

    Albany Hosts World's First Triple Net-Zero Building (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-06-16
    In the Empire State, The Seventy-Six, a new housing development in the state capitol city of Albany is expected to be the first triple net-zero project -- energy, water, waste -- of its kind.

    The $250 million project is being developed by NYC-based Garrison Architects and will provide 242 units across 450,000 square feet. The project has received a Buildings of Excellence award from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and a portion of $13 million in funding set aside for low- or zero-carbon multi-family buildings. The buildings sustainability features include:

  • Modular construction;

  • All energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and appliances generated from the state of the art solar, wind, and water installations.

  • Total water consumption will be reduced to zero through modern water collection and filtering technologies, focused on re-use for toilets and irrigation, and zero landfill contribution. Waste will be recycled, composted, and incinerated onsite.

  • Fully integrated green spaces with abundant trees, grass, and ornamental gardens and aquaponics farming that hosts live fish with vegetable gardens and incorporates the Complex's water filtration system into the process.

  • Modern, durable interiors with natural materials, sunlight, and critical ventilation and oversized windows and balconies with planters and irrigation, rooftop garden (green roofs) and others. (Source: South End Development, PR, Website PR, June, 2021) Contact: South End Development, The Seventy-Six,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NYSERDA,  Energy Efficiency,  Net-Zero Energy,  

  • Adani Launching Mundra Windtech Turbine Manufacturing (Int'l.)
    Adani Enterprises
    Date: 2021-06-14
    Gujarat, India-headquartered Adani Enterprises Ltd is reporting the incorporation of Mundra Windtech Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary for manufacturing wind turbine generators. The company has not yet begun business operations.

    Adani Enterprises Ltd. id an incubator is focused on establishing new businesses in the infrastructure and energy sector. (Source: Adani Enterprises Ltd, PTI, 7 June, 2021) Contact: Adani Enterprises Ltd., +91-79-26565555,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Adani Enterprises ,  Wind Turbie,  

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