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Toyo Awarded Ethanol Waste-Derived Ethylene Pilot Project (Int'l.)
Toyo Engineering
Date: 2021-04-14
In Japan, Toyo Engineering Corporation reports it has contracted to construct an Ethylene Pilot Plant, using waste-derived ethanol as raw material, planned by Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. at its Chiba Works in 2022.

Toyo worked with Sumitomo Chemical on the basic design of the plant and is currently working on engineering, procurement, and construction details under the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) lump-sum contract, aiming to start demonstration operation of the plant for a short period. (Source: Toyo Engineering, PR, 13 Apr., 2021) Contact: Toyo Engineering,; Sumitomo Chemical Co.,

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Velocys Delivers on Japanese Biorefinery Project (Int'l.)
Velocys, Toyo Engineering
Date: 2019-11-20
Further to our 19 Sept. coverage, UK-headquartered landfill gas-to-liquid fuels and chemicals producer Velocys Plc reports the delivery of Fischer-Tropsch reactors and catalyst to Toyo Engineering Corp. in Nagoya, Japan, for use in a biomass-to-jet fuel demonstration facility bio-jet fuel facility being developed by a consortium of Japanese companies.

Velocys enables sustainable fuels for aviation and heavy goods transport, using waste materials, to cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Combining transformative technology, operational expertise and a partnership approach, we are working on commercial projects, today, that deliver the fuels of tomorrow, according to the company website. (Source: Velocys, PR, Biomass, 18 Nov., 2019) Contact: Velocys, Henrik Wareborn, CEO, +44 1235 838 621, (713) 275-5840 -- Houston Office,,; Toyo Engineering,

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Japanese Woody Biomass Jet Fuel Demo Construction Underway (Int'l)
Fischer-Tropsch,Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Date: 2019-01-02
In December, a Japanese consortium led by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd., CEPCO, Toyo Engineering Corp., the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), with support from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), touted a planned demonstration facility that integrates high-performance entrained-flow gasification technology and Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) synthesis for the production of jet fuel from woody biomass. The consortium of the demo project is now underway for an expected trial production run later this year.

When fully operational, the the demo facility will potentially process 0.7 tpd of woody biomass to produce about 20 lpd of "neat" biojet fuel. MHPS will be responsible for the entrained-bed gasification technology, Toyo for micro-channel F-T synthesis technology and the reforming of the synthesized oil, CEPCO for equipment operation and fuel procurement, and JAXA for evaluation of combustion characteristics.

MHPS notes it has been developing coal-gasification technology since the 1980s, and has established high-performance gasification furnace technology. (Source: MHPS, Chemical Engineering, 1 Jan., 2019) Contact: MHPS,; NEDO,; JAXA,

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Andritz Scores Japanese Biomass Boiler Order (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2018-11-21
Austrian technology group Andritz AG is reporting receipt of an order from Toyo Engineering Corporation fpr delivery of a fluidized bed boiler for installation at a 50-MW biomass power plant to be constructed for Obayashi Kamisu Biomass Power Generation Corporation in Kamisu, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan.

The woody pellet burning power plant, which is slated for commissioning in 2021, will generate sufficient power for 110,000 households. (Source: Andritz, Renewables 19 Nov., 2018)Contact: Andritz, Oliver Pokorny, Investor Relations, +43 (316) 6902 1332,,

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Equis Bioenergy Advancing 50 MW Japanese Biomass Project (Int'l)
Equis Bioenergy
Date: 2018-10-01
Singapore-headquartered biomass project specialist Equis Bioenergy reports it has issued a Notice to Proceed on its 50 MW woody biomass-wood pellet fired biomass power plant in Toyama , approximately 250 km north-west of Tokyo, Japan.

Toyo Engineering will undertake the construction work under a full turnkey engineering, procurement and construction contract. Construction is expected to get underway in Q2 2019, and the Project is scheduled to come online in Q3 2021.

The power plant, which will incorporate an Andritz boiler and a Siemens turbine and generator, will sell power to the Hokuriku Electric Power Company under Japan's renewable energy Feed-In-Tariff regime. The plant is expected to generate sufficient power approximately 75,000 households. (Source: Equis Bioenergy, 1 Oct., 2018) Contact: Equis Bioenergy,

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