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Solano County Investing $38Mn in Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Solano County
Date: 2021-05-03
In the Golden State, Solano County supervisors are banking on energy cost savings to pay for most of the $38.08 million in new and upgraded power infrastructure they recently approved. said in an interview Friday that the county pays about $3 million a year in utility costs. That is the entire county and not just the project sites.

The energy cost savings after 20 years is estimated at $39.45 million, and $60.55 million over 25 years, the report to the board states. The larger number reflects five years of having no debt service payments. Most of the savings will be generated by rooftop solar systems, battery energy storage, more efficient LED lighting systems and newer more efficient equipment at five sites where it will produce 85 to 90 pct of the energy needs. The county hopes the project will be operational in two years; 18 months of that is basically waiting for PG&E to approve an inner-connectivity agreement.

The county notes its master plan calls for $89 million in new buildings in the coming decades and it aims to reduce its energy use by 50 pct by 2035. (Source: Saolona County, PR, 1 May, 2021) Contact: Solano County, Megan Greve, Dir, General Services, (707) 784-7900,,

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Znergy Acquires Quantum Energy LLC (Ind. Report, M&A)
Znergy,Quantum Energy
Date: 2021-04-05
Syracuse, Indiana-based energy efficient LED lighting products, lighting controls and energy management solutions specialist Znergy, Inc. is reporting acquisition of Quantum Energy, LLC. Under the terms of the agreement Znergy, Inc. will acquire the assets of Quantum Energy, LLC. without issuing any new Znergy shares.

Quantum Energy has an extensive B2B book of business across most U.S. business segments, including Fortune 500 companies, state municipalities, universities and companies in Canada. Znergy's commonsense cost reduction program enables customers to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and realize environmental benefits, according to the company website. (Source: Znergy Inc., PR, Apr., 2021) Contact: Zenergy Inc., Investor Relations , Rick Mikles, (800) 931-5662,,

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Charles City Schools Solar, Energy Efficiency Funded (Funding)
Charles City County Public Schools System
Date: 2021-03-29
In the Old Dominion State, the Charles City County Public Schools System is reporting receipt of $500,000 in grant funding from the Solar Enhanced Energy Savings Performance Contract Program at the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy for energy efficiency upgrades and the addition of renewable energy production at its schools.

The $500,000 grant will fund the solar portion of the project which is expected to cut the school systems electric power bill by 59 pct for an annual savings of more than $86,000. Energy efficiency improvements -- HVAC upgrades, LED lighting, building automation, wastewater treatment plant and building envelope improvements and others -- are expected to save $3.4 million in energy costs over the next 15 years.

This program is among several efforts to meet the goals put forth in the Virginia Governor's executive order, which include powering 30 pct of the state's electric system from renewable energy resources by 2030 and produce 100 pct of Virginia's electricity from carbon-free sources by 2050. (Source: Charles City County Public Schools System, PR, Augusta Press, 27 Mar., 2021) Contact: Charles City County Public Schools System, 804-652-4612,; Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, 804-692-3200

Chicago PACE Closes $4.6Mn Amped Kitchens Funding (Ind. Report)
Property Assessed Clean Energy
Date: 2021-03-26
Chicago PACE, a program of the City of Chicago's Department of Planning and Development, reports it has closed $4.6 million in Commercial (C-PACE) funding in support of completed energy efficiency work at the recently opened Amped Kitchens Chicago facility in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.

The $4.6 million in private funding through the Chicago PACE program was provided by CounterpointeSRE, a national C-PACE capital provider, and was earmarked to a long list of energy efficiency improvements that included new HVAC consisting of packaged RTUs, hoods, water heaters, and indirect fired gas furnaces as well as LED lighting at the 5801 W Dickens Ave. facility.

The Chicago PACE program, a public-private partnership designed to fund energy-saving and renewable infrastructure improvements to commercial and multifamily properties, is administered by Loop-Counterpointe PACE LLC, a joint venture between Loop Capital Markets and Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate.

Amped Kitchens provides long-term production space to some of the nation's most innovative and successful food brands. (Source: Chicago PACE, PR, 25 Mar., 2021) Contact: Chicago PACE,,

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Jersey City Invests in Microgrid, Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Jersey City, Schneider Electric
Date: 2021-03-26
In the Garden State, Jersey City reports it will partner with Schneider Electric to implement the city's first Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) and self-sustainable municipal microgrid which is expected to save taxpayers approximately $21 million in energy and operational costs over 20 years.

The city of 258,000 residents will also enter into a roughly $500,000 contract for the PSE&G Direct Install / "Energy Savers" energy efficiency program for the installation of LED lighting, water conservation measures, HVAC equipment replacements, and other energy efficiency upgrades at 22 city-owned facilities with PSE&G covering majority of the costs. (Source: City of Jersey City, PR, Hudson Reporter, 26 Mar., 2021)

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NYPA, Tonawanda Announce LED Streetlight Program (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-03-22
In the Empire State, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the Town of Tonawanda and the City of Tonawanda have partnered for the installation energy-efficient LED streetlights throughout the municipalities under the state's Smart Street Lighting NY program that calls for at least 500,000 streetlights throughout the state to be replaced with LED technology by 2025.

The installation of more than 7,600 LED streetlights in Tonawanda is expected to begin this month for completion before the year end. The $7.5 million project will be implemented by NYPA. The town is financing the lighting installation and the more than $12 million purchase of the lights from National Grid through a municipal bond. (Source: NYPA, Niagara Gazette, 22 Mar., 2021) Contact: NYPA, Gil Quiniones, Pres., CEO,

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$1Mn for Madison City-County Bldg Energy Efficiency (Funding)

Date: 2021-03-03
In the Badger State, the City of Madison is reporting Dane County, the City of Madison, and local nonprofit Slipstream will receive nearly $1 million through the US DOE Building Technologies Proving Ground -- Public Sector Field Validation Funding Opportunity for an energy efficiency retrofit of the City-County Building.

The funding will be used to retrofit the City-County Building with triple-paned windows, cost-effective LED lighting and integrated automation control systems. The project will demonstrate whole-building energy savings resulting from integrated HVAC and lighting systems that save 10 pct and 60 pct, respectively, while providing key grid services simultaneously.

The project is expected to total about $1.5 million, with Dane County with the City of Madison contributing approximately $500,000 in matching funds.

The project, which is expected to get underway this spring and continue through 2022, will also leverage technical expertise from Focus on Energy and MGE, the local energy utility. (Source: City of Madison, PR, 1 Feb., 2021) Contact: Dane County, Ariana Vruwink,; City of Madison, Katie Crawley, 608-335-7071,

FOMO Acquiring Energy Intelligence Center Assets (M&A, Ind. Report)
FOMO, SMart Cities
Date: 2021-02-24
Chicago-headquartered FOMO CORP. is reporting a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire the assets of the Energy Intelligence Center LLC (EIC), a U.S. solutions provider for energy efficient buildings. This LOI follows FOMO's 8-K filing on February 16, 2021, specifically relative to FOMO licensing the patent of Online Energy Manager, LLC (OEM) and FOMO's option to purchase OEM.

EIC and OEM are strategic partner companies, and these two recent developments set the stage to further position FOMO in 2021 as a clean energy technology company within the growing "Clean-Tech" and smart building marketplace.

FOMO's previous asset acquisition of Independence LED Lighting, LLC and Purge Virus, LLC serve as excellent complements to EIC for next generation clean air and energy efficient buildings.

According to the Smart Cities Challenge, the global market for energy efficiency is pegged at $360 billion/year. (Source: FOMO CORP., PR, 28 Feb., 2021) Contact: Energy Intelligence Center,; FOMO, Vik Grover, CEO, Wayman Baker, EVP Corporate Dev., (630) 286-9560,,

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FOMO to Acquire Energy Intelligence Center (M&A, Ind. Report)

Date: 2021-02-24
Chicago-headquartered FOMO CORP. is reporting a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire the assets of the Energy Intelligence Center LLC (EIC), a U.S. solutions provider for energy efficient buildings. This LOI follows FOMO’s 8-K filing on February 16, 2021, specifically relative to FOMO licensing the patent of Online Energy Manager, LLC (OEM) and FOMO’s option to purchase OEM.

EIC and OEM are strategic partner companies, and these two recent developments set the stage to further position FOMO in 2021 as a clean energy technology company within the growing “Clean-Tech” and smart building marketplace.

FOMO’s prior asset acquisition of Independence LED Lighting, LLC and Purge Virus, LLC serve as excellent complements to EIC for next generation clean air and energy efficient buildings.

According to a recent survey by Smart Cities the global market for energy efficiency is $360 billion/year. (Source: FOMO CORP., PR, 24 Feb., 2021) Contact: Energy Intelligence Center,; FOMO, Vik Grover, CEO, Wayman Baker, EVP Corporate Dev., (630) 286-9560,,

Mass Save Municipal Partnership Participants Announced (Ind. Report)
Mass Saves, Eversource, National Grd
Date: 2021-02-19
In the Bay State, Mass Save® program sponsors Eversource and National Grid are reporting the communities of Framingham, Andover, Cambridge, Chelsea, Haverhill, Lawrence, Marshfield, Methuen and Westborough have been selected to participate in the 2021 Municipal Partnership and will benefit from funding and support to implement energy efficiency outreach in their communities.

The Municipal Partnership provides grants of up to $25,000 to Massachusetts municipalities that meet the partnership's goals for implementing energy efficiency outreach in their residential and small business communities and achieve exceptional energy savings by completing energy assessments and the installation of energy upgrades. These incentives are in addition to energy efficiency incentives already available to residents.

The MassSave® program, which is open to homeowners and renters, includes a no-cost energy audit and report that makes it easy to improve a home's energy efficiency. Mass Save will also install energy-saving products such as ENERGY STAR LED light bulbs; advanced power strips; low-flow showerheads; faucet aerators; and programmable thermostats or discounted wireless thermostats, all at no cost to home owners and renters. Program participants may also qualify for additional offers, rebates, and incentives for insulation, energy efficient HVAC and others based on the Home Energy Assessment report and household income levels. Mass Save is a collaborative of Massachusetts' natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers including Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid and Unitil. (Source: Mass Save, City of Framingham, PR, 17 Feb., 2021) Contact: Mass Save,

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Dane County, Madison Wisc. Win Energy Efficiency Funds (Funding)
Madison Wisconsin
Date: 2021-02-03
In the Badger State, Dane County, the City of Madison and local nonprofit Slipstream are reporting receipt of nearly $1 million in grant funding from the US DOE Building Technologies Proving Ground -- Public Sector Field Validation Funding Opportunity for energy efficiency upgrades to the City-County municipal building.

The upgrades will include triple-paned windows , LED lighting, HVAC systems and others. The project is expected to cost about $1.5 million, with Dane County and the City of Madison allocating $500,000 in matching funds. (Source: City of Madison, Dane County Wisc., 1 Feb., 2021) Contact: Dane County Wisc., Joe Parisi, US DOE Building Technologies Proving Ground -- Public Sector Field Validation Funding Opportunity ,

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UK Port of Tyne Fine Tunes Decarbonization Strategy (Int'l.)
Port of Tyne
Date: 2021-01-08
In the UK, the deep-water Port of Tyne in the north-east of England reports completion of a detailed modelling exercise and long-term analysis of its electric power network as part of its decarbonisation and clean energy strategy.

The analysis is intended to help port management understand both current and future energy requirements in line with Tyne's roadmap to net-zero emissions -- carbon neutrality by 2030 and an all-electric port by 2040.

In reaching its goal, the Port of Tyne recently invested in a fleet of electric vehicles, LED lighting and smart energy monitoring meters in every building and asset, and is presently evaluating the potential for installing solar panels on warehouse buildings. Port of Tyne has also launched Tyne Clean Energy Park as a strategic base for the region's rapidly growing renewable energy sector.

Port of Tyne is one of the UK's largest Trust Ports and is entirely self-financing with no government support. (Source: Port of Tyne, SmartCitiesWorldNews, 5 Jan., 2021) Contact: Port of Tyne Authority, Matt Beeton, CEO , +44 191 257 1373,

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University Earns $1.18Mn for Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Ind. Report)
California State University Dominguez Hills
Date: 2021-01-08
In the Golden State, the California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) in Carson is reporting receipt of over $1.18 million in performance payments from the Clean Energy Optimization Pilot, a four-year, $20 million effort for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Southern California Edison (SCE) administered program payments are funded through SCE's cap-and-trade auction revenues and is based on actual metered results. Success is measured on greenhouse emissions avoided, rather than the standard method of measuring reduced energy use.

In qualifying for the payment, CSUDH upgraded its natural gas absorption chillers with electric chillers, and one large natural gas boiler with eight small condensing staged boilers for a 57 pct reduction in natural gas usage, a 2.8 million gallons drop in water usage in one year, and significantly cut to CSUDH's greenhouse gas emissions. Other energy savings initiatives included installation of new LED lighting and smart sensors in several campus buildings. (Source: California State University Dominguez Hills, PR, Daily Breeze, 6 Jan., 2020) Contact: California State University Dominguez Hills, 310-243-3696,

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National Grid Touts LED Streetlight Conversion Program (Ind. Report)
National Grid
Date: 2020-12-30
In the Empire State, National Grid is reporting the recent conversion of 2,300 roadway lights with the City of Lackawanna as part of its Streetlight Conversion Program. These new company-owned energy efficient LED streetlights will save on energy and maintenance costs to the City as well as improve visibility.

In total, the National Grid new LED Streetlight Conversion Program has saved upstate New York municipalities more than 18,000 MWh, or the equivalent of average energy consumed annually by approximately 1,660 U.S. homes. Additionally, National Grid has returned over $2 million in energy efficiency incentives to qualified municipalities that participated in the Streetlight Conversion program.

Since initially launching its LED Streetlight Conversion Program in 2017, National Grid has converted 40,000 traditional high-pressure sodium streetlight fixtures to LED.

Download the National Grid Streetlight Conversion Program details HERE. (Source: National Grid, PR, Dec., 2020) Contact: National Grid, National Grid,

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Freddie Mac Green Program Cuts Multifamily Energy and Water Consumption (White Paper Attached)
Freddie Mac
Date: 2020-12-23
Properties participating in Freddie Mac Multifamily's Green Advantage® program save an average of more than 2.7 million gallons of water and 1.3 million kBtu of energy per year, according to a new white paper 2020 Analysis of Green Improvements in Workforce Housing. Created in 2016, the program, which includes the Green Up® and Green Up Plus® offerings, provides financing incentives for multifamily borrowers that agree to reduce energy and water consumption.

Since program inception through the third quarter of 2020, Freddie Mac Multifamily Green Up and Green Up Plus provided over $60 billion in financing through loans purchased on nearly 600,000 units. The financed properties are typically garden-style apartments that are, on average, 35 years old with 85 pct of units being affordable to households making 100 pct of area median income (AMI) or less. The White Paper's key findings include:

  • Tenants are saving, on average, $114 per year based on reported property data;

  • Properties have reported over 827 million gallons in actual cumulative water consumption savings, which is the equivalent of 1,250 Olympic-sized swimming pools and over 152 million kBtu in actual cumulative energy consumption savings or roughly enough energy to power 4,100 homes;

  • The reported actual annual overall cost savings totals over $11 million, which averages roughly $40,500 per loan per year and $133 per unit per year;

  • The projected average cost for improvements is $471 per unit with a total of $280 million of projected improvements as of the end of the third quarter of 2020;

  • The most commonly selected water-saving improvements continue to be the low-cost showerheads, kitchen aerators and bathroom aerators;

  • The most commonly selected energy-saving improvements were exterior and common area LED lighting, closely followed by unit interior LED lighting and then HVAC thermostats.

    Download the 2020 Analysis of Green Improvements in Workforce Housing White Paper HERE . (Source: Freddie Mac, PR, Dec., 2020) Contact: Freddie Mac, Mike Morosi (703) 918-5851,,

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  • Georgia Power Upgrading Horse Park Lights to LEDs (Ind. Report)
    Georgia Power
    Date: 2020-12-18
    Georgia Power reports it has contracted to upgrade outdoor lighting to energy efficient LED units at the International Horse Park Center in Conyers, in 20121.

    Georgia Power also completed an energy audit report and secured more than $30,000 in commercial rebates for the Horse Park through the company's energy efficiency rebate program.

    In 2020, Georgia Power's lighting team installed energy efficient lighting fixtures at over 20 high schools and colleges including Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) in Tifton and Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland. (Source: Georgia Power, PR, 16 Dec., 2020) Contact: Georgia Power,

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    Glenn Falls Upgrading to Energy Efficient Streetlights (Ind. Report)
    Glenn Falls
    Date: 2020-11-09
    In the Empire state, the city of Glen Falls reports it will replace its current leased streetlights with energy-efficient LED lighting, beginning next year. The $2.6 million project will be paid for over a 15-year period with the savings generated by the new lights.

    To complete the conversion, the city recently secured a $2.6 million low-interest loan through the state's Power Authority, which will also carry out the work beginning sometime in January. The project is expected to take around three months to complete. The loan also comes with a separate $225,000 grant, which the city is currently deciding how to spend.

    The currently leases its 1,500 streetlights through National Grid for around $140,000 a year. (Source: City of Glenn Falls, 7 Nov., 2020)

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    Aramark Global HQ Awarded USGBC LEED Certification (Ind. Report)
    Aramark,US Green Building Council
    Date: 2020-11-04
    Philadelphia-headquartered food services and facilities provider Aramark Corp. is reporting its global headquarters office space in Philadelphia has scored US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Silver certification for sustainable workspace design and construction.

    Specific LEED qualifying sustainability highlights include:

  • Water saving fixtures that reduce water consumption by 35 pct;
  • Efficient LED lighting that decreases lighting power density to 40 pct below code;
  • Over 90 pct of all appliances hold Energy Star certifications;
  • Locally sourced and manufactured materials and certified Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) wood used throughout;
  • 75 pct of waste construction materials were diverted from landfills; and others. (Source: Aramark Corp., PR, Oct., 2020) Contact: Aramark Corp.,; LEED, US Green Building Council, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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  • PG&E Offers ENERGY STAR Product Rebates (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-11-02
    In the Golden State, San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) reports its continued to partnership with the US EPA ENERGY STAR program and others to promote the benefits of energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program to help consumers cut energy consumption, save money and shrink their carbon footprint. ENERGY STAR serves as a guide for customers shopping for appliances and looking for potential rebates, such as PG&E's, that help offset the cost of qualifying ENERGY STAR appliances.

    For example, PG&E customers that sign up for the utility's time-of-use rate plan and purchase a qualifying ENERGY STAR smart thermostat may be eligible for a $120 rebate through the end of the year. The amount of the smart thermostat rebate recently increased from $50. The purchase of a smart thermostat combined with a time-of-use rate plan can reduce costs by shifting heating or cooling needs to low energy demand times when energy demand and rates are lower, and the amount of renewable energy is higher. By way of illustration, PG&E notes the following ENERGY STAR product specific savings:

  • LED light bulbs -- ENERGY STAR certified lighting uses up to 90 pct less energy than incandescent bulbs, lasts 15 times longer and saves more than $50 in electricity bills over their lifetime. By replacing the five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs in a home with ENERGY STAR models, customers can save nearly $45 per year.

  • Washing machines and dryers -- Save more than $370 over the lifetime of an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer and even more with an ENERGY STAR washer/dryer pair. Clothes washers that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating use 25 pct less energy and approximately 33 pct less water than standard models.

  • Water heaters -- Water heaters account for 12 pct of residential energy consumption, costing a household of four up to $630 every year in energy costs. An ENERGY STAR certified electric water heater (known as Heat Pump Water Heaters) uses less than half the energy of a standard model. PG&E offers a $300 rebate for qualifying products.

    PG&E notes if every clothes washer, clothes dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator purchased in the U.S. this year were ENERGY STAR models, the equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions from 450,000 cars would be avoided, and consumers would save more than $615 million in annual energy costs. (Source: PG&E, PR 2 Nov., 2020) Contact: PG&E, Aaron August, VP Business Development & Customer Engagement,; ENERGY STAR,

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  • Delmarva Launches Energy Efficiency Rebates Programs (Ind. Report)
    Delmarva Energy
    Date: 2020-11-02
    Delmarva Power is reporting the launch of new energy-efficiency programs offering LED lighting discounts and cash rebates for recycling old appliances.

    Delmarva's LED lighting in-store discount is now available in more than 50 retailers across Delaware, including participating Home Depot, Walmart and other locations. The program helps customers replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs and will provide instant in-store discounts on select ENERGY STAR-certified LED bulbs.

    The appliance recycling program offers $50 for recycling old, inefficient working refrigerators, freezers and other appliances, plus an additional $25 for recycling a working room air conditioner or dehumidifier at the same time. (Source: Delmarva Power, PR,2 Nov., 2020) Contact: Delmarva Power, 888-997-9108,

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    Weston, Mass. Scores Energy Efficient Lighting Funds (Funding)
    Massachusetts Green Communities
    Date: 2020-10-30
    In August 2020, the Baker-Polito Administration awarded $13 million in Green Communities competitive grants to 103 municipalities across Massachusetts to fund clean energy projects. Weston was one of the recipients, receiving close to the $200,000 maximum award for a project expected to save the town an annual $50,000 in energy costs, or 250,000 kilowatts per hour in municipal energy use (roughly 1 pct of Weston's annual total).

    The project includes a mixture of interior and exterior lighting upgrades in several town buildings and schools, taking advantage of energy-saving LED technology. The grant-funded upgrade will reduce energy expenses and ease the maintenance schedule compared to the older light fixtures and bulbs for a projected annual cost energy saving $50,000. (Source: Town of Weston Sustainability Committee, 28 Oct., 2020) Contact: Massachusetts Green Communities,

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    Ameresco Upgrading Medford Street Lights to LED (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-10-28
    Framingham, Mass.-based energy efficiency and renewable energy specialist Ameresco, Inc. and the City of Medford, Oregon are reporting a $4 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) that will impact approximately 8,000 light fixtures across the City of 81,000 residents .

    The improvements are being financed by a low-interest loan and include converting street lights and parks department lighting to energy efficient LED technology.

    All city and utility-owned street lights, park and parking lot lighting will be converted to LED units. The project is expected to be completed in 2021. (Source: Ameresco, PR, 27 Oct., 2020) Contact: City of Medford, Karl MacNair, Transportation Manager,; Ameresco, David J. Anderson, EVP, (508) 661-2264,

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    Alliance, Oklahoma offers Energy Efficiency Programs (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2020-10-21
    In the Cornhusker State, the City of Alliance, in partnership with its wholesale electric power supplier, the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, has introduced the following financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades:
  • The Attic Insulation Program provides cash incentives of $0.15/per square foot with a maximum incentive of $300 per existing residential dwelling for attic insulation;

  • Smart Thermostat Program provides a cash incentive of up to $100 paid directly to residential customers to help cover the cost of installing a qualifying smart thermostat;

  • Cooling System Tune-Up Program provides a $30 cash incentive to residential homeowners who have their cooling system tuned up by a HVAC contractor, regardless of what type or age of cooling system (air conditioner/air or water source heat pump);

  • Commercial LED Lighting Program offers cash incentives paid directly to commercial customers to help cover the cost of lighting upgrades and replacements. (Source: City of Alliance, Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, Star Herald, 19 Oct., 2020) Contact: Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, (402) 474-4759, Fax: (402) 474-0473,

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  • PA. DEP Offers Business, Farm Energy Efficiency Grants (Grants)
    Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    Date: 2020-10-21
    In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reports the availability of grant funding for energy-efficient equipment, such as boilers, LED lighting, Energy Star HVAC systems and others for small business owners and farmers through the Small Business Advantage Grant program.

    Pennsylvania farmers and other small business owners with 100 or fewer full-time employees are eligible for the grants. Projects must save the business a minimum of $500 and 25 pct annually in energy consumption or pollution related expenses. Businesses can apply for 50 pct matching funds for equipment or materials, up to $7,000, when adopting energy-efficient or pollution prevention equipment or processes.

    Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis, and will be accepted until fiscal year 2020-21 funds are exhausted, or Monday, April 12, 2021, whichever occurs first. (Source: PA DEP, Pennsylvania Environment Digest, 20 Oct., 2020) Contact: Pa. DEP, (717) 772-5160,, Business Advantage Grant.aspx

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    Iowa City Scores Energy Efficiency Design Award (Ind. Report)
    City of Iowa City ,Alliant Energy,MidAmerican Energy Company
    Date: 2020-10-07
    In the Hawkeye State, the City of Iowa City is reporting receipt of an Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design award for energy efficiency and energy use reduction at the new Iowa City Public Works Facility.. Candidates are selected from projects whose organizers participated in the Commercial New Construction (CNC) program offered by Alliant Energy and MidAmerican Energy Company.

    The Iowa City Public Works complex achieved 52 pct kBTU energy savings when compared to the CNC's program baseline. This means that the City's Public Works Facility uses less than half the energy as compared to other buildings of the same type and size.

    The buildings energy and environmental energy conservation features include: LED lighting, daylight dimming and skylight systems, precast insulated concrete walls, insulated roof with translucent panels; dedicated outdoor air system and others, all of which is projected to realize a $21,000 per year energy costs savings and an anticipated payback within 9.3 years. (Source: City of Iowa City, PR, Oct., 2020)Contact: Alliant, Jeff Hanson, Environmental Serv. And Sustainability Director, (608) 458-3956,; MidAmerican Energy, Mike Fehr, VP Resource Development, (888) 427-5632,; Iowa City Public Works Dept., 319-356-5140,

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    Dayton School Energy Efficiency Upgrades Underway (Ind. Report)
    Dayton Public School Board
    Date: 2020-10-05
    In the Buckeye State, the Dayton Public School Board reports $30 million in planned facility renovations and upgrades are underway with $10 million of that work scheduled for completion during to 2020-21 school year.

    The district has already begun $1.38 million in LED lighting upgrades in 10 school buildings and a $6.41 million building automation systems upgrade featuring centralized control of individual building HVAC components. The upgrades will use a single contractor and master automation system with dashboards to better monitor energy efficiency.

    The district will qualify for over $100,000 in energy efficiency rebates from Dayton Power & Light. (Source: Dayton School Board, PR, Dayton Daily News, Oct., 2020) Contact: Dayton Public Schools, Gary Dickstein, Business Manager, 937-542-3000,

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    PSE&G $1Bn Energy Efficiency Plan Wins NJ Approval (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-09-25
    In the Garden State, Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG) is reporting New Jersey regulators have approved its energy-efficiency plan allowing the utility to spend nearly $1 billion over three years to get customers to reduce their energy consumption with discount priced thermostats, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances.

    The plan, which the utility called "the largest commitment to energy efficiency ever in New Jersey", would direct about $284 million to residential customers and $686 million to commercial and industrial customers. The approved plan is a scaled-down version of the Clean Energy Future proposal that PSE&G announced in 2018, which would have spent $2.8 billion over six years on energy efficiency.

    The approved energy-efficiency plan was part of a larger $4.1 billion package that included proposals to spend $364 million for electric-vehicle infrastructure, including support for nearly 40,000 EV chargers, $180 million for massive utility-scale battery storage, and $800 million for an "Energy Cloud" program that includes the installation of wireless smart meters in every customer's home.

    The approved plan also accommodates low-income residents, multifamily developments, small businesses, local governments and nonprofits and will deliver $1 billion in net customer savings, create 3,200 direct jobs and 1,100 more indirect jobs, and help New Jersey avoid eight million metric tons of carbon emissions through 2050, according to the PSE&G release. (Source: Public Service Electric & Gas, PR, Philadelphia Enquirer, 24 Sept., 2020) Contact: Public Service Electric & Gas,, PSE&G Clean Energy Future,,

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    GPT Advancing Net Zero Energy Ahead of Schedule (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-09-09
    In the Land Down Under, Melbourne-based property manager and real estate trust GPT Group reports it plans to achieve net zero energy across its $25.3 billion property portfolio of 12 shopping centers, 24 office buildings, 35 logistics buildings and others by 2024, six years earlier than previously announced.

    To that end, the company is undertaking a number of energy efficiency projects including LED lighting upgrades, building management systems updates, on-site solar projects -- particularly in the company's retail assets, and others. The company is also procuring cost effective, low price volatility energy supply contracts and to date has cut energy costs 45 pct for a $210 million savings as well as reduced emissions by 60 pct -- 1.5 million tonnes of carbon , according to the release.

    GPT partners with its tenants and organisations like ARENA, CEFC, NABERS and the Green Building Council of Australia. (Source GPT, The Fifth Estate, 8 Sept., 2020)Contact: GPT,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Net Zero Energy,  

    LED Light Requirements Coming for Calif. Greenhouses (Ind. Report)
    California Lightwork
    Date: 2020-08-24
    According to Canoga Park-based "growlight" specialist California LightWorks, the recently introduced California Statewide Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Program proposal to the California Energy Commission (CEC) calls for the state's 2022 Energy Code to require all indoor and greenhouse growers use only LED grow lights.

    If accepted, these California LED requirements would mean every indoor operation that uses high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs would be required to switch to an LED lighting system by 2023.

    Simply put, lighting is the largest single energy expense for many cultivators, CASE wants to set higher energy efficiency standards for California and establishing state-wide LED requirements would be in line with the Energy Commission's commitment to energy innovation. (Source: California Lightworks, Aug., 2020) Contact: California LightWorks, (747) 444-3380,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News LED Light,  Energy Efficient Light,  

    Ottawa, Iqaluit Partner on Energy Efficiency Projects (Ind. Report)
    Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2020-08-21
    In Iqaluit, the Nunavut Minister of Northern Affairs and the Canadian federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change have announced an investment to support the South Baffin Energy Management Project. The project will help improve energy efficiency and introduce renewable energy in 45 buildings owned by the Government of Nunavut in the six communities that make up the South Baffin region.

    The South Baffin Energy Management Project will receive $18.3 million through the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund and $8.6 million from the Nunavut Department of Community and Government Services. Over the project's lifetime it is projected to cut 24,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades will include: solar panel installations; LED lighting; mechanical and control-system upgrades; building-envelope improvements; measures, such as air sealing; low-flow water-saving fixtures, and others. (Source: CNW Group. 20 Aug., 2020)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    NV Energy Offers Free Energy Efficient Appliances (Ind. Report)
    NV Energy
    Date: 2020-08-14
    Las Vegas-based NV Energy has added Qualified Appliance Replacement to its list of PowerShift products and services that help customers save energy and money. The new service will provide, free of charge, an ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerator, electric clothes dryer and other products to customers who meet income guidelines and other eligibility requirements. In addition to the refrigerator and electric clothes dryer, customers will receive advanced power strips, LED lights and dusk to dawn lighting control.

    "PowerShift's new Qualified Appliance Replacement service will help those eligible customers who are unable to replace older appliances, such as refrigerators and dryers, with new, more energy-efficient models. We're excited to bring this offering to our customers who either own or rent their home as it will help them to better manage their energy use and save on monthly utility bills. And, it is part of our other PowerShift tools which focus on increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption," said PowerShift program manager Chad Piekarz. (Source: NV Energy, PR, 13 Aug., 2020) Contact: NV Energy, Chad Piekarz, Program Manager. 775-834-3891,,; PowerShift,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NV Energy,  

    RIIB Finances $1.3Mn LED Streetlight Project (Ind. Report)
    Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank
    Date: 2020-08-14
    In Providence, the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (RIIB) reports it provided $1.3 million in financing to the city of Pawtucket for the conversion of approximately 6,000 streetlights to LED lights for an expected energy costs savings. In 2017 the city borrowed $3.9 million trough RIIB for energy efficiency improvements in municipal buildings.

    Of the $1.3 million, $1 million is for streetlight conversions through the Efficient Building Fund (EBF), and $350,000 is a Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan for a storm water mitigation project adjacent to the future Pawtucket-Central Falls Train Station.

    The Efficient Buildings Fund provides below-market interest rate loans to municipalities, school districts and quasi-state entities to invest in clean energy projects. Since 2016, the Efficient Buildings Fund has reduced energy, maintenance and debt-service costs for municipalities by approximately $66 million through investments in onshore wind, solar, LED lighting and highly efficient heating and cooling improvements. These projects are estimated to reduce emissions equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of 3,400 American homes. Overall, the Bank's Efficient Buildings Fund has provided $33 million in loans to thirteen borrowers across the state. (Source: Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, PR, 13 Aug., 2020) Contact: Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank , (401) 453-4430, www,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News LED Streetlight news,  Energy Efficiency news,  

    Hawaii Energy Offers $1Mn in Energy Relief Grants (Ind. Report)
    Hawaii Energy
    Date: 2020-08-12
    In Honolulu, Hawaii Energy has announced a call for applications for its Energy Relief Grant program that will award a total of $1,000,000 in funding for energy efficiency improvements for nonprofits, small businesses and other qualifying organizations experiencing economic loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant can cover 100 pct of eligible expenses on pre-approved energy efficiency projects of up to $25,000.

    Qualifying energy efficiency projects include:

  • Upgrading to LED lighting and/or controls such as occupancy sensors;
  • Upgrading old, inefficient HVAC units;
  • Upgrading aging commercial kitchen equipment with ENERGY STAR appliances; and
  • Upgrading to a heat pump water heater or solar water heater.

    Eligible expenses for these projects include:

  • New energy efficient equipment that qualify for Hawaii Energy program incentives;
  • Parts, accessories and other materials necessary for installation;
  • Labor for old equipment removal, site preparation and installation of energy efficiency measures;
  • Taxes, shipping costs for above qualifying equipment and materials.

    Energy Relief Grant details are HERE. (Source: Hawaii Energy, PR, Aug., 2020) Contact: Hawaii Electric,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Hawaii Energy,  Energy Efficiency,  

  • Wyoming Utility Delivering Free Energy Efficiency Kits (Ind. Report)
    Lower Valley Energy
    Date: 2020-08-12
    In Wyoming, Afton-based utility Lower Valley Energy reports it is collaborating with the not-for-profit Energy Conservation Works to deliver free energy efficiency kits in Jackson Hole.

    The Energy Efficiency Kit includes: 14 LED light bulbs of varying sizes; 1 advanced power strip; 1 thermostatic valve showerhead; and 2 sink aerators. The kits are intended to help the utility's customers reduce energy consumption and cut energy costs.

    Energy Conservation Works operates in partnership with the Town of Jackson, Teton County, Lower Valley Energy, and a wide spectrum of organizations to implement and advocate for energy conservation and emissions reduction in Jackson Hole. Contact: Lower Valley Energy, (307) 885-3175,; Energy Conservation Works -- Jackson Hole,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    Adrian Inks City Energy Efficiency Upgrades Agreement (Ind. Report)
    Johnson Controls
    Date: 2020-08-10
    In Michigan, the Adrian City (pop, 20,200) Commission reports approval of a $13 million energy efficiency improvements purchase agreement with Johnson Controls.

    The agreement includes replacement of the city's 119 downtown street lights with LED fixtures and new poles where needed. The new lighting is expected to save the city more than $14 million over 20 years as guaranteed by Johnson Controls. The agreement also includes numerous interior and exterior lighting upgrades, "enveloping" for selected city buildings, window insulation, new and/or upgraded HVAC systems, new water meters and others.

    Johnson Controls will complete the work over 16 months. (Source: City of Adrian, Daily Telegram, 10 Aug., 2020) Contact: City of Adrian, Greg Elliott, City Manager, (517) 263-2161 ,; Johnson Controls, (855) 324-3650,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Johnson Controls,  Energy Efficiency,  LED Light,  

    Consumers Energy Offers Virtual Energy Consultation (Ind. Report)
    Consumers Energy
    Date: 2020-08-10
    Jackson, Michigan-headquartered Consumers Energy is reporting the launch of a telephone follow-up to its previously announced virtual energy assessment program.

    The telephone assessment consists of three phone calls to customers. The first is just checking in with customers and making sure they are aware of Consumers' business center and access to grants. The second call involves discussions about the customer's business and what kind of products or lighting they have in that business then a third "follow-up" call to determine a possible course of action, if any.

    The utility also offers an online marketplace where customers can order the energy-efficient items, such as smart thermostats or LED lights, that would be installed by Consumers staff. (Source: Consumers Energy, PR, Aug., 2020) Contact: Consumers Energy, Chad Miller, Energy Efficiency Program Manager ,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Consumers Energy,  Energy Efficiency,  

    GeoSolar Plus Smart Home Energy System Announced (Ind. Report)
    Fourth Wave Energy
    Date: 2020-07-31
    In he Golden State, San Jose-based Fourth Wave Energy is touting its new GeoSolar Plus smart home clean energy system for existing and newly built homes. The company now plans to market the product as a "complete energy makeover" of an existing home. The turnkey system includes:
  • home energy audit and environmental analysis; reinsulating and sealing building envelope for air tightness;

  • geothermal ground source heating and cooling system or air-to-air heat pump technology;

  • heat pump for domestic hot water;

  • air monitoring and filtration system;

  • LED lighting upgrade;

  • roof-mounted solar PV system and EV car charging station.

    The company also plans to offer homeowners a turnkey financing solution to acquire and install the system which sells for roughly $39,000 after valuable tax credits. (Source: Fourth Wave Energy, PR, Contact: Fourth Wave Energy, Joseph Issacs, CEO, 818-855-8199,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Fourth Wave Energy,  Solar,  

  • Georgia Power's Smart Neighborhood Initiative Lauded (Ind. Report)
    Georgia Power
    Date: 2020-07-29
    Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power reports its Smart Neighborhood Initiative -- a real-world R&D project -- has been recognized by the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) as part of its annual awards that celebrate innovation and collaboration of utilities, industry players and individuals shaping the future of energy. The initiative was included in Southern Company's designation as a 2020 SEPA Utility Business Models Power Player of the Year.

    Georgia's first-of-a-kind Smart Neighborhood, located in Atlanta, includes 46 technology-enhanced townhomes equipped with battery backed rooftop solar arrays, optimal insulation for maximum efficiency, advanced heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, home automation, including smart thermostats, smart locks and voice control.

    The Smart Neighborhood is a real-world research and development (R&D) project, including a supporting partnership with the Southern Company Energy Innovation Center. The company collaborated with U.S. DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on the initiatives. The information and data collected from the distributed energy resources will provide researchers valuable operational experience as the company continues to evaluate microgrids along with residential battery storage and rooftop solar. Information from the HVAC systems, heat pump water heaters and other technologies will help inform new programs and services for customers.

    Georgia Power also offers a full suite of smart-home options, which includes easy access to products and services to help make customers' homes more energy efficient and connected. The company brings together popular products in the Smart Neighborhood, including the latest in smart thermostats and smart home products such as smart filters, lighting, door locks, light switches, vents, smoke alarms and doorbells, to a single online portal.

    Download Georgia Power Smart Neighborhood Initiative HERE. (Source: Georgia Power, PR, 28 July, 2020) Contact: SEPA,; Georgia Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Georgia Power,  Energy Efficiency,  

    SUNY New Paltz Innovation Hub Scores LEED Gold (Ind. Report)
    SUNY New Platz, USGBC
    Date: 2020-07-27
    In the Empire State, the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz is reporting it's new, 2-story, 19,500 sq-ft Engineering Innovation Hub (EIH) building has been awarded US Green Building Council LEED Gold Certification.

    The project's $13.5 million energy efficiency features include: building envelope and mechanical systems that have cut energy costs 28 pct; landscape water conservation and reuse features; SUNY New Platz, white reflective TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane roof system with added insulation to improve the R-value; energy efficient LED lighting with motion sensors; proximity to public transportation; water saving plumbing fixtures; and low-VOC emission locally sourced building materials. (Source: School Construction News, July, 2020) Contact: SUNY New Platz,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SUNY New Platz,  USGBC,  LEED Gold,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Ameresco to Implement Lawrence LED Streetlight Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-07-22
    In the Bay State, Framinghan-based energy efficiency and renewable enrgy specialist Ameresco, Inc., reports it has been selected by the City of Lawrence to complete a large-scale municipal energy efficient LED Streetlight energy conservation project.

    Self-funded by an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), the project comes at no upfront cost to the City and will involve replacing more than 3,800 lighting fixtures with new energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED). The total project will accrue $12.2 million in cost savings over the contract term. The project is slated for completion in September 2020.

    Details on Ameresco's LED street and area lighting projects HERE. (Source: Ameresc, PR, Yahoo, 22 July, 2020) Contact: Ameresco, David J. Anderson, EVP, (508) 661-2288,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ameresco,  LED,   Street Light.LED Light,  

    Vodafone Committed to 100 pct Green, Energy Efficiency (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-07-20
    In the UK, Berkshire-based telecommunications firm Vodafone Group Plc reports it remains committed to improving the energy efficiency of its base station sites and in its data and switching centres, which together account for 95 pct of the company's total global energy consumption. During 2020, Vodafone invested €77 million in energy efficiency and renewable projects, which led to annual energy savings of 186GWh. In 2019, the company achieving a 38.5 pct reduction in the total amount of GHG emissions per petabyte (PB) of mobile data carried.

    Vodafone's energy efficiency initiatives are focused on sourcing and implementing more efficient network equipment, reducing energy demand by installing lower-energy power and cooling technologies, and cutting energy use by decommissioning and replacing legacy equipment. Vodafone's energy efficiency initiatives include:

  • Smart energy meters that enable businesses, municipal authorities and households to monitor, manage and reduce their energy use. Worldwide, Vodafone has over 12 million smart meter connections using its IoT technology, saving an estimated 1.6 million tonnes of CO2e.

  • Smart cities networked intelligently to improve the efficiency of energy-intensive services such as public transport, public road networks and street lighting. For example, in the city of Guadalajara, Spain, 13,500 LED lights were connected to a central management system, reducing street lighting energy consumption by 68 pct.

    (Source: Vodafone Group Plc, IoT Business News, July, 2020) Contact: Vodafone Group Plc.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vodafone news,  Energy Efficiency news,  

  • Fairbanks Completes Illinois 1,750 LED Unit Upgrade (Ind. Report)
    Fairbanks Energy Services
    Date: 2020-07-15
    Hingham, Mass.-based Fairbanks Energy Services, a full-service design/build energy efficiency firm and developer of comprehensive commercial and industrial (C&I) projects, reports completion of an interior LED lighting project at one of WernerCo's Illinois-based, equipment manufacturing facilities.

    Fairbanks Energy ugraded of more then 1,750 outdated, inefficient lighting units to LED for an expected 1,473,000 kWh cut in energy consumption and an annual $156,000 savings. (Source: Fairbanks Energy Services, PR, July, 2020) Contact: Fairbanks Energy Services, Rob Golden, VP Midwest Region , Caroline Haley, Marketing Manager, (978) 394-8670,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Fairbanks Energy Services,  LED LIght,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Food Lion Scores 19th ENERGY STAR Partner Award (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-07-10
    Salisbury, North Carolina-based 400-store across 10 states grocery retailer Food Lion reports receipt of the U.S. DOE ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for a 19th consecutive year.

    In addition to energy conservation, Food Lion adheres to sustainable sourcing standards, increased recycling to divert more waste from landfills, the use of motion sensor equipped energy efficient LED lighting and other sustainability and energy efficiency efforts.

    Since 2000, Food Lion's energy reductions in carbon emissions are equivalent to supplying the energy needed to charge more than 75.3 billion smart phones or providing 70,717 neighbors homes' energy for one year. (Source: Food Lion, PR, 10 July, 2020) Contact: Food Lion, Matt Yates, VP Brand Strategy, Kelly Powell, 704-310-3886,,; ENERGY STAR , and

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ENERGY STAR,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Lisbon City Hall Retrofit Cuts Energy Use 36 pct (Int'l. Report)
    City of Lisbon,Sharing Cities
    Date: 2020-06-24
    In Porutgal, the city of Lisbon is reporting energy consumption at Lisbon's 1880 vintage City Hall has been reduced by 36 pct through what has been hailed as the "first deep energy-efficiency retrofit for a heritage building in Portugal."

    Measures to reduce energy usage included replacing the building's HVAC system, switching to LED lighting, installing solar panels and a Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS) to monitor the loads from the PVs, HVAC, water heaters and other equipment.

    Developed by Sharing Cities, the SEMS advanced modular system centralises information and control of local energy systems and devices, and optimises the energy network.

    Lisbon originally planned a full energy retrofit of the building in 2016 under the EU Horizon 2020 Sharing Cities programme. (Source: City of Lisbon, Cities Today, 23 June, 2020) Contact: EU Horizon 2020 Sharing Cities,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency news,  Sharing Cities news,  

    Louisiana PSC Grants $1Mn in Energy-Efficiency Funding (Ind. Report)
    Louisiana Public Service Commission
    Date: 2020-06-24
    In Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) reports the awarding of more than $1 million in energy efficiency grant funding to local governments and parish school systems in Northeast Louisiana.

    The grants, which range from $9,875 to $219,896, will fund the installation of high-efficiency LED lights and energy-efficient windows in buildings operated by local governments and public schools. The grant money will come from a surcharge on electric bills paid by cities, parishes and other political subdivisions that receive their electricity from Entergy, SWEPCO and CLECO utilities. (Source: LPSC, PR, 23 June, 2020) Contact: LPSC, Gary Hobbs, 318-676-7464, 225-342-4999,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency news,  Energy Efficiency Funding news,  

    SoCalGas, UCSB Tout Energy Efficiency Projects (Ind. Report)
    SoCalGas, Southern California Gas
    Date: 2020-06-22
    In the Golden State, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) have announced completion of two joint energy efficiency projects that will save UCSB 66,000 therms per year of energy -- equal to removing about 350 metric tpy of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Both projects were part of California's joint Energy Efficiency Partnership between state universities and investor-owned utilities. Over the last five years, SoCalGas has supported 184 energy-efficiency projects, saving university campuses 6,000,000 therms of energy -- a $6 million savings -- and providing more than $6,300,000 in incentives through this state program.

    The first of the two UCSB projects began in 2018 as part of the university's high opportunity projects and programs (HOPP's) initiative. SoCalGas and Southern California Edison co-funded the project which investigated how best to update two important laboratories at the university.

    The utilities conducted an energy management plan to document and list the savings, costs and measures to implement an energy efficient system. The utilities identified multiple measures to reduce energy consumption in the building's lighting and HVAC systems by installing occupancy sensors, wireless thermostats and low-power LED lights. The campus also added high efficiency dedicated natural gas boilers to each building. A new chilled water system including a cooling tower, and pumps were also installed. The project resulted in natural gas savings of 60,959 therms, and the university received an incentive from SoCalGas of $152,000.

    UCSB also installed an ozone laundry system to support its laundering of uniforms and sports gear for the university's athletic department which was eligible for a rebate from SoCalGas in the amount of $5,850 and will save the university about 5,880 therms of energy. (Source: SoCanGas, PR, Noozhawk, 19 June, 2020) Contact: SoCalGas, Brian Prusnek, Director of Customer Programs , (800) 427-2200,; UCSB, Jordan Sager, Energy Manager, 805-893-8000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Southern California Gas ,  Energy Efficiency,  

    NY Replacing 500,000 Streetlights with Smart LEDs (Ind. Report)
    New York Power Authority
    Date: 2020-06-19
    In the Big Apple, the The New York Power Authority (NYPA) reports it will replace at least 500,000 city streetlights with energy-efficient and connected LED lighting.

    To that end, NYPA is teaming with Signify for connected LED luminaires and Interact City internet of things (IoT) lighting systems that will reduce energy consumption, energy and maintenance costs, and help cut the city's carbon footprint.

    To date more than 50,000 LED streetlights have been installed or are about to be installed under the program.

    NYPA is offering municipalities low-rate loans for lighting conversions, including the option to buy the physical street lighting assets from local utilities. (Source: NYPA, PR, electronics360, 19 June, 2020) Contact: NYPA, Gil Quiniones, Pres., CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News LED Streetlight,  Smart Streetlight,  NYPA,  

    Alberta Abandons Provincial Energy Efficiency Agency (Ind. Report
    Date: 2020-06-12
    On the Canadian Prairies, the office of Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon has announced the closure of Energy Efficiency Alberta and the transfer of the 2017-vintage agency's $8-million budget into other departments or the current Emissions Reduction Alberta.

    Energy Efficiency Alberta received funding from a provincial carbon tax on gasoline and heating fuels. The agency issued initiatives and rebates on everything from solar panels to energy-efficient appliances, windows, insulation, LED light bulbs and low-flow shower heads. The rebates were cancelled last fall. (Source: Office of Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon , JWN, Canadian Press, 12 June, 2020) Contact: Alberta Environment Minister Jason Nixon, 780-427-2711,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency Alberta,  Energy Efficiency ,  

    Indian BMW Plant Stresses Efficiency, Sustainablity (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-06-08
    In India, a release from the 2010 vintage BMW Group Plant Chennai reports energy efficiency and sustainability is a top priority at the manufacturing facility which is taking an active lead towards a green and sustainable future.

    To that end, the plant is committed to increasing use of renewable energy to meet 100 pct of its energy needs by end of the year and has launched new initiatives for water conservation and tree plantation/biodiversity. A 1350 KW solar array presently supplies 40 pct of the plant's electric power and a recent conversion to LED lighting and other energy efficiency initiatives have cut power consumption by 50 pct.

    Water used for cleaning is treated and reused in landscaping and sensor-equipped taps and other efforts have cut water consumption by 45 pct -- from 40825 KL to 20594 KL for the period 2016 to 2019. Additionally, a new Rainwater Harvesting Project stores up to 2,000 kilolitres and meets 40 pct of the plant's requirements and treated sewage is used for toilet flushing. (Source: BMW Group Plant Chennai, Business Wire India, 5 June, 2020) Contact: BMW Group Plant Chennai,

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    EMC Lauded for Maryland LED Lighting Projects (Ind. Report)
    Delmarva EMC
    Date: 2020-06-08
    Plymouth, Minnesota-based EMC LLC reports it has been recognized for its role supporting several energy efficiency programs offered by Delmarva Power.

    Delmarva Power, which serves 532,000 electric customers in Delaware and Maryland, recognized EMC as one of the company's 2019 Top Three Lighting & Controls service providers for completing 11 high-volume lighting and controls projects for nationwide retail customers

    EMC provides best-in-class LED lighting + technology solutions and services to a broad range of multinational retail, commercial, industrial and specialized customers. Since 2003, the company has used its total project management approach, EnergyMAXX®, to successfully implement thousands of lighting upgrade projects, saving clients across industries billions in kilowatt-hours of energy, according to the company release. (Source: EMC LLC, PR, JUne, 2020) Contact: Delmarva Power,; EMC , Jerry Johnson, CEO, 952-542-7960,

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