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Greenleaf Scores Biomass Projects Recapitalization (Funding)
Greenleaf Power
Date: 2021-06-09
In the Golden State, Sacramento-based Greenleaf Power LLC reports its wholly-owned subsidiary Greenleaf Biomass Holdings has secured $36.7 million in biomass project funding from East West Bank.

The funds will be used to recapitalise Greenleaf's 30 MW Honey lake Power project in Lassen County, California, and the 22 MW St-Felicien Cogeneration project in Quebec, Canada. Both are power generation facilities that convert woody biomass waste into electricity that is sold under long-term PPAs to San Diego Gas & Electric and Hydro-Quebec, respectively. Greenleaf also notes it is developing battery storage at sites adjacent to its biomass power facilities. (Source: Greenleaf Power, PR, 8 June., 2021) Contact: Greenleaf Power LLC, 916-596-2500, info@greenleaf-power,com,

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EVLO 4-MW ESS Slated for Remote Quebec Community (Ind. Report)
EVLO Energy Storage
Date: 2021-05-05
EVLO Energy Storage Inc., a unit of the public utility Hydro-Quebec, reports it will deploy a 4-MW / 20-MWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage system (ESS) in the remote Quebec municipality of Parent on the Hydro-Quebec grid.

The system will include EVLO's advanced software for remote storage system management. The system components will be delivered this fall and the system is expected to be in service by spring 2022.

The system , which will be deployed as part of work being carried out on a transmission line, will be the utility's largest energy storage system and will remain in place to manage peaks on the grid, serve as an auxiliary power source in the event of an outage. (Source: EVLO Energy Storage Inc., PR, May, 2021) Contact: EVLO Energy Storage Inc., Alain Aubuchon, Director of Business Relations,; Hydro-Quebec,

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Thyssenkrupp Touts Green Hydrogen (Green Hydrogen, Biofuel)
Date: 2021-01-20
Essen-based German steel producer Thyssenkrupp reports its subsidiary Uhde Chlorine Engineers was awarded an engineering contract for its first green hydrogen project and installation of an 88 MW water electrolysis plant in Varennes, Quebec, for Hydro-Quebec.

After a late 2023 startup, the plant would be "one of the world's first and biggest production facilities for green hydrogen" at 11,100 metric tpy.

Both the hydrogen and the oxygen, produced as a by-product in the electrolysis process, would be used in a biofuel plant to produce biofuels from residual waste for the transport sector, the release noted. (Source: Thyssenkrupp, PR, Website, Xinhua, 18 Jan., 2021) Contact: Thyssenkrupp, +49 201 844 0, Fax: +49 201 844 536000,,

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Shell Invests in Enerkem's Quebec Biofuel Plant (Ind. Report)
Shell Canada,Enerkem,Forge Hydrocarbons
Date: 2021-01-08
Shell Canada reports it will invest $350 million in a biofuel plant that is slated to open in Varennes, Quebec in 2023.

The plant -- which has received funding from Suncor Energy Inc., natural gas company Proman, Hydro-Quebec and the Quebec and federal governments -- will use Montreal-headquartered biofuels producer Enerkem Inc technology to process contaminated wood, construction and demolition leftovers, plastics, municipal and solid waste into methanol and ethanol. The plant will use hydrogen produced from hydroelectricity as its gasification agent.

As previously reported, Shell Canada's other biofuels partnership in Sombra, Ont., will convert waste fats and oil into renewable diesel using technology developed by Alberta-based Forge Hydrocarbons Corp.

The Canadian federal government estimates the global biodiesel market will grow to $44-billion by 2025. (Source: Shell Canada, PR, Enerkem, Jan., 2020) Contact: Enerkem, Dominique Boies, CEO and CFO, 514-375-7800,,; Forge Hydrocarbons,; Shell Canada,

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Hydro-Quebec Launches EVLO Energy Storage Systems (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-12-11
In Montreal, Canada's largest electricity producer Hydro-Quebec is reporting the launch of its subsidiary EVLO Energy Storage Inc. (EVLO) to design, sell, and operate medium- and large-scale energy storage systems for power producers, transmission providers and distributors, as well as the commercial and industrial markets.

EVLO's lithium-iron phosphate batteries and modular design can be scaled to meet a wide variety of needs and includes power control and energy management software. They also have a smaller environmental footprint, are made from naturally abundant, nontoxic materials, and can be recycled using a process that allows 99 pct of the active materials to be recovered and reused. Moreover, EVLO systems do not contain any cobalt or rare earth elements. (Source: Hydro-Quebec, Website, PR, 9 Dec., 2020)Contact: Hydro-Quebec, Sophie Brochu, Pres., CEO,; EVLO,

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Enerkem Proposes Advanced Biorefinery in Quebec (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-12-09
Montreal-based biofuels-renewable fuels from wastes specialist Enerkem and strategic partners Shell, Suncor, Proman and Hydro-Quebec is reporting plans to develop a 33.2 million gpy biorefinery in Varennes, Quebec.

The proposed $875 million (Cdn) Varennes Carbon Recycling facility would produce ethanol and renewable chemicals from roughly 200,000 metric tpy of wood waste, forest biomass and non-recyclable plastic and solid waste materials using a proprietary thermochemical technology.

Enerkem notes the proposed project will leverage green hydrogen and oxygen produced through electrolysis and include construction of one of the world's largest renewable hydrogen and oxygen production facilities. The first phase of the proposed project is slated for commissioning in 2023. (Source: Enerkem, Website, 8 Dec., 2020) Contact: Enerkem, Dominique Boies, CEO and CFO, 514-375-7800,,

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Boralex Takes Control of 3 Quebec Wind Farms (Ind. Report, M&A)
Date: 2020-11-20
Montreal-headquartered Boralex Inc. is reporting an agreement to acquire the full 49 pct equity stake held by the Province of Quebec Pension Fund -- Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ) -- in 3 wind farms totaling 296 MW in Quebec, already 51 pct owned by Boralex.

The 3 wind farms, located in the Avignon RCM in Gaspesie and the Appalaches RCM in eastern Quebec, are equipped with Enercon turbines and have long-term PPAs with Hydro-Quebec Distribution, expiring between 2032 and 2033 with a weighted average remaining contract duration of nearly 12.5 years.

As part of the acquisition, Boralex will pay $121.5 million cash to CDPQ on closing, which may be supplemented by a conditional consideration of up to $4 million subject to the settlement of certain future conditions that need to be met. The closing is expected to take place at the end of November 2020, subject to standard closing conditions. With this transaction, Boralex's installed capacity will be 2,212 MW. (Source: Boralex Inc., Website, PR, 19 Nov., 2020) Contact: Boralex, Patrick Lemaire, Pres., CEO, (514) 985-1353,; CDPQ, 514 847-5493,

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Hydro-Quebec Taking Stake in Innergex Renewable (M&A)
Innergex Renewable Energy ,Hydro-Quebec
Date: 2020-02-10
Longueuil, Quebec-based Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. reports provincially- owned Hydro-Quebec will invest roughly 661 million Cdn ($497 million US) for 34.6 million common shares -- a nearly 20 pct stake in Innergex.

The two companies plan to invest in wind and solar projects with battery storage or transmission, distributed generation, off-grid renewable energy networks, and other sectors.

Innergex anticipates using about $50 million from the private placement to develop its 200 MW Hillcrest solar photovoltaic project in Brown County, Ohio, according to the Reuters report. (Source: Innergex Renewable Energy, Reuters, 6 Feb., 2020) Contact: Innergex Renewable Energy, Jean Trudel, (450) 926-2550,,; Hydro-Quebec, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, (514) 289-5005,

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Hydro-Quebec Decrbonization Effort Supports Clean Hydrogen (Ind Report)
Date: 2019-12-09
Hydro-Quebec operates some 60 hydroelectric generating stations, making it one of the largest hydroelectricity producers in the world. Decarbonizing the economy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is one of the company's priorities.

Hydro-Quebec's Strategic Plan 2020-2024 identifies various applications for clean hydrogen, including renewable natural gas (RNG), carbon-neutral synthetic hydrocarbon fuels, and others Overall, GHG emissions from Quebec hydropower (run-of-river generating stations and generating stations with reservoirs) are similar to those from wind, five times lower than those from photovoltaic solar, 50 times lower than those from natural gas-fired plants and 70 times lower than those from coal-fired plants. (Source: HydroQuebec, Green Car Congress, Dec., 2019) Contact: Hydro-Quebec, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, (514) 289-5005,

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Pattern Energy Takes Control of Mont Sainte-Marguerite Quebec Wind Farm (Ind. Report, M&A)
Pattern Energy
Date: 2018-08-17
San Francisco-based wind energy developer Pattern Energy Group Inc. is reporting the $40 million acquisition of a 51 pct controlling stake in the 147-MW Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind farm in Quebec, Canada. The remaining 49 pct stake in the facility was bought by the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments). The partners acquired the respective stakes from Pattern Energy Group LP, also known as Pattern Development 1.0, through a previous agreement.

The fully commissioned, 46-turbine Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind farm, south of Quebec City operates under a 25-year PPA with Hydro-Quebec Distribution. (Source: Pattern Energy, Renewables 14 Aug., 2018) Contact: Pattern Energy Group, Mike Garland, CEO, Matt Dallas, (917) 363-1333,,

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