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250 MW French Offshore Wind Farm Tendered (Int'l. Report)
France Offshore Wind
Date: 2021-05-05
The French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) -- the independent administrative body in charge of regulating the French electricity and gas markets -- reports a tender launch for construction of a 230-270 MW wind farm at a yet to be identified exact location off the coast of Brittany, northwest France. The government will subsidise any difference between the wholesale power price and the winning company or consortium's bid.

Bids for the project are due by 1 July at 12:00 CET. A shortlist of bidders will be determined in September and a final selection announced in February 2022.

As previously reported, France's first offshore wind farm, off the coast of Saint-Nazaire (486 MW) is due to come on line in 2022 followed by six additional projects totaling 3.5 GW capacity. France is aiming to have installed capacity of 2.4 GW by 2023 increasing to 5.2-6.2 GW by 2028. (Source: CRE, Website PR, Montel, 3 Apr., 2021) Contact: CRE,

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Normandy Coast to Host French Offshore Wind Project (Int'l.)
Offshore Wind
Date: 2020-12-07
In Paris, the French Environment Ministry is reporting the selection of an area 32 KM (20 mile) off the coast of Normandy for construction of a 1 GW wind farm and launched the tender process for its development.

The project will be France's eighth offshore wind farm and will generate sufficient power for roughly 800,000 homes.

The French government aims to generate between 2.5 and 3 GW of wind power by 2024. (Source: French Environment Ministry, PR, 6 Dec., 2020)

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