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Landfill Gas to Fuel San Antonio Bus Fleet (Ind. Report)
CPS Energy,EDL
Date: 2021-01-04
In the Lone Star State, San Antonio Transit Bus fleet operator VIA, CPS Energy and Australian energy company EDL are reporting an initiative that will provide CPS Energy with natural gas from the San Antonio Tessman Road landfill as part of a renewable fuel credit swap.

For the project, EDL will convert its existing landfill gas power plant at the Tessman Road landfill in San Antonio to a plant that can inject pipeline-quality gas into CPS Energy's system. Although the landfill methane will make up only 1 to 2 pct of the entire supply in CPS Energy's distribution system, it is expected to offset the fossil fuel-derived natural gas needed for an estimated 75 pct of VIA's fleet of 502 buses.

The RNG plant is expected to begin operations in Q3 2021. According to the EPA, there were 67 active landfill RNG projects across the U.S. in 2020. (Source: San Antonio Report, 3 Jan., 2021) Contact: CPS Energy, Richard Lujan, Dir. Gas Delivery, CEO,; VIA, Jeff Arndt, (210) 362-2020,; EDL Energy, +61 7 3275 5555,

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Leeward Completes Sweetwater 3 Wind Farm Repowering (Ind. Report)
Leeward Renewable Energy
Date: 2020-11-23
In the Lone Star State, Dallas-based Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC is reporting repowering of its Nolan County, Texas, Sweetwater 3 wind farm to increase the facility's capacity from 135 MW to roughly 146 MW. GE Renewable Energy supplied turbines for the repowering as well construction services and ongoing operations and maintenance services for the project.

The Sweetwater 3 repower replaced and enhanced major existing components of 90 legacy GE Renewable Energy wind turbines resulting in increased capacity, reliability and performance, and reduced operating cost. Sweetwater 3 will continue providing energy to its offtake partner, San Antonio-based CPS Energy, under its long-term PPA, according to the release.

Leeward Renewable Energy owns and operates a portfolio of 21 wind farms across nine states, with 20 in operation and one under construction, totaling approximately 2,000 megawatts of generating capacity. (Source : Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC, PR, Contact: Leeward Renewable Energy, 214.515.1100,

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CPS Energy, VIA Metropolitan Transit Tout RNG Partnership (Ind. Report)
CPS Energy
Date: 2020-11-13
In the Lone Star State, San Antonio-based CPS Energy and San Antonio public transportation provider VIA Metropolitan Transit are reporting a new fuel supply agreement that will provide Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) produced from landfill gas (methane) to VIA's bus fleet, beginning in 2021.

VIA, which operates the largest CNG fuelling station in the U.S., has a diversified active fleet portfolio consisting of 502 buses powered primarily by CNG fuel, with some diesel-electric hybrid, electric, diesel and propane vehicles in use. VIA's conversion to a CNG fleet began in 2017 and is designed to reduce NOx emissions by 97 pct from the diesel buses they replaced. (Source: CPS Energy, PR, 10 Nov., 2020) Contact: CPS Energy, Paula Gold-Williams, Pres., CEO,; VIA Metropolitan Transit , Jeffrey C. Arndt, CEO,

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San Antonio Utility Advancing Clean Energy Plan (Ind. Report)
CPS Energy
Date: 2020-07-29
In the Lone Star State, San Antonio city-owned utility CPS Energy reports it is moving ahead on two major green energy initiatives -- one to increase the amount of energy generated by solar power and other sources and the second to allow large companies to buy power from clean energy providers.

Overall, the initiative is expected to add more than 900 MW of solar power, almost doubling the utility's solar power generating capacity with additional battery storage capacity adding another 50 MW of power. A third component adds 500 MW of energy from new energy technology. The utility currently has more than 5,000 MW of generating capacity.

The utility has issued a Request for Information (RFI) from energy companies on how much they would charge the utility to provide the above two initiatives alternative power. CPS Energy expects to solicit formal bids by early 2021.

San Antonio's climate action and adaption plan calls for reducing greenhouse gas emission to net zero by 2050. (Source: CPS Energy, PR, San Antonio Express, 28 July, 2020) Contact: CPS Energy, Chris Eugster, CEO,

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CPS Energy, SwRI Partner on TX Solar, Storage Project (Ind. Report)
CPS Energy,Southwest Research Institute
Date: 2018-10-10
In the Lone Star State, San Antonio electric and natural gas utility CPS Energy reports it has broken ground on their first solar energy and battery storage project.

For the project, CPS partnered with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) which will provide nearly 50 acres in San Antonio on which the solar facility and battery storage system will be constructed. SwRI aims to gain valuable insight into the efficiencies of both solar production and battery energy storage which it will share with CPS.

The $16.3 million project, which will be constructed by RES Americas, will consist of a 5 MW solar power facility and a 10 MW battery storage system. (Source: CPS Energy, PR, 8 Oct., 2018) Contact: CPS Energy, Paula Gold-Williams, Pres., CEO,; Southwest Research Institute, Klas Brun, (210) 684-5111,

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