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Rolls-Royce Developing Aviation Energy Storage Tech. (Int'l.)
Date: 2021-06-16
UK Aerospace engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce reports it plans to invest £80 million ($112.9 million) to develop energy storage systems (ESS) that will enable aircraft to undertake zero-emissions flights of over 100 miles on a single charge.

Aerospace-certified ESS solutions from Rolls-Royce will power electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing) in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market and fixed-wing aircraft, with up to 19 seats, in the commuter market.

According to the release, Rolls-Royce has to-date designed 10 different aerospace battery systems, four of which have flown in three aircraft, accumulating more than 250 hours of flight experience and another two designs will complete their first flight in aircraft in 2021.

Rolls-Royce and airframer Tecnam are currently working with Scandinavian regional aircarrier Wideroe to deliver an all-electric passenger aircraft for the commuter market, which is planned to be ready for revenue service in 2026. Rolls-Royce will deliver the entire electrical propulsion system including an energy storage system for the new P-VOLT aircraft.

The Rolls-Royce ESS effort is being supported by the UK Government Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI). (Source: Rolls-Royce, PR, 16 June, 2021) Contact: Rolls-Royce, Rob Watson, Director of Electrical,

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500MWh Liquid Air Storage Project Planned for Chile (Int'l.)
Highview Power
Date: 2021-06-11
In Chile, Highview Enlasa, an equal Energia Latina SA Enlasa (LAES) and Highview Power joint venture, is reporting plans to develop and construct a 50MW / 500MWh long-duration liquid air energy storage project in the city of Diego de Almagro, Chile.

The roughly $150 million project, which would incorporate Highview Power's CRYOBattery technology, is currently undergoing pre-feasibility engineering work ahead of environmental assessments later this summer. Construction expected to begin in the second half of 2023.

Chile is aiming for 60 pct renewable energy by 2035 and 100 pct renewables by 2050, as well as phasing out coal-fired power generation. (Source: Highview Power, Website PR, 10 June, 2021) Contact: Highview Power, 571-438- 9550 US Office, +44 (0) 203 350 1000 UK Office,,; Energia Latina SA Enlasa, +56 2 2963 2900 ,

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Maldives Seeking 40 MW/40 MWh of Battery Energy Storage (Int'l.)
Date: 2021-06-11
The Maldives Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology is seeking bids from engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) contractors to install battery energy storage systems (BESS) of 40 MW/40 MWh capacity on 11 islands.

The installations sought in this tender will be supported by a $23 million concessional loan to the Government of Maldives, allocated from the World Bank Clean Technology Fund.

The BESS installations will support high renewable energy penetration for island grids and ensure efficient operation of the existing diesel generators needed in the solar-diesel hybrid generation mix.

The island nation of 516,000 +- residents aims to be a low-carbon economy and to meet 30 pct of its daytime electricity requirements with renewable energy by 2023. It is also targeting carbon neutrality by 2030. Renewable energy presently accounts for only 4 pct of the national energy mix.

As previously reported, the Asian Development Bank approved a concessional loan worth $7.74 million and a project grant worth $2.73 million to advance the Maldives' existing Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development. (Source: Maldives Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Website, PR, June, 2021) Contact: Maldives Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology,; World Bank Clean Technology Fund,

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Greenleaf Scores Biomass Projects Recapitalization (Funding)
Greenleaf Power
Date: 2021-06-09
In the Golden State, Sacramento-based Greenleaf Power LLC reports its wholly-owned subsidiary Greenleaf Biomass Holdings has secured $36.7 million in biomass project funding from East West Bank.

The funds will be used to recapitalise Greenleaf's 30 MW Honey lake Power project in Lassen County, California, and the 22 MW St-Felicien Cogeneration project in Quebec, Canada. Both are power generation facilities that convert woody biomass waste into electricity that is sold under long-term PPAs to San Diego Gas & Electric and Hydro-Quebec, respectively. Greenleaf also notes it is developing battery storage at sites adjacent to its biomass power facilities. (Source: Greenleaf Power, PR, 8 June., 2021) Contact: Greenleaf Power LLC, 916-596-2500, info@greenleaf-power,com,

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Huawei World Energy Storage Standards Certified (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2021-06-04
Shanghai-headquartered global information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices provider Huawei reports its smart string energy storage system (ESS) for residential use, the LUNA2000, has scored 2PfG 2511 energy storage standard certification from German testing and certification service provider TUV Rheinland.

The TUV Rheinland standars cover most of the safety risks involved with energy storage systems, and set rigorous technical requirements and test conditions in terms of electrical safety, battery safety, electromagnetic compatibility, functional safety, energy management, transportation safety, and environmental impact.

The LUNA2000 series (LUNA2000-15-S0, LUNA2000-10-S0, LUNA2000-5-S0), designed to be a modular system, focuses on the functional safety of its electrical, battery, performance, BMS, EMS, and thermal management components. As such, the series are adaptable to a wide range of users and markets. Huawei's LUNA2000 product series not only satisfies the requirements of German and other EU markets, but are eligible to enter other markets in the world. (Source: Huawei, PR, 4 June, 2021) Contact: Huawei, Connie Wang,,; TUV Rheinland,

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RES Acquires 412MW of DNV Wind Assets Under Management (M&A)
RES Group, DNV
Date: 2021-06-02
UK renewable energy company RES is reporting acquisition of several of Norwegian independent quality assurance specialist DNV GL's wind management assets activities across 412 MW of operating wind farms in the UK and Ireland, foe an undisclosed amount.

The specific assets are owned by a number of DNV's clients, among which are CGN Europe and Cubico Sustainable Investments.

With the acquisition, RES group's global support services portfolio, including asset management, operations and maintenance services, has increased to more than 7.5 GW of wind, solar and battery storage sites globally, according to the company. (Source: RES . PR, Website, June, 2021) Contact: RES, Darren Cook, Asset Management Dir.,; DNV GL,

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Battery Maker Carbon Neutral Energy Houston Office Open (Int'l.)
Carbon Neutral Energy
Date: 2021-06-02
Aberdeen, Scotland-based energy storage start-up Carbon Neutral Energy Ltd. (CNE) is reporting the opening of it U.S. office in Houston, Texas. As previously reported the company also recently launched a £300 million fund-raise effort.

CNE's systems offer large capacity battery storage ranging from 1MW to 5MW in the form of a mobile unit with a suite of smaller static modules that can be combined to create mega storage banks. These can be customised to meet any size of customer power requirements at any location, potentially creating gigawatt storage systems, according to the CNE website. (Source: Carbon Neutral Energy, Website, PR, 1 June, 2021) Contact: Carbon Neutral Energy, Houston Office, 713-840-6414,,

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Blue Planet Offers Clean Energy Microgrid Financing (Ind. Report)
Blue Planet Energy
Date: 2021-06-02
In the Aloha State, Honolulu-headquartered solar-plus-storage microgrid specialist Blue Planet Energy is touting a new zero-money-down financing program for solar-plus-storage microgrids. The Blue Planet system combines on-site solar energy generation with Blue Planet Energy's Blue Ion LX battery solution to power essential equipment when the utility grid is down.

With this first-of-its-kind Hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (hPPA) financing model, Blue Planet Energy eliminates the upfront cost barrier to solar-plus-storage microgrid adoption allowing owners to pay only for electricity usage generated by a new solar array and a fixed rate for the added benefits and services delivered by the battery storage system. All operations and maintenance is covered for the lifetime of the agreement. (Source: Blue Planet Energy, PR, Website, 2 June, 2021) Contact: Blue Planet Energy, Chris Johnson, CEO, 866.957.2246,, CEO,

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Mitsubishi, Iberdrola Launch Renewable Energy, Decarbonisation Alliance (Ind. Report)

Date: 2021-05-28
Madrid-headquartered global renewable energy major Iberdrola and Yokahama-headquartered Mitsubishi Power Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), report they will jointly develop competitive, clean, and safe renewable energy solutions that promote the decarbonisation of industrial production.

The partners will identify opportunities for large scale carbon-free renewable energy generation and storage projects for industry as well develop green hydrogen production facilities, battery storage systems and electrified heat production facilities with the aim of promoting carbon neutral industries in the short- and medium-term. (Source: Iberdrola, Mitsubishi, Power, PR, Website, May, 2021) Contact: Mitsubishi Power,; Iberdrola, +34 91 784 32 32,,

Tucson Solar+Storage Array Now Online (Ind. Report)
Tucson Electric Power ,NextEra Energy Resources
Date: 2021-05-28
Following up on our May 3rd report, in Arizona, Tucson Electric Power reports Tucson's newest and largest solar+storage array, the Wilmot Energy Center (WEC) southeast of Tucson International Airport, is now online.

The 100-MW solar array and 30-MW battery energy storage system incorporates 314,000 solar panels and generates sufficient energy for roughly 26,000 homes per year. TEP will purchase power from the WEC under a long-term PPA with an affiliate of NextEra Energy Resources, its owner and operator. (Source: Tucson Electric Power, Website PR, May, 2021) Contact: Tucson Electric Power, Susan Gray, Pres., CEO, Joseph Barrios, (520) 884-3725,,; NextEra Energy Resources, 561-691-7171,

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Panasonic Expands EverVolt Energy Storage Options (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-05-26
Panasonic is introducing four new EverVolt modules and a redesigned EverVolt Battery Storage cabinet with a reduced footprint. The expanded lineup of modules feature higher efficiency and enhanced performance as well as exceptional degradation rates.

The EverVolt battery storage is compatible with any solar module system or inverter and can be tailored to a homeowner's individual needs offering both AC- and DC-coupled options, the battery storage system can be scaled down to as little as 11kWh of energy storage or expanded to 102kWh. EverVolt battery storage system is also equipped with advanced software and a user-friendly app allowing customization between multiple operating modes and visibility into system status. (Source: Panasonic, Pr May, 2021)Contact: Panasonic,,

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Bulk of California's GHG Reductions from Biodiesel (Ind. Report)
Diesel Technology Forum
Date: 2021-05-26
The not-for-profit Diesel Technology Forum is reporting newly released data from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) shows that low carbon transportation fuels powering internal combustion engines deliver the Golden State's biggest reduction in transportation-related sources of GHG emissions.

Biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel are the biggest carbon cutting technologies from the transportation sector, edging out ethanol and beating the benefits of electrified cars, trucks and buses by 3:1.

According to Diesel Technology Forum Exec, Dir. Allen Schaeffer, "Cumulatively, over the period of 2011-2020, California's consumption of biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels accounted for 43 pct (over 32 million tons) of all greenhouse gas eliminated from the transportation sector, while battery-electric transportation options accounted for only 13 percent (10 million tons)." (Source: Diesel Technology Forum, 18 May, 2021) Contact: Diesel Technology Forum,,; CARB, Richard Perry, CEO, Melanie Turner, Information Officer, (916) 322-2990,,

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Burns & McDonnell Tapped for TX, Solar, Wind Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
Burns & McDonnell
Date: 2021-05-26
Kansas City-headquartered engineering firm Burns & McDonnell reports it has been selected by LG Energy Solution and Sustainable Environmental Renewable Capital Partners to provide engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for three 10-MW/20-MWh lithium-ion, stand-alone battery energy storage systems in the West Texas region.

The project consists of owner-provided LG Chem battery racks populated with JH3 and JH4 modules. Burns & McDonnell has engaged in its direct-hire subsidiary Ref-Chem to complete construction and installation of the batteries. Containers will be shipped to the job site with empty racks pre-wired to direct current combiner panels and alternating current auxiliary panels. (Source: Burns & McDonnell, PR, Website, May, 2021) Contact: Burns & McDonnell, Matt Domeier, Director Energy Storage,; LG Energy Solution ,

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LBNL Compares Standalone Battery, Renewables+Storage (Ind. Report)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Date: 2021-05-26
A new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) finds standalone battery energy storage can potentially offer better value to the US electricity system than pairing batteries directly with solar or wind generation, but the pros and cons of each approach vary greatly from location to location and project to project. This is largely because siting the resources separately means the optimum location where batteries in particular offer most value to the electricity network can be chosen.

The report notes adding four hours of battery storage sized at half the nameplate capacity of a renewable power plant adds, on average, $10 per MWh of electricity market value across the service territories of the country's seven main independent ISOs. On the other hand, independently siting renewable power and battery storage can enable each to be located at the grid node where it offers most locational value, adding an estimated $12.5 per MWh of value.

In California, where 89 pct of large-scale solar waiting in network operator CAISO's interconnection queues is hybridised with storage. One of the factors is that interconnection to the grid is an expensive process which can take a lot of time, while available interconnection capacity is limited. Connecting generation and storage to the grid at the same point can therefore significantly lower the cost of a battery project. Another factor is that there is currently an investment tax credit (ITC) in the US which offers a reduction on the tax burden for building renewable energy projects and for batteries if paired with renewable energy. That can be worth as much as $10 per MWh.

The study notes that while the value of storage and renewables can go up if separate locations are chosen, the increase in value could be outweighed by the increase in costs. Different states also have different policies which could favor one or the other choice. The report also notes both separate and hybrid projects can be of benefit to the electricity system, the relative benefits vary from market to market and through a variety of other factors.

T here is a growing appetite for hybrid resources from renewable developers, the study notes. In the West of the US, around 70 pct to 90 pct of proposed new solar plants at the end of 2020 would be paired with energy storage, with a national average of about 34 pct of solar and 6 pct of wind project proposals including co-located batteries. (Source: LBNL. Website PR, May, 2021) Contact: LBNL, Laurel Kellner, Media, 510-590-8034,,

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Highview Power Touting Spanish CRYOBattery™ Projects (Int'l)
Highview Power
Date: 2021-05-24
London, UK-based energy storage specialist Highview Power reports it is developing up to 2 GWh of long duration, liquid air energy storage projects across Spain at an estimated investment of around $1 billion.

Alongside development partners and a consortium of investors, which include engineering firm TSK and the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT), Highview Power is planning to develop up to seven CRYOBattery™ projects ranging from 50 MW/300 MWh in Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y Leon, and the Canary Islands.

These projects will be developed in areas ideally suited for the company's long duration energy storage technology and will be able to support the grid where fossil-fuel power plants have been shut down.

Highview Power's cryogenic energy storage technology is cost effective, scalable, clean and has a long lifespan, according to the release.

The Spanish government aims to establish a capacity market in the country to support the growing amounts of renewables on the grid. Once enacted, this new regulation will enable the country to meet the goals established through its national energy storage strategy, which call for 20 GW of storage capacity in 2030, the release notes. (Source: Highview Power, Website PR, Contact: Highview Power , Javier Cavada , Pres., CEO, +44 (0) 203 350 1000, 571 438 9550 -- US Office,,

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Mitsubishi, Iberdrola Launch Decarbonisation Alliance (Ind. Report)
Mitsubishi Power,Iberdrola
Date: 2021-05-21
Madrid-headquartered global renewable energy major Iberdrola and Yokahama-headquartered Mitsubishi Power Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), report they will jointly develop competitive, clean, and safe energy solutions based on renewable energy that promote the decarbonisation of industrial production.

The partners will identify opportunities for large scale carbon-free renewable energy generation and storage projects for industry as well develop green hydrogen production facilities, battery storage systems and electrified heat production facilities with the aim of promoting carbon neutral industries in the short- and medium-term. (Source: Iberdrola, Mitsubishi, Power, PR, Website, May, 2021) Contact: Mitsubishi Power,; Iberdrola, +34 91 784 32 32,,

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First Ukrainian Energy Storage Facility Commissioned (Int'l.)
Date: 2021-05-21
In Kyiv, Ukrainian energy major DTEK, in a joint venture with US company Honeywell and Canada's SunGrid Solutions, reports the opening of a 1-MW, 2.25MWh-capacity battery energy storage unit -- the country's first energy storage facility -- in the town of Energodar, Zaporizhia Oblast. (Source: DTEK, PR, Website, May, 2021) Contact: DTEK, +38 044 581 45 39,

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Moxion Raises $10Mn for Mobil Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Moxion Power
Date: 2021-05-19
Richmond, California-headquartered mobile energy storage systems manufacturer Moxion Power reports it raised $10 million in Series A financing led by Energy Impact Partners (EIP) along with the support of several of Moxion's existing investors, including Tamarack Global and Liquid 2 Ventures.

Moxion will use the new funds to replace inefficient, heavily-polluting, fossil-fuel-burning generators with its proprietary mobile energy storage technology and all-electric equipment rental solutions to help construction industry customers reduce the costs of temporary power and de-carbonize their operations.

Moxion Power believes that the rapidly declining costs of battery technology combined with the federal government's support for clean technologies and domestic manufacturing, as laid out in the Biden administration's $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, creates a perfect storm for its products and business model. In fact, rebuilding the nation's highways, bridges, and transit systems should make several federal and state government agencies some of Moxion's largest end customers, according to the company release. (Source: Moxion Power, PR, May, 2021) Contact: Moxion Power,

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AMP Energy Invests $2Bn In Aussie Renewable Energy Hub (Int'l.)
Amp Energy
Date: 2021-05-17
Mississauga, Ontario-based global clean energy developer Amp Energy (Amp) reports it has invested over $2 billion in establishing the 1.3 GW Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia (REHSA).

The REHSA facility will integrate large-scale wind, at least three solar PV, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) assets and incorporate the Spencer Gulf Hydrogen Energy Ecoplex. The PV projects will total 1,360 MW with BESS capacity of up to 540MW across the portfolio. Overall, the projects will create sufficient electricity to power 230,000 homes annually. Amp also plans to generate hydrogen for domestic and export markets from the Spencer facility to ports in Asia. (Source: AMP Energy, PR, Website, 15 May, 2021) Contact: AMP Energy, 905-271-7800,

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ENGIE, NHEC Complete Solar Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
ENGIE North America,Hampshire Electric Cooperative
Date: 2021-05-17
The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) in Plymouth is reporting the completion of its first utility scale, 2.45 MW solar battery energy storage project developed in partnership with Houston-headquartered energy storage services provider ENGIE North America.

ENGIE will own and operate the battery unit on the site of NHEC's 2 MW solar array in Moultonborough, NH, and discharge the battery to supply energy to NHEC members up to 70 times per year. The battery project will provide NHEC with insight and direct experience into how battery storage technologies interact with its electrical system and respond to price signals, and will be used to reduce NHEC's transmission charges and regional capacity payments. NHEC estimates these discharges will save its members $2.3 million over the next 12 years. (Source: ENGIE North America, PR, 17 May, 2021) Contact: NHEC, 800-698-2007,; ENGIE North America,

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ENGIE Completes N.H. Battery Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-05-17
The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) in Plymouth is reporting the completion of its first utility scale, 2.45 MW battery energy storage project developed in partnership with Houston-headquartered energy storage services provider ENGIE North America.

ENGIE will own and operate the battery unit on the site of NHEC's 2 MW solar array in Moultonborough, NH, and discharge the battery to supply energy to NHEC members up to 70 times per year. The battery project will provide NHEC with insight and direct experience into how battery storage technologies interact with its electrical system and respond to price signals, and will be used to reduce NHEC's transmission charges and regional capacity payments. NHEC estimates these discharges will save its members $2.3 million over the next 12 years. (Source: ENGIE North America, PR, 17 May, 2021) Contact: NHEC, 800-698-2007,; ENGIE North America,

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Illinois EPA Supports Clean Energy Innovation Fund (Funding)
Illinois EPA
Date: 2021-05-14
In Springfield, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Energy has awarded $750,000 to the Illinois Clean Energy Innovation Fund, which is administered by Clean Energy Trust (CET). This current investment is made possible through the State Energy Program grant awarded by the U.S. DOE to the Illinois EPA.

To date, the Innovation Fund has invested a total of $2.9 million in 11 Illinois-based companies which have gone on to raise tens of millions of dollars in follow-on investments. Two rapidly growing Illinois-based cleantech companies -- Intellihot and Agentis -- have received investment from the Illinois Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

  • Intellihot designs and manufactures the first "smart" tankless water heaters suitable for commercial buildings. Their innovative, modular design saves space, cuts costs and energy use.

  • Chicago-based Agentis leverages billions of data points from over 2.5 million businesses in North America to change the way businesses work with their utilities. Agentis digital engagement software drives measurable energy efficiency results, allowing customers access to energy data that accelerate the adoption of new technologies like solar and battery storage. (Source: Illinois EPA Office of Energy, PR, 14 May., 2021) Contact: Illinois Clean Energy Innovation Fund,; Illinois EPA Office of Energy,

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  • Habitat, Canadian Solar Partner on Grid-Scale Energy Storage (Int'l)
    Canadian Solar,Habitat Energy
    Date: 2021-05-14
    Guelph, Ontario-headquartered Canadian Solar Inc. reports it is partnering with Oxford, UK-headquartered energy storage optimisation specialist Habitat Energy and will offer Habitat's optimisation services for grid-scale battery storage assets, including its trading platform with route-to-market capabilities for wholesale and balancing markets to developers and battery storage owners.

    Habitat Energy's services are based on its proprietary software PowerIQ . It has been used in the UK to bring London-based Gresham House's storage assets into the Balancing Mechanism for example. Habitat has also established a presence in Australia, according to the release. (Source: Canadian Solar, Habitat Energy, PR, May, 2021) Contact: Canadian Solar Inc., Isabel Zhang, Investor Relations,,; Habitat Energy, Andrew Luers, CEO, +44 1865 261470,

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    Bloom Energy Deploys First Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell (Ind. Report)
    Bloom Energy
    Date: 2021-05-12
    California-based Bloom Energy reports it and Seoul, South Korea-headquartered SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. have successfully deployed 100 kilowatts of solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFC) powered solely by hydrogen in Ulsan, South Korea, generating zero-carbon onsite electricity.

    Bloom Energy first announced its initial plans to enter the commercial hydrogen market in July 2020, which includes an intended 1-MW hydrogen-powered Energy Server installation with SK E&C by 2022. Additionally, Bloom Energy intends to supply its solid-oxide electrolyzer cells (SOEC), which are designed to produce green hydrogen via solar and battery, to South Korea in 2022 as part of the RE100 project. The green hydrogen produced by the SOEC, which is created through electrolysis by converting water and renewable electricity into hydrogen without carbon emissions, will be used to power the hydrogen SOFC.

    Hydrogen fuel cells, which convert hydrogen into electricity through a non-combustion electrochemical process, are increasingly recognized as an essential tool for full decarbonization, according to the release. (Source: Bloom Energy, PR, Chemical Eng., 28 Apr., 2021) Contact: Bloom Energy, K R Sridhar, CEO, Peter Gross, VP, (408) 543-1547,

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    424 Capital Snares QE Solar (Ind. Report, M&A)
    QE Solar
    Date: 2021-05-12
    In the Bay State, Wakefield-headquartered 424 Capital is reporting the acquisition of Cranford, New Jersey-based QE Solar , a provider of operations and maintenance (O&M) services for commercial, industrial, and utility scale solar infrastructure as well as battery energy storage systems.

    QE Solar is the largest independent provider of O&M services to commercial and industrial (C&I) scale solar PV systems in the US offering nationwide coverage with a dedicated team of over 80 field technicians and engineers. QE Solar is a full-service partner for solar asset owners and provides a comprehensive suite of O&M, commissioning, aerial thermography, engineering consulting, and construction management services for over 2.0 GW of solar C&I installations across the US.

    424 Capital works in partnership with founders and management teams to accelerate and scale for long-term growth, focusing primarily on investments in the healthcare and renewable energy spaces. (Source: 424 Capital, PR, 11 May, 2021) Contact: 424 Capital, Jenn Mosto,,; QE Solar,

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    Group14 Technologies Planning New Battery Prod. Facility (Ind. Report)
    Group14 Technologies
    Date: 2021-05-12
    In Washington State, battery technology start-up Group14 Technologies reports it is considering and seeking capital for construction of a large production facility in Moses Lake before the end of 2021. The new facility is projected to begin production early in 2023. This follows Group14's recent completion of a 27,000-square-foot production facility in Woodinville.

    Group14 Technologies pioneered a carbon-silicon composite to replace graphite anodes that gives rechargeable lithium-ion batteries 50 pct more capacity. Silicon has long been known to be a more efficient material for anodes in rechargeable batteries. However, silicon molecules heat up as electricity flows through them, expanding and becoming brittle. Group14 has solved that problem with a silicon-carbon composite called SCC55, which uses a carbon scaffolding to contain the silicon molecules, giving them space to expand without damaging the anode, according to the company. (Source: Group14 Technologies, PR, 10 May, 2021) Contact: Group14 Technologies, Rick Luebbe, CEO,

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    Renewables Battery Energy Storage Slated for Dominica (Int'l)
    Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund
    Date: 2021-05-10
    The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) funded UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund (UAE-CREF) reports the signing of an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to construct a 5-mw/2.5 mWh battery energy storage system worth $50 million in Dominica. The battery-only project, in part financed by the Dominican government, is the first of its type under the CREF programme and complements existing and ongoing renewable energy generation projects in Dominica, enabling an increased share of renewable energy deployment without adverse impact to the grid.

    Under the UAE-CREF initiative, clean energy projects in the Bahamas, Barbados, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were inaugurated in March 2019. UAE-CREF intends to deploy renewable energy projects in 16 Caribbean countries in three cycles to reduce energy costs, increase energy access, and enhance climate resilience. (Source: Masdar, PR, Utilities, May, 2021) Contact: Masdar, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO, UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund,

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    DTE Commissions Ford Rooftop Solar+Storage Array (Ind. Report)
    DTE Energy
    Date: 2021-05-10
    In Michigan, DTE Energy has announced that it has commissioned a new solar+storage array at the Ford Research & Engineering Center in Dearborn. The array is the third that DTE has constructed with Ford.

    The 2,159-panel solar array generates 1,127 mWh of clean energy includes an integrated battery storage system and will be used to power newly installed electric vehicle chargers. (Source: DTE, PR, 7 May., 2021)Contact: DTE Energy, Trevor Lauer, Pres., COO, (313) 235-9994,

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    LS Power Acquires GI Energy, Re-brands as Endurant Energy (M&A)
    LS Power, Endurant Energy
    Date: 2021-05-07
    NYC-based LS Power, a U.S. power and energy infrastructure owner, reports acquisition of distributed energy infrastructure solutions provider GI Energy, which will be rebranded as Endurant Energy.

    Chicago-headquartered Endurant is a full-service provider of cost-effective, resilient and sustainable clean energy, microgrid and energy storage solutions to the education, commercial, industrial, real estate, public utility and other sectors. In addition, Endurant is advancing a development portfolio of ground-breaking eco-district projects in California.

    To date, LS Power has developed, constructed, managed or acquired more than 45,000 MW of power generation, including utility scale solar, wind, hydro, natural gas-fired and battery storage projects, and over 660 miles of transmission, for which it has raised over $47 billion in debt and equity financing. Additionally, LS Power actively invests in businesses and platforms focused on distributed energy resources and energy efficiency, according to the company website. (Source: LS Power, PR, May, 2021) Contact: LS Power, Paul Segal, CEO, (212) 615-3456,; Endurant Energy, (630) 323-5254.

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    Lithium Specialist EnergyX Raises $20Mn (Ind. Report, Funding)
    Date: 2021-05-07
    In the Lone Star State, Austin-based direct lithium extraction (DLE) and solid-state battery energy storage technology specialist Energy Exploration Technologies Inc. (EnergyX) reports it has secured commitments of $20 million in financing, ensuring the company as a world leader in DLE technology. New partners and strategic investors include Obsidian Acquisition Partners, Helios Capital, and the University of Texas.

    Lithium, a metallic component integral to the batteries found within electric vehicles and personal electronics, is set to be a major component in the global transition to a sustainable energy future. Being the lightest metal on the periodic table, lithium's inherent properties make it an efficient, high-capacity storage medium for energy systems that provide electromobility and the intermittency of renewable energy. Rising global demand for electric vehicles and economic energy storage systems has led to projections showing an orders-of-magnitude increase in demand for lithium. In 2020 global supply was roughly 315k tons; this is expected to rise to 5.5M tons by 2040, according to the EnergyX release. (Source: EnergyX, PR, May, 2021) Contact: EnergyX, Teague Egan, CEO, (510) 426-7206 ,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EnergyX news,  Lithium news,  Battery news,  Energy Storage news,  

    The Smart Energy Storage Solution -- Making Batteries Smarter for a More Efficient Grid (Electriq Power, New Subscriber Profile)
    Electriq Power
    Date: 2021-05-07
    Electriq Power is an energy storage solutions company that designs, engineers, and assembles fully integrated energy management and storage solutions for homes and small businesses, with systems delivered and deployed by a network of installers across North America.

    Electriq's flagship product line is the PowerPod, the industry-leading smart home battery backup system designed to save on electricity costs and protect against blackouts. The system includes a battery, hybrid battery/solar inverter, an energy meter, as well as a smart home energy software to manage electricity use and optimize efficiency. The PowerPod is modular and expandable up to three systems with three battery packs per system, giving installers and homeowners system design flexibility, with up to 16.5 kW of power and 99 kWh of battery storage.

    The PowerPod 2, launched in late 2020, is the next-generation version of Electriq Power's industry-leading PowerPod family. This latest system is equipped with non-toxic, non-hazardous Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4), or LFP, batteries, which are rapidly becoming the industry standard, allowing for longer battery cycle life, increased reliability, and enhanced safety. The new high-performance, cobalt-free model builds upon key features of the original PowerPod system and PowerPod LFP technology to create the optimal energy storage solution. Notable product enhancements of the PowerPod 2 include:

  • More power: 11.4 kW DC solar, 7.6 kW continuous backup output;

  • Storage duration from 10 to 20 kWh;

  • Outdoor-rated (NEMA 3R);

  • AC-Coupled option with three models of usable capacity: AC-10 (kWh), AC-15 (kWh), and AC-20 (kWh);

  • Grid services-ready through OpenADR 2.0b certification or Electriq-developed PowerADR protocol;

  • Resilient communication during power and internet outages via built-in, battery-powered LTE; Modular and easy to install, plus guaranteed commissioning during installation with LTE.

    The PowerPod 2 became the first fully integrated OpenADR 2.0b-certified residential battery storage system on the market, enabling Electriq Power to seamlessly partner with energy aggregators and participate in today's dynamic energy marketplace. Recent strategic partnerships have given Electriq Power a pathway forward into deployment and control of energy storage systems while maximizing value for microgrids. Additionally, as the company continues to build out its vision of increasing value-added services for Virtual Power Plants, Electriq Power has accelerated deployments of battery systems and established a foundation from which to provide real-time grid services to support utility infrastructure and grid operators across the country. (Source: Electriq Power, Feb., 2021) Contact: Electriq Power, Aric Saunders, EVP of Sales (855) 206-9462,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Electriq Power,  

  • Agilitas Energy's RI Energy Storage Project Underway (Ind. Report)
    Agilitas Energy
    Date: 2021-05-07
    Wakefield, Mass.-based distributed energy, solar and battery energy storage developer Agilitas Energy reports pre-construction work is underway on a 3 MW/ 9 MWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system in Pascoag, Rhode Island.

    The project is expected to begin commercial operation in Q2, 2022, and will provide peak shaving services to the Pascoag Utility District and ancillary services to ISO-New England.

    Agilitas Energy is presently constructing over 40 MW of solar and over 70 MWh of energy storage projects in Massachusetts and New York State. (Source: Agilitas Energy, Website, Pr, 6 May, 2021) Contact: Agilitas Energy, Barrett Bilotta, Pres., 781-486-4007,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Agilitas Energy news,  Battery news,  Energy Storage news,  

    Mitsubishi, Powin Partner on Battery Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
    Mitsubishi Power Americas, Powin
    Date: 2021-05-05
    Lake Mary, Florida-based Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc. reports it and battery energy storage specialist Powin, LLC have received an order from Southern Power for two utility-scale lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system (BESS) projects totaling 640 MWh.

    The BESS projects are among the first collocated solar and storage projects in California and represent some of the largest retrofits of solar and storage in North America to date. They are designed for a 20-year life cycle and four hours of energy storage duration. Southern Power's 205 MW Garland Solar Facility in Kern County will add 88 MW and 352 MWh of energy storage, and its 204 MW Tranquillity Solar Facility in Fresno County, California, will add 72 MW and 288 MWh. Both projects are scheduled to come online in 2021.

    The energy storage projects will be owned in partnership with AIP Management and Global Atlantic Financial Group, both of which have existing ownership interests in the Garland and Tranquillity solar facilities that went into commercial operation in 2016.

    Southern Power operates the solar projects and will be responsible for operating the energy storage projects upon completion. (Source: Mitsubishi Power Americas, Website PR, 4 May., 2021) Contact: Mitsubishi Power Americas, Paul Browning, Pres., CEO, (407) 688-6100,; Powin LLC,; Southern Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Southern Power,  Mitsubishi Power Americas,  Powin,  Battery Energy Storage,  

    Solar4America Touts Res. Battery Storage System (Ind. Report)
    SPI Energy, Solar4America
    Date: 2021-05-05
    Santa Clara, California-based SPI Energy Co Ltd is reporting the launch of its UL-certified S4A-Hybrid (DC/AC compatible) residential battery energy storage solution.

    With up to 8.6-kilowatt max output, intelligent energy management, and on-grid/off-grid seamless switching, the battery system is outdoor rated and provides homeowners with complete control of the energy in their home using real-time data.

    The global battery energy storage market is widely expected to grow at a 20.4 pct CAGR to reach $19.7 billion by 2027. (Source: SPI Energy Co Ltd, PR May, 2021) Contact: SPI Energy Co. Ltd.,; Colar4America,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SPI Energy,  Solar4America,  Solar,  Energy Storage,  Batter,  

    Leclanche Launches Interlinking Battery ESS (New Prod. & Tech.)
    Date: 2021-05-05
    Swiss lithium-ion battery energy storage specialist Leclanche is reporting the launch of "LeBlock", a new modular battery energy storage system (ESS) based on easily transportable, plug and play racks that can be assembled onsite to reduce costs, complexity and the environmental footprint of stationary ESS installations.

    The LeBlock system assembles liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery racks into 5 ft blocks/units, each with integrated fire protection systems and a capacity of up to 745kWh of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. (Source: Lechanche, Website PR, May, 2021) Contact: Lechanche,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Leclanche,  Battery Energy Storage,  

    EVLO 4-MW ESS Slated for Remote Quebec Community (Ind. Report)
    EVLO Energy Storage
    Date: 2021-05-05
    EVLO Energy Storage Inc., a unit of the public utility Hydro-Quebec, reports it will deploy a 4-MW / 20-MWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage system (ESS) in the remote Quebec municipality of Parent on the Hydro-Quebec grid.

    The system will include EVLO's advanced software for remote storage system management. The system components will be delivered this fall and the system is expected to be in service by spring 2022.

    The system , which will be deployed as part of work being carried out on a transmission line, will be the utility's largest energy storage system and will remain in place to manage peaks on the grid, serve as an auxiliary power source in the event of an outage. (Source: EVLO Energy Storage Inc., PR, May, 2021) Contact: EVLO Energy Storage Inc., Alain Aubuchon, Director of Business Relations,; Hydro-Quebec,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EVLO Energy Storage,  Energy Storage,  Hydro-Quebec ,  

    465-MW Badger State Solar+Storage Project Announced (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2021-05-05
    In Milwaukee, We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service, the largest utilities in WEC Energy Group, are proposing to purchase the Koshkonong Solar Energy Center, a planned 465-MW solar and battery storage project in south-central Wisconsin. If approved, the project would be the largest renewable energy project in the state.

    The Koshkonong Solar Energy Center would feature 300 MW of solar generation and 165 MW of battery storage. The total investment is expected to be $649 million. WPS would own 90 pct of the project with Madison Gas and Electric holding the remaining 10 pct. If approved, construction is expected to begin in late 2022 for commercial operation in 2024. Koshkonong is part of WEC Energy Group's plan to invest nearly $2 billion in new solar, wind and battery storage projects at its utilities by 2025.

    This is the third large-scale solar and battery project announced in 2021 by We Energies and WPS. Earlier this year, the companies announced plans for the 325-MW Darien Solar Energy Center and 310-MW Paris Solar-Battery Park. (Source: WEC Energy Group, PR, Website , 30 Apr., 2021) Contact: WEC Energy Group , Tom Metcalfe, Pres.,

    Solano County Investing $38Mn in Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
    Solano County
    Date: 2021-05-03
    In the Golden State, Solano County supervisors are banking on energy cost savings to pay for most of the $38.08 million in new and upgraded power infrastructure they recently approved. said in an interview Friday that the county pays about $3 million a year in utility costs. That is the entire county and not just the project sites.

    The energy cost savings after 20 years is estimated at $39.45 million, and $60.55 million over 25 years, the report to the board states. The larger number reflects five years of having no debt service payments. Most of the savings will be generated by rooftop solar systems, battery energy storage, more efficient LED lighting systems and newer more efficient equipment at five sites where it will produce 85 to 90 pct of the energy needs. The county hopes the project will be operational in two years; 18 months of that is basically waiting for PG&E to approve an inner-connectivity agreement.

    The county notes its master plan calls for $89 million in new buildings in the coming decades and it aims to reduce its energy use by 50 pct by 2035. (Source: Saolona County, PR, 1 May, 2021) Contact: Solano County, Megan Greve, Dir, General Services, (707) 784-7900,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency news,  

    Talen Energy Unveils 1GW of Battery Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
    Talen Energy
    Date: 2021-05-03
    In the Lone Star State, The Woodlands-based Talen Energy Corporation -- one of North America's largest competitive power generation and infrastructure companies -- reports that as part of its strategic transformation to a renewable energy and digital infrastructure growth platform, the company is developing one gigawatt of stand-alone battery storage projects across its U.S. footprint.

    The battery projects, which range from 20 to approximately 300 MW across three states, are expected to be developed over the next three to five years. The projects will leverage the company's advantaged asset footprint and legacy transmission interconnection assets, including those within densely populated areas with high power demand. The battery storage installations will support grid resiliency as Talen's wholly-owned coal-fired facilities transition to run on lower carbon fuels, including natural gas and co-located renewables.

    Talen's first two planned battery storage development projects are 20-MW demonstration projects adjacent to its H.A. Wagner (Baltimore, Md.) and Camden, N.J. generation facilities. The H.A. Wagner generation facility is among the coal-fired facilities that Talen announced will cease burning coal by the end of 2025The Camden battery project is expected to serve as an added capacity resource adjacent to this natural gas generation facility. The company expects to begin construction on these demonstration projects in Q4 2021.

    Talen Energy owns and/or controls approximately 13,000 MW of generating capacity in wholesale U.S. power markets, principally in the Mid-Atlantic, Texas and Montana. (Source: Talen Energy, PR, 3 May, 2021) Contact: Talen Energy, Alex Hernandez, Pres., Olivia Sigo, Dir. Finance & Investor Relations, 281-203-5387,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Talen Energy,  Energy Storage,  Battery Energy Storage,  

    Tucson Electric Turning to Renewable Energy (Ind. Report)
    Tucson Electric Power
    Date: 2021-05-03
    In Arizona, Tucson Electric Power Co. reports it plans to "flip the switch" on its 100-MW Wilmot Solar Energy Center which was built and owned by NextEra Energy. The facility includes 30MW of linked battery storage.

    The utility's largest renewable energy resource, the 250MW Oso Grande Wind Project in New Mexico is also expected to come online soon. With both the Wilmot solar and Oso Grande wind projects online, TEP will have 628 MW of large-scale wind and solar resources.

    TEP aims to generate 70 pct of its power from renewables and cut its carbon emissions by 80 pct by 2035. The Arizona Corporation Commission is aiming for state-regulated utilities to source 100 pct of their energy from carbon-free sources by 2050. (Source: Tucson Electric Power, PR, 2 May, 2021) Contact: Tucson Electric Power, Susan Gray, Pres., CEO, Joseph Barrios, (520) 884-3725,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Tucson Electric Power,  Renewable Energy,  

    Volkswagen Targets Net Carbon Neutral by 2050 (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-04-30
    German automaker Volkswagen reports it plans to cut CO2 emissions per vehicle in Europe by 40 pct by 2030 and to become net carbon neutral by 2050 to meet the climate targets introduced in the European Green Deal.

    To that end, VW is working to decarbonise its production and supply chains and has pledged that all its plants except for those in China will be powered purely by 'green' electricity by 2030. The auto giant is also introducing more sustainable components into the construction of its vehicles and says that CO2 emissions will now be a key criterion when awarding contracts to suppliers.

    VW also aims to increase its share of EV sales to 70 pct of its European sales and 50 pct of its U.S. and China sales by 2030 The firm is also pushing to develop its battery recycling operation and intends to recycle more than 90 pct of the raw materials used in its batteries in the future. (Source: Volkswagen, PR, AutoCar, 27 Apr., 2021)

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    Hydrostor Advancing Calif. Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-04-30
    Hydrostor reports work is well underway on its two major Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) projects in California -- one in southern Kern County and one in Central California -- representing a combined investment of over $1.5 billion and supporting the Golden State's transition to a carbon-free and renewable energy grid.

    Hydrostor's patented and commercially proven A-CAES technology provides 8-12+ hours of energy storage, versus the 1-4 hours that current battery technologies can feasibly provide. This long duration energy storage is essential for establishing the pathway to California's decarbonized electricity grid. A CAES also has a longer lifespan, of more than 50 years, with zero degradation and a lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives available today, according to the company. Hydrostor is advancing a pipeline of large-scale A-CAES facilities that represent over 2,000 MW and 20,000 MWh of near-term project deployment potential in the USA, Canada, Chile and Australia. (Source: hydrostor, PR, 29 Apr., 2021) Contact: Hydrostor, Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO , Curt Hildebrand,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CAES news,  Energy Storage news,  Hydrostor news,  

    Tesla Battery Powerwall Boss Talks Carbon Tax (Notable Quote)
    Elon Musk
    Date: 2021-04-30
    "I talked to the Biden administration, and they were like 'Well, this seems too politically difficult' and I was like, 'Well, this is obviously a thing that should happen', and by the way, SpaceX would be paying a carbon tax too. So I'm like, you know, I'm like, I think we should pay it too. It's not like we shouldn't have carbon generating things. It's just that there's got to be a price on this stuff.

    "If we just put a price on carbon emissions, the market will react in a sensible way. But because we don]t have a price on it, it is behaving badly. It's either we have sustainable energy or civilization collapses. And so if civilization doesn't collapse we will have sustainable energy, it's just a question of how soon does that happen. Sooner is better." -- Elon Musk, Feb., 2021)

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    Scout Clean Energy Credit Facility to Back Expansion (Ind. Report)
    Scout Clean Energy
    Date: 2021-04-28
    Boulder, Colorado-based renewable energy developer, owner and operator Scout Clean Energy is reporting receipt of a $50-million letter of credit facility. KeyBanc Capital Markets served as coordinating lead arranger, while Rabobank and Wells Fargo acted as joint lead arrangers to support expansion.

    Scout will use the facility primarily to provide letters of credit to support current and upcoming security requirements related to new project interconnections and power purchase agreements (PPAs) for its renewables pipeline.

    The company has over 4 GW of onshore wind, solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage projects in its 13-state pipeline and 843 MW of onshore wind farms in operation. (Source: Scout Clean Energy, PR, Website, 26 Apr., 2021)Contact: Scout Clean Energy, Michael Rucker, CEO, (303) 284-7566,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Scout Clean Energy ,  Wind,  Renewable Energy,  

    £50Mn UK Energy Efficient Housing Project Lauded (Int'l.)
    Active Building Centre
    Date: 2021-04-28
    In Swansea, Wales, the Active Building Centre reports it is advising and working with the Nationwide Building Society to help create one of the UK's largest energy-efficient housing developments in Swindon. The £50 million project will construct 239 homes to EPC-A energy efficiency, the highest new home environmental rating in the UK.

    The new properties will all be equipped with: air source heat pumps rather than gas boilers; photovoltaic solar panels; electric vehicle charging points; individual building battery energy storage units; and other energy efficient features. The first units will go on the market in 2022. (Source: Active Building Centre, PR, 27 Apr., 2021) Contact: Active Building Centre, Ron Cowley, CEO,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    Duke Energy Plans to Triple Renewable Energy by 2030 (Ind. Report)
    Duke Energy
    Date: 2021-04-28
    In its just released 15th Sustainablilty Report, Charlotte, North Calolina-headquartered Duke Energy notes it plans to triple the amount of renewable energy it produces from company power plants and dramatically reduce carbon emissions by 2030.

    Currently, 7 pct of Duke Energy's company-owned electrical output comes from wind, solar and hydroelectric plants. That figure is projected to grow to 23 pct by 2030. The company is also undertaking its aggressive renewable energy build-outs with wind and solar projects currently under construction in Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas. Over the next three years, Duke will also add 280 mw of pumped storage hydro capacity at its Bad Creek facility in South Carolina.

    The company is also overseeing the largest coal retirement in the industry and since 2010 has retired 51 coal-fired units and is aiming to cut carbon emissions 50 pct by 2030 to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To that end, the company is on track to operate or purchase 16,000 mw of renewable energy capacity by 2025 and is investing in major electric grid upgrades, expanded battery storage, and exploring zero-emitting power generation technologies such as hydrogen and advanced nuclear, according to the release.

    Duke Energy also announced Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, a new comprehensive brand for its non-regulated commercial renewables business. The brand unifies products and services offered by several Duke Energy subsidiaries, including Duke Energy Renewables, REC Solar and Duke Energy One. (Source: Duke Energy, PR, 28 Apr., 2021) Contact: Duke Energy, Katherine Neebe, VP National engagement & Strategy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Duke Energy,  Renewable Energy Carbon Emissions,  Net-Zero Emissions,  

    Gore Street Energy Storage Fund Raises $190Mn (Int'l. Report)
    Gore Street
    Date: 2021-04-28
    In the UK, Dublin-based energy storage investor Gore Street Energy Storage Fund reports it raised £135 million ($187.89 million) for use in deploying a 1.3GW development pipeline and a potential 80MW acquisition for its portfolio of battery projects.

    The net proceeds of the fund raise is earmarked for previously announced development of its existing portfolio including the expansion of its Republic of Ireland assets from 30MW to 90MW.

    The company notes that its portfolio of operational energy storage assets has doubled to 210 MW across 11 projects in Great Britain and Ireland and that its two 50-MW Northern Ireland energy storage project -- Mullavilly and Drumkee -- were completed on time and within budget and are now generating revenue. (Source: Gore Street Capital, PR, Website, Solar Power Portal, 27 Apr., 2021) Contact: Gore Street Capital, Alex O'Cinneide, CEO, +44 (0) 203 826 0290,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Gore Street,  Battery,  Energy Storage,  

    NY Utilities Tap CPower for Energy Management, Storage (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-04-26
    Baltimore-headquartered energy management specialist CPower reports it has been tapped by Con Edison and National Grid subsidiary Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation to provide of Dynamic Load Management (DLM) to their networks -- peak shaving to reduce businesses' use of electricity during periods of high demand.

    Battery storage, charged with power from renewable energy or from the grid at off-peak times of lower demand, can be used to reduce businesses' draw from the grid at peak times and already the ability to use this peak shaving to lower Demand Charges, levied on commercial users of electricity in the US, offers a way to lower electricity costs significantly.

    New York State's climate protection policy aims to deploy 1,500MW of energy storage by 2025 and to meet 70 pct of electricity load through clean and renewable sources by 2030 on the path to 100 pct clean electricity by 2045. (Source: CPower, PR, Website, Apr., 2021) Contact: CPower, 844-276-9371,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CPower,  Energy Management,  Energy Storage,  Fynamic Load Management,  

    Clean Fight Touts Startups Decarbonizing NYC (Ind. Report)
    The Clean Fight, NYSERDA
    Date: 2021-04-26
    In the Big Apple, The Clean Fight, a clean energy startup accelerator backed by New York State energy agency NYSERDA, is reporting completion of its first funding programme to which the below-listed startups received up to $500,000 in grants to support their strategies, finances, marketing and product development to address climate change and energy efficiency:
  • 75F uses an IoT building management system to predict, analyse, monitor and react to a building's hot and cold spots before they happen by taking control of its HVAC, lighting and indoor air quality management systems. For example, 75F's lighting technology can regulate light by knowing when to take advantage of natural light and when there might be forecast clouds that will block the sun.

  • BlocPower funds retrofits in low-income communities, leasing and managing air-source heat pumps with no upfront costs. BlocPower aims to give these areas the economic, health and environmental benefits of modern, sustainable heating and cooling. Having retrofitted more than 1,000 homes in New York City, the startup has projects underway in 24 other cities.

  • CarbonCure takes recycled CO2 from industrial emitters and injects it into concrete so it becomes permanently embedded. The injected CO2 reacts with calcium ions from cement to form calcium carbonate, effectively mineralising the carbon and making the concrete stronger while cutting emissions.

  • Enertiv provides a single platform to monitor the performance of energy management, preventative maintenance, ESG reporting, capital planning, tenant submetering and billing.

  • enVerid air purifying technology cleans a building's indoor air at a molecular level to reduce the size of HVAC systems needed. enVerid aims to create a 'win-win-win' situation where building owners will require less costly HVAC equipment which results in lower operating costs, lower energy and carbon intensity and better indoor air quality. The technology removes CO2, aldehydes, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter (PM2.5).

  • iHandal Energy Solutions offers 'hyper-efficient' temperature control in buildings by capturing wasted heat and recycling it for heating or cooling. iHandal carries out an energy audit for its clients, setting a guaranteed amount of savings before implementing the system. Captured heat is then compressed using its proprietary technology and channeled into other functions in the building. The startup's goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 200 million tpy by 2030.

  • Peak Power software platforms turns buildings into smart power plants. Using machine learning, the software analyses a building's energy use, forecasting demand levels and predicting spikes in energy market prices. A battery energy storage system within the building can then charge and discharge at the most profitable moments, potentially saving on energy costs and creating a new revenue stream.

  • Phase Change Energy Solutions provides easy-to-install phase change materials to maintain building temperature, reducing heating and cooling needs. These materials absorb and release large amounts of thermal energy when they melt and freeze. The company's BioPCM product can transition between solid-to-gel and solid-to-solid and can be designed to store and release thermal energy at a precise temperature.

  • Targeting steam-heated buildings, Radiator Labs incorporates radiator-level controls with real-time data visualisation to prevent overheating. The Radiator Lab Cozy, a smart internet-connected, thermostatic cover for radiators, saves on average 25 pct and as much as 45 pct on heating costs. (Source: The Clean Fight, PR, Apr., 2021) Contact: The Clean Fight,; NYSERDA, (518) 862-1090,

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  • O&R Commissions 3MW Battery Storage Project (Ind. Report)
    Powin Energy
    Date: 2021-04-23
    In the Empire State, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R) I s reporting commissioning of its new 3MW battery storage project in Rockland County. The $7.4 million facility was planned, designed, installed and is operated by Key Capture Energy (KCE). California-based Powin Energy provided the fully integrated battery energy storage system including cells, enclosures, cabling, transformers, inverters, and all software and controls systems.

    The project will allow O&R to delay building costly new infrastructure that's designed to accommodate energy use at its peak and to sell power into those markets. The project also supports New York State's initiative to install 3,000 mw of energy storage statewide by 2030. New York State is mandated to achieve 70 pct renewable energy by 2030 and 100 pct zero-emission electricity by 2040. (Source: Orange and Rockland Utilities, PR, Apr., 2021) Contact: O&R, Robert Sanchez, CEO, Pres.,; Powin Energy, 503-598-6659,,

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