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Global Grasslands Contribute to Climate Warming (Study Attached)
Climate Change,International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Date: 2021-01-08
Grasslands play a critical role in carbon sequestration. But a recent study -- Climate Warming from Managed Grasslands Cancels Cooling Effect of Carbon Sinks in Sparsely Grazed and Natural Grasslands -- found human activity is causing grasslands to become a source of greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the USDA Climate Change Resource Center, grasslands cover approximately 25 pct of the earth's surface, contain nearly 12 pct of the land-based carbon stocks and are essential in supporting food and livestock production. Yet, citing the expansion of pasture lands and higher livestock numbers, researchers warn current management of grasslands is accelerating climate change.

Until recently, natural and managed grasslands emitted and removed an equal amount of greenhouse gases, canceling each other out. Researchers from the Austria-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) investigated how these fluctuations in greenhouse gases have contributed to climate change in both managed pastures and natural grasslands, between the years of 1750 and 2012. The IIASA researchers found that the ability for natural and sparsely grazed grasslands to absorb more carbon has intensified while grasslands heavily managed by humans became a source of greenhouse gases, emitting similar quantities of greenhouse gases to that of croplands.

While nearly half of all temperate grasslands and 16 pct of tropical grasslands have been transformed for agricultural or industrial use and conserving grasslands to preserve soil health and reduce emissions from managed grasslands could deliver a significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the study.

Download the Climate Warming from Managed Grasslands Cancels Cooling Effect of Carbon Sinks in Sparsely Grazed and Natural Grasslands report HERE. (Source: Nature Communications, EcoWatch, 6 Jan., 2020) Contact: USDA Climate Change Resource Center,; International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis,

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Sevan's SWACH Joins Floating Wind Tech Race (Int'l. Report)
Sevan SPP
Date: 2021-01-08
Norwegian engineering firm Sevan SPP is touting its SWACH (small waterplane area cylindrical hull) floating offshore wind technology.

The Sevan SWACH design is a cylindrical floating moonpool foundation for offshore wind. It is scalable up 14MW turbines and offers excellent motion characteristics in challenging and harsh conditions. It is also suitable for modularized fabrication and assembly, and the shallow draft enables the structure to be fully assembled onshore with a wet tow to final location, , according to the company (Source: Sevan, PR, renews, 6 Jan., 2020) Contact: Sevan SPP, +47 37 40 40 00,

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EnergyCAP Energy Info Management FedRAMP Approved (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-01-08
Pennsylvania-based EnergyCAP, Inc. reports its EnergyCAP® software platform and data hosting energy management information solution (EMIS) service has been granted an Authorization to Operate under the U.S. Government's FedRAMP program and is now an authorized participant in the FedRAMP Marketplace.

According to the release, EnergyCAP, Inc. has helped more than 10,000 energy managers in government, education, and commercial organizations derive value from their utility bills and energy data. Clients use EnergyCAP software-based solutions to streamline utility bill processing and auditing, track energy and greenhouse gas data, process campus chargebacks, target reduction goals, benchmark facilities, submit to ENERGY STAR, measure and verify energy & cost savings, create budgets, forecasts and others. (Source: EnergyCAP Inc., PR, Jan., 2020) Contact: EnergyCAP Inc., Steve Heinz, CEO, 855.315.5117, 719.623.0577--fax,

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Rhode Island National Energy Efficiency Program Leader (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-01-08
According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Rhode Island ranks fourth in the nation as a leader in cost-effective energy efficiency programs, incentives, and energy efficiency investments that help residents and businesses use less energy to provide the same output. In doing so, these investments reduce energy consumption and costs as well as shrink the state's carbon footprint and create jobs throughout the green economy.

According to the press release, Rhode Island has set aggressive energy savings targets for electric and gas utilities' programs that help residential and commercial customers save energy as part of its energy efficiency resource standard. The State government is also adopting cost-saving efficiency measures that are reducing energy demands and operating costs and has also entered into an innovative Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) with National Grid that is actively supporting the deployment of cost-effective efficiency investments across public sector facilities. (Source: State of Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families, PR, 8 Jan., 2021) Contact: State of Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families,; ACEEE,

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STM, Schneider Electric Partner on Carbon Neutrality (Int'l. Report)
STMicroelectronics, Schneider Electric
Date: 2021-01-06
In Singapore, global semiconductor specialist STMicroelectronics (STM) reports the selection of energy management and renewable energy specialist Schneider Electric as a strategic partner to support its goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2027.

Under the agreement, STM and Schneider Electric will increase their cooperation on reducing STM's energy consumption, and increased use of renewable energy and identify and implement ocarbon avoidance and sequestration programs across all of STM locations. The companies will develop additional joint products, technologies, and solutions focused on energy efficiency improvements, supporting digital transformation in buildings, datacenters, industrial applications, and infrastructure.

STM is stepping up its planned global energy procurement of 100 pct renewable energy and to become carbon neutral by 2027, according to the release. (Source: STMicroelectronics, Website PR, Jan., 2021) Contact: STMicroelectronics, Jean-Marc Chery, Pres. & CEO,; Schneider Electric,

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Vt. State House Installs Battery Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
Green Mountain Power
Date: 2021-01-06
In Montpelier, Green Mountain Power and the Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services is reporting the Vermont State House is the nation's first state house to install a battery backup power system. The system replaces a 1960 vintage fossil fuel powered generato back power system.

The Vermont State House project was the result of a partnership between the Vermont Legislature, the Buildings and General Services team, Grenn Mountain Power utility and private sector businesses. The state appropriation for the project was $450,000. (Source: Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services, 10Boston, 5 Jan., 2020) Contact: Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services, 802-828-3314,; Green Mountain Power, Mari McClure, Pres., CEO, Josh Castonguay, VP, (802) 770-3392,,

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Vt. State House Installs Battery Backup Power System (Ind. Report)

Date: 2021-01-06
In Montpelier, Green Mountain Power and the Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services is reporting the Vermont State House is the nation's first state house to install a battery backup power system. The system replaces a 1960 vintage fossil fuel powered generato back power system.

The Vermont State House project was the result of a partnership between the Vermont Legislature, the Buildings and General Services team, Grenn Mountain Power utility and private sector businesses. The state appropriation for the project was $450,000. (Source: Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services, 10Boston, 5 Jan., 2020) Contact: Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services, 802-828-3314,; Green Mountain Power,

EBRD Supports Macedonian Residential Solar Projects (Int'l. Funding)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Date: 2021-01-04
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) reports it is committing €1 million in loan funding to Komercijalna Banka Skopje to support residential green investments in Macedomia. Komercijalna Banka Skopje the largest bank in North Macedonia and the fifth bank in the country to join the EBRD's Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF).

The funds will be available for green investments in the country's residential sector. Findable green investments will include high-performance green technologies, materials and solutions undertaken in privately-owned residential dwellings or buildings. (Source: EBRD, PR Website, 30 Dec., 2020) Contact: EBRD, Green Economy Financing Facility,

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Univ. of Wyoming Releases Carbon Storage Study (Ind. Report)
University of Wyoming
Date: 2020-12-30
The University of Wyoming, in partnership with West Virginia University of Law and the U.S. Energy Association (USEA) has released a comparative study for the U.S. DOE identifying the regulatory shortcomings slowing the deployment of carbon dioxide utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies. The study findings could help eliminate regulatory blindspots that pop up when projects are proposed with federal or private surface and subsurface interests.

Scientists are working to find commercial ways to capture and store CO2 underground. But CO2 can also be used at oil fields, by injecting it into reservoirs to remove residual oil that traditional drilling processes could not extract. Researchers note policy makers need to know both the legal and regulatory obstacles facing energy developers trying to advance these technologies. For examples, developers hoping to establish these technologies on federal, state or private lands can run into issues involving land, mineral, pore space or water rights, pipeline regulations, eminent domain or limits to CO2 storage regulation, among others, according to the report.

Recent federal incentives could accelerate the advancement of CO2 storage and utilization across the 12 states studied. For one, in 2018 Congress revised Section 45Q of the tax code to provide more favorable tax incentives to companies engaged in carbon capture and sequestration. The 45Q federal tax credit is given to companies for each ton of CO2 they sequester in the ground. Since then, the program has received feedback from potential claimants, and the Internal Revenue Service recently proposed rules to regulate the program. (Source: University of Wyoming, PR, US Energy Association, Dec., 2020) Contact: US Energy Association, (202) 312-1230,; University of Wyoming, School of Energy Resources, Holly Krutka, Exec. Dir., (307) 766-1121,,

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Vestas reports close to 350 MW of US wind turbine orders
Date: 2020-12-30
December 29 (Renewables Now) - Denmark’s Vestas Wind Systems A/S (CPH:VWS) will equip a 210-MW wind farm in the US under a contract from an undisclosed client. The company said on Monday that it will deliver turbines of the V150-4.2 MW model for the specific project, commission them and also service the machines under a 10-year AOM 5000 contract. Vestas expects to deliver and commission the units in the first quarter of 2022. Before Christmas the company also reported a 138-MW order to repower a 73-turbine wind farm in the US, also from an unnamed customer. As part of that contract, Vestas will replace the existing machines at the site with just as many V110-2.0 MW turbines. The order covers the supply, installation and commissioning of the machines along with a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service deal. Deliveries are seen to start in the second quarter of 2021, while commissioning is planned for the final three months of the year.

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Voltalia Lauds 23-MW French Wind Farm First Power (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-12-23
French renewable power plants operator Voltalia SA is reporting first power generation from its 23.1-MW Sarry wind farm in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, western France.

The wind farm incorporates 11 unites of Siemens Gamera's SG114 turbines and has in place a 15-year contract for difference (CfD) that was subsequently extended to 20 years in place. (Source: Voltalia, Website PR, 21 Dec., 2020) Contact: Voltalia, Sebastien Clerc, CEO, +33 (0)1 81 70 37 00,

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Enviva Reports Biomass Traceability Pilot Results (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-12-23
Bethesda, Maryland-based wood bioenergy specialist Enviva Partners LP and blockchain firm GoChain are reporting the results of a pilot programme to enhance the traceability of sustainable biomass.

The pilot programme leveraged GoChain's blockchain to identify a select group of suppliers from Enviva's U.S. wood sourcing regions to monitor forest tract locations, load weights, fibre commodity types, forest types and other related data.

In total, more than 1,000 loads of woody biomass were delivered from the forest to the production facility and recorded 'on-chain' during the pilot. The results yielded considerable insights and the pilot has the potential to further increase the accuracy of Enviva's proprietary Track & Trace system, which provides publicly available data and tracks exactly where the low-value wood used in the production of Enviva biomass comes from.(Source: Enviva, PR, Bioenergy Insight, 22 Dec., 2020) Contact: Enviva Partners, LP, (301) 657-5560,; GoChain,

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Peatland Carbon Storage Restoration Declared "Vital" (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-12-21
In the UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) analysis has revealed the scale of the challenge that the Northern Ireland Assembly and the other UK governments and agencies face to restore and maintain the country's peatlands, which play a pivotal role in combating climate change.

Peatland covers approximately 12 pct of the land area of Northern Ireland, but 86 pct of peatlands have been damaged by pressures, including drainage, overgrazing, afforestation, burning and extraction in lowland areas.

The RSPB's analysis shows peatlands avoid 1,992 tpy of CO2 emissions -- equivalent to 5 pct of total UK greenhouse gas emissions every year. According to Martin Harper, RSPB Director of Global Conservation, "Peatlands are an incredibly important habitat in the UK both for wildlife and for storing carbon. If our peatlands are not restored, they will emit twice as much carbon as would be captured by tree planting in the Committee on Climate Change's UK forestry targets for 2050."

(Source: RSPS, Farm Week, 20 Dec., 2020) Contact: RSPB,

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European Energy Offloads 17MW Danish Solar Farm (M&A, Int'l.)
European Energy
Date: 2020-12-21
Soborg, Denmark-based large-scale wind and solar energy developer European Energy A/S is reporting London-headquartered alternative asset management firm Conquest Group has signed an agreement to acquire its recently operational 27MW Naessundvej solar project in the Jutland region of northwest Denmark.

The Naessundvej project has a long term power purchase agreement (PPA) in place with Google.

Conquest, which invests in long-term sustainable value stemming from European infrastructure and energy transition real assets, previously invested in the French market in 2017 and 2018 and in the Benelux region in 2019. Conquest's investment portfolio produced over 224GWh of renewable energy, representing the annual consumption of over 75,000 homes, and avoiding over 3130 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2019. (Source: European Energy, PR, renews, 21 Dec., 2020) Contact: Conquest, Frederic Palanque, Pres.,; European Energy , Knud Erik Andersen, CEO, +45 88 70 82 16,

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USGBC Incorporates RNG in LEED Rating System (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-12-21
In the Golden State, SoCalGas has praised the US Green Building Council (USGBC) for including the use of RNG in the latest beta version of its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system.

With the new system, a project may utilise RNG to earn LEED points by capturing and using biogas on-site, sourcing biogas from a third party, or purchasing biogas to store in the project's own storage system. The RNG can be used for heating, hot water, and cooking in commercial buildings, and for stoves, dryers, water heaters, fireplaces and heating in homes. (Source: SoCalGas, PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: US Green Building Council, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,; SoCalGas, Jeff Walker, VP Customer Solutions,

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Green Pandemic Recovery Essential to Close Climate Action Gap (Report Attached)
Date: 2020-12-18
Each year, the UN Emissions Gap Report assesses the gap between anticipated emissions and levels consistent with the Paris Agreement goals of limiting global warming this century to well below 2 degrees C and pursuing 1.5 degrees C. The report finds that in 2019 total greenhouse gas emissions, including land-use change, reached a new high of 59.1 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent (GtCO2e). Global greenhouse gas emissions have grown 1.4 pct per year since 2010 on average, with a more rapid increase of 2.6 pct in 2019 due to a large increase in forest fires.

A green pandemic recovery, however, can cut up to 25 pct off the emissions we would expect to see in 2030 based on policies in place before COVID-19. A green recovery would put emissions in 2030 at 44 GtCO2e, instead of the predicted 59 GtCO2e -- far outstripping emission reductions foreseen in unconditional NDCs, which leave the world on track for a 3.2 degrees C temperature rise. Such a green recovery would put emissions within the range that gives a 66 pct chance of holding temperatures to below 2 degrees C, but would still be insufficient to achieve the 1.5 degrees C goal.

The report also notes that the growing number of countries committing to net-zero emissions goals by mid-century is a "significant and encouraging development" with 126 countries covering 51 pct of global greenhouse gas emissions adopting, announcing or were considering net-zero goals.

Download the Green Pandemic Recovery Essential to Close Climate Action Gap report HERE. (Source: UNEP, Dec., 2020) Contact: UNEP,

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ACEEE Issues 2020 State Energy Efficiency Score Card (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-12-18
California and Massachusetts rank Nos. 1 and 2 followed by Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Minnesota, and Oregon in energy efficiency according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's (ACEEE) 2020 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The five worst states were Kansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

The report examines the energy saving policies and programs each state has adopted through July, scoring states on 32 metrics in five areas: energy-saving targets; vehicle efficiency; building codes; appliance and equipment standards; and state government initiatives. (Source: ACEEE, Dec., 2020) Contact: ACEEE, Steven Nadel, Exec. Dir., 202-507-4000,

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UK Confirms Post-BREXIT Emissions Trading Scheme (Int'l. Report)
UK Carbon Emissions
Date: 2020-12-16
In London, the UK Conservative government of PM Boris Johnson has confirmed the introduction of a national emissions trading scheme (UK ETS) to replace the EU system (EU ETS) when BREXIT comes into force on 1 Jan., 2021.

The UK ETS would immediately lower the current EU cap on greenhouse gases that businesses can emit by 5 pct and thus provide greater certainty about the decarbonisation trajectory over the long term and deliver a "robust carbon price signal" to spur business to invest in carbon abatement -- CCS.

The UK ETS would initially apply to electric power generation, aviation and other energy-intensive industries, and carbon pricing could be expanded across the economy, the paper showed.

Britain is aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and recently increased its emissions reduction target from 57 to 68 pct for 2030. (Source: Various Media, ENDS Europe, Yahoo Finance UK, 14 Dec., 2020)

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CIBC Ranked Among Top Banks for Climate Change Action (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-12-16
In Toronto, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) reports receipt of a score of A- from the CDP (fka the Carbon Disclosure Project). Improving from a B rating in 2019, this score demonstrates CIBC's progress in environmental performance and reporting. The score also places CIBC among the highest ranking Canadian financial institutions and the top-tier of global banks. As part of CIBC's commitment to support environmental sustainability initiatives, the bank's actions include:
  • In 2020, increased its GHG emissions intensity target for operations to 20 pct over eight years (using 2018 as a baseline).

  • In 2020, issued a USD $500 million, five-year green bond to help finance new and existing green projects, assets, and businesses that mitigate the risks and effects of climate change. These include renewable energy, green buildings, clean transportation, natural resource conservation, biodiversity conservation, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention and control.

  • In 2019, announced a target of mobilizing $150 billion in environmental and sustainable finance activities by 2027.

  • In 2019, issued the climate-related disclosure report Building a Sustainable Future aligned with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

  • In 2019, set new targets to source 100 pct of its electricity from renewable sources and become carbon neutral by 2024.

    Toronto-headquartered CIBC is a leading North American financial institution with 10 million personal banking, business, public sector and institutional clients and $768.545 billion (Cdn) in total assets. (Source: CIBC, PR, 14 Dec., 2020) Contact: CIBC,; CDP, Lance Pierce, Pres. North America, (212) 378 2086,,

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  • ClearTrace Raises $4Mn for Carbon Accounting Platform (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-12-16
    In the Lone Star State, Austin-based energy and carbon accounting software specialist ClearTrace reports it raised $4 million in Series A financing, led by Clean Energy Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage climate tech innovations. Brookfield Renewable Partners and Clean Energy Venture Group also participated in the round.

    ClearTrace's carbon accounting platform enables auditable, 24/7 monitoring of energy generation and consumption. The platform creates verifiable digital records of energy usage, can track third party energy supply, financial power purchase agreements, demand response activities, and true multi-stakeholder management of behind-the-meter energy assets. (Source: ClearTrace, PR, 15 Dec., 2020) Contact: ClearTrace, Lincoln Payton, CEO,,

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    NEST Increasing Green Bldg., Energy Efficiency Investments (Int'l.)
    NEST Pension
    Date: 2020-12-16
    In the UK, the £12 billion NEST workplace pension scheme reports plans to ramp up its investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency upgrades and green buildings in a bid to slash the carbon footprint of its portfolio, more than half of which will be within 'climate aware' strategies from February 2021.

    Working with Northern Trust Asset Management, the firm plans to tilt investment in companies based on a score calculated on energy efficiency, alternative energy, and green building, while reducing investment in companies with large oil or gas reserves, and those with high carbon intensity.

    As part of its 2050 net-zero strategy, NEST plans to roughly double its investment in emerging market equities from around £480 million to an estimated £930 million while reducing investments in fossil fuels and carbon-intensive firms. The move will take Nest's investments in dedicated "climate-aware" strategies to almost £8 billion from February 2021. (Source: NEST Pensions, PR, 15 Dec., 2020) Contact{ NEST, +44 0 300 0200 393,

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    Aussie Researcher Scores $19Mn in Solar R&D Funding (Int'l. R&D)
    Australian Centre for Advance Photovoltaics
    Date: 2020-12-14
    In the Land Down Under, the Australian Centre for Advance Photovoltaics at the University of NSW is reporting receipt of $19 million in grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to support research into new solar cell and fuel materials, boost cell efficiency, and develop new storage products.

    The ARENA funds will support the development of new combinations of materials that can be used to generate energy more efficiently and to place the energy generation devices in more places than rooftop panels or solar farms. (Source: Australian Centre for Advance Photovoltaics, Brisban Times, 12 Dec., 2020) Contact: University of Melbourne, Australian Centre for Advance Photovoltaics , Dr Renata Egan, research facility Chairperson, +61 3 9035 5511,; ARENA, Ivor Frischknecht, CEO, +61 2 6243 7773,,

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    18-Mile Solar Paneled Road Surface Unveiled in Ga. (Ind. Report)
    French National Solar Energy Institute
    Date: 2020-12-14
    In Gwinette County, Georgia, the city of Peachtree Corners -- "the nation's first smart city environment powered by real-world infrastructure and next-generation connectivity" -- reports the installation of a new solar roadway system that generates more than 1,300 kWh per year of energy for a solar-powered EV charging station located at city hall. The 18-mile installation is the first road surface-powered solar panels to be activated in a U.S. city.

    The Wattway solar roadway panels, manufactured by French highways engineer and transportation innovator Colas Group in partnership with the French National Solar Energy Institute, were engineered to be more durable and efficient for a 21 pct performance increase over previously deployed panels. (Source: City of Peachtree Corners, AllOnGeorgia. 13 Dec., 2020) Contact: Colas Group,; French National Solar Energy Institute,; Peachtree Corners,

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    LACSD Expanding Food Waste-to-Fuel Production (Ind. Report)
    Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
    Date: 2020-12-14
    In California, the Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) reports the recent startup of a biogas purification system in Carson City to recycle food waste into renewable vehicle fuel.

    A portion of the biogas is used at the Sanitation Districts' Carson City power plant where it is converted to electricity that runs the treatment plant. The remaining biogas is purified to make transportation fuel-grade renewable natural gas (RNG).

    LACSD is a regional public agency that serves the wastewater and solid waste management needs of 78 cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County. The agency protects public health and the environment and, in so doing, converts waste into resources like recycled water, green energy and recycled materials, according to the release. (Source: Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, PR, Dec., 2020) Contact: Sanitation Districts, Robert C. Ferrante, Chief Engineer and General Manager, Bryan Langpap, (562) 908-4288, ext. 2302,,

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    Neste Launching MY Non Road (Renewable) Diesel™ (Int'l. Report)
    Neste Corp
    Date: 2020-12-11
    Espoo, Finland-headquartered renewable diesel specialist Neste reports that the beginning of January 2021, will mark the launch of its Neste MY Non Road Diesel™ fuel oil produced from 100 pct renewable raw materials. Neste MY Non Road Diesel is comparable to Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ used in road transport, in terms of the 100 pct raw material base and emissions reduction.

    At the beginning of 2021, the Finnish government bio mandate for renewable fuels will be extended to fuel oil. The mandate is intended to promote the use of biofuel oil to replace light fuel oil in heavy equipment, stationary motors and heating to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support Finland's and the EU's climate goals. (Source: Neste, PR, All Things Arb, 10 Dec., 2020)Contact: Neste Corp., Thorsten Lange, Exec. VP, +358 10 458 4128,

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    Ameresco Completes Conn. Wastewater Plant Upgrades (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-12-11
    In the Bay State, Framingham-based energy efficiency and renewable energy specialist Ameresco, Inc. is reporting completion energy efficiency upgrades to wastewater plants serving New Britain, Middletown, Berlin and Cromwell for the Mattabassett District in Cromwell, Conn.. The completed projects are expected to result in more than $1 million in energy savings over the course of 12 years.

    Ameresco's work included plant-wide integrated temperature controls, a modernized building lighting system, high efficiency HVAC units and low-voltage transformer replacements. The project guarantees an estimated 581,909 kWh in total energy savings. Construction was completed in November. (Source: Ameresco, Worcester Bus. Journal, Dec., 2020)Contact: Ameresco, David J. Anderson, EVP, (508) 661-2264,

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    Cambridge to Monitor Bldg. Energy Efficiency from Space (R&D)
    Cambridge, UK Space Agency
    Date: 2020-12-09
    The University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy is one of 21 UK organisations awarded a share of over £7 million in funding from the UK Space Agency's National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP).

    The Cambridge research team will develop and build a prototype high-resolution thermal infrared space telescope and related satellite communications to track a structure's energy consumption and efficiency as well as develop end-user climate change cases to identify buildings using large amounts of energy.

    UK Space Agency grant funding supports companies and universities with radical ideas for tackling climate change through earth observation or addresses satellite communications challenges. (Source: UK Space Agency, Website PR, 7 Dec., 2020) Contact: University of Cambridge, Dr Ian Parry, Cambridge Institute of Astronomy, +44 1223 337548 ,; UK Space Agency,

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    Vestas Confirms 74 MW Ilmatar Energy Turbine Order (Int'l. Report)
    Vestas, Ilmatar Energy
    Date: 2020-12-09
    In Finland, Helsinki-headquartered wind energy developer Ilmatar Energy has placed an order with Vestas for six V150-4.2 MW wind turbines totaling 74 MW for the Voimamylly and Rasakangas wind projects in Southwest and Central Finland.

    The order includes supply, installation and commissioning, a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution and a 30-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement. Deliveries for both projects are expected to begin in Q3, 2021 for commissioning in Q1, 2022.

    With this deal, Vestas has roughly 400 installed wind turbines in Finland totaling close to 1.3 GW to date and an additional 1 GW currently under construction. (Source: Vestas, Ilmatar Energy, PR, 7 Dec., 2020) Contact: Ilmatar Energy, Juha Sarsama, CEO, +358 20 742 4499,,; Vestas, +34 649 29 4007,

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    Chilean Forest Products Co. Claims Carbon Neutrality (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-12-09
    Santiago, Chile-headquartered global forest products manufacturer Arauco reports it is the first forest products company to achieve carbon neutrality by following two complementary paths -- efficiencies at an operational level that allow the company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time an increase in CO2 captures by the native forest, forest plantations, and carbon stored in forestry products. The company plans to further reduce its emissions by incentivizing suppliers to reduce their own footprints, continuing to replace fossil fuels, and increasing its use of by-products.

    According to Arauco Human Resources and Sustainability VP Charles Kimber, "Climate change is without a doubt one of the most serious problems being faced by our planet." (Source: Arauco, Woodworking Network, 7 Dec., 2020) Contact: Arauco, Charles Kimber, VP Sustainability,

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    Alternative Fuels, Clean Diesel Funding Offered in Michigan (Funding)
    Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy
    Date: 2020-12-07
    In Lansing, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) reports the availability of $322,800 in funding for clean diesel and alternative fuel engine and equipment replacement projects under a competitive grant request for proposals.

    The 2020-22 Michigan Clean Diesel Program RFP targets efforts to replace old diesel equipment, vehicles and engines with cleaner alternative fuel, electric or hybrid versions. Cities, townships, villages, county governmental agencies, public school districts, private schools, public transit agencies, port authorities, metropolitan planning organizations, nonprofit organizations or private businesses can apply for the grants.

    Download Michigan Clean Diesel Program details HERE. (Source: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, PR, Dec., 2020) Contact: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy,

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    DTU Researching Biomass Alternative Fuels (Int'l., R&D)
    Technical University of Denmark
    Date: 2020-12-07
    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby is working with the Synfuel Project on a way to efficiently convert biomass and wind energy into green methanol. This methanol can then be used as fuel for ships. It can also be used to replace diesel and kerosene after processing.

    Through this project, the university is offering a solution for storing energy from biomass and wind sources. It can then be used to make fuel for aircraft and ships, among other things. This technology is being developed with funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark.

    According to DTU chemical engineering researcher Jesper Ahrenfeldt, the Synfuel project uses hydrogen in a Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC) to make a liquid fuel. Synthesis gas is a mixture consisting of hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide that is released during the gasification of biomass. Straw was used for this in this project. (Source: technical University of Denmark, PR, 6 Dec., 2020) Contact: Denmark Innovation Fund,; DTU Energy, Synfuels Project, Professor Peter Vang Hendriksen, +45 46 775 725,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News DTU,  Synfuel,  Alternative Fuel,  

    Global CCS Institute 2020 Global Status on CCS (Report Attached)
    Global CCS Institute
    Date: 2020-12-07
    The Melbourne, Australia-headquartered Global CCS Institute's recently released 2020 Global Status on CCS report notes the total capacity of carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities operating and under development grew by 33 pct world-wide over 2019. The report notes:
  • The CCS facility pipeline continued to grow three years in a row, with global capture and storage capacity nearly doubling within three years and increasing by one-third since 2019;

  • Almost 40 million tpy of CO2 are being captured from 26 commercial CCS facilities currently in operation;

  • Presently 65 commercial CCS facilities are in various stages of development globally;

  • The U.S. presently hosts the highest number of operational CCS facilities globally as well as 12 of the 17 new commercial CCS facilities added to the project pipeline in 2020;

  • The US has some of the most advanced supportive policies for CCS of any country in the world, including the enhanced 45Q tax credit and the California Low-Carbon Fuel Standard;

  • 2020 saw increased ambition and support for CCS in Europe as well. The Norwegian Government announced its green light for the Langskip project.

  • Funding for CCS infrastructure was earmarked in the UK's Spring Budget with the goal of developing several hub and clusters during the decade. Elsewhere in Europe, the first call of EU's €10 billion Innovation Fund for CCS projects, was launched in July, this year;

  • In Asia Pacific, regional collaboration between countries and businesses continued to gather pace in 2020 in order to advance technical understanding and develop regulatory frameworks, with notably Australia and Japan making progress in terms of domestic policies and CCS investments;

  • In a move that will reduce both cost and risks to government and industry, CCS hubs and clusters -- the shared use of CO2 transport and storage infrastructure among companies -- is predicted to support a boom in the adoption of CCS in the coming years;

  • The report echoes findings by the IPCC, which shows that CCS is vital to meet net-zero Paris climate targets.

    Download the Global Status of CCS 2020 report HERE. (Source: Global CCS Institute, Dec., 2020) Contact: Global CCS Institute, Guloren Turan, GM, Brad Page, CEO, +61 3 8620 7300,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Global CCS Institute,  CCS,  

  • DTU Researching Biomass Alternative Fuels (Int'l., R&D)
    Technical University of Denmark
    Date: 2020-12-06
    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby is working with the Synfuel Project on a way to efficiently convert biomass and wind energy into green methanol. This methanol can then be used as fuel for ships. It can also be used to replace diesel and kerosene after processing. Through this project, the university is offering a solution for storing energy from biomass and wind sources. It can then be used to make fuel for aircraft and ships, among other things. This technology is being developed with funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark. According to DTU chemical engineering researcher, researcher Jesper Ahrenfeldt of DTU Chemical Engineering The Synfuel project uses the hydrogen in a Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell (SOEC) to make a liquid fuel.” Synthesis gas is mixed with hydrogen which is then converted into fuel. Synthesis gas is a mixture consisting of hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide that is released during the gasification of biomass. Straw was used for this in this project. The entire process is powered by wind energy. (Source: technical University of Denmark, PR, 6 Dec., 2020) Contact: Denmark Innovation Fund,; DTU Energy, Synfuels Project, Professor Peter Vang Hendriksen, +45 46 775 725,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Technical University of Denmark news,  

    NAIT Innovation Centre Earns CaGBC LEED Gold (Ind. Report)
    Canada Green Building Council
    Date: 2020-12-04
    In Edmonton, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is reporting its Productivity and Innovation Centre has achieved LEED Gold certification from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

    The building's LEED qualifying features include: green cleaning supplies and housekeeping program; low emissions paint, surfaces and floor coverings; low-flow plumbing fixture that deliver 30 pct reduction in water consumption; 90 pct of construction waste recycled; solar panel arrays; 40 pct reduction in energy costs, and others. (Source: NAIT, PR, Dec., 2020) Contact: NAIT, 780.471.6248,,; Canada Green Building Council, (866) 941-1184,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Canadian Green Building Council,  LEED Certification,  Energy Efficiency,  

    SFU Sustainable Energy School Scores LEED Gold (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-12-04
    In Burnaby, British Columbia, Simon Fraser University (SFU) School of Sustainable Energy Engineering reports it recently completed 220,000 sq-ft Surrey Campus building has earned Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) LEED Gold certification for sustainable design and operations.

    The five-storey building incorporates 330 precast white cement panels with reflective surfaces organized around the light filled atrium and live trees at varying levels. The building incorporates various LEED qualifying energy efficiency features and underground parking, modern wet and dry teaching labs, classrooms, study spaces, faculty offices, meeting rooms and a 400-seat lecture hall. The project was partially funding through the federal government's Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) and matched by the Province of British Columbia. (Source: Simon Fraser University, PR, Construction Business, 1 Dec., 2020) Contact: Simon Fraser University, Larry Waddell, Chief Facilities Officer,; Canada Green Building Council, (866) 941-1184,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Canada Green Building Council,  Energy Efficiency,  LEED Certification,  

    Climatetrade, Algorand Partnership Announced (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-12-04
    Valencia, Spain-based carbon offsetter Climatetrade, a blockchain-marketplace for CO2 carbon offsetting, announced today it will leverage Algorand's scalable, secure and decentralized digital blockchain technology network to bring its technology to the next level.

    Climatetrade brings transparency and traceability into carbon markets with blockchain solutions services to large corporations. Climatetrade and its customers will be use Algorand as its primary infrastructure layer and leverage its carbon offsetting capabilities.

    Climatetrade aims to help companies achieve their sustainability goals by offsetting CO2 emissions and financing climate change projects. (Source: Cliamatetrade, Algorand Website PR, 2 Dec., 2020) Contact: Cliamtetrade, Francisco Benedito, CEO,; Algorand,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climatetrade,  Carbon Offset,  

    Scottish Homes to Test 100 pct Green Hydrogen Heating (Int'l.)
    Ofgem, Hydrogen
    Date: 2020-12-02
    In Scotland, 300 homes in Fife are slated to become the first in the world to use 100 pct green hydrogen to heat their properties as part of a 4-year trial that could help households across the country replace fossil fuel gas.

    The test aims to determine whether zero carbon hydrogen, made using renewable energy and water, could help the UK meet its fossil fuels reduction and climate goals.

    UK energy regulator Ofgem, has awarded £18 million to support the project and the Scottish government is adding £6.9 million in grant funding. Ofgem is also supporting a £12.7 million project from National Grid for "offline" hydrogen trials, using old gas grid pipes, to test the safety of transporting hydrogen. (Source: Ofgem, Guardian, 30 Nov., 2020) Contact: Ofgem, Jonathan Brearley, CEO, +44 0207 901 7225,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ofgem,  Green Hydrogen,  

    EPA Misses 2021 RFS RVO Announcement (Opinions & Asides)
    Renewable Fuels Association,National Farmers Union
    Date: 2020-12-02
    Commenting on the US EPA's again missing the annual statutory deadline for the release of the RVOs, Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper said:

    "It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that EPA is missing its statutory deadline for publishing the final rule for 2021 RVOs, given that we still haven't even seen a proposed rule. And even if a proposed rule was released today, it would be next to impossible to have a final rule done by the end of the calendar year, or even by inauguration day.

    "At this point, it likely makes more sense to let the new administration handle the 2021 RVO rulemaking process entirely. President-elect Biden has correctly noted that the RFS waivers granted by the current EPA have severely cut ethanol production, costing farmers income and ethanol plant workers their jobs. Thus, we are confident that the new EPA administrator, whoever that may end up being, will stop doing secret favors for oil refiners and ensure the RFS is implemented in a way that is consistent with the law and Congressional intent. We know it may take a few months for the new administration to get a final 2021 RVO rule done, but in the meantime, the statute is crystal clear that refiners must blend at least 15 billion gallons of conventional renewable fuel in 2021.

    "So, while there may be some uncertainty around where the final advanced and cellulosic volume requirements may end up, the marketplace should be able to enter 2021 with some level of confidence around the conventional renewable fuel and biomass-based diesel requirements."

    National Farmers Union President Rob Larew added, "By punting a decision on 2021's RVOS to the next administration, EPA is introducing yet more uncertainty to the biofuels industry -- uncertainty that most farmers and biofuels producers can't afford right now. Despite promising again and again to uphold RFS, the Trump administration has consistently undermined the program with its misappropriation of small refinery exemptions, preferential treatment of oil corporations, and disregard for its legal responsibility to restore lost demand, all of which has cost America's farmers and biofuel producers dearly. To add insult to injury, fuel use -- and, consequently, ethanol use -- has dropped significantly during the pandemic, cutting deeply into profits.

    "Trump's EPA has almost invariably fallen short in its handling of biofuels, and today's decision, or lack thereof, is no different. We sincerely hope Biden's EPA learns from their mistakes and takes biofuels policy in a much more promising direction." (Source: National Farmers Union, Renewable Fuels Association, FencePost, 30 Nov., 2020) Contact: National Farmers Union, Rob Larew, Pres., (202) 554-1600,; Renewable Fuels Association, Geoff Cooper, Pres., CEO, (202) 289-3835,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Fuels Association,  RFS,  National Farmers Union ,  

    Ambient Energy Office Wins WELL Silver Certification (Ind. Report)
    Ambient Energy,International WELL Building Institute
    Date: 2020-12-02
    Denver-based energy consulting specialist Ambient Energy reports receipt of International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) WELL Silver Certification for their 3.400 sq-ft Denver office space. The company is one of only six in Colorado and among the first in the nation to achieve this important certification.

    Ambient Energy works with owners, facility managers, and design teams to save money, improve a building's total cost of ownership, optimize productivity, and maximize performance in the design, construction, and operations of buildings . With offices in Denver and in San Francisco, Ambient has to date completed : more than 20 million sf of Commissioning Projects; 15 Zero Net Energy Projects; 20+ LEED Platinum Projects; 200+ LEED Certified and Registered Projects and 4 WELL Registered Projects. (Source: Ambient Energy, Contact: International WELL Building Institute, 646.883.5001, Fax -- 646.607.1058,,; Ambient Energy, 303-278-1532,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ambient Energy,  International WELL Building Institute ,  

    Enel Group Plans Green Hydrogen Growth (Int'l. Report)
    Enel Group,Hydrogen Europe
    Date: 2020-11-30
    At last weeks European Hydrogen Forum, a gathering of industry leaders, policy-makers, government representatives and researchers, the Enel Group reported plans to grow its green hydrogen capacity to over 2 GW by 2030 and to integrate electrolyzers with renewable energy plants producing electricity for direct sale and ancillary services to support further renewable penetration in the grid, with green hydrogen also being sold to industrial customers.

    According to Enel Group CEO Francesco Starace, the company is developing green hydrogen projects in Spain, Chile and the United States. Starace noted the cement, fertilizer and chemical industries, as well as transport by sea or air cannot be fully electrified and need green hydrogen if we want to achieve a fully decarbonized society going forward. For these sectors, green hydrogen can truly be the answer to decarbonization. Technological development, however, is just in the initial phase and we have to accelerate its pace and study its evolution carefully in order to avoid mistakes in capital allocations and bets in solutions that need to be tested before large investments are put to work, Starace added.

    The European Hydrogen Forum was jointly organized by the European Commission's Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), in partnership with Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research. (Source: Enel Group, Romania Business Review, 27 Nov., 2020) Contact: Enel Group, Francesco Starace, CEO,; Hydrogen Europe,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Green Hydrogen,  Enel Group,  

    England's Tallest Onshore Wind Turbine Gets the Nod (Int'l.)
    Ambition Community Energy
    Date: 2020-11-30
    In the UK, Bristol City Council reports it has approved a planning application by Ambition Community Energy (ACE) for what is reportedly the 150-metre tall -- reportedly the world's largest -- onshore wind turbine to be erected in Avonmouth, near Bristol.

    When fully operational, the 4.2 MW turbine will generate sufficient power for roughly 4,000 homes and save more than 2 tpy of CO2 emissions.

    Ambition Community Energy (ACE) is a not-for-profit community interest company established by the resident-driven charity Ambition Lawrence Weston. (Source: Ambition Community Energy, PR, BusinessLive, 27 Nov., 2020)Contact: Ambition Community Energy,

    Uniper Energy, Neutral Fuels Partner on Maritime Biofuel (Int'l.)
    Uniper Energy, Neutral Fuels, International Maritime Organization
    Date: 2020-11-30
    In the UAE, Uniper Energy DMCC (UED) and Dubai-based Neutral Fuels have announced a collaboration to provide maritime biofuel in Fujairah, UAE. UED supplies very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO), and Neutral Fuels, winner of the ADIPEC 2020 Company of the Year Award in the Solutions to Climate Change category, pioneered the commercial viability of net zero biofuels to replace fossil fuels.

    The two companies will blend UED's VLSFO and Neutral Fuels biofuel, creating a maritime fuel that meets the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standard, thereby cutting emissions of carbon dioxide. Limiting sulfur in shipping fuels to 0.5 pct as mandated by the IMO reduces a significant source of atmospheric pollution.

    Neutral Fuels biofuels are produced from used vegetable cooking oil, have no land-use issues, are not in competition with food production, and do not cause or support deforestation, according to the company website. (Source: Neutral Fuels, Website PR, 26 Nov., 2020) Contact: Neutral Fuels, Gary Hubbard, CCO, +971 (0) 50 384 283,,; Uniper Energy,; International Maritime Organization,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Marine Biofuel,  Biofuel,  CO2,  Carbon Emissions,  International Maritime Organization,  

    Climate Change Notable Quotes
    China Climate Change
    Date: 2020-11-27
    "The human race cannot ignore the (climate change) warnings of nature over and over again." -- Chinese President Xi Jinping, Sept., 2020

    "The United States rejoining the Paris Agreement would create a tremendous momentum for the fight against climate change." -- International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir., 25 Nov., 2020)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IEA,  Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  

    IATA Launches New Exchange for Offsets Trading (Ind. Report)
    International Air Transport Association
    Date: 2020-11-25
    Geneva, Switzerland-based International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports the launch of the Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE) the first centralized, real-time marketplace integrated with the IATA Clearing House (ICH) for the settlement of funds on trades in carbon offsets. ACE will be a key tool helping airlines efficiently manage these important transactions

    ACE, which was developed in conjunction with commodities trader Xpansiv CBL Holding, enables airlines and other aviation stakeholders, enable aviation industry players to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing credits in certified forestry projects, clean wind energy operations, protection of eco-systems and remote community-based, and other projects to cut emissions. The platform will be a key tool for airlines in fulfilling their obligations under CORSIA which was agreed by governments through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2016. (Source: IATA, Mirage, 25 Nov., 2020) Contact: IATA, Alexandre de Juniac, CEO, Director General,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News International Air Transport Association,  Aviation Emissions,  Carbon Offset ,  

    IMO MEPC Approves Amendments to Cut Ship Emissions (Int'l.)
    International Maritime Organization
    Date: 2020-11-23
    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) reports its approval of draft new mandatory regulations to cut the carbon intensity of existing ships. MEPC also agreed the terms of reference for assessing the possible impacts on States, paying particular attention to the needs of developing countries -- Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDCs).

    The draft amendments to the MARPOL convention would require ships to combine a technical and an operational approach to reduce their carbon intensity. This is in line with the ambition of the Initial IMO GHG Strategy, which aims to reduce carbon intensity of international shipping by 40 pct by 2030, compared to 2008.

    The draft amendments will now be put forward for formal adoption at MEPC 76 session, to be held during 2021.

    Details HERE; IMO GHG Strategy, HERE. (Source: IMO, Website PR, Nov., 2020) Contact: IMO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News International Maritime Organization ,  IMO,  Maritime Emissions,  

    Leeward Completes Sweetwater 3 Wind Farm Repowering (Ind. Report)
    Leeward Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-11-23
    In the Lone Star State, Dallas-based Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC is reporting repowering of its Nolan County, Texas, Sweetwater 3 wind farm to increase the facility's capacity from 135 MW to roughly 146 MW. GE Renewable Energy supplied turbines for the repowering as well construction services and ongoing operations and maintenance services for the project.

    The Sweetwater 3 repower replaced and enhanced major existing components of 90 legacy GE Renewable Energy wind turbines resulting in increased capacity, reliability and performance, and reduced operating cost. Sweetwater 3 will continue providing energy to its offtake partner, San Antonio-based CPS Energy, under its long-term PPA, according to the release.

    Leeward Renewable Energy owns and operates a portfolio of 21 wind farms across nine states, with 20 in operation and one under construction, totaling approximately 2,000 megawatts of generating capacity. (Source : Leeward Renewable Energy, LLC, PR, Contact: Leeward Renewable Energy, 214.515.1100,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Leeward Renewable Energy,  Wind,  GE Renewable Energy,  

    Xi Calls for G-20 Paris Climate Agreement Implementation (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Date: 2020-11-23
    Addressing the G-20 Leaders at the Riyadh Summit via video link, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the G-20 countries to take the lead in tackling climate change, follow the guidance of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and push for the full and effective implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Xi also reaffirmed China's commitment to striving to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Xi noted "China has put in place the world's biggest clean energy system, and will pursue clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy and accelerate the growth of new energy and green industries to promote greener economic and social development in all respects."

    Xi added China supports deepening G-20 cooperation in reducing land degradation, conserving coral reefs, and cleaning up plastic from the ocean.

    While 19 of the G20 member country leaders were listening to Xi, the soon-to-be former U.S. President Donald Trump was tweeting and playing golf! Enough is Enough. (Source: G20, MINT, Various Media, 23 Nov., 2020)Contact: G20,; UNFCCC, Monique Nardi,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News G20,  Climate Change,  Paris Climate Agreement,  UNFCCC,  

    UK Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution (Int'l Report Attached)

    Date: 2020-11-20
    The recently released Ten Point Plan will mobilize £12 billion of government investment, and potentially 3 times as much from the private sector, for green-- renewable energy technology and finance, laying the foundations for decades of economic growth by delivering net-zero emissions in a way that creates jobs

    The UK, the first major economy to embrace a legal obligation to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, will establish Task Force Net Zero to advance this national priority, and through next year's COP26 Summit,will urge countries and companies worldwide to join the UK in delivering net zero globally.

    Download the UK Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution policy paper HERE. (Source: Gov. UK Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Nov., 2020) Contact: UK Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Green Energy,  Renewable Energy,  Climate Change,  

    Boralex Takes Control of 3 Quebec Wind Farms (Ind. Report, M&A)
    Date: 2020-11-20
    Montreal-headquartered Boralex Inc. is reporting an agreement to acquire the full 49 pct equity stake held by the Province of Quebec Pension Fund -- Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ) -- in 3 wind farms totaling 296 MW in Quebec, already 51 pct owned by Boralex.

    The 3 wind farms, located in the Avignon RCM in Gaspesie and the Appalaches RCM in eastern Quebec, are equipped with Enercon turbines and have long-term PPAs with Hydro-Quebec Distribution, expiring between 2032 and 2033 with a weighted average remaining contract duration of nearly 12.5 years.

    As part of the acquisition, Boralex will pay $121.5 million cash to CDPQ on closing, which may be supplemented by a conditional consideration of up to $4 million subject to the settlement of certain future conditions that need to be met. The closing is expected to take place at the end of November 2020, subject to standard closing conditions. With this transaction, Boralex's installed capacity will be 2,212 MW. (Source: Boralex Inc., Website, PR, 19 Nov., 2020) Contact: Boralex, Patrick Lemaire, Pres., CEO, (514) 985-1353,; CDPQ, 514 847-5493,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Boralex,  Wind,  CDPQ,  

    Irish Soil Carbon Observatory to Monitor Emissions (Int'l. Report)
    Ireland Soil Carbon
    Date: 2020-11-20
    In Dublin, the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine, reports the Department is investing in the establishment of a National Agricultural Soil Carbon Observatory to monitor carbon emissions and removals across a range of Irish soils.

    The National Agricultural Soil Carbon Observatory will comprise up to 10 "Flux Towers" on agricultural systems across a range of soil types adding value to existing projects including; the industry co-funded SignPost farms and the Agricultural Catchments Programme. The Observatory will place Ireland at the forefront of EU carbon sequestration research and will enable Ireland to:

  • better quantify and model soil carbon emissions and sinks from agricultural land;

  • enable mitigation measures to increase carbon sequestration to be included in the national inventory;

  • participate in the EU ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) network:

  • enable Ireland to benefit from the 2018 EU Effort Sharing Regulation. (Source: Gov. of Ireland, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, PR, 19 Nov., 2020) Contact: Ireland, Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine,

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