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Green Leasing Gains Momentum in Office Sector (Ind. Report)
Green Building
Date: 2018-06-04
According to the Miamai-brased law firm Greenberg Traurig, green leasing is making a big comeback and landlords who invest in green upgrades and environmentally friendly practices will be one step ahead of other landlords in attracting new tenants.

In Denver, younger workers are gravitating towards employers who provide a healthier work environment and lifestyle beyond just offering competitive compensation and employers are scrambling to respond and landlord likewise, are moving forward with green upgrades and environmentally friendly practices, according to Greenberg Traurig.

Denver's young workforce values proximity to public transportation, first-rate bicycle facilities, on-site gym facilities, vehicle charging stations and prime parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles. They also want a location that is convenient to their lifestyle, so that they can ride-share to work and walk out of their office and be only a few steps away from restaurants, bars, shopping and other modern amenities, Greenberg Traurig adds. (Source: Greenberg Traurig, Denver Business Journal, 4 June, 2018) Contact: Greenberg Traurig,

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KEPPEL Pledges 28.8 pct Emissions Cut by 2030 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-06-04
In Singapore, KEPPEL Corp reports it has set a new long-term target of cutting its carbon emissions intensity by 28.8 per cent from 2010 levels by 2030 in its global operations.

The new goal is atop the company's previous 2014 goal of hitting a 16 pct improvement in carbon emissions from 2020 business-as-usual levels, according to the company's latest sustainability report. It is also in line with Singapore's national target of cutting carbon emissions by 36 pct from 2005 levels by 2030.

KEPPEL's total direct emissions from the use of fuels and waste-to-energy plants fell to 1.07 million tonnes of CO2 from 1.21 million t-CO2 in 2016. The decrease is being credited to a combination of green initiatives such as the replacement of diesel generators at its shipyards with electricity or renewable energy, increased energy efficiency and reduced overall yard activities,

KEPPLE Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) is a global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialized shipbuilding. It integrates and harnesses the experience and expertise of 20 yards and offices worldwide to be near customers and markets. (Source: KEPPLE, Singapore Bus. Times, 31 May, 2018) Contact: KEPPEL Corp., +65 6270 6666, +65 6413 6391 - fax.,,

Cadillac Fairview Touts Energy Smart Operations Success (Ind. Report)
Cadillac Fairview
Date: 2018-06-01
Toronto-headquartered high-end commercial property owner and operator Cadillac Fairview (CF) reports it has deployed its Energy Smart Operations (ESO) program in 27 CF buildings across Canada.

CF's data-driven ESO platform enables the organization to instill proactive measures for sustainability, achieve internal energy reduction targets as set by CF's pioneering Green at Work® sustainability program, extend equipment life, reduce both energy costs and tenant issues, and improve overall energy efficiency performance on building certifications.

CF also reports its Yonge Corporate Centre and Simcoe Place buildings in Toronto, and Tour Deloitte in Montreal have been awarded Natural Resources Canada ENERGY STAR certification from for superior energy performance. CF is one the first organizations in Canada to receive LEED and ENERGY STAR certification.

Valued at around $29 billion, CF's Canadian portfolio includes over 38 million square feet of leasable space at 67 properties. (Source: Cadillac Fairview Corp, PR, May, 2018) Contact: Cadillac Fairview, Karen Jalon, Senior Director, Sustainability and Energy Management, (416) 598-8246,; ENERGY STAR Canada,

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Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network UKBioChem10 Report (Ind. Report)
Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network
Date: 2018-06-01
In the UK, the Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network (LBNet) has released its new UKBioChem10 report. LBNet, a government-funded body tasked with fostering cross-disciplinary communities in the industrial biotechnology sector, supports the biotechnology sector and promotes novel bio-based chemical research.

The LBNet report identifies the top ten green alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals and urges the UK government to invest in specific plant-based chemicals to replace environmentally harmful plastics and petroleum products.

The LBNet is one of 13 collaborative Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy set up by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC NIBB) to boost interaction between academia and industry, and promote the translation of that research into benefits for the UK.

Download highlights from the UKBioChem10 report HERE. (Source: LBNet, May, 2018) Contact: LBNet,, Veronica Ongaro, +44 (0) 1904 328 761,,; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council,

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The Donald's Offshore Nemesis Installs Final wind Turbine (Int'l)
European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre
Date: 2018-05-30
Vattenfall is reporting the installation of the last of 11 wind turbines at the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) in the North Sea, off the coast of Aberdeen Bay, Scotland. The installation used a gigantic suction bucket jacket foundation.

The EOWDC is scheduled to generate its first power in the summer, producing the equivalent of more than 70 pct of Aberdeen's domestic electricity demand and displace 134,128 tpy CO2.

LC Energy report readers will no doubt remember now president Donald Trump's war with the EOWDC project in opposition to which he claimed "offshore wind will destroy Scotland" because he thought it would spoil the view from his Aberdeen Bay golf resort that was then under construction. Trump took legal action to kill the EOWDC project but lost on the absurdity of his claim. (Source: EOWDC, Vattenfall, 29 May 2018) Contact: Vattenfall Innovation, Daniel Hustadt, Proj. Manager, Gunnar Groebler, VP Wind Energy, Magnus Hall, CEO, Pres, +46 8 739 5000,; EOWDC, Aberdeen Renewables, Adam Ezzamel, Project Director, +44 (0) 1224 522104,

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GBCA Adds Biodiversity to Focus (Int'l Report)
Green Building Council of Australia
Date: 2018-05-30
In the Land Down Under, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) wants the building sector to consider biodiversity and ecology the same way it does about climate change and energy. To that end, the council has released Building With Nature, a discussion paper that envisages GREEN STAR projects increasing the amount of green space in cities, improving biodiversity, ensuring connectivity of nature and promoting restoration.

The The paper proposes changes to Green Star that would provide credits to projects for:

  • choosing sites within current urban boundaries or with limited initial ecological value;
  • protecting, enhancing or creating ecological value;
  • providing facilities and programs that encourage people to connect with nature;
  • creating habitats and ecosystem services on-site and across the landscape that increase city resilience;
  • engaging with state and local governments early to promote aligned responses that increase urban biodiversity;
  • using ecological offsets to further promote land or ecosystem restoration. GREEN STAR ratings would continue to be denied to projects that are built on areas for high ecological value or that impact on sites of national significance.

    The paper has identified five principles with which a new approach to biodiversity and ecology would be based:

  • protect ecological value, by encouraging development on land of limited value;
  • minimize ecological impact, by reducing the impact on on-site ecology and biodiversity during and after construction;
  • enhance ecological value and biodiversity, by improving the site as a first priority, and only then should off-site ecology be considered;
  • connect ecological networks, by linking or maintaining connections between native or built landscape corridors;
  • create and manage on-site and off-site natural spaces, by constructing new natural environments within the built environment and encouraging the maintenance of enhancements on-site and off-site.

    The GBCA expects new requirements to be adopted from 2020. (Source: GBCA, Fifth Estate, 29 May, 2018) Contact: GBCA, Romilly Madew, CEO, +61 2 8239 6200,

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  • China World Renewable Energy Employment Leader (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2018-05-30
    According to the Renewable Energy & Jobs Report report from the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewable energy employment worldwide is concentrated in China, Brazil, the United States, India, Germany and Japan. China accounts for more than 40 pct of all renewable energy jobs -- 83 pct in solar heating and cooling and 66 pct in the solar photovoltaics sector, but less in wind power. Both wind power and solar heating and cooling declined as the pace of new capacity additions slowed.

    Large hydropower employment job markets were led by China, India and Brazil, followed by the Russian Federation, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran and Viet Nam, according to IRENA. (Source: IRENA, brand-e, Others, 29 May, 2018) Contact: IRENA, +91 2 417 9000,

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    WA Carbon Tax Addresses Environmental Justice (Reg & Leg)
    Washington Governor Jay Inslee.
    Date: 2018-05-30
    In Washington State, "communities of color" are reported to be organizing support for Initiative 1631, a state carbon tax that would charge $15 per ton on carbon emissions starting in 2020.

    Front and Centered, an organization that represents communities of color fighting climate change, notes the disproportionate effects, such as higher asthma rates for children of color, in these communities. According to Front and Centered, "(Initiative) 1631 represents an opportunity to put the cost burden back onto the polluters and holds the largest corporate polluters accountable, because our communities, you know, we've been paying our fair share. And now it's time to make it more equitable, in that sense."

    Thirty-five pct of the fee would be earmarked for communities of color. Fifteen-percent of the carbon tax collected would address the oversized energy burden for low-income households, 10 pct would go to Native American tribes affected by climate change, and a $50-million reserve from the fee would assist displaced fossil-fuel workers. Opponents of the measure say companies could pass the cost of the fee onto Washingtonians. Initiative 1631 is supported by Washington Governor Jay Inslee. (Source: Washington Public News Service, 29 May, 2018)

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    Dutch Gov. Appealing 2015 GHG Reduction Ruling (Int'l Report)
    Netherlands, GHG
    Date: 2018-05-30
    At the Hague, the Dutch government reports it has appealed a 2015 court ruling which ordered it to slash greenhouse gases by 40 pct over 1990 levels by 2020. The 2015 ruling came as a result of environmental rights group Urgenda's effort to force a national reduction of emissions blamed for global warming.

    The Dutch government's appeal of the 2015 court ruling, challenges the "extent of judges' control over the future policies of the state". A ruling in the case is expected in the coming months.

    In related news, the Dutch government has announced it intended to close two of its oldest coal-fire plants by 2025. Three remaining coal plants will also be closed no later then by 2030. The Netherlands is committed to cut its CO2 emissions by 49 pct by 2030. (Source: Various Media, Space Daily, 28 May, 2018)

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    SGL Carbon Touts "Strategic Realignment" (Ind. Report)
    SGL Carbon
    Date: 2018-05-30
    The SGL Group - The Carbon Company is reporting a return to its original SGL Carbon moniker as its new company name.

    SGL Carbon is a technology-based company and a leader in the development and production of carbon-based solutions. Its high-quality materials and products made from specialty graphite and composites are used in the automotive, aerospace, solar and wind energy, semiconductor and LEDs, as well as in the production of lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage systems sectors.

    In 2017, SGL Carbon generated sales of around €860 million. The company operates 34 locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. (Source: SGL, Inside Composites, 29 May, 2018) Contact: SGL Carbon, Dr Jurgen Kohler, CEO,

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    UMaine Orono Investigating Woody Biomass Proposal (Ind. Report)
    University of Maine Orono
    Date: 2018-05-28
    In the Pine Tree State, the University of Maine in Orono is considering a proposal from Honeywell International to provide "green" heat and electricity from an on-campus Renewable Energy Center.. The center would be fueled by locally sourced woody biomass and solar energy.

    The proposed energy system conversion to woody biomass is being driven in part by the university's goal of virtually eliminating net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Honeywell says its project will achieve 85 pct of that goal. The university presently spends roughly $10 million a year on electricity and heat, an amount the could be slashed to $4.3 million with the new power plant and solar array, Honeywell estimates.

    The on campus 6-MW central heating and power plant would burn approximately 70,000 tpy of wood chips from sustainably harvested local timber. The CHP plant would use natural gas and oil or liquid biofuels as backups for its boilers, as well as the 40MW solar array. A similar but smaller biomass facility at the University of Maine at Farmington campus burns 4,000 tpy of locally harvested hardwood chips, and replaced nearly 400,000 gallons of oil. (Source: Univ. of Maine Orono, Honeywell International,, Portland Press Herald, 22 May, 2018) Contact: University of Maine Orono,

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    Carleton Univ. Touts Energy Efficiency Plan (Ind. Report)
    Carleton Univ
    Date: 2018-05-28
    In Ottawa, Ontaio, Carleton University is reporting release of a new energy master plan, part of a strategy for reducing current energy consumption and ensuring energy conservation levels are maintained as the campus evolves. The school's 2018-2021 Energy Master Plan goals include:
  • building a co-generation energy plant; developing a program to increase efficiency by optimizing equipment;
  • completing light-emitting diode (LED) lighting replacement;
  • increasing research opportunities;
  • introducing a green engagement fund to support smaller programs with the intent to educate or engage the campus community on an element of sustainability;
  • exploring private-sector partnerships to take early advantage of emerging technologies; and
  • expanding access to energy data, including more energy display screens at key locations.

    The first phase of implementing building energy retrofits has been completed and they have provided energy and water savings, as well wider environmental benefits. Carleton has achieved a 2,693,298 kWh reduction in annual electricity use, a 25,247 m3 (891,589 cf) reduction in annual water use and a 19,076 m3 (673,662 cf) reduction in annual natural gas use. (Source: Carlton University, Construction, PR, 28 May, 2018) Contact: Carlton University, Darryl Boyce, Assist. VP Planning & Facilities Management, (613) 520-2600,

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  • Facebook Inks 294MW Wind PPA in Norway (Int'l Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-05-25
    Social mega-media player Facebook reports the signing of a 15-year PPA for the entire output of the 294MW, Bjerkreim cluster of three Norwegian wind farms due to come online in late 2019.

    The €400 million ($469 million) Bjerkreim cluster will supply 1,000 GWh of electricity per year, enough to help offset the power used by Facebook's Nordic data centers in Odense, Denmark, and Lulea, Sweden.

    The Bjerkreim cluster incorporates 70, 4.2-MW Siemens wind turbines and is operated by Luxcara of Germany. Swedish utility Vattenfall will integrate the output into the Nordic grid, provide balancing services, and supply Facebook. The Bjerkreim deal is Facebook's largest single purchase of renewable energy and is Norway's largest wind project to date. (Source: Facebook, DataCenter Dynamics, 24 May, 2018)

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    Siemens Enlighted Acquisition Drives Bldg. Energy Efficiency (M&A)
    Siemens Building Technologies, Enlighted Inc
    Date: 2018-05-25
    Siemens Building Technologies Division reports it is acquiring Sunnyvale, California-based Enlighted Inc., a leading provider of advanced digital sensory systems for smart IoT (Internet of Things) systems in buildings.

    Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. Closing is expected in Q3 of 2018. Enlighted will be managed as an independent legal entity and wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Industry, Inc.

    Enlighted's IoT platform for commercial real estate consists of multi-function sensors, distributed computing, its own network, and software applications that enables reduced energy use, improved space utilization, better environmental management and greater asset utilization. These sensors can be installed in every light fixture with the ability to collect data 65 times per second to detect environmental and occupancy changes and react to lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) needs in real-time.

    The Enlighted platform can cut lighting costs of a building up to 85 pct when combined with advanced LED fixtures and, when combined with Siemens solutions, can optimize the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. (Source: Siemens AG, PR, 24 May, 2018) Contact: Enlighted Inc., (650) 964-1094,; Siemens Building Technologies,

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    ETW Biomethane Plant Under Construction in France (Int'l)
    ETW Energietechnik
    Date: 2018-05-23
    Last month, German energy plant constructor ETW Energietechnik reported the installation of its first biogas processing plant in Scherwiller, France. The compact ETW SmarCycle® PSA biogas treatment system has a processing capacity of 230 - 385 standard cubic metres of biogas per hour, and was specially developed for the French market. Plant manufacturer Rytec from Baden-Baden is responsible for the entire project development and the installed fermentation line.

    According to the release, eEnergy experts assume that by 2030 France will be able to meet one-third of its gas requirements with biomethane. An essential prerequisite for the implementation, however, is the application of efficient and practice-proven processing technologies.

    ETW and its French partner GASEO, have integrated ETW SmartCycle technology into a compact, flexible and energy-efficient container concept that reduces space requirements, assembly times and without losses in biomethane quality. The "smart" process control reacts automatically even to large volume flow fluctuations and changing raw gas qualities with loss in yield or quality of the biomethane produced. (Source: ETW Energietechnik PR, 22 May, 2018) Contact: Dr. Oliver Jende, Sales Management +49 2841 9990 203, +49 173 418 6052,

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    London Mayor Planning Zero-Emission Zones by 2020 (Int'l)
    London Mayor Sadiq Khan
    Date: 2018-05-21
    In the UK, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is reportedly calling for the introduction of zero-emission zones in some parts of the capital from 2020 as part of a long-term vision of a carbon neutral city by 2050. In his Environment Strategy, the mayor calls for the city to adopt clean air policies, electric vehicle, an increase in London's current solar capacity to 1GW by 2030 and 2GW by 2050.

    The strategy includes a proposal on carbon budgets, aimed at reducing London's greenhouse gas emissions -- a 40 pct reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 levels in 2018-2022, which is in line with with the Paris climate agreement to limit global climate change to 1.5 degrees. In addition, the mayor will fund thousands more trees and improvements to community green spaces. Since assuming the mayor's chair, Khan has directly funded the planting of over 70,000 trees and committed £4 million to support additional plantings. (Source: Office of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Fleet News, Iran Financial Tribune, 15 May, 2018) Contact: Office of London Mayor Sadiq Khan,

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    DEFRA OKs £2Mn for UK Peatland Restoration (Int'l Funding)
    Date: 2018-05-21
    In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reports it has approved a £2 million funding application from a partnership of regional organizations for funding the restoration of 1,680 hectares of peatland on Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and Exmoor.

    According to the restoration project leader Morag Angus, of South West Water, "The peatlands of South West England are very important for water quality, carbon storage, biodiversity, cultural history, recreation and farming but they are the most vulnerable in the UK to the impacts of climate change, due to their southerly position. For this reason, they need to be prioritized nationally and restored for the benefit of all and future generations."

    Peatlands store vast amounts of carbon in their soils -- about 60-times the amount of carbon that is released annually from fossil fuel burning. One-third of all the soil carbon in the world is in peatland ecosystems even though they cover only 3 pct of the terrestrial land surface, according to a 2015 joint study from Chapman University in California, University of Oregon and Purdue University . (Source: DEFRA, Cornish Times, 20 May, 2018)Contact: DEFRA,

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    Sandia Scientists Convert Plant Lignin into Biochemicals (R&D)
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Date: 2018-05-21
    In San Francisco, Sandia National Laboratories scientists are touting new technology based on bio-engineered bacteria that can make it economically feasible to produce chemicals from renewable plant sources -- lignin. Lignin is the component of plant cell walls that gives them strength. It is brimming with energy but getting to that energy is so costly and complex that the resulting biofuel can't compete economically with other forms of transportation energy. Once broken down, lignin can be converted into nylon, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other valuable products.

    "For years, we have been researching cost-effective ways to break down lignin and convert it into valuable platform chemicals," Sandia bioengineer Seema Singh said. "We applied our understanding of natural lignin degraders to E. coli because that bacterium grows fast and can survive harsh industrial processes," she added in the work published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,. (Source: Sandia National Laboratories, IANS, Quint, 19 May, 2018) Contact: Sandia National Laboratories, Seema Singh, Bioengineering, (925) 294-4551,

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    Reno Touts Energy Efficiency Leaders, ReEnergize Reno (Ind. Report)
    City of Reno
    Date: 2018-05-21
    In the Silver State, the City of Reno is touting its first annual Green Building Awards celebrating the accomplishments of local leaders in building energy efficiency. The event took place on May 8th.

    Award recipients included four organizations that have invested in green and high-efficiency buildings: the Glenn Group, Harrah's Reno Hotel and Casino, the University of Nevada, and the Veterans Administration Hospital. Reno also recognized two notable ENERGY STAR certified buildings -- JC Penney's Logistics Center and Silver Lake Apartments -- both of which had recorded significantly lower energy consumption than their peers across the nation.

    In addition, the City lauded eleven leaders in the city's ReEnergize Reno energy efficiency challenge program. Through the program, launched in October of last year, commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings have committed to cut their energy consumption 20 pct by 2025.

    Details on the ReEnergize Reno program are HERE. (Source: City of Reno, NRDC, May, 2018)

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    Veridium, IBM Partner on VERDE Carbon Credit Tokens (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-05-18
    Environmental FinTech company Veridium reports it is partnering with IBM to help transform the carbon credit market using blockchain technology.

    Veridium, a collaborative initiative of EcoSmart Labs, Brian Kelly Capital Management, IDEAcarbon, Everland and CBL Markets, will leverage IBM's blockchain technology and expertise to transform carbon credits into a new type of digital asset that can be redeemed and traded. IBM will provide the token architecture and token interface with its various industry specific Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platforms.

    According to Veridium, integrating the entire process of carbon accounting and offsetting into a digital token on a public, permissioned blockchain network can help make measuring environmental impact, transferring ownership rights, and redeeming the underlying carbon offset more efficient.

    The token, called VERDE, will represent carbon accounting and offsetting backed by environmental assets, including Triple Gold REDD+ credits from InfiniteEARTH, which authored the first REDD+ forest carbon accounting methodology, a protocol now embodied in the UN Paris Agreement. (Source: Veridium, Block Tribune, 17 May, 2018) Contact: Veridium, Todd Lemons, CEO,; IBM, Bridget van Kralingen, Senior VP, Industry Platforms and Blockchain,

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    Grassley Warns Pruitt to Shape-Up or Ship-Out (Notable Quote)

    Date: 2018-05-18
    Iowa's senior senator Chuck Grassley (R) is calling for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to support the Trump Administration's biofuels policies, the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and the biofuels industry in general. Failing Pruitt's support, Grassely said he'd call for Pruitt's resignation.

    "I'm done playing around. I've supported Pruitt but if he pushes changes to RFS that permanently cut ethanol by billions of gallons he will have broken Trump's promise and should step down and let someone else do the job of implementing Trump's (biofuel) agenda. Trump was elected with an agenda; Pruitt was not elected," Grassley said.

    Grassley's position is in response to growing farm-state frustration with the EPA's management of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compelling refiners to use biofuel such as corn-based ethanol. Iowa is a top producer of both corn and ethanol. (Source: Wallaces Farmer, Others, Bloomberg, 17 May, 2018) Contact: Sen. Chuck Grassley (R),

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    Fulcrum BioEnergy Nevada BioFuels Plant Breaks Ground (Ind. Report)
    Fulcrum BioEnergy
    Date: 2018-05-18
    Pleasanton, California-based waste-to-fuels specialist Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc. reports construction is underway on Phase 2 of its first waste-to-fuels project, the Sierra BioFuels Plant (Sierra), in McCarran, about 20 miles east of the city of Reno, Nevada.

    The Sierra project will utilize Fulcrum's proprietary thermochemical process to convert household garbage into low-carbon transportation fuels which, when compared to traditional petroleum transportation fuel, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80 pct., according to the company.

    When commissioned and fully operational in Q1, 2020, Sierra will convert approximately 175,000 tpy of household garbage into more than 10.5 million gpy of biofuel, according to the company. (Source: Fulcrum Bioenergy Inc., PR, 16 May, 2018) Contact: Fulcrum Bioenergy Inc, Rick Barraza, VP Administration, (925) 224-8244,,,

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    Pfister Contracts for Lockheed Martin Solar Field (Ind. Report)
    Pfister Energy
    Date: 2018-05-18
    Hawthorne, New Jersey-headquartered Pfister Energy reports it has contracted to design and construct a 2.5 MW, ground-mounted solar field for Lockheed Martin's Moorestown facility. The 8-acre installation is expected to shave 5 percent off of Lockheed Martin's annual energy costs.

    Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. (Source: Pfister Energy, PR, 17 May, 2018) Contact: Pfister Energy, Wayne Pfister, Pres., Lucy Giglio, 973-653-9880,,; Lockheed Martin,

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    Xebec, Sapio Group Partner on Biogas Plants (Ind. Report)
    Xebec Adsorption
    Date: 2018-05-18
    Quebec, Canada-headquartered Xebec Adsorption Inc., a global provider of gas generation, purification, and filtration solutions for the energy and renewables marketplace, reports it has inked an exclusive Market Development and Commercialization Agreement with Monza, Italy-based , Sapio Group.

    Under the agreement, Sapio is committed to purchase multiple Xebec biogas upgrading plants totaling €33 million ($39 million) to be delivered over three years. Sapio Group is the largest industrial gas company in Italy. Its business model includes the production and distribution of bio-liquefied natural gas (bio-LNG) throughout Italy. The two companies anticipate 30 to 40 bio-LNG facilities will be built over the next 3 to 5 years. Xebec will provide the biogas upgrading units, including a CO2 reduction module, that will lower the CO2 content in the product gas down to 50 ppm, allowing for on-site liquefaction of the renewable natural gas (RNG) and conversion into bioLNG. (Source: Xebec Adsorption, PR, 17 May, 2018) . Contact: Xebec Adsorption, Kurt Sorschak, President, 450)-979-8700,; Sapio Group, +39 039 83981 - Fax +39 039 836068,,

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    London Mayor Calls for Zero-Emission Zones by 2020 (Int'l)

    Date: 2018-05-16
    In the UK, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is reportedly calling for the introduction of zero-emission zones in some parts of the capital from 2020 as part of a long-term vision of a carbon neutral city by 2050. In his Environment Strategy, the mayor calls for the city to adopt clean air policies, electric vehicle, an increase in London's current solar capacity to 1GW by 2030 and 2GW by 2050.

    The strategy includes a proposal on carbon budgets, aimed at reducing London's greenhouse gas emissions -- a 40 pct reduction in CO2 emissions from 1990 levels in 2018-2022, which is in line with with the Paris climate agreement to limit global climate change to 1.5 degrees. In addition, the mayor will fund thousands more trees and improvements to community green spaces. Since the start of his mayoralty, Khan has directly funded the planting of over 70,000 trees and has committed £4 million to support additional plantings. (Source: Fleet News, Iran Financial Tribune, 15 May, 2018)

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    EcoEnergy Insights Touts CORTIX™ Platform (New Prod & Tech)
    EcoEnergy Insights
    Date: 2018-05-16
    EcoEnergy Insights, a provider of analytics-driven energy management and business outcome services, is reporting the launch CORTIX™, an advanced artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) platform that delivers actionable insights to help buildings run smoothly and reduce operational costs and boost efficiency.

    CORTIX helps predict future business setbacks that may have unintended costs. It does this by employing advanced machine learning so that as outcomes of its recommendations are fed back in, CORTIX "learns" their effectiveness and uses this information to predict similar situations in the future. The platform is product-agnostic, allowing seamless connections to various building assets regardless of configuration. Currently, CORTIX processes over 150 million records per day in over 2,300 cities worldwide.

    EcoEnergy Insights is part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. (Source: EcoEnergy Insights, PR, 15 May, 2018) Contact: EcoEnergy Insights, 770-429-3000,,; CORTIX,

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    National Grid Issues $1Mn Energy Efficiency Rebate (Ind. Report)
    National Grid,Rochdale Village
    Date: 2018-05-16
    National Grid reports it will provide more than $1 million in energy efficiency rebates to the owners of the world's largest housing cooperative, Rochdale Village in Jamaica Queens, New York.

    The 120-acre housing co-op includes 20 apartment buildings, a daycare center, three schools, a public library, a business district, two shopping mall and a power plant, saves about 1.3 million therms annually as a result of energy efficiency measures. The co-op is on pace to meet the Big Apple's Carbon Challenge to reduce building emissions by 30 pct by 2025.

    Rochdale Village recently completed several energy efficient improvements including, installation of low-flow shower heads in apartments, new roof installations on over 20 structures, and a campus-wide conversion to LED lighting. (Source: National Grid, Energy Insider, 15 May, 2018) Contact: National Grid, Louis Rizzo, Energy Programs Operations,; Rochdale Village,

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    NYCEEC Co-CEO to Advance Energy Efficiency Financing (Ind. Report)
    New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation
    Date: 2018-05-16
    The New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC) announced expanded senior leadership today to accelerate its growth and to deliver on its mission to advance energy efficiency and clean energy financing solutions. Board member Curtis Probst has joined Susan Leeds as co-CEO.

    The new leadership team will focus on growing NYCEEC's lending platform and new initiatives to build energy efficiency and clean energy financing markets for commercial and multifamily buildings. On the horizon are the launch of C-PACE in New York City, the strategic expansion of NYCEEC's loan originations to an eight-state region including New York State, and continued innovation in support of critical initiatives such as net-zero affordable housing renovations through RetrofitNY.

    NYCEEC is a non-profit finance company that provides loans and financing solutions for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. NYCEEC has financed over $135 million of energy efficiency and clean energy projects across hundreds of buildings and nearly 5,000 affordable housing units. (Source: NYCEEC, PR, PRNewswire, 15 May, 2018) Contact: NYCEEC, Susan Leeds, CEO, Posie Constable, Director of Business Development, Posie Constable, Head of Business Development, (646) 797-4630,,

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