Peabody Energy

Peabody is guided by a singular mission: to be the leading worldwide producer and supplier of sustainable energy solutions, which power economic prosperity and result in a better quality of life. The company has a proud legacy of stewardship and sustainability, earning more than two dozen major honors for safety, environmental excellence and good neighbor practices in the past two years while operating the world’s largest and most productive mine in 2008. This reputation is tied to results. Safety is core to Peabody energy’s mission, and the company has delivered the best two-year safety performance in its history. Another key principle of the company’s mission is to “leave the land in a condition equal to or better than we found it.” More than 20 years before land restoration was required by law, Peabody launched “Operation Green Earth,” an ambitious program to restore rangeland, wildlife preserves, hardwood forests, wetlands and recreation areas on mind lands. About 6,100 acres of mined lands were restored in 2008, and during the past three years, the company established more than 1,400 acres of forest and planted nearly 1.7 million trees. In addition, the company injected $14,000,000,000 into global economies last year and donated more than $5,800,000 for education, scholarships and community needs in 2008. (Source: Peabody Energy)

Contact: Fredrick D. Palmer, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Peabody Energy, (314) 342-3400 ,

QuantumSphere Emissions Control Catalysts (Subscriber Profile)

QuantumSphere, Inc., a leading developer of advanced catalyst materials for portable power, transportation, and other clean technology applications, today announced the introduction of its nano enhanced emissions technologies (NEET) high-performance nano metal catalyst dispersions designed for a wide variety of emission control devices. QuantumSphere’s NEET formulation has demonstrated a measured improvement in efficiency, reduction in precious metal loading and cost, and overall durability.

Certain nanometals produced by QuantumSphere have been optimized as emissions control catalysts, reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and other pollutants generated by internal combustion engines used in light and heavy duty vehicles as well as off-road and stationary applications. Addressing a major pain in this multi-billion dollar market opportunity, the highly reactive properties of QuantumSphere’s nanocatalysts can reduce cost up to 35% and increase performance up to 25%, depending on the application. This is achieved by removing more pollutants using less precious metals, such as Platinum and Rhodium, typically used in the manufacture of catalytic converters. Furthermore, these nanometals have anti-sintering properties that improve the durability of the emissions control devices, thereby extending the operating life.

“QuantumSphere has developed key emission control technology to provide competitive advantages to customers looking for custom formulations for use in thermo-catalysis reactions,” said Dr. Fabrizio Rinaldi, director of emissions control applications for QuantumSphere, Inc. “These advanced catalyst coatings can be tailored for specific reactions within the catalytic converter, using lower cost metals and more cost-effective application techniques, deliver high levels of consistent performance and durability in emission control applications.”

QuantumSphere is currently engaged with several companies and supply-chain providers in the emission control industry to demonstrate how its nanometals can be applied in the manufacturing process to improve performance and durability while lowering costs.

QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI) leverages its award winning advanced catalyst materials and process chemistry expertise to develop, manufacture, and license solutions for a broad range of portable power and clean-tech applications. The company’s proprietary products, available in commercial volume, are used by industry leading companies to lower costs and enable breakthrough performance in established multi-billion dollar and high-growth markets such as batteries and fuel cells for portable power, emissions reduction for transportation and stationary applications, and chemical synthesis of ammonia for food production.

Founded in 2002, QSI’s mission is to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources and provide near-term, revolutionary, portable power and clean-technology products. QSI achieves this through continuous innovation and refinement of its proprietary catalyst materials, unique process chemistries, high-performance electrode systems, and other advanced technology platforms. (Source: QuantumSphere, Inc.) Contact: QuantumSphere, Inc., Kevin D. Maloney, President & CEO, (714) 545-6266,,

ScottMadden, Inc. (Subscriber Profile Feature Article)

ScottMadden is a consulting firm that for over 25 years has served more than 150 energy organizations, including 15 of the top 20 in the U.S., and completed thousands of projects. They have helped some of the best in the business in nuclear, fossil, renewables, transmission, distribution, gas, regulatory, and a host of other areas. The company has used this experience in energy to build their sustainability and clean tech practice to help companies adapt to emerging issues of sustainability, resource stewardship, energy costs, and customer and investor preferences for lower-impact solutions. Their focus areas are enterprise sustainability, clean tech and infrastructure.

Enterprise Sustainability — ScottMadden works with clients to integrate business practices with external forces and help clients align their business model, policies, practices, and products to create a cohesive strategy. This enables them to respond to, and leverage, growing government and market forces. Focus areas are carbon markets, energy efficiency, demand response, measurement & verification, green supply chain and environmental compliance.

Clean Technologies — ScottMadden assists clients in developing Clean Tech strategies, business models, and business plans. They also help with project development, due diligence, acquisitions, and other transactions, working with clients to create renewable portfolio strategies and leverage all elements of the Clean Tech value chain. Focus areas are renewables of all types, emerging technologies, distributed generation, and nanotechnologies.

Infrastructure Development — ScottMadden assists clients in creating value from the Smart Grid, both now and in the future, as well as accessing financial support from federal grant, loan guarantee and tax credit opportunities. Contact: ScottMadden Inc., Jere “Jake” Jacobi, Partner, (404) 814-0020,,

Lewis and Roca

Lewis and Roca is a premier full service law firm in the Southwest. With almost 200 attorneys across six markets, the firm serves a diverse base of local, regional, national and international clients, including some of the world’s largest corporations. In today’s ever-shifting markets, established and emerging companies continue to look to us to provide the solid foundation on which their businesses are built; enhancing and enabling our clients’ success.
Lewis and Roca represents companies developing and building alternative energy facilities including utility scale renewable generation plants. We also represent large industrial and commercial users in developing distributed generation facilities. Our work in this area has included due diligence associated with selecting facility locations, pursuing regulatory approvals at the Corporation Commission, appearing before State Siting Committees, various municipal governments and other state agencies. We have advised clients in negotiating contracts with third party lenders and securing water rights necessary for these facilities. We have also worked with these clients to insure the continuation of favorable tax and other state incentives for the development of alternative power.

Lewis and Roca is also familiar with the unique challenges faced by utilities in the 21st century. These challenges are compounded in the Southwest by such issues as scarce water resources, vast areas of public lands owned and controlled by state, federal, Tribal and other governmental agencies and a unique, arid environmental setting. Lewis and Roca has one of the region’s most capable Energy, Telecommunications and Utilities Practice Groups, which provides comprehensive experience assisting utilities, developers and industrial users with energy, communications and water resources concerns unique to our dynamic, fast growing region.

Whether seeking advice regarding permits, compliance, enforcement, contract negotiations, litigation or agency relations and rulemakings, the breadth of the firm’s overall practice provides our clients access to a wide range of legal experience. The firm’s government relations group assists clients at the federal, state and local levels in complying with and shaping the utilities laws and regulations that govern your business environment. Our real estate, corporate and tax group represents utilities in purchasing land for facility sites, advising in state tax law updates and negotiating sale and purchases of energy, telecommunications with utility interests.

Contact: Matt Bingham, Associate, Lewis and Roca LLP (602) 262-5320,, ,Carla Consoli, Practice Group Leader & Partner, Lewis and Roca LLP (602) 262-5311,