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Veolia Leading Dubai Sewage Plant Biogas Project (Int'l Report)
Date: 2019-10-07
The Municipality of Dubai is reporting a partnership with the French waste-to-energy group Veolia Environment for the conversion of biogas from the Warsan Sewage Treatment Plant into green energy that will be used to power the sewage treatment plant itself.

The project is expected to reduce the annual operating costs of the plant and to cut the plant's CO2 emissions by 31,000 tpy, equivalent to emissions from 7,000 homes in Dubai. The Warsan plant will convert 58,000 cubic meters per day of biogas into electricity when fully operational. (Source: Veolia, Middle East Utilities, 6 Oct. 2019) Contact: Veolia Environnement,

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Dubai Joins Building Efficiency Accelerator Initiative (Int'l.)
Dubai Supreme Council of Energy
Date: 2019-09-11
The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy reports it has joined the Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) Initiative, which is pledged to double the rate of energy efficiency improvement in the building sector by 2030.

The BEA Initiative was launched by The World Resources Institute (WRI) and Johnson Controls (JCI) to increase awareness and adoption of building energy efficiency programs. The Initiative aims to build market awareness and action on local government leadership by example, particularly in the developing world, local benchmarking and sustainable building certification and labeling approaches, innovative financing to support efficiency investments and distributed energy systems at the building and community scale. (Source: Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, DEWA, Aug., 2019) Contact: Dubai Supreme Council of Energy , Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman, DEWA CEO, ; World Resources Institute,; Johnson Controls, Clay Nesler, (855) 324-3650,; Building Efficiency Accelerator Initiative,

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Stanford, DEWA Collaborate on Solar Energy R&D (R&D, Int'l)
DEWA,Stanford University
Date: 2019-08-07
In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) reports it's Research and Development Center will collaborate with California's Stanford University on radiation cooling to improve the efficiency and performance of solar panels. The research will include the utilization of autonomous robots in monitoring and maintaining solar power plants, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast the performance and production of photovoltaic solar plants in the short term.

The DEWA R&D Centre, situated at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, also has renewable and alternative energy co-operation agreements with the U.S. DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre, as well as the United Arab Emirates University and Khalifa University.

The UAE National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031 aims to position the UAE as a global leader in AI by 2031; the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 aims to diversify the country's energy mix and provide 75 pct of Dubai's total power output from clean sources by 2050. (Source: DEWA, MEP Middle East, Stanford, DEWA, Aug., 2019) Contact: DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO,; Stanford,

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Renewable Energy Finance Initiative Launched in Bahrain (Int'l.)
Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company
Date: 2019-07-29
In Manama, the Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company (BCFC) is reporting the launch of the Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (The Sun) aimed at encouraging the use of clean, renewable energy for comprehensive development and at reaching the country's goal of 5 pct renewable energy by 2025 -- 250 MW in 2025 increasing to 10 pct in 2035.

The new financial scheme is based on the "Tenant-to-Owned" system, which provides an opportunity for the business sector to benefit directly and effectively from the installation of solar power systems in return for a monthly rent, which is determined by the amount of electricity generated and each buildings space available for solar panel installations. (Source: BCFC, TradeArabia News Service, 27 July, 2019) Contact: BCFC, Dr Adel Hubail, CEO,

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Dubai Claims 19 pct Cut in Carbon Emissions (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2019-07-01
In the UAE, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) is reporting the country's carbon emissions have decreased 19 pct compared to the Business As Usual (BAU) scenario and 10 pct below the Carbon abatement strategy 2021 target to reduce the carbon emissions by 16 pct by 2021.

The DSCE uses the UN's MRV methodology (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) to track the Emirate's carbon emissions as part of its long term strategic plans to reduce its CO2 emissions. Data collected over the past 5 years shows a decline in the per capita annual consumption of electricity from 13626 kwh in 2015 to 11731 kwh in 2018. The decline is expected to reach 10538 kwh by 2025. (Source: DSCE, PR, Emirates 24/7, 30 June, 2019) Contact: DSCE, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman,

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Etihad Airways Cuts Carbon Emissions (Int'l., Ind. Report)
Etihad Airways
Date: 2019-05-08
In Dubai, Etihad Airways reports it reduced its carbon emissions by 148,000 tonnes in 2018, as it used more fuel-efficient aircraft to help meet its emissions and sustainability goals. The savings are equivalent to around 1,236 flights between Abu Dhabi and Barcelona, or the removal of over 10,200 cars off the road, the airline said, without qualifying whether the emissions had to do with its reduced fleet size. (Source: Etihad Airways, Gulf News Aviation, 7 May, 2019) Contact: Etihad Aviation Group, Corporate Affairs, +971 50 818 9596,,

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DEWA CSP-PV Solar Park Achieves Financial Close (Int'l. Report)
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Date: 2019-04-26
In the UAE, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the consortium led by ACWA Power and Silk Road Fund, are reporting the financial closing of the $13 billion, 950MW fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

According to a DEWA release, the project will use 700MW of CSP; 600MW from a parabolic basin complex and 100MW from a solar tower; and 250MW from photovoltaic solar panels and will provide sufficient clean energy for 320,000 residences and reduce 1.6 million tpy of carbon emissions.

The 44 square kilometer project has achieved several world records., including the world's lowest CSP Levelized Cost of Electricity of 7.3 cents (US) per kWh and the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity for photovoltaic technology of 2.4 cents (US) cents per kWh. The project will feature the world's tallest solar tower at 260 metres and the largest thermal storage capacity of 15 hours, according to the release. (Source: DEWA, ESI Africa, 25 April, 2019) Contact: DEWA,

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Dubai Considering Industrial Energy Efficiency Programme (Int'l)
Etihad Esco
Date: 2019-04-22
Etihad Esco, the Dubai-based energy efficiency company, is reporting Dubai is expected to roll out an efficiency programme targeting industry by 2021. Energy efficiency programmes have gained traction in the Middle East, with the UAE and now Saudi Arabia looking to generate higher energy savings.

To that end, Etihad Esco had set targets of 20 pct energy savings by 2021 and 30 pct by 2030 and is is eyeing Dh500 million ($136,127million) worth of energy savings by 2030 primarily from rooftop solar.

Over the last decade, Dubai has saved about Dh1.2 billion through efforts to conserve electricity and water, and plans to reduce carbon emissions by 16 pct cent by 2021 as well as energy and water use by 30 per cent by 2030, according to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

Etihad Esco currently has projects worth $250 million in the works with schemes worth between $150 million and $200 million planned for 2019. Etihad Esco is also looking at opportunities in Saudi Arabia, where it recently signed an agreement with holding company Vision Invest to establish a joint entity to provide energy efficiency solutions in the kingdom. (Source: Etihad Esco, The National, April 20, 2019) Contact: Etihad Esco, Ali Al Jassim, CEO,

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Dubai Plans World's Largest Concentrated Solar Power System (Int'l)
ACWA Power
Date: 2019-04-05
In the UAE, Saudi Arabian firm ACWA Power reports it has been selected as the primary team for a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) system to be constructed in Seih Al-Dahal, 30 miles south from Dubai. When commissioned and online in 2030, the project is expected to produce 950 MW of power total -- 250 megawatts from PV panels and a further 700 from CSP.

The Dubai CSP project's project molten salt tanks will store 15 hours of capacity. The project will involve building an 853-foot solar tower, which its developers claim will be the largest in the world. The solar park as a whole is expected to produce 5 GW gigawatts when completed. (Source: ACWA Power, Inverse, April, 2019) Contact: ACWA Power, +971 4 248 0800,

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Saudi Arabia Moves to Mitigate Carbon Emissions (Int'l Report)
Saudi Arabia, Climate Change
Date: 2019-03-13
In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) reports the development of its first nationally determined contribution (NDC) under the 2015 Paris Climate Accord aiming to avoid up to 130 million tpy of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 2030. The country's power and water sectors together account for more than 40 pct of the kingdom's greenhouse gas emissions.

According to KAPSARC, a continuation of current policies is expected to increase power sector emissions in 2030 by 70 pct over 2015 levels. Rationalising costs of fuel inputs is critical to driving large CO2 emissions reductions and providing a net economic benefit to the Saudi Arabian economy. In its calculations, KAPSARC evaluates alternative scenarios in terms of their practical implications on Saudi Arabia's CO2 emissions, electric power production, fuel consumption, investments and cost-effectiveness, as well as on the kingdom's oil exports and revenues. The suggested policy approaches include:

  • A portfolio standard that requires up to 50 GW of solar, wind and nuclear technology deployment;
  • A clean energy standard that simulates a set of national policies that reduce the carbon intensity of electricity and water production;
  • A partial fuel price reform, where fuel prices are gradually raised to about half of international price levels by 2030; and
  • A full fuel price reform where fuel prices are raised to international levels.

    Under the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, solar energy would account for 25 pct of the emirate's energy supply requirements, nuclear 7 pct, clean coal 7 pct and natural gas 61 pct by 2030, with an extended goal to increase solar to 75 pct by 2050. (Source: King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, Middle East Technical Review, 12 Mar., 2019) Contact: King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, Adam Sieminski, Pres., +966 11 225 1064,,

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  • DEWA Seeking Dubai Concentrated Solar Power Park Developer (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-03-04
    In a press release, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has issued a request for qualification for developers to construct and operate the fifth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, with a capacity of 900MW. The fifth phase is expected to be commissioned in stages starting from Q2 of 2021.

    The 5,000 MW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is the largest single-site strategic solar park of its kind in the world. The 13MW photovoltaic first phase became operational in 2013 using photovoltaic solar panels while the 200MW photovoltaic second phase of the solar park started operations in March 2017. The 800MW photovoltaic third phase will be operational by 2020 while the fourth phase of the solar park will feature the tallest solar tower in the world at 260 metres and the largest thermal storage capacity of 15 hours.

    The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 calls for 75 pct of Dubai's total power output to be sourced from clean energy by 2050. (Source: DEWA, reve, 3 Mar., 2019) Contact: DEWA,

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    DEWA Tendering 900MW CSP Solar in Dubai (Int'l Report)
    Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
    Date: 2019-03-01
    Following up on our November 7, 2018 coverage, the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) reports the issuance of a tender for 900MW of solar power located within the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park -- one of the world's largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) developments.

    The tender follows Dubai's regional neighbour Abu Dhabi's 2GW solar tender via the Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC). Dubai's Phase V project is due to be commissioned in Q2 2021 and the power generated by the plant will be purchased by DEWA under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). Dubai's Phase V project is due to be commissioned in Q2 2021 and the power generated by the plant will be purchased by DEWA under a long-term PPA. (Source: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Middle East Utilities, 28 Feb., 2019) Contact: Dubai Electricity & Water Authority,

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    Danube, Johnson Controls Tout UAE Energy Efficiency Deal (Int'l)
    Danube Properties
    Date: 2019-02-15
    In Dubai, UAE-based property developer and owner Danube Properties reports it has entered into an alliance with global energy management and efficiency specialist Johnson Controls to ensure all Danube Properties projects incorporate the latest energy efficiency technology products.

    The buildings and building construction sectors combined are responsible for 36 pct of global final energy consumption and nearly 40 pct of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions, stated the company, citing the data from International Energy Agency (IEA). (Source: Danube Properties, Trade Arabia, 14 Feb., 2019) Contact: Danube Properties,; Johnson Controls, Bill Jackson, Pres, Building Efficiency,

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    Etihad, Vision Invest Launch Saudi Energy Efficiency JV (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-02-11
    Reporting from Riyadh, Saudi holding company Vision Invest and the UAE's Etihad Energy Services (ESCO) are reporting the formation of a joint entity to provide energy efficiency solutions.

    Etihad ESCO enables the energy performance contracting market in Dubai and has retrofitted more than 2,000 facilities delivering average savings of close to 35 pct -- more than 88 GW of electricity, 246 million IG of water and offset more than 407,000 tpy CO2 emissions, according to the release. Vision Invest is a 2002 vintage Saudi investment and development holding company focused on investments in utilities, industrial gases, logistics and social infrastructure, as well as other sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Source: Etihad,, 10 Feb., 2019), Contact: Vision Invest,; Etihad ESCO, +971 (0) 4 322 03

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    Dubai Solar-Powered Green Hydrogen Project Breaks Ground (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-02-04
    In a press release, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it is collaborating with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and has broken ground for the first solar-driven hydrogen electrolysis facility in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The project will be constructed at DEWA's outdoor testing facilities in the Research and Development Centre at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai. (Source: DEWA, Emirates News Agency , 3 Feb., 2019) Contact: DEWA,

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    Saudis Increasing 2030 Renewable Energy Goals (Int'l Report)
    Renewable Energy
    Date: 2019-01-16
    In Abu Dubai, the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy reports it plans to integrate the country's renewable energy network -- which aims to produce 60 GW of energy -- 40 GW from solar and 20 GW from wind and other sources -- by 2030.

    In 2014, the country planned to produce 20 GW of solar energy and 7 GW of wind energy. solar energy and the rest from wind energy. (Source: UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News, 14 Jan., 2019) Contact: King Abdullah Atomic and Renewable Energy City, +966 11 808 5555,

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    Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit Course Offered in Dubai (Int'l)
    Emirates Green Building Council
    Date: 2018-11-21
    In Dubai, the Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) reports it will offer an advanced course under the Building Retrofit Training Programme. he course will be conducted in partnership with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) on December 12 and 13.

    The advanced course is intended to instruct and train construction and energy industry professionals on the key elements of retrofiting existing buildings and to support their technical capacity for more effective post-retrofit maintenance and preventive care, according to the EmiratesGBC release.

    The course covers the limitations, financial implications and risks and benefits of the retrofit measures. The training programme is based on the EmiratesGBC Technical Guidelines for Retrofitting Existing Buildings and serves as a handbook for all industry stakeholders to achieve higher levels of energy and water efficiency by retrofitting existing buildings.

    Course graduates are qualified as EmiratesGBC-certified Building Retrofit Specialists. (Source: EmiratesGBC, PR, TradeArabia News Service, Nov., 2018) Contact: Emirates Green Building Council, +971 4 346 8244,

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    DEWA Adding 250 MW of PV to 700-MW Dubai CSP Project (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-11-07
    In a press release, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it will expand its 700-MW concentrated solar power (CSP) project in Dubai with an additional 250-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) component.

    The project is the fourth phase of the 5-GW Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park that combines CSP and PV technologies. (Source: DEWA, PR, Renewables, Others, 5 Nov., 2018) Contact: DEWA,

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    Schneider Electric Innovation Simplifies Power Systems (Int'l)
    Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation,Schneider Eletric
    Date: 2018-11-02
    In Dubai, energy management specialist Schneider Electric is reporting the regional launch of its connected and scalable Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker which runs on the EcoStruxure Power architecture for enhanced energy efficiency.

    EcoStruxure Power can save up to 15 pct in maintenance costs, reduce energy spend by as much as 10 pct, and reduce project costs by up to 15 pct, according to the Schneider Electric release.

    The UAE Energy Strategy aims to generate 50 pct of the country's energy from clean energy by 2050, while the Dubai Energy Strategy is aiming for 75 pct of energy requirements from clean sources by 2050. The UAE hosted $72 billion worth of energy investment to 2022, according to the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (Apicorp). (Source: Schneider Electric, TradeArabia News Service, 1 Nov., 2018) Contact: Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation,; Schneider Electric,

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    DEWA Seeking Chinese Renewable Energy Partners (Int'l Report)
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    Date: 2018-10-17
    In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it is seeking Chinese partners for the development of green energy sources and will, over the next 30 years, invest approximately $8.2 billion in the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

    DEWA expects to generate 25 pct of its power from solar by 2030, increasing to 75 pct by 2050. To that end, the city commissioned the world's largest single-site solar park for Dubai in October 2013. The facility aims to have a 5,000 megawatt capacity by 2030, with a fifth coming from concentrated solar power. (Source: DEWA, PR, Yicai Global, 15 Oct., 2018) Contact: DEWA, Waleed bin Salman, Exec. VP Business Development, +971 4 601 9999,

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    JA Solar Supplies PERC Modules for Aramex Solar Project (Int'l)
    JA Solar,IMG Solar,
    Date: 2018-08-27
    In Beijing, solar products manufacturer JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. reports it has delivered 3.2MW of mono passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) modules for a solar project in Dubai Logistics City, e regional transportation hub.

    The project, which is reportedly the largest single-rooftop solar project in the MENA region, is constructed on a turnkey basis by Jordan's IMG Solar and is expected to generate 5,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. (Source: JA Solar, ME Construction News, 26 Aug., 2018) Contact: JA Solar Holdings,;IMG Solar IMG Solar,

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    DEWA Tests Solar Energy Storage in Dubai (Int'l Report)
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    Date: 2018-08-06
    In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is reporting the launch of a pilot project to install and test a 1.2MW/7.2MWh sodium sulphur battery energy storage system (NaS BESS), at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

    The storage pilot project will be connected to the DEWA grid. connect the storage systems to its grid. The project, in cooperation with Amplex Emirates, supports DEWA's efforts to promote energy efficiency, clean-energy production and energy storage technologies. (Source: DEWA, TradeArabia News Service, Aug., 2018) Contact: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Saeed Al Tayer, CEO, +971 4 601 9999, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of Dewa.

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    Dubai's Sustainable City Opts for B-100 Biodiesel (Int'l Report)
    Sustainable City, Diamond Developer
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In Dubai, The Sustainable City project developer, Diamond Developers, reports it has adopted B100 biodiesel to fuel the construction of new buildings as part of the community's second phase.

    The initiative will allow The Sustainable City project to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 150 tpy of CO2 during the construction period.

    Compared to conventional gasoline and petroleum diesel, B100 cuts harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide by 50 pct, polyaromatic hydrocarbons by 90 pct, nitrogen oxides by 95 pct, and particulate matter by 99 pct, according to the company release. (Source: Diamond Developers, Arabian Industry, 19 July, 2018)Contact: Sustainable City, Diamond Developers, Faris Saeed, CEO,

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    Gildemeister Al Shirawi Energy Solutions Launched in UAE (Int'l)
    Gildemeister Energy Solutions
    Date: 2018-06-27
    Wurzburg, Germany-based Gildemeister Energy Solutions GmbH reports it is entering a joint venture with Dubai's Al Shirawi Group to develop utility-scale solar projects in the UAE. The new JV company will be named to be called Gildemeister Al Shirawi Energy Solutions.

    The new company, called Gildemeister Al Shirawi Energy Solutions will work with local UAE developers and investors on rooftop solar installations, storage and e-mobile technology, according to the company release.

    Gildemeister has installed more than 8,000 solar systems in over 40 countries to date. (Source: Gildemeister Energy Solutions GmbH, Renewables, 25 June, 2018) Contact: Gildemeister Energy Solutions, +49 (0) 931-25064-250,,; Al Shirawi: Oasis Investment Co LLC

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    IPWI Acquires Bankrupt Small Wind Turbine Maker Gaia (Int'l, M&A)
    Gaia Wind Ltd,International Power and Water Investments
    Date: 2018-06-13
    In the UAE, Dubai-based investment firm International Power and Water Investments (IPWI) reports that Gaia Wind (Green Energy Solutions) Limited, a firm recently incorporated in Scotland, has acquired the intellectual property rights and assets of bankrupt, Glasgow, Scotland-based small turbine specialist Gaia Wind.

    IPWI is also invested in 4 Navitas (Green Energy Solutions) Limited, which recently commercialized a 55-kW vertical axis wind generator. (Source: IPWI, Renewables, June 12, 2020) Contact: Gaia Wind, John Andringa, CEO, +44 (0) 845 871 4242,; International Power and Water Investments, +971 4 3590607/8,

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    Emirates GBC Launches Regional Energy Benchmarking Program (Int'l)
    Emirates Green Building Council
    Date: 2018-06-04
    In the UAE, the Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) is touting its Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) Benchmarking Project for schools. The "first-of-its-kind" in the MENA region BEA project assesses the energy and water performance of existing buildings against similar buildings within the same typology. The project aims to establish the first industry energy and water benchmark for schools in the UAE.

    The BEA project is a global initiative led by World Resources Institute (WRI) under the UN program Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll), which aims to double the global rate of building energy efficiency by 2030. Dubai is the first and only city in the Middle East committed to the BEA, and EmiratesGBC is serving as the BEA City Liaison in partnership with Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) to measure energy performance of 100 buildings in Dubai across hotels, schools and malls.(Source: Emirates Green Building Council, ME Construction News, 3 June, 2018) Contact: Emirates Green Building Council,,

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    Dubai Marina Tower Awarded LEED Gold Certification (Int'l)
    US Green Building Council
    Date: 2018-06-04
    In Dubai, the Landmark Group reports it office tower in Dubai Marina has scored US Green Building Council LEED Gold Certification in the new construction type category.

    Landmark Tower, which was designed and constructed as a high-performance building, is now among 16 buildings in Dubai who have received Gold LEED Certification under LEED Building Design and Construction (BD+C): New Construction, Ver 3.

    The tower's energy efficiency feature include: an overall carbon footprint savings of approximately 1,332 metric tpy -- typical buildings power consumption ranges between 160 Kwh/sqm to 200 Kwh/sqm compared to Landmarks consumption of 113 Kwh/sqm/year; water consumption is 40 pct lower than International Plumbing Council standards; double layered clinical grade MERV 13 filters improve air quality as they remove bacteria, allergens and odour used to maintain the Tower's indoor air quality; automated lighting controlling systems with daylight harvesting and intelligent elevators with energy regenerative motors; toilets with dual flush system and water taps with sensors are also used in the building to avoid water wastage; automated BMS (building management system) throughout the day, and others.

    There are 15 LEED Platinum and 86 LEED Gold projects in the UAE under various LEED rating systems. (Source: Landmark Group, USGBC, Various Mewdia, 3 June, 2018) Contact: Landmark Group, +971-45174000,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    DEWA Issues Tender for MBR Solar Park 5th Phase (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-05-30
    In the UAE, the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) has issued a tender seeking IPP advisory services for Phase 5 of the MBR Solar Park, the largest solar project in the Middle East region. Specifically, the tender is seeking to assess how to reach the 5 GW target set for the project by 2030.

    The MBR Solar Park consists of two operational PV plants -- Phase 1 at 13 MW, and the 200 MW Phase II -- plus an 800 MW facility and a 200 MW CSP plant, both of which are under development. MW Phase III began in January 2017 with an expected completion scheduled for the end of this year. A 200 MW section of phase III came online in May and at the time, French project developer EDF said the following two 300 MW units would be commissioned in 2019 and 2020, according to PV Magazine. The 200 MW CSP section is due to be operational by 2021 and another 1 GW CSP section may be included in the final 5 GW solar park, according to DEWA. (Source: MiddleEast Utilities, 27 May, 2018) Contact: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Saeed Al Tayer, CEO, +971 4 601 9999,

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    UAE, Saudis Lead MENA Renewable Energy Sector (Int'l Report)
    Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation
    Date: 2018-05-21
    According the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP), an energy sector development bank, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading the Middle East and North Africa's (MENA) renewable energy market, where the demand for power is expected to increase by 6.4 pct annually until 2022.

    APICORP notes that MENA's major energy-importing companies are working to improve renewable energy legislation and infrastructure, while most exporting countries have "done little to incorporate renewables."

    According to APICORP large oil and gas reserves and cheap extraction costs mean that hydrocarbons continue to meet rising demand in countries like Kuwait and Algeria. Legislative factors such as "policy uncertainty" and the lack of an efficient and supportive regulatory framework, are also contributing factors to the slow uptake of renewable energy. Even so, the UAE and Dubai are "on trackā€ with their renewable energy targets and the introduction of competitive bidding, feed in tariffs (FiTs), tax exemptions, and power-purchase agreements (PPAs) to encourage renewable energy projects.

    The MENA countries typically include: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen. Ethiopia and Sudan are sometimes included. (Source: APICORP, Construction Week, 20 May, 2018) Contact: Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation,

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    Enova Completes Mall of the Emirates Solar Installation (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-05-14
    In Dubai, UAE commercial developer Majid Al Futtaim is reporting the commissioning of phase one of the Mall of the Emirates' solar photovoltaic (PV) plant. The facility incorporates 7,291 pv panels fitted to 1,068 carports and has a generation capacity of 3 GWh. Renewable energy and project manager Enova by Veolia oversaw the installation.

    The project is part of Majid Al Futtaim's Shopping Malls business unit plan to install solar PV to power three of its shopping malls by 2018. The objective is to source a minimum of 7.5 pct of energy use on site via renewable energy at all new developments and a minimum of 5 pct in existing buildings. (Source: ME Construction News, 13 May, 2018) Contact: Enova by Veolia, Anne Le Guennec, CEO, +971 (0) 420 38111,; Majid Al Futtaim,

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    DEWA, GBCI Ink Dubai Green Building, Energy Efficiency MoU (Int'l)
    Green Business Certification Inc
    Date: 2018-05-14
    In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Washington, DC-headquartered Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), an independent organization that recognizes excellence in green business industry performance and practice in 160 countries.

    Under the MoU, the two organizations will collaborate on building energy efficiency and related issues using the US Green Building Council's LEED Platinum certification standards and programs.

    The MoU supports DEWA's efforts to achieve the Demand Side Management Strategy to reduce electricity and water use by 30 pct by 2030, and the Carbon Abatement Strategy to cut carbon emissions by 16 pct by 2021. (Source: DEWA, Dubai Government Media Office, 13 May, 2018) Contact: Green Business Certification Inc.,; Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Saeed Al Tayer, CEO, +971 4 601 9999,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News USGBC,  Green Business Certification Inc.,  DEWA,  USGBC,  LEED Certification,  

    Abengoa Lands $650Mn Dubai CSP Project Contract (Int'l)
    Shanghai Electric Group,Abengoa SA
    Date: 2018-05-11
    Abengoa SA reports it has been selected to partner with Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd for a $650 million (€549 million) concentrated solar power (CSP) project in Dubai.

    The project is part of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority's (DEWA) four-phase Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar power complex. The 100-MW project will incorporate a 100-MW central tower and three 200-MW facilities of parabolic trough CSP technology provided by Agengoa. Shanghai Electric is acting as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. (Source: Shanghai Electric Group, Renewables, 10 May, 2018) Contact: Shanghai Electric Group,; Abengoa SA,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Shanghai Electric Group,  Abengoa SA ,  CSP,  

    CSP Ups Dubai's Renewables to 4 pct of Installed Capacity (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-05-09
    In DUBAI, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is reported to have inaugurated the 200 MW first stage of the 800MW third phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) is implementing the third phase using the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model at Levelised Cost of Energy of 2.99 US cents per kWh using photovoltaic solar panels. The 3rd phase is being implemented in partnership with a consortium led by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) and EDF Group. The second and third stages of this phase, which have a capacity of 300MW each, will be completed in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

    DEWA CEO Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer noted that the plant is the first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to use a single-axis solar tracking system, over 800,000 self-cleaning solar cells, and increases Dubai's renewable energy power production to 4 pct of total capacity. (Source: AETOSWire, Business Wire, 6 May, 2018) Contact: DEWA, Mosaad Abdelrahman, +971508057573, +97145151784,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ubai,  Solar,  DEWA,  

    DEWA 300MW CSP Tender Planned for Early 2019 (Int'l. Report)
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    Date: 2018-05-07
    In the UAE, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it is planning to launch a 300MW tender for a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant with storage in Q1, 2019. The project will to be located at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park where the phased development is targeting 5GW of capacity by 2030.

    A consortium led by Abu Dhabi's Masdar and France's EDF Group are expected to complete for the 2020 third phase of the project and have reportedly arranged $650 million in financing to that end. (Source: DEWA, The National, 3 May, 2018) Contact: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Saeed Al Tayer, CEO, +971-4-601-9999,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Dubai Electricity and Water Authority,  CSP Solar,  Solar ,  

    Vestas Scores Jordanian EPC Wind Turbine Contract (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2018-03-30
    Danish wind turbine giant Vestas reports it has secured an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract from Shobak Wind Energy for the 45MW Al Shobak wind farm in Jordan. The project will incorporate 13 V136-3.45MW turbines.

    Vestas will supply, transport, install and commission the hardware, as well as provide operations and maintenance for five years. Delivery is slated for Q2, 2019, for commissioning by the year end. Shobak Wind Energy is a subsidiary of Dubai-based Alcazar Energy. (Source: Vestas, 29 Mar., 2018) Alcazar Energy, +962 6 461 4005,; Vestas, +45 9730 0000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vestas,  Wind,  Wind Turbine,  

    Dubai Touting World's Largest CSP Solar Park Project (Int'l)
    Concentrated Solar
    Date: 2018-03-28
    In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is reporting ground breaking of a 700 MW solar project touted as "the world's biggest single-site Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project," near Al Qudra.

    The completed CSP project is expected to provide clean energy to over 270,000 homes in Dubai, estimated to cut 1.4 million tpy of power generation-related carbon emissions. The $13.5 billion CSP project will altogether generate 1,000 megawatts of clean energy by 2020 and 5,000MW by 2030. (Source: DEWA, Gulf News UA Environment, 20 Mar., 2018) Contact: DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO, +971-4-601-9999,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News DEWA,  CSP,  Concentrated Solar,  

    DEWA Studying 400MW Pumped Hydro Storage Island (Int'l)
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    Date: 2018-01-19
    The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it and the GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) and the Belgian Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering Group (DEME) have inked a MoU to study the possible construction of an island with a 400MW , 2,500MWh capacity pumped hydro storage power station in the Arabian Gulf. The initiative is part of DEWA's efforts to diversify the energy mix and enhance energy storage technologies.

    Stored hydropower reportedly accounts for the biggest share of the world's operational electricity storage. Pumped-storage facilities integrate well with irregular renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power as water is stored when excess energy is produced. (Source: DEWA, PR, Dubai Media Office, 16 Jan., 2018) Contact: DEWA , Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Dubai Electricity and Water Authority ,  Pumped Energy Storage,  Energy Storage,  

    Dubai Certified by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (Int'l)
    C40 Cities,Dubai Supreme Council of Energy
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In Dubai, the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence reports Dubai has joined the not-for-profit C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a global network of 75 major cities committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change by sharing knowledge and best practices.

    In 2013, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy established the Carbon Abatement Strategy 2021, in cooperation with the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, Dubai Carbon, and started an inventory of Dubai's GHG from 2011. In 2016, Dubai reduced 23.08 tons of carbon emissions per capita, compared to 18.37 tons per capita in 2011. (Source: Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Emirates News, Dec., 2017) Contact: Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman,; C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News C40 Cities,  Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  

    RSA Global Completes First Dubai Rooftop Solar Project (Int'l)
    RSA Global
    Date: 2017-11-29
    Multinational logistics firm RSA Global reports the launch and implementation of its first solar rooftop project atop its facility in Dubai Logistics City, Dubai South. The installation, which was developed and completed by Dubai-based joint venture SirajPower, will generate 1.1 MW and provide an alternative source of electricity for the next 15 years and generate 90 pct of the energy required for the facility.

    SirajPower, which delivered the project under a fully financed leasing scheme, is a 2016 joint venture between Akuo Energy of France and Corys Environment of Dubai. (Source: RSA Global, Construction Week OnLine, 26 Nov., 2017) Contact: RSA Global, Abhishek Shah, CEO, /; SirajPower, +962 580 569 406,

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    Date Pits Considered as Biodiesel Feedstock (Int'l)
    UAE University
    Date: 2017-11-20
    In the UAE, research scientists at UAE University in Al Ain, the Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi and Heriot-Watt University Dubai have been looking at oil extracted from widely available Khalas date pits as a possible biodiesel feedstock.

    In their recently published study -- Biodiesel Production from Oils Extracted from Date Pits -- the researchers extracted date pits from the popular Khalas date variety, cleaned them, then sun dried them for two days before grinding and sieving them. A solvent extracted the oil, with the yield relative to the weight of the pits reaching up to 11.7 pct. This is of a quality similar to vegetable oils used to create biodiesel, and it can be converted into biodiesel with an efficiency of about 90 pct, according to the study.

    Date pits contain smaller quantities of oil than some oil crops -- oilseed rape, for example, may have an oil content of more than 40 pct. (Source: NTI, UAE University, 18 Nov., 2017) Contact: UAE University, Dr Sulaiman Al Zuhair,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biodiesel,  Biodiesel Feedstock,  

    Masdar's Salicornia Jet Biofuels Project Underway (Int'l, R&D)
    Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
    Date: 2017-11-03
    In Abu Dubai, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology's Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC) is reporting the harvesting of its first crop of oil-rich Salicornia grown at the site of the Seawater Energy and Agriculture System (SEAS) pilot in Masdar City . The crop is part of an aviation biofuel pilot project based around the use of brackish water or seawater and supported by Etihad Airways, Boeing, Takreer, Safran, and General Electric.

    . The clean Salicornia oil is to be processed at the Takreer Research Center for conversion into aviation biofuel to be mixed at low concentration with regular jet fuel. (Source: Masdar, 30 Oct., 2017) Contact: Masdar Institute, Shaima Al Jarman, Marketing & Communications, +971 02 8109365,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Masdar Institute of Science and Technology,  Jet Biofuel,  Avioation Biofuel,  Biofuel,  

    P2P Marketplace Sun Exchange Seed Round Raises $1.6Mnn (Ind. Report)
    Sun Exchange
    Date: 2017-10-23
    P2P solar equipment leasing marketplace Sun Exchange has raised $1.6 million in seed financing from a group including Network Society Ventures, Kalon Venture Partners, BoostVC, Techstars and Powerhouse.

    Sun Exchange leverages blockchain technology to allow people to buy solar cells in solar projects mostly in solar-rich but power-poor emerging markets. More investors get access to solar panel ownership while providing businesses and communities access to cheaper power. Investors can purchase single solar cells for less than $10. Sun Exchange has been in Africa since 2014 and has additional locations in California and Dubai. (Source: SunExchange, 20 Oct., 2017) Contact: Sun Exchange, Abraham Cambridge, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Sun Exchange,  Solar,  Community Solar,  

    $3.9Bn Dubai CSP Project Awarded to ACWA Power (Int'l Report)
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    Date: 2017-09-22
    Following up on our Jan. 25th coverage, in the UAE, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it has awarded a 700 MW concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) project to Riyahd, Saudi Arabia-based ACWA Power.

    The project, which is expected to cost nearly $4 billion, will combine tower and trough technologies and use scale and local infrastructure synergies to set a new benchmark price of $73/MWh for CSP with storage.

    The project is the fourth development phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) 1 GW Solar Park increasing to increasing to 5 GW by 2030.(Source: DEWA, ESI Africa, 21 Sept., 2017) Contact: ACWA Power, Andrea Lovato, Bus. Dev. Dir., +966 11 2835500,; DEWA , Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CSP,  Solar,  Concentrated Solar,  Dubai Electricity and Water Authority,  CSP,  Concentrated Solar,  

    Salalah Methanol's August Production Hits 8 Mn MT (Int'l Report)
    Salalah Methanol Company
    Date: 2017-09-18
    In Dubai, the Salalah Methanol Company LLC (SMC) reports it has reached a new production milestone of 8 million metric tonnes (8 MMT) in August. The 8 year ols company is wholly owned by Oman Oil Company (OOC). SMC, which owns and operates the methanol production facility in the Salalah Free Zone located near the Port of Salalah, recently secured a $728 million project finance facility 12 international, regional and local banks for funding an ammonia project. (Source: Salalah Methanol, Oman Tribune, 17 Sept., 2017) Contact: Salalah Methanol Company, +968 2321 8800,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Salalah Methanol Company,  Methanol,  

    ENOC Launches Biodiesel 5 in Dubai (New Prod & Tech, Int'l)
    Emirates National Oil Company
    Date: 2017-09-06
    In Dubai, the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) is reporting the introduction of Biodiesel 5, a biodiesel transportation fuel product produced from vegetable oil, waste cooking oil and animal fats. The fuel can be used in diesel engines and has proven to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

    The new product is in line with the UAE Energy Plan leading up to 2050 which targets an energy mix that combines renewable, nuclear and clean energy sources to meet the country's economic requirements and environmental goals. (Source: ENOC, Albawaba Business, 4 Sept., 2017) Contact: ENOC, Saif Humaid Al Falasi, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Emirates National Oil Company,  Biodiesel,  Biofuel,  

    YDE Building Solar Plant for Middle East Insulation (Int'l)
    Yellow Door Energy
    Date: 2017-08-14
    The UAE, Dubai-based solar and energy efficiency specialist Yellow Door Energy (YDE) and Middle East Insulation, a leading player in the UAE's cladding and roof industry, are reporting a partnership to install a 205 kWp solar PV plant at Middle East Insulation's newest facility in the Dubai Investment Park.

    The project construction is expected the get underway this month for operation by the end of the year. YDE will manage the construction, operation and maintenance of the solar PV plant for the next 15 years.

    This system will provide 347,000 kWh of electricity per year and cut CO2 emissions 244 tpy, according to a statement.

    YDE identifies, finances and implements solar and energy efficiency solutions for commercial and industrial energy consumers in the Middle East and Africa. (Source: Yellow Door Energy, TradeArabia News Service, 13 Aug., 2017) Contact: Yellow Door Energy, Jeremy Crane, CEO, +971 4 454 3033,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Yellow Door Energy,  Solar,  

    Energy Efficiency Projects Save $54.5Mn in UAE (Int'l. Report)
    Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau
    Date: 2017-07-19
    In its 2016 annual report, the Dubai Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau (RSB) for electricity and water notes that by the end of 2016, Dubai's accredited energy service companies have launched energy efficiency projects worth nearly $54.45 million. The projects are expected to deliver annual electricity savings of 95 gigawatt hours and water savings of 210 million imperial gallons (MIGD), and nearly 2,000 buildings will benefit from retrofitting for greater energy efficiency and savings.

    The RSB also notes that power plants licensed by the RSB will constitute 18 pct of power generation capacity by 2021, with cooling accounting for one-half or more of electricity demand. The report also notes that cooling systems using recycled water for cooling consume as much as 30 pct less power than air-based cooling systems. (Source: Gov. of Dubai,, 17 July, 2017)Contact: Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau, + 971 4 3072024,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency ,  

    2016 Global Solar Installations Up 50 pct, says IEA (Ind. Report)
    International Energy Agency.
    Date: 2017-07-07
    According to a recently released report from the International Energy Agency. the amount of solar energy installed on the world's power grids increased 50 pct year over year in 2016. Between 70 and 75 gigawatts worth of solar panels came online, close to half of those installations coming in China, where solar capacity more than doubled last year.

    The report attributes a steady decline in solar technology costs in recent years for the growth. Last year Dubai's electric utility reported receiving bids on a segment of it's 5,000 MW desert solar farm of less than 3 cents per kWh -- on average. A retail electricity customer in the U.S. pays 12 cents per kWh. Solar, wind, hydropower and other sources combined for a global increase in renewable capacity of 6 percent last year. Renewables represented 24 pct of total electric power output, with 70 pct coming from hydropower dams, according to the report. "Renewable power is forecast to grow by 36 pct over 2015-21, making it the fastest-growing source of electricity generation globally," according to the report. (Source: IEA, Chron, 3 July, 2017) Contact: International Energy Agency,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  International Energy Agency.,  

    Empower Inks District Energy Co-operation Agreement (Int'l)
    Date: 2017-07-07
    In Dubai, the Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) reports it has signed a Global Co-operation Agreement MoU with the partners of the United Nations Environment Programme, District Energy in Cities.

    The agreement, which aims to enhance the conservational impact and development of district cooling in the UAE, defines common objectives and a collaborative framework intended to increase deployment of district energy in respective countries around the globe. The goal is to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, strengthen local and regional economies, and deliver the social and environmental benefits of efficient district energy systems.

    The Global Co-operation Agreement brings together countries such as Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UAE, the UK, and the US to jointly share efforts to advance the district energy industry and promote sustainable and resilient technologies. (Source: Empower, Trade Arabia, Emirates News Agency WAM, 3 July, 2017) Contact: Empower, Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO, +97 14 375 5555, info@empower,ae,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Empower,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Neutral Fuels Touts "Enzymatic" Biodiesel Breakthrough (Int'l)
    Neutral Fuels
    Date: 2017-05-29
    In the UAE, Dubai-based biodiesel producer Neutral Fuels reports it has become the first company in the world to commercialize an "enzymatic biodiesel." The company has developed a way of using a strain of enzyme derived from the fungus that grows on a soy bean to allow it to process poor quality used cooking oil into good biodiesel.

    The company foresees the development having a major impact on the adoption of renewable fuels in the logistics and wider transport industries. "Last year we grew 40 pct, and this year we're going to double, and it's astounding the level of uptake we're now seeing," according to Neutral Fuels CEO Karl Feilder. (Source: Neutral Fuels,, 28 May, 2017) Contact: Neutral Fuels, Karl Feilder, CEO,,,

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