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mCloud Delivers AI Grid-Adaptive Energy Savings (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-06-09
Following up on our 21 April coverage, Calgary, Alberta-based artificial-intelligence (AI) powered asset management and ESG solutions specialist mCloud Technologies Corp. is reporting the addition of grid-adaptive demand management to its AssetCare™ for Buildings solution using AI in the cloud to actively manage the electric demand of a building in direct response to signals from local utility operators.

The Company is adding its first 20 new AssetCare customer buildings to benefit from this capability in partnership with local utilities in British Columbia, California, and New York.

Through AssetCare, mCloud offers a subscription-based solution enabling customers to automatically respond to utility requests to reduce energy consumption at peak times to decrease the concurrent load on a local utility grid during periods of high demand. Any utility supporting the industry-standard OpenADR protocol for grid interactivity is directly supported by AssetCare. Likewise, AssetCare customers can track their energy savings and reductions in their carbon footprint anywhere, anytime (Source: mCloud Technologies Corp., PR, 8 June, 2021) Contact: mCloud, Dr. Patrick O'Neill, Pres.,Connected Buildings, 403.569.6480,,

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mCloud Interested in BuildingIQ Acquisition (M&A, Ind. Report)
mCloud Technologies
Date: 2020-02-12
Vancouver, B.C.-based mCloud Technologies Corp., a provider of asset management solutions combining IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, reports it has inked an Expression of Interest (EoI) to acquire BuildingIQ a cloud-based building technology provider, founded in Australia with offices in the U.S.

BuildingIQ, which uses IoT and AI to create energy savings and maximize building efficiency, currently connects more than 1,350 commercial buildings worldwide with over 140 million square-feet under management.

Subject to certain conditions and regulatory approvals the proposed transaction is expected to close on June 19, 2020 .

mCloud offers complete asset management solutions to three distinct segments: smart facilities, power generation, and process industries including oil and gas. (Source: mCloud Technologies Corp., PR, CNW Feb., 2020) Contact: mCloud, Russ McMeekin, CEO,; BuildingIQ,

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Universal mCloud, TELUS Ink Energy Efficiency Deal (Ind. Report)
Universal mCloud Corp
Date: 2019-04-12
Vancouver, B.C. based asset management solutions specialist Universal mCloud Corp is reporting a six-year agreement with TELUS Corporate Real Estate to upgrade HVAC controls and deploy AssetCare at one of its office towers in Scarborough, Ontario.

Universal mCloud will upgrade and replace 450 legacy thermostats at the building with Cypress Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats and Green Box Controllers connected via mesh network to the building's main control system. The upgrade is expected to cut energy costs related to heating and cooling by 25 pct and also reduce facility maintenance costs.

Universal mCloud uses artificial intelligence and analytics to curb energy waste, maximize energy production and improve energy infrastructure primarily in the smart buildings, wind energy, power utilities and oil and gas. (Source: UniversalmCloud, Proactive Investors, 11 April, 2019) Contact: Universal mCloud, David Weinerth, Pres.,Smart Buildings, (604) 669-9973,

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Universal mCloud, Britwind Offer Wind Turbines Upgrades (Int'l)
mCloud Corp,Ecotricity
Date: 2019-03-27
Vancouver-headquartered Universal mCloud Corp. a provider of asset management solutions combining IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, reports the inking of a wind turbine upgrade MoU with Ecotricity affiliate Britwind Ltd.

Britwind is a full-service company in the small and medium-size wind segment with proven excellence in wind energy production, operations, and maintenance. In collaboration with Britwind partner Norwin Energy, Britwind has designed an upgrade to a fleet of over 1,000 Endurance E-series turbines, for which Ecotricity acquired IP rights in 2017 and addresses structural risks present in the installed fleet.

Under their agreement, mCloud and Britwind will offer Britwind customers a subscription-based end-to-end turbine upgrade solution that includes mCloud's AI and analytics to enhance the operation of their wind turbines. (Source: Universal-mCloud Corp, PR, 26 Mar., 2019) Contact: Universal-mCloud,; Britwind, +44 (0) 1453 790 210,; Ecotricity, Dale Vance, Founder, +44 (0) 145 375 6111, /visitor.php?keyword=mCloud Corp" target=_blank>mCloud Corp,  Wind,  Britwind,  Wind Turbine,  Ecotricity,  

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Universal mCloud Outlines Bold AI Agenda to Make Commercial Buildings Energy Efficient (New Prod & Tech)
Universal mCloud
Date: 2019-03-13
In British Columbia, Vancouver-based Universal mCloud Corp. is reporting it will launch new industry-leading energy savings technology for its Smart Buildings segment through mCloud's flagship AssetCare platform. The technology, using proprietary AI capabilities, targets up to 20 pct reductions in wasted energy in commercial buildings.

Universal mCloud's AssetCare solution offers an innovative zero-upfront subscription model that creates operational savings for the customer by analyzing numerous data sources such as space temperatures, outdoor weather, expected occupancy, and HVAC unit efficiency to pinpoint where a building's energy is being wasted. The data is integrated into a real-time intelligence model that enables AssetCare to make decisions on how to best respond moment-to-moment to changing comfort conditions in a building while simultaneously curbing unnecessary energy use.

These new AI-powered features are expected to go live to all current and new AssetCare for Smart Buildings customers later this year. (Source: Universal-mCloud Corp., PR, 12 Mar., 2019) Contact: Universal mCloud Corp, Russ McMeekin, CEO, (415) 635-3500,

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