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WindShark Wind Turbine Paired with Commercial Generator (Ind. Report)
MITU Resources,Windshark Turbine
Date: 2018-02-28
Republic of Columbia-based MITU Resources Inc., a publicly traded wind energy technology company, provided the following update regarding the current development and commercialization of Headwind Technologies' licensed WindShark self-starting vertical axis wind turbines.

The WindShark's proprietary vertical axis windmill incorporates three curved helical blades to capture airflow from any wind speed or direction while the generator component of the WindShark turbine converts that rotational energy into electricity.

The WindShark development team recently completed initial testing on a third-party manufactured generator that was shown to have a very low start-up resistance and started producing power at relatively low RPM.

WindShark vertical axis wind turbines are ideally suited for populated and low-wind environments as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other renewable or traditional power sources. (Source: MITU Resources Inc, PR, NASDAQ, 23 Feb., 2018) Contact: Headwind Technologies Windshark,; MITU Resources

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