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NewEnergyBlue Set for Straw Biorefinery Ground Breaking (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-09-24
NewEnergyBlue reports it soon break ground on the New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery at the Spiritwood Energy Park near Jamestown, North Dakota.

The biorefinery is expected to process 280,000 tpy of North Dakota grown wheat straw into 16-million gpy of cellulosic ethanol that meets or exceeds California's rigorous air-quality standards.

New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery, LLC will own and operate the plant which is partially funded by regional investors with a strong interest in the project's sustainability and its invigorating contributions to the area economy. (Source: NewEnergyBlue, PR, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: NewEnergyBlue, Stephen Rogers, Pres., 717-626-0557

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