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New York Ethanol Producer Switches to Sanitizer (Ind. Report)
Western New York Energy
Date: 2020-04-15
In the Empire State, Medina-based ethanol producer Western New York Energy (WNYE), the state's first and largest operational ethanol facility, reports its has adapted operations to produce 100,000 gpd of tech-grade ethanol for businesses that halted operations to meet the urgent sanitizer needs of hospitals and at-risk communities amidst the COVID pandemic.

WNY Energy generates more than 60-million gpy of biofuel annually, using 20-million bushels of corn. The $90-million facility was the first biofuel company in the northeastern US. (Source: Western New York Energy, PR Green Car Congress, 14 April, 2020) Contact: Western New York Energy LLC, 585-798-9693

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