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New Methanol Facility Startups Announced (Ind. Report)
Methanex, US Methanol
Date: 2019-01-09
Following up on our June 4th, 2018 report, two new methanol plants in the Americas are now scheduled to start up in 2019 -- one in the US and the other in Trinidad and Tobago.

The largest of the two methanol project, Caribbean Gas Chemical's plant in Trinidad and Tobago could start up as early as mid-2019.

Methanol from Trinidad comes into the US duty-free while shipments from Venezuela are hit with a 5.5 pct import tax. In 2017, 49 pct of all US methanol imports were from Trinidad, according to industry data.

The second new methanol project slated for startup in 2019 is US Methanol's 200,000 tpy Liberty One unit in Charleston, West Virginia. Vancouver-based Methanex is also expected to make a final investment decision on a proposed 1.8 million tpy plant next to its two existing methanol plants. in Geismar, Louisiana. (Source: US Methanol, Methanex, ICIS News, 8 Jan., 2019) Contact: US Methanol, Frank Bakker, CEO, (681) 205-8511,,; Caribbean Gas Chemical, (868) 225-4242,; Methanex, John Floren, Pres., CEO, (604) 661 2600,

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US Methanol Stalls West Virginia Plant Opening (Ind. Report)
US Methanol
Date: 2018-06-04
US Methanol is reporting that the company's facility in Institute, West Virginia which began construction in Sept, 2017, is now expected to go into production in late 2019 -- more than a year later than first announced in September, 2017).

The facility, which is being relocated from from Brazil, will convert natural gas to methanol as feedstock for the chemical industry in the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. (Source: US Methanol, Bradenton Herald, Various Media, AP, 3 June, 2018) Contact: US Methanol, Frank Bakker, CEO, (681) 205-8511,,

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