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Vertimass, UGI Ink 15-year Renewable Fuels Agreement (Ind. Report)
Vertimass, UGI Corp.
Date: 2022-01-07
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based natural gas and electric power distribution company UGI Corporation is reporting a 15-year agreement with Irvine,California-based catalytic technology developer Vertimass LLC to produce renewable fuels from renewable ethanol in the US and Europe. UGI anticipates a roughly $500 million investment for the bolt-on production facilities over 15-years. The first production facility is expected to come onstream in fiscal year 2024 with a production target of approximately 50 million gpy of combined renewable fuels.

Vertimass's Consolidated Alcohol Deoxygenation and Oligomerization (CADO) technology allows ethanol producers to: produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and diesel blendstocks that are compatible with the current transportation fuel infrastructure as well as LPG (liquified petroleum gases, mainly propane and butane); eliminate the ethanol "blend wall" by converting ethanol into fungible gasoline components for powering light duty vehicles; produce intermediates used to make plastics and other higher value products; and possibly "de-bottleneck" processes to increase throughput with little additional costs other than for feedstock, according to Vertimass.

The "bolt-on" technology enables flexible production of the renewable fuels to align with regional market demand. Up to 50 pct of the total production capacity from the facilities can be renewable propane that will support UGI's efforts to provide innovative, low-carbon, sustainable energy solutions to its customers. Other benefits include the ability to lower plant water usage, reduce overall energy consumption, and drop GHG emissions to levels required for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Advanced Biofuel category, according to the release. (Source: UGI Corporation, PR 6 Jan., 2021) Contact: UGI Corp., (610) 337-1000,,; Vertimass LLC, John Hannon, CEO,

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SCF Ventures Invests in Qube Emissions Monitoring Tech. (Ind. Report)
SCF Ventures, Qube Technologies
Date: 2021-12-15
SCF Ventures is reporting an investment in Calgary, Alberta-based emissions monitoring specialist Qube Technologies. Qube's "internet-of-things" (IoI) technology enables oil and gas operators to monitor and better detect, measure, and reduce their methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2021, Qube received the world's first regulatory approval to replace traditional leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs utilizing Qube's technology to reduce fugitive emissions by up to 90 pct while offering cost savings, improved safety, and verifiable data that prove environmental stewardship, according to the company. (Source: SCF Ventures, Website PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: Qube Technologies, Alex MacGregor, CEO,

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UGI Announces Third NY State RNG Project (Ind. Report)
UGI Corp,Cayuga RNG
Date: 2021-10-29
Cayuga RNG Holdings LLC is reporting an agreement to develop its third renewable natural gas (RNG) production project at El-Vi Farms in upstate New York. This is in addition to the previously announced Spruce Haven and Allen Farms projects. Cayuga RNG is a joint venture of UGI Energy Services LLC, a subsidiary of King of Prussia, Penna.-headquartered UGI Corp. and Global Common Energy LLC.

The El-Vi Farms project will include the construction of a manure digester and gas upgrading equipment. Once completed in early 2023, the project is expected to produce 55 million cubic fpy of RNG that will be delivered to a local natural gas pipeline serving the regional distribution system. UGI subsidiary, GHI Energy, will be the exclusive marketer for Cayuga RNG.

In total, the Spruce Haven, Allen Farms, and El-Vi Farms projects represent an investment of nearly $50 million. Cayuga RNG is actively pursuing several other projects in the region, according to the release. (Source: UGI Corp., Website PR, 26 Oct., 2021) Contact: UGI Corp, Robert F. Beard, Exec VP Natural Gas, (610) 337-1000,,

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UGI Utilities' RNG Pilot Wins Regulatory Approval (Reg. & Leg.)
UGI Utilities
Date: 2021-10-25
Denver, Pennsylvania-based natural gas and electric utility UGI Utilities reports the has Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has given the nod for UGI' purchase of renewable natural gas (RNG) as part of a five-year pilot program to explore how UGI Utilities can integrate RNG into its supply portfolio while leveraging certain available economic incentives for renewables to lessen the cost impact of purchasing RNG for customers. UGI Utilities is the second largest regulated gas utility in Pennsylvania.

As previously reported earlier this year, UGI Utilities signed an interconnect agreement with Archaea Energy to accept delivery of RNG into its high-pressure natural gas pipeline that serves its distribution system. When fully operational, the system will be designed to take up to 16,000 mcf (thousand cubic feet) per day of RNG supply, making this the largest RNG supply point in the U.S. to-date. (Source: UGI Utilities, PR, 21 Oct., 2021) Contact: UGI Utilities, Tameka Morris, IR, (610) 337-1000 X 6297,

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Nacero Launches NEON™ RNG Platform (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-10-06
In the Lone Star State, Houston-headquartered Nacero Inc. is reporting the launch of its renewable natural gas (RNG) acquisition platform Nacero NEON™ -- a strategic growth engine for production of Nacero Green Gasoline™ an affordable net-zero carbon footprint gasoline for everyday drivers.

Nacero is currently in negotiations with dairies, landfills, and food waste facilities for production of Nacero Green Gasoline™ from its flagship Penwell, West Texas facility that is scheduled to break ground in early 2022 and commence operations in 2025.

"Methane is 80x more harmful over a 20-year period than CO2. A significant amount of global warming is caused by fugitive and flared methane from farms, landfills, and wastewater facilities but only a small amount of this resource is captured and put to beneficial use as an everyday fuel. Nacero will make a real difference by using this feedstock to make its net-zero Nacero Green GasolineTM, connecting America's RNG potential with the multi-hundred-billion-dollar per year gasoline market. The Company will prioritize a new wave of projects in key markets across Texas, the Midwest, and Southeastern United States" according to the release. (Source: Nacero, Website Release, 29 Sept., 2021) Contact: Nacero Inc., Jay McKenna, Pres., CEO,,

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MBL Bioenergy to Develop South Dakota RNG Projects (Ind. Report)
UGI Energy
Date: 2021-09-20
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania-headquartered UGI Energy Services, California Bioenergy (CalBio) and Tiburon, California-based Sevana Bioenergy are reporting their new joint venture company -- MBL Bioenergy -- will invest more than $100 million to develop RNG dairy digester projects in South Dakota.

When fully online in late 2024, the projects are expected to produce 650 million cubic feet per year of RNG for delivery to area natural gas pipelines serving the regional distribution system. UGIES' wholly-owned subsidiary GHI Energy will be the exclusive marketer for MBL Bioenergy. (Source: UGI Energy, PR, 17 Sept., 2021) Contact: UGI Energy Services, 610-373-7999,,; Sevana Bioenergy,,

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NGVAmerica Pledges Carbon Negative Fuels by 2050 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-08-23
In Washington, DC, NGVAmerica, the national organization representing the natural gas in transportation industry, reports that in 2020 renewable natural gas (RNG) from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, commercial food waste facilities, and agricultural digesters displaced fossil fuel derived conventional natural gas as the dominant on-road NGV fuel source nationwide. Moreover, the carbon intensity of RNG biofuel continues to drop. California fleets that fueled with bio-CNG in 2020 achieved carbon negativity for the year, with an annual average carbon intensity score of -5.845 gCO2e/MJ. Latest data puts the carbon intensity of bio-CNG in California's system at -16.57 gCO2e/MJ (Q1, 2021).

NGVAmerica has commited to:

  • Further accelerate the use of ultra-low to negative carbon natural gas in our fleets and as part of the supply provided to our transportation customers, marking 80 pct by 2030 and 100 pct by 2050;

  • Support the procurement of natural gas from energy production and distribution companies that undertake responsible best practices to effectively minimize fugitive methane emissions and flaring; and

  • Support continued advancements in the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel by working with other stakeholders including government authorities to improve the efficiency of future natural gas engine technology and further control emissions from natural gas engines.

    There are currently 190 RNG production facilities in operation in North America with an additional 232 facilities under construction or under substantial development (e.g., permitting).

    NGVAmerica is a national organization of roughly 200 companies, environmental groups, and government organizations dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane. NGVAmerica member companies produce, distribute, and market natural gas and biomethane across North America, manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment, and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels. (Source: NGV America, PR, 17 Aug., 2021) Contact: NGV America, Dan Gage, Pres., (202) 824-7360,

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  • USDA Supports Kansas Biofuel Availability Projects (Funding)
    USDA Rural Development
    Date: 2021-08-23
    In Topeka, the USDA has announced a $5.19 million Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program investment to build infrastructure and expand the availability of higher-blend renewable biofuels in Kansas through the following projects:

  • TA Operating LLC will replace 28 dispensers and two storage tanks at two fueling stations in Salina, Kan., and Gary, Ind. The $190,000 investment is expected to increase the compay's ethanol sales by over 1.1 million gpy;

  • Three G Energy Inc. will replace four dispensers at a fueling station in McPherson. The project is a $117,000 investment and is expected to increase the company's ethanol sales by over 894,000 gpy;

  • Magellan Pipeline Company LP will install a 25,000 barrel storage tank, piping, pumps, gauging, manways, tank insertion heater and insulation, as well as a small biodiesel mechanical building in Kansas City, Kan. The company will also install a 10,000 barrel storage tank with piping, pumps, gauging, tank insertion heater and insulation, as well as a small biodiesel mechanical building at a distribution facility in Brookline, Mo. The $4.8 million project is expected to increase biodiesel sales by over 223.6 million gpy. (Source: USDA, 21 Aug., 2021) Contact: USDA Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program,

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  • Hamilton RNG, Synthica Energy Ink RNG Agreement (Ind. Report)
    UGI Corporation, Synthica Energy
    Date: 2021-08-09
    In Wyomissing Pennsylvania , Hamilton RNG Holdings, LLC is reporting definitive agreements to develop innovative food waste digester projects to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) in Ohio and Kentucky. Hamilton RNG is a joint venture owned by a subsidiary of UGI Energy Services, a subsidiary of UGI Corporation and Blue Ash, Ohio-based Synthica Energy, LLC .

    Hamilton's first project is being developed in St Bernard, Ohio, near Cincinnati. The project's digester is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023 and will process around 190,000 tpy of locally sourced food waste to generate approximately 250,000 MMBtus per year of pipeline-quality RNG to be injected into a local natural gas pipeline on the regional distribution system. Hamilton RNG is also developing other digester projects in Ohio and Kentucky.

    GHI Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGI, will be the exclusive off-taker and marketer of RNG for Hamilton RNG.

    Synthica Energy specializes in the development of environmentally friendly, clean, and low-odor anaerobic digesters using industrial food wastes and byproducts. (Source: UGI, Website PR, 4 Aug., 2021) Contact: Hamilton RNG, UGI Energy Services, Robert Beard, VP Natural Gas, 610-373-7999,; Synthica, Energy LLC, 513-268-6688,

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    UGI, Ekobenz Partnering on bioLPG Availability (Alt. Fuel, (Int'l.)
    UGI, Ekobenz
    Date: 2021-02-05
    King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based LPG distributor UGI Corp. European subsidiaty UGI Internationa is reporting a new supply and development partnership with Lubin, Poland-based Ekobenz, a specialist in catalytic conversion of bioethanol to bio-gasoline and bioLPG.

    Under the agreement, UGI International has secured the exclusive rights to Ekobenz'supply of bioLPG, a renewable form of propane-butane produced from advanced bioethanol. The primary raw material to produce bioLPG is the conversion of organic material derived from industrial waste.

    Ekobenz is the first and currently only company in Europe that has succeeded in commercialising bioLPG production based on advanced bioethanol produced from waste. The first shipment of bioLPG from Ekobenz is expected to arrive in Sweden this spring. (Source: UGI, PR, 2 Feb., 2021) Contact: Global LPG, Roger Perrault, Exec. VP,; UGI, Pamela Witmer, (610) 373-7999 ext. 1202,,; Ekobenz, +48 81 745 19 28,

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    UGI Energy Services Invests in Idaho RNG Project (Ind. Report)
    UGI Corp, Sevana Bioenergy
    Date: 2020-11-25
    King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-headquartered UGI Corporation reports its subsidiary, UGI Energy Services, has invested in New Energy One HoldCo, part of the team developing a utility-scale RNG project in Idaho, US.

    The Idaho RNG project is being developed by Larkspur, California-based RNG producer Sevana Bioenergy, an affiliate of New Energy One HoldCo and Meridiam, a global independent investment Benefit Corporation and asset manager of sustainable public infrastructure. Sevana Bioenergy develops, designs, owns and operates large-scale anaerobic digestion projects.

    When dully operational in 2022, the Idaho RNG project is expected to produce several hundred million cubic feet of RNG each year from on-site dairy waste feedstock. Initial RNG production is expected to get underway in late 2021, according to the company website release. (Source: UGI Corp., PR, Website, 24 Nov., 2020) Contact: UGI Energy Services, Pamela Witmer, (610) 373-7999 ext. 1202,,; Sevana Bioenergy, John McKinney, Pres., CEO, www.

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    London Riverside AD Energy Park Gets the Nod (Int'l Report)
    Cory Energy
    Date: 2020-04-20
    In the UK, Cory Energy reports receipt of regulatory approval -- planning permission for the addition of anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities at its Riverside Energy Park next to Cory Energy's existing energy recovery facility in Belvedere, on the River Thames.

    When fully operational the anaerobic digestion facility will divert up to 805,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from landfill and produce up to 96 MW of low-carbon renewable electricity -- sufficient power for as many as 140,000 homes. (Source: Cory Energy, Trade Media, April, 2020) Contact: Cory Energy Riverside Energy Group, Dougie Sutherland, CEO,,

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    CO2 Emissions Down Slightly in the Land Down Under (Int'l. Report)
    Auistralia,Climate Change
    Date: 2019-12-02
    According to the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy, year to June, Australia emitted 532 million tons of CO2 and equivalent greenhouse gases (Mt CO2 -e), a .01 pct drop from the previous 12-month period.

    Agricultural emissions exerted the strongest downward pressure, falling 5.9 pct on the previous year to 67.4 Mt CO2-e, driven by decimated livestock numbers as a result of both drought and this year's floods in northern Queensland. Electric power generation contributed 179.9 Mt CO2 -e, down 1.2 pct for the year and 1.8 pect for the quarter, although it remained by far the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions.

    The Department credited increased use of renewable energy and decreases in coal and natural gas power generation for falling emissions levels. Transport sector emissions also fell by 0.5 pct while emissions in all other sectors increased. Fugitive emissions rose 4.4 pct as a result of escaped methane during the natural gas extraction process. Emissions from fossil fuels burned directly by industry increased 3.6 pct.

    Australia's Paris Climate Accord targeted of 26 to 28 pct below 2005 levels by 2030. Currently, Australia's emissions are 12.5 per cent below 2005 levels. (Source: Australian Department of the Environment and EnergyFinancial Review, 29 Nov., 2019) Contact: Australian Department of the Environment and Energy, 1800 057 590,

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