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Stion Closing MIssissippi Thin-Film Solar Plant (Ind. Report)
Mississippi Development Authority
Date: 2017-10-25
The Mississippi Development Authority reports it is considering its options regarding the planned closing of thin film solar maker Stion Corporations plant in Hattiesburg plant, and the $74.8 million the company owes the state.

The San Jose, California company notified the Mississippi Department of Employment Security earler this week that it plans to shutter its plant Dec. 13, and that it is seeking a purchaser who will run it. Sale proceeds would go to creditors, a possible alternative to a bankruptcy filing.

Stion raised more than $200 million from private investors, including Khosla Ventures, which holds a controlling interest in the company. Stion blames its closure on unfair foreign competition, and says that if President Donald Trump imposes anti-dumping tariffs on foreign solar panel makers, it might be able to sell the Hattiesburg plant. (Source: Stion, SacBee, 17 Oct., 2017) Contact: Mississippi Development Authority Stion Corp. (601) 545-7515,

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SDTC Invests $5.4Mn in Ultra-Thin Solar Cells (Ind. Report)
Metamaterial Technologies
Date: 2017-10-16
In Atlantic Canada, the Canadian federal government's Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) agency is reporting approximately $5.4 million in funding to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based Metamaterial Technologies for research aimed at developing a potentially revolutionary technology for powering vehicles using ultra-thin solar cells. The SDTC investment is part of a $17.9 million effort to commercialize the product.

The cleantech firm claims its patented new metaSOLAR cells are 70 pct thinner than those presently available and can collect and utilize light from all directions and perform at a higher efficiency than competing products. (Source: SDTC, Metamaterial Technologies, CleanTech Canada, 13 Oct., 2017) Contact: Metamaterial Technologies, George Palikaras,CEO, (902) 482-5729,; Sustainable Development Technology Canada,

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Hanergy, Audi Tout Thin Film Solar Cell R&D Project (Ind. Report)
Hanergy, Audi,Alta Devices
Date: 2017-08-25
In Bejing, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited is reporting its wholly-owned US subsidiary Alta Devices in Sunnyvale, California, and automaker AUDI AG have inked a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation in Thin Film Solar Cell Technology and will jointly undertake the "Audi/Hanergy Thin Film Solar Cell Research and Development project".

The two firms will initially integrate thin-film solar cells in the panoramic roof of Audi models with the aim feeding solar energy into the vehicle's electrical system , including air conditioning and other electrical appliances. In time, the solar power will be integrated into the vehicle's drive train battery for additional primary power.

The two firms plan to jointly present an Audi vehicle prototype featuring an integrated prototype solar roof by the end of 2017.

Alta Devices Inc. is a leading manufacturer of GaAs thin film cell devices and a supplier of mobile energy application products. It has the world's thinnest, lightest, flexible GaAs thin film solar technology with the highest conversion efficiency. (Source: Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited, CNW, 23 Aug., 2017) Contact: Hanergy, +86 10 8391 4567,; Alta Devices, (408) 988-8600,; Audi AG,

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ECO Energy Installing Trina PV System on Biodome Project (Int'l)
ECO Energy Tech Asia
Date: 2017-06-05
Kowloon, Hong Kong[headquarered ECO Energy Tech Asia reports it will install Trina Solar's new photovoltaic power generation system in its new Biodome project in China. The photovoltaic system will be used for heating, cooling, dimming, shading and fully supply the Biodome with energy. The Trina system's rooftop system utilizes translucent amorphous silicon thin film solar panels. that as the roof of the Biodome. (Source: ECO Energy Tech, PR, 30 May, 2017) Contact: ECO Energy Tech Asia:; Trina Solar, Investor Relations, +86 519-8517-6878,,

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Magnolia Wins U.S. Thin Film Solar Cell Patent (New Prod & Tech)
Magnolia Solar
Date: 2017-04-05
Rogers, Arizona-based Ecoark Holdings, Inc. reports its Albany, New York-headquartered subsidiary Magnolia Solar, Inc. has recently been awarded U.S. Patent No 9,590,133 which relates to the development of "Thin Film Solar Cells and Methods of constructing the same."

Magnolia Solar, which was acquired by Ecoark in 2016, develops flexible, lightweight, high-efficiency solar cell technologies for a wide range of applications. The company's technology portfolio includes nanostructured antireflection coatings, advanced thin film photovoltaic absorber structures, and novel low-cost manufacturing processes. Magnolia Solar is now the assignee of seven U.S. Patents and has 16 additional patent applications that are at various stages of review at the U.S. Patent Office. These issued patents describe and protect Magnolia Solar's innovations in the field of high-performance, lightweight flexible solar cells for photovoltaic applications and expands the intellectual property portfolio to these issued patents. (Source: Ecoark, Magnolia Solar, MarketWire, 4 April, 2017) Contact: Magnolia Solar, (518) 618-4200,; EcoArk, Randy May, CEO, (479) 259-2977,,

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