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Enel, The Road to 2030 in the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan; Powering Investments Toward Zero Emissions (Int'l. Report)
Enel Group
Date: 2021-11-26
According to Rome-headquartered energy giant Enel Group, "the world's journey towards Net Zero is under way and the processes of decarbonization and electrification of the global economy are key to avoiding the serious repercussions of a rise in temperatures above 1.5 degrees C. The most recently published scenarios agree that, to reach ambitious climate targets, the electrification of energy uses should accelerate together with a massive deployment of carbon-free energy.

"Over the past ten years, renewables have become mainstream in power generation, allowing decarbonization to proceed at a faster pace. In addition, the next decade will be crucial to the achievement of the targets set by the Paris Agreement in 2015.

This period is also set to be characterized by growing actions towards electrification, through which customers progressively switch their energy consumption towards electricity, lower power consumption and costs, improving energy efficiency and lower their carbon emission footprint. Enel has set its strategic actions accordingly:

  • The Enel Group Plan focuses on four strategic lines: (i) allocating capital to support a decarbonized electricity supply; (ii) enabling electrification of customer energy demand; (iii) leveraging full value chain's value creation; (iv) bringing forward Sustainable Net Zero.

  • Enel expects to mobilize total investments of €210 billion between 2021 and 2030, of which €170 billion directly invested by the Enel Group (+6 pct on the previous Plan) and €40 billion catalyzed through third parties.

  • Between 2020 and 2030, Group Ordinary EBITDA is expected to increase at a 5-6 pct Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) while Group Net Ordinary Income is expected to increase at a 6-7 pct CAGR.

  • The Group brings forward its Net Zero commitment by 10 years, from 2050 to 2040, both for direct and indirect emissions.

  • The value created by the Group for customers is expected to bring an up to 40 pct reduction in their energy spending, alongside an up to 80 pct reduction of their CO2 footprint1 by 2030.

  • In 2024, Group Ordinary EBITDA is expected to reach €21.0-21.6 billion compared to €18.7-19.3 billion estimated in 2021. Group Net Ordinary Income is expected to increase to €6.7-6.9 billion in 2024, compared to €5.4-5.6 billion estimated in 2021.

  • Enel's dividend policy for the period remains simple, predictable and attractive. Shareholders are expected to receive a fixed Dividend Per Share that is planned to increase by 13 pct up to € 0.43 per share, between 2021 and 2024.

  • The planned growth in earnings, coupled with the underlying Dividend Yield, is expected to translate into a 2022-2024 Total Return of around 13 pct. (Source: Enel Group, Website PR, 24 Nov., 2021) Contact: Enel Group, Francesco Starace, CEO,

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  • Boralex Commissions La Grande Borne Wind Farm (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-26
    Montreal-headquartered Boralex Inc. is reporting the commissioning of the La Grande Borne wind farm, located near the municipalities of Vendeuil and Remigny, in the French department of Aisne. The facility incorporates four , 2.2 MW Vestas V110 wind turbines totaling 8.8 MW and is expected to generate 26 GWh of power per year, meeting the energy needs for 5,600 households.

    Boralex launched the La Grande Borne wind farm project in 2016 and developed it in a manner consistent with its commitment to protecting species and their habitats. Boralex’s teams based in Blendecques will be responsible for day-to-day site operation.

    According to Boralex, "We have been providing affordable renewable energy accessible to everyone for over 30 years. As a leader in the Canadian market and France's largest independent producer of onshore wind power, we also have facilities in the U.S. and development projects in the UK, Over the past five years, our installed capacity has more than doubled to 2.5 GW. We are developing a portfolio of more than 3 GW in wind and solar projects and nearly 200 MW in storage projects." (Source: Boralex, Website PR, 23 Nov., 2021) Contact: Boralex, Nicolas Wolff, VP and GM Boralex, Europe,

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    Chinese Carbon Emissions Drop for First Time Since Covid (Int'l.)
    China Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2021-11-26
    In Beijing, the independent Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) is reporting the world's largest GHG emitter and second biggest economy has vowed to peak emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 -- but authorities have struggled to cut the country's dependence on fossil fuels.

    China´s emissions fell dramatically in early 2020 due to COVID quarantines then rebounded to higher than 2019 monthly levels as cities and factories reopened. But in Q3 this year the country recorded a 0.5 pct year-on-year decline in emissions from fossil fuels and cement -- the first quarterly fall since the post-lockdown rebound.

    The decline was caused by a construction slump after Beijing cracked down on speculation and debt in the real estate sector, as well as high coal prices that resulted in power rationing across the country. "The drop in emissions could mark a turning point and an early peak in China's emissions total, years ahead of its target to peak before 2030, according to CREA. (Source: International News, CREA, AFP, 26 Nov., 2021) Contact: Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA),

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    Canberra Releases Australia's Bioenergy Roadmap (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-24
    In Canberra, Australian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, the Hon. Angus Taylor, has unveiled the Australia Bioenergy Roadmap. It includes new analysis which confirms the adoption of key technologies, which would see $10 billion added to Australia's GDP by 2030 and the creation of 26,200 full-time jobs. The roadmap also confirms that bioenergy could provide up to 40 pct of Australia's total energy consumption by the 2050s.

    The Australian government has committed $33.5 million to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA} to support the bioenergy sector through co-funding additional research, development and deployment of advanced sustainable aviation (SAF) and marine biofuels and to help make advanced biofuels more cost competitive with traditional jet and maritime fuels.

    To date, the Government, through ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), has invested just under $500 million in Australian organic waste, biogas, biomass, biofuels and related low-carbon fuels projects. Current Government measures underway to support the Australian bioenergy sector include:

  • The consideration of biogas, as well as hydrogen, in the National Gas Law review through Energy Ministers;

  • The development of a new Emissions Reduction Fund method for biomethane by the Clean Energy Regulator ;

  • Biofuels being considered as part of the industry-wide fuel standards review;

  • Bioenergy being utilized in Government-supported microgrid studies.

    The biogas measures together aim to help the development of a voluntary zero-emissions gas markett hat will drive early demand for clean hydrogen and other zero-emissions gases and recognise consumers' voluntary purchase of zero-emission gas.

    Download Australia Bioenergy Roadmap HERE (Source: Australia Ministry of Energy and Emissions Reduction, Website Release, 19 Nov., 2021) Contact: Australia Ministry of Energy and Emissions Reduction, Hon. Angus Taylor, Minister, +02 6277 7120,,; ARENA, Darren Miller, CEO, +61 2 6243 7773,,

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  • OX2 Acquires Two Swedish Solar Energy Projects (Int'l., M&A)
    OX2,Helios Nordic Energy
    Date: 2021-11-24
    Stockholm, headquartered wind and solar renewable energy developer OX2 reports acquisition to the rights to two solar energy projects totaling 45 MW in Skane, Sweden, from Helios Nordic Energy.

    The parties will jointly develop the projects until the necessary permits are obtained, then OX2 will later be responsible for construction and operation. The projects will be part of OX2's early stage project development portfolio.

    In other OX2 news, OX2 reports it is about to commence the environmental impact assessment procedure for two large-scale offshore wind power projects of up to 160 turbines in Finland's Gulf of Bothnia Exclusive Economic Zones. Project Halla is located west of the island of Hailuoto and project Laine is located west of the city of Pietarsaari. The projects are currently in a very preliminary stage, and the actual electricity production would only start at the end of this decade. (Source: OX2, Website PR, 23 Nov., 2021) Contact: OX2, +46 8 559 310 00,,; Helios Nordic Energy,,

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    BASF Aiming for Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-24
    As previously reported, BASF is aiming to reduce its production CO2 emissions by 25 pct by 2030 and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To that end, the company plans to progressively switch to renewable energy sources and to invest up to €1 billion by 2025 in new technologies to reach its climate target and a further €2 billion to €3 billion by 2030.

    In 2018, BASF's worldwide emissions totaled 21.9 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents. In 1990, this figure was roughly twice as high. The new 2030 emissions goal represents a reduction of approximately 60 pct compared to 1990 levels, which exceeds the European Union's target of minus 55 pct. (Source: BASF, PR, European Coatings, 30 Mar., 2021) BASF, +49 (0)621 60-0,

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    Clean Energy Fuels, TotalEnergies JV Texas RNG Dairy Digester Construction Underway (Ind. Report)
    Clean Energy Fuels, TotalEnergies
    Date: 2021-11-22
    In a joint venture with TotalEnergies, Newport Beach, California-based Clean Energy Fuels Corp. reports construction is underway on a renewable natural gas (RNG) digester at Del Rio Dairy in Friona, TX. When fully operational, the digester project will capture the waste from more than 7,500 cows and generate an anticipated 1.1 million gpy of RNG, all of which will be used in Clean Energy's nationwide network of RNG stations.

    According to the release, "Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the country's largest provider of the cleanest fuel for the transportation market. Our mission is to decarbonize transportation through the development and delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG), a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste. Clean Energy allows thousands of vehicles, from airport shuttles to city buses to waste and heavy-duty trucks, to reduce their amount of climate-harming greenhouse gas. We operate a vast network of fueling stations across the U.S. and Canada." (Source: Clean Energy Fuels, PR, 18 Nov., 2021) Contact: Clean Energy Fuels, Andrew Littlefair, CEO, Raleigh Gerber, 949-437-1397,,, @CE_NatGas on Twitter; TotalEnergies, Investor Relations, +44 (0) 207 719 7962,,

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    Vietnam's Wind Power Capacity Could Hit 36 GW by 2045 (Int'l.)
    Vietnam Wind
    Date: 2021-11-22
    In Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Power Development Master Plan VIII is projecting the country's wind energy production will top 4 GW by 2030, 10 GW by 2035, 23 GW by 2040 and hit 36 GW by 2045. Of the total, offshore wind power will account for roughly 2.6 per in 2030 rising to 10.8 pct in 2045. Offshore wind power farms will be located mainly in the north and the south of the country.

    According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), with an investment of $10-12 billion, Vietnam's offshore wind power capacity could hit 5-10 GW by 2030. (Source: Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, VNExpress, 21 Nov., 2021) Contact: Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade,

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    China Tops Renewables Capacity, Carbon Emitters List (Int'l.)
    China Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2021-11-22
    In Beijing, the China National Energy Administration is reporting China's accumulative installed capacity for renewable energy grew to i billion kilowatts as of the end of October, this year, doubling that in the end of 2015, and now accounts for 43.5 pct of the country's total installed power generation capacity, up 10.2 percentage points over the end of 2015.

    China's installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, solar power and biomass power generation have reached 385 million kilowatts, 299 million kilowatts, 282 million kilowatts and 35.34 million kilowatts respectively, ranking China first in the world in renewable energy and carbon emissions. China has vowed to reach carbon neutrality by 2060. (Source: China National Energy Administration , Website Release, Nov., 2021) Contact: China National Energy Administration,

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    Alberta Invests $131Mn in CCS, CCUS Projects (Ind. Report)
    Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund
    Date: 2021-11-19
    On the Canadian prairies, the government of Albert reports it is investing $131 million, through its Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund, in the Alberta Industrial Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) program, in projects designed to help cut and prevent carbon emissions . The following projects have been selected to receive a total $100 million in program funding, with an additional $31 million earmarked for other CCUS projects before the year end:
  • Advantage Energy -- Glacier Gas Plant Carbon Capture and Storage and Waste Heat Recovery in Hythe;

  • Ember Resources -- Ember Engine Emissions Reduction Program at multiple facilities throughout east/central Alberta;

  • Imperial Oil -- Kearl ConDex Full Scale Oil Sands Mine Installations in Fort McMurray;

  • NuVista Energy -- Wembley Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Project in Wembley;

  • Strathcona Resources -- Lindbergh T70 Cogeneration Expansion in Elk Point;

  • TC Energy -- Turney Valley Generating Station in Turner Valley;

  • Tidewater Midstream -- BRC Integrated Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)-CCS-Cogeneration Project in Cynthia

    TIER is Alberta's industrial greenhouse gas emissions pricing and emissions trading system. It's funded by large industrial facilities which account for more than 60 pct of the prairie province's total emissions. (Source: Gov. of Alberta, TIER, PR, CBC , 18 Nov., 2021) Contact: TIER,

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  • GoodShipping Touts Marine Biofuel Bunkerings, CO2 Emissions Cuts (Int'l. Report)
    GoodShipping, GoodFuel
    Date: 2021-11-17
    In Rotterdam, GoodShipping has announced Ship to Zero, a new partnership with 18 companies that will substantially reduce emissions from shipping. Today, these cargo owners and other partners have completed the first in a series of bunkerings of sustainable marine biofuel.

    The Ship to Zero initiative brings together organisations spanning a range of nations and industries, all of which are committed to make an immediate and tangible climate impact. The initial partners -- Bugaboo, Cocoasource, DHL Global Forwarding, Dille & Kamille, Dopper, Geelen Counterflow, Lenzing, Loods5, Lush, Matsen Chemie, Nine & Co, Regent Ingredients, Samskip, Sipsmith, Tony's Chocolonely, YOGI Tea, Yumeko and Zaytoun -- have each committed to a specific reduction in GHG emissions related to the transport of their products or services. Translating these pledges into tangible, traceable and demonstrable climate impact, GoodShipping has completed the first 100 pct GoodFuels bio-bunkering of the container ship Samskip Innovator. The partnership will see advanced biofuels used for a total of four or five trips from Rotterdam to Hull (UK) resulting in a 4,000 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.

    GoodFuels' renewable biofuels deliver an 80-90 pct well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction and are produced from certified sustainable feedstocks, according to the company.

    As GoodShipping is based on the mass balance principle , the vessel being refueled will not necessarily carry the cargo that the partner companies have decided to transport carbon neutrally. The CO2 reductions can be enabled on another oceangoing vessel, with GoodShipping's strict sustainable accountability criteria ensuring that the partners' decarbonisation commitments are delivered. (Source: GoodShipping, Website, 10 Nov., 2021) Contact: GoodShipping, Tina Trinks, Commercial Manager,; GoodFuels, Bart Hellings, COO, +31 88 021 5100,,

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    UK DfT Reports Detailed Renewable Fuels Data (Int'l. Report)
    UK Department for Transport
    Date: 2021-11-17
    According to the UK Department for Transport (DfT), renewable fuels made up 5 pct of the country's transport fuel mix, down from 5.9 pct over the same period 12 months ago. Of the total 1.44 billion litres of renewable fuels supplied between 1 January and 20 September, 63 pct was biodiesel, 25 pct was bioethanol and the balance was biomethane.

    The DfT data notes the most common fuel type was biodiesel made from used cooking oil (16.5 million litres), followed by bioethanol from sugar beet betaine residue (8.5 million litres). Of the renewable fuel supplied to date this year , the most widely reported source for biodiesel was used cooking oil from China (168 million litres) and corn from Ukraine for bioethanol (51 million litres).

    Taken together, renewable fuels achieved an average of 85 pct greenhouse gas (GHG) savings when compared with fossil fuel use, according to the DfT release.

    Download the UK Department for Transport Renewable Fuels Statistics HERE (Source: UK Department for Transport, Website, 11 Nov., 2021) Contact: UK Department for Transport,[]=department-for-transport,

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    Greencells Snares 195MW of Polish Solar Projects (Int'l. M&A)
    Date: 2021-11-17
    Saarbrucken, Germany-based utility-scale solar power plant developer Greencells GmbH reports it is expanding operations in Eastern Europe with the acquisition of two major projects totaling 195 MW . Both projects are expected to begin construction in 2023.

    With over 2.3 GWp of installed capacity, Greencells is one of the largest European providers of solar power plants, and has been involved in the construction or planning of plants in 25 countries. (Source: Greencelss GmbH, Website PR, 11 Nov., 2021) Contact: Greencells GmbH, +49 172 397 0957,

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    UGE's Bay State Solar+Storage Projects Underway (Ind. Report)
    UGE International
    Date: 2021-11-15
    NYC-headquartered solar, solar+storage developer UGE International Ltd. is reporting its expansion into the Massachusetts market, starting with more than 100MW of solar-plus-storage and standalone storage projects are now in early-stages of development.

    The Massachusetts projects will take advantage of the Clean Peak Energy Standard, an innovative program providing compensation for the value energy storage brings to the grid. Clean Peak requires utilities to purchase Clean Peak Energy Certificates (CPECs) from energy storage providers, much in the same way that previous solar programs often required utilities to purchase renewable energy credits. Energy storage systems are charged during the periods of maximum solar production. Then, as a substitute to traditional fossil fuel-powered peaking plants, energy storage provides additional capacity to the grid during peak demand hours, offsetting such power plants' significant carbon emissions. This program is expected to reduce emissions and lower electricity costs throughout the state.

    In addition to its Massachusetts projects, UGE reports all three of its submissions for the second year of New Jersey's community solar pilot program received awards from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU). The three projects totaling 2.2MW are expected to reach commercial operation in 2022. NJBPU also announced the the state will implement a full community solar program, foregoing year three of its previously announced pilot program. UGE has begun developing projects in anticipation of the opening of New Jersey's program.

    With more than 500MW experience, UGE develops, owns, and operates commercial and community solar projects in the US and strategic markets abroad. (Source: UGE, PR, 15 Nov., 2021) Contact: UGE, Mateo Chaskel, Managing Director UGE USA, (917) 720 5685 ,,

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    Ameresco Delivering Solar+Storage Project in Bristol (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-15
    Framingham,Mass.-based renewable energy and energy efficiency specialist Ameresco reports it will design, supply and install solar PV -- solar+storage -- systems to 175 homes across Bristol and North Somerset as part of the £1 million Bright Green Homes Project in the UK.

    Funding for the project was awarded to the council through the Local Authority Delivery of the Green Homes Grant, which at the end of May 2021 had facilitated 109 installations of solar PV. Each home is to be equipped with on average 10 panels total 375W of electricity as well as various energy efficient technologies such as battery storage. Construction began in October 2021, and is set to continue until at least March 2022.

    Other Bristol renewable schemes include a £2 million community share offer launched in 2020 by Bristol Energy Cooperative to part-fund the UK's first community-owned net zero housing microgrid, with this combining renewables, heat pumps, battery storage and energy efficiency measures. (Source: Ameresco, Website PR, 11 Nov., 2021)Contact: Ameresco,

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    NIPSCO Expanding Renewables, Solar Portfolio (Ind. Report)
    NIPSCO, NiSource,NextEra Energy
    Date: 2021-11-15
    Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLC (NIPSCO), a subsidiary of Merrilville, Indiana-based NiSource Inc., reports the groundbreaking of its first two Indiana-based solar projects -- Indiana Crossroads Solar and Dunns Bridge Solar I. Both projects are expected to be commissioned and online in 2022.

    The 265-MW Dunns Bridge Solar I facility is located in Jasper County, Ind. A subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC is constructing the project. Dunns Bridge Solar I will incorporate 900,000 solar panels and generate sufficient power for roughly 79,500 homes. The second phase of the project, Dunns Bridge Solar II, which will also be constructed by NextEra Energy Resources, will have 435 MW of solar paired with 75 MW of battery storage. Dunns Bridge Solar II will include an estimated 1,500,000 solar panels and is expected to be operational in 2023. NextEra Energy Resources will sell both completed projects to NIPSCO.

    Indiana Crossroads Solar is a 200 MW solar farm located in White County, Ind. EDP Renewables North America is developing and constructing the project. The solar park will be a joint venture between NIPSCO and EDPR.

    With these two solar projects, two completed wind farms and 10 more renewable projects planned or under construction, NIPSCO will have a total of 14 completed renewable projects by the end of 2023, as follows:

  • Rosewater Wind Farm -- 102 MW of wind, located in White County, Ind. (Complete

  • Jordan Creek Wind -- 400 MW of wind, located in Benton and Warren counties, Ind. (Complete)

  • Indiana Crossroads I Wind -- 300 MW of wind, located in White County, Ind. (2021)

  • Dunns Bridge Solar I -- 265 MW of solar, located in Jasper County, Ind. (2022)

  • Indiana Crossroads Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in White County, Ind. (2022)

  • Brickyard Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in Boone County, Ind. (2022)

  • Greensboro Solar -- 100 MW of solar and 30 MW of battery storage, located in Henry County, Ind. (2022)

  • Green River Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in Breckinridge and Meade counties, Ky. (2023)

  • Dunns Bridge Solar II -- 435 MW of solar and 75 MW of battery storage, located in Jasper County, Ind. (2023)

  • Cavalry Solar -- 200 MW of solar and 60 MW of battery storage, located in White County, Ind. (2023) Gibson Solar -- 280 MW of solar, located in Gibson County, Ind. (2023)

  • Fairbanks Solar -- 250 MW of solar, located in Sullivan County, Ind. (2023)

  • Indiana Crossroads II Wind -- 204 MW of wind, located in White County, Ind. (2023)

  • Elliot Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in Gibson County, Ind. (2023) (Source: NIPSCO, PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: Dunns Bridge Solar,; NIPSCO,; NiSource, Joe Hamrock, Pres., CEO,; NextEra Energy Partners LP,

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  • Hyundai Oilbank, Topsoe Seek Low-Carbon Fuel Opportunities (Int'l)
    Hyundai Oilbank, Topsoe
    Date: 2021-11-12
    In a recent memorandum of understanding (MoU), South Korea's Hyundai Oilbank and Topsoe report they have agreed to jointly seek new opportunities in biorefining, eFuels, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and other solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

    The MoU will support Topsoe in further optimizing its clean energy technologies and potentially enable Hyundai Oilbank to increase its low-carbon business and meet the company's target that "70 pct of total profit should derive from eco-friendly business by 2030."

    Topsoe develops cutting-edge technologies within green hydrogen, green ammonia, eMethanol, and eFuels. (Source: Hyundai Oilbank,PR, 8 Nov., 2021) Contact: Hyundai Oilbank,; Haldor Topsoe, Henrik Rasmussen, Americas Managing Dir., +45 27 77 99 68,

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    BayWa r.e. Tapped for 7 MWp PV Installation in Netherlands (Int'l.)
    BayWa r.e., Gresham House
    Date: 2021-11-10
    BayWa r.e. reports it has been tapped by Netherlands-based property developer and manager Goodman for the installation of a 7 MWp, 33,300 sqm rooftop PV installation at the Alblasserdam Logistics Centre in the Netherlands. The project will be executed by BayWa r.e.'s Dutch subsidiary GroenLeven.

    The PV installation will eliminate an expected 3,770 tpy of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of the emissions produced by approximately 1,900 households annually.

    Goodman notes it aims to have 400 MW of solar PV installed globally by 2025, with Continental Europe representing almost a quarter of the total.(Source: BayWa r.e., Goodman Websites, PR, 8 Nov., 2021) Contact: BayWa r.e., Kerstin Schmidt, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Power Solutions GmbH,; Goodman,

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    Duke Energy Florida Touts Solar Power Expansion (Ind. Report)
    Duke Energy
    Date: 2021-11-10
    In St. Petersburg, Duke Energy Florida reports its Duette Solar Power Plant in Manatee County is now online and fully operational .delivering on the company's commitment to expand its clean energy portfolio statewide. The 74.5-MW facility consists of approximately 227,000 single-axis tracking solar panels generating sufficient power for approximately 23,000 homes at peak production annually.

    The Duette facility is part of Duke Energy Florida's $1 billion investment to provide customers with 700 MW of clean energy by 2022. With a combined investment of over $2 billion, Duke Energy Florida's solar generation portfolio will include 25 grid-tied solar power plants providing about 1,500 MW by 2024. The company notes it is well on its way to completing 10 new solar projects by 2022. Eight of those facilities are now in service, while the remaining two are under construction. Duke also expects to have six battery sites totalling more than 50 MW in operation in Florida by 2022. Duke is aiming to cut carbon emissions by at least 50 pct by 2030 and reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to that end is investing in major electric grid upgrades, expanded battery storage, and exploring zero-emitting power generation technologies such as hydrogen and advanced nuclear. (Source: Duke Energy, PR, Website, 9 Nov., 2021) Contact: Duke Energy, Melissa Seixas, Fla. State Pres.,

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    Activate Renewables Announces New Leadership, Acquisitions (M&A)
    Activate Renewables
    Date: 2021-11-08
    Plano, Texas-based Activate Renewables, a leading acquirer of real estate and royalty interests in wind, solar and energy storage, is reporting renewables industry veteran Maria Klutey -- formerly with GE Capital Energy Services, where she focused on providing tax and structured equity to renewable energy projects -- has joined Activate as president.

    To date, Activate and its affiliates have acquired or signed agreements to fund acquisitions totaling more than 3,800 acres directly supporting over 700 MW of existing or planned renewable power generation across eight states.

    Activate was launched in May 2021 in a joint venture with Accelerate Real Asset Management and an initial capital commitment of $500 million from D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI). Accelerate, supported by $800 million in combined capital commitments, is a growth-oriented platform driven to deliver impactful value for stakeholders, our community, and the planet by deploying a next-generation approach to investments that power the new economy across the natural resources, renewable energy, and infrastructure markets, according to the company release. (Source: Activate Renewables, Website PR, Nov. 2021) Contact: Accelerate Real Asset Management, Gayle Goodman, (214) 415-9694,,

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    RWE 88-MW Spanish Solar Projects Underway (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-08
    Essen, Germany-headquartered RWE AG is reporting work is underway on its 44MW Casa Valdes and 44MW Puerta del Sol solar farm projects in Guadalajara Province, near Madrid, Spain.

    Both projects will incorporate bifacial high-performance modules and are expected to be commissioned and online in mid-2022.

    RWE is actively developing other solar projects in several countries in Europe as well as in North America with a total capacity of more than 7.6 GW. (Source: RWE, PR, Website 5 Nov., 2021)Contact: RWE AG, Roger Miesen, Generation CEO, +49(0)201-5179-0, F+49(0)201-5179-5005,

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    Growth Energy Threatens Action Over EPA RFS Inaction (Ind. Report)
    Growth Energy
    Date: 2021-11-05
    Growth Energy is reporting its Nov. 2 submission of a "notice of intent to sue" to the U.S. EPA regarding its failure to timely fulfill the agency's statutory obligation under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to issue the 2022 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) and in turn, the potentially multi-year "set" rulemaking process for renewable fuel volumes for 2023 and beyond.

    The RVOs for 2022 are due by November 30th, 2021, an annual deadline set by Congress in the RFS. As of today, 28 days before that statutory deadline, EPA has not even issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to establish those obligations. Additionally, the final "set" rulemaking was due on November 1, 2021, and EPA has not issued a notice of proposed rulemaking for that, either. The notice gives EPA 60 days to issue the 2022 RVO and the set rulemakings according to Growth Energy.

    For 2023 and later, EPA, in coordination with the DOE and the USDA, is required to set these renewable fuel volume requirements through one or more rulemakings, taking into consideration six statutory factors, including environmental, economic, and energy security factors. EPA is required to set volume requirements at least 14 months prior to the calendar year in which they are to take effect. In addition, EPA is constrained by statute to ensure that, for each year starting in 2023, the volume of advanced renewable fuel is at least the same percentage as the volume of the total renewable fuel requirement established in 2022. (Source: Growth Energy, PR, 3 Nov., 2021) Contact: Growth Energy, Emily Skor, (202) 545-4000,

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    Ameresco Inks SCE Battery Energy Storage Contract (Ind. Report)
    Ameresco,Southern California Edison
    Date: 2021-11-03
    Framingham, Mass.-based energy efficiency, storage and renewable energy specialist Ameresco, Inc., reports it has contracted with Southern California Edison (SCE) to design and build three grid scale battery energy storage systems (BESSs) in the San Joaquin Valley, Rancho Cucamonga and nearby communities and the Long Beach area.

    The substation energy storage systems, which are expected to be operational in August, 2022, will be built to address the emergency reliability risks to electric power shortages due to extended drought, wildfire, and heatwaves. The systems equate to 537.5 MW with a four-hour duration, for a total of 2,150 MWh. (Source: Ameresco, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: Ameresco, Britta MacIntosh, Senior VP, Ameresco Western Region, 508-661-2264,,; Southern California Edison, William Walsh, VP Energy Procurement and Management,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Storage,  Ameresco,  SCE,  

    Linde's New Texas Hydrogen Facility Now in Production (Alt. Fuel)
    Date: 2021-11-03
    In the UK, Guildford-headquartered industrial gas specialist Linde is reporting the startup up a new world-scale hydrogen production facility in Texas. The new plant is supplying high-purity hydrogen to the Phillips 66 Sweeny Refinery in Old Ocean, Texas, under a long-term supply agreement.

    Linde's total U.S. Gulf Coast hydrogen capacity is approximately 1.5 billion cubic feet per day .The company has installed approximately 200 hydrogen fueling stations and 80 hydrogen electrolysis plants worldwide. (Source: Linde, Website PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: Linde, Jeff Barnhard, VP, South Region, Investor Relations, Juan Pelaez,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Linde,  Hydrogen,  

    Indonesia to Cut Palm Deforestation by 2030 (Int'l. Report)
    Indonesia Palm Oil
    Date: 2021-11-03
    At COP26 in Edinburgh, the world's largest palm-oil producer, Indonesia has agreed to end deforestation by 2030.

    Indonesia, which has 35.6 million acres (56,250 square miles) of palm plantations on deforested land -- has been widely criticized for clearing forests for palm oil cultivation for biodiesel and other applications.

    The EU has vowed to boycott and end palm oil imports from Indonesia and Malaysia which has erupted into a legal row between the parties.

    As previously noted, TuK Indonesia, an NGO advocate for the environment, reported the estimated total wealth of the top 27 families in the palm oil industry at more than $88 billion -- roughly 8 pct of the country's GDP. Among the top producers, Wilmar International, which produces 2.3 million kiloliters per year of palm oil biodiesel, is the major recipient of Indonesian government subsidies to the palm oil industry. Wilmar scored 55 pct of the total $530 million from the BPDP-KS distributed to five palm oil companies in 2017. (Source: Various Media, COP26 Release, Nov., 2021)

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    SolRiver Acquires 53 MW CIP Solar Portfolio (Ind. Report, M&A)
    SolRiver Capital,Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
    Date: 2021-11-03
    Denver-headquartered solar investment fund SolRiver Capital is reporting the $90 million acquisition of a portfolio of eight utility-scale solar PV projects totaling 53-MW in North Carolina from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

    Once completed, the projects will produce over 91 million kWh of clean electricity annually -- sufficient power for 7,700 homes per year and the equivalent carbon sequestered by planting 1 million trees. Each project is expected to initially operate under a power purchase agreement with the local utility.

    Focusing on solar and storage, SolRiver owns and operates projects across the U.S. from Oregon to New York and has developed and managed over $400 million of solar totaling 180 MW of capacity from 300 projects. (Source: SolRiver Capital, PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: SolRiver Capital,,; Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners ,  

    NextEra Energy Takes Stake in 2.5 GW Renewable Portfolio (M&A)
    NextEra Energy Partners
    Date: 2021-11-02
    NextEra Energy Partners has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources to acquire a 50% interest in an approximately 2,520 MW renewables portfolio. NextEra Energy Partners plans to acquire interests in the assets for a consideration of about $849 million, subject to working capital and other adjustments, plus NextEra Energy Partners’ share of the portfolio’s total tax equity financings, which is estimated to be approximately $866 million at the time of closing. NextEra Energy Partners has also entered into an $824 million convertible equity portfolio financing with Apollo Global Management. NextEra expects to close the acquisition in later 2021 or early 2022.

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    Ameresco Completes BoA Chandler AZ Solar Arrays (Ind. Report)
    Ameresco, Bank of America
    Date: 2021-11-01
    Ameresco is reporting completion of a solar PV installations at the Bank of America at the Chandler, Arizona, Campus. The project, which will offset approximately 60 pct of the campus' total annual electricity demand, includes solar arrays on building rooftops and covered carports, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, a solar-powered ATM and solar powered benches throughout the campus that employees and visitors can use to charge personal devices .

    The project, which got underway in November 2020 and was completed in August 2021, will result in a reduction of almost 5,000 metric tpy of CO2 (Source: Ameresco, Inc., Website 26 Oct., 2021) Contact: Ameresco, Bob Georgeoff, VP, Leila Dillon, 508-661-2264,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ameresco,  Solar,  

    TotalEren, Kazakhstan Ink Wind+Storage Project MoU (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-01
    Paris-headquartered independent renewable energy power producer Total Eren is reporting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Wealth Fund and KazMunaiGas to work on the development, financing, construction and operation of hybrid power plants deploying 1 GW wind energy combined with 500 MW-1 GWh of energy storage system in central Kazakhstan.

    The project will incorporate roughly 200 wind turbines totaling 1 GW of installed capacity, coupled with a 500 MW-1 GWh battery storage system supplied by li-ion energy storage specialist Saft. The project will generate about 3,800 GWh annually for 30 years – sufficient power for more than 1 million people -- while reducing CO2 emissions by about 3.2 million tpy,

    Kazakhstan is aiming to increase the use of renewable in it energy mix by 15 pct by 2030 and to reach carbon neutrality by 2060.

    Total Eren develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy power plants (solar, wind, hydro) representing a gross capacity of more than 3,500 MW in operation or under construction worldwide. (Source: TotalEren, Website RP, 28 Oct., 2021) Contact: TotalEren, Solange Petit de Bantel, + 33 6 18 23 76 99,,

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    UK Energy Efficiency Scheme Axed After Only 7 pct Uptake (Int'l.)
    UK Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2021-11-01
    In the UK, the Guardian is reporting the Government's recently axed £1.5 billion ($2.048 billion) scheme to install home energy efficiency measures helped just 15,182 low-income households -- less than 7 pct of the intended 600,000 properties slated for assistance. In total 41,300 measures were installed.

    The scheme , which was launched in 2020, offered low-income or unemployed homeowners vouchers worth up to £10,000 to make their homes more energy efficient while working homeowners were offered a maximum of £5,000 per household to cover two-thirds of the work.

    The scheme was cancelled in March, this year when claimants claimed it was impossible to find accredited installers who were either willing or able to do the work. (Source: Guardian, 1 Nov., 2021)

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    UGI Announces Third NY State RNG Project (Ind. Report)
    UGI Corp,Cayuga RNG
    Date: 2021-10-29
    Cayuga RNG Holdings LLC is reporting an agreement to develop its third renewable natural gas (RNG) production project at El-Vi Farms in upstate New York. This is in addition to the previously announced Spruce Haven and Allen Farms projects. Cayuga RNG is a joint venture of UGI Energy Services LLC, a subsidiary of King of Prussia, Penna.-headquartered UGI Corp. and Global Common Energy LLC.

    The El-Vi Farms project will include the construction of a manure digester and gas upgrading equipment. Once completed in early 2023, the project is expected to produce 55 million cubic fpy of RNG that will be delivered to a local natural gas pipeline serving the regional distribution system. UGI subsidiary, GHI Energy, will be the exclusive marketer for Cayuga RNG.

    In total, the Spruce Haven, Allen Farms, and El-Vi Farms projects represent an investment of nearly $50 million. Cayuga RNG is actively pursuing several other projects in the region, according to the release. (Source: UGI Corp., Website PR, 26 Oct., 2021) Contact: UGI Corp, Robert F. Beard, Exec VP Natural Gas, (610) 337-1000,,

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    Innergex, Hydro-Quebec Nail NY State Hydro Acquisitions (M&A)
    Innergex, Hydro-Quebec
    Date: 2021-10-29
    Innergex Renewable Energy Inc and Hydro-Quebec subsidiary HQI US Holding LLC, are reporting completion of the previously disclosed 50-50 joint acquisition of the 60 MW Curtis Palmer hydroelectric portfolio in New York State for a total consideration of $318.4 million, including $9.2 million of cash and working capital adjustments.

    The Facilities include two run-of-river hydroelectric facilities -- the 12-MW Curtis Mills and 48-MW Palmer Falls. Curtis Palmer has a power purchase agreement for energy and renewable energy credits (RECs) with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.

    This joint acquisition is the first under the Strategic Alliance formed by Innergex and Hydro-Quebec in 2020. (Source: Innergex, Website PR, 25 Oct., 2021) Contact: Innergex, 450 928-2550,,; Hydro-Quebec, Caroline Des Rosiers, 514 289-5005,

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    Bloom Energy, SK Expanding Hydrogen Partnership (Ind. Report)
    Bloom Energy
    Date: 2021-10-27
    San Jose, California-headquartered hydrogen fuel cell developer Bloom Energy and Seoul, South Korea-based engineering and construction firm SK ecoplant Co. Ltd, are reporting plans to expand their partnership and to establish market leadership in the hydrogen economy.

    To that end, SK ecoplant will purchase a minimum of 500 MW from Bloom Energy over three years for a $4.5 billion commitment; co-create two hydrogen innovation centers in the U.S. and South Korea; and target an equity investment of approximately $500 million.

    SK ecoplant will also invest $255 million in Bloom Energy by acquiring 10 million shares of zero coupon, non-voting redeemable convertible preferred stock at a price of $25.50 per share. Bloom Energy intends to use the proceeds for market growth, rapid commercialization of hydrogen solutions, and for general corporate purposes, according to the release.

    Since the start of their strategic partnership three years ago, Bloom Energy -- SK ecoplant's largest strategic partner in clean energy -- and SK ecoplant have transacted nearly 200 MW of projects together totaling more than $1.8 billion of equipment and expected service revenue, according to the release. (Source: Bloom Energy, SK ecoplant, PR, 25 Oct., 2021) Contact: , SK ecoplant, Kyung-II Park, CEO, 02-3700-7114, 02-3700-8200 -- fax,; Bloom Energy, K R Sridhar, CEO, Peter Gross, VP, (408) 543-1547,

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    Renewables Global Employment on the Rise (Int'l.)
    International Renewable Energy Agency
    Date: 2021-10-25
    According to the International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) recently released Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review 2021, global renewable energy employment topped 12 million in 2020, up from 11.5 million in 2019.

    The report notes that while solar and wind energy jobs continued leading the global renewable energies sector -- accounting for a total of 4 million and 1.25 million jobs respectively -- liquid biofuels employment decreased as demand for transport fuels fell.

    China held a 39 pct share of renewable energy jobs worldwide in 2020, followed by Brazil, India, the U.S. and members of the European Union. Many other countries are also creating jobs in renewables. Among them are Vietnam and Malaysia, key solar PV exporters; Indonesia and Colombia, with large agricultural supply chains for biofuels; and Mexico and the Russian Federation, where wind power is growing. In Sub-Saharan Africa, solar jobs are expanding in diverse countries like Nigeria, Togo and South Africa, according to the IRENA report. (Source: IRENA, Oct., 2021) Contact: IRENA,

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    NextEra Energy Partners Taking Stake in 2,520-MW Renewables Portfolio (M&A, Ind. Report)
    NextEra Energy Partners
    Date: 2021-10-22
    Juno Beach, Florida-headquartered NextEra Energy Partners LP reports an agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC to acquire a 50 pct interest in an approximately 2,520-MW renewables portfolio. In conjunction with the acquisition, NextEra Energy Partners has also entered into an approximately $824 million convertible equity portfolio financing with Apollo Global Management (Apollo). NextEra Energy Partners expects to acquire the interests in the assets for approximately $849 million, subject to working capital and other adjustments, plus NextEra Energy Partners' share of the portfolio's total tax equity financings, which is estimated to be approximately $866 million at the time of closing. The acquisitions include:
  • White Mesa Wind, an approximately 501-MW wind generation facility in Texas

  • Irish Creek Wind, an approximately 301-MW wind generation facility in Kansas

  • Hubbard Wind, an approximately 300-MW wind generation facility in Texas.

  • Cool Springs Solar, an approximately 213-MW solar generation and 40-MW solar storage facility in Georgia

  • Little Blue Wind, an approximately 251-MW wind generation facility in Nebraska

  • Dodge Flat Solar, an approximately 200-MW solar generation and 50-MW solar storage facility in Nevada

  • Elora Solar, an approximately 150-MW solar generation facility in Tennessee

  • Quitman II Solar, an approximately 150-MW solar generation facility in Georgia

  • Fish Springs Ranch Solar, an approximately 100-MW solar generation and 25-MW solar storage facility in Nevada

  • Minco Wind Energy III, an approximately 107-MW wind generation facility in Oklahoma

  • Ensign Wind Energy, an approximately 99-MW wind generation facility in Kansas

  • Borderlands Wind, an approximately 99-MW wind generation facility in New Mexico

  • Quinebaug Solar, an approximately 49-MW solar generation facility in Connecticut

    The acquisition is expected to close late this year or in early 2022, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals. (Source: NextEra Energy Partners LP, Website PR, 22 Oct., 2021) Contact: NextEra Energy Partners LP,

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  • Ameresco Contracts for SCE Energy Storage Systems (Ind. Report)
    Ameresco,Southern California Edison
    Date: 2021-10-22
    Framingham, Massachusetts-based renewable energy and energy efficiency specialist Ameresco reports it has contracted with Southern California Edison (SCE) to design and build three grid-scale battery energy storage systems (BESSs) at existing SCE substation parcels in the San Joaquin Valley, Rancho Cucamonga and nearby communities and Long Beach, California. The projects will utilize a turnkey engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance (EPCM) contracting mechanism.

    The substation energy storage systems, which will address the emergency reliability risks identified in the Governor's Emergency Proclamation aimed at utilizing clean energy resources to address electric power shortages due to extended drought, wildfire, and heatwaves, equate to 537.5 MW with a four-hour duration, for a total of 2,150 MWh. (Source: Ameresco, Website PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: Ameresco, Britta MacIntosh, Senior VP, Ameresco Western Region, Southern California Edison, William Walsh, VP Energy Procurement and Management, 508-661-2264,,,

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    "Totally F***ed" -- No Holds Barred Climate Change Notable Quote
    Climate Change
    Date: 2021-10-22
    "We've got ten years left on climate (change). We need to get this sh*t right.

    "It's nice to get Wall Street and Silicon Valley on board with a vision of building a better planet, but I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing it because -- in my heart of hearts -- we're totally f***ed if we don't stop climate change." -- Donnel Baird, CEO, BlocPower,

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    CC&L Infra., HyStor Partner on Green Hydrogen Projects (Ind. Report)
    CC&L Infrastructure, HyStor Energy
    Date: 2021-10-22
    Toronto, Ontario-headquartered Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L Infrastructure) is reporting a strategic partnership with HyStor Energy LP which will develop, commercialize and operate green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution at scale projects in the U.S. -- including the on-site production, storage, and delivery of green hydrogen as both a zero-carbon fuel and a means of storing and producing electricity.

    HyStor Energy is already permitted for hydrogen storage at multiple U.S. Gulf Coast locations which together will form the backbone of a regional hub. This hydrogen hub will have co-located production, transmission, pipeline, rail and other infrastructure, linking these components to add value while driving economies of scale and attracting end-users. The hub is also expected to attract intellectual capital, spur innovation, create jobs and stimulate the local economy as well as deliver a major source of safe, reliable and 100 pct carbon-free energy, according to the release.

    CC&L Infrastructure is an active investor and owner of renewable energy assets with a portfolio of more than 60 hydro, solar, and wind facilities totaling 1.4 GW capacity globally. (Source: CC&L Infrastructure, Website PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: CC&L Infrastructure, Matt O’Brien, CEO, Kaitlin Blainey, VP, (416) 216-8047,,; Hystorenergy, (888) 542-6074,,

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    Elkem to Launch Exhaust Gas Carbon Capture Pilot (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-22
    Oslo, Norway-headquartered advanced silicon-based materials specialist Elkem reports it will test the world's first carbon capture pilot for silicon smelters at its plant in Rana, Norway. Aker Carbon Capture will deliver the test unit.

    The roughly $2,83 million project is intended to verify carbon capture technology on natural industrial exhaust gases from smelters and to prepare a full-scale plant for industrial carbon capture.

    Elkem aims to reduce its total CO2 emissions by 28 pct and improve its product carbon footprint by 39 pct by 2031, according to the release. (Source: Elkem, PR, Mining Mag., 22 Oct., 2021) Contact: Elkem, Helge Aasen, CEO,

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    Iberdrola's "Green" Capacity Up 10 pct to 37,300 MW (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-10-20
    Iberdola is reporting it increased its 'green' installed capacity by 10.4 pct to 37,378 MW in the first nine months of the year compared to the same period in 2020. Investments in clean energy also boosted the company's renewable production, which grew by 10.4 pct to 55,139 GWh.

    By region, half of Iberdrola's installed capacity is in international markets and is growing in all the areas where the company is present: Brazil (+8.6 pct), with more than 3,850 MW; the UK (+6.6 pct), the rest of the countries of the world (+19.4 pct) and the US (+4 pct), which exceeds 8,000 MW. Spain reached an installed capacity of 19,000 MW (+16 pct), after having commissioned nearly 2,400 MW in the last year.

    The company adds to its global wind leadership, with a 5.6 pct increase in onshore wind capacity to over 19,000 MW. Its offshore wind capacity totals 1,258 MW installed. During the period, Iberdrola's photovoltaic capacity doubled (+210 pct), exceeding 2,800 MW at the end of September. Driven by the Tamega complex project, hydroelectric generation increased to 13,744 MW in the period. Its battery storage systems have an installed capacity of 137 MW.

    In line with the greater renewable contribution, 80 pct of Iberdrola's installed capacity worldwide and 76 pct of global production is already emission-free; percentages of 79 pct and 87 pct in Spain, respectively. (Source: Iberdrola, Website PR, 15 Oct., 2021) Contact: Iberdrola,

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    EDP Plans Major UK Renewable Energy Investment in (Int'l.)
    EDP Renewables
    Date: 2021-10-20
    EDP Group, through its subsidiary EDP Renewables , the world's fourth largest renewable energy producer, reports plans to invest £12.86 billion ($17,780 billion US) in the UK by 2030. This investment is additional to that already made by Ocean Winds, the joint venture owned 50/50 by EDPR and ENGIE dedicated to offshore wind, in the Moray East and Moray West projects, amounting to £2.65 billion.

    Specific to offshore wind , EDP Group is active in two projects through Ocean Winds -- the recently constructed Moray East wind farm and Moray West which is in an advanced stage of development , totaling £2.65 billion to date. At 950 MW and 100 turbines, Moray East is Scotland's largest wind farm and is expected to begin operations in April 2022.

    The 900 MW Moray West project is scheduled to commence construction during 2022 and is expected to require additional capex of £2.2 billion over the following 3 to 4 years. (Source: EDP Group, Website PR, 18 Oct., 2021) Contact: EDP Renewables, +351 21 001 25 00,

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    Primoris Claims $115Mn in Energy/Renewables Contracts (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-18
    Dallas-headquartered Primoris Services Corporation is reporting its Energy/Renewables Segment has been awarded seven heavy civil awards totaling more than $115 million. The projects are located across the Southwest and have starting this year and ending in late 2023 and mid-year 2024.

    Primoris Services Corporation is a specialty contractor providing critical infrastructure services to the utility, energy/renewables and pipeline services markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. (Source: Primoris Group, Website PR, 14 Oct., 2021) Contact: Primoris Services Corp., Tom McCormick, Pres., CEO,

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    Qnergy, TotalEnergies Partner on Methane Reduction (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-18
    Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies, a founding member of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), is reporting the deployment of Ogden, Utah-based OGCI-member Qnergy's innovative methane reduction technology at its Barnett gas field in the U.S..

    Qnergy's technology converts methane powered instrumentation to compressed air powered instrumentation, thus eliminating the release of methane to the atmosphere during the process. Following successful additional tests, TotalEnergies plans to install this new technology by deploying 100 units on the Barnett field in 2021 and 2022. The deployment of 300 additional units throughout the field will reduce methane venting emissions from pneumatic devices by approximately 7,000 tpy by end 2024. (Source: Qnergy, Website PR, 14 Oct., 2021) Contact: Qnergy, (801) 752-0100,,; OGCI,,

    Editor's note: Methane (CH4) is the second most abundant anthropogenic GHG after carbon dioxide (CO2), accounting for about 20 pct of global emissions. Methane is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Over the last two centuries, methane concentrations in the atmosphere have more than doubled, largely due to human-related activities. Because methane is both a powerful greenhouse gas and short-lived compared to carbon dioxide, achieving significant reductions would have a rapid and significant effect on atmospheric warming potential, according to the US EPA.

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    Engie Solutions Delivers $23.8Mn in GCC Energy Savings (Int'l.)
    Engie Solutions
    Date: 2021-10-15
    Reporting from Kuwait, Global sustainable energy solutions provider Engie Solutions reports it has delivered an estimated $23.8 million in energy savings to its GCC-based clients since 2014. The company also helped clients reduce their electricity demand by a combined 190 GWh and displace an estimated 101,242 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere -- the equivalent of removing more than 22,000 cars from the roads.

    Engie Solutions currently manages more than 200 projects across the GCC, spanning 500 million sq m in total. In Kuwait, the company recently delivered integrated facilities management and energy efficiency projects for Taiba Hospital, Azzour North Power Plant and the Plot 40 shopping complex, in addition to delivering projects for several five-star hotels and one of the region's largest banks.

    Engie Solutions Kuwait was the first energy solutions specialist in the country to launch an energy management team dedicated to both retrofitting existing infrastructure and designing new energy efficiency systems -- paid for with the savings they generate. (Source: Engie Solutions, PR, Website, 11 Oct., 2021) Contact: Engie Solutions, +971 4 321 2114,

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    Virgin Atlantic Touts, Emissions Reduction, SAF commitment (Int'l.)
    Virgin Atlantic
    Date: 2021-10-13
    In the UK, Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airline reports it aims to achieve a 15 pct gross reduction in CO2 emissions across its fleet achieved through continued fleet transformation and increased operational efficiency by 2026, a 15 pct net reduction in total CO2 emissions, including 10 pct of fuel sourced from Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by 2030, and a 40 pct net reduction in total CO2 emissions by 2040 on its way to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

    Virgin Atlantic notes that since 2011 it has partnered with LanzaTech since 2011, flying the world's first commercial flight operated on SAFs in 2018 and supporting efforts to build the first UK SAF plant by 2025. Virgin Atlantis also notes its continues to support new technology innovation, most recently working with partners, Storegga Geotechnologies and Carbon Engineering, to accelerate the use of direct air capture of CO2. (Source: Virgin Atlantic, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: Storrega Geotechnologies, Nick Cooper, +44 (0) 20 3757 4980,,; Virgin Atlantic,; LanzaTech, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, (630) 439-3050,,

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    First TRUE Pre-certified Construction Site Announced (Ind. Report)
    Total Resource Use and Efficiency
    Date: 2021-10-13
    In the Golden State, Genesis Marina, a 570,000-sq.-ft. commercial office and laboratory project that general contractor Webcor is delivering in Brisbane, CA, is being officially touted as the world's first Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) pre-certified construction site. The TRUE program is administered by Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI), which also implements the US Green Building Council LEED certification rating system. The pre-certification recognizes projects that have implemented the fundamental actions and policies needed to effectively pursue zero waste and have demonstrated a commitment to achieving TRUE certification.

    Located on a former landfill, the Genesis Marina project site is expected to divert over 90 pct of its waste from landfills and incineration in line with California'a stringent policies driving the state to a circular economy future.

    TRUE certification helps the site dramatically reduce waste that is brought in while also ensuring that removed waste is reused and diverted from becoming trash. The pursuit of TRUE certification directly aligns with Webcor's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and commitments to energy efficiency and zero waste on a job site by the end of 2022 and to reducing overall waste by 2 pct annually.

    To achieve TRUE certification , eligible projects must meet a minimum of seven program requirements (prerequisites) and attain at least 31 points on the TRUE scorecard. Such criteria include implementing a zero waste policy by diverting 90 pct of all waste generated, as well as meeting all solid waste and recycling regulations, according to the TRUE website. (Source: TRUE, Webcore, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: TRUE,

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    BayWa r.e. Launches New Solar Services in Vietnam (Int'l. Report)
    BayWa r.e.
    Date: 2021-10-08
    BayWa r.e. reports it has opened a solar distribution warehouse and new office facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is now providing tailor-made and turn-key solar energy solutions for commercial installers and industrial businesses in the country, both on-site and off-site.

    BayWa is presently developing large scale solar and wind energy development in Vietnam and has a 400MW pipeline of wind energy in north Vietnam and is developing 150MW solar projects in the south of the country. More than 6.7GW of rooftop solar was installed across Vietnam in December 2020 alone, bringing the total installed capacity over the whole year to 16.56GW. (Source: BayWa r.e., PR, Website, Oct., 2021) Contact: BayWa r.e., Bryse Gaboury, Vietnam General Manager,

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    Willdan Wins Dublin, California $21.2 Mn Energy Contract (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-06
    In the Golden State, Anaheim-headquartered Willdan Group, Inc. reports it has been selected by the City of Dublin (pop. 67,800 +-), California, to implement citywide energy efficiency, infrastructure, resiliency, and smart-city upgrades.

    Through a comprehensive $21.2 million contract, Willdan will perform project engineering, development, construction, commissioning and energy savings measurement and verification at over 20 sites across the City, including the deployment of distributed energy resources and three years of maintenance at 10 sites.

    Ten sites will receive additional solar capacity, totaling 1.4 MW-DC capacity, and four sites will be paired with battery energy storage. The projects are expected to be completed within the next 18-24 months. (Source: Willdan, Website PR, Sept., 2021)Contact: City of Dublin, Laurie Sucgang, City Engineer and Assistant Public Works Director, 925-833-6650,; Willdan Group Inc., Tom Brisbin, CEO, Stacy McLaughlin , CFO, 714-940-6300,,

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    RMI Maps Pathway to Zero-Carbon Steel (Ind. Report Attached)
    Rocky Mountain Institute
    Date: 2021-10-04
    In Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI} has released its latest report, Pursuing Zero-Carbon Steel in China: A Critical Pillar to Reach Carbon Neutrality, analyzing a specific path for the country's steel industry to reach zero-carbon by 2050.

    China produces and consumes more than half of the world's steel, accounting for about 17 pct of the country's carbon emissions -- the country's second largest carbon emitting sector.

    The report makes a preliminary analysis of the energy consumption structure of China's steel industry and estimates that under the zero-carbon scenario, China's steel demand will accelerate to peak and decline rapidly, and the product structure, energy consumption structure, and production process will undergo great changes. The report maps out the following three steps for the industry's decarbonization:

  • Demand reduction -- Under the zero-carbon scenario, China's steel production will peak in 2024 and decline to 621 million tons per year in 2050 -- 40 pc lower than the 2020 level.

  • Steel recycling -- China's secondary steel production will change from a supporting role to a mainstay, accounting for up to 60 pct of total steel production by 2050.

  • Switching to low-carbon alternatives -- Hydrogen direct reduced iron, smelting reduction with coal or hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage will all be important green steel-making routes to China. These methods will produce 250 million tons in total by 2050, resulting in a significant decrease in fossil-fuel-based steel production, from 90 to 20 pct, according to the report.

    Access the full report HERE. (Source: RM, Website Release, Sept., 2021) Contact: Rocky Mountain Institute, 970.927.3851 / Fax: 970.927.3420,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Net-Zero Carbon,  Carbon Emissions,  Rocky Mountain Institute,  

  • Adani Green Acquiring 40MW Indian Solar Project (Int'l., M&A)
    Adani Green Energy
    Date: 2021-10-01
    In New Delhi, Adani Green Energy Ltd reports it will acquire a 40 MW operational solar project, located in Odisha, from privately-held Essel Green Energy Ltd at an enterprise value of 2,190,000,000 Indian Rupees ($29.482 million). The project has a long-term PPA -- with 22 year remaining -- with the New Delhi-based Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI.)

    With this acquisition, Adani's operational project capacity will reach 5.4 GW, with a total portfolio of 19.8 GW. As previously reported, the company recently raised $750 million through a green bond to fund the equity for its under construction projects. (Source: Adani Green Energy, PR, 30 Sept., 2021) Contact: Essel Green Energy Ltd,; Solar Energy Corporation of India,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Adani Green Energy,  Solar,  Solar Energy Corporation of India ,  

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