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Decarbonize Transportation with RNG (RNG Coalition Report Attached)
NGV America
Date: 2022-05-13
According to the Washington, DC-based Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGV America) and Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) , 64 percent of all on-road fuel used in natural gas vehicles in calendar year 2021 was renewable natural gas (RNG).

RNG use as a transportation fuel grew 13 percent over 2020 volumes, up 234 percent from 2017 levels. NGVAmerica and RNG Coalition report that in 2021 a total of 610 million gallons (GGE)2 of natural gas were used as motor fuel. Of that, 390 million gallons (GGE) were from renewable sources.

Captured above ground from organic material in agricultural, wastewater, landfill, or food waste, RNG can produce carbon-negative results when fueling on-road vehicles like short- and long-haul trucks, transit buses, and refuse and recycling collection vehicles. California Air Resources Board data confirms that the annual average carbon intensity (CI) value of California's bio-CNG vehicle fuel portfolio in its Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program was carbon negative and below zero at -44.41 gCO2e/MJ for calendar year 2021.

RNG use as a motor fuel in 2021 displaced 3.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e); lowered greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to removing the GHG from over 9.4 billion miles driven by the average passenger car; eliminated CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing CO2 emissions from more than 427 million gallons of gasoline consumed; and sequestered carbon, equal to 4.5 million acres of U.S. forests for one year.

NGVAmerica is a national trade association of sustainability solutionists and experts in the clean transportation field. Our roughly 200 members are dedicated to the development of a growing, profitable, and sustainable market for vehicles, ships and carriers powered by natural gas and biomethane. NGVAmerica member companies produce, distribute, and market natural gas and biomethane across North America, manufacture and service natural gas vehicles, engines, and equipment, and operate fleets powered by clean-burning gaseous fuels.

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas is the non-profit association providing public policy advocacy and education for the sustainable development, deployment, and utilization of renewable natural gas in North America.

Download the Decarbonize Transportation report HERE (Source: Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Website, May, 2022) Contact: NGVAmerica, Dan Gage, Pres.,; Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Johannes Escudero, Pres., Founder,

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TotalEnergies Touts Floating Offshore Wind Projects (Int'l.)
Date: 2022-05-13
Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies reports construction of the 30-MW Eolmed floating wind farm project 18 km off the Mediterranean coast of Gruissan and Port la Nouvelle, France, is underway. The project, which consist of three 10 MW wind turbines mounted on steel floats and connected to the French Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) by an underwater cable, is expected to come online in 2024.

In addition to the Eolmed project, TotalEnergies is participating in a tender in Brittany to develop a floating wind farm with Green Investment Group and Qair. In South Korea, the company is developing a portfolio of over 2 GW of floating offshore wind and in the UK, TotalEnergies is developing the 96 MW Erebus project in the Celtic Sea with its partner Simply Blue Energy. TotalEnergies also launched the TotalEnergies SBE US joint venture with Simply Blue Group.

Additionally, TotalEnergies is developing a 10-Mw portfolio of offshore wind projects -- 2/3 are bottom-fixed and 1/3 are floating -- in the United Kingdom (Seagreen project, Outer Dowsing, Erebus, ScotWind), South Korea (Bada project), Taiwan (Yunlin project), France (Eolmed project) and the U.S. (New York Bight project). The Company has also qualified to participate in competitive tenders in the US, UK and France, and will participate in tenders in Norway and Poland, according to the release. (Source: TotalEnergies, Website PR, 10 May, 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies, Olivier Terneaud, VP Offshore Wind, Investor Relations, +33 1 47 44 46 46,,

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Bord Gais Energy, Amerenco Ink Irish Solar Agreement (Int'l. )
Bord Gais Energy, Amerenco
Date: 2022-05-13
Irish gas and electric utility Bord Gais Energy reports it will support independent solar energy developer Amarenco Group in the development of eight, 5-MW solar farms, totalling 40MW, in County Cork -- among the first utility-scale solar plants in Ireland.

Under a long-term arrangement, Bord Gais Energy will manage and offtake the electricity produced from these solar farms and include it as part of its supply portfolio. When added to Bord Gais Energy's current renewable portfolio, which is in excess of 220MW of wind production, the company will supply renewable power to over 164,000 homes across the country. (Source: Bord Gais Energy, Website PR, May, 2022) Contact: Bord Gais Energy, Dave Kirwan, MD,; Amarenco Group,

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Comerica Launching Renewable Energy Solutions Group (Ind. Report)
Comerica Bank
Date: 2022-05-11
Dallas, Texas-headquartered Comerica Bank reports it is expanding its Environmental Services Department with the introduction of a new Renewable Energy Solutions group dedicated to growing and supporting Comerica's renewable energy business.

The Renewable Energy Solutions group allows Comerica to better align credit resources, including underwriting and approval, drive greater organizational consistency, and benefit its broader sustainability objectives by driving green loan growth and improving the accuracy of data related to the bank's renewable efforts.

Since the department's origination in 2006, Comerica's ESD has seen significant achievements in the renewable energy space. In recent years, its historical experience in financing landfill gas and biomass has naturally evolved into financing independent renewable energy generators for other forms of renewables, including those involved in the solar, wind and anaerobic digestion industries, according to the Comerica release.

Comerica is a member of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), a global partnership of financial institutions that work together to develop and implement a harmonized approach to assess and disclose the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their loans and investments. Comerica Bank is a subsidiary of Comerica Incorporated, a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with reported total assets of $89.2 billion as of March 31, 2022. (Source: Comerica Incorporated, Website PR, 5 May, 2022) Contact: Comerica Incorporated, Matt Breight, Senior VP and ESD Group Manager,

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BayWa to Tender Green Electricity in Europe (Int'l. Report)
BayWa r.e.
Date: 2022-05-11
German enewable energy developer and services provider BayWa r.e. is reporting it will issue Europe's first-ever tender initiated by a developer for corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs) totaling 10 TWh over 10-year contracts. The energy will come from a portfolio of renewable energy projects located in Germany and Spain.

The tender will take place in Autumn 2022 and will see the project's total output shared with several off-takers, each looking to meet their energy demands with a reliable source of renewable energy. The tender's terms and principles are currently being finalized and further information will be shared by BayWa r.e. later this year. (Source: BayWa r.e., Website PR, 9 May, 2022) Contact: BayWa r.e., Daniel Parsons, Head of PPA,

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Ice Cream Giant Pilot to Cut GHG Emissions by 2024 (Ind. Report)
Ben & Jerry's
Date: 2022-05-09
Burlington, Vermont-headquartered ice cream industry icon Ben & Jerry's is touting "Project Mootopia" and a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions on 15 dairy farms to half the industry average by the end of 2024. Once proven, pilot project initiatives will be expanded to farms across Ben & Jerry's global dairy supply chain.

Dairy ingredients account for more than half of Ben & Jerry's total greenhouse gas emissions, so the company is focusing on dairy farms as the best opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint. The Project Mootopia pilot will use regenerative agricultural practices and new technology to address:

  • Enteric emissions -- managing methane-producing cow burps through a high-quality forage diet and innovative rumen modifiers that act as a digestive aid.

  • Manure -- managed through methane reduction technology such as digesters and separators, which reduce the need for commercial fertilizer.

  • Feed crops -- using regenerative practices to grow more grass and other feed crops to maintain healthy soils, increase carbon sequestration, improve the use of grassland, lower synthetic inputs, promote biodiversity, and raise the percentage of homegrown feed.

    Ben & Jerry's is committed to using renewable energy is taking a more meaningful and direct approach: attacking the systemic causes of climate change in its own supply chain to achieve measurable, Science Based Targets. The ice cream maker received $9.3 million to prove and scale regenerative practices on dairy farms from the Climate and Nature Fund of its parent corporation, Unilever. (Source: Ben & Jerry's, PR, 9 May, 2022) Contact: Ben & Jerry's, Jenna Evans, Global Sustainability Manager,

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  • DOE Offers $2.3Bn for CO2 Emissions Reduction Initiatives (Funding)
    DOEDOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management
    Date: 2022-05-09
    In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced plans to allocate more than $2.3 billion to three different initiatives to advance approaches that reduce CO2 pollution.

    One is a notice of intent for a $2.25 billion effort to accelerate geologic carbon storage projects capable of permanently storing at least 50 million metric tons of captured CO2. The other two are funding opportunities, which total $91 million, will increase the number of available CO2 storage sites and advance critical carbon management technologies.

    . CO2 removal (CDR) pathways, like direct air capture with storage, remove CO2 pollution directly from the atmosphere to draw down the concentration of CO2. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies mitigate CO2 emissions from point sources such as power plants and industrial facilities by capturing and storing the CO2 they produce. CCS and CDR have the potential to reduce and remove hundreds of millions of tpy of CO2 emissions.

    The $2.25 billion notice of intent will help address the feasibility, site characterization, permitting, and construction stages of CCS project development, including project siting processes that will emphasize active engagement of local communities and avoid the imposition of additional burdens on overburdened and under-served communities. The second is a $45 million funding aims to improve procedures to assess onshore and offshore CO2 storage sites at a commercial scale. The third is a $46 million funding opportunity called "Carbon Management" for technologies to remove, capture, and convert or store CO2 from utility and industrial sources or the atmosphere.

    The DOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) will manage the three opportunities. (Source: US DOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, Website PR, May, 2022) Contact: DOE Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, 202-586-5000,

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    Valero Touts Ethanol, Renewable Diesel Growth (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-05-04
    In the Lone Star State, San Antonio-headquartered Valero Energy Corp’s. first quarter 2022 financial results reported both its ethanol and renewable diesel segments production and profits were up. Valero’s Diamond Green Diesel (renewable diesel) joint venture, reported $149 million in operating income for the first quarter, down from $203 million reported for the same period of 2021. Renewable diesel sales volumes averaged 1.7 million gpd during the three-month period, 871,000 gpd higher than in the first quarter of 2021.

    Valero noted the higher sales volumes to the Q4 2021 start-up of its DGD expansion project (DGD 2). Additional production capacity is expected later this year. The company’s DGD 3 project in Port Arthur, Texas, which is expected to be operational in Q4 this year, will boost DGD’s total capacity to approximately 1.2 billion gpy of renewable diesel and 50 million gpy of renewable naphtha.

    Valero reported $1 million in first quarter operating income for its ethanol segment, compared to a $56 million operating loss reported for the same period of last year. Ethanol production volumes averaged 4 million gpd for the three-month period, up 483,000 gpd compared to Q1, 2021. The company expects to produce 4 million gpd of ethanol in Q2, 2022, according to the release.

    Valero also noted it continues to evaluate sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable hydrogen, and additional renewable naphtha and CCS projects. (Source: Valero, PR 26 April, 2022) Contact: Valero Renewable Fuels, Joe Gorder, Pres., (800) 324-8464,

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    Valero Touts Ethanol, Renewable Diesel Growth (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-05-04
    In the Lone Star State, San Antonio-headquartered Valero Energy Corp's. first quarter 2022 financial results reported both its ethanol and renewable diesel segments production and profits were up. Valero's Diamond Green Diesel (renewable diesel) joint venture, reported $149 million in operating income for Q1, down from $203 million reported for the same period of 2021. Renewable diesel sales volumes averaged 1.7 million gpd during the three-month period, 871,000 gpd higher than in the first quarter of 2021, according to the release.

    Valero noted the higher sales volumes to the Q4 2021 start-up of its DGD expansion project (DGD 2). Additional production capacity is expected later this year. The company's DGD 3 project in Port Arthur, Texas, which is expected to be operational in Q4 this year, will boost DGD's total capacity to approximately 1.2 billion gpy of renewable diesel and 50 million gpy of renewable naphtha.

    Valero reported ethanol production volumes averaged 4 million gpd for the three-month period, up 483,000 gpd compared to Q1, 2021. The company expects to produce 4 million gpd of ethanol in Q2, 2022, according to the release. Valero also noted it continues to evaluate sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable hydrogen, and additional renewable naphtha and CCS projects. (Source: Valero, PR 26 April, 2022) Contact: Valero Joe Gorder, Pres., (800) 324-8464,

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    Gresham House Invests in Kiwi Forestry Carbon Credits (Int'l.)
    Gresham House
    Date: 2022-05-04
    In the UK, London-based asset management firm Gresham House reports it is investing in New Zealand forestry as part of a carbon credits strategy for UK-based institutional investors.

    The Gresham House Forest Carbon limited partnership has acquired a 25 pct stake in an eight forest portfolio totaling 12,000 hectares focused on carbon sequestration and native forest regeneration. The forests will not be harvested and will remain as permanent forests, contributing to CO2 reduction, maintaining biodiversity and generating a projected generate nine million verified carbon credits (VCC) over the next 25 years.

    Gresham House manages 141,500 hectares of forestry in the UK and Ireland and more than 166,000 hectares globally, valued at around £3 billion. New Zealand has committed to become net carbon neutral by 2050. (Source: Gresham House, PR, May, 2022) Contact: Gresham House, David Gardner, CIO for Forestry,

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    Enel, Clorox Ink 47MW Wind VPPA (Ind. Report)
    Enel Green Power North America
    Date: 2022-05-02
    Andover, Mass.-based Enel Green Power North America Inc. reports inking a 12-year, 47MW virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Clorox Company for renewable energy generated and delivered to the electricity grid from Enel's 25 Mile Creek wind farm in Oklahoma, starting 1 Jan., 2023.

    The 250MW 25 Mile Creek project is currently under construction and expected to come online before the year end.

    Enel Green Power has around 100 plants across North America including hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal totaling roughly 10.1 GW, according to the company website. (Source: Enel Green Power America, PR, 29 April, 2022) Contact: Enel Green Power North America Inc.,

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    SEIA Comments on Biden Administration Solar Tariffs (Ind. Report)
    Solar Energy Industries Association
    Date: 2022-04-29
    According to a recent survey from the Washington, DC-based Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar installation forecasts for 2022 and 2023 are being cut by 46 pct due to the Biden administration's circumvention case against solar imports from Southeast Asia which will result in a drop of 24 GW of planned solar capacity over the next two years -- more solar than the industry installed in all of 2021.

    In addition to the new survey analysis, SEIA collected more than 700 survey responses to capture project-level data and the impact felt by companies. A total of 318 projects accounting for 51 GW of solar capacity and 6 GWh of attached battery storage are being cancelled or delayed. Fully $52 billion of private investment is at risk. In addition, 70 pct of survey respondents report that at least half their solar and storage workforce is at risk and more than 200 companies report that their entire workforce is at risk.

    According to the SEIA survey, the gap to reaching President Biden's clean energy goal has never been larger. By 2025, imposition of tariffs will cause solar capacity to fall 75 GW short of the pace needed to reach the president's goal, equal to the size of the entire U.S. solar market prior to 2020. (Source: SEIA, Website, 27 April, 2022) Contact: SEIA, Abigail Ross Hopper, Ceo, Pres.,

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    Amazon Touts New Global Renewable Energy Projects (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-04-29
    Online retailer Amazon is reporting 37 new renewable energy projects in US, Spain, France, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and UAE will add 3500MW to its portfolio as it aims to power 100 pct of its operations with renewable energy by 2025 -- five years ahead of the original target of 2030.

    The new projects will jump Amazon's renewable capacity from 12.2GW to 15.7GW and bring the total number of renewable energy projects to 310 across 19 countries and help the retailing giant score net-zero carbon by 2040 -- a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement. (Source: Amazon, PR, Website, 20 April, 2022)

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    SSE, Brookfield Partner on Netherlands Offshore Wind (Int'l. Report)
    SSE Renewables
    Date: 2022-04-27
    In the UK, London-listed utility SSE Renewables is reporting a strategic 50/50 partnership with Brookfield Renewable for the 1400MW Hollandse Kust West offshore wind farm zone tenders that are currently underway in the Netherlands.

    Brookfield operates one of the world's largest publicly traded, pure-play renewable power platforms with approximately 21,000MW of installed capacity. In 2021 Brookfield Renewable inked PPAs totaling 11,000 GWh with 62 individual companies.

    Brookfield is pursuing this partnership through the Brookfield Global Transition Fund I, which is the largest fund in the world focused on the energy transition, targeting a $15 billion close in the coming weeks. (Source: SSE Renewables, Website PR, April, 2022) (Contact: SSE Renewables,,; : Brookfield Renewable Energy,

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    CME Group Carbon Emissions Offset Contracts Surpass 100Mn Offsets Traded (Ind. Report)
    CME Group
    Date: 2022-04-27
    In Chicago, CME Group, the world's leading derivatives marketplace, is reporting that combined volume across CME Group's voluntary carbon emissions offset contracts has surpassed 100,000 contracts traded, equivalent to 100 million carbon offset credits, or 100 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

    According to the CME release, market users have quickly adopted voluntary carbon offsets since the initial launch of Global Emissions Offset (GEO) futures and Nature-Based Global Emissions Offset (N-GEO) futures last year. Key highlights of how these markets have grown include:

  • Combined open interest reached a record 20,763 contracts on March 29, 2022, representing over 20 million deliverable carbon offset credits, with open interest extending out to December 2024.

  • Record average daily volume in March 2022 of a combined 1,000 contracts.

  • Since launch, CME Group has had multiple clearing firms help facilitate ten successful deliveries, totaling over 8.8 million offsets, or 8.8 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

  • Over 75 firms or brokers have executed trades in these products and nearly half of total volume has come from Europe and the Middle East, followed by North America and Asia. (Source: CME Group, PR, 25 April, 2022) Contact: CME Group, Peter Keavey, Global Head of Energy and Environmental Products,

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  • BayoTech Touts Hydrogen for Heavy Duty Trucking (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-04-25
    According to Albuquerque, New Mexico-based BayoTech Inc. "It's no wonder there's a global push to reduce emissions coming from heavy-duty vehicles. Transportation produces 29 pct of America's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions -- more than any other sector. In August 2021, the EPA announced a set of rules to reduce GHG emissions caused by the transportation sector. Many of these rules, which come into effect in 2027, target heavy-duty trucks. In addition, California's Advanced Clean Trucks regulations require truck manufacturers to increase the percentage of zero-emission vehicle sales.

    "Heavy-duty transport is the ideal use case for hydrogen. The long-range capabilities and fast refueling mean they can match and exceed the performance of diesel trucks -- while producing zero emissions at the tailpipe. Battery electric trucks -- the only other zero-emission alternative -- quickly run into payload issues. Long-distance trips require massive battery packs which reduces the amount of weight the truck can carry due to weight restrictions and cargo space. The further the trucks need to go, the less they can transport.

    "Storage space isn't a problem with hydrogen-powered trucks. Fuel cells take up less room than battery packs. For long-distance trips, where maximizing the amount of cargo per truck is a key consideration, this is a valuable benefit, according to BayoTech.

    "A hydrogen truck can complete a cross-country drive 35 pct faster than a battery-powered truck. Hydrogen trucks refuel 15 times faster than their battery-powered counterparts. Long-haul trucking also delivers diesel-like performance while producing zero emissions. High cargo capacity, fast fueling, and a lower total cost of ownership than electric trucks. It's the ideal combination. And as hydrogen fueling infrastructure expands, costs will reduce further.

    "The biggest question port operators and fleet managers have is about the source of the hydrogen. Where are they going to refuel their trucks? BayoTech's BayoGaaS® Hydrogen Hubs provide a low-cost, low-carbon fuel solution. We install and operate a hub to generate onsite hydrogen. The hubs are quick to deploy, have a small footprint of only 0.25 acres, and utilize existing natural gas infrastructure," according to the BayoTech release. (Source: BayoTech, Blog, April, 2022) Contact: BayoTech Inc., Steve Jones, 505-977-7954,

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    FDE Snares Liquefied Biogas, Bio-CO2 Specialist (Int'l., M&A)
    Date: 2022-04-25
    French gas producer La Française de l'Energie (FDE) is reporting acquisition of 94 pct of the capital of Massy, France-headquartered Cryopur, a specialist in the treatment of biogas and its liquefaction into LBG and Bio-CO2.

    Cryopur's patented cryogenic technology purifies biogas into Bio-CO2 and Biomethane before liquefying it into LBG. The Bio-CO2 produced through the Cryopur process can be recovered in short circuits throughout the entire value chain, including as an alternative transportation fuel.

    Cryopure technology is now in operation in the UK and Norway at 2 biogas production sites with a present total production capacity to date of 5,000 tpy of LBG and 5,000 tpy of Bio-CO2. Other activities include the upgrading and liquefaction of biogas, landfill gas, flare, rare gas and others.

    The portfolio of projects being finalized is includes 7 new European projects currently under discussion for an anticipated amount of over €35 million. (Source: FDE, Website, PR, 19 April, 2022) Contact: Cryopur, Denis Clodic, Founder, +33 1 80 38 41 32,,; FDE, Julien Moulin, Pres., +33 (0)3 87 04 32 11,,

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    Atlas Renewable Energy, Enel Ink Chilean Wind Power PPA (Int'l.)
    Atlas Renewable Energy
    Date: 2022-04-25
    Miamai, Florida-headquartered Atlas Renewable Energy is reporting a 1.3 GWh/year, long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Enel Generacion Chile S.A. for its Atlas Alpaca portfolio's three wind projects totaling 417 MW throughout Chile. The three wind projects are slated to come onlin in 2025. and are slated to begin operation in 2025.

    Atlas previously entered into a similar PPA with Engie to develop Sol del Desierto, a solar plant located in Chile's Atacama desert, which recently began operations.(Source: Atlas Renewable Energy, Website, PR, 20 April, 2022) Contact: Enel Generacion Chile Trading and Commercialization, Alfredo Hott,; Atlas Renewable Energy (Chile), Alfredo Solar, 786 358 5614,

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    Minesto Floats Faroe Islands Tidal Power Plan (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2022-04-25
    Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has launched a detailed plan for large-scale build-out of 20-40 MW tidal “kite” energy arrays at four verified sites in the Faroe Islands totalling up to 120MW. The plan includes four new verified sites that could supply 40 pct of the Faroe Island's electric power consumption and help the Islands reach its goal of 100 pct renewable energy by 2030.

    During 2022, the first step is to expand the existing grid-connected site in Vestmannasund, establishing a mini array with three systems at a total installed capacity of 1.4MW. The second step, planning and permitting ongoing, is a 10MW array in Hestfjord, with direct electricity distribution to the nearby capital Torshavn. After that further build-out of Hestfjord will follow, as well as the build-out of the Leirviksfjord, Skopunarfjord and Svinoyarfjord sites. (Source: Minesto, PR, RENEWS, April, 2022) Contact: Minesto, Martin Edlund, +46 (0) 31-29 00 60, www

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    Novis Reports Three NY Solar Farm Start-ups ( Ind. Report)
    Novis Renewables
    Date: 2022-04-20
    In the Empire State, Irvington, New York-based Novis Renewables is reporting the commissioning and start-up of the Novis Renewables' North Eagle Village (Manlius), Green Lakes (Manlius), and Judd Rd (Whitestown) ground mounted solar plants totaling 22.5 MW.

    For the first 25 years of operation, revenues from the three projects will be generated and contracted via the VDER community solar programme, which allows commercial and residential subscribers to use bill credits generated by the project. The projects also received incentives from NYSERDA's NY-Sun and Community Credit programs. At the end of the 25-year VDER scheme, the projects will earn revenue via merchant sale of energy, capacity and Renewable Energy Certificates. (Source: Novis Renewables, Website PR, 19 April, 2022) Contact: Novis Renewables, (914)-340-4740,,

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    Nordex Scores 29.5 MW Finnish Turbines Order (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2022-04-20
    Hamburg, Germany-headquartered wind turbine specialist Nordex Group is reporting receipt of an order for five N163/5.X wind turbines totaling 29.5 MW, including a 30 year Premium Service contract, from the Finnish renewable energy investment and asset management platform Low Carbon.

    The turbines, which will be installed at the Morknasskogen wind farm near the west coast community of Vaasa, are expected to generate sufficient power for more than 30,000 homes and avoid over 24,700 tpy of CO2 emissions when commissioned in 2023. (Source: Nordex SE. Website PR, 14 April, 2022) Contact:, Nordex SE, Felix Zander +49 (0) 40 / 300 30 – 1116,,

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    TotalEnergies Opens Netherlands Hydrogen Refueling Station (Int'l.)
    Date: 2022-04-20
    TotalEnergies Marketing Netherlands is reporting the opening of a new hydrogen refueling station in Breda, The Netherlands. The station is part of the Interreg project "Hydrogen region 2.0", which is coordinated by H2 knowledge and cooperation platform WaterstofNet.

    In addition to hydrogen the station offers gasoline and other liquid fuels as well as electric vehicle charging at up to 175 kW. The station supplies hydrogen with both 700 and 350 bar filling pressures. Passenger cars and other light-duty vehicles refuel at 700 bar, while 350 bar is used mainly for heavy-duty vehicles, such as buses and trucks.

    TotalEnergies operates 24 hydrogen service stations in Germany as part of the H2 Mobility joint venture and is working to expand its network of service stations to include biomethane, hydrogen, LNG and electricity. (Source: TotalEnergies Marketing Netherlands, PR, April, 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies Marketing Netherlands,

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    USDA Investments to Support Renewable Fuels (Ind. Report, Funding)
    Date: 2022-04-18
    On Tuesday, 12 April, the USDA announced the following support for renewable fuels;

  • $5.6 million for Infrastructure for Renewable Fuels through the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program -- Funding in 7 states -- California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and South Dakota -- to construct infrastructure to expand the availability of higher-blend renewable fuels by approximately 59.5 million gpy.

    For example, in Illinois, Power Mart Express Corp., DBA PME, is receiving a $2.9 million grant to increase ethanol sales by 17.5 million gallons per year. This project will replace 293 dispensers and 30 storage tanks at 15 fueling stations in Chicago, Maywood, Cicero, Des Plaines, and Wilmington.

  • $700 Million for Biofuels Producers -- As part of the Pandemic Assistance for Producers initiative, USDA is providing up to $700 million in funding through a new Biofuel Producer Program to support agricultural producers that rely on biofuels producers as a market for their agricultural products. By making payments to producers of biofuels, the funding will help maintain a viable and significant market for such agricultural products. Producers can expect awards before the end of April.

  • $100 Million for Biofuels Infrastructure -- $100 million in new grant funding for biofuels infrastructure to make it easier for gas stations to sell and to significantly increase the use of higher blends of bioethanol and biodiesel at the pump -- refueling and distribution facilities for the cost of installation, retrofitting or otherwise upgrading of infrastructure required to ensure the environmentally safe availability of fuel containing ethanol blends of E15 and greater or fuel containing biodiesel blends of B-20 and greater. Funding will also support biofuels for railways.

  • A New Market in Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) -- USDA is partnering with other agencies to advance the use of sustainable transportation and is investing in research and agricultural activities to improve aircraft fuel efficiency with: a new Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge to inspire the dramatic increase in the production of SAFs to at least 3 billion gpy by 2030; funding opportunities to support SAF projects and fuel producers totaling up to $4.3 billion; and increased R&D to achieve at least a 30 improvement in aircraft fuel efficiency.

    The USDA initiatives are aimed at assisting in the development, transportation, and distribution of low-carbon fuels, better market access for producers, and the availability of more affordable and cleaner fuels. (Source: USDA, PR, 12 April, 2022)

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  • Green Plains Releases 2021 Sustainability Report (Report Attached)
    Green Plains
    Date: 2022-04-18
    In the Cornhusker State, Omaha-headquartered biorefiner Green Plains Inc. has released its 2021 Sustainability Report, outlining environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities, progress and targets.

    Specifically, the report notes the significant progress already achieved toward reaching carbon neutrality in operational emissions by 2050. The report also notes: 35 pct reduction in operational emissions from 2018 baseline; 24 pct decrease in OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate from 2020; alignment with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD); increased focus on natural capital, biodiversity, land stewardship, and improving energy and water usage.

    Green Plains Inc. is focused on the development and utilization of fermentation, agricultural and biological technologies in the processing of annually renewable crops into sustainable value-added ingredients, including the production of cleaner low carbon biofuels, renewable feedstocks for advanced biofuels and high purity alcohols for use in cleaners and disinfectants.

    Download the Green Plains' 2021 Sustainability Report HERE . (Source: Green Plains, Website PR, April 2022) Contact: Green Plains, Todd Becker, Pre., CEO, Phil Boggs, VP Investor Relations , 402.884.8700 ,,

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    TotalEnergies, ENEOS Considering SAF Production (Int'l. Report)
    TotalEnergies, ENEOS
    Date: 2022-04-15
    Paris-heagquartered energy major TotalEnergies reports it and ENEOS Corporation are collaborating to assess the possible production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in ENEOS Negishi Refinery in Yokohama city, Japan. The proposed 300,000 tpy unit would process waste or residue sourced notably from the circular economy, mainly used cooking oil and animal fa into SAF.

    "Responding to the significant challenge of global climate change, the two energy companies have been working to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions on a global scale together with their customers, paving the way for a decarbonized, recycling-oriented society. In the airline industry, dealing with global decarbonization has become an urgent issue and SAF is expected to be an effective way to reduce CO2 emission. In Japan, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has set a target of 10 pct SAF use by 2030," according to the release. (Source: TotalEnergies, PR, Website, 14 April, 2022) Contact: ENEOS, +81 3 6257 7150,,; TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,

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    TotalEnergies Accelerates Low-Carbon Fuels Targets (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2022-04-15
    Paris-headquartered super-major TotalEnergies is touting its accelerated strategy to reduce emissions related to sales of petroleum products (Scope 3 oil) by more than 30 pct by 2020 compared with 2015 levels. The company is also aiming for a 40 pct reduction in net Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 compared with 2015 and to reach net-zero by 2050.

    TotalEnergies is also expanding its targets to reduce methane emissions 50 pct from 2020 levels by 2025 and 80 pct from 2020 levels by 2030, in keeping with its move towards zero methane. To that end, TotalEnergies will invest $13 billion to $16 billion over the 2022 to 2025 period, with 60 pct of the funds earmarked for the development of decarbonised renewable energies and the remainder for biofuels, LNG, biogas, hydrogen and e-fuels. (Source: TotalEnergies, Website PR, Mar., April, 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,

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    Cleco Investing $900MN in Louisiana CCS Project (Ind. Report)
    Cleco Power
    Date: 2022-04-13
    In Louisiana, Pineville-based power company Cleco Power reports it is investing $900 million in Project Diamond Vault , a new carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility at the Brame Energy Center in Lena, the largest of Cleco's nine electric generation units.

    The new CCS facility will remove and compress 95 pct or more of the Brame Energy Center's CO2 emissions and store them in geological formations under the site. Cleco is aiming to reduce its total carbon output by 60 pct by 2030 and to reach net-zero by 2050. (Source: Cleco Power, Website, PR April, 2022) Contact: Cleco Power, Bill Fontenot, CEO,

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    TotalEnergies, KGHM Partner on Polish Offshore Wind Power (Int'l.)
    Date: 2022-04-13
    Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies and Lubin, Poland-based KGHM are reporting a50/50 joint partnership to participate in a Polish government tender for the development of 11 offshore wind projects totaling In the partnership, TotalEnergies will leverage its expertise in offshore operations, experience in managing large-scale projects and its ties with the worldwide supply chains. KGHM, as a major Polish state-owned group, will bring its knowledge of the Polish market. (Source: TotalEnergies, Website PR, 12 April, 2022) Contact: KGHM,; TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,

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    Cameron LNG to Increase Production (Alt. Fuel Report)
    TotalEnergies,Sempra Infrastructure
    Date: 2022-04-13
    Further to our 31 Jan., 2022 coverage, Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies is reporting an agreement with San Diego-based Sempra Infrastructure, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Japan LNG Investment for the expansion of the 12 million tpy Cameron LNG export facility in Hackberry, Louisiana.

    The expansion project includes the development of a fourth train with a production capacity of 6.75 million metric tpy and a 5 pct increase of the current 13.5 Mtpa first three trains through "de-bottlenecking", design enhancements aiming at reducing thefacility's emissions and increased use of electric drive technology. Under the terms of the agreement, TotalEnergies will off-take 16.6 pct of the projected fourth train's production capacity, and 25 pct of the projected de-bottlenecked capacity. (Source: TotalEnergies, Cameron LNG, Website PR, April 12, 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,; Sempra Infrastructure,,; Cameron LNG, (713) 249-0451,

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    $466Mn DoI Funding for Tribal Climate Change Projects (Funding)
    US Department of the Interior
    Date: 2022-04-13
    The US Department of the Interior (DoI) is reporting the availability of $466 million in funding to indigenous / tribal communities for climate resilience and adaptation, ocean and coastal management, community-driven relocation, and protection-in-place projects and initiatives.

    The funding is included in the Biden administration's bipartisan infrastructure law which provides a total of $466 million to the Bureau of Indian Affairs over five years, including $216 million for climate resilience programs. Of that funding, $130 million is provided for community relocation, $86 million is provided for Tribal climate resilience and adaptation projects, and $43.2 million will be available to spend annually for five years. (Source: US Department of the Interior, April, 2022) Contact: U.S. Department of the Interior,

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    Enerkem Closes $255Mn Financing for Gasification Tech. (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-04-11
    Montreal-headquartered Enerkem, a world leader in the production of low-carbon intensity biofuels and circular chemicals from waste materials, is reporting closure of a new financing totaling $255 million to accelerate the adoption and deployment of the company's technology and to develop new projects in Spain and Portugal.

    The funding was led by global multi-energy company Repsol, Suncor Energy, Monarch Alternative Capital, a new investor, is contributing $30 million to the round while Avenue Capital Group is reinvesting $30 million, both in convertible debt. Finally, there is $25 million reinvested in equity by some existing shareholders. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC served as exclusive placement agent to Enerkem Inc. in connection with the financing.

    Enerkem has developed and is marketing its breakthrough technology to produce, from non-recyclable waste, circular chemicals and advanced biofuels intended for hard to decarbonize sectors, such as sustainable aviation and marine fuels. (Source: Enerkem, Website PR, April, 2022) Contact: Repsol,; Enerkem, Dominique Boies, CEO and CFO, 514-375-7800,,

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    GE Supplying Turbines for Alfanar Spanish Wind Project (Int'l.)
    Alfanar, GE Renewable Energy
    Date: 2022-04-11
    GE Renewable Energy announced today an agreement with Alfanar, a Saudi conglomerate with a global presence, to supply and install 15 GE 3.X-4.0 MW turbines totaling 53 MW, and a 15-year service contract, at a cluster of wind farms in the Navarre region of Spain.

    The deal is GE Renewable Energy's second project with Alfanar in Spain, which ranks fifth in terms of installed wind capacity globally. Previously, GE Renewable Energy supplied and installed 6 turbines for Alfanar's Soliedra wind farm in the Castile and Leon region of Spain. Over the past two years, GE has installed 1.1 GW of wind power in Spain and has a total installed base of nearly 5 GW across the country.

    Spain has set an objective in its National Energy and Climate Plan to reach 50 GW of installed wind power by 2030, resulting in the installation of 2,300 MW annually during the decade. According to Asociacion Empresarial Eolica, the Spanish wind power association, wind power could meet 34 pct of the national electricity supply by 2030, up from just under 21 pct in 2019. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, April, 2022) Contact: Alfanar, 00966-11-494-5400, 00966-11-275-6699 --fax,; GE Renewable Energy, Gilan Sabatier, CCO, Onshore Wind Int'l., +33 6 89 69 41 10,

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    Enel Secures €600Mn for Latin American Green Projects (Int'l.)
    Enel Group
    Date: 2022-04-11
    Rome-headquartered Enel S.p.A., multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas, reports it has secured a €600 million facility from the European Investment Bank (EIB) backed by a guarantee from Italian financial insurance company Sace for green investments in Latin America.

    Of the total, &euro:119 million ($130 million) is earmarked 300 MW of wind and solar projects in Latin America. The remaining funds are to support Enel's renewable energy generation and power distribution projects in Brazil and Colombia which are expected to generate around 2307 GWh of clean energy each year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 1.32 million households. The facility is subject to Enel achieving its target for direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope one), measured in grams of CO2eq/kWh, equal to or below 148 gCO2eq/kWh by 2023. (Source: Enel, PR April, 2022) Contact: Enel Group, Salvatore Bernabei, CEO,,

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    First Hydrogen Selects Green Hydrogen Production Sites (Int'l. Report)
    First Hydrogen Energy
    Date: 2022-04-11
    In the UK, First Hydrogen Energy reports it has identified four prime industrial sites for green hydrogen projects totalling up to 16 0MW and is in discussions to secure land rights.

    Each project will serve First Hydrogen's automotive division and accommodate both a large refueling station for commercial vehicles with on-site hydrogen production to serve the Liverpool, Manchester, London, and the Thames Estuary areas, and a larger hydrogen production site of between 20 and 40MW, for a total of between 80MW and 160MW.(Source: First Hydrogen Group, Website PR, April, 2022) Contact: First Hydrogen Group, Nicholas Wrigley, CEO,

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    Advent Technologies Touts New HT-PEM MEA Orders (Ind. Report)
    Advent Technologies
    Date: 2022-04-08
    Boston-based hydrogen and fuel cell specialist Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. is reporting receipt of new orders for its proprietary Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) from global auxiliary power systems and turbojet engine specialist by Safran Power Units.

    The MEAs are based on Advent's proprietary high temperature proton exchange membrane technology (HT-PEM) which can operate with almost any low-carbon or zero-carbon fuel and withstand extreme temperatures, pollution and humidity, leading to a longer lifetime and lower total cost of ownership versus LT-PEM.

    The MEAs will support Safran Power Units which feature higher performances with lower environmental footprint and operating costs. MEAs form the heart of the fuel cell, and their performance determines the lifetime, efficiency, weight, and to a large extent, the cost of the end electrochemistry products, according to the release. (Source: Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc., PR, 7 April, 2022) Contact: Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou, CEO,; Safran Power Units,

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    GE to Help Develop Indian Renewable Energy Zones (Int'l. Report )
    GE Grid Solutions,ReNew Power Pvt. Ltd
    Date: 2022-04-08
    GE Grid Solutions reports it has been awarded a contract by ReNew Power Pvt. Ltd., India's leading company in terms of total generation capacity, to build two 400 kV substations in the southwest state of Karnataka, India -- a 400/220 kV air-insulated substation in Koppal, and a 400 kV gas-insulated substation in Narendra. The contract includes the supply of two 125 MVAR 400 kV reactors for each substation.

    The scheme, which is part of the planned interstate-based evacuation infrastructure that will create 66.5 GW of renewable energy zones in India, involves the evacuation of 2.5 GW from wind energy zones in Karnataka as part of the first of three phases of the overall project. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, 7 April, 2022) Contact: ReNew Power Pvt Ltd.,; GE Grid Solutions,

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    GWEC Releases Global Wind Report 2022 (Ind. Report)
    Global Wind Energy Council
    Date: 2022-04-06
    According to the Global Wind Energy Council's (GWEC) just released Global Wind Report 2022, the wind industry enjoyed its second-best year ever amidst pandemic but new installations must still quadruple by the end of the decade to meet a net-zero pathway. The report also notes:
  • The global wind industry had its second-best year in 2021, with almost 94 GW of capacity added globally, trailing behind the 2020's record growth by only 1.8 pct.

  • Europe, Latin America and Africa & Middle East had record years for new onshore installations, but total onshore wind installations in 2021 was still 18 pct lower than the previous year. The decline was driven primarily by the slow-down of onshore wind growth in the world's two largest wind power markets, China and the US.

  • 21.1 GW of offshore wind capacity was commissioned in 2021, three times more than in 2020. making 2021 the best year in offshore wind history, bringing its market share in global new installations to 22.5 pct in 2021.

  • China made up 80 pct of offshore wind capacity added worldwide in 2021, bringing its cumulative offshore wind installations to 27.7 GW. This is an astounding level of growth, as it took three decades for Europe to bring its total offshore wind capacity to a similar level.

  • Total global wind power capacity is now up to 837 GW, helping the world avoid over 1.2 billion tpy of CO2 -- equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of South America.

  • Wind auction activities bounced back in 2021 with more than 88 GW of wind capacity awarded globally, 153 pct higher than in 2020.

  • After a year in which net zero commitments gathered global momentum, coupled with renewed urgency for achieving energy security, the market outlook for the global wind industry looks even more positive. 557 GW of new capacity is expected to be added in the next five years under current policies. That is more than 110 GW of new installations each year until 2026. However, this growth needs to quadruple by the end of the decade if the world is to stay on-course for a 1.5C pathway and net zero by 2050. (Source: GWEC, Website Release, April, 2022) Contact: GWEC,

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  • Wind Energy and Carbon Emissions -- Worth Noting
    Date: 2022-04-06
    "Total global wind power capacity is now up to 837 GW, helping the world avoid over 1.2 billion tpy of CO2 -- equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of South America." -- GWEC, April, 2022

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    ENVIVA Plans Second Mississippi Woody Biomass Pellet Plant (Ind. Report)
    ENVIVA Biomass
    Date: 2022-04-06
    Bethesda, Maryland-headquartered ENVIVA Inc., the world's leading producer of sustainable wood bioenergy, reports it will invest approximately $250 million on the construction of a new wood pellet production plant in Bond, Mississippi.

    The facility is a key component of the company's growth strategy to double production capacity from the current 6.2 million metric tpy to approximately 13 million metric tpy over the next five years.

    The new plant in Stone County joins two other ENVIVA facilities in Mississippi -- one in Amory and a new facility in Lucedale. ENVIVA also owns and operates a deep-water marine terminal at the Port of Pascagoula from which pellets are shipped to customers in Europe and Asia. Combined, ENVIVA's total investment in the Magnolia State is more than $600 million. (Source: ENVIVA Biomass, PR, 5 April, 2022) Contact: ENVIVA,

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    Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels Project Touted (Ind. Report)
    Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels Project
    Date: 2022-03-28
    Canada's Ocean Supercluster is touting its $65 million Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels Project, its largest project to date. In the project, Ontario-based Valent will work with a pan-Canadian team to produce Canada's first renewable diesel from abundantly available agricultural and forestry by-products.

    According to the press release, a major ocean industry challenge is needed for a range of environmentally sustainable, low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and low-sulphur marine fuels available to end-users at a competitive cost and compliant with current and future fuel regulations. The Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels project will address these challenges by introducing a low carbon biofuel across the marine ecosystem.

    Clean Ocean Advanced Biofuels Project partners include Valent Low Carbon Technologies, Ontario-based FORGE Hydrocarbons, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-headquartered Mara Renewables, Clearwater, Katal Energy, Horizon Maritime, and Sustainable Development Technology Canada. The project will produce fuel and solvents to be used in industry and a hydrocarbon material wth a total value of $65 million. The Ocean Supercluster will provide nearly $5.7 million in funding with the balance coming from the project's industry and government partners. The project's success will drive Canadian renewable diesel production and supply, reduce imports, and foster international market exports.

    Canada's Ocean Supercluster is a pan-Canadian, industry-led transformative cluster focused on tackling some of the biggest challenges across ocean sectors through a collaborative program designed to accelerate the development and commercialization of globally relevant solutions.To date the Ocean Supercluster has approved more than 60 projects with a total value of $320 million which will deliver more than 110 new made-in-Canada ocean products, processes, and services. (Source: Canada's Ocean Supercluster, Website PR, Feb./Mar , 2022) Contact: Canada's Ocean Supercluster, Kendra MacDonald, CEO, 709.725.7070,; Valent Low Carbon Technologies,,; FORGE Hydrocarbons, (905) 815-7786,; Mara Renewables,

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    Hitting Canada's Climate Targets with Biogas & RNG (Report Attached)
    Canadian Biogas Association
    Date: 2022-03-28
    "Biogas & Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a proven climate solution, with 279 projects across Canada already preventing more than 8 Mt CO2e of greenhouse gas emissions from reaching the atmosphere every year. But how much greater a role can biogas and RNG play in supporting Canada's 2030 and 2050 climate goals?

    "To determine this, the Canadian Biogas Association commissioned Navius Research to model the impact of a number of potential government policies on the GHG reductions happening through biogas and RNG. The Navius report presents and interprets the key findings of that modelling.

    "Previous analysis established that Canada is harnessing just 14 pct of the country's feasible biogas and RNG potential. The report's new modelling finds that the right mix of policies could harness much of this untapped potential and give a significant boost to Canada's 2030 and 2050 climate goals. When it comes to hitting Canada's first climate target, to reduce emissions 40 to 45 pct below 2005 levels by 2030, the right mix of policies could deliver 26.7 Mt CO2e in emissions reduction through biogas and RNG by 2030. Biogas and RNG could cut 642 kt of methane, or 16.5 pct of all Canada's methane emissions. When added to the government's targeted cuts from the oil and gas sector, biogas and RNG could help Canada achieve a 44.5 pct reduction in total methane emissions by 2030. Biogas and RNG can play a foundational role in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, delivering up to 40.2 Mt CO2e in emissions reduction and, together with hydrogen over the longer term, help decarbonize the country's natural gas distribution networks and transportation systems.

    "The optimal policy mix for leveraging biogas and RNG to meet Canada's climate goals is a renewable gas mandate combined with a carbon offsets system that allows credits to be generated for methane destruction and utilization in landfills and agriculture. This policy mix delivers the maximum emissions reduction: 26.7 Mt CO2e in 2030 and 40.2 Mt CO 2e in 2050. On its own, a nationwide renewable gas mandate, with a minimum blend of 1 5pct in 2030, rising to 30 pct in 2040, achieves 18.9 Mt CO2e of reductions in 2030 and 36.2 Mt CO2e in 2050."

    Download the Hitting Canada's Climate Targets with Biogas & RNG report HERE . (Source: Canadian Biogas Association, Mar., 2022) Contact: Canadian Biogas Association,

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    TotalEnergies Sets Energy Transition Targets (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2022-03-25
    In Paris, French supermajor TotalEnergies is reporting an accelerated strategy to deal with its carbon emissions, with a more ambitious Scope 3 target. As part of the strategy to reach net zero by 2050, it aims to reduce emissions related to sales of petroleum products (Scope 3 oil) by more than 30 pct by 2020, compared with 2015 levels. The company is also aiming for a 40 pct reduction in net Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 compared with 2015.

    TotalEnergies is also expanding its targets to reduce methane emissions 50 pct from 2020 levels by 2025 and 80 pct from 2020 levels by 2030, in keeping with its move towards zero methane. To that end, the company will invest $13 billion to $16 billion over the 2022 to 2025 period, with 60 pct of the funds dedicated to the development of decarbonised renewable energies and the remainder for biofuels, LNG, biogas, hydrogen and e-fuels to replace coal in electricity production. (Source: TotalEnergies, Website PR, 24 Mar., 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,

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    Anglo American Completes Marine Biofuel Blend Tests (Int'l.)
    Anglo American ,TotalEnergies Marine Fuel
    Date: 2022-03-23
    UK-headquartered mining giant Anglo American reports it has completed a sea trial using biofuel blended with very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO ) -- the maritime shipping industry's most widely used conventional marine fuel -- mixed with 10 pct second-generation biofuel originating from used cooking oil -- reducing carbon emissions by approximately 10 pct.

    The 10 pct blend is compatible with existing vessel engines and requires no infrastructure modification. The drop-in fuel was blended, bunkered in Singapore and supplied by TotalEnergies Marine Fuels. (Source: Anglo American, Website PR, Mar., 2022) Contact: Anglo American, +44 0 1723 470 010,; TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, www.

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    998-MW Traverse Wind Energy Center Online (Ind. Report)
    Invenergy, GE Renewable Energy, American Electric Power
    Date: 2022-03-23
    Following up on our 26 Feb., 2021 coverage, Chicago-headquartered global renewable energy developer, owner and operator Invenergy and GE Renewable Energy are reporting the 998-MW Traverse Wind E wind farm in north central Oklahoma has begun commercial operations.

    Traverse Wind E joins the operational 199-MW Sundance Wind Energy Center and the 287-MW Maverick Wind Energy Center, as the last of three projects developed by Invenergy for American Electric Power to reach commercial operation. Together, the North Central Energy Facilities represent a $2 billion investment and incorporate 531 GE turbines totaling 1,484 MW -- sufficient power for roughly 440,000 homes. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Invenergy, Website PR, 21 Mar., 2021) Contact: GE Renewable Energy,; Contact: Invenergy LLC, Meghan Schultz, VP Finance and Capital Markets, Ryan Van Portfliet, Renewable Energy Development, Michael Mulcahey, Business Development Manager, (312) 224-1400,

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    Zambian 430 MW Wind-Solar Project Announced (Ind. Report)
    Chariot Ltd, Total Eren
    Date: 2022-03-21
    As previously reported, Africa-focused "transitional" energy specialist Chariot Ltd and Paris-based power producer Total Eren are reporting an agreement with Canadian metals and mining company First Quantum Minerals Ltd that will facilitate the construction of a 430-MW wind and solar power complex for the miner’s operations in Zambia.

    The project is expected to break ground in 2023. Specific details have not been announced. First Quantum is targeting a 30 pct reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025. (Source: Total Eren, Website, Mar., 2022) Contact: Total Erens, +33 (0),,; Chariot Ltd.,

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    Energy Harbor Going Carbon Free Energy in 2023 (Ind. Report)
    Energy Harbor
    Date: 2022-03-16
    Akron, Ohio-headquartered Energy Harbor unveiled its plan to become a 100 pct carbon free, energy infrastructure and supply company in 2023. As the final step in the transition plan, Energy Harbor will exit the fossil business through a sale or deactivation of its fossil fuels powered W.H. Sammis Power Station in Stratton, OH and its Pleasants Power Station in Willow Island, West Virginia with a total capacity of 3,074 MW in 2023 In addition, the company is currently working to divest other non-core, ancillary properties related to its fossil business. (Source: Energy Harbor, PR, 14 Mar., 2022) Contact: Energy Harbor, David Hamilton, Exec. VP,

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    TotalEnergies SAF Production Underway (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2022-03-16
    Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies is reporting its La Mede biorefinery (Bouches-du-Rhone) and the Oudalle plant (Seine-Maritime) have begun production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). TotalEnergies will also produce SAF at its Grandpuits zero-crude platform southeast of Paris starting in 2024.

    All of the biojet fuel, which is destined for French airports, will be produced from waste and residue sourced notably from the circular economy, according to the release. (Source: TotalEnergies, PR, Website 11 Mar., 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,

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    Raven SR Scores Samsung Ventures Investment (Ind. Report)
    Raven SR
    Date: 2022-03-16
    Pinedale, Wyoming-based renewable fuels company Raven SR Inc. is reporting closing of a strategic investment from Samsung Ventures.The investment is expected to expand Raven SR's reach into the global market, especially in Asia-Pacific region. Raven SR transforms biomass, mixed municipal solid waste, bio-solids, sewage, medical waste, and natural or biogas into renewable fuels.

    Raven SR, which will soon break ground in its first commercial waste-to-hydrogen production facility in the U.S., can produce green hydrogen and high-quality Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels, such as sustainable aviation fuel, from a wide range of feedstocks, including municipal solid waste, methane and biomass.

    Using its proprietary, non-combustion, non-catalytic Steam/CO2 Reformation technology, Raven SR dependably produces a hydrogen-rich syngas regardless of feed stock utilized. By using modular systems and producing low air emissions, their systems can be located closer to customers and feed stock, creating local fuel from local waste for local mobility.

    In 2021, Raven SR attracted funds totaling $20 million from global oil and gas major Chevron, Japanese trading house ITOCHU, hydrogen mobility leader and innovator Hyzon Motors, and Ascent Hydrogen Fund. (Source: Raven SR, Website PR, 14 Mar., 2022) Contact: Raven SR, Matt Murdock, CEO,,

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    Microsoft Ups In-House Carbon Fee 600 Pct (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-03-16
    Microsoft reports the internal penalty it charges itself, based on the carbon emissions that its travel generates, is set to increase by 567 pct from the present $15 per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (mtCO2e)to $100 per metric ton from July 2022.

    Microsoft is aiming to become a "carbon negative, water positive, zero waste company" by 2030. That money gets set aside for the company to invest in sustainable aviation fuel and similar low-carbon products and initiatives. Growing numbers of companies are looking to slash their carbon footprint, and Scope 3 emissions often represent the majority of an organization's total greenhouse gas emissions. They can surpass Scope 1 or 2 emissions, which emerge from building facilities, or are calculated based on electricity consumption. (Source: Microsoft, Mar., 2022)

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    Record CO2 Emissions in 2021 -- IEA Notable Quote
    International Energy Agency
    Date: 2022-03-16
    "The increase in global CO2 emissions of over 2 billion metric tons was the largest in history in absolute terms, more than offsetting the previous year's pandemic-induced decline . The recovery of energy demand in 2021 was compounded by adverse weather and energy market conditions -- notably the spikes in natural gas prices -- which led to more coal being burned despite renewable power generation registering its largest ever growth." -- International Energy Agency.

    The EIA report noted China was a key emissions contributor, with its output rising nearly 12 billion metric tons, 33 pct of the total for 2021. The report comes as new data found global energy-related carbon emission rose by 6 pct last year to more than 36 billion metric tons -- the highest level ever recorded. The emissions increases in those two years in China more than offset the aggregate decline in the rest of the world over the same period, according to the IEA report) (Source: International Energy Agency, Green Queen, Mar., 2022)Contact: International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News International Energy Agency,  Carbon Emissions,  

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