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Consumers Energy, Sunverge Partner on Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Consumers Energy, Sunverge
Date: 2019-10-23
Consumers Energy, Michigan's largest energy provider, and distributed energy resource (DER) control and aggregation specialist Sunverge are reporting their collaboration to leverage Sunverge's real-time control, aggregation and orchestration platform with Sunverge Energy Storage technology for a Consumers Energy residential battery storage pilot.

Sunverge worked with Consumers Energy to evaluate the energy provider's distribution circuits and identify grid locations suitable to test the potential benefits and value from behind the meter battery storage. Using this analysis, Consumers Energy selected a circuit in the Grand Rapids area to conduct the pilot. (Source: Consumers Energy, PR, BusinessWire, 23 Oct., 2019) Contact: Sunverge, Martin Milani, CEO ,; Consumers Energy,

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ConEdison Selects Sunverge for Smart Home Rate Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-01-11
New York utility ConEdison reports the selection of San Francisco-based Sunverge's intelligent energy storage system and dynamic Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform for its new Smart Home Rate demonstration project.

The demo is designed to test an advanced residential rate design in conjunction with battery storage technology and solar PV. The rate will have dynamic, time-varying components that closely reflect the various cost drivers of the electric power supply and delivery system to determine how this rate performs in conjunction with near real-time price responsive control and automation technology.

The Sunverge integrated and dynamic platform will help customers get the most out of complex, dynamic rates that includes time-variant supply charges, a daily demand charge, and event-based coincident demand charges. The Sunverge platform will receive the hourly energy prices and demand events, and automatically manages power flows behind the meter to optimize the use of grid power, battery storage, solar self-generation, and smart appliances in the home to reduce customer energy bills and improve efficiency.

Sunverge Energy provides the leading open, dynamic platform for Virtual Power Plants (VPP), a grid-aware and dynamic power source built from the aggregation of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (DERs). The VPP platform provides intelligent dynamic, near real-time control over decentralized energy resources that is efficient, reliable, and responsive to utilities and their customers. (Source: Sunverge Energy, PR, Jan., 2019) Contact: Sunverge Energy, Martin Milani, CEO, (415) 795- 3660,; ConEdison, Jorge J. Lopez, Pres., CEO, (914) 286-7094,

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Utilities Select Sunverge for Residential Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Sunverge,Navigant Research
Date: 2017-12-01
San Francisco-headquartered Sunverge Energy reports it has sealed deals with three major electric utilities in Arizona, Florida and Vermont, expanding the utility customer base for its intelligent storage systems and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform. The utilities have all purchased Sunverge systems as part of next-generation demand response (DR) or resiliency programs.

The Sunverge platform can predict load and solar generation orchestrate between energy storage systems and smart devices in the home. The goal is an optimized ecosystem of networked distributed energy resources that work in concert to minimize electricity demand, maximize savings against time-varying rates and provide demand response and other grid services.

Navigant Research forecasts that installed DER capacity in the US, including distributed generation (DG), energy storage, microgrids, EVs, and demand response (DR) will exceed 288 GW in 2024, thirteen times current DER capacity. Navigant estimates US utilities will spend $503.6 million on DER management technologies by 2020, up from $96.4 million in 2016. (Source: Sunverge Energy, PR, 28 Nov., 2017) Contact: Sunverge, Martin Milani, CEO,

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Sunverge, PetersenDean Offer Solar Energy Storage Systems (Ind. Report)
Sunverge Energy,PetersenDean Roofing & Solar
Date: 2017-05-15
San Francisco-headquartered Sunverge Energy, a provider of intelligent residential and business energy storage systems, and national solar installer PetersenDean Roofing & Solar have announced a partnership to provide energy storage systems to homeowners in the Golden State.

Sunverge Systems energy management platform allow customers to capture the power they generate from their rooftop solar and automatically use it when demand and energy prices are highest. Nationally PetersenDean installs about 2,000 American-made rooftop solar systems per month. (Source: PetersenDean and Sunverge, PR, 8 May, 2017) Contact: Sunverge, Ken Munson, CEO, (415) 795-3660,; PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, (800) 564-0362,

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KEPCO Enters US Virtual Power Plant Market (Ind. Report)
Korea Electric Power Corp,KEPCO
Date: 2017-04-24
The state-run Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) is reporting will enter the rapidly growing virtual power plant (VPP) market in the United States and, to that end, has inked an agreement with lithium polymer battery maker KOKAM and Sunverge, the San Francisco-based renewable energy management firm and ESS maker, to conduct VPP business.

Sunverge's VPP platform integrates conventional power sources with renewable energy by using information and communication technologies and internet of things (IoT) devices to provide a reliable power supply. An efficient and reliable ESS system is the key to running the VPP. The U.S. ESS market is expected to reach $2.8 billion in 2021, up sharply from $280 million in 2016, in line with the increasing use of solar, wind and other renewable energy, according to Sunverge.

The three companies agreed to take part in the $50 million project, initiated by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), to install solar panels and ESS on fire stations, police stations and other public buildings, as well as creating a power management system. (Source: KEPCO, PR, Korean Times, 24 April, 2017)Contact: KEPCO,; KOKAM, Ike Hong, VP, Business Dev., +82 (0)31 3620 137, Sunverge, Kenneth Munson, CEO, (415) 795-3660,

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