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Standard Solar Snares 35 MW Maine Solar Portfolio (M&A)
Standard Solar
Date: 2021-08-23
Rockville, Maryland-based Standard Solar Inc. is reporting acquisition of 35 MW of solar projects in Maine being developed under the state's Net Energy Billing (NEB) program. The program allows customers to benefit from clean energy savings by offsetting their electrical bills with either owned or shared energy projects, like community solar, which, in turn, spurs further development of these assets within the state.

The 35 MW acquisition includes five ground-mount projects all of which are expected to commence construction within the next 12 months. Standard Solar's generation portfolio is currently around 200 MW. (Standard Solar, PR, Aug., 2021) Contact: Standard Solar, 301-944-1200,

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REC Group Touts New Rooftop Solar Modules (New Prod. & Tech.)
REC Group
Date: 2021-07-21
Singapore-headquartered global solar manufacturer REC Group is touting the launch of the second generation of its premium n-type mono solar panels -- REC N-Peak 2 Series.

The modules, which can deliver up to 375Wp of power, are based on passivated contact solar cells, which the company describes as the most efficient crystalline cell technology in the industry, capturing more sunlight and generating more power. The 60-cell modules also features the REC 'Twin' cell layout design where the panel is split into two twin sections, which allows for continued energy production when the module is partially shaded. REC's solar cell technology also prevents the loss of power generation capacity experienced by a standard solar panel on its first exposure to light -- Light Induced Degradation -- by preventing the boron and oxygen inside the cells from mixing at any level.

Production of the new cell is slated for August and shipping in October. (Source: REC Group, Website PR, 15 July, 2021) Contact: REC Group, +65 6495 9228, 877 785 8055 – US Office,

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Pivot Energy, Standard Solar Developing Community Solar (Ind. Report)
Pivot Energy, Standard Solar
Date: 2021-05-12
Denver-based commercial and community solar developer Pivot Energy and Rockville, Maryland-headquartered Standard Solar Inc report they are developing three new community solar projects in Colorado with a total capacity of 4 MW.

Of the total 4 MW portfolio, 1 MW will serve low-income subscribers and 3 MW have been subscribed to by Colorado municipalities and organizations. Pivot Energy developed and built the solar gardens while Standard Solar will finance, own, and maintain the systems. (Source: Pivot Energy, PR, May, 2021) Contact: Pivot Energy,, 1.888.734.3033,; Standard Solar, 301-944-1200,

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Standard Solar Secures $105Mn Tax Equity Financing (Ind. Report)
Standard Solar
Date: 2020-07-01
Rockville, Maryland-based Standard Solar, Inc., a solar energy company specializing in the development and financing of commercial solar electric systems nationwide, reports it has closed a tax equity commitment for up to $105 million from Fifth Third Bank, National Association and IBERIABANK to finance distributed generation (DG) solar projects in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

The portfolio of nine projects is a combination of community solar and traditional DG projects , two of which are now in operation while the others are projected to be completed throughout this year. (Source: Standard Solar, The Oklahoman, 30 June, 2020) Contact: Standard Solar, Peter Coleman, VP Structured Finance, 888.474.3843,

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New Window Solar Cell from Monash Univ. (New Prod & Tech)
Monash University
Date: 2020-04-27
Monash University engineers in Melbourne, Australia are touting a newly developed next-gen perovskite solar cells (PSCs) semi-transparent solar cell that offers a viable level of efficiency.

Two square metres (around 22 square feet) of the new solar cells would generate about as much electricity as a standard solar panel, according to the latest study -- roughly 140 watts per meter, if tinted to the same degree as current glazed commercial windows.

The semi-transparent cells have a conversion efficiency of 17 pct while still transmitting more than 10 pct of the incoming light. The new cells replace a key solar cell component (Spiro-OMeTAD) with a specially developed polymer, based on an organic semiconductor, which increases overall stability. (Source: Monash University, Science Alert, 22 April, 2020) Contact: Monash University, Jacek Jasieniak, +61 3 9905 9584,,

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Standard Solar, Pivot Energy Expand CO Solar Projects (Ind Report)
Pivot Energy,Standard Solar
Date: 2019-08-30
Denver-based solar specialist Pivot Energy and Rockville, Maryland-headquartered Standard Solar report they've expanded their 2018 partnership and will co-develop five additional ground-mounted community solar sites totaling 8.9 MW across Colorado.

The first two projects in the expanded portfolio are expected to break ground this summer for commissioning in summer 2020. by summer 2020.

Standard Solar will finance, own and maintain the community solar arrays that Pivot Energy will develop and construct. Once the arrays are live, customer enrollment and subscriptions will be managed through SunCentral, Pivot Energy's proprietary community solar customer management interface. (Source: Standard Solar, PR, Solar Builder, 28 Aug., 2019)Contact: Pivot Energy, (888) 734-3033,,; Standard Solar, Scott Wiater, CEO, (301) 944-1200,

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Standard Solar, Pivot Plan Six Community Solar Projects (Ind. Report)
Standard Solar, Pivot Energy
Date: 2018-10-26
St. Louis-based Pivot Energy and Rockville, Maryland-headquartered Standard Solar are reporting a collaboration to finance, own and maintain six community solar gardens developed and constructed by Pivot Energy along interstate I-70 in Colorado.

Incorporating both ground mount and rooftop arrays, the solar projects are expected to produce 18,644,960 kWh of energy.

Of the six sites, four are in various states of completion. The sites in Parachute, Silt Palisade and Grand Junction Colorado are already fully subscribed.

The Colorado Energy Office, notes that Colorado leads the nation with nearly 70 community solar projects in operation and many others in development. (Source: Standard Solar, Colorado Energy Office, Solar World, 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: Pivot Energy, Rick Hunter, CEO, (888) 734-3033,,; Colorado Energy Office,; Standard Solar, Scott Wiater, Pres., CEO, (301) 944-1200,

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