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Mass Megawatts Touts Low-Cost, Solar Tracking System (Ind Report)
Mass Megawatts Wind Power
Date: 2019-10-25
In the Bay State, Worcester-based Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. has announced an improved solar tracking technology with additional non tracking related power output improvement innovations designed to increase solar energy production by more than 60 pct. It is an improvement of the previous design of the 30 pct increase of energy production compared to similar kilowatt rated stationary units.

The STS allows Mass Megawatts to lower material costs and reduce the number of solar panels required to generate the rated capacity. Due to this advantage, Mass Megawatts can deliver more solar power production at a price similar to lower-capacity, stationary systems. (Source: Mass Megawatts, Pr, Globe Newswire, 24 Oct., 2019) Contact: Mass Megawatt,

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Array Technologies Touts SmarTrack Solar Optimization (Ind. Report)
Array Technologies
Date: 2018-09-21
In New Mexico, Albuquerque-based Array Technologies is reporting the launch of SmarTrack, an optimization technology that intelligently adjusts solar PV module angles in response to weather and site conditions.

The new software, in combination with DuraTrack HZ v3 solar trackers, will optimize backtracking power production on as-built project conditions to capture the maximum power yields during diffuse light conditions.

The software suite utilizes self-learning algorithms that work independently of each other to optimize the energy output of the PV system. Once an operational strategy has been learned, the tracker system orientates PV modules to the optimal angle for power output responding to specific module technology, weather and site conditions. (Source: Array Technologies, Solar Power, 18 Sept., 2018) Contact: Array Technologies, Ron Coria, CEO, (505) 881-7567,, (505) 881-7567,

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NEXTracker Selected for IA Solar-Storage Installations (Ind. Report)
Ideal Energy ,NEXTracker
Date: 2018-05-07
Freemont, California-headquartered NEXTracker™ , a Flex company, is reporting Iowa-based Ideal Energy will in corporate NEXTracker NX Flow™ integrated solar-plus-storage system in a 1.1 MW power plant at the Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, IA. Upon completion, the installation will be among the largest solar-plus-storage power plants in the state.

NX Flow's energy storage system integrates an advanced vanadium flow battery (VFB), solar tracker, inverter, and software technologies. The battery, which is DC-coupled with the photovoltaic array, charges directly off the array, enabling the battery to store "clipped" energy up to its capacity limit.

For the MUM project, Ideal Energy will also install NEXTracker's smart solar tracker with independently monitored and controlled rows, high-slope tolerance and rapid assembly features. (Source: Ideal Energy, NEXTracker, PR, benzinga, 1 May, 2018) Contact: NEXTracker,, Twitter @NEXTracker; Ideal Energy:

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NEXTracker Tracks 10GW of Global Solar Tracker Sales (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-09-13
Freemont, California-headquartered NEXTracker, a Flex company, has become the first company to reach 10GW of solar tracker sales including the recently launched "TrueCapture" self-adjusting tracker control system for commercial-scale solar power plants.

The TrueCapture technology continuously refines the tracking algorithm of individual solar arrays in response to existing site and weather conditions. Additionally, the company's recently introduced NX Fusion Plus solar integrates solar tracker design, battery, inverter, and software into a solar energy-storage solution .

As previously reported, Flextronics acquired NEXTracker in 2015 for over $300 million. (Source: NEXTracker, PR, 11 Sept., 2017)Contact: NEXTracker, (510) 270-2500,

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