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RWE Closes on €2bn for Renewable Energy Growth (Int'l. Report)
RWE AG,Nordex
Date: 2020-08-21
German renewable energy major RWE AG is reporting the conclusion of a roughly €2-billion ($2.39 billion) capital hike.

The company will invest the net proceeds in additional short-term capacity build-out, pipeline enhancements and in further visible mid- and long-term growth opportunities in renewables -- on top of RWE's goal of expanding its renewable energy portfolio to above 13 GW net. A portion of the funds will be used ti finance the company's previously reported planned purchase of Nordex SE's 2.7-GW onshore wind and solar project development pipeline. (Source: RWE AG, Website News, 19 Aug., 2020) Contact: RWE AG, Rolf Martin Schmitz, CEO,; Nordex, Felix Losada, +49 40 300 30 1000, +49 40 300 30 1101,,

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EDP Renewables Announces €2Bn Viesgo Acquisition (M&A, Int’l)
EDP Renewables
Date: 2020-07-20
In Portugal, Lisbon-headquartered utility EDP reports it will acquire Spanish electricity company Viesgo from Macquarie funds in a deal worth more than €2 billion, including debt. The deal is expected to close before the year end.

Under the agreement, EDP will acquire a 75.1 pct interest in Viesgo, including the interest currently owned by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 4. Macquarie Super Core Infrastructure Fund will retain the remaining 24.9 pct.

EDP, through its majority owned subsidiary EDP Renovaveis (EDPR) will acquire Viesgo's renewable energy portfolio that includes 24 wind farms and two mini hydro power plants located throughout Spain and Portugal with more than 500MW of installed net capacity.

EDPR designs, develops, manages and operates wind and solar power plants that generate electricity from renewable energy sources. (Source: EDP, EDP Renewables, Global Legal Chronicle, 18 July, 2020) Contact: EDP Renewables, (713) 265-0350 (Houston), +351 21 001 25 00,

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Duke Energy Releases Sustainability Report (Ind. Report Attached )
Duke Energy
Date: 2020-04-29
Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy reports the release of its 14th Sustainability Report highlighting the company's progress toward its sustainability goals:
  • Energy efficiency -- Duke Energy's goals to reduce customer energy consumption and peak demand were both exceeded in 2019. The company has set even more aggressive energy efficiency goals for 2020.

  • Renewable enewable energy -- Duke Energy plans to double its renewable energy portfolio within five years. In 2019, the company owned, operated and contracted over 8,000 megawatts (MW) of capacity. In the new report, Duke Energy is establishing a goal of 16,000 MW by the end of 2025.

    Download the Sustainability report HERE. (Source: Duke Energy, April, 2020) Contact: Duke Energy, Randy Wheeless, 704-382-8379,,

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  • Michigan's Largest Wind Farm Now Online (Ind. Report)
    DTE Energy
    Date: 2020-04-27
    DTE Energy is reporting its new 168-MW, 68 turbine Polaris Wind Park in Gratiot County is now operational and generating sufficient power for more than 64,000 homes. The facility is the largest operating wind park in Michigan and the first of four new wind parks DTE will commission in 2020.

    Including Polaris, DTE has more than 1,300 MW of renewables online and plans to add another 800 MW by the end of 2022. DTE's renewable energy portfolio includes 15 wind parks and 31 solar arrays, all located in Michigan. (Source: DTE, 25 April, 2020) Contact: DTE,

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    Virginia Legislates Clean Economy, Renewables Act (Reg. & Leg.)
    Virginia Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-03-11
    In the Old Dominion State, the recently passed Virginia Clean Economy Act will create a state Renewable Energy Portfolio program requiring 30 pct or more of Virginia's electricity comes from renewable energy sources by 2030. By 2050, the Act requires that 100 pct of the state's electricity will be zero-emissions.

    The Act includes measures to harness wind and solar power, expand home rooftop solar and reduce energy waste through mandatory efficiency standards. The act also sets a 5.2-gigawatt offshore wind power target, one of the largest state commitments to offshore wind to date and one with the potential to power up to 1.5 million Virginia homes. The Act also confirms the Old Dominion State's participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) cap-and-invest program, which to date has provided net benefits of over $4 billion to participating members, while helping them slash carbon emissions over 50 pct. (Source: PR, Mar., 2020)

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    NV Energy Seeks Addition to Renewable Energy Portfolio (Ind. Report)
    NV Energy
    Date: 2020-01-24
    NV Energy has issued a request for proposals (RfP) to add new renewable energy projects to its portfolio. This announcement comes on the heels of the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada's (PUCN) December 2019 approval of 1,190 mw of new solar energy and 590 mw of battery storage to be built in Nevada and serving customers by Jan. 1, 2024.

    The RfP seeks solar, geothermal, wind, biomass and biogas technology projects compliant with Nevada's existing renewable portfolio standards. NV Energy will also consider adding supplemental energy storage systems that are integrated with the proposed renewable energy resource and stand-alone energy storage systems. Projects will be competitively evaluated on a number of factors, including best value to customers of NV Energy and creation of economic benefits to the State of Nevada.

    NV Energy requests that all parties interested in becoming a bidder for this opportunity register on the company's website and follow each of the directives under the "Steps to Complete" section of the website. Bids are due by 4 p.m. on March 9. Projects proposed by successful bidders will require the approval of the PUCN. It is anticipated the projects would be completed and producing energy for customers by December 31, 2025.

    Las Vegas-based NV Energy, Inc. is a holding company whose principal subsidiaries, Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company, do business as NV Energy. (Source: NV Energy, PR, 22 Jan., 2020) Contact: NV Energy, Doug Cannon, Pres., CEO, Kristen Saibini, Corp. Communications, 775-834-3891,,

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    Insurer Takes Interest in Duke Energy Renewables Portfolio (M&A)
    Duke Energy Renewables
    Date: 2019-09-09
    Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy is reporting the closure of its previously announced sale of a minority interest in a portion of its commercial renewable energy portfolio owned and operated by its affiliate, Duke Energy Renewables, to the John Hancock Infrastructure Fund -- part of Manulife Investment Management and John Hancock Life Insurance Company. (Source: Duke Energy PR, 6 Sept., 2019) Contact: Duke Energy Renewables, Rob Caldwell, Pres, (704) 594-6200,,

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    Harvard Mass. Opts for !00 pct Wind Energy (Ind. Report)
    National Grid
    Date: 2019-08-30
    In the Bay State, the town of Harvard Select Board reports it has, om behalf of the community's roughly 6,600 residents and businesses, approved a switch to 100 pct wind generated electricity. To that end, the towns present electric power supplier National Grid will be replaced by an as yet identified company whose electricity is generated entirely by the wind, and at a lower cost per kilowatt hour than their current rate. More than 120 other Massachusetts communities have enacted similar Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) plans. The town's initiative is in accordance with the state's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, which prescribes how much of a utility's electricity must come from renewable energy, but is cheaper than the 100 pct renewable plan.

    National Grid will remain the distributor, providing the transmission lines and equipment by which electricity is delivered, regardless of source. (Source: Town of Harvard, Harvard Press, 29 Aug., 2019) Contact: Town of Harvard,

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    Petosky Considering 100 pct Renewable Energy Shift (Ind. Report)
    Michigan Public Power Agency
    Date: 2019-06-17
    In Michigan, the City of Petoskey City Council reports it has been working with the Michigan Public Power Agency, which distributes electricity to municipal utilities, to increase the community of 6,000 +- residents renewable energy portfolio with the goal of transitioning to 100 pct renewable energy by 2040.

    According to the plan, the city will incrementally achieve 100 pct renewable energy in the next 20 years: 2020 --15 pct; 2025 -- 25 pct; 2030 -- 40 pct; 2035 -- 70 pct; and 100 pct by 2014. The plan also stresses citizen participation in the development and financing of energy infrastructure and enables low-income citizens to participate.

    In April, the city launched its green pricing program, allowing electrical customers to earmark 25, 50, 75 or 100 pct of their electrical usage to come from renewable energy. The program focuses on public education, environmental sustainability policies, and transitioning to green infrastructure for environmental and cost-saving considerations. (Source: City of Petosky, Petosky News Review, 14 June, 2019)Contact: City of Petosky,; Michigan Public Power Agency, 517-323-8919,

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    Stanford Leads Pac-12 in EPA Green Power Challenge (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-17
    In California, Stanford University reports it recently topped the list of participating Pac-12 schools in the U.S. EPA 2018-19 College and University Green Power Challenge. The Challenge tracks collegiate athletic conferences with the highest combined green power usage in the nation. According to the EPA, participating colleges in the Pac-12 conference produced a total of nearly 284 million kWh last academic year, with Stanford leading the way at nearly 160 million kWh of renewable energy.

    Stanford's green power production currently makes up 57 pct of the school's electric power consumption -- sufficient power for more than 15,000 homes. In 2021, a second solar power generation station is scheduled to come online, bringing the university’s renewable energy portfolio to 100 pct. (Source: Stanford Daily, 14 May, 2019) Contact: Stanford University,; EPA Green Power Challenge,

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    NV Energy Lauds Nevada Renewables Portfolio Increase (Ind. Report)
    NV Energy
    Date: 2019-04-24
    Reporting from Las Vegas, NV Energy joined Governor Steve Sisolak, Senator Chris Brooks and other supporters, as the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 358, which increases Nevada's renewable portfolio standard to 50 pct by 2030.

    In a 2018 announcement, NV Energy noted plans to add six more large-scale solar projects, three of which will include battery storage capacity. NV Energy also recently submitted its annually-required renewable portfolio standard (RPS) compliance filing to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, which stated that the company had exceeded the current RPS requirement for the ninth-straight year. Instead of the 20 pct required today, 24 pct of the energy the company provides is generated from renewable resources.

    Nevada is a leader in renewable energy, ranking fourth in solar and second in geothermal. NV Energy has fostered renewable development since before a renewable standard was put into place, having signed its first geothermal contract in 1986. Thanks to expanding renewable energy serving our customers and the retirement of coal-fueled generation in Nevada, the state experienced an 85 pct reduction in coal-fueled carbon emissions and reduced carbon emissions from the electric industry by 44 pct from 2005 to 2015.

    NV Energy Inc, which provides a range of energy services to more than 1.4 million customers throughout Nevada, is a holding company whose principal subsidiaries, Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company, do business as NV Energy. (Source: NV Energy, PR 23 April, 2019) Contact: NV Energy, Doug Cannon, Pres., CEO, Kristen Saibini, Senior Corporate Communication Specialist, (775) 834-3891,,

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    Xcel Energy Retiring Coal Plants by the Dozen (Ind. Report)
    Xcel Energy
    Date: 2019-04-01
    Following up on our March 11 coverage, Minneapolis-headquartered Xcel Energy, a $30 billion utility reports it has shuttered a quarter of its coal power plants and will soon shut down another 25 pct of its coal fired power capacity as part of it plan to deliver zero-carbon electricity to its 3.6 million customers by 2050, making it the first large American power company to commit to that goal. goal.

    Xcel has already cut its emissions by 38 pct from 2005 levels and aims to further cut emission to 80 pct by 2030. To that end, Xcel is rapidly moving away from coal which in 2013 supplied 46 pct of the utility's power and expanding its renewable energy portfolio, which is expected to make up more than half its power by 2024. The company plans to build 12 new wind farms across seven states. Xcel aims to retire 23 coal units -- about half its capacity -- between 2005 and 2027. (Source: Xcel, WRAL, 29 Mar., 2019)Contact: Xcel Energy,

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    APS Considers Coal-Fired Plant Conversion to Biomass (Ind. Report)
    Arizona Public Service
    Date: 2019-03-22
    In the Sun Devil State, Arizona Public Service (APS) reports it has advised the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) it is evaluating the feasibility and costs involved in the possible conversion of one unit of its 1962-vintage, four-unit coal-fired Cholla Power Plant in Joseph City to burning forest waste woody biomass. The plant is presently slated to close by 2025.

    The initiative is in keeping with the state's renewable energy portfolio and an important factor in forest health. Last December, the ACC ordered their staff to develop a proposed set of rules to create a market for the 1.5 million tons of branches, brush and debris created by thinning 50,000 acres of overgrown forest annually -- the goal set by 4FRI. The ruling provided for the production of 60 MW of power from bioenergy. Presently, only the 28-MW Novo Power in Snowflake produces bioenergy electricity in Arizona. (Source: Arizona Public Service, PR, White Mountain Independent, 22 Mar, 2019) Contact: Arizona Public Service,; Noveo Power,

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    NM Sets 50 pct Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (Reg & Leg)
    Public Service Company of New Mexico
    Date: 2019-03-15
    In Santa Fe, the New Mexico legislature reports passage of legislation calling for a 50 pct renewable energy portfolio standard in the state by 2030, bumping up to 80 pct by 2040. The bill id expected to be quickly signed into law by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham who has enthusiastically supported it.

    In a statement, the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) said the bill "will create a greener energy economy and support our state's reforms to become a national leader in cleaner energy." (Source: Los Alamos Daily Post, 13 Mar., 2019) Contact: Public Service Company of New Mexico, (505) 241-2700; Office of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham,

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    RWE's E.ON-Innogy Acquisition Awaiting EC Approval (Int'l, M&A)
    RWE AG, Innogy
    Date: 2019-01-24
    German energy group RWE AG reports it has filed its planned acquisition of the renewable energy business of both E.ON SE and Innogy SE with the European Commission (EC) for approval.

    In March 2018, RWE agreed to sell its majority interest in Innogy to E.ON, while keeping Innogy's renewables business and merging it with E.ON's green assets. If approved, RWE will own a 8.6-GW renewable energy portfolio in a new company with three operating divisions. With the transaction, RWE will hold a 16.7 pct equity stake in E.ON.

    The transactions are expected to close in the second half of 2019.(Source: RWE AG, Renewables, 23 Jan., 2019) Contact: RWE AG,; Innogy Renewables UK, +44 1793 877777,; E.ON, Michael Lewis, CEO Climate and Renewables, +49 2 11 45 79 4170,

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    HECO Solar,Storage Projects Set Renewables Benchmark (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric Companies
    Date: 2019-01-04
    In Honolulu, Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) -- Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light -- reports it has submitted contracts for seven grid-scale, solar-plus-storage projects on three islands to the Public Utilities Commission for review. The projects are part of the largest and lowest cost portfolio of new renewable energy resources to be assembled in Hawaii.

    The projects -- three on Oahu, two on Maui and two on Hawaii Island -- will add approximately 262 MW of solar energy with 1,048 MWh of storage.

    The prices for six of the seven projects, which are the lowest to date for renewable electricity in the state, are charged to customers with no mark-up or profit to the utility.

    The seven solar-plus-storage projects are the result of a procurement effort the HECO companies began in February 2018 to expand their renewable energy portfolios. An additional project, a 12.5-MW solar array in West O‘ahu that will include a 50-MWh storage system, is also being planned, with the contract expected to be submitted to regulators in coming weeks.

    HECO presently has over 500 MW of renewable energy under contract in addition to nearly 80,000 private rooftop systems in operation. (Source: HECO, PR, 3 Jan., 2019) Contact: HECO, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

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    Solar-plus-Storage Added to O'ahu Renewables Lineup (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric
    Date: 2018-12-19
    In Honolulu, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) is reporting another solar-plus-storage project is now planned for O'ahu, joining three other grid-scale solar projects recently selected by HECO in a procurement effort to expand the Aloha State's renewable energy portfolio.

    The 12.5-MW solar array will be in West O'ahu and include a 50-MWh storage system, details of which will be released at a leter date.

    Hawaiian Electric is currently negotiating PPAs with developers of the solar projects to set the terms for them to sell electricity to the utility. The goal is to complete the agreements so the projects can take advantage of federal tax credits. Final terms will be announced when the agreements are submitted to the Public Utilities Commission for review.

    Including the latest project, there are now five major grid-scale projects announced for O'ahu in recent weeks, part of the largest infusion of renewable energy in state history. The projects -- four solar and one wind project -- are designed to generate 186 megawatts, displacing an estimated 800,000 barrels of oil annually. Previously announced projects on O'ahu include: Kunia Solar, 52 MW with 218 MWh storage; Mililani Solar, 39 MW with 156 MWh storage; Waipio Solar, 36 MW with 144 MWh storage; and Palehua Wind, 46.8 MW. Several other major renewable projects totaling 154 MW are under construction or awaiting permitting on O'ahu. (Source: Hawaiian Electric, PR, 18 Dec., 2018) Contact: Hawaiian Electric,

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    Georgia Power Seeking Major Increase in Solar Capacity (Ind. Report)
    Georgia Power
    Date: 2018-08-10
    In Atlanta, Georgia Power reports is is seeking to increase its renewable energy portfolio in the state by adding 100 MW of solar power. To that end, the utility is calling for proposals from solar facilities interested in selling solar power to Georgia Power customers at a fixed price for a period of five to 35 years.

    The company seeking proposals that provide the best value to customers, with winning facilities beginning their contracts in November. The plans are part of the company's Renewable Energy Development Initiative which aims to increase its solar energy generation from 970 mw of solar capacity by 1,600 mw by 2021. (Source: Georgia Power, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, AP, 5 Aug., 2018) Contact: Georgia Power, Wilson Mallard, Renewable Energy Development Dir., (404) 506-6526,

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    Foresight Acquires German Anaerobic Digestion Portfolio (M&A, Int'l)
    Foresight Group
    Date: 2018-06-27
    London-based infrastructure and private equity investment manager Foresight Group is reporting the acquisition of five operational anaerobic digestion (AD) plants totaling 17 MWe equivalent of electricity and biomethane from Germany's Lindhorst Gruppe.

    Including this acquisition, Foresight's renewable energy portfolio will include 20 AD plants in Germany and the UK totaling 154 MW cpacity. (Source: Foresight Group, Renewables, 26 JUne, 2018) Contact: Foresight Group,; Lindhorst Gruppe, +49 5143 98100,

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    Maui Utility-Scale Solar Project Announced (Ind. Report)
    Maui Electric Company
    Date: 2018-05-09
    In the Aloha State, Kenyon Energy is touting the South Maui Renewable Resources project, a 11.3-acre PV solar park located on Haleakala Ranch property near the Maui Research & Technology Park in Kihei.

    The project, Maui's first utility-scale solar project, will independently owned and operated by Kenyon Energy. The project, which was financed through Key Equipment Finance, will sell its power to Maui Electric.

    Maui County's 34 pct renewable energy portfolio exceeds the state's 30 pct renewable energy by 2020 target. (Source: Maui Electric Company, MauiNow, 7 May, 2018) Contact: Kenyon Energy, Clay Biddinger, CEO, (727) 216-4000,; Maui Electric Company, (808) 871-9777,; Maui Research & Technology Park,

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    DTE Plans Doubling Renewable Power by 2022 (Ind. Report)
    DTE Energy
    Date: 2018-04-02
    Jackson-based DTE Energy, Michigan's largest utility reports its latest plans to comply with Michigan's renewable energy portfolio standards include a doubling renewable energy production from 1,000 to 2,000 megawatts annually, primarily from wind power.

    DTE plans to bring two wind energy projects that are already in the works online by 2019, and build two more that will go online by 2022. The company also plans to invest in another 300 megawatts of wind energy capacity to serve businesses that want to participate in a voluntary green energy program. (Source: DTE, Michigan NPR, 30 Mar., 2018) Contact: DTE Energy, Irene Dimitry, VP Business Planning & Development, David Harwood, Renewable Energy Dir.,

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    Aquila Capital Snares Portuguese Solar PV Projects (Int'l Report)
    Aquila Capital
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Hamburg, Germany-headquartered Aquila Capital reports the acquisition of a portfolio of four ready-to-build solar park projects in Portugal. The projects are located in central and southern Portugal and will have an installed capacity of over 170 MWp. Construction of the projects is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.

    According to Aquila, conditions at the project sites and the low cost of PV power systems motivated the transaction. Aquila also reports it has inked a power purchase agreement with a local third party for the power produced by the solar parks.

    In total, Aquila Capital manages a renewable energy portfolio with a transaction volume of more than €3 billion in ten countries. (Source: Aquila Capital, FTSE, 14 Dec., 2017)Contact: Aquila Capital, +49 40 87 5050-100, +49 40 87 5050-129,

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