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Waterford Ireland Joins Covenant to Cut Carbon Emissions (Int'l.)
Waterford Ireland,Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy
Date: 2020-07-01
In Ireland, the Waterford City & County Council reports it has joined the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy and committed to cutting CO2 emissions within its administrative area by at least 40 pct by 2030 through improved energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy sources and increasing its resilience by adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The Covenant of Mayors commit to preparing a Baseline Emission Inventory and a Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and submit a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan. They also pledge to mainstream mitigation and adaptation considerations into relevant policies, strategies and plans. The Council will be required to report on the implementation of its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan every two years. (Source: Waterford City & County Council, WaterfordLIve, 29 June, 2020) Contact: Waterford City & County Council, +353 76 110 2020,; Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy,

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EU MEPs Call for Renewables, Energy Storage to Spur Decarbonization (Opinions, Editorials & Aside)
European Union,European Commission
Date: 2020-07-01
In Brussels, Members of the European Union Parliament (MEPs) Industry, Research and Energy Committee the Committee) have outlined their strategy for renewable energy, 'green' hydrogen, and energy storage, all of which play a crucial role in reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate change.

The Committee calls on the EC and member states to remove regulatory barriers that hamper the development of energy storage projects, such as double taxation or shortcomings in EU network codes. The Trans-European energy networks also need to be revised in order to improve eligibility criteria for those wishing to develop energy storage facilities.

MEPs also highlight the potential of hydrogen produced from renewable sources ("green hydrogen" ) and call on the EC to continue supporting research into and development of a hydrogen economy. The EC should also assess if retrofitting gas infrastructure to transport hydrogen is possible, as the use of natural gas is only of a transitional nature.

The committee also supports the EC's efforts to create European standards for batteries and to reduce dependence on their production outside of Europe. The EU's heavy dependence on importing raw materials from sources where extraction degrades the environment should be reduced through enhanced recycling schemes and by sourcing raw materials sustainably, possibly in the EU.

Finally, MEPs propose ways to boost other storage options, such as mechanical and thermal storage, as well as the development of decentralized storage through home batteries, domestic heat storage, vehicle-to-grid technology and smart home energy systems. The EC estimates that the EU will need to be able to store six times more energy than today to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

According to lead MEP Claudia Gamon, "Energy storage will be essential for the transition to a decarbonized economy based on renewable energy sources. As electricity generated by wind or solar energy will not always be available in the quantities needed, we will need to store energy. Apart from storage technologies that we already know work well like pumped hydro storage, a number of technologies will play a crucial role in the future, such as new battery technologies, thermal storage or "green" hydrogen. These must be given market access to ensure a constant energy supply for European citizens." (Source: European Union News, European Commission PR, 30 June, 2020)

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EU MEPs Call for Energy Storage to Spur Decarbonization (Opinions, Editorials & Aside)
European Union,European Commission
Date: 2020-07-01
In Brussels, Members of the European Union Parliament (MEPs) Industry, Research and Energy Committee have outlined their strategy for renewable energy and energy storage and their role in reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate change.

The Committee calls on the EC and EU's 27 member states to remove regulatory barriers that hamper the development of energy storage projects, such as double taxation or shortcomings in EU network codes. The Trans-European energy networks also need to be revised in order to improve eligibility criteria for those wishing to develop energy storage facilities. The MEPs also propose boosting mechanical thermal, and other other energy storage options as well as the development of decentralized storage through home batteries, domestic heat storage, vehicle-to-grid technology and smart home energy systems.

The committee also supports efforts to create European battery standards and battery recycling initiates and reduce dependence on their production outside of Europe.

Finally, the EC estimates the EU will need to be able to store six times more energy than today to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

According to lead MEP Claudia Gamon, "Energy storage will be essential for the transition to a decarbonised economy based on renewable energy sources. As electricity generated by wind or solar energy will not always be available in the quantities needed, we will need to store energy. Apart from storage technologies that we already know work well like pumped hydro storage, a number of technologies will play a crucial role in the future, such as new battery technologies, thermal storage or green hydrogen. These must be given market access to ensure a constant energy supply for European citizens." (Source: European Union News, European Commission PR, 30 June, 2020)

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EU MEPs Recommend Renewalbes, Energy Storage to Spur Decarbonization (Opinions, Editorials & Aside)
European Union,European Commission
Date: 2020-07-01
In Brussels, Members of the European Union Parliament (MEPs) Industry, Research and Energy Committee have outlined their strategy for renewable energy and energy storage and their role in reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate change.

The Committee calls on the EC and the EU 27 member states to remove regulatory barriers that hamper the development of energy storage projects, such as double taxation or shortcomings in EU network codes. The Trans-European energy networks also need to be revised in order to improve eligibility criteria for those wishing to develop energy storage facilities. The MEPs also propose ways to boost other storage options, such as mechanical and thermal storage, as well as the development of decentralised storage through home batteries, domestic heat storage, vehicle-to-grid technology and smart home energy systems. The committee also recommends European battery standards recycling initiates and reducing the EU's dependence on batteries produced outside of Europe. Finally, The EC estimates the EU will need to be able to store six times more energy than today to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

According to lead MEP Claudia Gamon, "Energy storage will be essential for the transition to a decarbonised economy based on renewable energy sources. As electricity generated by wind or solar energy will not always be available in the quantities needed, we will need to store energy. Apart from storage technologies that we already know work well like pumped hydro storage, a number of technologies will play a crucial role in the future, such as new battery technologies, thermal storage or green hydrogen. These must be given market access to ensure a constant energy supply." (Source: European Union News, European Commission PR, 30 June, 2020)

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Black Hills' Pueblo Wind Project Projects Major Savings (Ind. Report)
Black Hills Energy
Date: 2020-06-29
In a 120-day report to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC), Cheyenne, Wyoming-headquartered Black Hills Energy forecasts its proposed 200-MW solar project to be constructed in Pueblo County under its Renewable Advantage Plan would generate $66 million in energy savings over 15 years for its customers. The project would also generate $178 million in direct and indirect economic benefits through state, local and federal taxes; 250 construction jobs; 51 pct renewable energy mix; and 71 pct reduction in carbon emission by 2024, according to a Black Hills release.

The project, which represents the utility's preferred bid in a competitive solicitation for resources held earlier in the year, would break ground in 2021 for completion in 2023, if approved by the PUC. (Source: Black Hills Energy, Pueblo Chieftain, 27 June, 2020) Contact: Black Hills Energy, Vance Crocker, VP Southern Colorado, 888-890-5554,

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NJ Township Joins Sustainable States Community Energy Challenge (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-06-29
In the Garden State, Maplewood Township (pop. 25,250) reports it is joining thirty communities in five states in taking the Sustainable States Community Energy Challenge.

The challenge offers technical assistance, tools and support to assess clean energy and energy efficiency goals and initiatives, and compares related energy achievements across similarly-sized cities, assess future initiatives, and provide project implementation assistance.

The challenge is a partnership of the Sustainable States Network, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), and five state-level sustainability programs, including Sustainable CT, Green Cities California, Sustainable Maryland, Minnesota GreenStep Cities, and Sustainable Jersey.

Maplewood Township is certified at the silver-level with Sustainable Jersey and has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce energy use. For example, Maplewood Township: installed public electric vehicle charging stations; implemented an energy aggregation program which reduces costs and increases renewable energy use for residents; completed energy audits of all main buildings; upgraded lighting for energy efficiency in the Municipal Building, the Public Works building and Memorial Library; achieved LEED certification for the police and courts building; replaced old traffic signals with LEDs; participated in a cooperative buying agreement for cheaper and greener energy for buildings and purchased hybrid vehicles when replacing township fleet vehicles. (Source: Maplewood Township, PT,, July, 2020) Contact: Sustainable States, Maplewood Township, Sustainable States Community Energy Challenge,

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Southern Power Activates 200-MW Kansas Wind Asset (Ind. Report)
Southern Company,Southern Power
Date: 2020-06-26
In Atlanta, Southern Company's SO subsidiary energy wholesaler Southern Power is reporting the activation of its 200-MW Reading Wind Facility in Osage and Lyon Counties, KS.

The facility, which was developed by Renewable Energy Systems Ltd, is the 11th wind park in Southern Power's portfolio comprising 4,510 MW of renewable energy assets, more than 2,100 MW of which are wind farms. The Southern Company unit will oversee the operations and maintenance of the plant while Siemens Gamesa will supply annual maintenance services.

This project is the first to-be-approved carbon offset project under the Verified Carbon Standard Program through an agreement with Royal Caribbean Cruises RCL. The carbon offsets generated will be sold to Royal Caribbean under a 12-year power purchase contract. (Source: Southern Company, Southern Power, Zacks, 24 June, 2020) Contact: Southern Power,; Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.,

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Ford Targets Global Carbon Neutrality by 2050 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-06-26
In Detroit, U.S. automaker Ford 21st annual Sustainability Report notes the company plans on achieving carbon neutrality globally by 2050, while setting interim targets to more urgently address climate change challenges.

To that end, Ford will initially focus on three specific areas that account for approximately 95 pct of its CO2 emissions -- vehicle use, supply base, and the company's facilities -- to reduce CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. The company will also work with California for stronger vehicle greenhouse gas standards. As previously reported, Ford plans to use 100 pct locally sourced renewable energy for all its manufacturing plants globally by 2035 (Source: Ford Authority, 24 June, 2020) Contact: Ford, Bob Holycross, VP Sustainability, Environment and Safety,

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Siemens Gamesa Turbines for UK's Sofia Offshore Wind Project (Int'l.
Siemens Gamesa
Date: 2020-06-24
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is reporting receipt of a conditional order for 100 units of its new SG 14-222 DD offshore wind turbines for installation at Innogy's 1.4 GW Sofia Offshore Wind Farm in the UK. A comprehensive service and maintenance contract is included in the conditional order.

When fully operational, the project will generate sufficient power for more than 1.2 million British households. The final investment decision is expected to be made in Q1 of 2021. Installation is expected to begin in 2024 at the UK North Sea Dogger Bank location. (Source: Strategic Research Institute, SteelGuru,Siemens Gamesa, 23 June, 2020) Contact: Innogy, Julian Garnsey, Project Dir.,; Seimens Gamesa,

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Copenhagen Approves Energy Islands Hubs (Int'l Report)
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
Date: 2020-06-24
In Copenhagen, the Danish parliament reports it has approved plans for the world's first two energy island "hubs" and a 1GW North Sea offshore wind farm as included in the government's new climate plan . Technology-specific onshore wind and solar PV tenders for the project would be held in 2020 and 2021. According to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) the energy islands could be completed without government funding due to investors' -- Pension Danmark, PFA and SEAS-NVE -- expressed €50 million combined interest in the project.

Denmark plans to source 100 pct of its electric power from renewable energy by 2027, and to reduce emissions by 70 pct by 2030 from a 1990 baseline. (Source: WindPower, Various Trade Media, 22 June, 2020)

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Amazon Announces $2 Billion Climate Pledge Fund (Ind. Report)
Amazon, Climate Change
Date: 2020-06-24
Online merchandising giant Amazon has announced an initial $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund to support the development of sustainable technologies and services that will enable Amazon and other companies to meet The Climate Pledge -- a commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040. This dedicated venture investment program will back visionary companies in various industries whose products and services will facilitate the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Amazon also released its 2019 sustainability report and an update on the company's sustainability goals and programs, including:

  • Amazon announced it's on a path to run on 100 pct renewable energy by 2025, five years ahead of schedule. As part of The Climate Pledge, Amazon previously committed to reach 80 pct renewable energy by 2024 and 100 pct renewable energy by 2030.

  • To date, Amazon has announced 91 renewable energy projects around the globe totaling over 2,900 MW delivering more than 7.6 million MWh of renewable energy annually, enough to power 680,000 U.S. homes.

  • Amazon made two investments from its $100 million Right Now Climate Fund in nature-based solutions and reforestation projects around the world, including a reforestation project in the Appalachians in the U.S. and an urban greening initiative in Berlin, Germany.

  • Since 2015, Amazon has reduced the weight of outbound packaging by 33 pct and eliminated more than 880,000 tons of packaging material, the equivalent of 1.5 billion shipping boxes.

    Details of Amazon's sustainability goals are HERE. (Source: Amazon, PR, June, 2020) Contact: Amazon Inc.,,

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  • Emirates GBC Offers Green Building Retrofit Programme (Int'l)
    Emirates Green Building Council
    Date: 2020-06-24
    In Dubai, the Emirates Green Building Council (Emirates GBC), an independent forum aimed at conserving the environment by strengthening and promoting green building practices, reports it will offer a virtual Building Retrofit Training Programme for the Middle East and North Africa region.

    The programme, which is offered in partnership with Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and Abu Dhabi's renewable energy company MASDAR, aims to strengthen knowledge sharing among construction sector stakeholders on the fundamentals of building energy efficiency retrofiting. (Source: Emirate Green Building Council, PR Trade Arabia News, 24 June, 2020) Contact: Emirates GBC, +971 4 346 8244,

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    GORD, EESL Cooperating on MENA Energy Efficiency (Int'l.Report)
    Gulf Organisation for Research and Development
    Date: 2020-06-22
    In Qatar, the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions leading "green" buildings, sustainability and energy efficiency services provider, is reporting a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with India's state-controlled Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) to collaborate on and support local and regional energy efficiency projects in the Middle East.

    The MoU includes the deployment of large-scale smart metering systems, electric vehicle charging, energy efficient lighting sustainable and energy efficient HVAC systems, renewable energy projects, and consulting on sustainability and variou carbon neutral projects. (Source: GORD, MENAFN, The Peninsula, 22 June, 2020) Contact: GORD,;

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    E1 Completes 8 MW South Korean Solar Plant (Int'l. Report)
    South Korea Solar
    Date: 2020-06-22
    In South Korea, Seoul-based E1 is reporting completion of an 8-MW solar power plant covering nearly 70,000 square meters 93 miles east of Seoul. The power plant includes a 21.2 megawatt-per-hour energy storage system (ESS) and generates sufficient energy for roughly 2,900 households.

    The new solar facility is the company's first megawatt-class solar power plant. (Source: Ei, PR, Aju Business Daily, 22 June, 2020) Contact: E1, + 82-2-3441-4114,

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    Pinnacle Completes Woody Biomass Pellet Plant Upgrade (Ind. Report)
    Pinnacle Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-06-22
    In British Columbia, Vancouver-based Pinnacle Renewable Energy reports its Williams Lake facility has rebooted operations following months of capital upgrades.

    The completed upgrades included equipment that can process wetter fiber. Instead of primarily relying on the shavings and sawdust of sawmills, the plant can also process up to 80,000 additional tpy of woody biomass debris, damaged and dead wood.

    Between upgrades at the Williams Lake facility and the previously reported work on its Meadowbank facility in Quesnel, the company has invested roughly $30 million in the region over the past year.

    (Source: Pinnacle, PR, Biomass Mag., 22 June, Contact: Pinnacle, Robt. McCurdy, CEO, (604) 270-9613,,

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    $1.3Bn Aussie AgWaste-to-Fuels Project Construction Ready (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-06-22
    In the Land Down Under, Melbourne-based AgBioEn reports it is set to break ground on its $1.35 billion agricultural waste-to-energy and Biofuels facility at Katunga in Victoria state. The plant will be the first of its kind in Australia converting organic waste materials such as cereal straw into electricity, renewable diesel and jet fuel, and fertilizer.The plant is expected to begin production before the end of 2021.

    AgBioEn is Australia's first fully integrated carbon negative renewable energy and fuels project using world-class technology to produce cleaner and greener renewable energy and liquid fuels, according to the company website. (Source: AgBioEn, PR, Website, 22 June, 2020) Contact: AgBioEn, Lubey Lozevski, Project Director, 03 9111 9919,,

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    3D-Printed Concrete Wind Tower Project Touted (Ind. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy,LafargeHolcim
    Date: 2020-06-19
    GE Renewable Energy, 3D printed construction specialist COBOD and cement giant LafargeHolcim are announcing a collaboration to co-develop processes for 3D-printed concrete wind town bases as well as produce a wind turbine prototype with a printed pedestal, a production ready printer and materials to scale up production.

    Printing a variable height base directly on-site with 3D-printed concrete technology will enable the construction of towers up to 150-200 metres tall, according to the release.

    For the project, GE Renewable Energy will provide expertise related to the design, manufacture and commercialisation of wind turbines, COBOD will focus on the robotics automation and 3D printing and LafargeHolcim will design the concrete material, its processing and application. (Source: GE Renewables, World Cement, Various Media, 17 June, 2020) Contact: COBOD, Asger Dath, +45 2067 9535,,; GE Renewable Energy , Matteo Bellucci, Advanced Manufacturing Leader,; LafargeHolcim,

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    "$16 trillion Investment In Renewables by 2030" -- Notable Quote
    Goldman Sachs
    Date: 2020-06-19
    "Renewable power will become the largest area of spending in the energy industry in 2021, on our estimates, surpassing upstream oil and gas for the first time in history." -- Michele Della Vigna, Goldman Sachs Inc.

    Renewables -- including Biofuels -- will account for roughly 25 pct of all energy spending next year, up from about 15 pct in 2014 , driven in part by diverging costs of capital, as borrowing rates have risen to as high as 20 pct for hydrocarbon projects compared with as little as 3 pct for clean energy. Clean energy affords a "$16 trillion investment opportunity through 2030", according to Goldman Sachs. (Source: Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg Green, June, 2020)

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    Xcel Advancing $3Bn Solar, Wind Projects Plans (Ind. Report)
    Xcel Energy
    Date: 2020-06-19
    Xcel Energy is proposing to accelerate nearly $3 billion in spending on new large renewable-energy projects, including a new solar plant in Becker that would be at least four times larger than Minnesota's current largest solar array.

    Xcel would also speed up the planned repowering of four older wind farms with new turbines and other new equipment at a projected cost of $1 billion to $1.4 billion. The wind farm repowering, which hed been previously scheduled for the late 2020s, would allow Xcel to take advantage of federal tax credits.

    Xcel would also be able to use federal tax credits for a 450-MW solar plant, which would cost up to $650 million and be located next to the company's coal-fired plant in Becker. Xcel had been planning to add 3,000 MW of new solar power on line 2026 through 2030 as its coal plants are shutdown.

    Xcels' push to advance its renewables projects is in response to the Minnesota PUC's call for the state's electric and gas utilities to "assist in Minnesota's economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic." (Source: Xcel Energy, Star Tribune, June, 2020) Contact: Xcel Energy, Christopher Clark, Pres. for Minnesota and the Dakotas,

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    DOE EERE Funding Battery Manufacturing Innovation (R&D Funding)
    U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-06-19
    In Washington, the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Advanced Manufacturing Office is soliciting proposals from the National Laboratories and industry partners that pursue radical innovations for American battery manufacturing leadership. Under this opportunity, DOE will directly fund the National Laboratories to establish public-private partnerships that solve engineering challenges for advanced battery materials and devices, with a focus on de-risking, scaling, and accelerating adoption of new technologies.

    The EERE Advanced Manufacturing Office and Vehicles Technologies Office will jointly invest up to $12 million in projects that address capability gaps for enhanced lithium-ion batteries, next-generation lithium-ion batteries, and next-generation lithium-based battery technologies through the following areas -- materials processing and scale-up; innovative advanced electrode and cell production; designer materials and electrodes; and formation.

    Individual projects awards will range from $500,000 to $3 million over 24 to 36 months. A 50/50 cost-share will be required between DOE and the private partner, which can include an in-kind contribution.

    Download details and contact information HERE .. (Source: DOE EERE, 18 June, 2020} Contact: DOE EERE,

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    Proposed UK Biowaste-to-Energy Plant Drops Gasification (Int'l.)
    Northacre Renewable Energy,Bioenergy Infrastructure Group
    Date: 2020-06-19
    In the UK, Reading-based waste-to-energy specialist Northacre Renewable Energy Limited reports it is changing the technology to be used in its proposed, £200 million, 243,000 tpy Westbury plant from gasification to a conventional moving grate combustion process primarily due to supply chain uncertainty caused by Brexit.

    Northacre Renewable Energy Limited (NREL) is special purpose joint venture established to deliver the Northacre energy from waste facility in Westbury. NREL is jointly owned by Bioenergy Infrastructure Group, a UK independent power producer specialising in energy-from-waste and biomass facilities, and The Hills Group, a Wiltshire-based company with business activities including waste management, quarrying of aggregates and building new homes. BIG invests in a number of energy facilities across the UK, including the Hull Energy Works facility, Evermore Renewable Energy and Birmingham Bio Power. (Source: Northacre Renewable Energy, PR, Lets Recycle, 17 June, 2020) Contact: Northacre Renewable Energy,, Bioenergy Infrastructure Group, +44 (0) 118 929 8350,,

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    U.S. Gain Completes Testa Produce NG Fueling Station (Ind. Report)
    U.S. Gain
    Date: 2020-06-17
    Appleton, Wisconsin based U.S. Gain is reporting completion of a private natural gas fueling station at Testa Produce Inc's headquarters in Chicago. The new modular station will supply alternative fuel for the company's fleet of 40 natural gas delivery vehicles.

    The use of natural gas as an alternative fuel significantly reduces transportation-related emissions, improves air quality, and delivers economic savings, according to the release.

    U.S. Gain is a leader in development, procurement and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable energy for the transportation and energy markets. Over the past 10 years, U.S. Gain has diversified throughout the renewable natural gas (RNG) supply chain -- investing in and managing development projects at farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants; generating, trading and monetizing clean fuel credits under the RFS, LCFS and CFP programs; designing, building and operating alternative fueling stations, both private and a public GAIN Clean Fuel network. (Source: U.S. Gain, PR, 15 June, 2020) Contact: Testa Produce,; U.S. Gain, Ross Finlan, Business Development Manager, Bryan Nudelbacher, Dir. RNG Business Development, 920.381.2190; Stephanie Lowney, Director of Marketing & Innovation,,

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    Infosys Takes The Climate Pledge (Int'l., Ind. Report)
    Climate Pledge
    Date: 2020-06-17
    Amazon is reporting Bengaluru, India-headquartered business consultancy Infosys Ltd has signed on to The Climate Pledge.

    The Climate Pledge calls on new signatories to be net zero carbon across their businesses by 2040 -- a decade ahead of the Paris Climate Accord's goal of 2050. It also calls for signatories to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis; implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement through real business changes and innovations, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions and other carbon emission elimination strategies; and neutralize any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially-beneficial offsets to achieve net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040.

    Infosys, which is one of the first companies to place an internal price on carbon, has an energy efficiency program that helped reduce its per-capita electricity consumption by 55 pct , and has invested in community-based emission reduction projects to help meet its net zero carbon goal. (Source: Amazon, PR, Business Wire, 16 June, 2020) Contact: Infosys, Salil Parekh, CEO,; The Climate Pledge,

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    Pattern Energy Acquires Clines Corners Wind Development (M&A)
    Pattern Energy,Orion Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-06-17
    Pattern Energy Group LP reports the completion of its acquisition of the 1,000 MW Clines Corners wind power development opportunity in Torrance and Guadalupe Counties, New Mexico, from Orion Wind Power Resources, LLC.

    Orion Wind Power Resources is a joint venture between Oakland, California-based Orion Renewable Energy Group LLC and MAP® Energy.

    With this acquisition, Pattern Energy now has more than 4,000 MW of New Mexico wind in development, representing more than $8 billion of planned investments. (Source: Pattern Energy Group, PR, 16 June, 2020) Contact: Orion Renewables, 510.267.8921,,; MAP Energy, (650) 324-9095,; Pattern Energy, Mike Garland, CEO, Matt Dallas, Media, 917-363-1333,,

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    HECO Seeking Renewable Energy Projects Locations (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric Company
    Date: 2020-06-17
    In Honolulu, the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) has issued a request for information (RFI) from land and building owners on the islands of O'ahu, Hawai'i Maui, and Moloka'i with sites that could be available for future HECO renewable energy projects.

    HECO is seeking parcels as small as one acre and rooftops with at least 3,200 square feet of usable space for future development of grid-scale wind, solar and community solar projects. The location should be reasonably flat and sunny and can include open space of any kind, including large parking lots that could be covered with a shading roof of solar panels.

    The RFI may be viewed and responded to at Responses are requested by July 12, 2020. (Source: HECO, PR, 15 June, 2020) Contact: HECO, Jim Alberts, Snr. VP Strategic Planning and Business Development, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

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    Nelnet Offering Community Solar Subscription Services (Ind. Report)
    Nelnet Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-06-15
    Nelnet Renewable Energy reports it is looking to expand renewable energy use by helping solar developers find subscribers for their community solar projects -- homeowners, renters, and businesses -- and achieve fully subscribed projects.

    Nelnet starts with a project-specific, multi-channel marketing plan, coupled with effective subscriber education content, flexible enrollment options, and ongoing customer engagement and collection services.

    Nelnet's involvement in renewable energy began in 2018 with a commitment to fund over $142 million for the building of solar energy projects via tax equity financing. (Source: Nelnet Renewable Energy, PR, Solar Builder, 12 June, 2020) Contact: Nelnet Renewable Energy, Jeff Noordhoek, CEO,

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    MASDAR to Develop a 500 MW Uzbekistan Wind Project (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-15
    In Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (MASDAR) is an agreement with the Uzbekistan Ministry of Investments and Foreign to develop and operate a 500-MW wind farm project in the country's Navoi region. The project, which is being supported by the London-based European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Government of Japan, is expected to be commissioned and online in 2024.

    The project is the MASDAR's second utility-scale renewable energy project in Uzbekistan, which is aiming to develop 5-GW of renewable energy by 2030. (Source: MASDAR, Mercon India, 13 June, 2020) Contact: MASDAR, +971 2 653 3333,; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,

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    Poland's Carbon Emissions Reductions Analyzed (Int'l. Report)
    Poland Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2020-06-15
    U.S.-based global management consultancy McKinsey & Company is reporting Poland is able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 91 pct and increase carbon uptake just enough to compensate for the remaining 9 pct of 2017 levels at a cost of roughly €380 billion.

    Poland's emissions arise mainly from: industry --22 pct; transportation --15 pct; buildings -- 11 pct; agriculture -- 11 percent; and power production 38 pct. Approx. 77 pct of the county's electric power is from coal fired stations. To achieve climate neutrality, the share of coal in Poland's energy mix must be reduced by almost 95 pct. and the share of renewable energy would have to be increased by 80 pct, according to the report. (Source: McKinsey & Company, Warsaw Business Journal, 14 June, 2020) Contact: McKinsey & Company,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  

    Ocean Renewables Touted as Climate Change Solution (Ind. Report)
    Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition
    Date: 2020-06-12
    The attached report from the Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition's (OREAC) Ocean Panel has found that ocean-based renewable energy, such as offshore wind, floating solar, tidal and wave power, could meet nearly 10 pct of the global annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions needed to remain on a Paris-compliant 1.5 degrees C pathway in 2050.

    The report estimates that up to 85 pct of this decarbonization potential will come from offshore wind. 1,400 GW of offshore wind would power one-tenth of global electricity demand while saving over 3 billion tpy of CO2 -- equal to taking 800 million cars off the road.

    OREAC is spearheaded by Orsted and Equinor, and includes other major players in the global offshore wind industry: CWind, Global Marine Group, JERA, MHI Vestas, MingYang Smart Energy, Mainstream Renewable Power, Shell, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, TenneT, and GE Renewable Energy. Additional partner organisations include Global Wind Energy Council, World Resources Institute, UN Global Compact, the Chinese Wind Energy Association and Ocean Energy Systems.

    Download the OREAC The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change report HERE. (Source: OREAC, PR, reve, June, 2020) Contact: OREAC,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition,  Ocean Energy,  Renewable Energy,  Wave Energy,  Tidal EnergyCarbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  

    Neoen to Construct 30MW BESS in Finland (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-12
    The Paris-based independent renewable energy asset producer Neoen reports it will construct Yllikkala Power Reserve One , a 30MW / 30MWh grid-connected battery energy storage system (BESS) in Finland to help integrate the growing capacity of local wind energy.

    Yllikkala Power Reserve One will help grid operator Fingrid by supplying fast-acting frequency regulation services to Finland's national electricity system.

    The plant will be sited in the south-east of Finland, near the city of Lappeenranta. Finland is targeting carbon neutrality at a national level by 2035. (Source: Neoen, Energy Storage, 10 June, 2020) Contact: Neoen,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Neoen news,  Energy Storage news,  Battery news,  

    ADB Investing $17Mn in Bangladesh Solar PV Plant (Int'l.)
    Asian Development Bank
    Date: 2020-06-12
    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) reports the inking of a $17.7 million financing package with Spectra Solar Park Limited (SSPL) for a 35-MW solar PV plant in Bangladesh. The solar park is one of the first private sector solar plants in Bangladesh to be financed by multilateral institutions.

    When fully on line, the plant will generate more than 50 GWh per year of electricity for the national grid and avoid 33,200 metric tpy of carbon dioxide emissions. The project aligns with the Government of Bangladesh's aim to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels through renewable energy under Bangladesh Vision 2021. (Source: ADB, Dhaka Tribune, 10 June, 2020) Contact: Asia Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, Pres. +63 2 632 4444,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Asian Development Bank,  Solar,  PV,  

    RFA Urges Trump to Reject Refinery Waivers (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-12
    "One year ago today, you visited Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy in Council Bluffs to join us in celebrating a monumental achievement. At your direction, EPA had just completed regulatory changes finally allowing year-round sales of gasoline containing 15 pct ethanol (E15).

    "This long-awaited move unlocked the door to future demand growth for ethanol and corn. It also meant consumers would have increased access to cleaner and more affordable fuel options at the pump.

    "Just as expected, the marketplace responded quickly. In the year since the red-tape barrier was removed, E15 sales are up 50pct.

    "But E15 growth would have been exponentially larger if not for your EPA continuing to excuse oil refiners from their legal obligations to blend renewable fuels. As we told you a year ago, EPA's refinery waivers have caused devastating demand losses for ethanol and corn, and they under mine the expansion of E15.

    "Even after a federal court overturned some refinery waivers in January, your EPA continues to receive dozens of exemption requests from oil companies. EPA is now even considering giving retroactive waivers for years that pre-date your administration.

    "This needs to stop. It is hurting farmers, costing consumers, and derailing progress on energy and environmental security.

    "The economic pain in farm country caused by these refinery waivers was compounded this spring—first by the Saudi-Russia oil price war, and then by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this 'perfect tsunami,' half of the ethanol industry was recently shut down, leading to layoffs across rural America. The ethanol industry and farmers are hurting like never before.

    Mr. President, we need your help. We ask that you stand up for the Renewable Fuel Standard. Please direct your EPA to abide by the January court ruling and end the abuse of the refinery waiver loophole.

    "You stood by us, farmers, and consumers when you directed EPA to allow year-round E15. Now, we humbly ask that you stand with us again and ensure ethanol demand is not eroded by illegal refinery waivers. Thank you,"

    Geoff Cooper, Pres. & CEO Renewable Fuels

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RFS news,  Refinery Waivers news,  Biofuel Blend news,  RFA news,  

    Longroad Tapped for Hawaiian Solar Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
    Longroad Energy
    Date: 2020-06-10
    Following up on our 15th May report, renewable energy project developer Longroad Energy reports it has been selected by the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) to develop and construct two utility-scale solar and battery storage projects with 160MW of solar with 640MWh of battery storage capacities in Hawaii.

    The 120MWac/480MWh Mahi Solar project will be developed in Kunia, Oahu, while the 40MWac/160MWh Pulehu Solar power facility will be built in Pulehu, Maui. The two projects are slated for completion in 2023. Longroad also has plans to negotiate power purchase agreements (PPA) with HECO in the next few months, including beginning the permitting process and virtual public meetings. (Source: Longroad Energy, PR, HECO, PowerTech, June, 2020) Contact: Longroad Energy, Paul Gaynor, CEO,; HECO, Jim Alberts, Snr. VP, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News HECO,  Longroad Energy ,  Solar,  Energy Storage,  

    Valmet Supplying Automation to UK Landfill Gas Project (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-10
    In Finland, Espoo-headquartered Valmet Oyi reports it will supply automation to a gas clean-up system at Viridor's Dunbar Landfill site in East Lothian, Scotland, UK. The first-of-its-kind system allows the successful capture of CO2 and transforms landfill gas into transport fuels.

    The clean-up system will be supplied by the Dutch company CarbonOrO for a July delivery and a fall startup and commissioning.

    Viridor Waste Management Ltd. has the UK's largest network of more than 300 advanced recycling, energy recovery and landfill diversion facilities. The company works in partnership with more than 150 local authority and major corporate clients with 32,000 customers across the UK.

    CarbonOrO's mission is to mitigate climate change by turning landfills or anaerobic digestion plants into a source of renewable energy or extracting CO2 out of flue gas. (Source: Valmet Oyj, PR, June, 2020) Contact: CarbonOrO, Pieter Verberne, GM,; Viridor,; Valmet, +358 4 0505 2001,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Valmet,  Landfill Gas,  Viridor,  

    SSE Taps Arklow Harbour for Offshore Wind O&M Base (Int'l Report)
    SSE Renewables
    Date: 2020-06-10
    SSE Renewables, a leading developer and operator of renewable energy across the UK and Ireland, reports the selection of Arklow Harbour as the O&M base for its Arklow Bank Wind Park Phase 2 off the East Coast of County Wicklow in the Irish Sea. The project, with a consented minimum installed capacity of 520 MW, is slated for completion and commissioning not later than 2025.

    SSE Renewables will now commence a development programme for the O&M base, including entering discussions with Wicklow County Council in the coming months to agree updates to existing lease agreements, and applying to the local authority in early 2021 for planning permission for the purpose-built complex. (Source: SSE Renewables, PR, 8 June, 2020) Contact: SSE Renewables, Barry Kilcline, Director of Development,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SSE Renewables,  Offshore Wind,  

    UNDEERC Awarded $500,000 for North Dakota CCS Project (Funding)
    Date: 2020-06-10
    Reporting from Bismarck, the North Dakota Industrial Commission reports it has awarded $500,000 in Renewable Energy Programme funding to the Energy & Environmental Research Centre at the University of North Dakota (UNDEERC) for the development of North Dakota's ethanol and carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility near Richardson.

    Research for the facility will build on the successful outcomes of three phases of work which have been carried out since 2016. A CO2 Storage Facility Permitting Guidance Document will be compiled as part of the project to serve as a resource for other North Dakota renewable energy or biofuel producers interested in pursuing utilization of CCS technology, according to the release. "This project continues to help maximize the marketability of North Dakota ethanol through evolving CCS incentive programmes," the commission noted in a statement. (Source: North Dakota Industrial Commission, 6 June, 2020) Contact: North Dakota Industrial Commission,; UNDEERC, 701-777-5000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News UNDEERC,  CCS,  Ethanol,  

    Norsk e-Fuel Plans Norwegian Renewable Fuel Plant (Int'l. Report)
    Norsk e-Fuel
    Date: 2020-06-10
    The Norwegian consortium Norsk e-Fuel reports it is planning Europe's first commercial plant in Heroya, Norway for hydrogen-based renewable aviation fuel. The plant will produce 10 million lpy when commissioned in 2023 before expanding production to 100 million lpy of renewable fuel before 2026, according to a Reuters report.

    Using electrolysis, renewable energy, water and CO2 captured from air are converted into syngas. Renewable fuels, such as jet fuel, are then produced through further processing and refining. The end products can then be used directly in existing infrastructures, the consortium said. The upscaled, industrial sized plant will serve as blueprint for a nationwide roll-out of the project, it added.

    The consortium members include: Sunfire GmbH; carbon dioxide capture technology firm Climeworks AG; engineering company Paul Wurth SA and green investment company Valinor. (Source: Norsk e-Fuel, Reuters, 9 June, 2020) Contact: Norsk e-Fuel,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Norsk e-Fuel news,  Aviation Fuel news,  Renewable Fuel news,  

    National Grid Supports UN Race to Zero Campaign (Ind. Report)
    National Grid,UNFCCC
    Date: 2020-06-10
    National Grid reports it is supporting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) global "Race to Zero Campaign" and has to date cut its emission by 70 pct over 1990 levels.

    To future meet its goals, National Grid is also: reducing SF6 emissions used in electrical equipment and swapping for alternatives; increasing energy efficiency; moving to renewable energy sources; researching the potential of hydrogen and renewable natural gas; and promoting similar actions among its supply chain and communities, targeting indirect emissions in particular.

    In the US, National Grid it is working with customers to improve energy efficiency, investing in future energy systems through National Grid Partners, and supporting both solar and wind developments through Geronimo Energy. (Source: National Grid, PR, Energy Insider, 9 June, 2020) Contact: National Grid, John Pettigrew, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News National Grid,  Carbon Emission,  UNFCCC,  

    Rolls-Royce Focused on Net Zero Carbon by 2050 (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2020-06-08
    In the UK, London-headquartered Rolls-Royce reports it has joined the UN Race to Zero campaign in the run up to COP26 slated for Glasgow in Nov., 2021, and reiterates its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. To that end, Rolls Royce reports it will:
  • Align its business to the Paris Agreement goals, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C;

  • Use its technological capabilities to play a leading role in enabling vital parts of the economy to get to net zero carbon by 2050, including aviation, shipping, rail, and power generation;

  • Continue and accelerate accelerate its R&D and investment in efficient products and novel solutions to the climate change challenge;

  • Drive changes in the efficiency of engines and work together with the fuels industry to significantly ramp up the availability of lower carbon alternative fuels.

  • Accelerate the development of new technologies and capabilities for future low emission products, including pioneering the electrification of flight;

  • Achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions from operations and facilities by 2030, by using 100 pct renewable energy, closed loop manufacturing techniques on high value metals, and deploy our cutting-edge microgrid capabilities.

    The global Race To Zero campaign mobilizes a coalition of leading net zero initiatives, representing 449 cities, 21 regions, 992 businesses, 38 of the biggest investors, and 505 universities. These "real economy" actors join 120 countries in the largest ever alliance committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. Collectively these actors now cover nearly 25 pct of global CO2 emissions and over 50 pct GDP, according to the campaign website. (Source: Rolls Royce, Arabian Aeorspace News, 5 June, 2020) Contact: Rolls Royce, Warren East, CEO, UN Race to Zero Campaign,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Net Zero Carbon,  Carbon Emissions,  

  • Indian BMW Plant Stresses Efficiency, Sustainablity (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-06-08
    In India, a release from the 2010 vintage BMW Group Plant Chennai reports energy efficiency and sustainability is a top priority at the manufacturing facility which is taking an active lead towards a green and sustainable future.

    To that end, the plant is committed to increasing use of renewable energy to meet 100 pct of its energy needs by end of the year and has launched new initiatives for water conservation and tree plantation/biodiversity. A 1350 KW solar array presently supplies 40 pct of the plant's electric power and a recent conversion to LED lighting and other energy efficiency initiatives have cut power consumption by 50 pct.

    Water used for cleaning is treated and reused in landscaping and sensor-equipped taps and other efforts have cut water consumption by 45 pct -- from 40825 KL to 20594 KL for the period 2016 to 2019. Additionally, a new Rainwater Harvesting Project stores up to 2,000 kilolitres and meets 40 pct of the plant's requirements and treated sewage is used for toilet flushing. (Source: BMW Group Plant Chennai, Business Wire India, 5 June, 2020) Contact: BMW Group Plant Chennai,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BME news,  Energy Efficiency news,  

    Scottish Power CEO Touts Renewables -- Notable Quote
    Scottish Power
    Date: 2020-06-08
    "Renewables are now the cheapest form of energy out there -- bar none. And wind power is not only cheap, it's quick to build. So, for the first time, the economic and environmental benefits of investing in renewables are completely aligned.

    "And at today's interest rates, it's an economic no-brainer for governments and companies to invest in a long-term programme of clean generation and green infrastructure to support ... number one, the replacement of fossil fuel-burning cars and vans with electric vehicles and ... number two, a move away from gas heating.

    "These are the two big things that need to start happening at scale over the next decade or so if we're going to have any hope of meeting our Net Zero targets." -- Keith Anderson, CEO, Scottish Power, June, 2020

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Scottish Power,  Renewables,  Renewable Energy,  

    TEPCO Commits to ¥2Tn Green Energy Investment by 2035 (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-06-08
    In Tokyo, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings' TEPCO Renewable Power unit reports it will invest as much as ¥2 trillion ($18 billion) to develop 6 - 7 GW of Japanese offshore wind and hydroelectric power projects by 2035.

    The additional investment would boost the company's renewable energy capacity from 20 pct to 25 pct of the group's total capacity. (Source: TEPCO Renewable Power, PR, Reuters, 8 June, 2020) Contact: TEPCO Renewable Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News TEPCO,  Renewable Energy,  

    HECO Posts New Renewable Energy Project Details (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric
    Date: 2020-06-05
    Hawaiian Electric (HECO) has posted details of 16 solar-plus-storage or standalone-storage projects selected in the latest phase of the clean energy transition for Oahu, Maui and Hawaii Island.

    The name, location, developer, technology, size and estimated completion dates are listed on the Hawaiian Electric renewable project status board at along with as links to each project's individual website. Each developer is responsible for ongoing outreach to their prospective neighboring communities, alerting them to plans and responding to concerns.

    If all projects are completed as planned, nearly seven points will be added to HECO's renewable portfolio percentage by 2025. The company expects to reach the mandated 30 pct renewable energy goal by the end of this year with plans in place to exceed 40 pct by 2030, 70 pct by 2040 and 100 pct clean energy for electricity by 2045.

    Review the Hawaiian Electric renewable project status board HERE. (Source: Hawaiian Electric, PR, 2 June, 2020) Contact: HECO, Jim Alberts, Snr. VP, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Hawaiian Electric ,  Solar,  Energy Storage,  Renewable Energy,  

    Greenalia's Gran Canaria Floating Wind Farm Underway (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2020-06-05
    In Spain, Coruna-based independent power producer and renewable energy specialist Greenalia reports construction of its first floating offshore wind energy installation is underway.

    The 50 MW GOFIO wind farm Southeast of the Island of Gran Canaria incorporates four 12.5 MW marine wind turbines to generate sufficient energy for as many as 70,000 homes while avoiding 140,000 tpy of CO2 emissions, according to the company release. (Source: Greealia, PR reve, 3 June, 2020) Contact: Greenalia, +34 902 905 910,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Floating Wind,  Greenalia,  

    RWE, Kyuden Mirai Partnering on Japanese Offshore Wind (Int'l.)
    RWE, Kyuden Mirai
    Date: 2020-06-05
    RWE Renewables Japan GK and Japanese renewable energy power plant developer Kyuden Mirai Energy Company Inc are reporting a cooperation agreement to jointly study opportunities for fixed-bottom offshore wind project developments in Japan.

    To that end, the two firms recently inked a Joint Bidding Agreement to enter into a full-scale feasibility study jointly undertaken by the two companies for the offshore wind power project planned off the coast of Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture. (Source : RWK Renewables, Strategic Research Institute, SteelGuru, 4 June, 2020) Contact: RWE Renewables Japan GK,; Kyuden Mirai Energy,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RWE Renewables news,  Offshore Wind news,  Japan Offshore Wind news,  

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RWE Renewables,  Offshore Wind,  Japan Offshore Wind,  

    Naturgy Increasing Renewables, Cutting Emissions (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-05
    In Madrid, Spanish power and gas utility Naturgy Energy Group SA reports it is adapting its business to a more sustainable model focused on environment, social action and good corporate governance (ESG) as well as reducing its GHG emissions by at least 21 pct by 2022 compared to 2017. The utility also aims to cut CO2 intensity in power generation by 22 pct and to ensure that 34 pct of generation capacity is from renewable sources. (Source: Naturgy, Website,2 June, 2020) Contact: Naturgy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Naturgy,  Wind,  Carbon Emissions,  Renewable Energy,  

    Alliant Energy Announces New Wisconsin Solar Projects (Ind. Report)
    EDF Renewables, Alliant Energy
    Date: 2020-06-03
    In the Badger State, Madison-headquartered Alliant Energy is reporting plans to acquire and advance 675 MW of solar in the mostly rural Grant, Jefferson, Richland, Rock, Sheboygan and Wood Counties.

    When fully operational, the projects will generate sufficient power for 175,000 homes per year -- making Alliant Energy the largest owner-operator of solar in Wisconsin. Alliant previously announced its plan to install 1,000 MW of solar generation in Wisconsin by 2023.

    The projects, along with the recently announced retirement of the Edgewater Generating Station in Sheboygan, further Alliant Energy's goal of reducing CO2 emissions from fossil-fueled generation by 40 pct. (Source: Alliant Energy, PR, 26 May, 2020) Contact: Alliant Energy, Susan Gille, Inv. Rel, (608) 458-3956,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Alliant Energy,  Solar,  Renewable Energy,  

    Alliant Acquiring Geronimo Solar Development (M&A, Ind. Report)
    Alliant Energy, Geronimo
    Date: 2020-06-03
    Minneapolis-based renewable energy developer Geronimo Energy and Alliant Energy are reporting Alliant will purchase Geronimo's 50-MW North Rock Solar power development in the town of Fulton, Wisconsin, subject to regulatory approvals. Geronimo will continue acting as developer of North Rock Solar. (Source: Alliant Energy, Milton Courier, June, 2020) Contact: Alliant Energy, Susan Gille, Inv. Rel, (608) 458-3956,; Geronimo Energy, Ben Adamich, (952) 988-9000,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Alliant Energy,  Solar,  Geronimo,  

    Norfolk, Neb. Approves C-PACE Financing (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-03
    In the Cornhusker State, the city of Norfolk (pop. 25,000 +-) Council is reporting approval of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan program to assist commercial developers with energy efficiency and renewable energy project funding.

    PACE loans are long term, fixed rate, non-recourse loans secured by assessments on the property with priority equal to property tax. PACE provides commercial real estate financing for HVAC systems, lighting, energy efficiency, energy conservation measures, water conservation such as low flow toilets and low flow fixtures, as well as renewable energy systems. (Source: City of Norfolk, WJAG, 2 June, 2020) Contact: City of Norfolk, (402) 844-2000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News C-PACE news,  PACE news,  Energy Efficiency news,  

    NREL Considering Blockchain and Renewable Energy (Ind. Report)
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Date: 2020-06-01
    The US DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) reports it is exploring the possibilities of using blockchain for renewable energy. To that end, NREL will work with energy utility, Exelon, and the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) to research blockchain for community-based energy markets.

    The project will focus on enhancing coordination between utilities and consumers and finding ways to connect distributed energy resources (DERs) like solar panels to local distribution networks by using digital identity and hardware created by NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF).

    NREL plans to leverage blockchain to create a scalable solution for electricity feeders, which can be customized as desired. Currently, they are running a virtual pilot that connects electric vehicles, smart appliances, batteries, and other components, to a blockchain.

    NREL is a member of Blockchain for Optimized Security and Energy Management (BLOSEM), and provides expertise on accelerating blockchain adoption in the energy sector. The BLOSEM project is led by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and is funded by the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium. (Source: NREL, COINGEEK, 30 May, 2020) Contact: NREL, Dane Christensen,,; Excelon,; Web Foundation,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News National Renewable Energy Laboratory ,  NREL,  Renewable Energy,  Exelon,  ,  

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