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Madison Launches New Community Solar Grant Program (Funding)
Madison Wisconsin
Date: 2019-05-29
In the Badger State, the city of Madison is touting the launch of its Backyard Solar grants program to help low-income residents install solar panels.

Grants will be available to community organizations and housing developers through a competitive process and will fund up to 20-pct of a project's total cost. The city has reserved $10,000 for grants in 2019, but there is a resolution circulating among council members to add another $30,000.

The Backyard Solar program is an addition to the MadiSUN residential program, which helps homeowners put solar panels on their rooftops. The City also offers a program that includes $30,000 in rebates for businesses that install solar.

In 2017, Madison became the first city in Wisconsin to set a goal of 100 percent renewable energy and net-zero carbon emissions for both city operations and residents. (Source: City of Madison, 28 May, 2019) Contact: MadiSUN Program,; Renew Wisconsin, Heather Allen, program director for Renew Wisconsin, which administers the MadiSUN programs for the city, Tyler Huebner, Executive Director, (608) 255-4044,

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RENEW Wisc. Supports Nonprofit Organizations' Solar Energy Costs (Ind. Report)
RENEW Wisconsin
Date: 2018-12-17
In the Badger State, Madison-based RENEW Wisconsin is reporting 36 Wisconsin nonprofit organizations -- including churches and schools -- are inline to receive $445,000 in solar-power grants for projects aimed at promoting clean energy, increasing energy efficiency and cutting electric power costs. RENEW Wisconsin supports solar power, wind power, biogas, geothermal systems and electric vehicles.

The program is primarily funded by philanthropists Cal and Laurie Coulliard of Deerfield. In two earlier rounds of funding, RENEW Wisconsin issued more than $200,000 in grants, assisting 23 Wisconsin nonprofits invest in more than $1.67 million in solar projects that totaled 730 kilowatts of electricity. The grants fund up to 20 pct of a not-for-profit organization's solar installation costs. (Source: RENEW Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 16 Dec., 2018)Contact: RENEW Wisconsin, Tyler Huebner, Executive Director, (608) 255-4044,

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Madison Renews MadiSUN Renewable Energy Program (Ind. Report)
RENEW Wisconsin
Date: 2018-05-18
In the Badger State, the city of Madison reports it has renewed its MadiSUN renewable energy program for residents and businesses.

The program, which issues cash rebates and financing for solar installations, helped nearly 80 homes and businesses since the program started in 2015.

The MadiSUN program aims to expand solar energy for homes and businesses. RENEW Wisconsin, a local nonprofit organization working to grow renewable energy statewide, administers the programs on behalf of the City. Since 2016, the City has expanded the number of solar installations on its own buildings while supporting residents to make similar investments. Madison in 2017 earned Gold designation from the national SolSmart program for its work to improve permitting and solar installation processes. (Source: City of Madison, MadiSUN Website, WKOW, 16 May, 2018)Contact: MadiSUN, 608.255.4044,; RENEW Wisconsin, 608.255.4044,

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RENEW Wisconsin Incentive Program Funded Through 2022 (Funding)
RENEW Wisconsin
Date: 2018-05-14
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin reports it plans to allocate approximately $5.5 million in incentives per year for 2019 through 2022 to RENEW Wisconsin's Focus on Energy renewable energy programs. This level of funding is expected incentivize approximately 2,000 homes and perhaps 600 or more businesses and nonprofits over the next four years.

Focus on Energy delivers incentives and education to help utility customers cut energy consumption and save money through energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and projects.

Specifically, the commission recommendations included:

  • Allocated approximately $5.5 million per year for renewable energy incentives for 2019-2022.
  • Established that four sub-markets will be served: residential, small business, mid-sized business, and larger business projects. The mid-sized business program will be new for 2019. Nonprofits and local governments fall into the "business" categories as well;
  • Allows flexibility to meet market demand in these four sub-markets;
  • The residential and small business programs will continue to be first-come, first-serve programs. The mid-sized business and large business programs will start out being run through a request-for-proposal process;
  • A study being conducted on the renewable energy programs may inform improvements to the program when it is completed;
  • Opportunities to support rural and agricultural communities using $5 million in unspent funds will be explored, with a staff memorandum on possible options to be developed by July 1. (Source: RENEW Wisconsin, Milwaukee Independent, 13 May, 2018) Contact: RENEW Wisconsin, Tyler Huebner, Executive Director, (608) 255-4044,

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