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PowerTap Takes Stake in Green Hydrogen Tech. AES-100 (M&A)
PowerTap Hydrogen Capital
Date: 2021-07-28
PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp. reports it has acquired 49 pct of AES-100 Inc. -- the owner of exclusive rights and all intellectual property pertaining to the Advanced Electrolyzer System (AES), a novel electrochemical technology that selectively recovers high purity hydrogen from dilute syngas streams.

The technology was invented by Burbank, California-based clean technology specialist T2M Global to address the problem of hydrogen trapped in dilute syngas streams that is wasted on low-value applications. The ability to economically extract high purity, clean hydrogen from gas streams commonly produced by carbon-intensive processes and containing contaminates such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or methane, presents great potential to drive lower emissions footprints for many industrial processes, while unlocking more hydrogen to fuel a cleaner global energy system, according to the release.

The parties expect considerable synergy between the AES and PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling's SMR technology with the AES complementing it via provision of syngas to PowerTap's SMR. This will essentially broaden the pool of feedstock required to produce hydrogen to include biomass in addition to natural gas/renewable natural gas. (Source: PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp., PR, Newswire, 27 July, 2021) Contact: T2M Global, Pinakin Patel, CEO, 203-616-5514,,; PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp., Raghu Kilambi, CEO,; AES-100 Inc.,

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Carbonics, PowerTap Partner on Carbon Credit Opportunities (Ind. Report)
Clean Power Capital,PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling
Date: 2021-03-05
Further to our 20 Nov., 2020 coverage, Vancouver, British Columbia-based Clean Power Capital Corp. is reporting PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp., an investee company of Clean Power, has partnered with Carbonomics a leader in helping clean tech companies maximize the potential of emission reduction credits in the US and international markets.

Carbonomics will assist PowerTap in securing the certification of its hydrogen fueling co-located stations under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) in California and other environmental trading markets. Specifically, Carbonomics will direct PowerTap's efforts in navigating the independent certification and verification of emission credit project activities.

Carbonomics has a proven track record in developing the pathway or method of effectively quantifying greenhouse gas emission reductions and credit registration and managing the process of monetizing the resulting carbon credits, according to the release. (Source: Clean Power Cap., PR, 2 Mar., 2021) Contact: Clean Power Capital Corp., Joel Dumaresq, (604) 687-2038,, (604) 687-2038; Carbonomics, Seth Baruch, President,

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Planned N. Am. Hydrogen Station Network Advancing (Ind. Report)
PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp
Date: 2020-11-20
PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corps. is reporting the hiring of cryogenics and hydrogen engineering firm Cryotek for the engineering and design for the next generation PowerTap hydrogen station network to be deployed across North America starting in 2021. The engineering design includes:
  • PowerTap onsite steam methane reformer (SMR) solution capable of producing 1,000kg+ per day;

  • Gaseous and liquid hydrogen storage solutions capable of 1,000kg+ or more per day;

  • CO2 capture solutions and an advanced hydrogen dispensing unit

    Since 2018, Cryotek has focused on cryogenic solutions for NASA and the US Department of Energy (DOE), and on the future of liquid hydrogen as the energy of the future. (Source: H2View, Nov., 2020) Contact: Clean Power Capital, PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling,

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