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Atlantic Power Takes Ownership Interest in Biomass Plants (M&A)
Atlantic Power,Fortistar,CMS Energy
Date: 2019-08-16
In the Bay State, Dedham-based independent power producer Atlantic Power Corporation reports completion of its $20 million acquisition of the equity ownership interests held by AltaGas Power Holdings in Craven County Wood Energy in North Carolina and the Grayling Generating Station contracted biomass plants in Michigan.

The 48 MW Craven County Wood Energy facility has been in service since October 1990 . Atlantic Power acquired a 50 pct interest from AltaGas with the remaining 50 pct held by CMS Energy. Craven County burns wood waste, wood chips, poultry litter, forestry residues, mill waste, bark and sawdust, and has PPA with Duke Energy Carolinas.

In Michigan, the 37 MW Grayling Generating Station has been in service since June 1992 . Atlantic Power acquired a 30 pct interest from AltaGas , leaving Fortistar with 20 pct and CMS Energy with 50 pct. Grayling has a PPA with Consumers Energy. The plant burns wood waste from local mills, forestry residues, mill waste and bark. Both plants are operated by an affiliate of CMS Energy. (Source: Atlantic Power Corp., CNW Group, 14 Aug., 2019) Contact: Atlantic Power Corporation, (617) 977-2700,,; , Mark Comora, CEO, (914) 421-4937,,; CMS Energy,

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Veolia Confirms Georgia, NC Biomass Power Deals (Ind. Report)
Georgia Renewable Power,Veolia Energy
Date: 2018-04-06
Georgia Renewable Power LLC (GRP) reports the selection of Boston-based Veolia Energy Operating Services LLC to operate and maintain three biomass-to-energy facilities located in North Carolina and Georgia -- the 25-MW Lumberton facility in North Carolina and two 66-MW plants in Georgia slated to come into service by mid-2019.

The Lumberton site uses both biomass and poultry litter for fuel and sells its output to Duke Energy under a long-term PPA. The Georgia plants in Carnesville and Colbert will be selling their generated electricity to Georgia Power. Each of them will use approximately 500,000 tpy of biomass and/or poultry litter.

Veolia Energy Operating Services is a division within the North American business unit Veolia Environment SA. (Source: Georbia Power, Veolia, Renewables Now, 4 April, 2018) Contact: Georgia Renewable Power,; Veolia Energy,

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Minn. Biomass Plant Closure "Slighly Positive" says Economic Impact Study (Ind. Report)
Benson Energy
Date: 2018-02-21
Following up on our July 1t, 2017 coverage, A recently published study from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has revealed the economic impact of Xcel Energy's closing of the 50-MW, waste-wood and poultry litter-fired Fibrominn Benson Energy biomass power plant in the state.

According to a DEED required economic impact study, the closure would have a "slightly positive net economic impact statewide" despite having a negative local effect. The closure is being widely opposed on the grounds that it would adversely affect the environment and state economy, and violate guaranteed state contractual obligations. The Minnesota Timber Association and the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association are among the petitioners opposing the closure.

Download the Economic Impact of Closure: Benson Power Biomass Facility HERE. (Source: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Swift County Monitor, 19 Feb., 2018) Contact: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development,; Fibrominn Benson Energy, (320) 843-9013; Xcel Energy,

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Duke Renews Poultry-Waste Biomass Power Contract (Ind. Report)
Craven County Wood Energy
Date: 2018-02-02
Charlotte, North Carolina-based utility Duke Energy reports the signing of a 10-year, 360,000 megawatt-hour per year power-purchase agreement (PPA) with New Bern-based Craven County Wood Energy. Under the terms of the PPA, 90,000 megawatt-hours of the total 360,000 megawatt-hour contract will be generated with poultry liter and waste. The PPA will help Duke meet state requirements that a small part of the power its utilities sell in the state come from renewable sources, with a specific amount set aside for power from poultry waste.

Over the years, Craven County has modified the 25-year old, 50-MW biomass power plant to use increasing amounts of poultry waste and is presently upgrading the plant use the animal waste for up to 30 pct of its power. The credits, which are used to satisfy the state's renewable energy requirements, will go to both Duke Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas. (Source: Duke Energy, Charlotte Biz, Feb., 2018) Contact: Craven County Wood Energy, Bob VanEllis,GM, (252) 633-9525,; Duke Energy, Rob Caldwell, Sr. VP, Distributed Energy Resources,,

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Xcel Plans Benson Power Biomass Plant Closing (Ind. Report)
Benson Power,Fibrowatt
Date: 2017-07-17
Following-up on our May 1, 2017 coverage, Xcel Energy reports it is seeking Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approval to cease power production and terminate its Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Benson Power LLC in Benson, Minnesota.

The Benson facility, the first power plant in the U.S. designed to burn poultry litter as its main source of fuel, generates 55 MW of electric power from a combination of turkey manure and wood chips. All of the energy is purchased by Xcel Energy. The plant, which was developed by Fibrowatt LLC, part of the Homeland Renewable Energy Group, went into production in 2007.

Xcel Energy has made four other filings with the PUC related to ending the state's biomass mandate requiring it to purchase power produced from wood chips, turkey litter and other biomass. (Source: Xcel Energy, Swift County Monitor-News, Others, July 14, 2017) Contact: Benson Energy, (320) 843-9013; Xcel Energy,

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