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BayWa Completes 134-MW N.C Solar Installation (Ind. Report)
BayWa r.e.
Date: 2020-11-18
Following up on our 29th April report, BayWa r.e. Solar Projects LLC is reporting completion of its 133.6 MW Fern Solar farm in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. The 353,000 photovoltaic (PV) panel installation will generate 238 GWh of power -- sufficient for roughly 12,000 households. (Source: BayWa r.e., PR, 16 Nov., 2020)Contact: BayWa r.e. Solar Projects LLC , Jam Attari, CEO, Christine Owens, VP Marketing ,

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DOE Announces $130Mn Funding for Solar Tech. Projects (Funding)
DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solar Energy Technologies
Date: 2020-11-16
In Washington , the U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) is reporting the selection of 67 research project across 30 states for a total of $130 million in grant funding to reduce the cost of solar, increase U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, and improve the reliability of the nation's electric grid.

Along with advancing research in photovoltaics (PV), concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) and systems integration, the projects in DOE's SETO Fiscal Year 2020 Funding Program include research in artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid plants, and solar with agriculture. The following projects are being funded:

  • PV Hardware Research -- $14 million for eight projects that aim to make PV systems last longer and increase the reliability of solar systems made of silicon solar cells, as well as new technologies like thin-film and bifacial solar cells.

  • Integrated Thermal Energy Storage and Brayton Cycle Equipment Demonstration (Integrated TESTBED) -- $39 million will be awarded to Heliogen, Inc., which will build and operate a supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle that will serve as a test site to accelerate the commercialization of low-cost CSP plants.

  • Systems Integration -- $34 million for 10 research projects that will develop resilient community microgrids to maintain power during and restore power after man-made or natural disasters, improve cybersecurity for PV inverters and power systems, and develop advanced hybrid plants that operate collaboratively with other resources for improved reliability and resilience.

  • AI Applications in Solar Energy with Emphasis on Machine Learning -- $7.3 million for 10 projects that use AI and machine learning to optimize operations and solar forecasting, improve situational awareness on the distribution system and behind the meter, and enable the integration of more solar generation.

  • Innovations in Manufacturing: Hardware Incubator -- $14 million for 10 research projects that will advance innovative prototypes to a pre-commercial stage, including products that support U.S. solar manufacturing and reduce the cost of installation.

  • Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies 3 -- $9.7 million for six research projects that will examine how information gets to stakeholders to enable better decision-making about solar and combining solar with energy efficiency, energy storage, and electric vehicles.

  • Solar and Agriculture: System Design, Value Frameworks, and Impacts Analysis -- $7 million for four projects that will advance the technologies, research, and practices necessary for farmers, ranchers, and others to co-locate solar and agriculture.

  • Small Innovative Projects in Solar (SIPS): PV and CSP -- $5 million for 18 projects that advance innovative, novel ideas in PV and CSP that can produce significant results in one year. (Source: US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office, Website PR, 12 Nov., 2020) Contact: US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office ,

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  • Toledo Solar Scores $1.7Mn for CdTe Tech. Development (Funding)
    Toledo Solar
    Date: 2020-11-16
    In the Buckeye State, Toledo Solar Inc. reports receipt of $1.7 million in grant funding from the US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to develop semitransparent cadmium telluride (CdTe) photovoltaics, a solar-cell material that could be suitable for use in windows, building facades, and rooftop solar modules a new solar-cell technology believed to be suitable for integration into building construction.

    The company will work with the University of Toledo's Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization Center, the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), and Project Vision Dynamics Inc. "to complete development of attractive, low-cost, high-efficiency solar window units and solar building facades through manufacturing innovations in CdTe module technology," according to the release. Prof. Michael J. Heben, the managing director of UT's Wright Center for Photovoltaics noted "Previously proposed options for incorporating photovoltaic power into building structures ave not made sense from a manufacturing point of view -- Toledo Solar's approach is entirely novel, and entirely doable, so the University of Toledo is very excited to be part of this effort."

    Toledo Solar is the only U.S. manufacturer of CdTe thin film PV for both residential and commercial rooftop markets, according to the company website. (Source: Toledo Solar,PR, Toledo Blabe, 14 Nov., 2020) Contact: Toledo Solar, 567-202-4145,,; US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office,

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    ADB Funding Maldives Solar + Storage Installations (Int'l.)
    Asian Development Bank
    Date: 2020-11-09
    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced that it approved a concessional loan worth $7.74 million and a project grant worth $2.73 million to advance the existing "Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development (POISED)" project in the Maldives.

    In January 2020, the ADB and Maldives' environment ministry began installation of solar battery-diesel hybrid systems on 48 iof the 160 inhabited islands of the atoll nation. According to its press statement, the project will further expand renewable-based hybrid systems, energy management systems, distribution grid upgrades, and supervisory control and data acquisition systems on 12 outer islands. Besides, a climate and disaster-resilient electricity distribution system will be developed in an outer island of Maldives. It will also perform a pilot test for a solar photovoltaic-based operated ferry for transportation.

    The ADB said that the existing diesel-based power generation grids have been replaced in 70 outer islands by installing over 9.5 MW of solar capacity, 5.6 MWh of battery storage, and 11.6 MW of energy-efficient diesel generators. (Source: ADB, PR, Nov., 2020)Contact: Asian Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, Pres. +63 2 632 4444,

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    ENGIE UK to Deliver Energy Efficiency, Net-Zero Carbon Retrofit Pilot Programme (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-11-06
    London-headquartered ENGIE UK reports it has been appointed by Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) to use its recently launched whole house retrofit model "ENGIE Zero" to design, build and deliver a programme to transform existing properties across London into energy efficient, low maintenance, net-zero carbon homes.

    ENGIE Zero offers a one-stop-shop for local authorities, housing associations and registered providers to decentralise, digitalise, decarbonise and increase home energy efficiency. Energy efficiency measures will include an airtight wrap to the eight selected properties, as well as installing a pre-fabricated super-insulated facade and roof system with integrated solar PV panels to generate electricity at the point of use. New high-performance windows and doors, air source heat pumps will also introduce renewable heating and a real-time monitoring and maintenance programme.

    Planning approval has been granted and ENGIE will begin construction over the coming months, according to the release. (Source: ENGIE UK, PR, PBD Today, 6 Nov., 2020) Contact: ENGIE UK, James Cook, Divisional Director , +44 20 7320 8600,

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    Vistra Selects First Solar PV Modules for Texas Projects (Ind. Report)
    First Solar,Vistra Corp.
    Date: 2020-10-30
    Tempe, Arizona-based thin-film solar module maker First Solar Inc. is reporting Irving, Texas-headquartered electric power generator and provider Vistra Energy Corp has selected its high-performance photovoltaic (PV) solar modules to power its six recently announced solar energy projects across the Lone Star State. First Solar will supply 869 MW (DC) of Series 6 modules to power five utility-scale solar projects, developed by Vistra, ranging from 50 to 200 MW (AC),

    Vistra is the largest competitive residential electricity provider and largest competitive power generator in the U.S. with a diverse generation portfolio of approximately 39,000 MW. (Source: First Solar, Website PR, 21 Oct., 2020) Contact: Vistra Energy, Curtis Morgan, CEO, Jim Burke, COO,; First Solar, Georges Antoun, Chief Commercial Officer, Kathryn Arbeit, VP, Project Dev., David Brady, Inv. Rel., (602) 414-9315,,

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    Enel's Azure Sky Solar + Storage Project Underway (Ind. Report)
    Enel Green Power North America
    Date: 2020-10-23
    Enel Green Power North America reports construction of the 284 MW1 Azure Sky solar + storage project in Haskell County, Texas, is underway. The project is the company's second hybrid project in North America that integrates a renewable energy plant with utility-scale battery storage.

    The Azure Sky solar + storage project's nearly 700,000 PV bifacial panels are paired with an 81 MW battery and is expected to be operational by summer 2021.

    Enel Green Power North America is a leading owner and operator of renewable energy plants in North America, with a presence in 19 US states and one Canadian province. The company operates 70 plants with a managed capacity of about 5.8 GW powered by wind, hydropower, geothermal and solar energy. (Source: Enel Green Power North America, Steel Guru, 22 Oct., 2020) Contact: Enel Green Power North America, Georgios Papadimitriou, Connor Branch, Bus. Dev., (978) 681-1900,

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    Masdar to Develop Abu Dhabi's Largest Rooftop Solar Project (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-10-14
    In the UAE, renewable energy developer Masdar -- the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company -- is reporting an agreement with Yas Island developer Miral to develop Abu Dhabi's largest rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) project to date at Warner Bros World™ Abu Dhabi theme park on Yas Island.

    Under the agreement, Masdar will provide a full turnkey solution for the 7-MWp project, including the design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance. The project will incorporate 16,000 solar modules to generate roughly 40 pct of the theme park's annual energy demand when fully operational in Q4, 2021. (Source: Masdar, PR, Website, Construction Week, Oct., 2020) Contact: Masdar, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO, +971 2 653 3333,

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    Indian Energy Wins Energy Storage Integration Funding (Funding)
    Indian Energy LLC
    Date: 2020-10-12
    In San Diego, Indian Energy LLC, a 100 pct Native American-owned utility-scale and microgrid development and systems integration firm, reports receipt of $1.2 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to demonstrate a non-lithium-ion, long-duration energy storage solution.

    Utilizing the grant funds, Indian Energy, along with strategic partners Webcor and KE Storage Corporation (KESC), will develop an energy storage Integration and Certification Unit (VICU) to demonstrate the long duration energy storage capabilities of (KESC) NextGen™ flywheel technology. The project will also incorporate 150kW of Solar PV.

    Indian Energy, LLC presently has 4GW of Solar PV and wind, and 6GWh of energy storage under development. (Source: Indian Energy LLC, PR, 12 Oct., 2020) Contact: Indian Energy LLC, Allen G. Cadreau, CEO , (714) 686-9792,,

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    ACEEE 2020 City Clean Energy Scorecard Released (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-10-07
    The fifth ACEEE City Clean Energy Scorecard measures the progress of city policies and programs that save energy, encourage renewable energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also focusing on equity in development and delivery.

    ACEEE ranks 100 large U.S. cities for their energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts across 5 policy areas -- local government operations, community-wide initiatives, buildings, energy and water utilities, and transportation.

    In this year's results, New York earns the top spot in the rankings for the first time. followed by Boston and Seattle (tied for second) and Minneapolis and San Francisco (tied for fourth). St. Paul and St. Louis are the most-improved since the 2019 City Scorecard.

    The report notes many cities continue to ramp up their clean energy efforts, but bottom-scoring cities are years behind the policy efforts of the leaders. The Scorecard provides a roadmap for cities aiming to take the next step in their pursuit of clean energy by learning from others' successes and adapting best practices to suit their own communities.

    Download the ACEEE 2020 City Clean Energy Scorecard HERE.. (Source: ACEEE, PR, 6 Oct., 2020) Contact: ACEEE,

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    Lightsource BP Nails 300-MW Solar Farm Financing (Ind. Report)
    Lightsource BP
    Date: 2020-10-05
    Lightsource BP reports it has closed on $285-million financing round for its 300-MW Bighorn Solar project which is underway in Pueblo, Colorado.

    The project will incorporate 750,000 Canadian Solar crystalline PV panels mounted on NEXTracker single-axis trackers and is expected to come online in late 2021. (Source: Lightsource BP, Renewables, 2 Oct., 2020) Contact: LighthouseBP, Kevin Smith, CEO, Mary Grikas, (732) 429-3906,,

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    Trina Solar Expands New Module Production Capacity (Int'l. Report)
    Trina Solar
    Date: 2020-10-05
    Shanghai-headquartered solar PV module manufacturer Trina Solar reports it plans to increase module capacity by 15 GW over the next 3 years at its headquarter in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

    Trina also plans to utilize latest photovoltaic techniques including large size wafer of 210 mm, non-destructive cutting (NDC), multi-busbar (MBB), high density cell interconnection, overlapping, and others . on these new lines for next generation PV module with larger power of more than 500 W and even 600 W. (Source: Trina Solar, PR, 30 Sept., 2020) Contact: Trina Solar,

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    Trina Solar Expands 15 GW New Module Capacity (Int'l. Report)
    Trina Solar
    Date: 2020-10-02
    Chinese solar PV module manufacturer Trina Solar reports it plans to increase module capacity by 15 GW over three years at the company's headquarters in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

    Trina also plans to utilize latest photovoltaic techniques including large size wafer of 210 mm, non-destructive cutting (NDC), multi-busbar (MBB), high density cell interconnection, overlapping, and etc. on these new lines for next generation PV module with larger power of more than 500 W and even 600 W, according to a release. (Source: Trina Solar, PR, 30 Sept., 2020) Contact: Trina Solar,

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    EDEN Renewables Claims 1,350-MW of Indian Solar Contracts (Int.l.)
    EDEN Renewables,
    Date: 2020-10-02
    In New Delhi, EDEN Renewable India LLP -- a EDF Renewables and Total Eren joint venture -- reports has been awarded three solar photovoltaic (PV) projects totaling 1,350 MW in Rajasthan, northern India, since April this year.

    As of 2020, the company has 207 MWp operating solar plants, 450 MWp under construction, and over 1,600 MWp under development in India and due to be commissioned by 2022. (Source: EDEN Renewables India LLP, Press Trust India, Oct., 2020) Contact: EDEN Renewables India LLC,

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    Solar World Leader in Renewable Energy Job Creation (Int[l.)
    Date: 2020-09-30
    The Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) recently released Renewable Energy and Jobs Report for 2020 reports the worldwide renewable energy sector created an estimated 11.5 million jobs, 63 pct of which were in Asia, in 2019.

    Specific to PV solar, 87 pct of all jobs were concentrated in ten countries with China in the lead with 2.2 million jobs, way ahead of the U.S. with around 240,000 solar energy jobs. (Source: IRENA, Sept., 2020) Contact: IRENA, +971 241 79000,,

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    Acciona Acquires Diode Ventures' TX Solar Project (Ind. Report, M&A)
    Date: 2020-09-30
    Diode Ventures, a Black & Veatch company, is reporting ACCIONA has acquired 100-pct of its 240-MW solar PV project in Fort Bend County, Texas. The acquisition is Acciona's fourth investment in the state, and its first solar PV project in the Lone Star State. Diode bought the Fort Bend Solar project from global property group and contractor Lendlease in 2018.

    When operational, Fort Bend will give the company more than 750 MWs of renewable capacity in Texas. ACCIONA has committed to delivering 1,600 MWs of new solar across the United States by 2023.

    Diode Ventures, which offers clients reliable, turnkey asset-development solutions for large-scale infrastructure programs, teamed with Enfinite Capital LLC to develop the Fort Bend Solar project to a Full Notice to Proceed (FNTP) state. As an investment and asset management firm, Enfinite Capital specializes in renewable energy, infrastructure and real estate assets. (Source: Acciona, Website PR, 28 Sept., 2020) Contact: ACCIONA , David Jakubiak, 312-673-3086 ,,; Diode Ventures , Anna Goebel , 913-458-1688 ,,; Enfinite Capital,

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    Capital Dynamics to Acquire LS Power Solar PV Projects (M&A)
    Capital Dynamics
    Date: 2020-09-28
    In New York, Capital Dynamics, an independent global private asset management firm, reportsn its Clean Energy Infrastructure will acquire interests in three solar photovoltaic (PV) projects from LS Power. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020.

    The 316-MW portfolio includes: 100 pct interest in Centinela Solar Energy, 252 MW in Imperial County, CA; 30 pct interest in Arlington Valley Solar Energy II, 53 MW in Maricopa County, AZ; 100 pct Interest in the 11-MW Dover Sun Park in Dover, DE. All project have PPA agreement in place.

    Capital Dynamics is an independent global asset management firm focusing on private assets including private equity, private credit and clean energy infrastructure. Capital Dynamics' Clean Energy Infrastructure Fund is one of the largest renewable energy investment managers in the world with $6.5 billion assets under management. (Source: Capital Dynamics, PR, 28 Sept., 2020) Contact: Capital Dynamics, 212 798 3400,; LS Power,

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    Waaree Snares $105Mn US Solar Modules Order (Ind. Report)
    Waaree Energies
    Date: 2020-09-14
    New Delhi-headquartered Indian solar PV module manufacturer Waaree Energies is reporting receipt of a $105 million order from an undisclosed American solar company to supply 300 MW of solar modules for a project to be commissioned in California to be commissioned in late 2021.

    Waaree Energies claims to be India's largest module manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 2 gigawatts, according to its website. (Source: Waaree Energies, PR, Sept., 2020) Contact: Waaree Energies, waaree@waaree,com,

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    India's SRK Scores LEED Platinum Certification (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-08-30
    In India, Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt reports its SRK House, the 2,25 million sq. ft. crafting unit of one of the largest diamond companies, has been awarded US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certification -- the US GBC’s highest rating for sustainable and environment-friendly building operations .

    SRK House scored 86 points out of 100 in LEED certification eligibility eith energy efficiency initiatives that included: addressing the increasing demand of energy due to growth with the ISO 50002 Energy Audit; improved waste management practices; increased use of renewable energy sources; increased recycling; energy benchmarking; regular CIO2 disinfection for the indoor areas ; Natural Cooling through out; low-flow plumbing fixtures for water conservation; rainwater harvesting and other energy conservation and efficiency initiatives and features. (Source: SRK House, PR, Instore Mag., 25 Aug., 2020)

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    JA Solar Supplying S.Korean Hybrid Solar-Wind Project (Int'l. Report)
    JA Solar,Daemyoung Energy
    Date: 2020-08-28
    Beijing-based PV products manufacturer JA Solar reports it will supply modules to the 133-MW hybrid solar-wind Yeongam Solar Power Generation Project which is being constructed by South Korea's EPC LS Electric in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. The 93 MW PV section of the facility will be deployed on the grounds of an existing 40 MW wind farm.

    The facility, which is planned to be connected to a battery capacity of 242 MWh, is being developed by Korean wind specialist Daemyoung Energy which will sell renewable energy certificates (RECs) from solar power generation to local utility Korea South-East Power Co. under a 20-year contract. The project is expected to come online before the year end. end of the year. (Source: JA Solar, PR, Aug., 2020) Contact: JA Solar Holdings,

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    India's SRK Scores LEED Platinum Certification (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-08-26
    In India, Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt reports its 2,25 million sq. ft. SRK House diamond manufacturing unit has scored US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certification for energy efficient, sustainable and environment-friendly building operations.

    SRK House scored 86 points out of 100 in LEED certification eligibility with energy efficiency initiatives that included: addressing the increasing demand of energy due to growth with the ISO 50002 Energy Audit; improved waste management practices; increased use of renewable energy; increased recycling; energy benc-hmarking; regular CIO2 disinfection for the indoor areas; natural cooling and lighting; low-flow plumbing fixtures for water conservation; rainwater harvesting and other energy conservation and efficiency initiatives and features. (Source: SRK House, PR, Instore Mag., 25 Aug., 2020) Contact: USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,; Shree Ramkrishna Exports, +91 261 404 0544,

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    174 Power Completes 180-MW Texas Solar Project (Ind. Report)
    174 Power Global
    Date: 2020-08-21
    Irvine, California-headquartered Hanwha Group subsidiary solar project developer 174 Power Global Corp, is reporting completion of its 180-MW Oberon solar power plant in West Texas. The 560,000 PV panel facility is expected to generate sufficient power for an average 30,000 homes per year.

    Chariot Energy has a PPA for 30-MW of the plant's total capacity. (Source: 174 Power Global Corp, Website Press Release, 19 Aug., 2020) Contact: 174 Power Global Corp., 949-748-5970,,; Chariot Energy,

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    Neoen Plans Massive Aussie Wind, Solar+Storage Project (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-08-21
    Paris-based independent renewable energy developer Neoen reports the filing of its development application for its $3 billion, 163-turbine Goyder South wind, solar and storage project in South Australia . The plan proposes a total of 1,200MW of wind energy, 600MW of solar PV, and 900MW/1800MWh of lithium-ion battery storage.

    Each stage would be delivered in three equal tranches of 400MW wind, 200MW solar and 300MW/600MWh of lithium-ion battery storage. Combined, they would generate around 4.8 terawatt hours of zero emissions power each year, nearly doubling the current output of wind and solar in the state, and taking South Australia close to the Liberal government's net 100 pct renewables target just on its own.

    The solar farm would be spread across 3,000 hectares, the lithium-ion batteries would deliver 900MW with two hours of storage, and associated infrastructure for connection to the electricity grid would include three substations, access tracks, underground connection cabling and transmission lines. (Source: Neoen, ReNew Economy, 20 Aug., 2020)Contact: Neoen,

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    MASDAR, EDF Partner on U.S. Renewables Projects (Ind. Report)
    Masdar,EDF Renewables
    Date: 2020-08-17
    MASDAR is reporting its second strategic investment in the U.S. in a deal with EDF Renewables North America that will see it acquire a 50 pct stake in a 1.6-GW portfolio of three utility-scale wind farms totaling 815 MW and five photovoltaic (PV) solar projects totaling 689 MW including 75 MW of lithium-ion battery energy storage. All of the portfolio projects are under construction and expected to come online before the year end.

    The portfolio includes the 243 MW Coyote wind project in Scurry County, Texas; the 273 MW Las Majadas wind project in Willacy County, Texas; and the 300 MW Milligan 1 wind project in Saline County, Nebraska. In Riverside County, California, the Desert Harvest 1 and Desert Harvest 2 PV projects total 213 MW of solar and 35 MW / 140 MWh of battery storage. Also in Riverside County are the 173 MW Maverick 1 and 136 MW Maverick 4 solar PV projects. These four projects are also under construction and slated for commercial operations in the fourth quarter of 2020. The final project in the portfolio is Big Beau, a 166 MW solar PV and 40 MW/160 MWh battery energy storage projectin Kern County and will reach commercial operation in 2021. (Source: MASDAR, EDF, Construction Business News, 16 Aug., 2020) Contact: EDF Renewables, Tristan Grimbert, Pres., CEO,; MASDAR, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO, +971 2 653 3333,

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    Sungrow Debuts 1500V LFP ESS Solutions (New Prod. & Tech.)
    Date: 2020-08-10
    China-headquartered solar inverter and energy storage system (ESS) specialist Sungrow Power Supply Co. has released its latest 1500V LFP energy storage system (ESS) solutions suitable for various commercial and utility-scale applications.

    The ESS solutions allow the PCS capacity varying from 1MW to 6.9MW, and LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery rated at 1500V which can be assembled to an integrated volume of up to 4.5MWh, When paired with renewable energy, the all-in-one flexible system can meet frequency regulation, peak shaving, demand charge management, ancillary services and related requirements and enable minimized cost. (Source: Sungrow Power Supply Co., PR, Aug., 2020) Contact: Sungrow Power Supply Co., Jack Gu, Pres., PV & Energy Storage Division, +86 551 6532 7834,,

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    Gridserve Snares Subsidy-Free UK Solar Facility (Int'l. M&A)
    Date: 2020-08-07
    In the UK, Anesco Ltd. is reporting the sale of the Clayhill solar farm near Bedfordshireto for an undisclosed price to Gridserve. Clayhill, the UK's first solar farm developed without government subsidies, consists of 10MW of solar PV co-located with a 6MW energy storage facility and generates sufficient power for roughly 2,500 homes.

    Anesco has developed 115 utility-scale solar and energy storage projects to date, with a total capacity in excess of 750MW. Anesco invested directly in a number of projects but is now selling these assets to focus fully on its core offering: providing full lifecycle engineering services to solar and energy storage markets. (Source: Anesco Ltd., PR, Aug., 2020) Contact: Anesco Ltd., Mark Futyan, CEO,,; Gridserve, +44 333 1234 333,

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    Suntech Ups High-Efficiency Solar Module Production Capacity (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-08-05
    Wuxi, China-headquartered Suntech is reporting a 1.5GW expansion of its high-efficiency "smart" solar module manufacturing facility in Wuxi, which is now in production.

    The 490 million RMB ($70.2 million) expanded manufacturing facility covers 150,000 square meters and has newly installed equipment that will improve production efficiency. Suntech's new production line is compatible with multi-busbar cells of various formats from 166mm to 182mm, fitting 78-cell solar modules, as well as the upgrade space for 210mm large format cells.

    As of Q1 this year, Suntech has a cumulative shipment of more than 22GW of PV modules to 100 countries. (Source: Suntech, Website News, 1 Aug., 2020) Contact: Suntech, +86 510 8531 8888,

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    China's Renewable Energy Capacity Rapidly Rising (Int'l. Report)
    China National Energy Administration
    Date: 2020-08-03
    In Beijing, China's National Energy Administration is reporting the country saw a robust growth in renewable energy capacity in the first half of 2020.

    The Photovoltaic (PV) power generation increased 20 pct year on year to 127.8 billion kWh, while wind power rose 10.9 pct over the same period to 237.9 billion kWh in 2020. During this period, new PV installations amounted to 11.52 million kilowatts and new wind power installations totaled 6.32 million kilowatts.

    By the end of 2020, renewable energy is projected to supply 1.9 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity -- 27 pct of China's total power production. (Source: China National Energy Administration, Xinhua, 2 Aug., 2020) Contact: China National Energy Administration ,

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    GeoSolar Plus Smart Home Energy System Announced (Ind. Report)
    Fourth Wave Energy
    Date: 2020-07-31
    In he Golden State, San Jose-based Fourth Wave Energy is touting its new GeoSolar Plus smart home clean energy system for existing and newly built homes. The company now plans to market the product as a "complete energy makeover" of an existing home. The turnkey system includes:
  • home energy audit and environmental analysis; reinsulating and sealing building envelope for air tightness;

  • geothermal ground source heating and cooling system or air-to-air heat pump technology;

  • heat pump for domestic hot water;

  • air monitoring and filtration system;

  • LED lighting upgrade;

  • roof-mounted solar PV system and EV car charging station.

    The company also plans to offer homeowners a turnkey financing solution to acquire and install the system which sells for roughly $39,000 after valuable tax credits. (Source: Fourth Wave Energy, PR, Contact: Fourth Wave Energy, Joseph Issacs, CEO, 818-855-8199,,

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  • 2 GW Abu Dhabi Solar Power Project Partners Announced (Int'l.)
    Emirates Water and Electricity Company
    Date: 2020-07-27
    In the UAE, the Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) reports the award for the 2 GW Al Dhafra Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Independent Power Producer (IPP) project went to a consortium led by Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) and MASDAR, with partners EDF and JinkoPower.

    The project, the world's largest such facility will be located roughly 35 kilometers from Abu Dhabi city, has signed power purchase and shareholders' agreements with EWEC. When fully operational, the plant is projected generate sufficient energy for as many as 160,000 households and to reduce Abu Dhabi's CO2 emissions by more than 2.4 million metric tpy -- equivalent to removing approximately 470,000 cars from the road. It will also increase Abu Dhabi's total solar power capacity to approximately 3.2 GW. (Source: EWEC, Utilities Middle East, 26 July, 2020) Contact: Emirates Water and Electricity Company,; JinkoSolar,; MASDAR, MASDAR, +971 2 653 3333,;EDF RE,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EDF,  Emirates Water and Electricity Company,  Solar,  Masdar,  JinkoSolar,  

    Iberdrola, Fertiberia Launch Green Hydrogen Project (Int'l. Report)
    Iberdrola, Fertiberia
    Date: 2020-07-24
    Iberdrola and Madrid-based Fertiberia are reporting an agreement to invest €150 million to construct Europe's largest green hydrogen plant in Puertollano, in Ciudad Real, Spain.

    The plant, which will incorporate a 100 MW PV solar plant, a lithium-ion battery system with a storage capacity of 20 MWh and one of the largest electrolytic hydrogen production systems in the world (20 MW), is expected to be completed and operational in 2021.

    The facility's green hydrogen production will be used at Fertiberia's 200,000 tpy ammonia plant in Puertollano.

    Download plant details HERE. (Source: Iberdrola, Fertiberia, PR, reve, 24 July, 2020) Contact: Fertiberia, Javier Goni, Pres., +34 915866200, Fax: +34 915866232,,; Iberdrola,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Iberdrola,  Green Hydrogen,  

    Gainesville Utility Inks Solar-plus-Storage PPA (Ind. Report)
    Gainesville Regional Utilities
    Date: 2020-07-22
    In the Sunshine State, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU)is reporting a PPA with developer Origis Energy for a solar-plus-storage project in the state.

    The project is claimed to be the first of its kind in GRU's service area and will combine 50MW of solar PV with 12MW of energy storage. It will be constructed by Origis Energy in Alachua County and is slated for completion in late 2022.

    The City of Gainesville approved a target of 100 pct power from renewables 2045, with GRU developing its renewables portfolio as it progresses towards that goal. To date, BRU's resources include the 103MW biomass-fired Deerhaven Renewable Generation Station, 3.6MW of landfill-gas fired units and 18.5MW of feed-in tariff accredited solar. GRU also has approximately 9 MW of customer-owned and net-metered solar currently connected to its distribution system. (Source: Gainesville Regional Utilities, PR, July, 2020) Contact: Gainesville Regional Utilities, Ed Bielarski, GM, 352-334-3400,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Gainesville Regional Utilities,  Solar,  Solar Storage,  

    Tampa Electric Expands Energy Efficiency Programs (Ind. Report)
    Tampa Electric
    Date: 2020-07-15
    In the Sunshine State, Tampa Electric is reporting the launch of more than 30 new and updated energy-efficiency programs for its customers.

    For residential customers, the new Energy Star Smart Thermostat program will offer a rebate up to $50 for installing a qualifying smart thermostat in their home. Also new is the Energy Star Pool Pump program, which provides a rebate up to $350 for installing a high-efficiency pool pump. The utility is also updating its Prime Time Plus load-management program that will use its smart meters to control a customer's air handler, water heater, and/or pool pump at times of high energy use.

    For commercial customer the Facility Energy Management System program provides a rebate of up to $25,000 for installing a system that enables the customer to reduce energy consumption and demand. Also, the Smart Thermostat program will offer a rebate of up to $4,500 for installing smart thermostats to help reduce demand and the Variable Frequency Drive Control for Compressors program will give a $50 per horsepower rebate for installing qualifying equipment on a customer's new or existing refrigerant or air compressor motors.

    Additionally, the company is ramping up the Integrated Renewable Energy System which will incorporate an 800-KW PV solar array, two 250-kW batteries, and several vehicle and industrial truck battery-charging stations. This pilot program will be used to study its performance and to maximize energy-saving benefits. Tampa Electric also will expand the existing energy education program to include renewable energy education for both residential and commercial customers. (Source: Tampa Electric, July, 2020) Contact: Tampa Electric,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Tampa Electric,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Council Rock Schools Score Energy Efficiency Funds (Funding)
    Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2020-07-15
    In the Keystone State, Council Rock School District in Newton reports receipt of a $1,641,916 matching-fund grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority's Alternative and Clean Energy High Performance Building program. The money will be used to upgrade portions of two schools to USGBC LEED Gold certification for greater energy efficiency reduced energy costs.

    The planned energy saving features include geothermal heating and cooling, energy-efficient lighting, automated energy control systems, low-flow water fixtures, occupancy-based temperature and lighting, an 85 kW solar PV array, and an improved thermal envelope.

    The High Performance Building Program provides financial assistance in the forms of grants and loan funds to underwrite the cost premiums associated with the design and construction or major renovation of high performance buildings across Pennsylvania. The program is managed within the DCED Office of Business Financing. (Source: Newton Patch, 14 July, 2020) Contact: Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority Alternative and Clean Energy High Performance Building program,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  USGBC,  

    Orsted Snares 2nd U.S. Solar Project (Ind. Report, M&A)
    Date: 2020-07-13
    Copenhagen-headquartered global energy player Orsted is reporting acquisition of the 227MW AC Muscle Shoals PV solar project which is under construction in Colbert County, Alabama.

    The project -- the company's second U.S. solar venture -- will incorporate panels supplied by First Solar and is expected to come online in Q3, 2021. (Source: Orsted, Republic World, 19 July, 2020) Contact: Orsted, +45 99 55 97 22,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Orsted,  Solar,  

    DTU Increases Biomass Biofuel Production (New Prod. & Tech)
    Date: 2020-07-10
    In a recent Technical University of Denmark (DTU) synfuel research project, researchers succeeded in combining two known technologies -- thermal gasification of biomass and electrolysis that is utilized for the production of biofuel -- can produce more biofuel from the same amount of biomass, according to a DTU release.

    An electrolysis cell (solid oxide electrolysis cell, SOEC) developed jointly by DTU and Haldor Topsoe is used for electrolysis. In an SOEC, electricity from e.g. wind turbines is used to split water into its two constituents -- oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen can be utilized in a thermal gasification process, where a biomass such as straw is broken down at high temperature. This creates synthesis gas -- a mixture of mainly hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The gas mixture can be used in the production of methanol when the hydrogen produced by the electrolysis is added. Methanol can be used directly as fuel or catalytically upgraded to more familiar fuels used in ships and aircraft.

    "In Synfuel, we have improved the two in technologies in several areas, and we've demonstrated that we can achieve higher utilization rates by combining the two technologies than when they run separately. We derive far more biofuel from the biomass resources and at the same time we can use surplus power from e.g. wind turbines to make fuel for heavy transport," says Professor Peter Vang Hendriksen, Synfuel project manager and Head of Section at DTU Energy.

    The Synfuel project was supported by Innovation Fund Denmark. Haldor Topsoe, Orsted,, MIT, Aalborg University, Chalmers University of Technology, INSA Lyon, TU Berlin, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and others participated in the project. (Source: DTU, 10 July, 2020) Contact: DTU Professor Peter Vang Hendriksen, +45 46 77 57 25,,

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    8minute Solar Completes 280MW Texas Solar Project (Ind. Report)
    8minute Solar Energy
    Date: 2020-07-08
    Solar and storage developer 8minute Solar Energy is reporting the completion and start-up of the the 280MWdc/200MWdc, 700,000 panel Holstein solar farm in Texas.

    8minute has four projects totaling roughly 1GW capacity in late stages of development in the Lone Star state. (Source: 8minute Solar Energy, PR, PV Tech., 8 July, 2020) Contact: 8Minute Soplar Energy, Dr. Tom Buttgenbach, Pres., CEO, Katie Struble Director, Corporate Communications, 608 332 2809,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News 8minute Solar Energy,  Solar,  

    JinkoSolar to Supply Modules for Chilean PV Park Expansion (Int'l)
    Date: 2020-07-06
    China's JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. reports it will supply 315,900 bifacial modules totaling 126 MW for the expansion of a 2016-vintage, 160 MW solar PV park in Chile.

    The existing PV plant presently incorporates 668,160 JinkoSolar panels generating 400 GWh per year. With the expansion the plant will have a total of 984,060 JinkoSolar PV panels -- both monofacial and bifacial modules generating 789 GWh per year. (Source: JinkoSolar, PR, 6 July, 2020) Contact: JinkoSolar,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News JinkoSolat news,  Solar news,  

    Canadian Solar Launches New Modules (New Prod & Tech)
    Canadian Solar
    Date: 2020-07-01
    Guelph, Ontario-headquartered Canadian Solar Inc. is reporting the launch of its super-high power Series 5 and Series 6 PV modules incorporating the company's proprietary and record-breaking cell technology, as well as the latest cutting-edge module designs.

    The new modules will join Canadian Solars HiKu, BiHiKu and HiDM portfolios, expanding the range of high-power, high-efficiency monofacial and bifacial solar modules.

    The new products will be backed by competitive warranties and Canadian Solar's commitment to high quality customer service. Series 5 and Series 6 portfolios further expand the Company's broad range of PV products and services. (Source: Canadian Solar, PR, 1 July, 2020) Contact: Canadian Solar,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Canadian Solar,  Solar Module,  

    Copenhagen Approves Energy Islands Hubs (Int'l Report)
    Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
    Date: 2020-06-24
    In Copenhagen, the Danish parliament reports it has approved plans for the world's first two energy island "hubs" and a 1GW North Sea offshore wind farm as included in the government's new climate plan . Technology-specific onshore wind and solar PV tenders for the project would be held in 2020 and 2021. According to Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) the energy islands could be completed without government funding due to investors' -- Pension Danmark, PFA and SEAS-NVE -- expressed €50 million combined interest in the project.

    Denmark plans to source 100 pct of its electric power from renewable energy by 2027, and to reduce emissions by 70 pct by 2030 from a 1990 baseline. (Source: WindPower, Various Trade Media, 22 June, 2020)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners,  Offshore Energy Hub,  Offshore Wind,  Solar,  

    Lisbon City Hall Retrofit Cuts Energy Use 36 pct (Int'l. Report)
    City of Lisbon,Sharing Cities
    Date: 2020-06-24
    In Porutgal, the city of Lisbon is reporting energy consumption at Lisbon's 1880 vintage City Hall has been reduced by 36 pct through what has been hailed as the "first deep energy-efficiency retrofit for a heritage building in Portugal."

    Measures to reduce energy usage included replacing the building's HVAC system, switching to LED lighting, installing solar panels and a Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS) to monitor the loads from the PVs, HVAC, water heaters and other equipment.

    Developed by Sharing Cities, the SEMS advanced modular system centralises information and control of local energy systems and devices, and optimises the energy network.

    Lisbon originally planned a full energy retrofit of the building in 2016 under the EU Horizon 2020 Sharing Cities programme. (Source: City of Lisbon, Cities Today, 23 June, 2020) Contact: EU Horizon 2020 Sharing Cities,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency news,  Sharing Cities news,  

    Adani Plans Major PV Solar Production Expansion (Int'l. Report)
    Adani Green Energy
    Date: 2020-06-19
    Gujarat, India-based Adani Green Energy Ltd, part of the diversified Adani Group, reports it expects to invest $6 billion to ad 2 GW of solar cell and module manufacturing capacity. The move follows Adani Green Energy's previously reported winning bid to manufacture 8 GW of photovoltaic solar power projects over the next five years.

    The first 2 GW of solar generation capacity will be commissioned by 2022. The project will be in various locations, including a 2 GW single-site generation project, the company said. (Source: Adani Green Energy Ltd., AgMetal Miner, 17 June, 2020) Contact: Adani Green Energy, +91-79-2656 5555,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Adani Green Energy news,  Solar news,  PV news,  

    Silfab Solar to Manufacture Morgan Solar Panels (Ind. Report)
    Morgan Solar,Silfab Solar
    Date: 2020-06-19
    Toronto, Ontario-based Morgan Solar is reporting the sale of 13.6 MW of its innovative bifacial solar panels with SimbaX technology to Enbridge for installation at the 13-MW Alberta Solar One Inc. project in Burdett, Alberta. The panels will be manufactured by Mississauga, Ontario-headquartered Silfab Solar under an exclusive license agreement.

    Alberta Solar One Inc., a joint venture between Enbridge Inc. and Morgan Solar, is expected to be completed by 2021 and will be the first major deployment of Morgan Solar's SimbaX concentrated-PV technology which , according to the company, can be integrated into any standard silicon PV panel assembly and boosts PV module performance. (Source: Morgan Solar, PR, June, 2020) (Contact: Morgan Solar, Mike Andrade, CEO, (416) 203-1655,; Silfab Solar, Paolo Maccario, CEO, (905) 255-2501,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Silfab Solar,  Morgan Solar,  Solar Cell,  Solar Panel,  

    JA Solar, Exel Solar Ink Cooperation Agreement (Int'l. Report)
    JA Solar, Exel Solar
    Date: 2020-06-17
    Beijing-based high-performance PV products manufacturer JA Solar is reporting a partnership agreement with Mexican PV products distributor Exel Solar. As part of the agreement, the two parties are set to strengthen cooperation in providing more high-quality solar modules to the consumers in Mexico, driving forward the development of the solar energy market in the country.

    Exel Solar has corporate offices in Merida, Yucatan and warehouses in Mexico City Monterrey Guadalajara , Chihuahua, Tijuana and Merida

    JA has 12 manufacturing bases and more than 20 branches around the world. The company's product line includes silicon wafers, cells, modules and photovoltaic power stations. (Source: JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd, PR, CNW, 16 June, 2020) Contact: JA Solar,; Exel Solar, +55 5531 0649 ,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News JA Solar,  Exel Solar,  Solar,  Mexico Solar,  

    ADB Investing $17Mn in Bangladesh Solar PV Plant (Int'l.)
    Asian Development Bank
    Date: 2020-06-12
    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) reports the inking of a $17.7 million financing package with Spectra Solar Park Limited (SSPL) for a 35-MW solar PV plant in Bangladesh. The solar park is one of the first private sector solar plants in Bangladesh to be financed by multilateral institutions.

    When fully on line, the plant will generate more than 50 GWh per year of electricity for the national grid and avoid 33,200 metric tpy of carbon dioxide emissions. The project aligns with the Government of Bangladesh's aim to reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels through renewable energy under Bangladesh Vision 2021. (Source: ADB, Dhaka Tribune, 10 June, 2020) Contact: Asia Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, Pres. +63 2 632 4444,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Asian Development Bank,  Solar,  PV,  

    Span, Panasonic Offer Home Battery Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-06-10
    U.S.-based electric panel manufacturer Span Inc reports it is partnering with Panasonic to offer a combined energy storage and residential energy management product that pairs Panasonic's EverVolt residential battery system, which comes in two sizes: 11.4 kWh and 17.1 kWh , with Span's electric panel.

    Span's electric panel is designed to monitor and control up to 32 circuits, all managed through a smartphone app . The Panasonic systems are intended for indoor usage and are available in DC-coupled or AC-coupled versions and can be retrofitted to existing solar systems. (Source: Span Inc., PV Mag., June, 2020) Contact: Span Inc, Arch Rao, CEO,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Storage news,  Panasonic news,  Battery news,  

    Williams Planning Major 9-State Solar Installations (Ind. Report)
    Williams Companies
    Date: 2020-06-03
    Tulsa, Oklahoma-headquartered natural gas processing and transmission firm The Williams Companies, Inc. (WMB) reports it plans to install solar arrays near its existing facilities. The solar installations are expected to come online in late 2021.

    The on-site solar farms are expected to produce a combined 350 MW of power with some hubs having the potential to sell any excess power generated back to the grid.

    The company has identified initial sites suitable for solar photovoltaic (PV) plants in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. (Source: The Williams Companies Inc., Zacks, June, 2020) Contact: The Williams Companies Inc., 800-945-5467,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  

    Sun Tribe Solar Proposes Chambersburg Solar Project (Ind. Report)
    Sun Tribe Solar
    Date: 2020-06-01
    As part of a proposed solar development, Charlottesville, Virginia-based Sun Tribe Solar reports it has offered a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Pennsylvania borough of Chambersburg for a 19.5 MW solar PV system. This solar PPA will meet 10 pct of the community's power needs when completed in 2021.

    According to the release, "The PPA allows the Borough to lock in affordable rates for the long-term, serving as source of budgeting certainty and a hedge against rising wholesale power prices in the future." Chambersburg is home to the largest municipal electric utility in the Keystone State. (Source: Sun Tribe Solar, PR, CleanTechnica, 30, 2020) Contact: Sun Tribe Solar, Danny Van Clief, CEO, Rob Corradi, Public Affairs, (410) 212-5483,,

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    GZA Solar Energy Portfolio Grows with Mass. Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-05-29
    Norwood, Mass.-based geotechnical, environmental, ecological, water, and construction management services specialist GZA reports it has been retained by Boston-based solar energy developer Kearsarge Energy and the Town of Montague, Massachusetts, for engineering services supporting a 10.3 acre landfill "brownfield" site development for a new 3-MW solar energy farm.

    The project will incorporate more than 7,000 PV panels coupled with battery energy storage capacity through a battery storage system. (Source: GZA, PR, 28 May, 2020) Contact: GZA, Patrick Sheehan, CEO, Angela Cincotta, Marketing and Communications, 781-278-5777,,; Kearsarge Energy, (617) 393-4222,

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    Inox Wind Sells Sri Pavan Energy (Int'l. Report, M&A)
    Inox Wind
    Date: 2020-05-27
    Indian wind turbine maker Inox Wind Ltd is reporting the sale of a 51 pct stake in its wind power generation business Sri Pavan Energy Pvt Ltd to Telangana-based Sri KPR Infra & Projects Ltd. With the sale, Sri Pavan Energy will no longer be a subsidiary of Inox Wind. (Source: Inox Wind, Renewables, 26 May, 2020) Sri Pavan Energy,; Inox Wind, Kailash Tarachandani, CEO, +91 1975 272001,,

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