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NDP Launches Climate Plan for Ontario (Ind. Report)
New Democratic Party
Date: 2021-03-08
In Toronto, the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) is touting its Ontario Climate. Jobs. Justice. A Green New Democratic Deal and its commitment to make Ontario net-zero by 2050 and creating as many as one million total jobs throughout the life of the deal. The NDP Plan calls for:
  • A mandate for all newly built public, residential and commercial buildings to be net-zero emissions by 2030, alongside a world-leading building energy efficiency retrofit program;

  • Ontario's first zero-emissions vehicle strategy, ramping up electric vehicle sales to hit a 100 pct target by 2035, requiring all new home construction to include electric vehicle charging capacity and giving $600 for installation of residential electric vehicle charging stations at existing homes;

  • Electrifying all municipal transit fleets and systems by 2040;

  • A new, more fair emissions cap-and-trade program;

  • Establishing Ontario's first Youth Climate Corps and planting one billion trees by 2030;

  • Restoring the powers of the provincial Environment Commissioner.

    The NDP plan stands in stark contrast to Conservative Premier Doug Ford's "anti-environment crusade that has gutted conservation authorities, paid hundreds of millions of dollars to tear down wind farm projects and cancelled Ontario's cap-and-trade program." (Source: New Democratic Party, PR, Mar., 2021) Contact: New Democratic Party of Canada,

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  • Ontario Earmarks $900Mn for Energy Efficiency Retrofits (Ind. Report)
    Ontario Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2020-07-24
    As part of its Climate Change Action Plan, the Province of Ontario plans to invest up to $900 million in grant funding over 4 years to retrofit social housing apartments and multi-tenant buildings with energy efficient and renewable energy technologies.

    The province is also planning to help improve efficiency in private residential apartment buildings by investing up to $400 million in an incentive program that will offer rebates or grants toward the purchase and installation of energy efficient technologies, such as boiler replacement and lighting retrofits. The plan will also prohibits landlords from passing along retrofit costs to tenants.

    Download the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan details HERE. (Source: Province of Ontario, HVAC, Mag. July, 2020) Contact: Province of Ontario,

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