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Big Apple Joining "Green Buildings" Initiative (Ind. Report)
New York City Council
Date: 2021-12-17
New York City Council is reporting the passage of legislation banning fossil fuels in new developments in the Big Apple. The bill would impact buildings of seven stories or less beginning in 2023 but would apply to all buildings by 2027. The bill is expected to be signed into force by Mayor Bill de Blasio before the year end.

Under the legislation, new buildings would likely have to use more electricity -- largely generated using coal and natural gas.

With the legislation, New York City would join other cities, such as Berkley, California, which started the "green buildings" initiative two years ago, in prioritizing an arbitrary climate change agenda over economic ends.(Source: New York City Council, PR, NPR, 15 Dec., 2021) Contact: New York City Council,

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