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New Fortress Energy Investing in H2Pro (Int'l. Report)
New Fortress Energy
Date: 2020-10-28
New York City-headquartered New Fortress Energy Inc. reports it has made an investment in H2Pro, an Israeli-based company developing a low-cost green hydrogen technology.

H2Pro's Electrochemical-Thermally Activated Chemical (E-TAC) hydrogen production technology uses renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen in two separate phases. E-TAC is membrane-free, does not require precious metals and is capable of operating at high pressure, reducing costs, according to the release.

The process, developed at the Technician, Israel Institute of Technology, reaches 95 pct efficiency with nearly 30 pct less renewable electricity than leading electrolysis technologies use to produce hydrogen. (Source: New Fortress Energy, PR, 26 Oct., 2020) Contact: New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens, CEO, Joshua Kane, (516) 268-7400, (516) 268-7455,, Zero, Green Hydrogen Division,,; H2Pro,

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