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Greenbelt, NARE Announce Bioproducts Collaboration (Ind. Report)
Greenbelt Resources ,New Age Renewable Energy
Date: 2019-07-03
Paso Robles, California-based Greenbelt Resources Corporation is reporting a technology collaboration with King Ferry, New York-based New Age Renewable Energy, LLC. (NARE), an innovator in dairy waste processing projects, combining the NARE fermentation formulation with Greenbelt's ECOsystem technology to provide a cost-effective solution to convert dairy processing wastes such as "cheese whey" into ethanol and other valuable bioproducts.

In their collaboration, each ECOsystem solution would likely have a capacity between 400,000 and one million gpy of ethanol production per year. (Source: Greenbelt Resources Corp., Yahoo, 2 July, 2019) Contact: New Age Renewable Energy, (315) 314-8077,,; Greenbelt Resources, Darren Eng, CEO, 888-995-4726 x 101,,

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Fage Yogurt Acts Over Ethanol Plant Inaction (Ind. Report)
Johnstown Renewables
Date: 2017-08-21
In the complaint filed August 1, 2017, in Fulton County Supreme Court, Johnstown, New York-based yogurt maker Fage USA Dairy Industry is suing Johnstown Renewables LLC for not living up to a supply and purchase agreement Fage signed July 1, 2015, with New Age Renewable Energy (NARE) later assigned the deal to Johnstown Renewables.

The original contract called for Johnstown Renewables LLC to construct a plant that would process acidic whey -- a yogurt production byproduct -- from Fage's plant into industrial ethanol and farm feed. The plant was to cost $12.43 million and it received commitments of $3.4 million in state and federal grants. Fage is seeking not less than $20 million in damages. (Source: Daily Gazette News, 18 Aug., 2017) Contact: Fage Yogurt, (866) 962-5912,; New Age Renewable Energy, Emma Inker, (307) 632-3333, Johnstown Renewables LLC, (914) 345-1400,

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