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Nevada Considers Appliance Efficiency Standards (Ind. Report)
Nevada Office of Energy
Date: 2021-03-26
In Carson City, the Nevada legislature is considering Assembly Bill 383 which, if made law, would require the Director of the Nevada Office of Energy to adopt energy efficiency standards for a wide range of appliances used and sold in Nevada. According the Appliance Standards Awareness Project estimates, Bill 383 would save Nevadans more than $29 million a year by 2035 while removing the carbon emissions equivalent of 28,000 cars from our roads.

The U.S. DOE Building Technologies Office administers the federal Appliance Standards Program under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act which functions as a central clearinghouse for appliance efficiency standards. Since the Appliance Standards Program launched in 1987, the DOE estimates American consumers have collectively saved more than $2 trillion in reduced energy consumption and associated spending. Federal standards cover roughly 90 pct of home energy use, 60 pct of commercial building use and 30 pct of industrial energy use, according to the DOE.

In 2019, 42 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico considered more than 500 pieces of legislation related to energy efficiency. More than 80 measures were enacted. In Nevada, during the 2019 session of the State Legislature, lawmakers passed and signed into law AB54, a measure that set new efficiency standards for lights sold in the state. (Source: Nevada Office of Energy, Sierra Nevada Ally, 26 Mar., 2021) Contact: Nevada Office of Energy, 775-687-1850,

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