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Gasrec Opening Biomethane Station Remote Monitoring Centers (Int'l.)
Gasrec Ltd
Date: 2022-01-10
In the UK, London-headquartered Gasrec Ltd is reporting the opening of it first Remote Monitoring Center to watch and respond to real-time data from each of its biomethane refueling stations and tanker fleet. The information will be closely watched by an initial team of six control center operators who will monitor gas levels to prevent shortages, and detect equipment faults or potential safety issues immediately and respond accordingly.

Gasrec operates biomethane refuelling stations across the UK, providing green fuel for major retailers and logistics companies including Ocado, Sainsbury's and UPS.

In December 2021, bp took a 28.57 pct stake in the company. (Source: Gasrec Ltd., Website, 6 Jan, 2022) Contact: Gasrec Ltd, +44 20 8191 7079,

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OSU Research Touts Scrubbed CO2 Emissions MOF (R&D)
Oregon State University
Date: 2022-01-10
In Corvallis, Oregon State University led researchers are touting a new three-dimensional, lanthanide-based metal organic framework (MOF) that can catalyze the production of cyclic carbonates while scrubbing CO2 from factory flue gases or from biogas -- a mix of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases.

A MOF is an inorganic-organic hybrid, a crystalline porous material made up of positively charged metal ions surrounded by organic "linker" molecules, in this case lanthanide metals and tetracarboxylate linkers. The metal ions make nodes that bind the linkers' arms to form a repeating structure that looks something like a cage; the structure has nanosized pores that adsorb gases, similar to a sponge. MOFs can be designed with a variety of components, which determine the MOF's properties.

Lanthanide-based materials are generally stable because of the relatively large size of lanthanide ions, as well with lanthanide MOFs, where the acidic metals form strong bonds with the linkers, keeping the MOFs stable in water and at high temperatures which is important because flue gases and biogas are hot as well as moisture rich.,

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First WAGABOX® RNG Project in US Confirmed (Ind. Report)
WAGA Energy
Date: 2022-01-05
Maylan, France-headquartered WAGA Energy, a producer of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from landfill gas, and Steuben County, New York are reporting an agreement for the development of an RNG project at the Town of Bath municipal solid waste landfill.

Waga Energy will fund, build, operate and maintain the landfill gas upgrading unit using its patented WAGABOX® technology to produce grid compliant biomethane (RNG).

The WAGABOX unit, which is slated to be commissioned by March 2023, will purify 1,000 standard cubic feet per minute of raw landfill gas to deliver 207,000 mmBtu (60 GWh) of RNG for residential consumption or used as a transportation fuel while saving an estimated 13,500 tpy of CO2.

WAGA Energy, which has three international subsidiaries -- Philadelphia, Penna., Shawinigan Quebec, and Barcelona, Spain -- estimates there are 20,000 waste storage sites around the world -- with roughly 4,200 in North America -- and that less than 1 pct of the gas produced is currently converted into biomethane. (Source: WAGA Energy, Steuben Count NY, Joint PR, Jan., 2022)Contact: WAGA Energy, Marie-Amelie Richel, Administrative & Financial Director , Laurent Barbotin,,

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Lightsourcebp Partners on Portuguese Green Hydrogen Projects (Int'l.)
Date: 2021-12-31
London-headquartered global solar energy developer Lightsourcebp and Lisbon-headquartered Portuguese gas utility Dourogas are reporting a green hydrogen joint venture to explore the potential of eight green hydrogen sites and investment in solar and hydrogen infrastructure in Portugal.

As much as 200MWp of solar projects developed by Lightsourcebp will power 130MW electrolysers, developed by Dourogas. The green hydrogen will be injected directly into the country's gas grid. The first project will benefit from a €5 million grant from the EU's Portugal 2020 fund.

As previously reported, Lightsourcebp aims to develop 25GW of solar power by 2025, up from 10GW by 2023. Lightsourcebp has an existing solar pipeline in Portugal of around 1.5GW outside of this new JV. It is also part of hydrogen consortiums in Australia and the UK.

Dourogas, a gas mobility and natural gas utility supplying about 30,000 grid clients in 34 municipalities, is developing a number of green gas projects both with biomethane and hydrogen. (Source: Lightsourcebp, Website PR, 23 Dec., 2021) Contact: Dourogas, Lightsourcebp,

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Greenlane, FortisBC Ink Biogas Systems Contract (Ind. Report)
Greenlane Renewables, FortisBC
Date: 2021-12-29
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based biogas upgrading systems specialist Greenlane Renewables Inc. is reporting its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has been awarded a $12.1 million contract by the regulated utility FortisBC Energy Inc. to supply a biogas upgrading system for a new project at the Vancouver landfill. Order fulfillment is expected to begin immediately.

Greenlane will supply its two-stage pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system to upgrade the landfill gas to clean, low carbon renewable natural gas (RNG) for direct injection into FortisBC's regional natural gas pipeline system. With over 30 years industry experience, Greenlane has sold more than 125 biogas upgrading systems 19 countries, according to the company release. (Source: Greenlane Renewables Inc., PR, 23 Dec., 2021) Contact: FortisBC Energy Inc., David Bennett, Dir, Renewable Gas and Low Carbon Fuels,; Greenlane Renewables, Brad Douville, Pres., CEO, (604) 259-0343,,

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CNG Fuels Claims Scotland's First Biomethane Station (Int'l.)
CNG Fuels
Date: 2021-12-29
In the UK, London-headqauartered CNG Fuels Ltd. is reporting the opening of Scotland's first public access biomethane gas refueling station between Edinburgh and Glasgow. The facility can refuel up to 450 heavy trucks per day with biomethane sourced from food waste.

Biomethane will cut carbon emissions by 90 pct and reduce lifetime vehicle cost by 30-40 pct compared to diesel fuel, according to the release. (Source: CNG Fuels, PR, 17 Dec., 2021) Contact: CNG Fuels Ltd., +44 20 3907 3936,

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Versalis, BTS Biogas Partner on Biogas Technology (Int'l. Report)
Versalis, BTS Biogas
Date: 2021-12-29
In Italy, Milan-headquartered Versalis and anaerobic digestion specialist BTS Biogas report they are joing forces to develop and market Versalis' proprietary technology for the thermo-mechanical treatment of biomass, using BTS Biogas' fermentation technology, for the production of biogas and biomethane from residual lignocellulosic biomass.

BTS Biogas is responsible for the development, engineering, construction and maintenance of over 250 biogas and biomethane plants across Europe, North America and East Asia. By recycling organic materials from municipalities, food companies and farms, BTS Biogas facilities are designed to generate a consistent supply of renewable energy as well as soil improvers and fertilizers.

Versalis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian oil major Eni specializing in the production of chemicals. The company produced 9.5 million tons of chemical products in 2018 and is Italy's largest chemical producer. (Source: Eni, Website PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: Eni/Versalis, +39 06 598 21 / Fax: +39 06 598 22141,; BTS Biogas, Christine McKiernan, Managing Dir., +39 0474 37 01 19,

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Hitachi Zosen, Yulin Chemical Developing RNG in China (Int'l. )
Hitachi Zosen, Yulin Chemical
Date: 2021-12-29
Osaka, Japan-headquartered engineering company Hitachi Zosen Corp. and China's Yulin Chemical will work together to develop renewable natural gas (RNG) for industrial and household use. The two companies will oversee the trial project in China's Yulin Economic and Technological Development Zone in northern Shaanxi Province.

Hitachi Zosen will build a plant capable of producing 17,657 cubic feet (500 m3) of synthetic methane an hour from hydrogen and carbon dioxide sourced from local factories by Yulin Chemical.

The project is backed by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). (Source: Hitachi Zosen, Gas Compression, 28 Dec., 2021) (Contact: Hitachi Zosen, +81-6-6551-9101, Facsimile: +81-6-6551-9111, › english

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Sask. Methane Emissions Down by Half Since 2015 (Ind. Report)
Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources
Date: 2021-12-22
On the Canadian prairies, the Province of Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources inaugural Oil and Gas Emissions Management Regulations (OGEMR) Annual Emissions Report notes methane emissions from vented and flared gas at upstream oil facilities in Saskatchewan totaled 5.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in 2020 -- a 5.7 Mt CO2e reduction -- a nearly 50 pct drop from 2015 levels of 10.9 Mt. equivalent to taking more than 1.1 million cars off Saskatchewan roads for a year.

In 2019, the Saskatchewan Government released its Methane Action Plan (MAP) aimed at reducing methane emissions by 40 to 45 pct from 2015 levels by 2025. In 2021 the Government announced $500,000 to support innovative R&D carried out by the Saskatchewan Research Council, applied to measuring gas volumes and monitoring emissions in the oil and gas sector as well as issued a five-year moratorium on associated gas royalties aimed at encouraging the gas sector to invest in methane reduction projects. (Source: Sask. Ministry of Energy and Resources, Discover Weyburn, 21 Dec., 2021) Contact: Sask. Ministry of Energy and Resources, Bronwyn Eyre, Minister, 306-787-0804

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GreenGasUSA, Duke Univ. Ink RNG Purchase Agreement (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-12-22
In Durham, North Carolina, Duke University and Charleston, South Carolina-based have announced a 20-year partnership under which Duke will purchase of renewable natural gas (RNG) which will be used to achieve carbon neutrality at the University's Campus.

Renewable Natural Gas is produced by capturing methane which is 28 times more damaging to the atmosphere greater than CO2. As demand for renewable sources of energy continues to increase, GreenGasUSA is committed towards partnering with world class educational institutions and businesses that are committed to environmental stewardship and improving technologies and processes to further reduce carbon emissions. (Source: GreenGasUSA, Website PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: GrenGasUSA, (307) 201-3516.,; Duke University,

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SCF Ventures Invests in Qube Emissions Monitoring Tech. (Ind. Report)
SCF Ventures, Qube Technologies
Date: 2021-12-15
SCF Ventures is reporting an investment in Calgary, Alberta-based emissions monitoring specialist Qube Technologies. Qube's "internet-of-things" (IoI) technology enables oil and gas operators to monitor and better detect, measure, and reduce their methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2021, Qube received the world's first regulatory approval to replace traditional leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs utilizing Qube's technology to reduce fugitive emissions by up to 90 pct while offering cost savings, improved safety, and verifiable data that prove environmental stewardship, according to the company. (Source: SCF Ventures, Website PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: Qube Technologies, Alex MacGregor, CEO,

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Waga Energy Finds WAGABOX® Project Financing (Int'l. Report)
Waga Energy
Date: 2021-12-13
Meylan, France-based landfill gas-to-biomethane specialist Waga Energy is reporting receipt o fa € 10.4 million non-recourse loan from BNP Paribas, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, and Meridiam, an investment fund specializing in public infrastructure finance, to a "special vehicle" (SPV) company to refinance four WAGABOX® biomethane units located in France.

Waga Energy operates 10 WAGABOX® units on storage sites run by French industrial players and local authorities. These units, which offer a maximum installed capacity of 225 GWh/year, can power around 35,000 homes and avoid the emission of 45,000 tpy of CO2e -- equivalent to the annual emissions of around 17,000 cars. The company has 10 new units under construction, including one in Spain and two in Canada, which will bring the company's maximum installed capacity to 475 GWh/year within 18 months.

Waga Energy, which has three international subsidiaries -- Philadelphia, Penna., Shawinigan Quebec, and Barcelona, Spain -- estimates there are 20,000 waste storage sites around the world -- with roughly 4,200 in North America -- and that less than 1 pct of the gas produced is currently converted into biomethane. (Source: Waga Energy, PR, 3 Dec., 2021) Contact: Waga-Energy, Marie-Amelie Richel, Administrative & Financial Director , Laurent Barbotin,,

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First South Dakota RNG Pipeline Gets the Nod (Reg. & Leg.)
Brightmark,NorthWestern Energy
Date: 2021-12-13
In Pierre, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission has given the nod to a NorthWestern Energy contract with San Francisco-based BrightMark Full Circle RNG for construction of a roughly eight-mile pipeline to a dairy farm facility near the town of Parker.

The dairy farm could be the state's first supplier of renewable natural gas. The facility would use a Brightmark-owned compressor.

Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC's subsidiaries currently own RNG projects in New York, Michigan, Florida, South Dakota and Arizona. Additional joint equity investments will fund construction of infrastructure and commercial operation of 10 dairy biomethane projects, including new sites in Iowa and Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota. Chevron will purchase and market RNG produced from these projects for use in vehicles operating on compressed natural gas (CNG). (Source: SD PUC, Brightmark, KELO, 8 Dec., 2021) Contact: NorthWestern Energy,; Brightmark,

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Platts Launches Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Price Assessments (Ind. Report, New Prod. & Tech.)
S&P Global Platts
Date: 2021-12-13
S&P Global Platts is reporting the launch of carbon-neutral hydrogen (CNH) price assessments at six locations around the globe, reflecting the carbon-accounted market value of the energy carrier in key hubs impartially between production pathways.

The assessments consider carbon-neutral trading activity which avoid, remove or offset CO2 emissions in the production of hydrogen such as electrolysis and methane reforming combined with carbon capture and storage (CCS). The assessments reflect the carbon-neutral value of hydrogen as it leaves the production facility at key hubs in Northwest Europe, the Middle East, Far East Asia, Australia, California and the US Gulf Coast.

The first assessments of Platts Carbon Neutral Hydrogen were published Dec. 9, with regional differentials already evident. CNH prices in the US were the lowest across the selection, with Platts USGC CNH priced at $1.70/kg. In the Asia-Pacific Region Platts CNH was assessed at $3.45/kg on an ex-works basis Australia, versus the Middle East CNH assessment of $4.05/kg. The Far East CNH price was much higher with a carbon neutral hydrogen price of $7.95/kg, while the assessment for CNH NW Europe was €7.35/kg ($8.30/kg).

S&P Global Platts Analytics Hydrogen Production Asset Database shows a pipeline of around 20 million mt of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production coming online by 2030, should all announced projects be realized. (Source: S&P Global Platts, PR, 9 Dec., 2021) Contact: S&P Global Platts,

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bp Takes Stake in Biomethane Fueler Gasrec (Int'l., M&A)
Gasrec, bp
Date: 2021-12-06
In the UK, oil giant bp reports it has acquired a 28.57 pct stake in London-headquartered Gasrec, the UK' largest dual provider of bio-LNG and bio-CNG to road transport. Gasrec builds, owns and operates biomethane refuelling stations across the UK. The company presently operates and owns 10 biomethane refuelling stations capable of fueling 1,250 vehicles per day.

bp will supply Gasrec with renewable biomethane produced mainly from organic wastes. The investment will expand bp's UK footprint in renewable gas production and distribution. (Source: bp, PR, Website, Dec., 2021) Contact: Gasrec, Rob Wood, CEO , +44 20 8191 7079,

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Bright Biomethane Touts bio-CNG Biogas Upgrader (Ind. Report)
Bright Biomethane
Date: 2021-12-06
As previously reported in Sept., Netherlands-headquartered Bright Biomethane has been developing a project to "clean-up and upgrade" biogas for bio-CNG production through membrane biogas upgrading and the compression of biomethane, all in a compact unit.

Bright's compact system using scalable modular membrane biogas upgrading technology enables small-scale biogas producers to convert biogas to bio-CNG. A recently completed mini bio-CNG unit in Houffalize has a capacity of 60 Nm3 per hour of biogas and 32 Nm3 per hour of biomethane.

Bright Biomethane offers biogas purification systems to upgrade biogas to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) in standard capacities starting from 19 SCFM (30 Nm3/hr) biogas. With the company's PurePac systems using membrane technology, Bright is able to deliver the total range from small to large biogas upgrading installations, according to the company website. (Source: Bright Biomethane, Website PR Dec., 2021) Contact: Bright Biomethane, +1347 688 4941,,

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UK Organic Waste Biomethane Heating Touted (Int'l. Report)
Energy Networks Association
Date: 2021-11-29
In the UK, the London-headquartered Energy Networks Association's (ENA) first annual Britain's Green Gas Scoreboard reports biomethane produced from cow manure, food waste and household sewage can to supply 770,654 homes while also supporting greener electricity production by displacing natural gas.

The report notes that a total of 109 biomethane green gas production sites are now connected to the UK's gas grid, with developers building a further 23 sites across the nation. In 2011, only one site was connected to the grid. (Source: Energy Networks Association, Website PR, 26 Nov., 2021) Contact: ENA, David Smith, CEO, +44 (0)7792 220 974,

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EBA Highlights Biomethane Ramp-up for Full Renewable Gas Deployment (Int'l. Report Available)
European Biogas Association
Date: 2021-11-29
A just released report from the Brussels-headquartered European Biogas Association notes that 30 - 40 pct of Europe's total gas consumption could be made up of sustainable biomethane by the year 2050.

The 11th edition of EBA Statistical Report provides an in-depth analysis of and biogas / biomethane's potential and the best pathways to ensure full deployment in a future energy mix.

The report analyses the current availability of renewable gases in Europe, notably biogas and biomethane. Combined biogas and biomethane production in 2020 amounted to 191 TWh or 18.0 bcm of energy and this figure is expected to double in the next 9 years. By 2050, production can be at least five-fold reaching over 1,000 TWh or as high as 1,700 TWh.

Agriculture- based biogas and biomethane plants make up the lion's share of the total production, which is now already more than the entire natural gas consumption of Belgium and represents 4.6 pct of the gas consumption of the EU. The biogas and biomethane industries also presently provide over 210,000 green jobs that expected to approximately 420,000 jobs by 2030 and one million or more by 2050. The report also highlights the needed collaboration as well between the biomethane and the other potential major renewable gases, such as green hydrogen in future years.

Over the last decade, the delivery of dispatchable power and heat from biogas has been very important and its role will continue to some extent. However, the current trend places the emphasis squarely on sustainable biomethane production, and it is expected that this tendency will be amplified in the coming decade: biomethane is a versatile energy carrier, suitable for a range of sectors, including transport, industry, power and heating. 2020 saw the biggest year on year increase in biomethane production so far in spite of the pandemic, with an additional 6.4 TWh or 0.6 bcm of biomethane produced in Europe. An even bigger increase is to be expected in 2021, as a record number of new biomethane plants started production in 2020 and are due to become fully operational within 2021, the report notes.

Future gas demand can be met by other renewable and low-carbon solutions such as green hydrogen. The development of synergies between green gases will be key to meeting future gas market demands. In line with this, the report highlights the need to develop a vision of how biomethane and hydrogen will integrate with each other in the future. Future infrastructure investments should aim to strengthen the distribution of renewable gases by considering the specific requirements of each gas as well as their most suitable development.

The report points out as well a clear tendence towards the increasing use of sustainable feedstocks for biogas and biomethane production. These include mostly industrial waste, municipal waste or agricultural residues. It is also expected that the remaining energy crops to produce biogas will be replaced by sustainable cropping, for example with the introduction of sequential cropping systems which at the same time allows for carbon farming and revitalization of the soil.

The contribution to sustainability is one of the benefits of biogas and biomethane production for our society, but there are many others. As the EBA report points out, a solid calculation of the economic value of the wider benefits of biogas and biomethane is needed, so that the revenue channels for biogas and biomethane producers can be diversified. The translation of these societal benefits into market signals would allow biogas and biomethane production to compete on fairer terms with other types of energy supply while at the same time further stimulating production plants to achieve the highest levels of societal benefit.

In terms of use by sectors, the need for decarbonization of all transport modes will be especially relevant for the coming years and thus the need for further renewable gas uptake in that sector. According to the report launched today, the sustainable European Bio-LNG (liquified biomethane) production capacity by 2024, considering only confirmed plants, adds up to 10.6 TWh per year. This projected 2024 production capacity could fuel almost 25,000 LNG trucks for the whole year.

The report, which includes new and more detailed country insights and forecasts, is available on the EBA website. (Source: EBA, PR, Website, 25 Nov., 2021) Contact: EBA, Harmen Dekker, Director,

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A Hydrogen Primer (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Date: 2021-11-29
Procuring hydrogen requires its separation from other elements through chemical processes that require energy and have varying degrees of impact on the environment and climate change.

Gray hydrogen is produced by reforming natural gas, a processing technique used to rearrange the molecular structure of hydrocarbons. In this process, methane is mixed with steam at a high temperature to yield hydrogen and CO2 through a catalytic chemical reaction.

Roughly 10 kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere for every 1 kg of gray hydrogen produced, making it the least renewable form of hydrogen with an overall negative climate impact, much like drilling for oil or mining coal. Gray hydrogen is seen as a "bridging" energy alternative and is relatively inexpensive and commonly used in the chemical industry to make fertilizer and for refining oil.

Blue Hydrogen uses the same chemical processing technique used to make gray hydrogen. The difference, however, is the management of CO2. With blue hydrogen, the CO2 is captured at the production facility and stored separately.

Blue hydrogen has a significantly lower CO2 impact on the environment than gray hydrogen, but the blue hydrogen process but does not eliminate carbon emissions into the atmosphere entirely.

Green Hydrogen production process employs electrolysis -- the separation of hydrogen and oxygen molecules by applying electrical energy to water. Utilizing renewable energy sources to generate the electricity for this process is the key to making green hydrogen. This technique yields a closed loop of sustainable energy free of harmful emissions. (Source: JD Power, Sept., 2021)

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Canberra Releases Australia's Bioenergy Roadmap (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2021-11-24
In Canberra, Australian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, the Hon. Angus Taylor, has unveiled the Australia Bioenergy Roadmap. It includes new analysis which confirms the adoption of key technologies, which would see $10 billion added to Australia's GDP by 2030 and the creation of 26,200 full-time jobs. The roadmap also confirms that bioenergy could provide up to 40 pct of Australia's total energy consumption by the 2050s.

The Australian government has committed $33.5 million to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA} to support the bioenergy sector through co-funding additional research, development and deployment of advanced sustainable aviation (SAF) and marine biofuels and to help make advanced biofuels more cost competitive with traditional jet and maritime fuels.

To date, the Government, through ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), has invested just under $500 million in Australian organic waste, biogas, biomass, biofuels and related low-carbon fuels projects. Current Government measures underway to support the Australian bioenergy sector include:

  • The consideration of biogas, as well as hydrogen, in the National Gas Law review through Energy Ministers;

  • The development of a new Emissions Reduction Fund method for biomethane by the Clean Energy Regulator ;

  • Biofuels being considered as part of the industry-wide fuel standards review;

  • Bioenergy being utilized in Government-supported microgrid studies.

    The biogas measures together aim to help the development of a voluntary zero-emissions gas markett hat will drive early demand for clean hydrogen and other zero-emissions gases and recognise consumers' voluntary purchase of zero-emission gas.

    Download Australia Bioenergy Roadmap HERE (Source: Australia Ministry of Energy and Emissions Reduction, Website Release, 19 Nov., 2021) Contact: Australia Ministry of Energy and Emissions Reduction, Hon. Angus Taylor, Minister, +02 6277 7120,,; ARENA, Darren Miller, CEO, +61 2 6243 7773,,

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  • Svante, Technip Energies Partner on CC Tech. (Int'l. Report)
    Svante, Technip Energies
    Date: 2021-11-22
    Technip Energies and Svante are reporting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further develop Svante's solid sorbent carbon capture (CC) technology and provide integrated solutions from concept to project delivery. The partnership will explore opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Russian Federation markets where Svante's technology would be selected by end clients for heavy industrial carbon capture projects -- cement and limestone, blue hydrogen, refineries, petrochemicals, steel, pulp and paper and others. The cooperation will be worldwide for blue hydrogen plants using Technip Energies' steam methane reformer (SMR) technology.

    Svante's solid sorbent technology captures carbon directly from industrial post-combustion flue gases as a non-intrusive end-of-the-pipe solution to produce pipeline-grade carbon dioxide. (Source: Technip Energies, Svante, PR, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 22 Nov., 2021) Contact: Technip Energie, Phil Lindsay, Vice-President Investor Relations, +44 203 429 3929,,; Svante,

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    "Three Amigos" Expected to Curb Methane Emissions (Ind. Report)
    Methane Emissions
    Date: 2021-11-19
    In Washington, Reuters is reporting the this weeks North American Leaders' Summit -- aka The Three Amigos Summit -- Canada, the US and Mexico -- are expected to agree to cut methane emissions in their oil-and-gas sectors by 60 to 75 pct by 2030.

    The North American Leaders' Summit is the trilateral summit between the Prime Minister of Canada, the US President and the President of Mexico. The first Three Amegios meeting was held in 2005 but the Trump administration refused such meetings. (Source: Reuters, Various Media, 18 Nov., 2021)

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    Consumers Energy Launches Mobil Natural Gas, Methane Leaks Detection Fleet (Ind. Report)
    Consumers Energy
    Date: 2021-11-19
    Jackson, Michigan-headquartered Consumers Energy reports it is debuting two Ford Edge SUVs equipped with state-of-the-art mobile natural gas leak detection systems that gather and instantly analyze methane, wind, atmospheric and GPS data to find natural gas leaks and calculate their risks. The $4 million, five-year investment is part of the company's plan to achieve net-zero methane emissions by 2030.

    The rolling labs are equipped with Santa Clara, California-based Picarro continuous monitoring technology -- a combination of hardware, software and data analytics that's one thousand times more sensitive than the process currently used to survey Consumers Energy's nearly 28,000-mile distribution network, according to the release. Each vehicle system includes: a parts-per-billion sensitivity gas analyzer measuring atmospheric gas composition and other tracers; an anemometer for detecting wind speed, direction and wind variability; and antennas for the 4G wireless connectivity and for sub-meter GPS vehicle positioning, as well as a 4G wireless router enabling the internet connection and data transmission to and from the Picarro Cloud and Wi-Fi connection to the in-vehicle tablet.

    Consumers Energy is aiming to cut its emissions emissions by 10,000 metric tpy -- equal to taking 55,000 vehicles off the highway -- and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. (Source: Consumers Energy, PR, 18 Nov., 2021) Contact: Consumers Energy, Greg Salisbury, VP Gas Engineering and Supply, Patti Poppe, CEO, (517) 788-0550,,; Picarro, Vince Gaeto, (408) 962-3900,,

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    Alberta Invests $131Mn in CCS, CCUS Projects (Ind. Report)
    Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund
    Date: 2021-11-19
    On the Canadian prairies, the government of Albert reports it is investing $131 million, through its Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund, in the Alberta Industrial Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) program, in projects designed to help cut and prevent carbon emissions . The following projects have been selected to receive a total $100 million in program funding, with an additional $31 million earmarked for other CCUS projects before the year end:
  • Advantage Energy -- Glacier Gas Plant Carbon Capture and Storage and Waste Heat Recovery in Hythe;

  • Ember Resources -- Ember Engine Emissions Reduction Program at multiple facilities throughout east/central Alberta;

  • Imperial Oil -- Kearl ConDex Full Scale Oil Sands Mine Installations in Fort McMurray;

  • NuVista Energy -- Wembley Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Project in Wembley;

  • Strathcona Resources -- Lindbergh T70 Cogeneration Expansion in Elk Point;

  • TC Energy -- Turney Valley Generating Station in Turner Valley;

  • Tidewater Midstream -- BRC Integrated Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)-CCS-Cogeneration Project in Cynthia

    TIER is Alberta's industrial greenhouse gas emissions pricing and emissions trading system. It's funded by large industrial facilities which account for more than 60 pct of the prairie province's total emissions. (Source: Gov. of Alberta, TIER, PR, CBC , 18 Nov., 2021) Contact: TIER,

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  • UK DfT Reports Detailed Renewable Fuels Data (Int'l. Report)
    UK Department for Transport
    Date: 2021-11-17
    According to the UK Department for Transport (DfT), renewable fuels made up 5 pct of the country's transport fuel mix, down from 5.9 pct over the same period 12 months ago. Of the total 1.44 billion litres of renewable fuels supplied between 1 January and 20 September, 63 pct was biodiesel, 25 pct was bioethanol and the balance was biomethane.

    The DfT data notes the most common fuel type was biodiesel made from used cooking oil (16.5 million litres), followed by bioethanol from sugar beet betaine residue (8.5 million litres). Of the renewable fuel supplied to date this year , the most widely reported source for biodiesel was used cooking oil from China (168 million litres) and corn from Ukraine for bioethanol (51 million litres).

    Taken together, renewable fuels achieved an average of 85 pct greenhouse gas (GHG) savings when compared with fossil fuel use, according to the DfT release.

    Download the UK Department for Transport Renewable Fuels Statistics HERE (Source: UK Department for Transport, Website, 11 Nov., 2021) Contact: UK Department for Transport,[]=department-for-transport,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News UK Department for Transport,  Biofuel,  Biodiesel,  Bioethanol,  

    European Biogas Association Issues Biogas, Gasification Technologies Overview (Reports Attached)
    European Biogas Association
    Date: 2021-11-15
    In Brussels, the European Biogas Association (EBA) is launching the first comprehensive categorization of European Biogas and Gasification Technologies, aimed at giving visibility to high-quality European biogas products and services.

    According to the EBA, the EU biogas sector is committed to climate-neutrality, well developed and ready to scale-up production. According to EBA data, the combined production of biogas and upgraded biomethane could today cover 4.6 pct of the whole EU's gas demand. By 2050, about 30-40 pct of EU gas needs could be met by biogas/biomethane. As one of the global leaders in biogas production, European producers are now seeking new ways for cooperation with third countries to support the deployment of biogas outside EU borders, according to the report. The EBA, together with the German Biogas Association (FvB) and the Austrian Compost and Biogas Association, are already working on this direction in the framework of the DiBiCoo EU Project. One of the fruits of this cooperation is the Categorization of European Biogas and Gasification Technologies. The overview is divided in 2 different publications, one dedicated to anaerobic digestion (AD) and the other one focused on gasification.


    Download CATEGORIZATION OF EUROPEAN GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIES report HERE . (Source: European Biogas Association, 9 Nov., 2021) Contact: European Biogas Association, Angela Sainz Arnau , +32 2 400 10 89,,; German Biogas Association,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News European Biogas Association,  Methane,  Biogas,  Anaerobic Digestion,  Gasification,  RNG,  

    U.S.-China Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action in the 2020s (Report Attached)
    Date: 2021-11-12
    Reporting from COP26 in Glasgow, China and the United States surprised their COP26 colleagues and the world on Wednesday with the announcement that they planned to cooperate on the following, and other, climate change related issues:
  • regulatory frameworks and environmental standards related to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the 2020s;

  • maximizing the societal benefits of the transition to clean, renewable energy;

  • policies to encourage decarbonization and electrification of end-use sectors;

  • key areas related to the circular economy, such as green design and renewable energy resource utilization;

  • deployment and application of technology such as CCUS and direct air capture;

  • reduce methane emission, and others.

    Download details and the full U.S.-China Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action in the 2020s announcement HERE . (Source: US Dept. of State, 10 Nov., 2021)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News COP26,  Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  Renewable Energy,  

  • Baker Hughes Taking Stake in Ekona Power (M&A, Ind. Report)
    Baker Hughes,Ekona Power
    Date: 2021-11-12
    American oil and gas services company Baker Hughes reports it is investing an undisclosed amount for a 20 pct stake in Burnaby-British Columbia-based start-up Ekona Power Inc.

    Ekona is developing a methane pyrolysis process for making "turquoise" hydrogen from natural gas without carbon capture and storage (CCS) for lower capital and operating costs. Ekona plans to construct and commission a pilot plant at an as yetto be determinded location before 2024. (Source: Baker Hughes, PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: Ekona Power, Chris Reid, CEO,; Baker Hughes, Jud Bailey, Inv. Rel., 281-809-9088,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Baker Hughes,  Ekona Power,  methane pyrolysis,  CCS,  

    COP26 Pledges Major Methane Emissions Cuts -- Notable Quote
    Date: 2021-11-08
    "To deliver it (30 pct methane emissions cut by 2030) will require treating the over 100 billion tonnes of organic wastes produced by human activity every year, across agriculture, food waste, food manufacture, and wastewater.

    "With that in mind, we must develop a strategy that enables our sector to deliver its full potential across all sectors and geographies. A blueprint for rapid roll-out will increasingly be demanded in the next couple of years and, as the industry experts, we need to be proactive in preparing for a decade of delivery." -- Charlotte Morton, CEO, World Biogas Association commenting on methane emissions cuts prior to COP26 in Edinburgh. Contact: World Biogas Association, Charlotte Morton, CEO, +44 20 3735 8116,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News COP26,  Methane,  Methan Emissions,  

    SoCalGas Opens 16th Public RNG Fueling Station (Ind. Report)
    Southern California Gas
    Date: 2021-11-08
    In the Golden State, L.A.-based Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is reporting the opening of its sixteenth public renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling station in Menifee, The new fueling station will exclusively offer renewable natural gas (RNG), a clean, sustainable fuel made from methane that would otherwise be emitted from landfills, dairy farms, and other waste sources.

    The use of RNG as a transportation fuel in California has increased 177 pct over the last five years. In 2020, over 92 pct of natural gas trucks in California were fueled by RNG, displacing 1.83 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), according to the SoCalGas release.

    SoCalGas noted it is currently working with the SunLine Transit Agency to test two technologies that will produce hydrogen from RNG at SunLine Transit Agency's hydrogen fueling station in Thousand Palms, California. The research project, called "H2 SilverSTARS," will produce renewable hydrogen to fuel SunLine's fleet of 21 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

    SoCalGas is the largest gas distribution utility in North America to set a net-zero emissions target that includes scopes 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions. (Source: SoCalGas, PR, Website, 4 Nov., 2021) Contact: SoCalGas,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Southern California Gas ,  RNG,  

    Developing Resource-Efficient Agriculture with Biogas (Report Attached)
    European Biogas Association
    Date: 2021-11-08
    "As Europe is preparing for a winter of uncertainty regarding natural gas supplies while setting the pace towards climate-neutrality, the availability of domestic renewable gas to meet energy demand is in the hotspot. Among these renewable gases, biomethane production is scaling-up and the sector is exploring the potential of alternative sustainable feedstocks to support this objective.

    "A recent article published by Ghent University in collaboration with the EBA and Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) shows that with appropriate innovations in crop management, sequential cropping (a practice currently mainly implemented in Italy) could be applied as feedstock for biomethane production in different agroclimatic regions of Europe, contributing to climate and renewable energy targets."

    Access the European Biogas Association report HERE . (Source: European Biogas Association, Website, Nov., 2021) Contact: European Biogas Association, +32 24 00 10 89,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News European Biogas Association,  Methane,  Biogas,  RNG,  

    Brightmark, Chevron Deliver First Lawnhurst Farms RNG (Ind. Report)
    Brightmark, Chevron
    Date: 2021-11-03
    Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC -- a joint venture partnership between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Brightmark Fund Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Brightmark LLC, the global waste solutions provider -- delivered first gas at its Lawnhurst site in Western New York. The previously announced partnership owns project companies across the U.S. to produce and market dairy biomethane, a renewable natural gas (RNG).

    Lawnhurst Farm is one of three dairy farm partners in Western New York , each of which have signed supply agreements with Brightmark to provide the company with dairy manure that will serve as feedstock for the three existing anaerobic digesters on the farms. The digesters are designed to capture, extract, and clean the methane in the manure, then convert it into renewable natural gas -- when all three digesters are online, they are expected to produce almost 187,000 MMBtu per year, sufficient to drive approximately 3,000 18-wheeler trucks from San Francisco to New York City. (Source: Brightmark. Website PR, 1 Nov., 2021) Contact: Brightmark, Bob Powell, CEO, Cory Ziskind, (646) 277-1232,,; Chevron, Andy Walz, Pres. Americas Fuels & Lubricants, Tyler Kruzich, External Affairs, (925) 549-8686,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Brightmark news,  Chevron news,  Biomethane news,  RNG news,  

    Pima County, Arizona Biogas Plant Now Online (Ind. Report)
    Southwest Gas
    Date: 2021-11-01
    In Arizona, the Pima County Tres Rios Water Reclamation Facility, the county's main treatment plant, reports the completion and startup of a $10 million plant to clean up sewage methane to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) that is being sold to Las Vegas-headquartered Southwest Gas.

    The County expects annual gas sales revenue of roughly $3 million for a 3-5 year ROI. The plant will produce sufficient RNG for about 5,500 homes, according to Southwest Gas. (Source: Arizona Public Radio, Southwest Gas, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: Southwest Gas , John Hester, Pres.,

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    WMO Warns Amazon Loosing Carbon Sink Capacity (Int'l. Report)
    World Meteorological Organization
    Date: 2021-10-27
    The latest edition of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Greenhouse Gas Bulletin reports the Amazon rain forest is turning from a carbon sink -- or area that absorbs CO2 -- into a source of carbon dioxide emissions, methane and nitrous oxide greenhouse gases.

    The U.N. agency's report notes that concentrations of these greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are driving climate change and that carbon dioxide, the single most important greenhouse gas, accounts for approximately 66 pct of the warming effect on the climate. (Source: WMO, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: WMO, Clare Nullis, Media,, +41 79 709 13 97,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News World Meteorological Organization,  WMO,  Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change ,  

    B.C. Investing $4.28Mn in Vancouver RNG Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-22
    British Columbia's Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy is reporting CleanBC's Vancouver landfill-to-renewable fuel project is expected to remove about 485,000 tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent (CO2e) over the next decade while replacing fossil fuel with low-carbon alternatives made from organic waste.

    The project will expand the current landfill gas-collection system to capture methane and carbon dioxide that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere. Landfill gases will be transported for refining into usable RNG that will be sold to FortisBC and incorporated into the company's natural-gas distribution system.

    The provincial government CleanBC Industry Fund is investing $4.28 million in the project with matching funds from the City of Vancouver. The project is part of a larger round of CleanBC investment in 22 province-wide projects that will reduce emission in sectors such as mining, pulp and paper, and oil and gas. (Source: Gov. of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, PR, 19 Oct., 2021) Contact: FortisBC, Joe Mazza, VP Energy Supply and Resource Development, Jason Wolfe, Dir. Energy Solutions,,; British Columbia, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Landfill Gas,  FortisBC,  RNG,  

    WELTEC BIOPOWER Acquires AD AGRO (Int'l. Report, M&A)
    Date: 2021-10-20
    Vecchta, Germany-based biogas specialist WELTEC Group GmbH is reporting acquisition of biogas plant developer AD AGRO Systems.

    AD AGRO was established as BD Agro Renewables by the Big Dutchman Group and has planned and built more than 350 biogas plants since its founding in 2006. (Source: WELTEC BIOPOPWER, PR, 18 Oct., 2021) Contact: AD AGRO, Uwe Heider, Managing Partner , +49 (0) 4441 / 8877-0, +49 (0) 4441 / 8877-500 (fax),,; WELTEC BIOPOWER, Jens Albartus, Director, +49 4441 99978 0, Fax: +49 4441 99978 8,, <

    More Low-Carbon Energy News WELTEC BIOPOWER,  Biogas. Biomethane,  

    French Biomethane Specialist Waga Energy Floats IPO (Int'l.)
    Waga Energy
    Date: 2021-10-18
    Meylan, France-based landfill gas-to-biomethane specialist Waga Energy is announcing the launch of its IPO seeking to raise roughly €100 million, with a view to having its shares accepted for trading on the Euronext regulated market in Paris. The Indicative price range of the offering is between €19.26 and € 23.54 per share during a subscription period from 14 October 2021 until 25 October 2021 inclusive.

    Waga Energy operates 10 WAGABOX® units on storage sites run by French industrial players and local authorities. These units, which offer a maximum installed capacity of 225 GWh/year, can power around 35,000 homes and avoid the emission of 45,000 tpy of CO2e -- equivalent to the annual emissions of around 17,000 cars. The company has 10 new units under construction, including one in Spain and two in Canada, which will bring the company's maximum installed capacity to 475 GWh/year within 18 months.

    Waga Energy, which has three international subsidiaries -- Philadelphia, Penna., Shawinigan Quebec, and Barcelona, Spain -- estimates there are 20,000 waste storage sites around the world -- with roughly 4,200 in North Amercia -- and that less than 1 pct of the gas produced is currently converted into biomethane.

    The company expects IPO net proceeds of approximately €69.6 million which will be used for development and growth. (Source: Waga Energy, Website PR, 14 Oct., 2021) Contact: Waga Energy, Laurent Barbot, +72 77 11 85,,

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    Qnergy, TotalEnergies Partner on Methane Reduction (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-18
    Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies, a founding member of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), is reporting the deployment of Ogden, Utah-based OGCI-member Qnergy's innovative methane reduction technology at its Barnett gas field in the U.S..

    Qnergy's technology converts methane powered instrumentation to compressed air powered instrumentation, thus eliminating the release of methane to the atmosphere during the process. Following successful additional tests, TotalEnergies plans to install this new technology by deploying 100 units on the Barnett field in 2021 and 2022. The deployment of 300 additional units throughout the field will reduce methane venting emissions from pneumatic devices by approximately 7,000 tpy by end 2024. (Source: Qnergy, Website PR, 14 Oct., 2021) Contact: Qnergy, (801) 752-0100,,; OGCI,,

    Editor's note: Methane (CH4) is the second most abundant anthropogenic GHG after carbon dioxide (CO2), accounting for about 20 pct of global emissions. Methane is more than 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Over the last two centuries, methane concentrations in the atmosphere have more than doubled, largely due to human-related activities. Because methane is both a powerful greenhouse gas and short-lived compared to carbon dioxide, achieving significant reductions would have a rapid and significant effect on atmospheric warming potential, according to the US EPA.

    More Low-Carbon Energy News TotalEnergies,  Qnergy,  Methane,  

    Canada Pledges 30 pct Methane Emissions Reduction (Ind. Report)
    Canada Climate Change
    Date: 2021-10-15
    Previously this week, U.S. climate enjoy John Kerry announced Canada, Nigeria, Japan and Pakistan are among 31 parties to join a global pledge, led by the U.S. and EU, to slash planet-warming methane emissions by 30 pct by the end of the decade.

    The 31 countries making the pledge represent more than 60 pct of the world's economy. Methane, the major component of natural gas, although shorter living in the atmosphere than CO2, is far more damaging to the atmosphere and climate change. (Source: Various Media, CTV, 11 Oct., 2021)

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    Repsol Produces First Renewable Hydrogen from Biomethane (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-10-15
    Madrid, Spain-based energy and petrochemical major Repsol is reporting its Cartagena Industrial Complex produced its first 10 tons of renewable hydrogen from 500 MWh of urban solid waste biomethane. The renewable hydrogen was used to manufacture transportation fuels with a low carbon footprint, such as gasoline, diesel, or kerosene for aviation.

    The Cartagena plamt is is scheduled to begin commercial scale production in the first quarter of 2023, and will avoid roughly 900,000 tpy of CO2. The company aims to produce two million tons of low-carbon fuels by 2030. (Source: Repsol, PR, Green Car Congress, Oct., 2021) Contact: Repsol, Josu Jon Imaz, CEO, +34 91 7538100, +34 91 7538000,

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    Dominion Offers Agribusinesses Financial Incentives to Cut Energy Consumption (Ind. Report)
    Dominion Energy
    Date: 2021-10-13
    South Carolina agricultural businesses may now be eligible for thousands of dollars in incentives toward qualifying energy efficiency projects through Dominion Energy's EnergyWise for Your Business program.

    The program offers financial incentives and technical assistance for eligible non-residential electric customers to replace aging, inefficient equipment and systems with energy-efficient technologies. Participating customers can apply for up to $100,000 per eligible project type and customer tax ID annually, subject to terms and conditions.

    The program offers incentives for site-specific, cost-effective technologies. Projects must demonstrate specific and proven energy savings and costs. Qualifying projects might include: heating pads for swine; dairy milk pre-coolers; animal agricultural LED lighting; horticultural LED lighting; grain bin variable frequency drives (VFD); well pump tune-ups nnd VFDs; and others.

    Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion Energy is committed to sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy and to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide and methane emissions from its power generation and gas infrastructure operations by 2050. (Source: Dominion Energy, PR, 11 Oct., 2021) Contact: Dominion Energy, Ashley Cunningham, (803) 904-2877,,; EnergyWise for Your Business, 877-784-7234,

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    Veolia Brazilian Landfill Biogas Valorisation Underway (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-10-13
    In the UK, Veolia reports it is bringing three new thermoelectric power plants on stream at three Brazilian sanitary landfill sites. These three units will produce 12,400 kW of renewable electricity -- sufficient to meet the electricity and heating needs of a city of around 42,000 Brazilians, according to the release. Veolia is also focusing on the valorisation of this energy resource to increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    More environmentally friendly than fossil fuels for electricity production, biogas contributes significantly to the mitigation of climate change by:

  • Reducing the GHG through proper destruction of the methane (gas highly contributing to global warming, 28 times CO2) generated by the waste;

  • Replacing fossil fuels for power generation with renewable electricity produced on site, thus avoiding their extraction and burning.

    By 2021, the biogas capture on Veolia's landfills in Brazil will avoid 45,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere, which is about 1.26 million tons of CO2 equivalent, traded as CERs. (Source: Veolia, Website, PR, 8 Oct., 2021) Contact: Veolia, + 33 1 85 57 84 76 / 84 80,,

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  • Xebec, Brightmark Ink RNG Agreement (Ind. Report)
    Xebec, Brightmark
    Date: 2021-10-08
    Montreal-headquartered Xebec Adsorption Inc. reports the signing of the first set of task orders under the previously announced Master Service Agreement (MSA) for an initial 18 BGX-Biostream™ units with Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC -- a Brightmark and Chevron U.S.A. Inc joint venture to own project companies across the U.S. to produce and market dairy biomethane, a renewable natural gas (RNG). The 18 units are expected to be deployed across 10 dairy RNG projects in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and South Dakota.

    Biostream's containerised and modular design makes it a one-of-a-kind offering for the North American agriculture industry as farmers look to maximise revenue and gain peace of mind with the support of Xebec's local Cleantech Service Network. The 18 units are expected to be deployed across 10 dairy projects in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and South Dakota. (Source: Xebec Adsorption Inc., Website PR, 7 Oct., 2021) Contact: Brightmark,; Xebec Adsorption Inc. Brandon Chow, Director, Investor Relations, 450.979.8700 ext 5762,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Xebec news,   Brightmark news,  RNG news,  

    IBET Bioenergy Industry Collaboration Launched (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-06
    The U.S. DOE Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) is reporting the formation of the Integrated Biochemical and Electrochemical Technologies (IBET) to Convert Organic Waste to Biopower collaboration. IBET will be led by ANL, the University of Michigan, and Northwestern University and will bring together waste-to-energy (W2E) technologies from each institution and opportunities to test these technologies with industry.

    The IBET collaboration uses developments in separations, advanced bioreactor design, and process modeling and control. This new platform will help industry produce high-purity methane from mixed organic waste streams at large scales and support a circular economy.

    Collaborations between Argonne and five North American universities -- Michigan, Northwestern, University of Toronto, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and Tecnologico de Monterrey -- will help participants better understand the current state of W2E in North America. Partnerships and cost sharing among the practitioners will amplify the impact of the proposed work.

    IBET corporate partners include: inCTRL Solutions Corp., a biogas and wastewater treatment modeling and control company; the Great Lakes Water Authority, a major utility in Michigan and a potential end user for W2E technologies; and Carollo Engineers, an environmental engineering firm whose wastewater innovations group has focused on carbon management and energy production, among other topics.

    The IBET collaboration will increase knowledge sharing on bioenergy technologies and expand collaborative opportunities by providing Ph.D., masters and undergraduate students opportunities to deepen their research capabilities in technology development, participate in shared professional development and engage in cross-institutional bioenergy research and internship opportunities; broadening participation of underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics within the bioenergy technology community while publicly disseminating research and educational information. (Source: ANL, Website PR, 4 Oct., 2021) Contact: Integrated Biochemical and Electrochemical Technologies (IBET) to Convert Organic Waste to Biopower, ANL,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IBET,  Bioenergy,  Waste-to-Energy,  

    Nacero Launches NEON™ RNG Platform (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-06
    In the Lone Star State, Houston-headquartered Nacero Inc. is reporting the launch of its renewable natural gas (RNG) acquisition platform Nacero NEON™ -- a strategic growth engine for production of Nacero Green Gasoline™ an affordable net-zero carbon footprint gasoline for everyday drivers.

    Nacero is currently in negotiations with dairies, landfills, and food waste facilities for production of Nacero Green Gasoline™ from its flagship Penwell, West Texas facility that is scheduled to break ground in early 2022 and commence operations in 2025.

    "Methane is 80x more harmful over a 20-year period than CO2. A significant amount of global warming is caused by fugitive and flared methane from farms, landfills, and wastewater facilities but only a small amount of this resource is captured and put to beneficial use as an everyday fuel. Nacero will make a real difference by using this feedstock to make its net-zero Nacero Green GasolineTM, connecting America's RNG potential with the multi-hundred-billion-dollar per year gasoline market. The Company will prioritize a new wave of projects in key markets across Texas, the Midwest, and Southeastern United States" according to the release. (Source: Nacero, Website Release, 29 Sept., 2021) Contact: Nacero Inc., Jay McKenna, Pres., CEO,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Nacero news,  RNG news,  

    Enbridge, Vanguard Announce RNG Partnership (Ind. Report)
    Enbridge, Vanguard Renewables
    Date: 2021-10-04
    Boston-based food and dairy waste-to-energy project developer Vanguard Renewables and Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge, Inc. a leading North American energy infrastructure company today announced a partnership whereby Enbridge will purchase upwards of 2 billion cubic fpy of renewable natural gas (RNG) from anaerobic digesters in which Vanguard Renewables will invest $200 million to build in the U.S. Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest. Enbridge will invest approximately $100 million in RNG upgrading equipment to convert the farm derived RNG into pipeline quality renewable natural gas and transport and market the gas to U.S. customers.

    Vanguard Renewables builds, owns, and operates on-site farm anaerobic digestion facilities that process and store methane from food waste and manure into low-carbon organic fertilizer. (Source: Vanguard Renewables, Website PR, 28 Sept., 2021) Contact: Vanguard Renewables , John Hanselman, CEO, 781.371.4935, www. ; Enbridge, Bill Yardley, Exec. VP, Gas Transmission and Midstream, 519-619-0370,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vanguard Renewables,  Enbridge,  RNG,  

    Shell Oregon Dairy RNG Production Underway (Ind. Report)
    Shell Oil Products US
    Date: 2021-10-04
    Shell Oil Products US reports its first US biomethane facility -- Shell New Energies Junction City in Oregon -- has begun operations. The facility will process locally sourced cow manure and agricultural waste into roughly 736,000 MMBtu per year of RNG.

    Shell is developing additional RNG production facilities to be located directly within operating dairies including: Shell Downstream Galloway at the High Plains Ponderosa Dairy in Kansas; Shell Downstream Bovarius at the Bettencourt Dairies in Idaho; and distribution complexes in Carson, Van Nuys, Signal Hill, and San Jose, California, and a terminal in Portland, owned by Shell Midstream Partners. (Source: Shell Oil Products, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Shell Oil Products US,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Shell Oil Products,  ,  RNG,  

    A Hydrogen Primer (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Date: 2021-09-29
    Procuring hydrogen requires its separation from other elements through chemical processes that require energy. These processes have varying degrees of environmental and climate impact.

    Gray hydrogen is produced by reforming natural gas, a processing technique used to rearrange the molecular structure of hydrocarbons. In this process, methane is mixed with steam at a high temperature to yield hydrogen and CO2 through a catalytic chemical reaction.

    Roughly 10 kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere for every 1 kg of gray hydrogen produced, making it the least renewable form of hydrogen with an overall negative climate impact, much like drilling for oil or mining coal.

    Gray hydrogen is viewed as a "bridging" energy alternative. It is relatively inexpensive and commonly used in the chemical industry to make fertilizer and for refining oil, but .

    Blue Hydrogen uses the same chemical processing technique used to make gray hydrogen. The difference, however, is the management of CO2. With blue hydrogen, the CO2 is captured at the production facility and stored separately (CCS)

    Blue hydrogen has a significantly lower CO2 impact on the environment than gray hydrogen, but the blue hydrogen process -- although ecologically friendly than gray hydrogen process -- does not eliminate carbon emissions into the atmosphere entirely.

    The Green Hydrogen production process employs electrolysis -- the separation of hydrogen and oxygen molecules by applying electrical energy to water. Utilizing renewable energy sources to generate the electricity for this process is the key to making green hydrogen. This technique yields a closed loop of sustainable energy free of harmful emissions. (Source: JD Power, Sept., 2021)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Hydrogen,  Green Hydrogen,  Blue Hydrogen,  Grey Hydrogen,  

    Vanguard, Enbridge Announce RNG Partnership (Ind. Report)
    Vanguard Renewables, Enbridge
    Date: 2021-09-29
    Wellesley, Mass.-based Vanguard Renewables and Calgary-headquartered North American energy infrastructure developer Enbridge, Inc. are reporting an agreement whereby Enbridge will purchase upwards of 2 billion cubic feet per year of renewable natural gas (RNG) from the anaerobic digesters that Vanguard Renewables will invest $200 million to build in the U.S. Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest.

    Enbridge will invest roughly $100 million in upgrading equipment to convert the farm derived RNG into pipeline quality RNG and provide transportation and marketing services to market that gas to U.S. customers.

    Vanguard Renewables builds, owns, and operates the farm-based anaerobic digestion facilities that sequester the methane from food waste and manure, produce clean energy and low-carbon organic fertilizer, and support regenerative agriculture by returning the food nutrients back to the soil. Host farmers receive cost savings and a new income stream.

    In December 2020, Vanguard launched the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance alongside food industry leaders Dairy Farmers of America, Unilever, and Starbucks. The Alliance is committed to developing a circular solution for food waste reduction, recycling, and decarbonization of the manufacturing and supply chain. (Source: Vanguard Renewables, PR, The Daily Times, 28 Sept., 2021) Contact: Vanguard Renewables, John Hanselman, Founder and CEO, 781-232-7597,; Enbridge, Leanne McNaughton, Communications, 519-619-0370,

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    Biomethane Key in Ireland's Decarbonization (Opinions & Asides)
    Date: 2021-09-27
    "We need to stop seeing gas and electricity as separate and look at how to decarbonise the end-to-energy system, not just individual fuels. As Ireland's gas network is one of the most modern in the world, there's a ready-made solution right under our feet.

    "The gas network can be repurposed to carry decarbonised gases, such as biomethane and hydrogen, at minimal cost and disruption, and in turn play a critical role in an integrated gas and electricity system to decarbonise the country's energy needs.

    "(ERVIA subsidiary) GNI's vision is for Ireland to replace natural gas with renewable gases, such as biomethane and hydrogen, to substantially reduce the country's carbon emissions while complementing intermittent renewable electricity and ensuring a secure energy supply , according to ERVIA CEO Cathal Marley speaking at the 25th annual Energy Ireland conference.

    Dublin-headquartered state-own national gas and water utility ERVIA, through its subsidiary Gas Networks Ireland (GNI), operates Ireland's €2.7 billion national gas network and supplies more than 30 pct of Ireland's total energy, including 40 pct of all heating and over 50 pct of the country's electric power generation. (Source: ERVIA, PR, Website, Sept. 2021) Contact: ERVIA, Cathal Marley, CEO, +44 01 823 0300,

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