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Johnson Matthey Acquires Lithium-Sulfur Battery Assets (Int'l. M&A)
Johnson Matthey
Date: 2021-07-28
In the UK, London-headquartered Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies, is reporting acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of the bankrupt, Oxford, UK area-based lithium-sulfur battery developer Oxis Energy Ltd.. The assets can be adapted for the manufacture of components for green hydrogen production, according to the release.

According to Johnson Matthey, with a moderate additional investment in upgrades, this transaction will significantly accelerate the scale-up of Johnson Matthey's growing Green Hydrogen business and expand JM's ability to develop, test, and manufacture catalyst coated membranes and advanced materials for electrolysers. (Source: Johnson Matthey, PR, 28 July, 2021) Contact: Johnson Matthey, Robert MacLeod, CEO, Eugene McKenna, Managing Director, Green Hydrogen,; Oxis Energy Ltd.,

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BP, Virent, Johnson Matthey Ink Bioforming Tech Deal (Ind. Report)
BP, Virent, Johnson Matthey
Date: 2019-03-06
In London, BP plc reports it and Madison, Wisconsin-based Virent Inc. along with Johnson Matthey have inked an agreement to advance the commercialization of Virent's Bioforming process for the production of bio-paraxylene (PX) -- a vital raw material for the production of renewable polyester.

Virent's Bioforming technology, which is being developed in collaboration with ohnson Matthey, generates drop-in reformate product from renewable sources that can be used to yield renewable fuels and/or processed into lower carbon intensive bio-PX, the feedstock for bio-purified terephthalic acid (PTA), using existing technologies. (Source: BP, Zacks, 5 Mar., 2019) Contact: BP plc,; Virent Inc., Lee Edawards, CEO, Jeff Moore, Exec. VP, Operations, (608) 663-0228,; Johnson Matthey,

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Fulcrum Tech, Licenses Fischer Tropsch Technology (Ind. Report)
Johnson Matthey, BP,Fulcrum BioEnergy
Date: 2018-10-05
Oil giant BP and chemicals firm Johnson Matthey (JM) report they have inked an agreement with California based Fulcrum BioEnergy to license their Fischer Tropsch (FT) technology to support Fulcrum's drive to convert municipal solid waste into biobased jet fuel at their new Sierra BioFuels Plant near Reno, Nevada.

When fully operational early in 2020, the Sierra plant is expected to convert approximately 175,000 tpy of household garbage into roughly 11 million gpy of jet fuel.

FT technology can operate at large and small scale to economically convert synthesis gas generated from municipal solid waste and other renewable biomass into long-chain hydrocarbons suitable for the production of diesel and jet fuels. (Source: Johnson Matthey, BP, WMW, 2 Oct., 2018) Contact: Johnson Matthey,; Fulcrum Bioenergy, Rick Barraza, VP Administration, (925) 224-8244,,,

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