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JLM Energy Issues Layoffs, Seeks Additional Funding (Ind. Report)
JLM Energy
Date: 2018-07-05
Following up on out February 5th coverage, Rocklin, California-headquartered employee-owned energy storage technology specialist JLM Energy reports it has laid off its work force for financial reasons.

The self-funded startup pioneered a "microstorage" battery called "Phazr" that attaches to solar racking and sits underneath the solar module. The Phazr concept applied the distributed logic of microinverters to the energy storage sector, promising modularity and easier installation. Its DC-coupled architecture eliminates the cost of a storage inverter and reduces roundtrip efficiency losses.

The financially troubled company previously secured $25 million in project financing from North Sky Capital's Alliance Fund II. That fund enabled JLM to offer commercial storage customers guaranteed monthly bill savings with no down payment. (Source: JLM Energy, GTM, LinkedIn, 4 July, 2018)Contact: JLM Energy, (800) 475-3960,

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JLM Phazr Energy Storage Deployed California-Wide (Ind. Report)
JLM Energy
Date: 2018-02-05
Rocklin, California-headquartered employee-owned energy technology specialist JLM Energy is reporting the deployment of more than 2,000 Phazr MicroStorage units and is managing residential time-of-use charges for customers in all three major utility territories from San Diego to the Oregon border.

Phazr is a distributed energy storage platform that pairs a single solar panel with a battery pack in a one-on-one ratio and charges directly from the the solar panel so it completely qualifies for the Federal Investment Tax Credit.

Phazr uses JLM Energy's patent-pending Symmetric DC Regulation that enables a solar panel to charge a battery and send power into the home simultaneously. Because Phazr only charges from solar, it qualifies for the 30 pct federal investment tax credit. Phazr works for residential and commercial applications and can be purchased through JLM's authorized dealer network. (Source: JLM Energy, Feb., 2018) Contact: JLM Energy, Ellen Howe, (703) 835-5550,,

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