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FacilityConneX Announces Intelligent Building Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-04-12
In the Bay State, Plymouth-based FacilityConneX, a leading real-time facility data monitoring solution and service provider for increased operational efficiency, equipment optimization and energy savings, is reporting it will deliver its smart building technology to Dell Technologies campus in Hopkinton, Mass.

The project will provide real-time monitoring, fault detection & diagnostics and ongoing monitoring-based commissioning for a 313,679 square foot building and its 600+ assets including chillers, boilers, and HVAC equipment. Built on Dell's IoT Edge Gateway and FacilityConneX's Intelligent Building Solution the upgrades will propel energy savings, sustain operational efficiency and increase occupancy comfort within Dell's facilities.

FacilityConneX will take the lead in reporting measurements, verification of energy reduction and identification of energy conservation measures (ECMs) to Eversource. For additional cost savings, Dell Technologies will also work with local utility Eversource to evaluate energy conservation findings and identify additional incentives for the Company.

FacilityConneX is a real-time data monitoring solution and service provider for building operators and facility managers looking to proactively enhance operational efficiency, IIoT equipment optimization and energy savings through ongoing commissioning, fault detection, diagnostics and advanced predictive analytics. The company creates customizable turnkey solutions for customers in the healthcare, industrial, commercial, higher education and water & wastewater markets. (Source: FacilityConnex, PR, 11 April, 2019) Contact: FacilityConnex, Mark Pipher, VP & GM, (508) 507-1426,,

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75F Promoting Intelligent Building Energy Solutions (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-01-18
Burnsville, Minnesota-based energy efficiency and energy management startup 75F is touting its self-learning, intuitive building intelligence system.

The 75F system improves a commercial building's operational efficiency and occupant experience by proactively controlling the HVAC, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and lighting settings based on inputs from sensors, weather data, configuration settings and predictive algorithms. Broadly, the 75F solution provides commercial building owners with improved energy efficiency, occupant comfort and productivity, indoor air quality management, controls automation, extended equipment lifecycles, and remote management capabilities. The system is equipped with IoT, Machine Learning, cloud-computing, data storage and processing power, according to the company. (Source: 75F Tech Panda, Jan., 2019) Contact: 75F, (888) 590-8995,,

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Intelligent Building Solutions Make Hospital Facilities More Efficient, Productive, and Sustainable -- Report Available (Ind. Report)
Navigant Research
Date: 2018-04-04
A new report from Boulder, Colorado-based Navigant Research examines the pressures healthcare organizations face, and how the adoption of intelligent building solutions can increase efficiencies and patient satisfaction.

The study looks at the pressures healthcare organizations face and the subsequent adoption of intelligent building solutions that increase energy efficiency and patient satisfaction by integrating building and clinical systems. Recommendations are provided on how to communicate the advantages of intelligent building solutions and how best to benefit from these solutions.

An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download HERE . (Source: Navigant Research, April, 2018) Contact: Navigant Research Lindsay Funicello-Paul, (781) 270-8456,,,

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Social Energy Partners, Zoetic Energy Disclose Partnership Agreement (Ind. Report)
Social Energy Partners, Zoetic Energy
Date: 2018-01-22
Fort Lee, New Jersey-headquartered turnkey intelligent building technology (IBT) solutions specialist Social Energy Partners (SEP) reports it is partnering with UK-based Zoetic Energy to promote and deliver SEP's Intelligent Building Technology as-a-Service (IBTaaS) platform solutions to Zoetic's target markets.

SEP's IBTaaS, by integrating proven IBTs, local installation and maintenance services and green project funding, offers turnkey solution package to deliver timely and significant building performance improvements without capital investments from the end users. The partnership aims to leverage SEP's IBTaaS platform to modernize and transform building energy as well as operating performances for Zoetic's clients and contacts throughout the Americas and Africa.

SEP develops and funds 100 pct of the capital cost of building upgrade and energy efficiency retrofit projects. Through our pioneering, "off-balance-sheet" IBT-as-a-Service platform (IBTaaS), we facilitate and expedite the deployment of cutting edge and proven building intelligence and energy efficiency technologies such as LED lighting, advanced lighting and HVAC controls, building energy management systems, building artificial intelligence, building automation and integrated security systems that are paid for by ongoing shared energy and operational savings. SEP IBTaaS presently services over 150 buildings in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. (Source: Social Energy Partners, PR, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: Social Energy Partners, James Tu, Pres., (844) 533-3863,; Zoetic Energy, +44 (0)20 7384 8068,

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LSIS Big Data Analysis Improves Building Energy Efficiency (Int'l)
LS Industrial Systems
Date: 2018-01-03
South Korea-based electric power systems provider LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd (LSIS) reports it has begun "commercializing" its smart energy system. The system optimizes the use of energy with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and cuts electric power costs.

The company installed its high-capacity energy efficiency and energy storage system intelligent building system (IBS) along with photovoltaics (PV) and smart meters, lighting and heating occupancy detectors, electric blinds controlling natural light and light emitting diodes, which are controlled by BEMS in its R&D headquarters and realized a 70 pct cost savings, according to the company.

LSIS's energy efficiency system analyzes a building's overall electronics, energy consumption and variable energy spending patterns according to the use of renewable energy sources, weather and time. (Source: LS Industrial Systems , Korea Times, 28 Dec., 2017) Contact: LS Industrial Systems , (224) 352-2265 -- US Office,

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Reliable Controls Dealer Scores Green Building Award (Ind. Report)
Reliable Controls,Taiwan Intelligent Building Association
Date: 2017-10-02
Victoria, BC-based Reliable Controls® reports that Authorized Dealer, Lucon Automation Co Ltd., has been recognized by the Taiwan Intelligent Building Association (TIBA) for its Excellent Intelligent Green Building System. The award is intended to encourage innovative development of building projects and systems with the advancement of information and communication technologies.

The objectives of the Association is to promote the exchange of intelligent green building technology and knowledge among Asian countries, to demonstrate the cutting edge intelligent green building technology developed in the Asia Pacific region, and to provide a safe, healthy, convenient, comfortable, energy-saving, and sustainable living environment for people in Asia and worldwide. (Source: Reliable Controls, PR,, 29 Sept., 2017) Contact: Reliable Controls,; Taiwan Intelligent Building Association,

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75F Lauded for Smart Building Automation System (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-09-25
Burnsville, Minnesota-based "smart" building automation specialist 75F was recognized at the recent GreenBiz VERGE Conference in Silicon Valley for its intelligent building automation solution that delivers significant energy savings and workplace comfort improvements.

By developing and installing smart building technology, 75F assists customers in achieving US Green Building Council LEED certification goals. According to the company website, instead of reacting to problems, the 75F system predicts needs and manages buildings accordingly. (Source: 75F, PR, 22 Sept., 2017) Contact: 75F, Kristen Johnson, Marketing Director (612) 616-6272,,

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