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Neutral Fuels, GAC Partner to Cut Marine Carbon Emissions (Int'l.)
Neutral Fuels, GAC Bunger Fuels
Date: 2021-11-17
GAC Bunker Fuels Ltd. (GAC) is reporting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UAE-based Neutral Fuels to market its net-zero marine gasoil (MGO) biofuel-diesel blend for maritime shipping clients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and India, and to accelerate the decarbonisation of the maritime shipping sector.

Net-zero marine gasoil (MGO) biofuel will play a key role in helping to achieve the new carbon emission reduction targets set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Marine gasoil (MGO) emits 3.22 tonnes of CO2 and equivalents per metric tonne, which can be significantly reduced by the blending of pure net-zero biofuel in varying increments, according to GAC. A division of the GAC Group, GAC Bunker Fuels aims to achieve its carbon zero target by 2030. (Source: GAC Group, PR, Hellenic, 16 Nov., 2021) Contact: GAC Bunger Fuels, Martyn McMahon,; Neutral Fuels, Gary Hubbard, Chief Commercial Officer, +971 4 584 0374,

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NIPSCO Expanding Renewables, Solar Portfolio (Ind. Report)
NIPSCO, NiSource,NextEra Energy
Date: 2021-11-15
Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLC (NIPSCO), a subsidiary of Merrilville, Indiana-based NiSource Inc., reports the groundbreaking of its first two Indiana-based solar projects -- Indiana Crossroads Solar and Dunns Bridge Solar I. Both projects are expected to be commissioned and online in 2022.

The 265-MW Dunns Bridge Solar I facility is located in Jasper County, Ind. A subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC is constructing the project. Dunns Bridge Solar I will incorporate 900,000 solar panels and generate sufficient power for roughly 79,500 homes. The second phase of the project, Dunns Bridge Solar II, which will also be constructed by NextEra Energy Resources, will have 435 MW of solar paired with 75 MW of battery storage. Dunns Bridge Solar II will include an estimated 1,500,000 solar panels and is expected to be operational in 2023. NextEra Energy Resources will sell both completed projects to NIPSCO.

Indiana Crossroads Solar is a 200 MW solar farm located in White County, Ind. EDP Renewables North America is developing and constructing the project. The solar park will be a joint venture between NIPSCO and EDPR.

With these two solar projects, two completed wind farms and 10 more renewable projects planned or under construction, NIPSCO will have a total of 14 completed renewable projects by the end of 2023, as follows:

  • Rosewater Wind Farm -- 102 MW of wind, located in White County, Ind. (Complete

  • Jordan Creek Wind -- 400 MW of wind, located in Benton and Warren counties, Ind. (Complete)

  • Indiana Crossroads I Wind -- 300 MW of wind, located in White County, Ind. (2021)

  • Dunns Bridge Solar I -- 265 MW of solar, located in Jasper County, Ind. (2022)

  • Indiana Crossroads Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in White County, Ind. (2022)

  • Brickyard Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in Boone County, Ind. (2022)

  • Greensboro Solar -- 100 MW of solar and 30 MW of battery storage, located in Henry County, Ind. (2022)

  • Green River Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in Breckinridge and Meade counties, Ky. (2023)

  • Dunns Bridge Solar II -- 435 MW of solar and 75 MW of battery storage, located in Jasper County, Ind. (2023)

  • Cavalry Solar -- 200 MW of solar and 60 MW of battery storage, located in White County, Ind. (2023) Gibson Solar -- 280 MW of solar, located in Gibson County, Ind. (2023)

  • Fairbanks Solar -- 250 MW of solar, located in Sullivan County, Ind. (2023)

  • Indiana Crossroads II Wind -- 204 MW of wind, located in White County, Ind. (2023)

  • Elliot Solar -- 200 MW of solar, located in Gibson County, Ind. (2023) (Source: NIPSCO, PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: Dunns Bridge Solar,; NIPSCO,; NiSource, Joe Hamrock, Pres., CEO,; NextEra Energy Partners LP,

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  • Matrix Acquiring Italian Solar Portfolio from Solaer (Int'l. M&A)
    Matrix Renewables
    Date: 2021-11-12
    In Madrid, Matrix Renewables is reporting an agreement with Madrid-based Solaer Group to acquire an initial 91 MW solar portfolio of 15 different assets across Italy with construction of the first phase of these projects expected to begin in 2022. Matrix aims to grow its Italian market to more than 500MW in the solar, storage and wind sectors.

    Matrix Renewables, which is backed by U.S. global alternative asset manager TPG Rise, has a portfolio of 1.3 GW of operational, under construction, or near ready-to-build solar PV projects and a further 2.3 GW pipeline of renewable energy projects under development, across Europe, US and Latin America.

    Founded in 2006, Solaer is a Spanish group dedicated to the development, promotion, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar plants in Spain, Italy, the U.K. Israel, India, Portugal, Japan, Mexico, the U.S. Chile and Colombia, according to the release. (Source: Matrix Renewables, Website PR, 10 Nov., 2021) Contact: Matrix Renewables, +34-91-343-2264,, ; Solaero,; Solaer,, +34 917 993 043,

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    Carbon Clean Touts Modular CO2 Capture System (New Prod., Tech.)
    Carbon Clean
    Date: 2021-11-12
    In the UK, London-based carbon capture firm Carbon Clean is touting the launch of CycloneCC, an off-the-shelf small, modular CO2 capture system that it says can capture the greenhouse gas for $30 or less per metric ton.

    The new system, which present being built in India, captures carbon with a specialized amine-based solvent in a rotating packed-bed reactor where gas streams containing CO2 are pumped through a contact chamber where the CO2 dissolves and reacts with the solvent. In a separate chamber, heat and vacuum pull the now-concentrated CO2 back out of the solvent. The solvent is then cooled and cycled back into the contact chamber.

    In addition to the smaller footprint, Carbon Clean says its system will cost half as much to buy and run as custom-built tower-based systems. (Source: Carbon Clean, Chem & Eng. News, 11 Nov., 2021) Contact: Carbon Clean, Aniruddha Sharma, CEO, +44 20 3865 0638,

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    Praj Industries, Indian Oil Ink SAF, Biofuels MoU (Int'l. Report)
    Indian Oil Corporation,Praj Industries
    Date: 2021-11-10
    Pune, India-based ethanol producer, bio-based technologies and engineering specialist Praj Industries Limited and New Delhi-based Indian Oil Corporation Limited are reporting a MoU to further develop and produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), 1G and 2G ethanol, compressed biogas and related products and opportunities .

    The two Indian firms will also collaborate to establish biofuel production facilities, including CBG, biodiesel and ethanol. (Source: Praj Industries, PR, Website Nov., 2021) Contact: Praj Industries Ltd., Dr. Ravindra Utgikar , Bus. Dev.,,;, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.,

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    INOX Wind Claims 150MW NTPC Order (Int'l. Report)
    INOX Wind
    Date: 2021-11-08
    Indian wind turbine manufacturer INOX Wind is reporting receipt of an order for a 150 MW wind power project from NTPC Renewable Energy Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC Limited.

    INOX will supply and install DF 113/92 - 2.0 MW capacity Wind Turbines with 113 meters rotor diameter and 92 meters hub height, along with a comprehensive operation and maintenance (O & M) service for the lifetime of the project . The Project will be constructed on a turnkey "plug-and-play" basis at Dayapar, Kutch District in the state of Gujarat, and is expected to be commissioned by April 2023.

    NTPC is targeting over 60 GW Renewable Energy capacity constituting nearly 50 pct of its overall power generation capacity by 2032. (Source: INOX Wind, PR, Website, Nov., 2021) Contact: INOX Wind, +91-120-6149 600, Fax: +91-120-6149 610,, ; NTPC Renewable Energy,

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    LanzaTech Touts Indian Bagasse-to-Ethanol Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-27
    LanzaTech reports it is partnering with India's Spray Engineering Devices Limited (SED) in a first of a kind sustainable bagasse-to-ethanol project in India. The project will be able to use various feedstocks and will be able to bolt on to waste and residue sources to provide a domestic feedstock source for low carbon ethanol.

    To convert the solid biomass wastes to gases, LanzaTech will work with commercially proven gasification technology. The resulting carbon rich gas will then be converted to ethanol using LanzaTech's gas fermentation platform. The integrated technology will have the flexibility to process a wide range of biomass feedstocks enabling rapid replication at other locations, according to the release.

    The Indian government is encouraging production of cellulosic ethanol from agricultural wastes and increased production of 2G, non-food or feed based ethanol, to meet its 20 pct ethanol blending mandate by 2025. (Source: LanzaTech, Website PR, 22 Oct., 2021) Contact: Spray Engineering Devices Ltd., Vivek Verma, M.D. +91 95699 05375.; LanzaTech, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, (630) 439-3050,,

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    Renewables Global Employment on the Rise (Int'l.)
    International Renewable Energy Agency
    Date: 2021-10-25
    According to the International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) recently released Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review 2021, global renewable energy employment topped 12 million in 2020, up from 11.5 million in 2019.

    The report notes that while solar and wind energy jobs continued leading the global renewable energies sector -- accounting for a total of 4 million and 1.25 million jobs respectively -- liquid biofuels employment decreased as demand for transport fuels fell.

    China held a 39 pct share of renewable energy jobs worldwide in 2020, followed by Brazil, India, the U.S. and members of the European Union. Many other countries are also creating jobs in renewables. Among them are Vietnam and Malaysia, key solar PV exporters; Indonesia and Colombia, with large agricultural supply chains for biofuels; and Mexico and the Russian Federation, where wind power is growing. In Sub-Saharan Africa, solar jobs are expanding in diverse countries like Nigeria, Togo and South Africa, according to the IRENA report. (Source: IRENA, Oct., 2021) Contact: IRENA,

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    ADM Selling Peoria Ethanol Production Complex (M&A, Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-25
    Chicago-headquartered ADM announced Thursday, that it has agreed to sell its 135 million gpy ethanol production complex in Peoria, Illinois, to Houston-based BioUrja Group. Details have not been released but the deal is expected to close in the coming weeks.

    The BioUrja Group is an energy and agricultural commodity trading and supply group that includes BioUrja Trading, RiverCrest Power, West Plains, Energy Alloys Global Solutions, BioUrja Terminals & Land, and BioUrja Capital, among others. The Group supplies biofuels, grains, animal feed ingredients, specialty metal alloy pipes, and refined products to customers, as well as trades electric power, and owns and operates energy logistics terminals and grain storage facilities and has offices in Mexico, the UK, UAE, India, Singapore, and across the midwestern USA, according to the company website. (Source: ADM, Website PR, 21 Oct., 2021) Contact: BioUrja Group, Shek Jain, CEO, 832-775-9000,; ADM,

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    Cognizant Commits to Net-Zero Emissions by 2030 (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-20
    Teaneck, New Jersey-headquartered global business consultancy Cognizant reports it has committed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. Cognizant's commitment calls for reducing emissions by 50 pct from the company's global operations and supply chain by 2030, and by 90 pct by 2040, with the remaining emissions negated with carbon offsets. Specific initiatives to achieve net-zero include:
  • Aligning to climate science -- Cognizant is developing a science-based emissions reduction target that is aligned with the need to keep global average temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and will submit this target for third-party validation with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

  • Ongoing investments in renewable energy -- Building on initial success in India, where over a quarter of Cognizant's energy has come from renewable sources since 2020, Cognizant plans to expand its use of onsite solar energy and enter new power purchase agreements with clean energy developers. It will also continue as a member of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, a global initiative bringing together the world's most influential businesses committed to procuring 100 pct renewable electricity.

  • Increasing energy efficiency -- Cognizant will be investing in new energy efficient equipment and technologies across its owned offices and data centers throughout the world. In 2019 and 2020, the company improved energy efficiency across several offices in India, replacing outdated conventional power supply systems with modular systems, upgrading conventional lighting with energy efficient LED fittings, and retrofitting cooling systems.

    In addition to its own net zero agenda, Cognizant is developing and deploying solutions enabling its global client base to double down on reducing their own carbon footprints, reducing waste, and sustainable product development by leveraging technology advancements in AI, data and analytics, cloud and IoT. Examples include: transitioning energy-intensive data centers to public cloud use; designing IoT-enabled smart buildings that manage electricity, heating, cooling and water consumption more efficiently to reduce power needs; and using IoT and cloud solutions in transportation and supply chain applications for real-time vessel emissions monitoring to improve shipping route planning and increase fuel efficiency. (Source: Cognizant, Website PR, 19 Oct., 2021) Contact: Cognizant, Brian Humphries, CEO , Sophia Mendelsohn, Chief Sustainability Officer , Jodi Sorensen,,

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  • LM Launches 305-Ft. Wind Blade Production Line (Int'l. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy, LM Wind Power
    Date: 2021-10-13
    LM Wind Power, a GE Renewable Energy business, is reporting the launch of its second 107-meter (351.5 foot) wind turbine blade mold (production line) at its Cherbourg factory in France. The facility, which GE is reportedly planning to expand, produced the world's first offshore wind turbine blade longer than 100 meters which will be used in GE's Haliade-X offshore wind turbine.

    LM Wind Power designs, engineers and manufactures rotor blades for wind turbines at plants in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Poland, Spain, France, Turkey and the U.S. The company has produced more than 241,000 blades since 1978, corresponding to more than 121 GW installed capacity and global savings of 251 million metric tpy of CO2, according to the company website. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, 12 Oct., 2021) Contact: GE Renewable Energy,,,; LM Wind Power,

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    Napocor Touts Reforestation, Carbon Sequestration (Int'l.)
    IndiaNational Power Corp.
    Date: 2021-10-13
    India's largest power company National Power Corp. (Napocor) is reporting the launch of its "Energy Carbon Sequestration Initiative" which promotes reforestation across 56,000 hectares of watersheds while helping energy companies and other firms in watershed areas meet their carbon offsetting targets.

    Napocor's protection and reforestation projects are presently supported by the universal charge-environmental fund which is collected from electricity users every month. In July, the Indian Government Department of Energy issued an advisory aimed at encouraging independent power producers to join Napocor's carbon sequestration program. (Source: Napocore, PR 12 Oct., 2021) Contact: Napocore, Emmanuel A. Umali, Manager for Watershed Management,

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    Tanzania Tags $157MN for Climate Change Mitigation (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-10-13
    In Dar Es Salamm, the Tanzanian Ministry for Union Affairs and the Environment reports it has earmarked roughly $157 million in the 2021/2022 financial year for reducing the effects of climate change, adaptation and climate change mitigation projects included construction of walls along the Indian Ocean to reduce erosion caused by sea level rise.

    The Tanzania government also notes that at the upcoming 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, it will call for the "international community to honor agreements on mitigation efforts and urge the international community to encourage countries affected by climate change to protect and restore ecosystems, put warning systems in place and make infrastructure and agriculture more resilient to avoid loss of homes, livelihoods and lives." (Source: Tanzanian Ministry for Union Affairs and the Environment, Xinhua, 12 Nov., 2021)

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    Kinetrex, WVPA Indiana RNG Facilities Underway (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-08
    Indianapolis-based turn-key renewable natural gas (RNG) specialist Kinetrex Energy and Indiana's Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA) report work is underway on the previously announced RNG projects at the Twin Bridges Landfill in Danville, the Prairie View Landfill in Wyatt, and the Liberty Landfill in Monticello, Indiana, all of which are owned by Waste Management. When fully online, the three plants will produce 3.5 billion cubic fpy of RNG. Commercial operations are expected to begin in autumn 2022, subject to pending permits and certifications.

    Waste Management will operate the new RNG facilities and WVPA's generation facilities will remain in operation. The RNG generated from the facilities will be sold pursuant to long-term contracts to Kinetrex Energy's compressed RNG and liquefied RNG vehicle transportation customers located throughout the eastern US. (Source: Kintrex, PR, 4 Oct., 2021) Contact: Wabash Valley Power Alliance,; Kintrex Energy, 317-886-8179

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    Ameresco Renovating Indiana Jail Facility (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-06
    Framingham, Mass.-bases energy effeiciency and renewable energy specialist Ameresco, Inc., reports it is partnering with Wells County, Indiana on a comprehensive jail facility renovation and modernization project.

    Ameresco's work will include: upgrades to mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure; replacement of HVAC units; update interior and exterior lighting with LED retrofits; and upgrade controls system and remodel and build a new facility addition.

    Implemented improvements are expected to save the facility $560,000 annually. Construction is slated to get underway this month for completion in Oct. 2022. ( Source: Ameresco, Inc., Website Release, 4 Oct., 2021) Contact: Ameresco, Leila Dillon, 508-661-2264, ,

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    AES, Google Partner on Nest Renew Thermostat Launch (Ind. Report)
    AES Corporation, Nest thermostat,Google
    Date: 2021-10-06
    Arlington, Virginia-based AES Corporation reports it is partnering with Google on Nest Renew, a new service for Nest thermostats. At launch, AES will offer Nest Renew through its US utilities, AES Indiana and AES Ohio. Nest Renew is designed to work with compatible Nest thermostats to help prioritize clean energy usage and track the positive difference customers are making on the environment. Nest Renew Premium includes Clean Energy Match, which will match a home's estimated fossil fuel electricity with renewable energy credits (RECs) from US wind and solar. helping to support the growth of clean energy.

    Nest Renew will integrate with Uplight, AES' digital technology partner. AES uses Uplight to help speed integration and enable the bundling of multiple utility program options into a simple, consumer-friendly experience. AES is also partnering with Google to identify or develop wind and solar projects that can generate renewable energy certificates (RECs) for Clean Energy Match. (Source: AES Corp., PR, Johnson City Press, Oct., 2021) Contact: AES Corp., Kristina Lund, US Utilities Pres., CEO, Chris Shelton, VP, Chief Products Officer,,; Uplight,; Neste Thermostat,

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    Adani Green Acquiring 40MW Indian Solar Project (Int'l., M&A)
    Adani Green Energy
    Date: 2021-10-01
    In New Delhi, Adani Green Energy Ltd reports it will acquire a 40 MW operational solar project, located in Odisha, from privately-held Essel Green Energy Ltd at an enterprise value of 2,190,000,000 Indian Rupees ($29.482 million). The project has a long-term PPA -- with 22 year remaining -- with the New Delhi-based Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI.)

    With this acquisition, Adani's operational project capacity will reach 5.4 GW, with a total portfolio of 19.8 GW. As previously reported, the company recently raised $750 million through a green bond to fund the equity for its under construction projects. (Source: Adani Green Energy, PR, 30 Sept., 2021) Contact: Essel Green Energy Ltd,; Solar Energy Corporation of India,

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    Lithium-ion Battery Recycling JV Announced (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-09-29
    Power Global, a clean energy and mobility products company is reporting a MoU with Miami, Florida-headquartered stationary energy storage integrator PositivEnergy and battery recycling specialist Redivivus.

    The partnership aims to develop stationary energy storage solutions that support projected grid demand from electrification and enable the renewable energy transition in global markets. The stationary storage solution is expected to have a life of 15 to 20 years, at the end of which Redivivus will help reclaim up to 92 pct of materials, while recirculating and reprocessing chemical reagents for direct reuse in the recycling process.

    Redivivus' "no-burn" Redi-Cycle technology recovers battery materials for secondary markets, reducing the reliance on metal mining. Redivivus will offer mobile Redi-Shred recycling units for Power Global service and sales centers in India and build recycling lines at Power Global's factories in Pasadena, California, and Greater Noida, India. (Source: Power Global, PR, Financial Express, 28 Sept., 2021) Contact: Power Global Corp., (833) 461-7474,,,; PositivEnergy,, www.; Redivivus Technology,

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    UMass Amherst, NIWE Ink India Wind Research Agreement (Int'l.)

    Date: 2021-09-24
    In the Bay State, the University of Massachusetts Amherst reports entering into a memorandum of agreement (MoA) for inter-institutional cooperation with the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) India .

    The partnership aims to establish mutually beneficial collaborative research projects bringing together researchers who understand the technical challenges, environmental implications, socioeconomic impacts and regulatory hurdles of offshore wind development, according to the release.

    Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, NIWE serves as a technical center of research and development excellence under the Ministry of Wind and Renewable Energy India. The University of Massachusetts's Wind Energy Center (WEC) is the nation's preeminent wind energy program, which has been conducting research, education and training in wind energy for over 40 years. (Source: UMass Amherst, PR, 24 Sept., 2021) Contact: UMass Amherst, Professor Krish Sharman, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering , Endowed Chair in Renewable Energy, (413) 545-2178,,; India National Institute of Wind Energy, +91 44 2246 3984,

    Clarke Energy, BioTown Tout Indiana RNG Project (Ind. Report)
    Clarke Energy, BioTown
    Date: 2021-09-17
    In Waukesha, Wisconsin, Clarke Energy USA Inc., a KOHLER Company, is reporting a turn-key agreement with Reynolds, Indiana-based BioTown Biogas under which Clarke will design, supply and install equipment to an upgraded biogas digester plant to process 500-- 600,000 gpy of locally sourced dairy farm waste and slurry into biomethane for the national gas grid in Indiana.

    The biogas will be used for two functions: 460 scfm of treated biogas will fuel an INNIO engine to generate renewable electricity and heat to support the local operations and; over 1,500 scfm of raw biogas will be cleaned and injected into the national gas grid where it will be marketed into the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard program and capture D3 renewable identification numbers (RINs). The installation will also enable the avoidance of 150,000 tpy of CO2 emissions. (Source: Clarke Energy Inc. USA, Website PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: BioTown AG, Chad Hoerr, GM, (219) 984-5915,; Clarke Energy, James Clarke, CEO, 262 565 5020,,

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    Energy Efficiency Key in Notre Dame Carbon Goal (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2021-09-13
    Near South Bend, Indiana, Notre Dame University President Fr. John Jenkins, speaking at the annual Notre Dame Forum's Care for Our Common Home: Just Transition to a Sustainable Future , announced the University aims to achieve a 65 pct reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 compared to a baseline year of 2005, on its way to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

    As a result of past renewable and energy efficiency initiatives -- the elimination of all coal usage, green roofs and other energy efficiency measures -- the university (12,600 enrollment) exceeded its 2010 goal of achieving a 50 pct reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and cut energy consumption by 11 pct since 2008, despite an increased demand for space. (Source: Notre Dame University, Observer, 12 Sept., 2021) Contact: Notre Dame University, Paul Kempf, Utilities and Maintenance, 574-631-5000,

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    Notre Dames Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050 (Ind. Report)
    Notre Dame University
    Date: 2021-09-13
    Near South Bend, Indiana, Notre Dame University President Fr. John Jenkins , speaking at the university's annual Notre Dame Forum, "Care for Our Common Home: Just Transition to a Sustainable Future" announced the University aims to achieve a 65 pct reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 compared to a baseline year of 2005, on its way to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

    Due to past energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives -- the elimination of all coal usage, large-scale solar installations, geothermal, green roofs and others -- the university (12,600 enrollment) has exceeded its previously reported 2010 goal of achieving a 50 pct reduction in carbon emissions per gross square foot by 2030 and cut energy consumption by 11 pct since 2008, despite an increased demand for space. (Source: Notre Dame University, Observer, 12 Sept., 2021) Contact: Notre Dame University, Paul Kempf, Utilities and Maintenance, 574-631-5000,

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    Steel Giant ArcelorMittal Plans 4.5 GW Indian Solar Farm (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-09-13
    Luxembourg-based global steel maker ArcelorMittal is reporting plans to invest in hydrogen gas production, wind energy and a 4.5 GW solar wind park in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The solar facility would be set up by ArcelorMittal's HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd. unit. (Source: ArcelorMittal, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact:

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    Kinder Morgan Completes $310 Mn Entry into RNG Space (M&A)
    Kinder Morgan, Kintrex
    Date: 2021-09-08
    Houston-headquartered Kinder Morgan Inc. reports it has closed closed the $310 million acquisition of Indianapolis-based Kinetrex Energy, marking the Houston-based pipeline operator's entry into the renewable natural gas (RNG) market. Kinetrex is the leading supplier of LNG in the Midwest and a rapidly growing player in producing and supplying RNG.

    The deal follows the formation in March of Kinder Morgan's Energy Transition Ventures group, which has been tasked with identifying commercial opportunities emerging from the low-carbon energy transition.

    At time of closing, the Kinextrex portfolio included two small-scale, domestic LNG production and fueling facilities, a 50 pct interest in a landfill-based RNG facility in Indiana, and signed commercial agreements for three additional RNG facilities with construction to begin shortly.

    As the three new RNG facilities are expected to become operational over the next 18 months. The company will continue operations as Kinetrex Energy, a Kinder Morgan company. Additionally, key members of Kinetrex's management team, including President and CEO Aaron Johnson, were expected to join Kinder Morgan as part of the acquisition. (Source: Kinder Morgan, 20 Aug., Sept., 2021) Contact: Kinder Morgan,; Kintrex Energy, Aaron Johnson, CEO, 317-886-8179,

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    Indian Green Hydrogen Collaboration Announced (Int'l.)
    Ayana Renewable Power,Greenstat Hydrogen
    Date: 2021-09-08
    India's Ayana Renewable Power and Norwegian-owned Greenstat Hydrogen India, are reporting a MOU to collaborate on developing green hydrogen production projects.

    Ayana Renewable Power, a renewable energy platform majority controlled by India's National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF), focuses on development of utility scale renewable energy projects in India. The company aims to be the lowest cost renewable energy producer which utilizes technology to maximize value creation.

    The Government of India previously announced plans to launch the National Hydrogen Mission. (Source: Ayana Renewable Power, PR, India Free Press Journal, Sept., 2021) Contact: Ayana Renewable Power, +91 80 4851 1001,; Greenstat Hydrogen,

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    Arevon Taps Nextracker for Solar Portfolio Smart (Ind. Report)
    Arevon, Nextracker
    Date: 2021-09-03
    Fremont, California-based solar tracker specialist Nextracker™ reports it has been selected by Arizona-based Arevon Energy, Inc. to supply its upcoming 1.5 GW portfolio of solar projects in Indiana and Nevada. Nextracker will supply NX Horizon™ smart solar trackers with TrueCapture™ and NX Navigator™ software and control systems for advanced monitoring, control, and asset management.

    Indiana will host five of these solar power plants: Elliott -- 200 MW; Gibson – 280 MW; Ratts 1 and Ratts 2 (both 150 MW), and Posey - 300 MW. The 250 MW Citadel project will be located outside of Reno, Nevada, and the 232 MW Townsite plant in Boulder City, Nevada. (Source: Nextracker, Website PR, 31 Aug., 2021) Contact: Arevon Energy, Justin Johnson, Executive VP, COO, 480-653-8450, www.; Nextracker, (510) 270-2500, [

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    Reliance Ind. Considers REC Solar Acquisition (M&A)
    Reliance Ind., REC Solar
    Date: 2021-09-03
    Mumbai-based Indian industrial conglomerate Reliance Industries is reportedly planning to acquire Duke Energy Renewables subsidiary REC Solar for roughly $1 billion to $1.2 billion. Reliance is reportedly in talks with several unspecified lenders to support the transaction.

    As previously reported, Reliance Industries, which focuses on the energy, petrochemical, natural gas, and other industries, plans to invest $8.1 billion over the next three years to build giga-factories for solar, green hydrogen, energy storage, electrolyzers, and fuel cells, including an integrated PV module factory in France.

    REC Solar's annual production capacity stands at roughly 1.8 GW. (Source: Reliance Energy, PR, 2 Sept., 2021) Contact: Reliance Industries,; REC Solar, Singapre-based; REC Solar, Matt Walz, CEO, 805.471.0085,

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    Topsoe Taped for Calumet Renewable Diesel Project (Ind. Report)
    Calumet,Haldor Topsoe
    Date: 2021-09-01
    Further to our 19th Feb. report, Indianapolis-headquartered Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP is reporting the selection of Haldor Topsoe's HydroFlex solution to produce 12,000 bpd of renewable diesel (RD) at its revamped plant in Great Falls, Montana, in 2022.

    Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. specializes in naphthenic and paraffinic oils as well as aliphatic solvents and paraffin waxes production.

    Topsoe's HydroFlex is the industry-leading technology for production of renewable jet (SAF) and diesel provides lower CAPEX, lower OPEX, lower carbon intensity (CI) score, better diesel yield, and can be deployed in both grassroots units and revamps for co-processing or stand-alone applications, according to the company. (Source: Calumet, PR, Biofuels News, 31 Aug., 2021) Contact: Calumet Specialty Products, Bruce Flemming, VP, (317) 328-5660,; Haldor Topsoe, Henrik Rasmussen, Americas Managing Dir., +45 27 77 99 68,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Haldor Topsoe,  Calumet,  SAF Jet Fuel,  Renewable Diesel,  

    Mumbai Int'l. Airport Lands Energy Efficiency Award (Int'l.)
    Mumbai International Airport
    Date: 2021-09-01
    In India, Mumbai International Airport reports receipt of the Confederation of India Energy Efficient Unit Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2021. The award lauds the airport for its sustainable and green initiatives, most importantly in assessing the reduction in specific energy consumption, innovation in identifying and implementing energy-saving projects, green supply chain, waste management, GHG Emission and climate change initiatives.

    The Airport's initiatives include: a carbon management system, carbon neutrality, renewable energy installations, wastewater recycling and an effective waste management system enhancement in renewable energy capacity, and others that have delivered a 35 pct reduction in energy consumption and the reduction of 31,581 units (tCO2e) of GHG Emissions.

    Mumbai International Airport is an ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System certified company committed to continuous reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint through various initiatives. The airport is also the only in airport in India to publish the Sustainability Report as per the latest GRI Standards and the first platinum-rated Indian airport within the Existing Building (O&M) Rating System for its environmentally sustainable profile. In addition, the airport also owns an Organic Waste Converter (OWC) project with a solar capacity of 5kWp for providing green power for its operations. (Source: Mumbai International Airport, International Airport Review, 1 Sept., 2021) Contact: Mumbai International Airport,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Mumbai International Airport news,  

    CenterPoint Energy Seeks Solar Energy PPA Approvals (Ind. Report)
    CenterPoint Energy,Origis Energy
    Date: 2021-08-27
    Evansville, Indiana-headquartered CenterPoint Energy reports its electric and natural gas business, CenterPoint Energy Indiana South, has filed a request for approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to enter into two PPAs for an additional 335 MW of solar energy as part of the company's long-term electric generation transition to renewable energy plan.

    The company is seeking IURC approval to purchase 185 MWs of solar power, under a 15-year PPA, from Oriden, which is developing a solar project in Vermillion County, Ind., and 150 MWs of solar power, under a 20-year PPA, from Origis Energy, which is developing a solar project in Knox County, Ind. Subject to necessary approvals, both solar arrays are expected to be in service by 2023. The total 335 MWs from these developments is expected to supply sufficient power for more than 70,000 homes or 12,000 commercial customers per year. (Source: CenterPoint Energy, PR, Website, 25 Aug., 2021)Contact: CenterPoint Energy, Steve Greenley, Senior VP, Generation Del.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CenterPoint Energy,  Solar,  Origis Energy,  

    USDA Awards $26Mn in Biofuels Infrastructure Grants (Funding)
    USDA, USDA Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program
    Date: 2021-08-25
    Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Justin Maxson announced that USDA is investing $26 million to build infrastructure to expand the availability of higher-blend renewable biofuels, such as E15 and flex fuels such as E85, by 822 million gallons annually in 23 states. USDA is making the awards under the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program. The announcement includes investments in 23 states including California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin.

    The announcement marks the one-year anniversary of the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program. To date, USDA has invested $66.4 million for projects that are expected to increase biofuels sales by 1.2 billion gallons annually.

    Through this program, USDA helps transportation fueling and biodiesel distribution facilities offer higher ethanol and biodiesel blends to customers by sharing the costs to install fuel pumps, equipment and infrastructure.

    In California, AltAir Paramount LLC will use a $1.5 million grant to install a pump, safety infrastructure and piping at its fuel distribution facility. Funds will also be used to retrofit and upgrade a biodiesel storage tank. This project is expected to increase biodiesel sales by 135 million gallons per year.

    In Ohio, United Dairy Farmers Inc. will use a $634,000 grant to replace 21 dispensers and four storage tanks at four fueling stations. The company also will install 13 dispensers at two more fueling stations in Ohio and Kentucky. This project is expected to increase ethanol sales by 4 million gallons per year.

    In North Carolina, Zenith Energy Terminals Holdings LLC will use a $614,930 grant to install a truck rack biodiesel blending system at a fuel distribution facility. This project is expected to increase biodiesel sales by 24 million gallons per year.

    The National Biodiesel Board notes the funding for 12 projects from California to Connecticut will support nearly 771 million gpy of biodiesel per year and reduce the nation's carbon emissions by more than 7.2 million metric tpy at a cost of less than $2.25 per ton. (Source: USDA, 20 Aug., 2021) Contact: Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biofuel,  USDA Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program,  USDA,  

    Kinder Morgan Nails Kintrex Energy Acquisition (M&A, Ind. Report)
    Kinder Morgan, Kintrex Energy
    Date: 2021-08-25
    Houston-headquartered Kinder Morgan, Inc. is reporting closure on its previously announced $310 million acquisition of Indianapolis-based LNG specialist Kinetrex Energy. The deal includes two small-scale, domestic LNG production and fueling facilities, a 50 pct interest in a landfill-based renewable natural gas (RNG) facility in Indiana, along with signed commercial agreements for three additional RNG facilities with construction to begin shortly.

    Kinetrex supplies liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Midwest and is a rapidly growing player in producing and supplying RNG under long-term contracts to transportation service providers. The company will continue operations as Kinetrex Energy. (Source: Kinder Morgan, PR, 20 Aug., 2021) Contact: Kinder Morgan,; Kintrex Energy, Aaron Johnson, CEO, 317-886-8179,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Kinder Morgan,  Kintrex Energy,  RNG,  

    India's Largest Floating Solar PV Project Commissioned (Int'l.)
    National Thermal Power Corporation
    Date: 2021-08-23
    Indian state-owned National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Ltd, on Saturday, commissioned India's largest floating solar Photovoltaics (PV) project at 25MW on the reservoir of the 2000 MW, coal-fired Simhadri thermal station in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

    The 75-acre floating solar installation is expected to generate sufficient power for roughly 7,000 homes and eliminate at least 46,000 tpy of CO2e over the project's lifespan.

    With a total installed capacity of 66900 MW, NTPC Group has 71 Power stations including 29 renewable projects. NTPC has set a target to install 60 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy (RE) capacity by 2032. (Source: National Thermal Power Corp., ETPC, 21 Aug., 2021) Contact: National Thermal Power Corp.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Floating Solar,  

    Bendix 1,168-MW Indiana Solar Array Now On-line (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-20
    Munich, Germany-based Knorr-Bremse subsidiary Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems in Huntington, Indiana, is reporting completion of the company's first-ever solar array. The 1.168-MW array provides roughly 30 pct of the Bendix local campus's power requirements while reducing the company's carbon footprint by roughly 30 pct.

    Indianapolis-based PSG Energy Group managed construction of the array which produces 1.5 million kWh of electricity for an estimated $140,000 in annual electric utility savings. (Source: Bendix Corp., PR, 18 Aug., 2021) Contact: Bendix, Bill Schubert, Environmental and Sustainabilityy Manager, Contact: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems,; PSG Energy Group, 317-892-8195,

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    Birla Carbon Aims for Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 (Int'l.)
    Birla Carbon
    Date: 2021-08-16
    Mumbai- India-headquartered global carbon black manufacturer Birla Carbon reports it plans to bring down its net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The company's initiative, which is in line with The Paris Agreement and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Tire Industry Project SDG Roadmap, is in collaboration with sister companies to develop decarbonization initiatives through the Aditya Birla Science and Technology Center.

    To reach net-zero carbon emission by 2050, Birla Carbon will focus on all three scopes in the measurement, reduction, and offsetting of carbon emissions. A majority of its carbon footprint reduction is expected to come from Scope 1 and 2 based on its direct and indirect emission reduction initiatives. A smaller portion of its reduction will come from scope 3 based on the operations of upstream and downstream industries in the value chain. The company will focus on research to discover new ways for the capture and conversion of carbons; reducing dependence on traditional manufacturing processes; increasing energy efficiency; increased use of alternative energy and feedstocks; and the addition of renewable energy solutions.

    Part of the Aditya Birla Group, Birla Carbon provides innovative sustainable carbon black solutions that enhance the performance of paints and coatings, inks and toners, plastics, adhesives, sealants, textile fibers, mechanical rubber goods, and tires. The company's footprint extends across 12 countries with 16 manufacturing facilities and two technology centers in Marietta, Georgia (USA) and Taloja, India). (Source: Brila Carbon, 13 Aug., 2021) Contact: Birla Carbon, John Loudermilk, CEO,

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    Reliance Solar, Bill Gates Invest in Green Power Storage (Int'l.)
    Reliance Industries, Ambri
    Date: 2021-08-11
    Mumbai-based Reliance Industries Ltd subsidiary Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd (RNESL) reports it, along with Paulson & Co. Inc. Bill Gates, and other investors, have invested of $144 million in Massachusetts-based long-duration energy storage specialist Ambri Inc.

    Ambri's patented 4-24 hour long- duration energy storage systems will break through the cost, longevity and safety barriers associated with lithium-ion batteries used in grid-scale stationary storage applications. RNESL and Ambri are also in considering a collaboration on a large-scale battery manufacturing facility in India.

    Ambri caters to projects requiring from 10 MWh to over 2 GWh of energy storage systems and that are more economical than lithium-ion batteries. Ambri systems are well suited to peak times and high-usage applications, according to the release. (Source: Reliance Industries Limited, PR, 10 Aug., 2021) Contact: Ambri,; About Reliance Industries Limited, Tushar Pania, + 91 9820 088536,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar+Storage,  Reliance Industries,  Bill Gates,  Renewable Energy Storage,  Energy Strage,  Ambri,  

    OPAL Fuels Investing in Indiana RNG Facility (Ind. Report)
    OPAL Fuels, Fortistar,Bio Town Biogas
    Date: 2021-08-11
    Fortistar portfolio company OPAL Fuels LLC, the leader in developing and marketing renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel, is reporting an investment in Reynolds, Indian-based Bio Town Biogas, an environmentally-friendly RNG production facility.

    The project incorporates a large-scale dairy digester that will produce about 1,000 MMBTUs of fuel per day -- the equivalent of 28.5 million gpy of RNG with net zero emissions -- sufficient to allow roughly 2,400 heavy-duty trucks to achieve carbon neutral emissions in their operations. All told, this project will keep over 43,000 tpy of CO2e emissions while helping trucking companies save about $5.8 million per year in fuel costs compared to diesel, according to the release. (Source: OPAL Fuels, PR, 10 Aug., 2021) Contact: OPAL Fuels LLC, Jon Maurer, Co-CEO ,; Bio Town Biogas, www.

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Bio Town Biogas news,  RNG news,  Fortistar news,  OPAL Fuel news,  

    AES Indiana Acquiring PetersburgSolar+Storage Project (M&A)
    AES Corp., NextEra Energy Resources
    Date: 2021-08-04
    In Indianapolis, AES Indiana, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, is reporting plans to acquire and construct a 250 MW solar + 180MWh energy storage facility in Pike County, southwest of Indianapolis, Indiana, from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, which will develop and construct the project.

    Connected to AES Indiana's existing Petersburg Generating Station, the project will power the equivalent of 45,000 homes during peak hours.

    Subject to regulatory approvals, the project is expected to be operational no later than May 1, 2024. Last month, AES Indiana received approval from the IURC to acquire the Hardy Hills 195 MW solar project in Clinton County, Ind. (Source: AES Corporation, PR, Aug., 2021) Contact: AES Indiana,; NextEra Energy Resources, 561-691-7171,

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    OMERS Acquiring 19.4 pct Stake in Azure Power (M&A, Int'l.)
    OMERS Infrastructure,Azure Power
    Date: 2021-08-02
    Toronto-headquartered OMERS Infrastructure is reporting it will acquire a 19.4 pct stake in New Delhi-based independent Indian solar power producer Azure Power Global Ltd. from International Finance Corporation and IFC GIF Investment Company for $219 million. The transaction is expected to close early this month.

    Founded in 2008, Azure Power has 2 GW of operational capacity and 5 GW of capacity under construction or awarded.

    OMERS Infrastructure's global renewable energy holdings include Dallas, Texas-based Leeward Renewable Energy, a growth-oriented renewable energy company that owns and operates a portfolio of 22 renewable energy facilities across nine US states, totaling more than 2 GW of installed capacity.(Source: OMERS Infrastructure, Website, PR, PTI 1 Aug., 2021) Contact: OMERS Infrastructure, Annesley Wallace, Exec. VP, (416) 361-1011; Leeward Renewable Energy, 214.515.1100,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Leeward Renewable Energy,  OMERS Infrastructure,  Azure Power,  Renewable Energy,  

    IFC $250Mn Loan to Support Green Housing in India (Int’l.)
    International Finance Corporation
    Date: 2021-07-26
    In Washington, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a private sector investment arm of the World Bank Group, reports it will provide $250 million in loan funding to promote affordable green housing finance for low-income borrowers in India. At least 25 pct of the financing has been earmarked for green affordable housing.

    Green affordable housing can help India meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement, to reduce a third of its carbon emissions by 2030 from 2005 levels. Green and energy efficient housing can help cut emissions, as residential housing accounts for about 24 percent of the nation's electricity consumption, it said. (Source: International Finance Corporation,PR, PT India, 25 July, 2021) Contact:

    More Low-Carbon Energy News International Finance Corporation news,  Green Building news,  Energy Efficiency news,  

    IOCL Planning India's First "Green" Hydrogen Plant (Int'l.)
    Indian Oil Corporation
    Date: 2021-07-26
    In New Delhi, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) reports it will set up India's first 'Green Hydrogen' plant at its Mathura refinery in Uttar Pradesh.

    Green hydrogen is derived from water electrolysis using renewable energy. Biomass-based "brown and grey" hydrogen production technologies also qualify under the green category but are produced through coal gasification and natural gas reforming, respectively generate a significant amount of carbon dioxide. Integration with appropriate carbon capture and utilisation technologies results in Blue hydrogen.

    While Indian Oil has been working on various hydrogen production pathways, the current project at Mathura Refinery will be pioneering the introduction of green hydrogen in the Indian oil and gas sector, according to the IOCL release. (Source: IOCL, PR, 25 July, 2021) Contact: Indian Oil Corp., Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Indian Oil Corporation ,  Hydrogen,  Green Hydrogen,  Blur Hydrogen,  

    SECI Plans 2,000 MWh Standalone Energy Storage Tender Call (Int'l.)
    Solar Energy Corporation of India
    Date: 2021-07-26
    In New Delhi, India's state-owned Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) reports it is planning a 2,000 MWh standalone energy storage system which will be executed by the private sector on a build-own-operate (BOO) basis with a 25-year agreement. A detailed tender call is expected by the end of August. this year. (Source: Solar Energy Corporation of India, PR, Economic Times, 25 July, 2021) Contact: Solar Energy Corporation of India, 011 2466 6200,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar Energy Corporation of India news,  Energy Storage news,  

    Uttar Pradesh India's Largest Ethanol Producing State (Int'l.)
    India Ethanol
    Date: 2021-07-26
    In India, the government of Uttar Pradesh is reporting the state was India's largest ethanol-producer with a total of 58 crore litres (15.3 million gal.) of ethanol produced by 54 distilleries in the 2020-21 period.

    Nationally, India produced 78.6 million gallons of ethanol in 2020. (Source: Gov. Uttar Predesh, TV India 25 July, 2021)

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    Chevron, Cummins Announce Hydrogen Coop. MoU (Ind. Report)
    Chevron, Cummins
    Date: 2021-07-26
    Chevron and Columbus, Indiana-headquartered multi-national power company Cummins Inc. have announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop commercially viable business opportunities in hydrogen and other alternative energy sources.

    The MOU provides the framework for Chevron and Cummins to initially collaborate on four main objectives: advancing public policy that promotes hydrogen as a decarbonizing solution for transportation and industry; building market demand for commercial vehicles and industrial applications powered by hydrogen; developing infrastructure to support the use of hydrogen for industry and fuel cell vehicles; and exploring opportunities to leverage Cummins electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies at one or more of Chevron's domestic refineries. (Source: Chevron, Cummins, PR, BIC Mag, 25 July, 2021) Contact: Chevron,; Cummins, Amy Davis, VP New Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Chevron,  Cummins,  Hydrogen,  

    Bloomington Launches Green Home Program (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-07-23
    In Illinois, the City of Bloomington is touting the Bloomington Green Home Improvement Program, a partnership between the city's Department of Economic and Sustainable Environment, the not-for-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Friendly Bloomington, and Clean Energy Credit Union -- a low-income designated, federally chartered credit union that offers loans for clean energy projects.

    Under the program, qualified Bloomington homeowners will be eligible for $1,000 rebates and low-interest loans for solar electric system installations, geothermal heat pump systems, energy efficient HVAC , LED lighting and others.

    All eligible Bloomington city residents will be directed to apply directly for a loan from Clean Energy Credit Union at an interest rate reduced by 0.5 pct according to the release. Residents with a household income below $100,000 who verify completion of a green energy project are then eligible for a $1,000 rebate from the city. A federal solar income tax credit of 26 pct is also available for solar or geothermal projects completed in 2021 or 2022. (Source: CDFI Friendly Bloomington, Indiana Daily Student, 22 July, 2021) Contact: CDFI Friendly Bloomington, Brian Payne, Executive Director,; Clean Energy Credit Union,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    Siemens Gamesa Claims Major Indian Wind Turbine Order (Int'l.)
    Siemens Gamesa,ReNew Power
    Date: 2021-07-21
    Madrid-based wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa reports receipt of a major order for 180 units of its new SG3.4-145 wind turbines from ReNew Power for two projects in Karnataka State, India. Ninety-three units for the Tondehal project in the Koppal district, and 87 units for the 301 MW Hombal project in the Gadag district, for delivery in 2022.

    Siemens Gamesa and ReNew power first partnered in 2012 for a 22 MW wind farm in the state of Maharashtra.Since that time Siemens Gamesa has developed wind farms for ReNew power across five wind-rich states in the country which are powered by turbines ranging from the company's legacy 850 kW turbine to its latest SG 3.4-145 turbine. Today, with over 1 GW of commissioned capacity of wind projects, Siemens Gamesa serves over 30 pct of ReNew's wind portfolio. (Source: Siemens Gamesa, PR, reve, 20 July, 2021) Contact: Siemens Gamesa, Navin Dewaji, India CEO, Madhu Kumar,, +91 443 924 244,; ReNew Power Limited, Ms. Vaishali Nigam Sinha, Chief Sustainability Officer, +91 124 489 6670/80,,

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    Kinder Morgan Acquiring LNG Supplier Kinetrex Energy (M&A)
    Kinder Morgan, Kinetrex
    Date: 2021-07-19
    Houston, Texas-headquartered Kinder Morgan Inc. reports it is purchasing Indianapolis-based LNG supplier Kinetrex Energy for $310 million. Kintrex has two small-scale domestic LNG production and fueling facilities and holds a 50 pct stake in a landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) facility with three more RNG facilities in development. When fully operational the four sites will produce more than 4 billion cubic feet of RNG per year and capture the methane produced from the decomposition of organic waste.

    Kinder Morgan is also looking at opportunities in carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) renewable natural gas capture, hydrogen production, renewable power generation, electric transmission, and renewable diesel production. The company is also spending $60 million to build new renewable diesel hubs in Northern and Southern California and has terminals and pipelines capable of blending, storing, and exporting ethanol and other biofuels while evaluating multiple opportunities to establish new hubs to handle those products.(Source: KinderMorgan, PR, 14 July, 2021) Contact: Kinetrex Energy, 317-886-8179. ; Kinder Morgan, (713) 369-9000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Kinder Morgan,  Kinetrex,  LNG,  Hydrogen,  Biofuel,  Marine Fuel,  LNG,  

    GE Tapped for Indian 55 Onshore Wind Turbines Order (Ind. Report)
    GE Renewable Energy,Solar Energy Corporation of India
    Date: 2021-07-07
    GE Renewable Energy reports its has been selected by Continuum Green Energy to supply, install and commission 55 sets of its 2.7-132 onshore wind turbines for the 148.5-MW Morjar, Bhuj wind farm in the state of Gujarat.

    When fully operational, the project is expected to generate sufficient power for roughly 125,000 households in India. The project has a 25-year PPA with Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, Contact: Continuum Green Energy, Arvind Bansal, CEO,; GE Renewable Energy,; Solar Energy Corporation of India,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GE Renewable Energy,  Wind,  Wind Turbine,  

    ION Energy Raises $3.6 Mn (Int'l. Report, Funding)
    ION Energy
    Date: 2021-07-02
    Mumbai, India-based advanced electronics and software specialist ION Energy reports it has raised $3.6 million in Pre-Series A funding. The round was raised from Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund and joined by Silicon Valley-based Climate Capital, and others. The funds will be used to grow the ION team to 125+ (currently 70), invest in product development and expand the software business in North America and Europe.

    Founded in 2016, the five-year-old startup is headquartered in India and has operations in France and the U.S. ION's flagship offering is a smart battery management platform (BMS) that leverages proprietary algorithms to improve battery life and performance. (Source: ION Energy, PR, 1 July, 2021) Contact: ION Energy, Akhil Aryan, Co-founder, CEO, +91 98201 02272

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ION Energy,  Battery,  Energy STorage,  

    Clariant, India Glycols Renewable Ethylene JV Confirmed (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-07-02
    Sustainable,specialty chemicals producer Clariant and India Glycols Limited (IGL), a manufacturer of green technology-based chemicals, are reporting their 51-49 pct joint venture for renewable ethylene oxide (EO) derivatives made from bio-ethanol under the name Clariant IGL Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has received all necessary approvals and will begin operation this month.

    Originally announced in March 2021, the joint venture combines IGL's renewable bio-ethylene oxide derivatives business, which includes a multipurpose production facility including an alkoxylation plant located in Kashipur, Uttarakhand (India), with Clariant's local Industrial and Consumer Specialties business in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. To support production, India Glycols has agreed to a long-term supply agreement for ethylene oxide made from bio-ethanol as well as further utilities. (Source: Clariant, PR, 1 July, 2021) Contact: Glycols Limited,; Clariant, Conrad Keijzer, CEO, +41 61 469 63 63, Fax: +41 61 469 69 99,;

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