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Engie, Heliatek Launch "World's Largest" OPV System (Int'l)
Engie, Heliatek
Date: 2017-11-17
French power giant Engie is reporting the inauguration of a 53 sq-meter organic photovoltaic (OPV) system on a roof at a school in La Rochelle, France, using Heliatek's technology. The installation will generate 23.8MWh of electricity each year, enough to power 15-20 pct of the school's power requirements. This experimental project seeks to open the door to longer term and large-scale development of OPV technology, which is suitable for lightweight, flat and curved roofs, where traditional solar panels are hard to install.

Engie , which holds a stake in Heliatek, has deployed Heliatek's organic OPV thin-film technology as part of a new fa├žade at its research center in Linkebeek, Belgium. (Source: Engie, PR, PV Tech, 16 Nov., 2017) Contact: Engie, Isabelle Kocher, CEO,; Heliatek, Thibaud Le Seguillon, CEO, +49 351 2130 3430,

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LafargeHolcim, Heliatek Launching Solar Energy-Generating Concrete Building Facade (New Prod & Tech)
Date: 2017-11-08
Global building materials supplier LafargeHolcim and Dresden, Germany-headquartered Heliatek GmbH are touting a photovoltaic energy-generating concrete building facade material that can generate twice the electric power of rooftop solar installations.

The cladding combines Heliatek's flexible and ultra-light HeliaFilm solar film with LafargeHolcim's prefabricated Ductal panels to create an integrated solar energy-generation system.

Heliatek offers a range of ultra-light (1 kg/sqm), thin, solar films with CO2 life cycle impact close to five times less than traditional crystalline photovoltaics. (Source: LafargeHochim, 7 Nov., 2017) Contact: LafargeHockim,; Heliatek, +49 351 21303430,

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