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Bay State's Largest Energy Storage System Unveiled (Ind. Report)
ENGIE North America
Date: 2018-09-26
ENGIE North America an municipally-owned Holyoke Gas & Electric Utility (HG&E) are reporting the launch of Massachusetts' largest utility-scale energy storage system at the Mt. Tom Solar Farm in Holyoke, Massachusetts. ENGIE Storage Services -- fka Green Charge LLC -- will operate the 3-megawatt GridSynergy(trade; system, which will be integrated into the largest community solar farm in the state at a location adjacent to the former Mt. Tom Power Station.

GridSynergy will provide grid stability by responding quickly to electricity demand fluctuations, allow for the increased use of clean energy, and reduce peak load burden on the existing electrical distribution system.

According to ENGIE North America, nearly 100 pct of its power generation portfolio is low carbon or carbon free. Globally, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer in the world, with operations in 70 countries and 1,000 researchers in 11 R&D centers. (Source: ENGIE North America Inc., AP, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: ENGIE, Carol Churchill, 617-886-8759,,,; Holyoke Gas & Electric,; ENGIE Storage Services NA,

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Green Charge Developing Bay State's Largest Energy Storage Installation (Ind. Report)
Green Charge
Date: 2017-10-06
ENGIE subsidiary Green Charge Networks reports it will develop and operate a 3 MW battery energy storage system at the 5.76-MW Mt. Tom Solar array adjacent to the former Mt. Tom Power Station in Massachusetts.

The system, which could be the largest utility-scale energy storage system in the Bay State when completed in April 2018, will deliver energy to Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E). The system will be used to optimize intermittent solar energy and reduce utility capacity costs for HG&E while reducing stress on the grid. HG&E was awarded a $475,000 MA Department of Energy Resources Grant to contract with, schedule, measure, and analyze the energy storage system. (Source: Green Charge, Power Engineering, Others, October, 2017)Contact: Green Charge Networks, (800) 426-5010,,; Holyoke Gas & Electric, (413) 536-9400,; ENGIE,

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Green Charge Energy Storage System Activated in San Diego (Ind. Report)
Green Charge
Date: 2016-12-14
In the Golden State, Santa Clara-headquartered commercial-scale energy storage provider Green Charge Networks, LLC reports that its GridSynergy™ energy storage systems are now fully operational for San Diego's 17,000-student Grossmont Union High School. With this new installation, the largest school energy storage installation in the state, Grossmont will have approximately 7 MHh of energy storage deployed at 14 campus-wide sites.

Green Charge's GridSynergy™ energy storage system is expected to deliver $6.4 million in projected savings and revenues. The systems and installation came at no cost to the district through Green Charge's Power Efficiency Agreement™ shared-savings model.

In addition to peak demand reduction savings, GridSynergy Software generates revenues for the district by enabling the storage system to automatically participate in demand response, ISO and virtual power plant programs. (Source: Greencharge Networks, PR, Bus. Wire, 13 Dec., 2016) Contact: Greencharge Networks, (800) 426-5010,,

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Green Charge Inks Con Edison Energy Storage Deal (Ind. Report)
Green Charge,Con Edicon
Date: 2016-11-11
Santa Clara, Calif-headquartered commercial energy storage specialist Green Charge reports it has contracted with Con Edison [New York] for 13 mWh of intelligent energy storage for Con Edison's Brooklyn-Queens Neighborhood Program.

The distributed energy storage portfolio will operate as a virtual power plant to mitigate peak load on the local distribution system. Con Edison's Neighborhood Program will help Con Edison defer more than $1 billion in new infrastructure spending.

Green Charge will install, operate and maintain GridSynergy Storage at businesses, schools, housing cooperatives and multi-family units in the Brooklyn-Queens boroughs. Green Charge co-optimizes systems to provide customers with utility bill savings, backup power, and solar PV integration. (Source: GreenCharge, 7 Nov., 2016) Contact: Green Charge, Vic Shao, CEO, Anne Smith, (408) 313-8089,,; ConEdison, Greg Elcock, Program Mgr.,

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