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Plug Power Tapped for Egyptian Green Ammonia Project (Int'l)
Plug Power
Date: 2021-11-26
Latham, New York-headquartered hydrogen fuel cell pioneer Plug Power Inc. reports it has been selected by Abu Dhabi-headquartered Fertiglobe as the technology provider for a 100 MW electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen as feedstock for the production of up to 90,000 tpy of green ammonia in Sokhna, Egypt.

Green ammonia is an ideal carrier fuel to store and transport hydrogen, and can help decarbonize numerous sectors which represent around 80 pct of current global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, including as an important alternative fuel in the power sector in Japan and other countries.

Fertiglobe -- a Netherlands-based OCI NV, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Scatec ASA and Orascom Construction (ORAS) partnership -- produces 6.7 million tpy of urea and merchant ammonia at subsidiaries in the UAE, Egypt and Algeria, making it the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). (Source: Plug Power, Website PR, 24 Nov., 2021) Contact: Plug Power, Andy Marsh, CEO,; Fertiglobe, Ahmed El-Hoshy, CEO,

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Neste Advances MultiPLHY Green Hydrogen Project (Int'l. Report)
Neste, Sunfire
Date: 2021-11-26
Helsinki-headquartered Neste Oy reports it has begun the execution phase of the MultiPLHY project aimed at integrating and operating the world's first high-temperature electrolyzer system in multi-megawatt-scale (2.4 MW) at its renewable products refinery in Rotterdam. The project aims to demonstrate production of green hydrogen for the refinery's processes.

The MultiPLHY project , which launched in early 2020, has completed conceptual design work and detailed engineering work is being finalized.

In the scope of the project, electrolysis company Sunfire will supply the multi-megawatt electrolyzer based on the innovative solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) technology operating at high temperatures of 850 degree C. Due to the utilization of heat, the high-temperature electrolyzer requires significantly less electricity to produce one kilogram of green hydrogen.

The MultiPLHY project has received grant funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme supported Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research. (Source: Neste Corporation, PR, Website, 23 Nov., 2021) Contact: Neste Corp., Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior VP, Innovation, +358 50 458 5076,; Sunfire, Nils Aldag, CEO,

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JM Joins International Hydrogen Energy Centre (Ind. Report)
Johnson Matthey,International Hydrogen Energy Center
Date: 2021-11-19
London-headquartered Johnson Matthey reports it has joined the newly launched International Hydrogen Energy Center (IHEC), which is part of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), aimed at accelerating large-scale production, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen and transitioning the world to a net-zero carbon emission society.

At its inaugural meeting on 10 Nov., IHEC agreed to the following:

  • To build an extensive network around IHEC to ensure global reseach and knowledge are shared and avoid duplication.

  • To transition to a hydrogen economy, the entire value chain(s) need to be covered rather than solely focusing on producing hydrogen, also consider the hydrogen applications and their roll-out to avoid them lagging behind. If not corrected, this will lead to a supply/demand imbalance.

  • The other elements of an emerging value chain, for example business planning, project finance, the development of holistic approaches to promote hydrogen deployment are also key.

  • The production, distribution, storage and use of hydrogen needs to happen safely. A globally aligned approach to safety is important and the global supply chains that will be developed, need to be developed safely.

    Johnson Matthey is active in emission control catalysts, industrial catalysts, absorbents, process technologies, fine chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical products, medical device components, colours, coatings, fuel cell technology, battery technology, hydrogen and others on a global scale. (Source: Johnson Matthey, Website PR, 16 Nov., 2021) Contact: Johnson Matthey,,; International Hydrogen Energy Center,; UNIDO,

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  • JM, Hystar Partner to Advance Green Hydrogen Production (Ind. Report)
    Johnson Matthey, Hystar
    Date: 2021-11-19
    London, UK-based Johnson Mattheyis reporting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lysaker, Norway-based startup Hystar AS, a high-tech spin-out from SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research institutions.

    Under the agreement, Johnson Matthey will collaborate with Hystar to provide catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) for use in their innovative proton exchange membrane (PEM) stack and electrolyser system package, which offers a significant improvement in efficiency enabling greater hydrogen production or lower power consumption, ultimately reducing the costs associated with green hydrogen production.

    Johnson Matthey is active in emission control catalysts, industrial catalysts, absorbents, process technologies, fine chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical products, medical device components, colours, coatings, fuel cell technology, battery technology, hydrogen and others on a global scale. (Source: Johnson Matthey, Website PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: Johnson Matthey,,; Hystar AS,

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    Hydrofuel Canada Snares Kontak Hydrogen Storage (M&A, Ind. Report)
    Hydrofuel,Kontak Hydrogen Storage
    Date: 2021-11-10
    Mississauga, Ontario-headquartered Hydrofuel Canada Inc. is reporting an all stock agreement to acquire Issaquah, Washington, State-based Kontak Hydrogen Storage, LLC .

    According to the release, Kontak's patented reactor is the most effective method to date for releasing hydrogen which is filtered and sent directly to a fuel cell or internal combustion engine. Kontak also has patents pending on a low-cost combined hydrogen, ammonia, and battery energy station technology that can store as much as three times more energy than conventional systems.

    Hydrofuel notes it will also launch a Private Placement Offering of $5 million, $3 million of which will earmarked for developing, commercializating and licensing Kontak's technologies. The remaining $2 million will be used for the commercialization Hydrofuel's proprietary ammonia (NH3) energy and fuel production, storage and utilization technologies. (Source: Hydrofuel Canada Inc., AI Authority, 8 Nov., 2021) Contact: Hydrofuel, Greg Vezina, CEO,; Kontak Hydrogen Storage, 425-836-9243,

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    SoCalGas Opens 16th Public RNG Fueling Station (Ind. Report)
    Southern California Gas
    Date: 2021-11-08
    In the Golden State, L.A.-based Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is reporting the opening of its sixteenth public renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling station in Menifee, The new fueling station will exclusively offer renewable natural gas (RNG), a clean, sustainable fuel made from methane that would otherwise be emitted from landfills, dairy farms, and other waste sources.

    The use of RNG as a transportation fuel in California has increased 177 pct over the last five years. In 2020, over 92 pct of natural gas trucks in California were fueled by RNG, displacing 1.83 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), according to the SoCalGas release.

    SoCalGas noted it is currently working with the SunLine Transit Agency to test two technologies that will produce hydrogen from RNG at SunLine Transit Agency's hydrogen fueling station in Thousand Palms, California. The research project, called "H2 SilverSTARS," will produce renewable hydrogen to fuel SunLine's fleet of 21 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses.

    SoCalGas is the largest gas distribution utility in North America to set a net-zero emissions target that includes scopes 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions. (Source: SoCalGas, PR, Website, 4 Nov., 2021) Contact: SoCalGas,

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    GSA Seeks Building GHG Reduction Technologies (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-29
    In Washington, he U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the General Services Administration (GSA) are calling for a request for information (RFI) to identify "evaluation ready" and adaptable technologies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commercial buildings. This RFI covers three broad categories:
  • High-Performance/Low-Carbon Building Technologies and Solutions -- Technologies of interest include electrification of major building loads; larger scale and integrated heat pump systems, retrofit heat recovery systems, electrification of major loads, and building envelope retrofits.

  • Onsite Energy Generation and Storage Systems -- Technologies of interest include building-integrated photovoltaics, high-efficiency PV, solutions to better integrate PV and storage into building management systems, solar and geothermal, on-site distributed wind, and hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Carbon Reducing or Capture -- Technologies of interest include on-site carbon capture for fuel-fired processes and technologies that use next-generation, low, or no global warming potential refrigerants.

    December 7, 2021 is the deadline for response. Download the RFI details HERE . (Source: US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy , General Services Administration, 28 Oct., 2021) Contact: GSA,,

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  • TECO 2030 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Dev. Wins Norwegian Funding (Int'l.)
    TECO 2030
    Date: 2021-10-27
    Lysaker, Norway-headquartered TECO 2030 is reporting a NOK 50 million ($5.9 million) Norwegian Innovation Fund commitment to support TECO 2030's development of hydrogen fuel cells, which will lead to the creation of up to 500 new jobs in northern Norway by 2030 and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    The funding is earmarked for the development and testing of the TECO 2030 Marine Fuel Cell, the world's first fuel cell system specifically designed for use onboard ships and other heavy-duty applications. TECO 2030 will produce fuel cells at its new factory and innovation center in Narvik in northern Norway. (Source: TECO 2030, Website PR, 25 Oct., 2021) Contact: TECO 2030, +47 67 200 300, (305) 833 6510 - Miami, Florida Office,,

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    Bloom Energy, SK Expanding Hydrogen Partnership (Ind. Report)
    Bloom Energy
    Date: 2021-10-27
    San Jose, California-headquartered hydrogen fuel cell developer Bloom Energy and Seoul, South Korea-based engineering and construction firm SK ecoplant Co. Ltd, are reporting plans to expand their partnership and to establish market leadership in the hydrogen economy.

    To that end, SK ecoplant will purchase a minimum of 500 MW from Bloom Energy over three years for a $4.5 billion commitment; co-create two hydrogen innovation centers in the U.S. and South Korea; and target an equity investment of approximately $500 million.

    SK ecoplant will also invest $255 million in Bloom Energy by acquiring 10 million shares of zero coupon, non-voting redeemable convertible preferred stock at a price of $25.50 per share. Bloom Energy intends to use the proceeds for market growth, rapid commercialization of hydrogen solutions, and for general corporate purposes, according to the release.

    Since the start of their strategic partnership three years ago, Bloom Energy -- SK ecoplant's largest strategic partner in clean energy -- and SK ecoplant have transacted nearly 200 MW of projects together totaling more than $1.8 billion of equipment and expected service revenue, according to the release. (Source: Bloom Energy, SK ecoplant, PR, 25 Oct., 2021) Contact: , SK ecoplant, Kyung-II Park, CEO, 02-3700-7114, 02-3700-8200 -- fax,; Bloom Energy, K R Sridhar, CEO, Peter Gross, VP, (408) 543-1547,

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    Doosan to Develop Biogas Fuel Cell Business (Int'l. Report)
    Doosan Fuel Cell
    Date: 2021-10-25
    Seoul-headquartered South Korean fuel cell maker Doosan Fuel Cell Co. said Friday that it has signed a preliminary deal with two local companies to develop fuel cells using biogas.

    Under the deal with Korea Western Power Co. and KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Doosan Fuel Cell will develop fuel cells using biogas and provide the main parts for the fuel cells, the company said.

    Korea Western Power and KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company will design and construct equipment to produce biogas, according to the release. (Source: Doosan Fuel Cell, PR, Korea Business Wire, 22 Oct., 2021) Contact: Doosan Fuel Cell Co.,; Korea Western Power,; KEPCO,

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    WCCF Inks Low-Carbon Fuels Delivery Agreements (Ind. Report)
    West Coast Clean Fuels
    Date: 2021-10-22
    In California, West Coast Clean Fuels (WCCF) reports it recently executed delivery service agreements to develop, permit, manage, and operate the end-to-end clean fuel supply chains for two first-of-their-kind, decarbonized maritime ship operations -- one ocean-going and one in port -- in two major California ports, according to the company. WCCF was established to serve a growing market need for the delivery of future low-carbon maritime fuels, including LNG, RNG, biofuels, electrofuels, hydrogen, methanol and ammonia.

    Starting in Q1 2022, WCCF will deliver hydrogen to the first fuel cell-powered ferry in the U.S. (owned by SWITCH Maritime), first for shipyard sea trials in Bellingham, Wash., and subsequently for passenger operations in San Francisco Bay. In the same quarter, WCCF also will launch fuel-delivery operations for two new-build LNG-powered container ships (operated by Pasha Hawaii Holdings) in the Port of Long Beach. In order to successfully launch these fueling operations, WCCF began permitting processes in 2019, started to invest in fuel-delivery equipment, and solidified commercial relationships with key industry partners up and down the value chain. Contact: SWITCH Maritime, Pace Ralli, CEO,; West Coast Clean Fuels,

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    HyPoint , BASF New Business to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Membranes (Ind. Report)
    HyPoint, BASF
    Date: 2021-10-18
    Menlo Park, California-based HyPoint, a developer of turbo air-cooled hydrogen-fuel-cell systems for aviation, is reporting an agreement with BASF New Business GmbH to develop and test a new proton-conductive celtec membrane with stronger mechanical properties that can operate at higher temperatures and a higher pressure differential, as well as related components and materials.

    HyPoint's core innovation is a new turbo air-cooling architecture that uses compressed air for both cooling and oxygen supply, thus educing overall weight compared with traditional liquid cooling. HyPoint is also using a next-generation high temperature membrane (HTPEM) instead of a low temperature membrane (LTPEM), which increases the efficiency of a cooling system by at least 300 pct.

    The new high-performance fuel cell system is expected to achieve more than 3,000 W/kg, an increase of at least 50 pct over the current system. The HyPoint system is expected to be available in mid-2024. (Source: HyPoint, PR, 11 Oct., 2021) Contact: HyPoint,; BASF New Business GmbH ,

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    Phillips 66, Plug Power to Advance Green Hydrogen (Alt. Fuels Report)
    Phillips 66, Plug Power
    Date: 2021-10-15
    Houston-headquartered Phillips 66 petroleum major and Latham, N.Y.-based hydrogen fuel cell specialist Plug Power Inc. are reporting a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the development of low-carbon hydrogen business opportunities.

    Phillips 66, which has 13 wholly owned and joint venture refineries in the U.S. and Europe, owns extensive hydrogen-related infrastructure and uses hydrogen in the manufacturing of transportation fuels. Plug Power has begun construction on green hydrogen production facilities in California, New York, Tennessee and Georgia that will ultimately supply 500 tpd of liquid green hydrogen fuel by 2025.

    As part of this agreement, the companies will explore ways to deploy Plug Power's technology within Phillips 66's operations and advancing hydrogen fueling opportunities for the mobility sector and developing hydrogen-related infrastructure. (Source: Plug Power, Phillips 66, PR. Oct., 2021) Contact: Plug Power,; Phillips 66, Jeff Dietert, IR, 832-765-2297,,

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    SunHydrogen Assessing Solar-to-Hydrogen Efficiency (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-10-15
    Santa Barbara, California-based SunHydrogen, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water, is reporting 12-month sponsored research agreement with the University of Michigan .

    Through the partnership, SunHydrogen will develop and test highly efficient catalysts for oxygen and hydrogen which will lower the cost of materials while maintaining high solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency. The University of Michigan team will work in conjunction and collaboration with SunHydrogen's existing development partners, the University of Iowa, SCHMID Group and InRedox to assess SunHydrogen's overall process.

    According to the company release, "SunHydrogen is developing a breakthrough, low-cost technology to make renewable hydrogen using sunlight and any source of water, including seawater and wastewater. The only byproduct of hydrogen fuel is pure water, unlike hydrocarbon fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas that release carbon dioxide and other contaminants into the atmosphere when used. By optimizing the science of water electrolysis at the nano-level, our low-cost nanoparticles mimic photosynthesis to efficiently use sunlight to separate hydrogen from water, ultimately producing environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen. Using our low-cost method to produce renewable hydrogen, we intend to enable a world of distributed hydrogen production for renewable electricity and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles." (Source: SunHydrogen, PR, Website, Oct., 2021) Contact: SunHydrogen, Tim Young, CEO,,

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    Air Products' Texas Liquid Hydrogen Plant Onstream (Alt. Fuels)
    Air Products
    Date: 2021-10-08
    Lehigh Valley, Pa.-based hydrogen supplier Air Products reports its new liquid hydrogen plant at its La Porte, Texas facility is onstream and producing approximately 30 tpd liquid hydrogen. The La Porte facility will join the company's existing hydrogen and syngas production operations, as well as an air separation unit at the site. The liquid hydrogen plant will connect to, and draw hydrogen to be liquefied from, Air Products' Gulf Coast Pipeline (GCP), an approximately 700-mile pipeline from Texas to New Orleans, and capable of supplying customers with over 1.9 billion feet of hydrogen per day from 25 hydrogen production facilities. The pipeline includes the supply of blue hydrogen from Air Products' Port Arthur, Texas facility where approximately one million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) has been captured annually since 2013, transported via pipeline, and used in enhanced oil recovery operations.

    In addition to La Porte, Air Products has liquid hydrogen production plants in New Orleans, Louisiana; Sacramento, California; Sarnia, Ontario, Canada; and Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

    Air Products recently announced its intent to begin the process of converting its global fleet of approximately 2,000 distribution vehicles to hydrogen fuel cell zero emission vehicles starting in 2022. (Source: Air Products, PR, 7 Oct., 2021) Contact: Air Products, Robert Tikovsky, VP Process Gases,

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    Ethanol Fuel Cell R&D Legislation Tabled in DC (Reg. & Leg.)
    Date: 2021-09-13
    In Washington, Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-IA-04) has tabled H.R. 5090, the Biofuel Cell Research Act directing the DOE to establish an R&D and demonstration program for a commercially viable ethanol fuel cell system that generates electricity. This electricity is then used to power vehicle engines, resulting in a net-zero carbon emission power source.

    Feenstra previously introduced and sponsored proposals to support biofuel producers, including the bipartisan Small Refinery Exemption and Clarification Act of 2021, in response to the Supreme Court's ruling on small refinery exemptions (SREs). After a D.C. circuit court ruled against E15 year-round, Feenstra also helped introduce the Year-Round Fuel Choice Act of 2021. (Source: Iowa Rep. Randy Feenstra, Website PR, 7 Sept., 2021) Contact: Iowa Rep. Randy Feenstra, 202) 225-4426,

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    SK E&S Seeking U.S. Hydrogen, Renewables Investments (Int'l.)
    SK E&S, Plug Power
    Date: 2021-09-13
    Further to our March 1st coverage, In Seoul, South Korean municipal gas supplier SK E&S Co, reports it is prepared for an additional investment in the US renewable energy sector through its U.S. SK E&S Americas Inc. unit. The company presently has roughly $650 million invested in the U.S, biogas, solar PV, Energy storage systems (ESS) sectors, plus a $1.6 billion controlling stake in hydrogen fuel cell maker Plug Power Inc.

    Additionally SK Holdings, the holding company of SK Group, has established a Hydrogen Business Development Center comprised of members from SK's energy companies, including SK Innovation and SK E&S. The new Business Development Center will guide the companies' transition into the production and distribution of hydrogen energy, including the creation of a mass production facility and investments in global business opportunities. SK Group companies already are making strategic investments in their existing energy businesses and forming partnerships with global leaders in hydrogen energy technology. (Source: SK Holdings, SK Group, SK E&S, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Plug Power, Andy Marsh, CEO, 518-782-7700,; SK Group,

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    Reliance Ind. Considers REC Solar Acquisition (M&A)
    Reliance Ind., REC Solar
    Date: 2021-09-03
    Mumbai-based Indian industrial conglomerate Reliance Industries is reportedly planning to acquire Duke Energy Renewables subsidiary REC Solar for roughly $1 billion to $1.2 billion. Reliance is reportedly in talks with several unspecified lenders to support the transaction.

    As previously reported, Reliance Industries, which focuses on the energy, petrochemical, natural gas, and other industries, plans to invest $8.1 billion over the next three years to build giga-factories for solar, green hydrogen, energy storage, electrolyzers, and fuel cells, including an integrated PV module factory in France.

    REC Solar's annual production capacity stands at roughly 1.8 GW. (Source: Reliance Energy, PR, 2 Sept., 2021) Contact: Reliance Industries,; REC Solar, Singapre-based; REC Solar, Matt Walz, CEO, 805.471.0085,

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    Zoo Biogas Project Now Online (Ind. Report)
    ZooShare Biogas, EnerFORGE
    Date: 2021-08-30
    The ZooShare Biogas Cooperative, in partnership with Toronto Zoo, Loblaw Companies and Oshawa, Ontario-based EnerFORGE, has announced its most recent project is now operational. The ZooShare Biogas Project, a first of its kind in Canada, converts zoo manure and Loblaw supermarket and other Toronto area sourced food waste into sufficient power for roughly 250 homes while reducing as much as 20,000 tpy of greenhouse gases

    EnerFORGE, the project’s critical energy infrastructure partner, the ZooShare biogas plant will add to its strategic portfolio of low-carbon energy projects, allowing them to build new value propositions in the production of RNG, hydrogen fuel cells, and carbon offset projects. (Source: ZooShare Biogas Cooperative, PR, 26 Aug., 2021) Contact: ZooShare Biogas Cooperative,; EnerFORGE, (905) 723-4626,; EnerFORGE, (905) 723-4626 x 5261,,

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    Nel ASA, SFC Partner on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Storage (Int'l.)
    SFC Energy
    Date: 2021-08-20
    Oslo, Norway-headquartered hydrogen specialist Nel ASA reports it is partnering with Brunnthal/Munich-based fuel cell maker SFC Energy AG to develop the world's first integrated electrolyser and hydrogen fuel cell system for decentralized energy generation and storage.

    The partnership will develop industrial solutions to replace less efficient diesel generators with hydrogen fuel cell systems in combination with green hydrogen production through electrolysis. Initially, SFC Energy and Nel will address applications in a power range of up to 50kW with a daily operating time of two to ten hours which can be used as reliable emergency power generators for critical power applications. In the medium-term, the partnership is aiming to develop systems in the power range of up to 500 kW for telecom, data center and auxiliary power unit (APU) markets. The parties aim to introduce the first products to the market during the second half of 2022.

    SFC Energy AG is a provider of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions and has delivered more than 50,000 fuel cells to date from production facilities in Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Canada. (Source: Nel ASA, PR, 18 Aug., 2021) Contact: SFC Energy AG, Susan Hoffmeister , +49 89 125 09 03-33,,; Nel ASA , Jon Andre Lokke, CEO, +47 907 44 949,

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    Hydrogen Aviation Fuel Center Slated for WA State (Alt. Fuel)
    Universal Hydrogen, Plug Power
    Date: 2021-08-06
    In Seattle, Universal Hydrogen, magniX, Plug Power and AeroTEC have announced the creation of a Hydrogen Aviation Test and Service Center at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington.

    The center will focus on the test flight and certification of Universal Hydrogen's retrofit conversion of a Dash-8 regional turboprop aircraft, scheduled for entry into commercial service in 2025. The Dash-8 conversion will be the first commercially-relevant hydrogen-powered aircraft on routes up to 1,000 kilometers.

    According to the release, early adopters of the zero-carbon emission technology include Ravn Alaska, Icelandair, and Spain's Air Nostrum, which have entered into letters of intent with Universal Hydrogen to convert their existing and future fleets to a hydrogen powertrain and for long-term hydrogen fuel supply contracts using Universal Hydrogen's modular capsule distribution network.

    The hydrogen powertrain comprises electric propulsion units (EPUs) from Everett, Washington-based magniX and fuel cells from Plug Power. Seattle-based AeroTEC will lead aircraft conversion, flight test, and certification activities, drawing on its own extensive experience with electric aviation and expertise from across the aerospace sector. The conversion work for U.S.-based airlines, flight test, as well as continuing airworthiness support would be based in AeroTEC's Moses Lake facility.

    To accelerate market adoption, Universal Hydrogen is also developing a conversion kit to retrofit existing regional airplanes with a hydrogen-electric powertrain compatible with its modular capsule technology. (Source: Universal Hydrogen, PR, 4 Aug., 2021) Contact: Plug Power, Andy Marsh, CEO,,; Universal Hydrogen, Paul Eremenko, co-founder and CEO,,; AeroTEC,

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    Apex, Plug Power Partner on Green Hydrogen Production (Ind. Report)
    Apex Clean Energy, Plug Power
    Date: 2021-07-28
    Following up on our June 11 coverage, Charlottesville, Virginia-based independent renewable energy developer Apex Clean Energy and Latham, New York-based Plug Power, a provider of turnkey hydrogen solutions, are reporting a 345 MW wind power purchase agreement (PPA) and a development services agreement for a 100 pct renewable "green" hydrogen production facility to be constructed in Camden County, Georgia.

    When fully operational, the plant is anticipated to produce 15 tpd of liquid green hydrogen intended to fuel transportation applications, including material handling and fuel cell electric vehicle fleets. The facility is expected to come in at $84 million with construction starting next year. (Source: Apex Clean Energy, PR, Website, July, 2021) Contact: Apex Clean Energy, 434.220.7595, Fax: 434.220.3712,,; Plug Power,,,

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    Canadian Pacific Railway Releases Climate Strategy (Ind. Report)
    Canadian Pacific Railway , Science Based Targets
    Date: 2021-07-26
    Calgary, Alberta-headquartered Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. has published its first comprehensive Climate Strategy outlining the railroad giant's plan to drive innovative climate action and a measured response to emerging climate-related risks impacting the rail sector. The Climate Strategy outlines CP's objectives: establishing a clear understanding of climate-related risk and opportunities ; reducing the 140 year-old company's carbon footprint; adapting operations to the physical risks of climate change; integrating climate factors across the business and engaging with stakeholders on climate action.

    To guide implementation of the Climate Strategy, CP has established two science-based emissions reduction targets that address 100 pct of CP's Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, and more than half of Scope 3 emissions. CP commits to reducing Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions intensity of its locomotives -- the company's largest source of emissions -- by in excess of 38 pct by 2030. CP also commits to reducing absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions from non-locomotive operations by in excess of 27 pct t by 2030. These targets are based on the most current methodology available to the transportation sector through the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

    CP has already taken significant steps to reduce GHG emissions, including installing a large solar farm at its Calgary corporate campus capable of generating more power than consumed annually by the main headquarters building. CP has also initiated a pioneering hydrogen locomotive program, and is currently building a hydrogen-powered locomotive using fuel cells and batteries to power the locomotives' electric traction motors. This initiative is important to generate critical industry knowledge and experience that will inform future development while supporting CP's emissions reduction targets.

    CP participates in leading sustainability disclosure frameworks including CDP, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Aligned with these frameworks, CP will continue to disclose annual emissions, management practices and ongoing energy efficiency initiatives, and commencing in 2022 will report to its shareholders on its progress on the Climate Strategy.

    In other railroad emissions and climate news, Norfolk, Virginia-based railroad Norfolk Southern Corp. has announced its science-based target to achieve a 42 pct reduction in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 2034 from a 2019 base year.

    Norfolk Southern's emissions reduction target has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Validation from the SBTi -- a joint initiative of CDP, UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute, and World Wide Fund for Nature -- confirms the company's target is consistent with reductions required to keep warming to well-below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. (Source: Canadian Pacific Railway, PR, 26 July, 2021) Contact: CP, Keith Creel, Pres., CEO, 888-333-6370,

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    Chevron, Cummins Announce Hydrogen Coop. MoU (Ind. Report)
    Chevron, Cummins
    Date: 2021-07-26
    Chevron and Columbus, Indiana-headquartered multi-national power company Cummins Inc. have announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop commercially viable business opportunities in hydrogen and other alternative energy sources.

    The MOU provides the framework for Chevron and Cummins to initially collaborate on four main objectives: advancing public policy that promotes hydrogen as a decarbonizing solution for transportation and industry; building market demand for commercial vehicles and industrial applications powered by hydrogen; developing infrastructure to support the use of hydrogen for industry and fuel cell vehicles; and exploring opportunities to leverage Cummins electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies at one or more of Chevron's domestic refineries. (Source: Chevron, Cummins, PR, BIC Mag, 25 July, 2021) Contact: Chevron,; Cummins, Amy Davis, VP New Power,

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    Green Science Alliance Invests in EneCoat Tech. (Int'l., M&A)
    EneCoat Technologies
    Date: 2021-06-30
    In Japan, Kawanishi-City based Green Science Alliance reports it is investing in Kyoto University spin-out startup EneCoat Technologies Co., Ltd, which is developing lead-free perovskite solar cells with high conversion efficiency and durability.

    Green Science Alliance researches and manufactures chemical products that can be applied to solar cell, secondary battery including lithium ion battery, capacitor, fuel cell, biomass biodegradable resin, biofuel and biochemicals and other products, according to the company website. (Source: Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd., PR, 29 June, 2021) Contact: Green Science Alliance, +81-72-759-8543,; EneCoat Technologies,

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    Ariel Univ. Develops Hydrogen Generator (Alt. Fuel, Int'l.)
    Ariel University
    Date: 2021-06-28
    In Tel Aviv, researchers at Ariel University are reporting development of a new type of portable, lightweight hydrogen generator for on-demand use with fuel cells.

    Hydrogen is produced in a catalytic hydrolysis reaction of sodium borohydride (NaBH4) with ruthenium powder as a catalyst. The system consists of an upper chamber with granulated sodium borohydride powder and a lower reaction chamber with a solution of water and catalyst. A peristaltic pump regulates the flow of solution through a spiral channel which is situated in the solids chamber.

    The powder is separated from the channel by a mesh which prevents its clogging. The solution becomes saturated while flowing through the channel and drips into the reaction chamber. To maintain constant H2 flow rate levels, the solution temperature and H2 pressure in the reaction chamber are constantly controlled.

    The generator has high energy density, is light weight, portable, easy to use, refill, clean and designed for long working periods and easy restarting. (Source: Ariel University, ACS journal Energy & Fuels, June, 2021) Contact: Ariel University, Abigail Szymkiewicz, +972-3-9371418,,

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    Indian Oil Giant Commits $10Bn to Green Energy (Int'l. Report)
    Reliance Industries
    Date: 2021-06-28
    Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani, chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Mumbai-headquartered oil refiner Reliance Industries Ltd. reports Reliance will invest 750 billion rupees ($10.1 billion) over three years in a new push away from fossil fuels to green energy.

    Of the total, 600 billion rupees will be directed to four "giga factories" to manufacture solar modules, hydrogen, fuel cells and to build a battery grid to store electricity. An additional 150 billion rupees will be invested in value chain and other partnerships.

    Reliance Industries, which earns 60 pct of its $63 billion (2020) annual revenue from oil refining and petrochemicals, is a Fortune Global 500 company and India's most valuable company by market value. (Source: Reliance Industries Ltd, 24 June, 2021) Contact: Reliance Industries Ltd., Mukesh Ambani, CEO,

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    Chart, TECO 2030 to Cooperate on Marine CCS Solutions (Ind. Report)
    Chart Industries, TECO 2030
    Date: 2021-06-14
    Atlanta-based Chart Industries, Inc., a provider of technology, equipment and services related to liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, biogas and CO2 Capture and other applications, is reporting a 3-year MoU with Lysaker, Norway-headquartered TECO 2030 to jointly develop technological solutions that will capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by ships and subsequently store it in liquid form.

    The agreement involves the joint development of onboard carbon capture solutions for ships using the Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) technology developed by Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) which was acquired by Chart in December 2020. The SES patented technology, which utilizes Chart's expertise in cryogenic equipment and systems, will separate the CO2 from the ships' exhaust gases, resulting in a high purity liquid CO2 product that is stored onboard in cryogenic storage tanks to be either permanently stored in underground geological formations or be used in CO2 -- consuming industries.

    When fully developed, the carbon capture solution will be available as a key element in the TECO 2030 Future Funnel, an exhaust gas cleaning system for ships. TECO 2030 is also developing hydrogen fuel cells for the maritime industry. These will enable ships to switch from fossil fuels to green hydrogen produced by renewable energy and thereby emissions-free.

    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) aims to reduce carbon intensity in international shipping by 40 pct by 2030, and to cut the total annual greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping by at least 50 pct by 2050 compared to 2008. (Source: Chart Industries, PR, 14 June, 2021) Contact: Chart Industries, Wade Suki, CFA, Inv. Rel., 832-524-7489,,; TECO 2030, Stian Aakre, CEO, +47 907 08 440,,

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    Plug Power Plans Georgia Green Hydrogen Plant (Alt. Fuel)
    Plug Power
    Date: 2021-06-11
    Latham, New York-headquartered Plug Power Inc. is reporting plans to construct a green hydrogen production plant in Camden County, Georgia.

    The new facility will produce 15 tpd of liquid green hydrogen using 100 pct renewable energy and intended to fuel transportation applications, including material handling and fuel cell electric vehicle fleets.

    The facility is expected to come in at $84 million with construction starting in 2022. (Source: Plug Power, PR, Website, 10 June, 2021) Contact: Plug Power,,, Plug Power GenFuel,

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    Equinix Touts New Data Center Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
    Equinix, USGBC
    Date: 2021-06-02
    In the Golden State, Redwood City-based Equinix, Inc. , the world's largest digital infrastructure company, is reporting the expected June 30th opening of its SV11 Data Center, the company's newest fuel-cell powered International Business Exchange&trade ; (IBX) data center at its Great Oaks campus in San Jose.

    The $142 million SV11 facility is targeting US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Silver certification with an ultra-low design average annual Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.17, a renewable energy procurement strategy and the use of energy-efficient systems throughout. Additionally, with expansion of the current Bloom Energy fuel cells, the campus is planned for 20 MW of capacity, and will be the first time Equinix will use the system as primary generation with utility electrical grid and generators as backup sources. (Source: Equinix Inc., PR, 2 June, 2021) Contact: Equinix, 866-378-4649,; US Green Building Council, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    Everfuel, Cabonline Developing Hydrogen Taxis Market (Alt. Fuel)
    Date: 2021-05-21
    Herning, Denmark-based transportation fuels distributor Everfuel A/S is reporting an agreement with Cabonline, the Nordic region's largest taxi fleet operator, to jointly develop the market for taxis fueled by green hydrogen for zero emission mobility.

    Under the agreement, Cabonline will provide its participating taxi license holders with incentives to use new Toyota supplied Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The participating license holders will benefit from discounted hydrogen fuel prices at Everfuel's stations. The initiative will initially be offered only in Helsinki then expanded to Norwegian cities where Everfuel's hydrogen station network is established. (Source: Everfuel, PR, May, 2021) Contact: Everfuel, Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO,+45 2871 8945,,

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    Bloom Energy Deploys First Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell (Ind. Report)
    Bloom Energy
    Date: 2021-05-12
    California-based Bloom Energy reports it and Seoul, South Korea-headquartered SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. have successfully deployed 100 kilowatts of solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFC) powered solely by hydrogen in Ulsan, South Korea, generating zero-carbon onsite electricity.

    Bloom Energy first announced its initial plans to enter the commercial hydrogen market in July 2020, which includes an intended 1-MW hydrogen-powered Energy Server installation with SK E&C by 2022. Additionally, Bloom Energy intends to supply its solid-oxide electrolyzer cells (SOEC), which are designed to produce green hydrogen via solar and battery, to South Korea in 2022 as part of the RE100 project. The green hydrogen produced by the SOEC, which is created through electrolysis by converting water and renewable electricity into hydrogen without carbon emissions, will be used to power the hydrogen SOFC.

    Hydrogen fuel cells, which convert hydrogen into electricity through a non-combustion electrochemical process, are increasingly recognized as an essential tool for full decarbonization, according to the release. (Source: Bloom Energy, PR, Chemical Eng., 28 Apr., 2021) Contact: Bloom Energy, K R Sridhar, CEO, Peter Gross, VP, (408) 543-1547,

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    Altaaqa, AFC to Develop Zero-Emission Hydrogen Power (Int'l)
    Altaaqa, AFC Energy
    Date: 2021-04-07
    Saudi Arabian turnkey water and power solutions provider Altaaqa and London-headquartered scalable alkaline fuel cell systems specialist AFC Energy are reporting a long-term Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support the Middle-East region's transition to zero emission power generation using AFC Energy's hydrogen fuel cell technology.

    Altaaqa, which owns and operates a 2-GW mobile diesel generator rental fleet, provides temporary and off-grid power solutions to oil & gas, power utilities, mining, military, manufacturing, data centers, construction and government services sectors.

    AFC Energy's fuel cell technology is presently deployed in electric vehicle chargers and off-grid decentralised power systems as part of a portfolio approach to the decarbonisation of electricity and gaining market leadership for "hydrogen-to-power" solutions for various industry segments and applications. (Source: Altaaqa, AFC Energy, PR, 6 Apr., 2021) Contact: Altaaqa, Alexandra Roger-Machart, +49 172 397 0957,,; AFC Energy, +44 (0) 203 727 1000,

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    Ceres Power Fundraising to Accelerate Fuel Cell Tech (Int'l.)
    Ceres Power
    Date: 2021-03-19
    In the UK, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and electrochemical technology specialist Ceres Power Holdings LLC reports closure of a funding round backed by Bosch and Chinese engine maker Weichai Power that grossed £181 million.

    Ceres asset-light licensing model has seen it establish partnerships with some of the world’s largest engineering and technology companies, such as Weichai in China, Bosch in Germany, Miura in Japan, and Doosan in South Korea, to develop systems and products that address climate change and air quality challenges for transportation, industry, data centres and everyday living.

    Ceres is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) (AIM: CWR) and is classified by the LSE Green Economy Mark, which recognises listed companies that derive more than 50 pct of their activity from the green economy, according to the company website. (Source: Ceres Power Holdings LLC, PR, 18 Mar., 2021) Contact: Ceres Power Holdings LLC, +44 (0)1403273463,

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    NextGen Biomass Comments on Japan's Hydrogen Plans (Opinions, Editorials & Asides
    Zilkha Black Pellets,NextGen Biomass Technologies
    Date: 2021-03-03
    Houston, Texas-based Zilkha Black® (biomass) Pellet producer NextGen Biomass Technologies comments on Japan's hydrogen fuel plans: "In March 2019, Japan released its third Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. The plan targets reduction in hydrogen production costs and leadership in carbon capture strategies to convert hydrogen from fossil fuels. Investments are flooding in on this plan's strength.

    "We (NextGen) are optimistic about the courage and vision that the Japanese nation is showing in the hydrogen economy. Here in the U.S., officials are projecting a 2028 timeline to commercialize hydrogen as a fuel. It is obvious that Japan is much more aggressive and pushes the envelope in research, development and full-scale production operations. One recent example is the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries steel plant project in Australia, which is using hydrogen instead of coal.

    "Japan's top two carmakers have been steadily selling hydrogen fuel cell cars at a loss in California for more than a decade. This business model has been valuable to both companies and the Japanese government, based on customer feedback and increased interest in supporting the U.S.'s build-out of a hydrogen infrastructure. These are cars limited to use only in California, where the U.S. has 44 of its 47 hydrogen fueling stations.

    "We (NextGen) have worked with others in the biofuel and biofuel derivatives market to see how our Zilkha Black Pellets work in biosyngas reactors, where companies typically generate methane and other heavier petroleum replacements that can be converted to hydrogen. Most of these processes are not currently at full production scale. The factor holding many of them back is the variability of feedstock. When different feedstocks, or even the same feedstock with varying particle or different moisture contents are added, the process must sometimes be adjusted significantly to avoid loss of product, equipment and other hazards. Using Zilkha Black Pellets as a base for bioreactors ensures a stable, uniform size, moisture and makeup feedstock to which smaller amounts of varied feedstocks can be added. These pellets cost significantly less to transport than raw biomass ever will.

    "Hydrogen from biomass is a viable, low-cost electricity solution, and we are excited to work with companies operating in this space. Using a stable uniform feedstock, especially in the initial full-scale production phases, can mean the difference between a successful project and one that never reaches its goal." (Source: NextGen Biomass Technologies, Larry Price, (713) 979-9961,,,

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    Shell Hydrogen to Develop Sustainable Aviation Fuels (Int'l. Report)
    Shell, ITM Power, Linde
    Date: 2021-03-03
    Petroleum fuels giant Shell reports it is looking to produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in the Wesseling section of its Rhineland refinery with help of a brand-new bio-power-to-liquid plant and an upgraded hydrogen electrolysis facility. On 26 Feb, the company announced its plans to increase the plant's hydrogen production capacity from 10-mws to 100-mw with help from ITM Power, ITM Linde Electrolysis GmbH and industrial gases specialist Linde.

    ITM Power manufactures polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzers for hydrogen production via electro-chemical splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen produced via electrolysis is used for power-to-x, storage, decarbonizing industrial uses, and hydrogen for fuel cell products. (Source: Shell, 26 Feb., 2021)Contact: Shell,; ITM Power,; Linde,

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    SK Touts $1.6Bn Investment to Advance Hydrogen Strategy (Int'l.)
    SK Group
    Date: 2021-03-01
    In Seoul, South Korean largest energy provider SK Group is reporting a $1.6 billion investment and strategic partnership with Latham, New York-headquartered hydrogen fuel cell specialist Plug Power Inc. to provide hydrogen fuel cell systems, hydrogen fueling stations and electrolyzers to Korean and other Asian markets.

    Additionally SK Holdings, the holding company of SK Group, has established a Hydrogen Business Development Center comprised of members from SK's energy companies, including SK Innovation and SK E&S. The new Business Development Center will guide the companies' transition into the production and distribution of hydrogen energy, including the creation of a mass production facility and investments in global business opportunities. SK Group companies already are making strategic investments in their existing energy businesses and forming partnerships with global leaders in hydrogen energy technology. (Source: Sk Holdings, SK Group, PR, 27 Feb., 2021) Contact: Plug Power, Andy Marsh, CEO, 518-782-7700,; SK Group,

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    Atos, HDF Energy to Develop Green Hydrogen Datacenter (Int'l.)

    Date: 2021-02-26
    In Paris, Atos International and HDF Energy are reporting plans to develop a complete end-to-end long-term solution to supply datacenters with green hydrogen generated by renewable energy in 2023.

    Atos will supply the hardware, software, integration services and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to optimize energy consumption. HDF Energy will supply a power plant which will provide predictable and firm electricity thanks to its high-powered fuel cells powered by green hydrogen derived from photovoltaic or wind farms.

    Atos recently signed the Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact together with 35 other European companies and associations emphasizing the industry's contribution to the European Green Deal. (Source: Atos, PR, 24 Feb., 2021) Contact: Atos Lucie Duchateau , +33 (0)7 62 85 35 10,,; HDF, Annick Latour, +33 (0)5 56 77 11 11,,

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    Advent Technologies Snares UltraCell Fuel Cell Technology (M&A)
    Advent Technologies
    Date: 2021-02-22
    Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. an innovation-driven company in the fuel cell and hydrogen technology space, reports it has closed on its acquisition of UltraCell LLC , the wholly owned fuel cell division of Commack, New York-headquartered Bren-Tronics, Inc., a designer and producer of military rechargeable batteries, chargers, and power systems.

    UltraCell's technology can use hydrogen or liquid fuels to deliver reliable power at a fraction of the weight of batteries. An UltraCell system is 3x-25x lighter in weight than the equivalent battery solution (depending on the application and use case).

    UltraCell developed new technologies and intellectual property in the field of methanol, propane and JP8 - based fuel cells and continues to innovate in this rapidly emerging field. UltraCell was the first to commercialize reformed methanol fuel cell technology to provide clean, renewable energy to power portable electronics.

    Advent's technology applies to electrification (fuel cells) and energy storage (flow batteries, hydrogen production) markets, which we commercialize through partnerships with Tier1s, OEMs, and System Integrators. (Source: Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc., PR, 22 Feb., 2021) Contact: Advent Technologies,; UltraCell, Ian Kaye,,, Bren-Tronics, Doug Petito,

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    SoCalGas Adds to Hydrogen Transport Fuel R&D Funding (Funding)
    Southern California Gas
    Date: 2021-02-15
    Southern California Gas Co. reports will provide $1.3 million in funding for the development of four hydrogen fuel technologies that could provide emissions-free transportation for railways and at ports in California and around the world.

    The Southern California Gas funding is in addition to $10.4 million R&D funding from the California Energy Commissions (CEC) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstrations in Rail and Marine Applications at Ports grant program. bringing the total funding to $11.7 million.

    Maritime fuel cell maker Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine Inc., research organization Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the nonprofit CALSTART are among the funding recipients.

    According to SoCalGas, the goal is to bring to market innovative clean hydrogen technologies, including fuel-cell marine vessels, hydrogen refueling stations at ports, and fuel cell locomotives. (Source: SoCalGas, PR, My News LA, Feb., 2021) Contact: SoCalGas, Neil Navin, VP Clean Energy Innovations,; CALSTART,; GTI, 847-768-0500 847-768-0501 -- fax,,

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    TECO 2030, Slattland Ink Energy Storage Agreement (Ind. Report)
    TECO 2030 ASA,Slattland
    Date: 2021-02-15
    In Norway, Oslo headquartered-based TECO 2030 ASA reports it is partnering with the Rakkestad, Ostfold-based mechanical engineering group Slattland to explore possible cooperation within a range of emission-reducing projects, including hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage, offshore and onshore wind, hydrogen competence development and other opportunities.

    TECO 2030 is an innovative engineering and equipment development company aiming to significantly increase the use of renewable energy, specifically in the form of hydrogen fuel. cells, and reduce the environmental footprint of the shipping industry. TECO 2030 recently announced a partnership with Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Holland to develop zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell propulsion on all types of river vessels, such as push tugs, dredgers, passenger and cargo ships and low-profile coasters, according to the company website.

    Slattland operates in offshore and marine, hydrogen and wind power, carbon capture and energy sectors. (Source: TECO 2030, PR, Green Car Congress, 13 Feb., 2021) Contact: TECO 2030 ASA, +47 67 200 300 -- Oslo HQ, (305) 833 6510 -- Miami Office,; Slattland, 47 69 22 73 73,

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    SoCalGas Funds Hydrogen Transport Fuel R&D (Alt. Fuel, Funding)
    Southern California Gas
    Date: 2021-02-10
    Southern California Gas Co.(SoCalGas) reports it will add $1.3 million in funding to support the development of four hydrogen fuel technologies that could provide emissions-free transportation for railways and at ports in the Golden State.

    The four R&D projects were selected for $10.4 million funding from the California Energy Commission's (CEC) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Demonstrations in Rail and Marine Applications at Ports grant program. Project partners include maritime fuel cell maker Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine Inc., research organization Gas Technology Institute (GTI)and the Pasadena-based nonprofit CALSTART.

    According to SoCalGas, the goal is to bring to market innovative clean hydrogen technologies, including fuel-cell marine vessels, hydrogen refueling stations at ports, and fuel cell locomotives. (Source: SoCalGas, PR, My News LA, Feb., 2021) Contact: SoCalGas, Neil Navin, VP Clean Energy Innovations,; CALSTART,; California Energy Commission,

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    Navistar Plans Hydrogen-Powered Truck Sales (Alt. Fuel, Hydrogen)
    Navistar, OneH2, GM
    Date: 2021-02-01
    Lisle, Illinois-headquartered heavy truck maker Navistar reports plans to start selling low-emission hydrogen-electric powered heavy trucks equipped with GM "power cubes" within three years under a partnership with GM and Hickory, N.C.-based distributor OneH2.

    According to Navistar, its trucks will have a range of 500 miles or more on a single charge and can be refueled in less than 15 minutes. OneH2 will set up fueling stations either by trucking hydrogen to terminals or through small hydrogen generation units, the companies said in a statement. The ost of running Navistar's International RH fuel cell electric vehicles is expected to be comparable to diesel in certain markets. They are expected to be commercially available sometime in 2024 to run routes with OneH2 refueling stations. (Source: Navistar, PR, 28 Jan., 2021) Contact: Navistar, 331-332-5000,; OneH2, 844-996-6342,

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    Offshore Hydrogen Production Project Funded (Funding, Int'l. Report)
    Orsted, ITM Power,
    Date: 2021-01-13
    A consortium of London-headquartered ITM Power plc, Orsted A/S, Siemens Gamesa and Cambridge, UK-based Element Energy is reporting receipt of €5 million in funding from the EC Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH2-JU) for the OYSTER project to investigate the feasibility and potential of combining a single offshore wind turbine directly with an electrolyzer and transporting renewable hydrogen to shore. The consortium will develop and test a megawatt-scale fully marinized electrolyzer in a shoreside pilot trial coordinated by Element Energy.

    The OYSTER project aims to produce hydrogen from offshore wind at a cost that is competitive with natural gas (with a realistic carbon tax), thus unlocking bulk markets for green hydrogen making a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions, and facilitating the transition to a fully renewable energy system in Europe. The project is expected to run from 2021 through 2024 and is a key first step on the path to developing a commercial offshore hydrogen production industry and will demonstrate innovative solutions with significant potential in Europe and beyond.

    For the project, ITM Power is responsible for the development of the electrolyzer system and electrolyzer trials, while Orsted will lead the offshore deployment analysis and feasibility study of future physical offshore electrolyzer deployments, and support ITM Power in the design of the electrolyzer system for marinization and testing. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Element Energy are providing technical and project expertise. (Source: ITM, Orsted, PR, Chem Engineering, 11 Jan., 2021) Contact: ITM Power,; Element Energy,; EC Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking,

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    SK Group Invests $1.5Bn in Plug Power (Hydrogen, Alt, Fuel, M&A)
    SK Group, Plug Power
    Date: 2021-01-08
    In Seoul, South Korea's third-largest conglomerate SK Group is reporting a $1.5 billion strategic investment through a US subsidiary to acquire a 9.9 pct stake in Letham, NY-based hydrogen fuel cell specialist Plug Power. The two companies will set up a joint venture targeting Asia's hydrogen market. As previously reported, SK launched a task force to establish a hydrogen value chain covering production, transportation and charging.

    SK would build a plant capable of producing 30,000 tpy of liquefied hydrogen from 2023. SK E&S, which imports more than three million tons of liquefied natural gas per year, will also produce 250,000 tpy of blue hydrogen derived from natural gas with carbon capture technology from 2025.

    Plug Power is the leading provider of comprehensive hydrogen fuel cell turnkey solutions and operates a hydrogen highway across North America. "SK Group has an established strategy for building out the hydrogen economy in South Korea and beyond," according to Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh.(Source: SK Group, PR, Jan., 2020) Contact: Plug Power, Andy Marsh, CEO, 518-782-7700,; SK Group,

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    New Nanomaterial Supports Hydrogen Production from Methanol (New Prod & Tech, Alternative Fuel)
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Date: 2021-01-04
    In an open-access paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Molecular Foundry report they have designed and synthesized ultrasmall nickel nanoclusters deposited on defect-rich BN nanosheet (Ni/BN) catalysts that can cleanly and efficiently accelerate the reaction that removes hydrogen atoms from a liquid chemical carrier such as methanol and could help make hydrogen a viable energy source for a wide range of applications, including alternative transportation fuels.

    The research is part of the Hydrogen Materials Advanced Research Consortium (HyMARC), a consortium funded by the US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE EERE) Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

    For the chemical reaction that produces hydrogen from liquid carriers, the most effective catalysts are made from precious metals. However, those catalysts are associated with high costs and low abundance and are susceptible to contamination. Other less expensive catalysts, made from more common metals, tend to be less effective and less stable, which limits their activity and their practical deployment into hydrogen production industries. LBNL will hone the strategy of modifying 2D substrates in ways that support tiny metal clusters, to develop even more efficient catalysts. The technique could help optimize the process of extracting hydrogen from liquid chemical carriers.

    The research was supported by the DOE Office of Science and EERE's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office. (Source: LBNL, PR, Website, Green Car Congress, 3 Jan., 2021) Contact: LBNL, Molecular Foundry, Jeff Urban, Inorganic Nanostructures Facility Director, Laurel Kellner, Media, 510-590-8034,,; Hydrogen Materials Advanced Research Consortium,

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    ABSL Funded to Design Biohydrogen Production Line (Int'l.)
    Advanced Biofuel Solutions,InnovateUK
    Date: 2020-12-14
    In the UK, Swindon-based Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (ABSL)reports receipt of £250,000 in grant funding from Innovate UK to design a production line that makes high purity biohydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles.

    ABL will convert household waste into bio-substitute natural gas (BioSNG) that is injected into the local gas grid and then sold to compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations. The project will focus on purifying a slipstream of syngas to meet the stringent specification for proton electron membrane fuel cells. The hydrogen would then be compressed and transferred to tube trailers that will take it to hydrogen refueling stations for use in buses and other hydrogen vehicles.

    ABSL's RadGas technology converts waste into a high-quality synthesis gas which Wood's VESTA technology converts into BioSNG. Wood will adapt the VESTA system to switch flexibly between the biohydrogen and BioSNG production enabling ABSL to deliver either product to meet market demand. University College os London will test the biohydrogen at their Electrochemical Innovation Lab as well as assess the greenhouse gas emissions associated with biohydrogen and compare them to blue and green hydrogen.

    Overall, the project aims to develop a new source of hydrogen to help give transport providers in the public and private sectors the confidence to adopt this important new fuel. (Source: Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd., PR, Dec. 2020) Contact: Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd., Andy Cornell, CEO, +44 0 1793 832 860,,

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    Enel Group Plans Green Hydrogen Growth (Int'l. Report)
    Enel Group,Hydrogen Europe
    Date: 2020-11-30
    At last weeks European Hydrogen Forum, a gathering of industry leaders, policy-makers, government representatives and researchers, the Enel Group reported plans to grow its green hydrogen capacity to over 2 GW by 2030 and to integrate electrolyzers with renewable energy plants producing electricity for direct sale and ancillary services to support further renewable penetration in the grid, with green hydrogen also being sold to industrial customers.

    According to Enel Group CEO Francesco Starace, the company is developing green hydrogen projects in Spain, Chile and the United States. Starace noted the cement, fertilizer and chemical industries, as well as transport by sea or air cannot be fully electrified and need green hydrogen if we want to achieve a fully decarbonized society going forward. For these sectors, green hydrogen can truly be the answer to decarbonization. Technological development, however, is just in the initial phase and we have to accelerate its pace and study its evolution carefully in order to avoid mistakes in capital allocations and bets in solutions that need to be tested before large investments are put to work, Starace added.

    The European Hydrogen Forum was jointly organized by the European Commission's Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), in partnership with Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research. (Source: Enel Group, Romania Business Review, 27 Nov., 2020) Contact: Enel Group, Francesco Starace, CEO,; Hydrogen Europe,

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    INL, Xcel Partner on Minn. Hydrogen Project (Alt. Fuels) Report)
    Xcel Energy,INL
    Date: 2020-11-16
    Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy is reporting it will work with the US DOE' Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to demonstrate a system that uses a nuclear power plant's steam and electricity to split water to produce hydrogen at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Station in Red Wing, MN . The resulting hydrogen will initially be used at the power plant, but could eventually be sold to other industries.

    More than $10 million in federal funding has been awarded to the project-- the first of its kind in pairing a commercial electricity generator with high-temperature steam electrolysis (HTSE) technology.

    A recent analysis under DOE's H2@Scale initiative, led by the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, estimated that hydrogen produced by HTSE at a nuclear plant could be cost competitive in today's market. (Source: Xcel Energy, INL,PR, Chem Engineering, 13 Nov., 2020) Contact: H2@Scale Initiative,; Xcel Energy,; INL, (866) 495-7440,

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    Shinhan BNP Paribas Funds Commit to Korean Renewables (Int'l.)
    BNP Paribas
    Date: 2020-11-06
    South Korean asset management company Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management is reporting a $46 million commitment to ShinhanBNPP Green New Deal Fund No. 1, a new private fund targeting 17.325-MW wind turbines in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. The company also reports a second green finance fund -- Shinhan BNPP Green New Deal Fund No. 2 for photovoltaic power station on Jeju Island, South Korea. Shinhan BNP Paribas is also creating Shinhan BNPP Green New Deal Fund No. 3, a $178.2 million blind pool fund to finance wind power projects, fuel cells and biomass energy development projects.

    Shinhan BNP Paribas is a 65/35 joint venture of Shinhan Financial Group and BNP Paribas Asset Management. Paris-headquartered BNP Paribas S.A. is the world's 8th largest bank by total assets with operations in 72 countries. (Source: BNP Paribas, Korea Herald, 5 Nov., 2020) Contact: BNP Paribas,

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