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ADRIQ Announces Cellulosic Tech Partnership Award (Ind. Report)
DPInnovation,Resolute Forest Products
Date: 2020-12-04
In November, the Association Pour le Developpement de la recherche et de l'Innovation du Quebec (ADRIQ) recognized Resolute Forest Products, Pointe-Claire, QC-based FPInnovations, and Vancouver-headquartered Performance BioFilaments with the ADRIQ Technology Partnership Award for their developement, production and commercialization of cellulose filaments.

Extracted from wood-pulp fibre, cellulose filaments can be utilized as a reinforcing agent in materials used in industrial sectors such as transportation, or as a rheological agent to modify the texture and behaviour of paint and other applications. (Source: FPInnovations, PR, Cdn. Biomass, Dec., 2020) Contact: Resolute Forest Products,; Performance BioFilaments, (604) 806-0261,; FPInnovations, Glen Prevost, Guide Author, (705) 358-4667, (514) 630-4100,,; ADRIQ, (514) 337-3001,

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FPInnovations Releases Solid Wood Bioheat Guide (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-03-04
Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada-based is touting its newly released Solid Wood Bioheat Guide for Rural and Remote Communities in Ontario as a key source of information for using woody biomass for heating.

According to the guide, the reliability, efficiency and versatility of modern bioheat systems allows for the supplementation or even replacement of current fossil fuel or electric heating systems. These systems can use local, sustainably sourced, economical, and renewable solid woody biofuels. Provincial laws require that Crown forests be sustainably managed following approved forest management plans that require harvested areas to be regenerated. This means that carbon emitted to create bioheat generated from solid woody biofuels is recaptured by the growing forest making bioheat a low-carbon heating system. Emissions from particles and volatile compounds are also low and on par with fossil fuel heating systems.

Download the Solid Wood Bioheat Guide for Rural and Remote Communities in Ontario guide HERE. (Source: FPInnovations, Cdn, Biomass, 2 Mar., 2020, Contact: FPInnovations, Glen Prevost, Guide Author, (705) 358-4667, (514) 630-4100,,

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Canada Investing $91.8Mn in Forest Innovation Program (Funding)
Canada investing $91.8M in Forest Innovation Program
Date: 2019-04-05
Beginning in 2020-21, Natural Resources Canada's Forest Innovation Program (FPInnovations) will receive $91.8 million over three years to help the Canadian forest sector innovate and grow, and help Canadian forest companies adopt new, innovative technologies.

Additionally, the Canadian government has committed to invest $22.7 million to help FPInnovations diversify markets and fight climate change. The funding includes more than $20.4 million to advance new forest-based products to the market and over $2.3 million to support a research project aimed at helping the forest industry protect market access and improve environmental performance across the forestry supply chain. (Source: FPInnovations, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Biomass, 4 April, 2019)Contact: FPInnovations, Stephane Renou, Pres., CEO,

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