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Bioenergy Europe 2021 Biofuel Statistical Report (Report Attached)
Bioenergy Europe, ePURE
Date: 2021-07-28
Bioenergy Europe has published its annual statistical report and policy briefing, with input from ePURE and the European Biodiesel Board. According to the Biofuels for Transport report, the transport sector, alongside industry and buildings, "is the main energy user and source of emissions and is still heavily dominated by fossil fuels. Despite readily available solutions, in 2019 the share of renewables in transport was a mere 6.81 pct.

Download the Biofuels for Transport report HERE. (Source: ePURE, July 2021) Contact: ePURE, www.epure.cog; Bioenergy Europe,; European Biodiesel Board,

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