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Efficiency Major Energy Sector Employer in Colorado (Ind. Report)
Energy Efficiency,Environmental Entrepreneurs
Date: 2019-09-23
Energy Efficiency Jobs in America a new study from the nationwide enterprise group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and Framingham, Mass.-based E4TheFuture Inc reports that energy efficiency jobs now account for 34,340 jobs -- 22 pct of energy sector jobs in Colorado -- up by 7.2 pct in 2018.

Nationwide, more than 360,000 companies companies, 6,105 of which are in Colorado, are working in the energy efficiency and management field. (Source: Environmental Entrepreneurs Herald Publicist, 21 Sept., 2019) Contact: Environmental Entrepreneurs,; E4TheFuture Inc., 774-777-5121,

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California Tops in Energy-Efficiency Jobs (ind. Report)
Environmental Entrepreneurs
Date: 2016-12-14
According to a new report by the group Environmental Entrepreneurs, the Golden State leads the nation in energy efficiency job creation with mare than 300,000 active jobs. The report indicates that policies in California are paying off -- even while the state's energy consumption is only increasing by 1 pct a year, according to the California Energy Commission data.

According to the report, the greatest concentration of energy efficiency jobs in the state is in the metropolitan areas that includes L.A., Long Beach and Santa Ana. Of the companies currently operating in the energy efficiency field, 70 pct are small businesses, the report said. (Source: Public News Service, 13 Dec., 2016) Contact: Environmental Entrepreneurs, (415) 875.6121,,; Reports Available

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