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WA State Issues $6.5Mn in Energy Efficiency Grants (Funding)
Washington State
Date: 2020-03-09
Reporting from Olympia, the Washington State Department of Commerce is reporting the issuance of $6.5 million in State Performance Improvement (SPI) grants for increased energy efficiency and better environmental performance in state-owned buildings. The funding will cover additional costs incurred by choosing more efficient options for existing project plans, such as higher efficiency heating systems or windows and thus save taxpayers money on operational and lifetime costs on state owned facilities.

The SPI grants have been awarded to 16 state agencies and institutions with projects currently funded under the 2019 -- 21 Capital Budget, and that can be modified with more energy-efficient infrastructure. Projected lifetime savings of the infrastructure modifications to these projects is nearly $11 million, and the lifetime projected carbon saved would be about 120,429 tons.

The SPI grant is part of the Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants Program (EE&S) Program and was developed in partnership with the State Efficiency and Environmental Performance (SEEP) Office.

Download SEEP program details HERE. (Source: Washington State Dept. of Commerce, 5 Mar., 2020) Contact: Washington State Dept. of Commerce,

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Aemetis Awarded $14Mn in Energy Efficiency Grants (Ind. Report)
California Energy Commission,Aemetis
Date: 2020-01-29
Cupertino, California-headquartered Aemetis, Inc. is reporting its subsidiary Aemetis Advanced Fuels Keyes, Inc. has scored two grants totaling $14 million from the California Energy Commission for plant upgrades to reduce reduce natural gas consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, improve efficiency and decrease operating costs, and reduce the carbon intensity of fuel grade ethanol produced at the Keyes plant. The upgrades are expected to improve the annual operating cash flow of the Keyes plant by $13 million, according to the release.

The upgrades will include installation of a 1.56-MW photovoltaic micro grid solar array with integrated battery energy storage and an AI-driven power distribution control system, which is expected to significantly reduce the natural gas consumption improve operational efficiency. (Source: Aemetis, PR, NewsWire, 28 Jan., 2020)Contact: Aemetis, Eric McAfee, CEO , Todd Waltz, (408) 213-0940,,

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Minn. CERTs Announces Energy Efficiency Grants (Funding)
Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Team
Date: 2020-01-15
In Minneapolis, Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) reports it is awarding Seed Grants to 35 innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in communities statewide.

The 35 projects received funding across a broad spectrum of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies including LED energy efficient lighting, components of energy education, outreach, community building, R&D and others.

These awards mark the tenth round of Seed Grants from CERTs, totalling over $1.3 million to 393 projects since 2006. (Source: Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams, Cookston Times, 13 Jan., 2020)Contact: Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams, 612-625-8759,,

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CFA Announces Energy Efficiency Grant Funding (Ind. Report, Funding)
Energy Efficiency,Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
Date: 2020-01-15
In the Keystone State, the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies (CFA) is reporting the availability of grant funding from the Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund for "projects and programs that support the development and use of clean energy technologies and energy efficiency."

The Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund, which is managed by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies and the Berks County Community Foundation, will distribute a total of nearly $200,000 in funding ranging from $2,000 to $50,000, depending on the scope of the projects.

Grant funding is prioritized for nonprofits, but commercial and industrial organizations also may apply. Individuals are not eligible to apply. Eligible applicants must be located in and/or serve residents in territory served by Met-Ed or Penelec in Pennsylvania. (Source: Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown, Penna., 14 Jan., 2020) Contact: Met-Ed/Penelec Sustainable Energy Fund,; Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, 814-536-7741,

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Nebraska Rural Energy Efficiency Grants Announced (Funding)
USDA Rural Developement
Date: 2019-12-13
In the Cornhusker State, USDA Rural Development Nebraska is reporting nearly $925,000 in grant funding to 14 ag producers and rural-based businesses for renewable energy and energy efficiency efficiencies projects.

The individual grants, which range from $381,750 to $2,421, are being funded through the Rural Energy for America Program. (Source: USDA Rural Development Nebraska, PR Dec., 2019) Contact: USDA Rural Development Nebraska, Karl Elmshaeuser, Dir., 402-437-5551,; Rural Energy for America Program,

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TCL&P Seeking $1.8Mn for Energy Efficiency Grants (Ind. Report)
Traverse City Light & Power
Date: 2019-12-02
In Michigan, Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) reports its Board of Directors has approved a resolution seeking a $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Rural Development's Rural Energy Savings Program.

If granted, the funds would support TCL&P's on-bill financing program allowing customers to borrow up to $30,000 at no interest for 10 years for renewable energy and energy efficiency installations and upgrades. The repayment, plus a $5 administration fee, would be secured through a lien on the property and added to the customer's monthly power billing.

Qualifying borrowers could use the money for everything from insulation upgrades to new windows to renewable energy projects like rooftop solar, as previously reported.

TCL&P executive director Tim Arends previously touted the idea as a way to help curb the utility's peak energy demand. The USDA gave tentative approval to the utility's application, as previously reported. (Source: Traverse City Light & Power, Traverse City Record Eagle, 1 Dec., 2019)Contact: Traverse City Light & Power, Tim Arends, 231-922-4940,

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Indiana OED Offers Rural Energy Efficiency Grants (Ind. Report)
Indiana Office of Energy Development
Date: 2019-11-18
In Indianapolis, the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED), in partnership with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, is reporting the availability of 2-year, matching grants -- up to $50,000 -- to farms and rural communities seeking to improve energy efficiency.

Eligible applicants include agricultural businesses, communities, farms, public entities, non-profits and small businesses located in rural areas. There are two types of grants available, planning initiatives and infrastructure implementation. Examples of planning initiatives could include any rural energy efficient planning, including audits, such as engineering or re-engineering of buildings, equipment, and/or feasibility studies that propose to utilize higher efficiency technologies.

Infrastructure implementation could include replacing outdated, inefficient equipment or machinery in an agribusiness. It could also include conducting energy efficient projects that will have a measurable impact on energy usage for HVAC, refrigeration, water quality, livestock, dairy or other types of crop-growing or commercial operations.

The OED administers grant programs funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. These grants promote the use of alternative power and fuels, energy efficiency and public education on energy issues in Indiana. (Source: Indiana Office of Energy Development, PR, 17 Nov., 2019) Contact: Indiana Office of Energy Dev., Tristan Vance, Dir., 317- 232-8939,, Grant Details,,

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UK Unveils Green Finance Net-Zero Emissions Strategy (Int'l)
Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth
Date: 2019-07-08
In London, the UK Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, Hon. Chris Skidmore, is reporting the release of the government's Green Finance Strategy, outlining how the finance sector and better climate disclosure from publicly-listed corporations can drive progress towards wider action on climate change and the push towards net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

The strategy features investment and funding increases into green projects, infrastructures and homes and is built on findings from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The strategy calls corporations and asset owners to disclose climate risk and impact data by 2022 and to work with regulators as to whether this becomes a mandatory requirement.

In addition, a £5 million Green Home Finance Fund has been established for green finance education, home energy efficiency grants, green mortgages and other green finance mechanisms. An additional £5.8 billion has been set aside for international climate finance to encourage other nations to act on climate collaboratively.

More than 780 organizations reportedly support of the TCFD, including the world's largest banks, asset managers and pension funds, responsible for assets of $118trn, highlighting the appetite for green finance. (Source: UK Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, edie News, 2 July, 2019) Contact: Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, UK Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Chris Skidmore,

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Wyoming Business Council Offers Energy Efficiency Grants (Funding)
Wyoming Business Council
Date: 2019-03-29
In Cheyenne, the Wyoming Business Council's State Energy Office reports the availability of competitive federal grant funding for Wyoming local governments, public schools and small businesses seeking to improve their buildings energy efficiency while reducing utility costs. The grant funding will be split between the following programs:
  • Comprehensive Retrofit Grant -- Available to towns, cities and counties for improvements and retrofits like installing insulation; adding weather sealing; purchase of Energy Star or solar powered appliances; upgrades of showers and faucets; or replacement of boilers, hot water heaters, HVAC systems, windows and doors.

  • Retrofit Grant (LIGHTING ONLY) -- Available to towns, cities and counties to upgrade current lighting systems to energy-efficient systems, which may include occupancy controls and auto dimming according to natural light.

  • Public School Energy Improvement Retrofit Grant (LIGHTING ONLY) -- Available to K-12 public schools to upgrade current lighting systems to energy-efficient systems, which may include occupancy controls and auto dimming according to natural light.

  • Small Business Energy Audit/Retrofit Grant -- Small businesses, nonprofits and local governments are all encouraged to apply to the Small Business Energy Audit/Retrofit Grant Program. The program funds up to 75 pct of the cost of an energy audit and some energy efficiency improvements. Grants are not to exceed $5,000 to entities pursuing an energy audit and retrofits that were identified in the audit.

    Additional information and grant applications HERE. or email (Source: Wyoming Business Council, Jackson Hole Radio, 28 Mar., 2019) Contact: Wyoming Business Council, Sherry Hughes,, Sarah Fitz-Gerald, Chief Strategy Officer, (307) 777-6319,

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  • LADWP Awards $1.4Mn in Energy Efficiency Grants (Ind. Report)
    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
    Date: 2018-11-28
    In the Golden State, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) reports its Community Partnership Outreach Grants Program for 2018 has awarded $1.4 million to 24 nonprofit organizations to support water conservation and energy efficiency programs and initiatives.

    The grants program assists nonprofit organizations in connecting with LADWP customers that may not be reached through traditional communication strategies, with a goal of helping reduce energy and water use. Over the past seven years, the program provided more than $8 million in funding for more than 140 projects. (Source: LADWP, MyNews LA, 26 Nov., 2018)Contact: LADWP, David H. Wright, GM, (800) 342-5397,

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    New Small School Energy Efficiency Grants Available (Funding)
    Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2018-10-24
    New Hampshire Public Radio is reporting $100,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy School Energy and Efficiency Development (SEED) program for energy efficiency upgrades and improvements has been received by a small New Hampshire state school.

    Funding from the program can be used for various energy efficiency projects including insulation, LED lighting, weatherization, and others.

    According to Joe Doiron, Deputy Director & State Energy Program Administrator with the N.H. Office of Strategic Initiatives in Concord, the SEED program is focused on small schools that have limited access to funds, with the hope that the winning project will be replicated. (Source: US DOE School Energy and Efficiency Development, NH Public Radio, 22 Oct., 2018)Contact: US DOE School Energy and Efficiency Development,; N.H. Office of Strategic Initiatives, 603-271-2155,

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    WA State Rejigs Energy Efficiency Grants Program (Ind. Report)
    Washington State Dept. of Commerce
    Date: 2018-03-09
    In Olympia, the Washington State Department of Commerce reports its Energy Efficiency and Solar Grants (EES) program, currently in the Local Government Division, will soon be joining the Energy Division.

    EES program grants are awarded through a competitive process and must be used solely for energy and operational cost saving and solar installations.

    The EES program grants state public higher education institutions, local government facilities, state agencies and K-12 public school districts:

  • $3,675,000 each for fiscal years 2018 and 2019 for grants to be awarded in competitive rounds for operational cost savings improvements;
  • $1,750,000 solely for grants that involve the purchase and installation of solar energy systems;
  • 1,400,000 solely for energy efficiency improvements for projects in state-owned facilities that repair or replace existing building systems: and
  • $500,000 for the resource conservation managers at the department of enterprise services to assist state agencies and school districts to improve energy and other resource efficiency in state-owned facilities. (Source: Washington State Dept. of Commerce, 7 Mar., 2018)Contact: Washington State Dept. of Commerce, (360) 725-4000,

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  • Historic Bldg Energy Efficiency Grants Offered in ME (Ind. Report)
    Maine Community Foundation
    Date: 2018-02-09
    The Maine Community Foundation's Belvedere Historic Preservation and Energy Efficiency Fund reports the availability of up to $20,000 in grant funding for non-profit organization-owned historic building restoration and energy audits and efficiency upgrades. The program, which typically awards $250,000 per year, will expand in 2018 to award an additional $100,000 each year for energy efficiency projects.

    The energy efficiency-related grants are the result of a successful pilot program called Grants to Green, a three-year effort of the Community Foundation, Maine Development Foundation, and Efficiency Maine. (Source: Maine Community Foundation, Lincoln News, 5 Feb., 2018) Contact: Maine Community Foundation, Maggie Drummond-Bahl, Snr. Program Manager,,

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    $1.9Mn TN. Energy Efficiency, Clean Air Funding Announced (Funding)

    Date: 2017-08-16
    In Nashville, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has announced that 24 communities in 11 distressed East Tennessee counties will share $1.9 million in funding for energy efficiency and other improvements to public facilities. Funding comes from a 2011 $26.4 million Clean Air Act settlement with the Tennessee Valley Authority. The list of project grants range from $19,095 to $232,810. (Source: Knoxville News Sentinal, 14 Aug., 2017)

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    Carbon Trust Managing IEEA Energy Efficiency Grants Scheme (Intr'l)
    Carbon Trust
    Date: 2017-07-28
    In the UK, the Carbon Trust reports it will run a new £9.2 million Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) launched in January by the U.K. Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). IEEA aims to support marketing, funding and co-funding of new and available energy efficient technologies from start-up and existing companies for a range of industrial sectors.

    The IEEA is funded by the Energy Innovation Programme, led by BEIS, and will be delivered by the Carbon Trust with support from engineering firm Jacobs and infrastructure specialist AMEC Foster Wheeler. Funding, which will range from £150,000 tp £1 million will support demonstration projects across the UK, is anticipated to unlock a further £11 million of private sector investments. (Source: Carbon Trust, British Palstics and Rubber, 25 July, 2017) Contact: Carbon Trust, Andrew Lever, Director of Innovation, Al-Karim Govindji, Senior Manager of Innovation, Nils Lehmann, Project Manager, +44 (0) 207 832 4773,

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