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Increased Energy Efficiency Funding Available in Scotland (Int'l.)
Scotland Zero Carbon Buildings
Date: 2022-01-10
In Glasgow, Scotland's Zero Carbon Buildings Ministry is reporting increased funding is available this year through various home energy programmes to make homes warmer and more efficient, while supporting efforts to tackle fuel poverty and helping householders manage their energy bills. More than £160 million ($216 million) of funding is being invested in 2021/22 as follows:

  • £50 million for Warmer Homes Scotland, the Scottish Government scheme helping households in fuel poverty make their homes warmer and more affordable to heat;

  • £30 million in green heating and energy efficiency projects in social housing;

  • £21 million through the Home Energy Scotland Loan and Cashback Scheme to enable homeowners to apply for up to £7,500 in cashback if they take out a loan to install green heating systems, such as a heat pump, as well as up to £6,000 towards eligible energy efficiency measures to reduce poor energy efficiency;

  • £64 million for Area Based Schemes targeting communities blighted by fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency, reducing costs and carbon emissions from heating their homes.

    To date more than 150,000 households have been funded by the program and saved an average an average of £300 per year on their fuel bills whilst reducing carbon emissions by a collective 3.4 million tonnes over the lifetime of these improvements. (Source: Gov, of Scotland, Home Energy Scotland, PR, Scottish Housing News, 8 Jan., 2021) Contact: Home Energy Scotland, +44 0 808 808 2282,

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  • Nova Scotia Adds $57Mn in Energy Efficiency Funding (Funding)
    Nova Scoria
    Date: 2021-12-20
    In Halifax, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables reports it is investing another $57 million to expand energy efficiency programming for homes and businesses. Of the total, $50 million is earmarked for residential energy efficiency programs to address energy poverty and equity. The remaining $7 million is for energy efficiency programming for businesses.

    This funding is additional to the $42 million already provided in 2021-22 to energy efficiency programs that are saving Nova Scotians over $1.4 billion per year in energy costs as well as helping low-income homeowners and renters save over $260 million on their energy bills. 25 pct of Nova Scotia's greenhouse gas emission reductions are attributable to energy efficiency programs.

    The Department will work with partner organizations to finalize program details which will be released in the new year. (Source: Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, PR, 20 Dec., 2021) Contact: Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Hon. Tory Rushton, Minister , 902-424-4575,,

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    USDA Reports Renewables, Energy Efficiency Funding (Funding)
    USDA, Rural Energy for America Program
    Date: 2021-09-17
    In Washington, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports the issuance last week of $473,320 in renewable energy grant funding to 40 projects at farms and other rural businesses in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

    The funding was part of a total grant package of $464 million that include $129 million to 48 states and Puerto Rico, as well as distributed $335 million to build or improve 1,432 miles of power line through the Electric Loan Program.

    The funding was distributed through the USDA Rural Development office. (Source: USDA, PR, Farm & Dairy, 15 Sept., 2021) Contact: USDA Rural Development,,; Rural Energy for America Program,

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    $52.5Mn to Support Manufacturers Energy Efficiency (Funding)
    US DOE
    Date: 2021-03-10
    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is reporting the availability of up to $52.5 million for DOE's Industrial Assessment Centers aimed at helping manufacturers and wastewater treatment facilities improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

    The funding will be distributed through DOE's Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) -- university-based programs that train students and offer no-cost efficiency improvement recommendations to small and medium-sized manufacturing facilities. To date, the IAC program has provided nearly 20,000 assessments and more than 145,000 recommendations for improvement measures. As a part of this funding opportunity, DOE will also launch a pilot project to expand IAC engagement with under served communities.

    Assessments typically identify more than $130,000 in potential annual savings opportunities. (Source: US DOE. PR, Mar., 2021) Contact: DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Advanced Manufacturing Office,; . EERE Building Technologies Office,

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    DOE Launches Energy Efficiency Opportunities Portal (Ind. Report, Funding)
    Date: 2020-12-14
    The U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) reports the launch of its EERE Program Information Center -- a new portal for renewables and energy efficiency funding opportunities.

    The EERE Program Information Center identifies and helps users respond to open opportunities including Funding Opportunity Announcements, Requests for Information, Notices of Intent, Notices of Technical Assistance, and Lab Calls.

    The DOE EERE works with and offers funding to businesses, industry representatives, universities, National Laboratories, and others to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. (Source: U.S. DOE EERE, PR, 7 Dec., 2020) Contact: DOE EERE Program Information Center, 202-287-6956,,

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    Australia Earmarks Energy Efficiency Funding (Int'l. Funding)
    Australia Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2020-07-06
    In the Land Down Under, the Australian Government's Energy Efficient Communities Program is offering a total of $9 million in grants of up to $20,000 each to small businesses for energy audits, to upgrade equipment to reduce energy consumption, energy management systems and other energy efficiency initiatives and technologies aimed at cutting power consumption and costs. These grants build on other Government policies like retail price caps that are already delivering lower energy costs for small business owners.

    The Energy Efficient Communities Program was announced as part of the Government's Climate Solutions Package in the 2019 Federal Budget. The Government is also offering free advice to help small businesses and their representatives get better energy deals and increase their energy efficiency through the Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP). (Source: Gov. of Australia, BEAP, July, 2020) Contact: BEAP , Energy Efficient Communities Program ,

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    Louisiana PSC Grants $1Mn in Energy-Efficiency Funding (Ind. Report)
    Louisiana Public Service Commission
    Date: 2020-06-24
    In Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) reports the awarding of more than $1 million in energy efficiency grant funding to local governments and parish school systems in Northeast Louisiana.

    The grants, which range from $9,875 to $219,896, will fund the installation of high-efficiency LED lights and energy-efficient windows in buildings operated by local governments and public schools. The grant money will come from a surcharge on electric bills paid by cities, parishes and other political subdivisions that receive their electricity from Entergy, SWEPCO and CLECO utilities. (Source: LPSC, PR, 23 June, 2020) Contact: LPSC, Gary Hobbs, 318-676-7464, 225-342-4999,,

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    BIRD Energy Announces Renewables, Energy Efficiency Funding (Int'l.)
    BIRD Foundation, BIRD Energy
    Date: 2020-04-01
    Reporting from Tel Aviv, BIRD Energy has announced its next funding cycle for US-Israel joint project proposals with a focus on Renewable Energy and Efficiency and Natural Gas Technologies.

    Proposal must include R&D cooperation between two companies or cooperation between a company and a university/research institution - one from the U.S. and one from Israel. The proposal should have significant commercial potential and the project outcome should lead to commercialization.

    Examples of research and development topics within the scope of this call are: Solar and Wind Power, Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Alternative Fuels, Natural Gas and other associated technologies, Smart Grid, Storage, Water-Energy Nexus, Advanced Manufacturing or any other Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency technology. This year the topic of AI for Energy Management has also been added to the scope. The conditional grant per project is up to 50 pct of the R&D costs associated with the joint project, and up to a maximum of $1 million per project.

    BIRD Energy was established following an agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy and the Israel Ministry of Energy to promote and support joint research and collaborations in the field of Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency. BIRD Energy is administered by the BIRD Foundation, which has been promoting cooperation between U.S. and Israeli companies in various technology sectors since 1977. (Source: The BIRD Foundation, PR, 30 Mar., 2020) Contact: BIRD Foundation, Limor Nakar-Vincent, Deputy Executive Director of Business Development and BIRD Energy, +972-3-698-8310,; Maya Vardi Shoshani, Director, Business Development, West Coast, -650-752-6485,,

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    C-PACE Energy Efficiency Funding in Latimer County, CO (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-03-18
    In Colorado, the Larimer County Assessor's Office is reporting the availability of Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Colorado C-PACE program for older commercial structures.

    The C-PACE program allows building owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements via a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. (Source: Larimer County Assessor Office, North Forty,C-PACE, Mar., 2020) Contact: Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy [C-PACE] , Bob Overbeck, [970] 498-7050,, Tracy Phillips, Colorado C-PACE Program Director, [720] 933-8143,,; C-PACE Alliance, Cliff Kellogg (202) 744-1984,,

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    Kilgore Scores SWEPCO Energy Efficiency Funding (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-01-20
    Shreveport, Louisiana-based AEP-Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) reports it has awarded $121,386 to Kilgore College, in Kilgore Texas, for energy efficiency upgrades that are expected to save the college roughly $155,000 a year in energy costs.

    The funds are part of the company's Schools Conserving Our Resources market transformation program which was created with the help of the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The program provides financial incentive to private and public educational institutions for new and retrofit lighting installments. The program aims to encourage: energy efficient products; transform the market by addressing barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency; provide educational and support services to implement the products and creating a simple process to streamline the process to encourage market participation. (Source: SWEPCO, Longview News Journal, 15 Jan., 2020) Contact: Kilgore College,; AEP-Southwestern Electric Power Co, 888-216-3523,

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    Minn. CERTs Announces Energy Efficiency Grants (Funding)
    Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Team
    Date: 2020-01-15
    In Minneapolis, Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) reports it is awarding Seed Grants to 35 innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in communities statewide.

    The 35 projects received funding across a broad spectrum of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies including LED energy efficient lighting, components of energy education, outreach, community building, R&D and others.

    These awards mark the tenth round of Seed Grants from CERTs, totalling over $1.3 million to 393 projects since 2006. (Source: Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams, Cookston Times, 13 Jan., 2020)Contact: Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams, 612-625-8759,,

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    Cuomo Announces $1.5Bn in Energy Efficiency Funding (Ind. Report)
    BuildSmartNY ,New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
    Date: 2019-12-20
    In Albany, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees reports approval of $1.5 billion over seven years in additional program funding for energy efficiency as part of the Governor's BuildSmartNY program.

    The funding will support a wide variety of energy technology and renewable energy services, including energy audits, project engineering, design, installation and construction management. This strategic support will ensure that NYPA continues to meets its goal of substantially reducing energy usage by investing $300 million annually on energy efficiency and renewable measures at public facilities.

    BuildSmartNY energy efficiency projects include high efficiency lighting retrofits, occupancy and day-lighting and lighting sensors, building and energy management systems, boilers, chillers, air-handling systems, thermal storage, micro-grids, solar photovoltaic systems, digester gas systems, and emerging energy technologies.

    Over the last 20 years, the NYPA has approved nearly $4 billion in spending on energy efficiency and energy saving projects statewide. (Source: Office of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, RE Mag., 19 Dec., 2019)Contact: NYPA, Gil C. Quiniones, CEO , Pres.,; BuildSmartNY,

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    TCL&P Seeking $1.8Mn for Energy Efficiency Grants (Ind. Report)
    Traverse City Light & Power
    Date: 2019-12-02
    In Michigan, Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) reports its Board of Directors has approved a resolution seeking a $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Rural Development's Rural Energy Savings Program.

    If granted, the funds would support TCL&P's on-bill financing program allowing customers to borrow up to $30,000 at no interest for 10 years for renewable energy and energy efficiency installations and upgrades. The repayment, plus a $5 administration fee, would be secured through a lien on the property and added to the customer's monthly power billing.

    Qualifying borrowers could use the money for everything from insulation upgrades to new windows to renewable energy projects like rooftop solar, as previously reported.

    TCL&P executive director Tim Arends previously touted the idea as a way to help curb the utility's peak energy demand. The USDA gave tentative approval to the utility's application, as previously reported. (Source: Traverse City Light & Power, Traverse City Record Eagle, 1 Dec., 2019)Contact: Traverse City Light & Power, Tim Arends, 231-922-4940,

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    Indiana OED Offers Rural Energy Efficiency Grants (Ind. Report)
    Indiana Office of Energy Development
    Date: 2019-11-18
    In Indianapolis, the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED), in partnership with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, is reporting the availability of 2-year, matching grants -- up to $50,000 -- to farms and rural communities seeking to improve energy efficiency.

    Eligible applicants include agricultural businesses, communities, farms, public entities, non-profits and small businesses located in rural areas. There are two types of grants available, planning initiatives and infrastructure implementation. Examples of planning initiatives could include any rural energy efficient planning, including audits, such as engineering or re-engineering of buildings, equipment, and/or feasibility studies that propose to utilize higher efficiency technologies.

    Infrastructure implementation could include replacing outdated, inefficient equipment or machinery in an agribusiness. It could also include conducting energy efficient projects that will have a measurable impact on energy usage for HVAC, refrigeration, water quality, livestock, dairy or other types of crop-growing or commercial operations.

    The OED administers grant programs funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. These grants promote the use of alternative power and fuels, energy efficiency and public education on energy issues in Indiana. (Source: Indiana Office of Energy Development, PR, 17 Nov., 2019) Contact: Indiana Office of Energy Dev., Tristan Vance, Dir., 317- 232-8939,, Grant Details,,

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    UK Business Energy Efficiency Programme Touted (Int'l Report)
    Peterborough Environment City Trust
    Date: 2019-10-25
    In the UK, the Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) reports its Business Energy Efficiency programme (BEE) is offering Cambridgeshire businesses fully funded energy efficiency reviews and grants towards the implementation of energy efficiency measures, thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

    Since the programme's 2017 inception, over 6,300 tonnes of carbon savings have been identified by businesses switching to more sustainable technologies. (Source: Cambridge Network, 22 Oct., 2019) Contact: Business Energy Efficiency Programme, Antony Gough, +44 0 1733 882549,,; European Regional Development Fund,

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    Sarasota Non-Profits Score Energy Efficiency Funding (Ind. Report)
    Gulf Coast Community Foundation.
    Date: 2019-10-16
    In Sarasota, Florida, Partners for Green Places is reporting receipt of a $375,000 grant from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation. The grant funds have been earmarked for renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability improvements by the Children First, Historic Spanish Point and Harvest House, not-for-profit community service organizations. (Source: Gulf Coast Community Foundation.WWSB, 14 Oct., 2019) Contact: Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Jon Thaxton, Snr. VP for Community Investment,

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    Connecticut Green Bank Updates Energy Efficiency Funding (Funding)
    Connecticut Green Bank
    Date: 2019-10-07
    Rocky Hill, Cy.-based Connecticut Green Bank reports its Multifamily Housing Programme has provided energy efficiency retrofit funding to more than 100 multifamily properties, implementing energy efficiency retrofits totaling more than $34 million since its inception in 2014. The Green Bank presently has up to $160 million in funding set to be distributed.

    Sign up to our newsletter The Program predominantly provides financing for existing housing that serves low- and moderate-income residents in Connecticut. This includes subsidized, rent-restricted properties as well as non-subsidized housing. (Source: Connecticut Green Bank, 7 Oct., 2019) Contact: Connecticut Green Bank, Bryan Garcia, CEO, 860-563-0015,

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    Johnson County KY Scores $100K Energy Efficiency Grant (Funding)
    The Kentucky Department for Local Government
    Date: 2019-09-09
    The Kentucky Department for Local Government (DLG) is reporting the issuance of a $100,000 Energy Efficiency and Conservation grant of $100,000 to Johnson County for energy efficient upgrades to various public facilities through turn-key Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC).

    The proposed ESPC work will deliver operational and energy savings and will include lighting upgrades, mechanical upgrades/retro-commissioning, building envelope and water conservation and others, according to the DLG statement.

    The EEC Grant program is a cooperative effort with the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Department of Energy Development and Independence to assist city and county governments to reduce energy consumption and lower overall utility costs. (Source: Kentucky Department for Local Government, Paintsville Herald, 6 Sept., 2019) Contact: Kentucky Department for Local Government,

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    EU Earmarks €100Mn for Ukraine Energy Efficiency (Int'l.)
    European Energy Efficiency Fund
    Date: 2019-09-06
    In Kiev, Ukrinform, the Ukrainian new agency is reporting the European Union (EU) has allocated €80 million ($88.2 million U.S.) under the European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF) to support a Ukrainian energy modernization program. The EU also added another €20 million ($22 million U.S.) for technical assistance in the implementation of the program.

    In July, the EU-backed EEEF has signed an agreement with the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, under which the partners will allocate $235 million to upgrade Ukraine's energy efficiency for some 6,000 homes over a four-year period. (Source: Ukrinform, Xinhua, 5 Sept., 2019) Contact: European Energy Efficiency Fund,

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    Social Properties Energy Efficiency Funding Lauded (Int'l, Funding)
    Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
    Date: 2019-06-14
    In Glasgow, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations is lauding the Scottish Government's announced £3.5 million funding package for social (low income) landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

    The funding is being provided for measures such as insulation and internal improvements to social rented accommodation. To qualify for funding, projects must also include initiatives to reduce a building's carbon footprint, such as ground source heat pumps, biomass energy fand/or solar panels. By the end of 2021, the Scottish Government will have allocated more than £1 billion since 2009 to tackle fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency, making homes warmer and cheaper to heat, according to government data. (Source: Scottish Housing News, 13 June, 2019) Contact: Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, Sally Thomas, CEO, +44 141 332 8113,

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