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Newfoundland Ups Home Energy Efficiency Support (Ind. Report)
Newfoundland & Labrador Housing
Date: 2022-01-12
In St, Johns, the Newfoundland & Labrador Housing agency reports more people are going to qualify for the Home Energy Savings Program for oil heat. The household income limit has been increased by from $32,500 to $52,500 per year.

The program awards grants of up to $5,000 to owners of single, row, and semi-detached houses, who heat their homes with oil. The grants can used to complete home energy efficient upgrades such as insulation, weatherization and HVAC improvements that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower heating bills. The program is offered province-wide on a first come, first served basis. (Source: Gov. Newfoundland & Labrador, Newfoundland & Labrador Housing, PR 11 Jan., 2022) Contact: Newfoundland & Labrador Housing,

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New York Energy and Environmental Launched (Ind. Report)
New York Energy and Environmental
Date: 2022-01-12
In the Big Apple, New York Engineers, P.C., Solar Energy Systems (SES), Energy Conservation & Supply Inc. (ECS) and Lotus Biosecurity are reporting the launch of New York Energy and Environmental, a full service alliance of NYC's most trusted energy efficiency service providers focused on energy efficiency design, implementation and state and local law compliance for large multi-family residential and commercial clients in the metro-New York area. The multi-firm collaboration is backed by Eaglestone, LLC -- a "best in class" MEP/FP sub-contractor providing residential and commercial energy and energy efficiency related project implementation and management services.

The new firm will offer energy audits, site surveys, utility data analysis, incentive qualification, permits and filings, as well as project design, engineering, implementation, management and maintenance. Special projects include solar power, electric vehicle charging stations, LEED consulting, and comprehensive biosecurity measures. (Source: Eaglestone LLC, PR, 11 Jan., 2022) Contact: Eaglestone LLC,; New York Energy and Environmental,

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Idaho Power Aiming for 100 pct Renewables by 2045 (Ind. Report)
Idaho Power
Date: 2022-01-10
In Boise, the state regulated monopoly Idaho Power utility reports it has submitted its 20-year Integrated Resource Plan to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The Plan phases out coal-fired power plants by 2028 in favor of renewable energy, battery storage, energy efficiency and additional power that will come with the completion of a transmission line connecting to the Pacific Northwest. The utility is aiming for 100 pct clean energy by 2045 when it expects to serve more than 850,000 customers.

Idaho Power's new 2021 plan calls for 700 MW of wind, 1,405 MW of solar and 1,685 MW of battery energy storage. The plan also considers various climate-related risks and ways of meeting the company's clean energy goal built around hydropower, which is key to the company's long term strategy. Idaho Power presently has 17 hydroelectric facilities on the Snake River and its tributaries. In 2020, company's energy mix was 41.7 pct hydro, 20.9 pct coal, 11.9 pct natural gas, 11.1 pct wind, 4.1 pct solar and 2.9 pct geothermal, biomass and other sources, plus 7.4 pct energy market purchases, according to the company. (Source: Idaho Power, PR, Website, Columbian, Jan., 2022) Contact: Idaho Power,

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Increased Energy Efficiency Funding Available in Scotland (Int'l.)
Scotland Zero Carbon Buildings
Date: 2022-01-10
In Glasgow, Scotland's Zero Carbon Buildings Ministry is reporting increased funding is available this year through various home energy programmes to make homes warmer and more efficient, while supporting efforts to tackle fuel poverty and helping householders manage their energy bills. More than £160 million ($216 million) of funding is being invested in 2021/22 as follows:

  • £50 million for Warmer Homes Scotland, the Scottish Government scheme helping households in fuel poverty make their homes warmer and more affordable to heat;

  • £30 million in green heating and energy efficiency projects in social housing;

  • £21 million through the Home Energy Scotland Loan and Cashback Scheme to enable homeowners to apply for up to £7,500 in cashback if they take out a loan to install green heating systems, such as a heat pump, as well as up to £6,000 towards eligible energy efficiency measures to reduce poor energy efficiency;

  • £64 million for Area Based Schemes targeting communities blighted by fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency, reducing costs and carbon emissions from heating their homes.

    To date more than 150,000 households have been funded by the program and saved an average an average of £300 per year on their fuel bills whilst reducing carbon emissions by a collective 3.4 million tonnes over the lifetime of these improvements. (Source: Gov, of Scotland, Home Energy Scotland, PR, Scottish Housing News, 8 Jan., 2021) Contact: Home Energy Scotland, +44 0 808 808 2282,

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  • IFC Underwrites South African Green Housing Bonds (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2022-01-07
    Nedbank, one of South Africa's largest banks, is issuing a green bond in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank Group's private sector financing arm. The funds raised will be used to finance environmentally sustainable housing in South Africa. Nedbank is once again issuing a green bond in South Africa, after a first operation in 2019 dedicated to renewable energy financing. This time, the bank owned 50% by Old Mutual is receiving support from a major investor, the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The subsidiary of the World Bank Group responsible for private sector financing has become the main investor in this operation, which is targeting 1.09 billion South African rand ($120 million).

    The green bond, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, is dedicated to financing environmentally responsible housing in South Africa. According to the IFC, the deal will increase the availability of finance to drive the South African green building market. (Source: Nedbank, Afrik21, 6 Jan., 2022)

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    Greenbacker's RoxWind Wind Farm Now Online (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-01-07
    NYC, New York-based Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company LLC , a leading owner and operator of sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency projects, is reporting its 15.3-MW RoxWind Wind Farm in Maine entered commercial operation on November 30, 2021. The facility is expected to produce nearly 50,300 MWh per year of clean energy -- sufficient power for 4,500 homes per year.

    Originally developed by Palmer Capital, RoxWind's four, 3.8 MW turbines generate renewable energy for four investment-grade municipal utilities via long-term off-take agreements. RoxWind is Greenbacker's first and largest sustainable infrastructure asset in Maine. (Source: Greenbacker, Website PR, Jan., 2022) Contact: Greenbacker Renewable Energy, Charles Wheeler, CEO,(646) 720-9463, generalenquires@greenbackerreneable,,

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    O2 Investment Offloads Mantis Innovation Group (M&A, Ind. Report)
    Mantis Innovation
    Date: 2022-01-05
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based O2 Investment Partners is reporting the sale of its Houston-headquartered portfolio company, Mantis Innovation Group to Gemspring Capital.

    Mantis solutions deliver better building performance and improved energy efficiency with proprietary software tools to offer a full suite of services, including: energy procurement and demand management; solar, roofing, building envelope and pavement assessment and maintenance; and LED lighting, HVAC/mechanical and building automation systems design and implementation. (Source: O2 Investment Partners, PR, Jan., 2022) Contact: O2 Investment Partners,; Gemspring Capital,; Mantis Innovation Group, 877.459.4728,,

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    EBRD, EU Investing €6Mn in Serb Energy Efficiency (Int'l.)
    EBRD, EU
    Date: 2022-01-05
    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Union (EU) Regional Energy Efficiency Programme are reporting a €6 million ($6.8 million) combined loan and grant package to support energy efficiency in 20 public buildings in the Serb Republic. Of the total, the EBRD will lend the country €4.5 million and the EU will provide a €1.0 million grant and additional €500,000 in technical assistance .

    The financial package will fund thermal insulation, new windows, upgraded HVAC systems, energy efficient lighting and other measures that are expected to reduce the buildings' annual CO2 emissions by 90 pct, heat consumption by around 80 pct and electricity consumption by 63 pct. The public buildings will share at least 50 pct of their energy savings during the loan tenor with the Serb Republic's Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, which will help them with the repayment of the loans. (Source: EBRD, SeeNews, 4 Jan., 2022) Contact: EBRD,

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    NJEDA Seeks Energy Efficiency "Bridge" Financing Info (Ind. Report)
    New Jersey Economic Development Authority
    Date: 2022-01-05
    In Trenton, the New issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking specific insights on financing availability and cost of capital challenges faced by the Garden State's energy efficiency contractors. The information will be used in the potential creation of a new Green Fund bridge financing "loan-to-lender" loan program to help small contractors access the necessary resources to compete for and complete clean energy and energy efficiency projects in the Garden State. The program is expected to be launched in "the coming months."

    Currently, many commercial energy efficiency projects utilize incentives provided to business facility owners by utility companies and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJPUB). The facility owners, in turn, assign these incentives to energy efficiency contractors to undertake the physical retrofit work. Because cash for many of these incentives is paid out only after a "performance period" of proven energy efficiency savings, the local contractors' working capital is often tied up in projects they have already completed. The Green Fund is exploring programmatic options to ensure these contractors have access to sufficient capital, allowing them to take on more projects, grow their businesses and create more clean energy jobs.

    The RFI seeks input on a "loan-to-lender" approach. The program would make loans available to qualified lending intermediaries who would, in turn, use the funding to make incentive bridge working capital loans to energy efficiency contractors operating in New Jersey.

    RFI details can be found HERE (Source: NJEDA, Jan., 2022) Contact: NJEDA, Tim Sullivan, CEO, (609) 858-6700,,

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    China Boasts "Green" Development, Buildings Growth (Int'l. Report)
    China Green Building
    Date: 2021-12-31
    In Beijing, China's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is reporting the country's "green" buildings has exceeded 6.6 billion square meters, in line with the government's push to raise building energy efficiency standards, cut energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions nationwide.

    To that end, the Ministry recently issued a guideline of institutional mechanisms and policy systems for green development in urban and rural areas to be established by 2025. The Ministry will also formulate a 14th "five-year plan" on urban and rural living environment planning and taking measures to promote and coordinate eco-environmental construction standards, energy efficiency and "green" development, the release noted. (Source: Xinhua,, 25 Oct., 2021)

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    NV5 Global Planning Optimal Energy Acquisition (M&A)
    NV5 Global, Optimal Energy
    Date: 2021-12-31
    Hollywood, Florida-headquartered engineering services company NV5 Global, Inc. reports it plans to acquire Optimal Energy, Inc., effective December 31. Optimal is NV5's fourth acquisition in the energy efficiency sector.

    NV5 is a provider of engineering and consulting services to public and private sector clients, delivering solutions through six business verticals: Testing, Inspection & Consulting; Infrastructure; Utility Services; Environmental Health Sciences; Buildings & Program Management; and Geospatial Technology.

    With offices in Vermont and Rhode Island, Optimal engages in a full range of consulting services. It specializes in advising state energy efficiency advisory councils on program planning, cost-benefit analysis, and strategic guidance. (Source: NV5 Global, PR, Website , 30 Dec., 2021) Contact: NV5 Global, Dickerson Wright, CEO, 954.495.2112, fax 954.495.2101,

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    Michigan Energy Optimization Incentives Ending (Ind. Report)
    Michigan Energy Optimization
    Date: 2021-12-29
    The Michigan Energy Optimization cash incentives program for residential energy-saving equipment and services is ending on 31, Dec., 2021.

    The program, which began in 2008 and was renewed in 2016, offered hundreds of dollars in incentives for energy efficient furnances and other major appliances and upgrades. (Source: Michigan Energy Optimization, Michigan Public Radio, 28 Dec., 2021) Contact: Michigan Energy Optimization program,

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    EPRI Hybrid Heat Pump R&D Funded (Funding, R&D)
    Date: 2021-12-29
    In Washington, the U.S. DOE is reporting the issuance of a three-year grant to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to support development a new hybrid heat pump system.

    EPRI's proposed system would combine thermoelectric heat with conventional air-source heat, allowing it to operate in temperatures below 35 degrees F without reducing efficiency and reliability.The heat pump aims to reduce energy consumption in both residential and small commercial buildings by 10 pct.

    The project will be undertaken in coordination with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and will be performance tested in various U.S. climates. (Source: ORNL, Dec., 2021) Contact: ORNL, Joe Hagerman, Building Technologies Research,; EPRI, David Porter, Dir. Electrification and Sustainable Energy Strategy, 800-313-3774,

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    China Pursuing Multi-Level Low-Carbon Effort (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-12-29
    In Beijing, the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is reporting China's commitment to peak its carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 is both national and regional in character.

    The Ministry notes various levels of government are adopting low-carbon policies for green zero-carbon and zero-emission clean energy heating, increased energy efficiency, decreased use of fossil fuels and increased use of renewable energy, carbon capture and storage (CCS), green and low-carbon logistics and infrastructure and other initiatives tailored to local conditions and industries which are exploring their own green development paths to achieve climate goals. (Source: China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xinhua, 29 Dec., 2021) Contact: China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,

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    NYSERDA Awards $14.5Mn to Carbon Challenge Winners (Funding)
    Date: 2021-12-22
    In Albany, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) yesterday announced nearly $14.5 million in awards to the third-round winners of the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Carbon Challenge -- part of the Regional Economic Development Council Initiative Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Round XI awards. The awarded entities include: the City of New York; Columbia University Irving Medical Center; St. John's University; Cascades Containerboard Packaging Niagara Falls; Essity Hygiene in the Capitol Region; Holcim (US) Inc. in Ravena; and IBM Corporation.

    The winning entities have committed to high-impact actions that will shrink their carbon footprints and result in a reduction of over 1.2 million metric tpy of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of taking approximately 260,000 cars off the road. Yesterday's announcement supports the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 85 pct by 2050 and advance a just transition for difficult-to-decarbonize and energy-intensive economic sectors.

    Launched in May 2018 and administered by NYSERDA, the C&I Carbon Challenge is a competitive program that provides funding to large commercial and industrial energy users such as manufacturers, colleges, health care facilities and office building owners in New York State to develop various cost-effective clean energy projects that reduce carbon emissions.

    The winning proposals, submitted through the State's annual CFA process, demonstrate the highest potential for cost-effectively implementing carbon-reducing clean energy actions. Projects that benefit disadvantaged communities received extra points in the scoring criteria when determining awards.

    With yesterday's announcement, more than $31 million has been awarded through the C&I Carbon Challenge for projects that are reducing carbon emissions to improve statewide sustainability and combat climate change. Past awardees have collectively committed to reducing over 2.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking approximately 585,000 cars off the road.

    NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation, offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise, and funding to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. NYSERDA professionals work to protect the environment and create clean-energy jobs. NYSERDA has been developing partnerships to advance innovative energy solutions in New York State since 1975. (Source: NYSERDA, PR, 21 Dec., 2021) Contact: NYSERDA, (518) 862-1090,

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    Willdan Claims $90Mn NYCHA GHG Reductions Contract (Ind. Report)
    Willdan,New York City Housing Authority
    Date: 2021-12-20
    Anaheim, California-headquartered Willdan Group, Inc. reports it has been selected by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to provide innovative thermal load solutions to reduce emissions and address climate change.

    The $90 million design-build contract will see heat pump installations and upgrades to domestic hot water availability, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with NYCHA's sustainability agenda.

    The contract is aiming for a minimum 80 pct reduction in GHG emissions, compliant with New York City's Local Law 97. Construction work is slated to begin in November of 2021 (Pink Houses) and January of 2022 (Tilden Houses).

    The New York City Housing Authority is the largest public housing authority in North America, with 177,000 apartments within 335 housing developments. (Source: Willdan, PR, 14 Dec., 2021) Contact:New York City Housing Authority, › site › nycha; Willdan, Thomas Brisban, Pres., Al Kaschalk , VP Investor Relations , 310-922-5643,,

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    Ameresco Announces £1.09 Welsh Energy Conservation Project (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-12-20
    Framingham, Mass.-based renewable energy and energy efficiency service firm Ameresco, Inc., is reporting its partnership with Merthyr Tydfil Council in Wales on a £1.09 million energy conservation project.

    Known as the former "Iron Capital of the World", Merthyr Tydfil is transforming itself into a modern commercial hub and smart city. With the help of Ameresco, the city council will look to provide solutions across the council's 31 sites, including upgrades to the town's aging infrastructure, optimizing the lifespan of the existing equipment, installing nine solar pv systems and 30 LED lighting upgrades, and implementing smart heating and hot water systems.

    Upon completions in March, 2022, the project is expected to save the city £136,000 from its annual energy cost of £1.2 million and reduce carbon emissions from buildings by 251 tpy. The project also marks progress toward Merthyr Tydfil's goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, as outlined by the Welsh government. (Source: Ameresco, Website PR, 16 Dec., 2021) Contact: Merthyr Tydfil Council, Judith Jones, +44 1685 725000,;Ameresco, David J. Anderson, EVP , (508) 661-2264,

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    Nova Scotia Adds $57Mn in Energy Efficiency Funding (Funding)
    Nova Scoria
    Date: 2021-12-20
    In Halifax, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables reports it is investing another $57 million to expand energy efficiency programming for homes and businesses. Of the total, $50 million is earmarked for residential energy efficiency programs to address energy poverty and equity. The remaining $7 million is for energy efficiency programming for businesses.

    This funding is additional to the $42 million already provided in 2021-22 to energy efficiency programs that are saving Nova Scotians over $1.4 billion per year in energy costs as well as helping low-income homeowners and renters save over $260 million on their energy bills. 25 pct of Nova Scotia's greenhouse gas emission reductions are attributable to energy efficiency programs.

    The Department will work with partner organizations to finalize program details which will be released in the new year. (Source: Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, PR, 20 Dec., 2021) Contact: Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Hon. Tory Rushton, Minister , 902-424-4575,,

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    Penn State Building Re-Certified LEED Platinum (Ind. Report)
    Penn State University, US Green Building Council
    Date: 2021-12-17
    At University Park, the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University reports its Business Building has been re-certified from US Green Building Council LEED Gold to Platinum certification, the highest ranking and most widely used rating system for green building design, construction, operations and performance.

    The Business Building is Penn State's first building to earn a top LEED platinum level certification under the operations and maintenance category, and the second platinum-certified building overall.

    In total, Penn State has 48 buildings across Pennsylvania that have met LEED certifications, with nearly 20 more in pending status for potential certification. (Source: Penn State University, PR, 16 Dec., 2021) Contact: Penn State Univ., Rob Cooper, Office of Physical Plant, (814) 863-5362,; USGBC Peter Templeton, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    CT, Gov. Inks Climate, Energy Efficiency Exec. Order (Ind. Report)
    Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont
    Date: 2021-12-17
    In Hartford, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) has issued a sweeping executive order requiring the state to review all public buildings for energy efficiency, develop home appliance standards and building codes aimed at reducing energy costs. expanding air quality monitoring statewide. The order will also create a new Connecticut Equity and Environmental Justice Advisory Council to address higher pollution levels and climate change mitigation, particularly in poorer and more racially diverse communities.

    Connecticut officials will also assess whether California's stricter emissions standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles can be adopted in Connecticut. The order also directs state officials to work with cities and towns on projects to guard against the effects of climate change, including flooding.

    The governor's new executive follows a Sept., 2021, report that Connecticut was not on track to meet its goal of reducing GHG emissions by 45 pct over 2001 levels by 2030. (Source: Office of Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, PR, 16 Dec., 2021) Contact: Office of Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, 860-524-7397,, Twitter: @GovNedLamont,

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    US DOE EERE Launches Better Climate Challenge (Ind. Report)
    US DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
    Date: 2021-12-15
    The US DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) is challenging companies, states, municipalities, and other organizations to set ambitious, portfolio-wide, and near-term operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals to demonstrate leadership and share real-world pathways to address climate change.

    Through the Better Climate Challenge, partners will commit to a portfolio-wide goal of at least 50 pct by 2030 and DOE will support their efforts with technical assistance and peer-to-peer learning to share solutions to reduce emissions from their facilities and through power purchasing decisions.

    This effort will build on over a decade of experience through the Better Buildings Initiative to drive portfolio-wide accountable and transparent commitments across the public and private sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the commercial, industrial, and multifamily sector, while providing whole-of-government technical assistance to help those companies/organizations meet their targets. DOE has started engaging leaders across the U.S. economy. There are already 32 organizations that have joined Better Climate Challenge.

    Details HERE . (Source: US DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Nov-Dec., 2021) Contact: US DOE, www.,

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    Ameresco Nails Mo. School Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-12-15
    Framingham, Mass.-based renewable energy and energy efficiency specialist Ameresco Inc. is reporting completion of its latest phase of its facility energy efficiency upgrades at the Hazelwood School District, in St. Louis County, Missouri.

    For the project, Ameresco retrofitted HVAC systems and interior and exterior lighting with new LED lighting technology across all 34 buildings within the District for an estimated $1,250,000 in savings in annual utilities, operations and maintenance costs. Work was completed in July of 2021.

    The 2021 LED lighting retrofit project was awarded two separate energy savings awards from Ameren Missouri, the local electric utility, through the BizSavers Program. Hazelwood School District won the Energy Efficiency Champion award and Ameresco won the Trade Ally Star award. (Source: Ameresco, Inc., Website PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: Ameresco Inc.,

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    EU Legislates Least Energy Efficient Home Upgrades (Int'l.)
    European Commission
    Date: 2021-12-15
    In its just released Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the European Commission (EC) has proposed the introduction of minimum energy performance standards for the 15 pct worst performing buildings in Europe, which would be rated "G" on the EU's energy performance scale, whether they are residential or not. The proposal is part of a wider package of legislation aimed at halving the EU's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

    Under the proposal, all commercial or public buildings would need to reach at least class "F" on the EU's energy efficiency scale by Jan., 2027 and then class "E" by 1 January 2030.

    Individual residential housse or apartments would need to reach class "F"by 1 January 2030 and class "E" by 1 January 2033. These ratings would be based on a harmonised European scale, with the worst performing "G" class corresponding to the 15 pct least efficient buildings and the "A" class corresponding to zero emission buildings.

    According to the Commission, focusing on the worst performing buildings will alleviate energy poverty and benefit the poorest households who cannot afford to renovate their homes and currently pay the highest proportion of their income on heating. The legislation would impact the roughly 131 million residential and non-residential buildings within the EU. (Source: EU, European Commission Release, 15 Dec., 2021)

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    Scotland's 2022-23 Budget Stresses Energy Efficiency (Int'l. Report)
    Scotland Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2021-12-13
    In Edinburgh, the Government of Scotland is reporting its 2022-23 budget will invest more than £2 billion ($2.654 billion) in tackling the climate emergency -- helping to protect and restore the natural environment, increase energy efficiency and slash emissions from homes, industries and transport -- including:
  • £ 336 million invested in energy efficiency and low carbon and renewable heat to deliver warmer, greener homes, including £160 million to support those least able to pay for home energy improvements, helping to cut emissions while tackling a major driver of fuel poverty and creating jobs across the country;

  • Almost £1.4 billion will be spent to maintain, improve and decarbonise Scotland's rail network. Free bus travel for young people will receive £110 million, and £150 million will be invested in active travel, such as walking and cycling. This will support efforts to cut car kilometres by 20 pct by 2030.

    "We are playing our part in tackling the global climate emergency head on. This budget carries forward the momentum created by COP26, with record investment in transforming Scotland into a net zero, climate resilient nation. We are prioritizing investment in the natural environment, including our vital woodlands and peatlands. We are also taking action to make our homes warmer and greener to help reduce emissions, while tackling fuel poverty and creating green jobs," according to Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Michael Matheson. (Source: Gov. of Scotland, PR, 9 December 2021)

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  • BIRD Investing in Battery, Energy Storage Projects (Funding)
    BIRD Energy
    Date: 2021-12-13
    In Tel Aviv, Israel's Ministry of Energy (MoE), the Israel Innovation Authority and the US DOE are reporting six battery, energy efficiency, and energy storage, projects will receive $5.48 million under the Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy program. The projects include:
  • AGM Communication & Control (Mitzpa, Israel) and Element 16 Technologies, Inc. (Glendale, CA) will develop sulfur thermal energy storage for industrial applications.

  • E.V.R. Motors Ltd. (Petach Tikva, Israel) and Continuous Solutions L.L.C. (Portland, OR) will develop "IMP" -- an Integrated Miniaturized Powertrain.

  • Environmental Services Company (Neot Hovav, Israel) and 374Water (Durham, NC) will develop energy and resource recovery systems from hazardous organic waste using supercritical water oxidation technology.

  • Kinetics (Airport City, Israel) and UAV Turbines, Inc. (Miami, FL) will develop an ultra-portable turbogenerator system.

  • An Israeli Company and Imprint Energy, Inc. (Alameda, CA) will develop safe, sustainable, and high-power zinc printed batteries and will manufacture and integrate them into thin and flexible cellular Internet of Things (IoT) smart tags for tracking packages, improving logistics processes, and reducing supply chain waste.

  • Synvertec (Herzliya, Israel) and Rhombus Energy Solutions (San Diego, CA) will develop the Synchronverter -- a dynamic and autonomous inverter utilizing a unique control algorithm -- allowing 100 pct of renewable generation by providing grid stability solutions for inverter-based applications.

    Projects that qualify for BIRD Energy funding must include one U.S. and one Israeli company or a company from one of the countries paired with a university or research institution from the other. The partners must present a project that involves innovation in the area of energy and is of mutual interest to both countries. BIRD Energy has a rigorous review process and selects the most technologically meritorious projects along with those most likely to commercialize and bring about significant impact. Qualified projects must contribute at least 50 pct to project costs and commit to repayments if the project leads to commercial success.

    BIRD Energy was launched in 2009 under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, supporting research and development, benefiting both the United States and Israel. The program focuses on commercializing sustainable energy technologies that improve economic competitiveness, create jobs, and increase energy security. To date, BIRD Energy has funded 60 cooperative Israel-U.S. clean energy projects totaling $47.5 million and approximately $62 million in funds matched by the private sector to commercialize clean energy technologies. (Source: BIRD Energy, PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: BIRD Foundation, Limor Nakar-Vincent, Deputy Executive Director of Business Development & BIRD Energy, +972-3- 6988-315,,

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  • SCF Partners Invests in Power Resiliency, Energy Efficiency Technology Specialist Powerstar (Ind. Report)
    SCF Partners , Powerstar
    Date: 2021-12-13
    Houston headquartered energy services industry investor SCF Partners is reporting an investment in UK, Sheffield-headquartered Powerstar EMSc (UK) Ltd. , a global provider of power resiliency, microgrids, and energy efficiency technologies and equipment.

    Powerstar designs and manufactures behind-the-meter hardware and software technologies for voltage optimization, power resiliency, energy storage, EV charging, and transformer equipment that help commercial and industrial customers reach their net zero carbon goals.

    Founded in 1989, SCF provides equity capital and strategic growth assistance to build leading energy service, equipment, and technology companies that operate throughout the world. SCF has invested in more than 70 platform companies and made more than 400 additional acquisitions to develop 17 publicly listed energy service and equipment companies over its history. The firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices in Calgary, Singapore, and Aberdeen, according to the company website. (Source: SCF Partners, PR, 13 Dec., 2021) Contact: Powerstar, Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Founder and CEO,,; SCF Partners, Garrett Jackson, 713.227.7888 – Houston TX,;

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    RI Infrastructure Bank Provides $246K C-PACE Loan (Ind. Report)
    RI Infrastructure Bank , C-PACE
    Date: 2021-12-10
    In Providence, the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank reports it has provided $246,000 in Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program financing for energy efficiency upgrades to the Beswick Building in Pawtucket.

    C-PACE financed Energy efficiency components include high-efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting , 44 high efficiency windows and others that are projected to reduce the building's energy costs by nearly $25,000 per year. (Source: Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, Dec., 2021) Contact: Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, 401-453-4430,

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    Philly Raises City Buildings LEED Bar (Ind. Report)
    Philadelphia City Council ,US Green Building Council
    Date: 2021-12-10
    The Philadelphia City Council this week unanimously passed legislation that requirements new construction or major renovations of large city buildings meet US Green Building Council LEED Gold certification standards -- an upgrade from the presently required LEED Silver. The new requirement further encourages the use of on-site renewable energy, optimized energy performance, increased energy efficiency, the use of sustainable materials and other green and healthy building features.

    The bill, which received unanimous support in council and from the regional nonprofit Green Building United, shifts management of the program from the City Planning Commission to the Office of Sustainability, which plans to develop regulations that push contractors toward energy-related categories of points.

    Under the city's Climate Action Playbook released early this year, the city plans to cut municipal carbon emissions 50 pct and source 100 pct clean energy for municipal operations by 2030. The city has also committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. (Source: Philadelphia City Council Dec. 9, 2021)Contact: USGBC Peter Templeton, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,; Philadelphia City Council,

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    Ameresco Expands Expertise with Plug Smart Acquisition (M&A)
    Ameresco, Plug Smart
    Date: 2021-12-08
    Framingham, Mass.-based energy efficiency and renewable energy specialist Ameresco, Inc. is reporting the acquisition of Ohio-headquartered smart building solutions provider Plug Smart. The company specializes in the development and implementation of budget-neutral capital improvement projects including building controls and building automation systems. Financial terms of the transaction are undisclosed.

    According to the company website, Plug Smart was formed in 2008 and has been providing smart building solutions through a customer-focused approach for the government, university, school, healthcare and commercial markets with a strong regional presence in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Florida. Plug Smart has specialized in creating budget-neutral funding opportunities for customers along with insights into pricing and ROI before, during and after project implementation. (Source: Ameresco, Website PR, 7 Dec., 2021) Contact: Ameresco, George Sakellaris, Pres., CEO,; Plug Smart, Lucas Dixon, (734) 494-0830,

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    Ball State University Offers US GBC LEED Lab (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-12-06
    Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, reports it is offering LEED -- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design -- Lab as part of a program backed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The course allows students to better understand energy efficiency and sustainability goals of the LEED certification program and process as well as study and document previously LEED certified buildings and architecture on the school's 713 acre campus.

    LEED-Certified buildings central to Ball State's Center for Energy Research/Education/Service (CERES) which formed the Council on the Environment in 2001. The council meets monthly and serves to advice and make recommendations on sustainability to the university administration. (Source: Ball State University, PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: Ball State University, LEED Lab, Janet Fick, Associate Lecturer of Construction Management, 765-289-1241,; USGBC Peter Templeton, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    NSW State Proposes Stiffer Energy Efficiency Standards (Int'l.)
    NSW Australia
    Date: 2021-12-06
    In the Land Down Under, the New South Wales Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, is proposing Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) standards for homes that would encourage construction of more energy efficient homes and save residents up to $980 a year on energy bills and reduce the state’s carbon footprint. The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) is a key assessment tool that ensures new homes are comfortable to live in regardless of the temperature, are more energy efficient and save water.

    According to the Ministry release, the proposed increases in standards will see more energy-efficient homes with better design, better insulation, more sunlight and more solar panels that will keep home naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter at significantly reduced energy usage and expense. The new targets complement work underway, such as planting one million trees and investing $4.8 million to make building materials more environmentally friendly, the Ministry noted. (Source: NSW Government, PR, Coast Community News, Dec., 2021) Contact: BASIX,

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    Vail Adds Energy Efficiency Expertise (Ind. Report)
    Town of Vail
    Date: 2021-12-06
    In Colorado, the Town of Vail is reporting the addition of two staff positions to advance its community goals of energy efficiency and mobility.

    Cameron Millard joined the Environmental Sustainability staff as energy efficiency coordinator while Chris Southwick is the new mobility innovation coordinator in the Public Works and Transportation Department. Both positions support the town's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as identified in its strategic plans and the Climate Action Plan for the Eagle County Community.

    Millard, formerly with Efficiency Insights LLC, will be responsible for implementation of energy efficiency initiatives in support of the town's Environmental Sustainability Strategic Plan. This includes the coordination of energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts including analysis, tracking, reporting, and data-management of town-wide energy systems and development and promotion of programs to increase energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions by advancing community partnerships like Energy Smart Colorado. Millard will also focus on building code upgrades, community energy programs, improving workplace efficiency and assist the Public Works and Transportation Department in community and fleet electrification efforts, including an electric vehicle readiness plan, infrastructure, logistics and partnerships. (Source: Town of Vail, Vail Eagle, Dec., 2021) Contact: Town of Vail, Cameron Millard, 970-477-3467 ,,

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    Siemens to Support Moroccan Power Grid Management (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-12-03
    Zug, Switzerland-headquartered Siemens, French information technology specialist Atos, and Morocco's National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) report they are collaborating on a smart energy metering platform that will allow ONEE to efficiently process the data collected by more than 100,000 smart meters that will be installed across the country, thus optimizing energy consumption and management of the national grid while meeting Morocco's growing energy needs.

    The project is part of Siemens Energy Efficiency program and encompasses the implementation of Siemens' EnergyIP meter data management platform, which enables the automated use of the collected data, raises awareness about energy consumption among end users and generates a more secure revenue stream.

    Atos experts will be responsible for IT infrastructure and security tasks and will ensure the consistency of all technical solutions. They will also oversee the contract management and local services and will support the change management process. (Source: Siemens Smart Infrastructure , PR, Dec., 2021) Contact: Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO, Digital Grid, Eva-Maria Baumann, +49 (9131) 17-36620,, www.; Atos, www.

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    AFFECT Energy Efficiency, BESS Funding Announced (Funding)
    Federal Energy Management Program
    Date: 2021-12-01
    In Washington, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) is reporting the selection of federal agency projects to receive a combined total of $13 million in Assisting Federal Facilities with Energy Conservation Technologies (AFFECT) funding. The grants, which are expected to lead to more than $737 million when leveraged with energy performance contracts from private industry, include the following:
  • U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) -- USCG will implement the agency's first microgrid control system (MCS) coupled with solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery energy storage system (BESS) resilience energy conservation measures (ECMs), to provide 10 days of off-grid operation during a power disruption event.

  • Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic -- The project will provide a comprehensive approach to enhancing its climate change adaptation-resilience posture and energy efficiency across eight NIWC Atlantic sites located in South Carolina, Virginia, and Louisiana. NIWC will deploy solar PV and an MCS to enable renewable back-up generation while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Internal Revenue Service -- Internal Revenue Service is pursuing a near-net zero, comprehensive energy efficiency and resilience project that will empower up to 30 days of off-grid operation in the event of utility power disruption, amplify energy efficiency to substantially reduce baseload energy use and corresponding GHG emissions, and deploy solar PV coupled with an MCS, BESS.

  • Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst -- A large-scale, wholistic energy efficiency and climate change adaption-resilience project will deploy 40 MW of solar PV combined with a 12-MWh BESS and two unique MCSs alongside a wide range of key energy efficiency and resilience ECMs.

  • DoE, Office of Science -- A new project will bundle comprehensive traditional energy efficiency ECMs and resilience technologies such as lighting, water fixtures, simple HVAC controls, solar PV, BESS, and pumped water storage to reduce energy use and GHG emissions.

  • U.S. DoD, Pentagon -- Project will implement improvements to energy and water efficiency, as well as resilience to climate change-attributed severe weather events, via a comprehensive list of ECMs that will reduce baseload energy and water use and GHG emissions while adding renewable energy technologies. The project will achieve a net GHG reduction cost-effectively via combined reductions in baseload electricity (49 pct), water (8 pct), and sewer costs (40 pct).

  • Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall -- The project will deploy an advanced, hybrid geothermal heat recovery chiller system coupled with energy efficiency and resilience ECMs to simultaneously reduce GHG emissions and address climate change adaptation-resiliency.

  • Eglin Air Force Base -- Within this integrated, comprehensive energy efficiency and resilience project, Eglin Air Force Base will implement various resilience ECMs including solar PV, an MCS coupled with a BESS, and natural gas generators while replacing aging chillers that serve critical loads such as data centers.

  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest -- A new project to integrate a cybersecurity-compliant MCS and 150-kW/600-kWh BESS with a total of 1.1 MW of solar PV to augment climate change adaptation-resilience, increase energy efficiency, and reduce GHG emissions, while allowing for full, continuous mission-critical operability of essential facilities and systems in the case of power disruption events.

  • GSA Region 4, Valdosta and Brunswick -- The project will deploy and demonstrate an advanced solar PV technology utilizing bifacial modules at two federal sites in Georgia, directly reducing GHG emissions and assisting GSA in meeting its internal agency commitment of achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2025. The project will also build out capabilities for these sites to consider implementing complementary resilience ECMs such as a MCS or BESS in the future. It will also validate an advanced, bifacial module solar PV technology, which if successful could be replicated and scaled throughout not only GSA Region 4 and the Southeast, but also more broadly across all GSA Regions nationwide.

  • GSA Region 7 -- This project will implement resilience ECMs including an MCS and BESS to boost climate change adaptation-resiliency, reduce GHG emissions by 47 pct, and provide the means to demonstrate GEB concepts such as advanced energy load-shifting and management, and demand response at sites in Laredo and Houston, Texas.

  • Joint Base Langley-Eustis -- This project will augment the capacity of a BESS to 1MW/4MWh, which will be coupled with a recommissioned energy management control system, cybersecurity-compliant MCS, and 1-MW solar PV array to meet the U.S. Air Forces' resilience requirements for energy performance contracts, allowing the base to shed noncritical energy loads and support mission-critical operations should climate change-induced severe weather such as hurricanes or other external forces result in an extended power disruption event.

    The project will also allow the joint base to reduce GHG emissions, improve energy efficiency, and provide peak shaving, demand response, energy time-of-use-shifting, dynamic frequency, and voltage regulation to reduce overall base electricity demand and energy costs.

  • Federal Aviation Administration -- A novel project to directly address federal building energy efficiency and load management, in coordination with their serving utility, to bundle electric vehicle supply equipment with a range of other energy efficiency and resilience ECMs including ground-mounted solar PV, LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, and variable frequency drives.

    The project will reduce GHG emissions by 89 pct by coupling electrification of buildings and transportation, which are key priorities of the Administration's decarbonization goals. (Source: US DOE Federal Energy Management Program, PR 1 Dec., 2021) Contact: US DOE, Federal Energy Management Program,

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  • 2028 Energy Efficient Devices Market Valued $1.7Bn (Ind. Report)
    Emergen Research
    Date: 2021-11-29
    The global energy efficient devices market size is expected to reach $1,771.70 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 12.5 pct during the forecast period. Increasing focus and initiatives taken to reduce carbon footprint to mitigate climate change is a key factor driving growth of market. Increasing rate of global warming, rising concerns regarding climate change, rapid depletion of natural energy resources, and increasing need to minimize energy consumption have been boosting adoption of energy efficient devices and this is expected to drive market growth over the forecast period, the report notes.

    Manufacturers are offering more green gadgets to cater to growing consumer demand for energy-saving products to protect the environment and save money. Research and development to develop more energy-efficient devices, rapid urbanization, and increasing disposable income are key factors expected to drive adoption of energy-efficient devices and solutions worldwide. In addition, increasing volatility in oil prices, fuel shortages, and rapid shift towards utilization of renewable energy sources are other key factors driving revenue growth of market. Adoption of renewable energy resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change has been surging over the last couple of decades. Stringent government regulations regarding carbon emissions and energy consumption has been boosting demand for energy efficient device across industrial and manufacturing sectors. This is expected to further fuel market growth over the forecast period.

    However, lack of awareness about energy-efficient devices is a key factor expected to restrain market growth to an extent over the forecast period. in addition, high initial costs associated with deployment of energy efficient devices and solutions is expected to hamper adoption of such products to a significant extent over the forecast period, according to the report.

    Report details at (Source: Emergen Research, Nov., 2021) Contact: Emergen Research,

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    NZ Makes Major Building Code Energy Efficiency Changes (Int'l.)
    NZ Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment
    Date: 2021-11-29
    In Wellington, the New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has announced building code changes focused on increases to insulation requirements that will reduce the energy needed to heat homes by up to 40 pct, allowing homes to heated more more efficiently and at lower cost.

    There will be a one year transition period for the majority of the changes and a two step approach for window insulation requirements which will allow the sector to prepare for the changes before they become mandatory for new builds.

    Other updates include suitable daylight solutions and weather-tightness testing for high density housing and the introduction of a verification method for the energy efficiency of HVAC systems, making it easier to show compliance with the Building Code.

    "These are the biggest energy efficiency changes to the Building Code in over a decade and will support the building and construction sector to help New Zealand reach its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050," according to the release. (Source: NZ Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, PR, 29 Nov., 2021) Contact: NZ Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Building Performance, Jenni Tipler, Manager,

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    Enel, The Road to 2030 in the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan; Powering Investments Toward Zero Emissions (Int'l. Report)
    Enel Group
    Date: 2021-11-26
    According to Rome-headquartered energy giant Enel Group, "the world's journey towards Net Zero is under way and the processes of decarbonization and electrification of the global economy are key to avoiding the serious repercussions of a rise in temperatures above 1.5 degrees C. The most recently published scenarios agree that, to reach ambitious climate targets, the electrification of energy uses should accelerate together with a massive deployment of carbon-free energy.

    "Over the past ten years, renewables have become mainstream in power generation, allowing decarbonization to proceed at a faster pace. In addition, the next decade will be crucial to the achievement of the targets set by the Paris Agreement in 2015.

    This period is also set to be characterized by growing actions towards electrification, through which customers progressively switch their energy consumption towards electricity, lower power consumption and costs, improving energy efficiency and lower their carbon emission footprint. Enel has set its strategic actions accordingly:

  • The Enel Group Plan focuses on four strategic lines: (i) allocating capital to support a decarbonized electricity supply; (ii) enabling electrification of customer energy demand; (iii) leveraging full value chain's value creation; (iv) bringing forward Sustainable Net Zero.

  • Enel expects to mobilize total investments of €210 billion between 2021 and 2030, of which €170 billion directly invested by the Enel Group (+6 pct on the previous Plan) and €40 billion catalyzed through third parties.

  • Between 2020 and 2030, Group Ordinary EBITDA is expected to increase at a 5-6 pct Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) while Group Net Ordinary Income is expected to increase at a 6-7 pct CAGR.

  • The Group brings forward its Net Zero commitment by 10 years, from 2050 to 2040, both for direct and indirect emissions.

  • The value created by the Group for customers is expected to bring an up to 40 pct reduction in their energy spending, alongside an up to 80 pct reduction of their CO2 footprint1 by 2030.

  • In 2024, Group Ordinary EBITDA is expected to reach €21.0-21.6 billion compared to €18.7-19.3 billion estimated in 2021. Group Net Ordinary Income is expected to increase to €6.7-6.9 billion in 2024, compared to €5.4-5.6 billion estimated in 2021.

  • Enel's dividend policy for the period remains simple, predictable and attractive. Shareholders are expected to receive a fixed Dividend Per Share that is planned to increase by 13 pct up to € 0.43 per share, between 2021 and 2024.

  • The planned growth in earnings, coupled with the underlying Dividend Yield, is expected to translate into a 2022-2024 Total Return of around 13 pct. (Source: Enel Group, Website PR, 24 Nov., 2021) Contact: Enel Group, Francesco Starace, CEO,

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  • PPL Electric Offers Utility Efficiency, Costs Assistance (Ind. Report)
    PPL Electric Utilities
    Date: 2021-11-26
    Allentown, Pennsylvania-headquartered publicly traded PPL Electric Utilities is touting programs that help customers find ways to save energy, and in turn lower their bills, including:
  • The Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) program that helps renters affected by financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic with free money to cover rent, utility bills, fees and past-due balances.

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides grants to income-eligible households to help with home energy bills or to pay off past-due balances.

  • OnTrack payment plan makes managing energy bills easier with lower fixed monthly payments and debt forgiveness for qualifying customers.

  • Winter Relief Assistance Program (WRAP) offers free energy-efficiency products, such as LED bulbs, to income-eligible customers to help reduce energy use and costs. (Source: PPL Electric Utilities, PR, Pocono Record, Nov., 2021) Contact: PPL Electric Utilities, Steph Raymond, Pres.,

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  • Denver Mandates Building GHG Reduction by 2040 (Ind. Report)
    Denver City Council
    Date: 2021-11-24
    In Colorado, the Denver City Council reports it has approved an ordinance requiring all commercial and multifamily buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and building electrification.

    The ordinance mandates buildings of more than 25,000 square feet to get to 30 pct energy savings by 2030. Interim goals for 2024 and 2027 are set to advance progress. The ordinance also requires a gradual adoption of electric heating and cooling systems to replace gas systems when cost effective. The city will support building owners and managers with compliance, including incentives for electrification, extra support for buildings in under-resourced communities and a virtual Energize Denver Resource Hub to serve as a one-stop shop to easily understand compliance measures.

    Commercial and multifamily buildings in Denver account for 49 pct of the city's greenhouse gas emissions. Denver is committed to reducing emissions and achieving net zero energy by 2040. The ordinance will make a substantial dent in Denver's buildings emissions, reducing them by roughly 80 pct by 2040. (Source: Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainabily and Resiliency, PR, 23 Nov., 2021) Contact: City of Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency, Katrina Managan, 720-913-1311

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    NW Natural Gas Aims for Carbon Neutrality by 2050 (Ind. Report)
    NW Natural Gas
    Date: 2021-11-22
    Portland, Oregon-headquartered NW Natural is touting its "VISION 2050: Destination Zero" plan to be carbon neutral by 2050 with a program of more aggressive energy efficiency actions coupled with new equipment technologies that reduce energy consumption, according to its website.

    The company is also seeking to replace conventional natural gas supplies with lower-carbon energy sources, including renewable natural gas (RNG) captured and converted from organic waste and trash and also clean hydrogen that can blend with waste carbon dioxide and be converted into synthetic natural gas. (Source: NW Natural Gas, PR, The Columbian, 20 Nov., 2021) Contact: NW Natural Gas,

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    Connecticut Solar, Energy Efficiency Program Extended (Ind. Report)
    Connecticut Solar for All Program
    Date: 2021-11-19
    The Town of Branford, Conn., -- pop. 28,000 -- is reporting the extension of the Connecticut Solar for All Program for solar and energy efficiency upgrades to all Eversource-serviced homeowners through a partnership between the Connecticut Green Bank and PosiGen Solar.

    PosiGen's lease program covers the full cost of installing, maintaining, and ensuring the solar system, with no minimum income or no credit score requirements nor equipment to buy. The nationally-recognized program combines a solar lease with energy efficiency upgrades to lower the energy burden on participating households. (Source: Branford Clean Energy Committee , Town of Branford , 19 Nov., 2021) Contact: Connecticut Solar for All Program, (844) 787-6527,; PosiGen Solar,; Connecticut Green Bank, Mackey Dykes, VP Financing Programs, 860-563-0015,

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    Enviva, J-Power Report Wood Pellet Supply MoU (Ind. Report)
    Enviva, J-Power
    Date: 2021-11-19
    Bethesda, Maryland-based woody biomass pellet producer Enviva Partners LP is reporting a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tokyo-based utility Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-Power) for the long-term, large-scale supply of U.S. produced sustainable wood biomass pellets to J-Power's coal-fired power plants in Japan.

    The agreement is designed to develop an executable and investable plan under which Enviva will build new infrastructure to produce and deliver up to 5 million metric tpy of sustainable wood pellets to permanently replace coal in J-Power's existing coal-fired power. J-Power is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, as previously reported.

    Previously this year, Enviva announced its Net-Zero Commitment to reduce, eliminate, or offset all of its direct emissions by 2030. Enviva agreed to adopt innovative and improved lower-emission processes through investments in projects that result in real, additional, and third-party verified net-carbon reductions as part of this ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions from fossil fuels and improve energy efficiency. (Source: Enviva, PR , 17 Nov., 2021) Contact: Enviva Biomass, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, VP, Chief Sustainability Officer, (301) 657-5560,; J-Power, +03-3546-2211, +03-3546-9532 -- fax,

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    Alberta Invests $131Mn in CCS, CCUS Projects (Ind. Report)
    Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund
    Date: 2021-11-19
    On the Canadian prairies, the government of Albert reports it is investing $131 million, through its Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund, in the Alberta Industrial Energy Efficiency and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) program, in projects designed to help cut and prevent carbon emissions . The following projects have been selected to receive a total $100 million in program funding, with an additional $31 million earmarked for other CCUS projects before the year end:
  • Advantage Energy -- Glacier Gas Plant Carbon Capture and Storage and Waste Heat Recovery in Hythe;

  • Ember Resources -- Ember Engine Emissions Reduction Program at multiple facilities throughout east/central Alberta;

  • Imperial Oil -- Kearl ConDex Full Scale Oil Sands Mine Installations in Fort McMurray;

  • NuVista Energy -- Wembley Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Project in Wembley;

  • Strathcona Resources -- Lindbergh T70 Cogeneration Expansion in Elk Point;

  • TC Energy -- Turney Valley Generating Station in Turner Valley;

  • Tidewater Midstream -- BRC Integrated Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)-CCS-Cogeneration Project in Cynthia

    TIER is Alberta's industrial greenhouse gas emissions pricing and emissions trading system. It's funded by large industrial facilities which account for more than 60 pct of the prairie province's total emissions. (Source: Gov. of Alberta, TIER, PR, CBC , 18 Nov., 2021) Contact: TIER,

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  • Ameresco, Kauai Beach Resort Ink EaaS Agreement (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-11-19
    Framingham, Mass.-based renewable energy and energy efficiency specialist Ameresco Inc. is reporting a 15-year Energy as a Service (EaaS) agreement with Kauai Beach Resort, in Hawaii.

    The agreement allows the 25-acre ocean front resort to update and replace its energy-related equipment without up-front capital costs.

    Ameresco will install new lighting and air conditioning equipment in several phases over the next two years and maintain the improvements for the following 15 years. The upgrades include replacing 350 fan coil units with smart thermostats and humidity controls, a new central chiller plant with added redundancy for AC and hot water, new electrical transformers, a new building automation system to monitor and control temperatures in guest rooms, the kitchens and ballrooms, and updating the exterior lighting with LEDs throughout the resort. (Source: Ameresco, PR, 18 Nov., 2021) Contact: Ameresco, Britta MacIntosh, Senior VP, Ameresco Western Region, 508-661-2264,,

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    JCI, DND Ink CFB Halifax Decarbonization Contract (Ind. Report)
    Johnson Controls
    Date: 2021-11-17
    Milwaukee-headquartered sustainable building specialist Johnson Controls (JCI) reports it has contracted with Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) for decarbonization, infrastructure improvements and energy efficiency upgrades and improvements to 112 buildings at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax (Nova Scotia) and other area Defence facilities in alignment with DND's Greening Government Strategy and pledge to achieve net-zero government operations by 2050.

    CFB Halifax aims to achieve annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions of 23 pct and generate $3 million in savings annually, once upgrades have been completed.

    Under the $53 million performance contract, upgrades are being designed to decrease the Base's annual electric power consumption by 22 pct, GHG emissions by 15,000 tpy (23 pct) and natural gas use by 21 pct. The contract is aimed at: reducing energy needs; decarbonization and education; water conservation; increasing HVAC systems efficiencies; and others. Proposed measures to increase efficient energy production include heat recovery, steam trap repairs, high efficiency boilers and heat pumps.

    Johnson Controls has also contracted to perform similar sustainability upgrades at CFB Bagotville in Quebec, and CFB Patewawa and CFB Kingston in Ontario. (Source: Johnson Controls International Plc., PR, Website, Nov., 2021) Contact: Johnson Controls, Ryan Edlman, IR, (609) 720-4545,,, Johnson Controls OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings as a Service,

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    Eversource Selects Integral Analytics Load Forecasting Software (Ind. Report)
    Eversource, Willdan,Integral Analytics
    Date: 2021-11-17
    Anaheim, California-headquartered energy efficiency and energy storage firm Willdan Group, Inc. reports Eversource will deploy the latest version of Willdan's Kentucky-based subsidiary Integral Analytics LoadSEER software in Massachusetts to support advanced load forecasting and grid planning. Willdan will assist Eversource in analyzing distributed energy resource (DER) adoption rate and load forecasting for Eversource throughout Massachusetts.

    The LoadSEER enterprise software license will allow Eversource to use LoadSEER to perform alternative scenario analyses of grid load impacts for various adoption rates of electric vehicles, distributed solar, and battery energy storage. They will also use the software to model vehicle travel and to conduct 8760-scenario load forecasting. LoadSEER recently integrated a data "scrubber" feature that improves the quality and forecasting potential of utilities' raw data, saving utilities time and money usually spent on data processing. Eversource will leverage LoadSEER to help predict the future evolution of transit patterns in Eversource's Massachusetts territory, according to the release. (Source: Willdan Group, Inc., Website PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: Willdanm Thomas Brisban, Pres., Al Kaschalk , VP Investor Relations , 310-922-5643,,; Eversource,; Integral Analytics, 513-762-7621,

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    NW Natural Forms Renewable Natural Gas Subsidiary (Ind. Report)
    Northwest Natural Holding
    Date: 2021-11-15
    Portland, Oregon-headquartered Northwest Natural Holding Co. (NW Natural) is reporting the formation of NW Natural Renewables, a subsidiary focused on supplying renewable fuels processed from existing waste streams and renewable energy sources to utilities and commercial, industrial, and transportation sector customers nationwide.

    NW Natural will initially seek to acquire or develop RNG projects with key permits and feedstock and lease agreements in place. The company previously entered into deals to invest in RNG facilities and purchase the fuel, leveraging a nation-leading RNG tariff. The company is also developing a green hydrogen project and pioneered the use of voluntary carbon offsets and decoupling mechanisms to encourage energy efficiency, according to the company release. (Source: Northwest Natural Holding Co., PR,S&P, 5 Nov., 2021) Contact: NW Natural, Dave Anderson , CEO, Pres., 503-721-2530,

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    COP26 Agreement "Solidifies Global March Towards Decarbonization", says EPRI CEO (Ind. Report)
    Electric Power Research Institute
    Date: 2021-11-15
    Palo Alto, California-headquartered independent, not-for-profit Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) CEO Arshad Mansoor, who was in attendance at COP26, had the following comments on COP26:

    "This agreement solidifies the global march towards decarbonization. It will take collaboration in technology and institutional innovation by countries around the world to reach both the near- and long-term goals. Cleaner electricity, accelerated electrification and the deployment of cleaner energy resources and fuels will play a critical role in all countries.

    "In particular, numerous sectors of the economy -- including transportation, buildings, and industry -- stand to achieve large carbon emissions reductions through increased energy efficiency, broader electrification, and the deployment of zero and low carbon fuels. Through collaborative research and development with public and private stakeholders, we are developing a broad suite of clean electric generation, storage, grid, and end-use technologies that will help countries decarbonize their electric sectors and reduce emissions across their economies. This will enable countries to choose what works best to meet those needs, while keeping electricity accessible, affordable, and reliable for all consumers."

    For the United States, carbon reductions across all sectors of the U.S. economy -- through cleaner energy, increased energy efficiency, and accelerated electrification -- will be crucial to achieving the 2030 U.S. climate goal. Accelerated electrification will help lower emissions from transportation, buildings, and industry, while reducing overall energy costs.

    In the longer-term, meeting national and global net-zero goals entails developing an array of technology options that are not commercial at scale today, including carbon capture utilization and storage, advanced nuclear, low-carbon fuels, and advanced electric end-uses.

    EPRI is working with its research partners on these technologies, engaging in collaborative global clean energy initiatives, including its Low-Carbon Resources Initiatives and Efficient Electrification Initiative. EPRI is also working on resilience, adaption, and equity issues which spans the organization's entire research portfolio.

    Download the EPRI Analysis: Immediate Action Across All Sectors Essential to Achieve U.S. Carbon Goals HERE . (Source: Electric Power Research Institute, Website, PR, 14 Nov., 2021) Contact: EPRI, Arshad Mansoor, CEO, Rachel Gantz, Media, 202-293-7517,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Electric Power Research Institute,  Decarbonization,  COP26,  Climate Change,  

    NH PUC Rejects $350Mn Energy Efficiency Plan (Ind. Report)
    New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
    Date: 2021-11-15
    In Concord, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) reports it has denied what would have been the state's most ambitious triennial energy efficiency plan to date. That plan proposed spending over $350 million on energy efficiency over the next three years. The rejected plan was deemed to be too expensive and was seen as "an enormous burden on New Hampshire ratepayers."

    The PUC decision takes state energy efficiency programs in a markedly different direction: incrementally decreasing the rates that fund those programs from Dec. 1, 2021, through Oct. 31, 2023. The cap is set at 0.528 cents/kWh in 2021, which drops down to 0.373 cents in 2022, and 0.275 cents in 2023. Residents and businesses pay those rates through a part of their monthly electricity bill called the System Benefits Charge. The order says that the rates will continue decreasing "until they return to a reasonable level." The 2023 rate in the order is on par with 2018 levels. (Source: New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, New Hampshire Bulletin, 13 Nov., 2021) Contact: New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, 603-271-2431,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency news,  

    Johnson Controls, UND Ink Efficiency Upgrade Deal (Ind. Report)
    Johnson Controls, University of North Dakota
    Date: 2021-11-15
    Milwaukee-headquartered sustainable building specialist Johnson Controls reports the extension of its collaboration with the University of North Dakota (UND) through a new $219 million Buildings-as-a-Service (BaaS) campus housing upgrade project.

    The project incorporates the risk reduction mechanisms of Public-Private Partnership (P3) contracts, so that UND provides monthly payments for the upgrades and services rather than providing upfront capital for the project.

    The 10-year OpenBlue Enterprise Manager powered project includes construction, renovation and long-term operations & maintenance (O&M) of multiple new and updated student residence halls.

    The first phase of the project includes a design-build-finance-maintain contract for the construction of two new student residence halls, the upgrading of an existing housing facility and the demolition of obsolete student apartments and residence halls. As part of the construction and renovation, Johnson Controls will implement Metasys® building automation systems (BAS), chilled water systems and air systems in the managed facilities. To ensure all energy, cost and performance targets are met over the 30-year period, the residences will be integrated and managed with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager. These connected, data-powered implementations will modernize residence halls to deliver long-term student satisfaction and maintain comfortable conditions while maximizing energy efficiency.

    This is the second large infrastructure contract Johnson Controls has secured with UND. (Source: Johnson Controls, Website PR, 11 Nov., 2021) Contact: Johnson Controls, Maureen Blase, VP Performance Infrastructure ,; University of North Dakota, Mike Pieper, Associate VP for Facilities, 701.777.6862,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News University of North Dakota ,  Johnson Controls,  Energy Efficiency,  

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