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Kootenay Energy Efficiency Program Available (Ind. Report)
Regional District of Central Kootenay
Date: 2019-04-08
In British Columbia, Canada, the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) reports the availability of the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) Home Renovation program under which residents can access a subsidized EnerGuide home energy evaluation.

Following the EnerGuide home energy evaluation, both home owners and renters will be able to access current rebate offers, financing options, a local contractor, list and energy coaching to increase home energy efficiency, cut energy consumption and save on energy costs.

The program offers two streams: the energy efficient home renovation stream provides incentives that support energy audits and access to rebates. The energy efficient new-home education stream provides training and access to information for all new home builders. The New Home program will encourage a standard of energy efficient construction as outlined in the BC Building Step Code.

The program makes energy efficiency accessible by reducing the cost of EnerGuide home energy evaluations, installing free energy efficiency products such as LED lighting and water conserving fixtures and by supporting residents' participation in Fortis and BCHydro's income qualified Energy Conservation Assistance Programs (ECAP). (Source: RDCK, Media Release, Nelson Daily, 7 April, 2019) Contact: RDCK, Aimee Watson, Chairperson,

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Edmonton Launches Home Energy Efficiency Program (Ind. Report)
city of Edmonton
Date: 2019-01-23
On the Canadian prairies, the city of Edmonton, Alberta, is reporting the launch of a new top-up program that allows homeowners to receive an additional 20 pct in return on home energy evaluations and retrofits through the new Home Energy Plan. The program offers homeowners access to advice on energy efficiency and rebates on home retrofits. Homeowners can also receive $400 towards the cost of a Home Energy Evaluation and can then apply for further rebates on a number of home upgrades, including insulation, windows and furnaces. . The city has also launched a solar program that encourages homeowners to install solar systems on on their homes, and the city and Energy Efficiency Alberta cover about 40 per cent of the cost.

Home Energy Plan details are HERE, Edmonton Solar plan details are HERE. (Source: City of Edmonton, CBC, 21 Jan., 2019) Contact: City of Edmonton, Robyn Webb, Energy Transition Unit Senior Environmental Project Manager,

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Kimberley Upgrades Bldg. Energy Efficiency Incentives (Ind. Report)
Kimberly BC
Date: 2018-03-12
In British Columbia, the Kimberley City Council reports it has approved new changes to the city's existing Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program (EEBIP).

The current program provides an initial $500 discount on building permit fees to builders who conduct an energy evaluation of their house plans prior to construction, in order to identify and implement energy-efficient upgrades. An additional rebate is granted once a level of efficiency, within the BC Energy Step Code and EnerGuide Rating System, is achieved at the completion of construction. The building permit fees are returned to the builder based on an incremental scale of performance matching the BC Energy Step Code.

To date, 17 British Columbia communities have reportedly committed to implement Kimberley's standards following the step code model. (Source: City of Kimberly, BC Local News, 7 Mar., 2018) City of Kimberley, Troy Pollock, Planning Services, (250) 427-9664,,

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Canada Studies Scottish Home Energy Labeling (Ind. Report)
Natural Resources Canada
Date: 2018-01-26
Natural Resources Canada, as part of a collaboration funded by the UK High Commission in Ottawa, is studying Scotland' Home Energy Labeling system in an effort to improve energy efficiency and energy management labeling in Canadian buildings.

Scottish householders receive an Energy Proficiency Certificate issued by trained energy assessors when they sell or rent a house. An EPC ensures that energy and energy efficiency data collected in the home is accurate.

One distinctive feature of the mandatory Scottish EPC system is that several different organizations are involved at different stages of the process. For example, EST manages Scotland's EPC data, while a number of approved organizations ensure that assessors meet quality standards.

Canada's present provincially administered EnerGuide label system is a voluntary assessment with advice on increasing energy efficiency and cutting energy consumption. (Source: Energy Saving Trust, Jan., 2018) Contact: Energy Saving Trust, David Weatherall, Policy, +44 02 0 7222 0101,

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BGC, Edmonton Partnering on EnerGuide Rebates (Ind. Report)
Built Green Canada
Date: 2017-11-20
On the Canadian prairies, the City of Edmonton and Built Green Canada (BGC) report they are joining forces to offer a $200 rebate for BUILT GREEN® builders through the City's residential Spot the Difference program.

The Spot the Difference program aims to reduce home energy consumption and raise awareness of greenhouse gas emissions. New and existing homes can sign up to receive an energy rating using the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS), through Natural Resources Canada. The rating and other home details are then added to the Edmonton EnerGuide for Homes Map -- a platform that features the EnerGuide label of select homes in Edmonton, the year the home was built, and other details to help homeowners make informed decisions about a purchase.

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, national non-profit organization, headquartered in Edmonton that offers third-party sustainable building programs to the residential building sector. Since its inception, over 29,500 homes have been certified. Including the units in multi-storey projects, the total is over 32,775, represented in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. (Source: Built Green Canada, PR 17 Nov., 2017) Contact: City of Edmonton, Robyn Webb, (780) 442-0259,,; Built Green Canada, Jenifer Christenson , (855) 485-0920,,

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