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UGI, Ekobenz Partnering on bioLPG Availability (Alt. Fuel, (Int'l.)
UGI, Ekobenz
Date: 2021-02-05
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based LPG distributor UGI Corp. European subsidiaty UGI Internationa is reporting a new supply and development partnership with Lubin, Poland-based Ekobenz, a specialist in catalytic conversion of bioethanol to bio-gasoline and bioLPG.

Under the agreement, UGI International has secured the exclusive rights to Ekobenz'supply of bioLPG, a renewable form of propane-butane produced from advanced bioethanol. The primary raw material to produce bioLPG is the conversion of organic material derived from industrial waste.

Ekobenz is the first and currently only company in Europe that has succeeded in commercialising bioLPG production based on advanced bioethanol produced from waste. The first shipment of bioLPG from Ekobenz is expected to arrive in Sweden this spring. (Source: UGI, PR, 2 Feb., 2021) Contact: Global LPG, Roger Perrault, Exec. VP,; UGI, Pamela Witmer, (610) 373-7999 ext. 1202,,; Ekobenz, +48 81 745 19 28,

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