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ENGIE Intros Renewable Energy Solution for SMBs (ind. Report)
ENGIE Resources
Date: 2019-10-25
In Houston, Engie North America subsidiary ENGIE Resources has introduced portfolioRE, a solution that offers renewable energy supply to small and midsize customers (SMBs). The product is tailored to fit load profiles and low-carbon objectives and can be leveraged to support the construction of new, local renewable energy facilities as well as tailored to supply physical volumes from existing local assets.

Globally, ENGIE is the world's largest independent power producer and a leading energy efficiency services provider. (Source: ENGIE Resources, PR, Oct., 2019) Contact: ENGIE Resources, (866) 999-8374,; ENGIE North America,

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ENGIE Helps Finance Energy Efficiency Initiatives (Ind. Report)
ENGIE Resources,OpTerra
Date: 2017-03-01
Houston-headquartered ENGIE Resources, the third-largest non-residential electricity provider in the United States, reports it is now offering ENGIE Advantage™ a new financing solution to support energy efficiency and sustainability programs for large commercial and industrial customers. The offering is being made in conjunction with OpTerra Energy Services, the energy services company acquired by ENGIE in 2016.

ENGIE Advantage™ is available to all qualified commercial and industrial customers, and includes:

  • the ability to improve bottom line performance and achieve sustainability goals while offsetting capital investment with no upfront capital or deposit necessary;

  • simple, on-bill financing for projects with payback periods of up to five years;

  • the ability to finance multiple projects and sites through a single payment plan;

  • energy efficiency projects of any size and scale invoiced on monthly electricity bills, making payments clear and predictable;

  • contract addendums to add financings to current electricity agreements without waiting until the contract ends for upgrades to begin;

  • a wide range of turnkey energy services, including conservation, CHP, and water efficiency;

  • Expertise in utility incentives, tax benefits, and applicable grant funding.

    To date, Opterra has helped customers in multiple industries achieve over $2 billion in energy savings by enhancing energy performance in educational, commercial, health care, municipal and other markets. (Source: ENGIE Resources, PR, NewsWire, 28 Feb., 2017) Contact: ENGIE Resources, J.D. Burrows, VP Marketing, (866) 999-8374,; Think Energy, (888) 923-3633,,; OpTerra Energy,

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